Legarda vs Saleeby, 31 Phil. 590; GR No.

8936, October 2, 1915
Posted by Pius Morados on November 27, 2011
(Land Titles and Deeds – Purpose of the Torrens System of
Facts: A stone wall stands between the adjoining lot of Legarda and
Saleeby. The said wall and the strip of land where it stands is
registered in the Torrens system under the name of Legarda in 1906.
Six years after the decree of registration is released in favor of
Legarda, Saleeby applied for registration of his lot under the Torrens
system in 1912, and the decree issued in favor of the latter included
the stone wall and the strip of land where it stands.
Issue: Who should be the owner of a land and its improvement which
has been registered under the name of two persons?
Held: For the issue involved, The Land Registration Act (Act 496)
affords no remedy. However, it can be construed that where two
certificates purports to include the same registered land, the holder of
the earlier one continues to hold title and will prevail.
The real purpose of the Torrens system of registration, is to quiet title
to land; to put a stop forever to any question of the legality of the title,
except claims which were noted at the time of registration, in the
certificate, or which may arise subsequent thereto. That being the
purpose of the law, once a title is registered the owner may rest
secure, without the necessity of waiting in the portals of the court, or
sitting in the “mirador de su casa,” to avoid the possibility of losing his
The law guarantees the title of the registered owner once it has
entered into the Torrens system.