Republic of the Philippines

Sipocot, Camarines Sur
First Semester
A/Y 2017 – 2018


1. Course Code IT 13

2. Course Title Database Management System 2

3. Pre-requisite Database Management System 1

4. Credits 3 Units

5. Course Description This course deals with the functions and features of Structured Query
Language (SQL). These include SQL, and error correction and debugging.
The student will gain proficiency in SQL coding through the use of extensive
hands-on workshop exercises utilizing SQL in an interactive environment.
6. Course Objectives After completing this course, students will be able to acquire the following
learning competencies.
 To understand the principles of relational database management
systems and their languages;
 To construct simple and moderately advanced database queries
using Structured Query Language (SQL); and
 To develop an understanding of essential DBMS concepts such as:
database security, privilege system and database optimization.
7 Values Integration Analytical thinking, Sense of Responsibility, Team Work, Self Confidence


Designing Your Web Database c. Speeding things up with indexes e. Logging in to MySQL c. How Web Database Architectures Work 20 hours b. Dropping a Whole Database IV. Creating Database Tables i. Web Database Architecture II. Updating records from the database f. Making your MySQL database secure c. Implementing replication TOTAL 90 hours COURSE REQUIREMENTS Mid-term and Final Examinations Project Laboratory Exercises Output Class Participation/Attendance COURSE EVALUATION Class Standing 60% 2|Page . WORKING WITH YOUR MYSQL DATABASE a. DESGINING YOUR WEB DATABASE a. Putting New Information in the Database d. Inserting data into the database b. Creating Databases and Users d. ADVANCED MYSQL ADMINISTRATION a. Using the Right Database h. Setting Up a User for the Web g. Dropping tables i. Relational Database Concepts 14 hours b. Setting Up Users and Privileges e. ACCESSING YOUR MYSQL DATABASE FROM THE WEB WITH PHP a. Choosing Column Data Types III. Using subqueries 20 hours e. Using Other PHP-Database Interfaces V. Understanding MySQL Identifiers j. Introducing MySQL’s Privilege System 18 hours f. CREATING YOUR WEB DATABASE a. Joining tables d. Backing up and recovering g. Using the MySQL Monitor b. Understanding the privilege system in detail b. Altering tables after creation g. Deleting records from the database h. COURSE OUTLINE TOPICS TIME ALLOTMENT I. Querying a Database from the Web c. Retrieving data from the database c. Optimizing your database f. Getting more information about databases 18 hours d.

Laptop B. PHP and MySQL® Web Development (5th Edition). Addison-Wesley. Thomson. Participate in college/university activities which multimedia is exhibited/integrated. Class examination (should take the Midterm and Final Examination) b. Laboratory Hands-on and Complete laboratory exercises c. d. Project (Midterm and Final Projects) e. Books Welling. TEACHING-LEARNING FACILITIES/EQUIPMENT A. L. REFERENCES A. (2017). MA. Computers R-JAY LAMADRID Part-Time Instructor 3|Page . Pass the course. Multimedia Projector C. Quiz 15% Lab Performance 40% Project 25% Recitation 20% Midterm/Final Examination 40% Total 100% CLASSROOM REQUIREMENTS a. L.. Boston.