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Review of Units 1-6
Unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie?
Review of Units7-12

Unit 1 Where's your pen pal from?
Unit 4 I want to be an actor.
Review of Units 1-6
Review of Units 7-12

Unit 3 What are you doing

for vacation?
Unit 9 When was he born?

Unit 4 He said I was hardworking.

Unit 6 How long have you been
collecting shells?
Unit 10 Its a nice day, isnt it?

Unit 4 What would you do?

Unit 7 Where would you like to
Unit 14 Have you packed yet?

1. 100%
Just for fun!
Go For It !

Unit 10 Id like some noodles.

Are there any vegetables in
the beef soup?
Yes, there are some
Wed like one bowl of beef
What size would you like?
Wed also like gongbao
chicken and
Good afternoon. May I
take your order?

What size would you

OK. One large bowl of
beef soup, one gongbao
chicken and

OK. / Sure. / Large, please.

Unit 10 Id like some noodles.

How do you understand this GRAMMAR page?

First aid (Unit 1)
Interpersonal communication (Unit 4)
Legends and stories (Unit 6)
Facts about the world (Unit 7)
Literature and music (Unit 8)
Living environment (Unit 8)

Festivals (Unit 2)
Things made in China (Unit 5)
School days (Unit 14)


Go For It !

1 Where did you go on vacation? Unit 10
2 How often do you exercise? Unit 1
3 Im more outgoing than my sister. Unit 8
4 Whats the best movie theater? Unit 12
5 Do you want to watch a game show? Unit 11, 9
6 Im going to study computer science. Unit 10
7 Will people have robots? Unit 1
8 How do you make a banana milk Unit 7
9 Can you come to my party? Unit 5
10 If you go to the party, youll have a Unit 5
great time.

1 Whats the matter? Unit 2
2 Ill help to clean up the city parks. Unit 8
3 Could you please clean your room? Unit 11
4 Why dont you talk to your parents? Unit 2
5 What were you doing when the Unit 3
rainstorm came?
6 An old man tried to move the
7 Whats the highest mountain in the
8 Have you read Treasure Island yet?
9 Have you ever been to a museum? Unit 9

10 Ive had this bike for three years.

What do you think of game shows?
Do you want to watch a game show?


Unless we talk to someone, well

certainly feel worse.

I will always remember to share

my problems in the future.

It is best not to run away from our

problems. We should always try to
solve them.

Sharing a problem is like cutting it

in half. So youre halfway to
solving a problem just by talking
to someone
about it!
Unit 1
Unit 4

Nothing is a waste if you

have a creative mind.
Unit 6

Unit 6

Unit 8


Unit 4
Unit 2 Organizing information
Unit 6

Identifying the main idea

Reading between the

Unit 8 Sequencing
Unit 3
Unit 5

Unit 7

Guessing the
Go For It !

: 30-40



: 80-120150-200200-


(Section A)
(Section B)

Unit 1

Unit 9

Go For It !

Go For It !

learning for use

Task-based Language Teaching
1a-1b-1c; 2a-2b-2c
Section ASection B

How was your school trip?
Unit 11 How was your school trip?
Unit 12 What did you do last weekend?
Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?
Question 1:
How to make use of the theme

Bob: How was your school trip yesterday?
Carol: It was great.

Bob: Did you go to the zoo?

Carol: No, I didnt. I went to a farm.

Bob: Did you see any cows?

Carol: Yes, I did. I saw quite a lot.

Bob: Did you ride a horse?

Carol: No, I didnt. But I milked a cow.
How to make use of the
theme picture
Presenting new words/word chunks
Revising the structures that Ss have
Introducing the new structure
Predicting (the content, the
speakers, the sentence patterns)
Asking and answering questions
Question 2:
How to help the Ss to catch the
information while listening?

show around, learn sth about sth, grow sth,

from to , pick sth; take sth home
fire station
Question 3:
How to teach reading?
How to teach WRITING?



