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April 1 2014

Contents 3 Welcome 3 What is Connect I/O 4 How Does It Work 4 Inputs. Outputs and Memories 4 Sources and Plugins 5 User Interface 5 Toolbar 5 Main Panel 6 Properties Panel 7 System Navigation 7 Actions 7 Shortcuts 8 Plugins 8 What is a Plugin 9 Support 2 .

Connect I/O has a modular design which allows new functionalities to be implemented with plugins. It enables the creation and control of data flows between input and output points.Welcome What is Connect I/O Connect I/O is a function blocks SoftPLC which is able to communicate with different types of technologies. This diagram application can be connected to both software and hardware and work as a bridge between them. Welcome What is Connect I/O 3 .

79 × 10308 LREAL string 64 UNICODE Characters STRING DateTime 00:00:00 (midnight). and fractions of a second. minutes.4 × 1038 REAL double -1. Outputs and Memories are the basis of the shared memory map and by convention defined from the controller’s point of view.808 to DINT 9. data exchange with third-party applications.036. Plugins are nodes that add functionalities to Connect I/O..767 SINT int -2. Outputs and Memories | Sources and Plugins 4 .372.372.147.647 INT long 9.e.775. Domini (Common Era) through 11:59:59 TIME typically expressed as a date and P.483. Apart from the Real Games provided plugins. Outputs and Memories Equivalent Datatypes Range IEC61131-3 Notes Datatypes bit True or False BOOL byte 0 to 255 BYTE short -32. Inputs.E. 9999 A.4775807 is measured as a positive or negative number of days.79 × 10 308 to1.How Does It Work Connect I/O is built on top of a shared memory map technology (.D. Outputs and Memories Inputs. seconds.483.036. TimeSpan -10675199. outputs and memories can be read and wrote to. How Does It Work Inputs.M.4775808. This is how Connect I/O interfaces with other Real Games applications.147. N/A Represents a time interval that to 10675199. i.807 float -3.NET assembly EngineIO.02:48:05.) time of day. January 1. Sources and Plugins Source nodes are used as a source of data for the diagram. STRING and DATETIME provide data compatible with all the supported datatype. Built-In Datatype Connect I/O provides most common datatype available in high level programming languages such as Java and C#.768 to 32.223.223. Inputs. NUMERICAL.02:48:05. The source nodes BIT. hours. December 31.4 × 1038 to 3.854. users may develop their own in order to fit their needs.854. 0001 Anno DATE_AND_ Represents an instant in time. (C.dll) designed for efficient inter-process communication. This means that inputs values are read only.775.648 to 2.

OUTPUTS Nodes that read and write data to the memory map outputs. DATETIME . NUMERICAL.System date and time CYCLETIME .Pauses the diagram. MEMORIES Nodes that read and write data to the memory map memories.Sets the diagram to its initial state. PAUSE . When an external application sets a name to an input or output memory it is automatically detected and added to the TAG panel. BIT. DEBUG .Executes the diagram.When pressed the diagram execution advances one step. Main Panel INPUTS Nodes that read data from the memory map inputs.Update cycle time TAGS Input and output nodes are automatically detected by Connect I/O. PLUGINS A list of nodes that add functionalities to Connect I/O. User Interface Toolbar | Nodes Library 5 . SOURCES Nodes that provide data. STRING. RESET .source data SYSTEM TIME .User Interface Toolbar RUN .

Values can range between 1 and 10000. It should be used when synchronizing Connect I/O with external applications. SETTINGS Sync. Timers When checked.Use to add notes to the diagram. Cycle Time (ms) Diagram update cycle time. synchronizes the Connect I/O time scale with the shared memory map (uses the float memory address 129).UTILS NOTE . LOGGER Displays information regarding relevant actions and events. User Interface Properties Panel 6 . Properties Panel PROPERTIES Displays the properties of the selected node.

When the connection is possible both ports are identified and the possible link is drawn. Edit node Properties can be changed by selecting the node and editing them on the Properties Panel. Some properties can be edited directly on the node by clicking on the desired value. Creating a link between nodes Output ports of a node have to be connected to input ports of another node.System Navigation Actions Create node Double click or Drag and Drop the desired node into the canvas. Shortcuts CTRL + N: Create new diagram CTRL + O: Open diagram CTRL + S: Save diagram CTRL + Alt + S: Save As CTRL + P: Print CTRL + C: Copy CTRL + V: Paste CTRL + X: Cut CTRL + Z: Undo CTRL + Y: Redo CTRL + A: Select all Zoom Out: Scroll back using mouse Zoom In: Scroll forward using mouse System Navigation Actions | Shortcuts 7 . Press and hold the left mouse button on the desired port and drag it to the destination port. Panning Press and hold the right mouse button and move to the desired direction.

A good example of such nodes is the down counter (CTD) which executes code that will never block the Connect I/O thread. Plugins What Is A Plugin 8 .Plugins What is a Plugin Plugins are .NET 4. The CustomNodeAsync is the base class for nodes which will execute logic on a different thread. An example would be a node executing TCP/IP communications or a node accessing a DAQ driver. The CustomNode class is the base class for nodes running logic on the same thread as Connect I/O. These nodes are typically used when the delay caused by the execution of a node logic may cause Connect I/O to block or run too slow. These assemblies must be available on the Connect I/O plugins folder to be automatically loaded at startup.5 assemblies containing classes that inherit from CustomNode or CustomNodeAsync.

pt Support 9 .pt Email: support@realgames.Support We want you to get the maximum advantage from Connect I/O. gather all the information or questions that apply to your problem and.realgames. For the most frequently asked questions you can easily find answers in the product documentation. If you still cannot find the answer. contact us: Website: www. with the product close at hand. If you run into technical difficulties we are here to help.