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Marie Davis: “Force of Nature” By Dr. Fred Schloemer, LCSW
Thanks to the efforts of local author of very unique people. We all practiced my
and cartoonist Marie Davis, Days mom's mantra, "Who cares what the stupid
Coffee Shop, 1420 Bardstown Road in sons of bitches think!" Crass maybe, but
Louisville, hosts readings by regional extraordinarily liberating. One of the few
authors the 3rd Friday of every month things I remember my grandmother Marie
from 7:30 to 9:30pm. The events telling me was, "Life is too short to read bad
have been hugely popular and have books." I was just a kid then, but it made a
provided a platform for local talent to huge impact on me. This is why I was such
showcase their work. Marie emcees the a serious reader starting at a young age.
events and makes a gracious and fun
hostess. Fred: How did your background
Recently I interviewed Marie, creator shape who you are now?
of the KISSES cartoon (see page 14), to Marie: It’s an odd place to find myself,
discuss her many contributions to the but I’ve finally realized that at almost
GLBT community fifty years old, I’m living my childhood
dreams. Funny really, because as a child
Fred: You’re a multi-talented “force we can't envision all the adult difficulties
of nature”…artist, novelist, cartoonist, of living one's dreams. Who ever thought
journalist. Do you have a “first love” that paying bills, exploding water heaters,
among these genres? brushing teeth, and frequent emotional
Marie: I don't really see a difference in disasters are comprised in the heaven we
any of those things. So, I don't have a "first dream for ourselves? As my dear friend
love." These are all just mediums I use for Louisville cartoonist Marie Davis, surrounded by characters Frances (just celebrating her 80th birthday)
expression of my creative voice. Each one of from her popular cartoon KISSES. says, "Life is strange." I knew I wanted to
those things has its own set of rigors and be an artist long before I understood what
disciplines. that meant. For that I’ve been very lucky, to
Marie: I hope the answer to this question Marie: Any day that I can make it to have such a clear self-awareness as a baby.
Fred: Which of your accomplishments is that they think I’m interested in them. the gym is a paradise day! Swimming My earliest memories are of creating, at two
up to now make you most proud? Other than that, I hope that people will see is my source of meditation. Daily I love or three years old. So, I've had the luxury
Marie: The things that I’m most proud that I’m down to earth, with a humorous to have time to practice my languages. I of working towards the same goal most of
of in life are the efforts I’ve put forth to way of dealing with life, most times speak four, English, French, Spanish and my life. Certainly there were times when I
help other people. In part I do those things anyway... American Sign Language (I'm only fluent deviated from my path --but eventually I
as a way of honoring my grandmother in English). Also, give me a few days when always found my way back.
Kathryn. She was a person who built and Fred: What do you hope people will I don't have time to be creative and I'm a
nurtured community in her life. I strive remember most about you? disaster. So, maybe a good day for people Fred: You’ve worked hard to get
to do the same thing. Love and care is the Marie: It’s always my hope to be around me is that I have plenty of time to where you are but we all “get by with
greatest art form. For the most part it’s a remembered as someone who has done work? a little help from our friends.” Who
performance piece, so it’s transitory, which something kind. I don't always muster it, would you like to thank for supporting
means we gotta really appreciate it while and sometimes it’s not warranted. I can Fred: Do you have a favorite “old you along the way?
we've got it. certainly be a bitch from time to time, but saying” and if so, why is it important Marie: Margaret Hults and I have been
“kind” is my daily target. to you? working as creative business partners
Fred: When you first meet a new Marie: I've had so many mentors in my
friend what do you most want them to Fred: What’s your idea of a “really life. Anybody who says they’re self made (See MARIE DAVIS,
know about you? good day?” is downright fibbing. I grew up in a family continued on pg 4)
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august 2010 The COMMUNITY Letter 3

Post Office Box 7842 HIV Infection Significantly Increases Risk of Heart Disease
Louisville, KY 40257 At the same time that medical disease that is specifically related to on artery walls.