Scaffolding: Writing Tip
When we write a diary, we usually write down
the date first.
We often start by saying what important events
happened today.
Then we write about how things happened and
developed from the very beginning to the end.
At last, we write how we felt about today.
We use the past simple to write a

Where did you go on vacation?
Step 1:
Observe the contents
Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?
Unit 11 How was your school trips?
Unit 12 What did you do last weekend?
Step 2:
Observe page by page,
analyse the purpose of
each activity
Language goal
Theme picture
Word study
Listening (language input)
Speaking (Language output)
Step 3:
Think about how to
make good use of the
materials provided
How to
use of
Option 1: Warming Up / Lead-in
Look at the theme picture and discuss:
Where are they?
What are they doing?
What are they talking about?
Where did each person go? Give your own opinion.
Option 2:Warming Up / Lead-in

How was your summer vacation?
Did you go for a trip?
Where did you go on vacation?
How was the weather there?
What did you do?
How was your trip?

How to make use of

the tapescripts?
A: Where did Tom go on
B: He went to summer
A: Did he go with
B: Yes. He went with his
Step 4:
Think about how to
provide scaffolding and
teach strategies
How to help the Ss to catch the information?
T: Did Grace go to Central Park?
S: Yes, she did.
T: How was the park?
S: It was really nice.

What did Grace buy for her father?

How did Kevin think of the food?
How did Julie feel about her vacation?
What about Grace and Kevin? Do you think
they had a good time? Why?
V. Listen to 2a and complete the sentences. 2a

1 Grace went to New York City on vacation. She went

with _____________. She went to Central Park and
she ___________________ for her father.

2. Kevin went to the beach on vacation. He didnt

______________ but he went _________. The water
was very warm and the food ________ really good.

3. Julie stayed at home. She didnt do anything

interesting and she just ________________ for her
tests. She didnt ______________ with anyone.

What do you do with the TAPESCRIPTS?

2d :
was on vacation ;
interesting; anything special;
Did you I went to ; It was
stayed at home
anywhere, wonderful, quite a few,
most of the time
Long time no see.
Not really.
What about you?
How can this ROLE-PLAY be played?

IV. Complete the conversation with the words or phrases from
the box below.
go to London go with anyone go anywhere interesting
wonderful take photos quite a few
meet anyone interesting have a great time

A: Harry, where did you go on vacation last month?

B: I (1) _________________________.
A: Oh, really? (2) ________________?
B: Yes, I went with my family.
A: (3) ___________________________?
B: Yes, I did. We went to the London Tower. It was (4)
A: Wow! (5) _________________________?
B: No, I didnt. But my father took (6) _______________ photos.
A: I see. And (7) ______________________________?
B: Yes, we met a musician from Manchester. We had afternoon tea
together and we talked about a lot of things. We (8)

3. What kind of preparation do people usually make

before going on vacation?
Group Work
Get into groups of four. Brainstorm the
questions and make a list of the activities
that people usually have during vacation.
Then make another list of the preparation
What do people usually do if
they go to Beijing on vacation?
Visit the Palace Museum (Forbidden City), the
Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the
Summer Palace, the Birds Nest
(ancient/modern buildings)
Go to the Hutongs
Try Beijing Roast Duck
Shop on the Wangfujing Avenue
Watch the Beijing opera / listen to cross talking
What do people usually do if
they go to Sanya on vacation?
Go swimming
Go diving
Try coconut water and sea food
Buy some seashells or ornaments made of
pearls, coconut powder
Watch the sunrise
Visit the famous parks
Try Aqua Moto
Visit the aquarium or the coral reels
Possible List
Visit museums, old buildings,
modern buildings
Try the local food
Go shopping
Experience different means of
Guessing words from
the context:
top, wait, wet, hungry

Look at the pictures and predict:

What do you think the first diary entry is
What do you think the second diary entry is

Reading for the first time


Did Jane have a good time on Monday?

What about Tuesday?
How do you know?

Reading for the second time

Organizing information

Reading for the third time

Jane tried paragliding and she loved it so much. It was very exciting.
Jane felt like a bird flying in the sky.
Recalling details

Reading for the fourth time


What cultural info can you gather from READING?

What have you learned about writing a travel log?

Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?
How to teach WRITING?




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