Windows®. Life without Walls .


Panasonic recommends Windows 7.

Genuine Windows® 7

Intel® Core™ i5 540UM vPro(TM) processor

Full magnesium alloy case with
Hand Strap ensured by a 120-cm
(48 in) free fall test.*4

5H Power off: 3.3kg (Approx.11n is draft version. Display may be impossible using some connected external displays.8 V/PC3-6400/DDR3 SDRAM) Interface USB port (4-pin. Concealed Mode Utility*23 Setup Utility. 5.216 colors (800 × 600 dots/1024 × 768 dots) External Display*4 65.1 V .777. Your operating system or some application software will report as fewer GB. Modem port (RJ-11). Panasonic Hand Writing. Panasonic recommends Windows 7. Power Saving Utility.216 colors (800 × 600 dots/1024 × 768 dots/1280 × 768 dots/1280 × 1024 dots) Main+External 65. 5 V: 400 mA) ExpressCard*11 Express card/34*12 x 1 or Express card/54 x1 Smart Card*13 ISO7816 x 1 SD Memory Card Slot*14 1.75 A Battery Pack Li-ion 11. refer to the Installation Manual of "TrustedPlatform Module (TPM)" by the following procedure.4 kbps / voice not compatible Sound WAVE and MIDI playback. PC-Diagnostic Utility *1 1 MB = 1. Stylus (included) touch capable) Power Supply AC adaptor or Battery pack AC Adaptor*17 Input: 100 V to 240 V AC. Operation on other SD equipment is not guaranteed. Serial Port (Dsub 9-pin male).000 bytes. When use Wireless LAN access point compliant to J52. *6 Maximum resolution depends on the specifi cations of the external display.06lb) Operation Temperature 5 °C to 35 °C {41 °F to 95 °F} Environment Humidity 30 % to 80 % RH (No condensation) Storage Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C {-4 °F to 140 °F} Environment Humidity 30 % to 90 % RH (No condensation) Utility Programs Adobe Reader.5”} carrying handle) Weight *20 Approx. Hard Disk Data Erase Utility*24. *14 When using ExpressCard/34. *24 You need to install to use this feature. The size of Video memory is allotted depending on the operating system. Regarding Windows® XP downgrade.048. *25 Concealed Mode may not work properly during battery recalibration. This computer is supplied with a 125 V AC compatible AC cord. *12 Need to set-up TPM Professional Package. *21 Approx. Wireless Switch Utility. *15 Only for model with Smart Card slot. The size of the Video Memory cannot be set by the user. Life without Walls . Hotkey Settings.824 bytes *2 You can physically expand the memory up to 4096 MB. 3. Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software*5. 5. *20 Varies depending on usage environment. Output: 16.Windows®. Allowable current 3. TM Model Name CF-19RHRAXDM OS*21 Genuine Windows® 7 Professional CPU/Secondary cache memory Intel® Core™ i5 540UM vPro(TM) processor Chip Set Intel® QM57 Express Chip set Main Memory 2 GB*1.777. 2. Wireless Connection Disable Utility*22. 5. Display Rotation Tool. External Antenna Connector (Dedicated 50 Ω coaxial connector) x 2.0 V DC. Impedance 32 Ω. 9 hours Charging Time*18 Power on: 3. 80% of reactive when ECO mode is active.4 XGA type (TFT) Internal LCD*3 65.576 bytes / 1 GB = 1. 33.0) x 2*16. 3. *7 Only for model with wireless LAN *8 IEEE 802.777. *26 The Product Recovery DVD-ROM is required. please refer to attached "Windows® XP downgrade".5H Power Consumption Approx. Data transfer rate = 8 MB per second*15 (SDHC Memory Card support/ copyright protection technology support) RAM Module Slot DDR3 200-pin SO-DIMM X 1 slot (1. *4 1 GB = 1.536/16. Battery life is approx. 56Kbps is theoretical value when receive date. *23 Operations of this computer are not guaranteed except for the pre-installed OS and the OS which is installed by using the Product Recovery DVD-ROM provided by Panasonic.536/16. 50 Hz/60 Hz. The transfer rate does not become higher even if you use a card that supports the higher transfer rate.777. LAN port (RJ-45).3Ah(Min) Operating Time*18 Approx.1 +EDR (Toshiba Stack) LAN*8 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10Base-T Modem*9 FAX 14.6kbps is MAX when sending data. *22 Average value.000. 3. Transfer speed is MAX in the abstract.216 color display is achieved by using the dithering function.3 V: 400 mA. Expansion Bus Connector (Dedicated 100-pin female). Microphone Jack (Miniature jack. Intel® High Defi nition Audio subsystem support.2 compliant)*10 Card Slots PC Card Slot Type II x 1slot (CardBus support. 30W / Approx. Operation has been tested and confirmed using Panasonic SD/SDHC Memory Cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB.5 DIA. *3 A segment of the main memory is allotted automatically depending on the computer’s operating status.93” × 8.7” × 1. *19 The AC adaptor is compatible with power sources up to 240 V AC adaptor. *18 Does not guarantee operation of all USB-compatible peripherals. Please use NTFS compatible when use utility of HDD. Bluetooth™ Stack for Windows® by TOSHIBA*7.216 colors (800 × 600 dots/1024 × 768 dots) Simultaneous Display*6 Wireless LAN *5 Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200 IEEE801. Loupe Utility. *11 Modem is for fixed telephone line.6Ah(TYP). 60 W (maximum when recharging in the ON state)*19 Physical Dimensions (W ´ D ´ H) (including the 271 mm × 49 mm × 216 mm {10. It is changeable depending on environment. it does not mean data transfer speed in actual. *16 This slot is compatible with High-Speed Mode.536/16. IEEE 1394a Interface Connector (4-pin x 1). Infi neon TPM Professional Package*10. DDR3 SDRAM (4 GB*1 Max) Number of free slots 1 Video Memory*1*2 UMA (Size:1024MB(XP).741. Stereo). PC Information Viewer. but the total amount of usable memory available will be less depending on the actual system configuration. Each product weight may be different.11a/g/n *6 Bluetooth TM*7 Version 2. Headphone Jack (Miniature jack.9 W when the battery pack is fully charged (or not being charged) and the computer is OFF. 763MB(Win7)) Hard Disk Drive Display Method 10. Monaural speaker Security Chip TPM (TCG V1. need to upgrade firmware of Wireless LAN access point side to W52 compliant *9 Only for model with Bluetooth *10 Some are unusable depending on connector frame. LCD brightness and system setup. *17 Theoretical value and not the actual speed. External display port (Mini Dsub 15-pin female). 0.073. Battery Recalibration Utility. Output Power 4 mW x 2) Keyboard/ Pointing Device 82 keys / Touch Pad / Touchscreen (Anti-Reflection. *13 Only for model with ExpressCard slot. USB 2. . 16.5 DIA. *5 Approx.000. the card slot cover cannot be closed.