(502) 322-4632 science has greatly reduced the the virus and/or to drug treatment. Along with chronic inflammation,
numbers of deaths from AIDS, two Moreover, the risk for heart attack is Forum members focused on metabolic
Founded in June 1990 by recent international meetings of HIV/ 70 to 80 percent higher among people syndrome, a constellation of symptoms
Jeffrey Goldsmith & AIDS scientists and patient advocates with HIV, although the absolute risk
Humphrey Marshall
including abdominal obesity, high
pointed out major shortcomings in still remains low for younger patients. triglyceride levels, low HDL (good)
EXECUTIVE EDITOR/WEBMASTER the design and analysis of studies “Five years ago, there was still debate cholesterol, insulin resistance and
ADVERTISING & DISTRIBUTION: used to assess cardiovascular disease within the scientific community about hypertension – all of which are
Dave VanderPol: (502) 322-4632 (CVD) risk in people with HIV with whether there is an increased risk associated with heart disease. Noting significant implications for improving for cardiovascular disease. We have that metabolic syndrome takes on
medical care. the answer to that question. There is unique characteristics in HIV patients
With an estimated readership of over 14,000,
THE LETTER is distributed throughout the
Among the deficiencies cited an increased risk,” said Dr. Veronica and can be exacerbated by certain HIV
are inconsistent standards for data Miller, executive director of the Forum.
seven state region of Kentucky, Indiana, drugs, the panel members advocated
analyses, lack of transparency in “What is now essential is to learn why,
Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, & Missouri for evaluating even young HIV patients
publishing research findings and often so treatment can be individualized
conflicting data about the nature and to each patient and based on sound for metabolic syndrome and taking an
extent of increased CVD risk in HIV science. To do this, standards for data aggressive approach when managing
Cubbie Britches
Mike Buford patients. analysis and transparency must be lipid abnormalities. The panel also saw
Marie Davis The meetings, convened in more stringent.” the need for more studies on metabolic
Bryan Gatewood Washington, D.C. and Vienna, Austria Echoing this need, meeting syndrome, especially to determine the
James Hensley by the Forum for Collaborative HIV participants addressed the realities prevalence and incidence of high total,
Christy Ikner Research, produced an in-depth for today’s physicians, who often lowered HDL and increased LDL (bad)
Eric Jost assessment of the state of research on base their treatment decisions on cholesterol, and high triglyceride levels
Michael Kimmel CVD risk in the HIV population and interpreting studies where the – abnormalities linked to HIV.
Bryn Marlow offered an action plan for improving methods were not fully published or At the same time, Forum members
George Morrison how studies assessing CVD risk are the sources were not available for peer agreed more attention must be paid
Beth Ann Rubin conducted, analyzed and published. or independent review. Accordingly, to assessing and treating known risk
Brian Rzepczynski After reviewing current findings from the panel recommended upgrading factors for heart disease in HIV patients
Ren Scheuerman numerous published and unpublished the standards for data analysis and and outlined some immediate steps to
Fred Schloemer analyses, the more than 100 scientists, publication as an immediate research make CVD risk assessment a routine
David Williams clinicians, regulatory officials and priority so the conclusions of scientific
Hazel Zimmerman part of HIV patient care. Specifically,
members of the HIV patient community studies will be reliable, relevant to panel members called on clinicians

Publication of the name, photograph or attending these sessions agreed that treatment of patients and not based on to evaluate every HIV patient for
likeness of any person, organization, or until more is known about the link unfounded science. insulin resistance, diabetes, kidney
business in articles or advertising in between HIV and cardiovascular Focusing on risks that are specific to abnormalities and other abnormalities
THE LETTER or on its companion disease, clinicians should consider HIV itself, the meetings discussed the that might be influenced by HIV or the
website is not to be construed as an every HIV patient at increased risk for state of the science, which points to drug regimen.
indication of the sexual orientation of heart disease. This is because infection continuous high levels of inflammation
“For now, every HIV patient should
such person, organization or business. with HIV is associated with the onset of throughout the bodies of HIV patients
be considered at risk for cardiovascular
heart disease at an earlier age and with -- a problem shared with patients
THE LETTER assumes no deaths that appear to be increasing at affected by other chronic inflammatory disease,” said Dr. Jur Strobos, deputy
responsibility for unsolicited
an alarming rate. diseases, such as lupus. Even though director of the Forum. “We must focus
materials submitted for publication. on controlling traditional risk factors,
Coming at a critical time in advancing this persistent inflammatory response
the HIV/AIDS research agenda, may not be apparent to the HIV patient such as smoking, excess weight,
THE LETTER reserves the right
to edit or reject any advertisement. the meetings also focused increased or the physician or be detected through hypertension, diabetes, illicit drug
attention on the extent to which chronic routine tests, scientists link the resulting use and high blood cholesterol levels.
© 2010, The Letter News HIV disease itself is a risk factor for chronic inflammation with damage to Of key concern is reducing the high
All rights reserved. heart disease. The emerging consensus the blood vessel endothelium (lining) prevalence of smoking in people with
is that in well-treated patients with HIV, over time, resulting in atherosclerosis HIV, which some studies estimate is as
there appears to be an approximate -- a type of coronary artery disease high as 50 percent in the HIV patient
two-fold increase in the risk for heart involving the buildup of plaque in and population.”
Press releases and Regional
Calendar items must be received Marie Davis, cont’d from pg 1 Fred: Is there anything in your life hands out of fear. Nowadays I try really
no later than for twelve years. Without a doubt her or career that you wished you’d done hard not to do that. Eleanor Roosevelt said,
Friday, August 13, 2010. imagination, humor and marketing differently, and if so what did you learn “Do one thing every day that scares you." I
strategies have helped me tremendously. from that experience? really try to put that into practice.
Advertising reservations must be Kate Larkin, of Motesbooks, is an amazing Marie: I've been slow to learn and
visionary. She published my first novel as understand networking and marketing. I Marie’s cartoons are published
received no later than continue to read and listen to CDs on the in papers worldwide, including
an audio book, and it was so much fun to
Friday, August 20, 2010. work with her and Jason Howard as editor. topics. As a business owner they’ve been THE COMMUNITY LETTER Write
Christi Stevens played harmonica on my my biggest challenges. Certainly in the her at, and
All items should be sent to CD, she is a talented musician, and her past there was a business that I lost because purchase her novel Hey Diddle Diddle ditties are the perfect accompaniment to my I didn't know as much on those two topics. at Carmichael’s Bookstore or online at
whimsical storyline. And, I let opportunities slip through my

4 The COMMUNITY Letter august 2010
Mississippi: Court Sides With Student In Prom Date Case
Constance McMillen, an McMillen said in a press
openly lesbian teenager, has release furnished by the
prevailed against Itawamba ACLU.
Agricultural High School Other GLBT students
in Mississippi. This past haven’t faired as
spring the school denied well in recent years.
McMillen the chance to Discrimination and
bring her girlfriend to the harassment are still
school prom. The ACLU something queer students
intervened and a judge has Constance regularly face in school.
ruled that the school could McMillen For instance there has
not forbid Constance from been no justice for Juin
bringing the date of her choice. Baize, kicked out of the same school
The school responded by cancelling just months earlier for wearing
prom completely and Constance faced clothes (heels, skinny jeans, etc) that
harassment and alienation from her were deemed a “distraction” to other
peers because of it. The ACLU sued the students.
school district for violating Constance’s One legal option that could prevent
civil rights and in late July the case future discrimination and harassment
was settled with the school district would involve the U.S. Senate and
adopting a non-discrimination and House passing the Student Non-
anti-harassment policy covering sexual Discrimination Act (SNDA). The
orientation and gender identity. The measure would prohibit discrimination
district also agreed to pay $35,000 in against students in public schools on
damages. the basis of sexual orientation or gender
The “happy ending” to the legal identity.
proceedings wont erase the pain the TAKE ACTION: Help pass SNDA
situation caused the teen. “I won’t by sending a message of support for
ever get my prom back, but it’s worth the measure to your U.S. Senators and
it if it changes things at my school,” Representatives today.

Jeffersonville Clinic Offers Wide Range Of Testing, Services
With funding from a number of provided free of charge including to
private and government sources, individuals who lack health insurance
including the Louisville AIDS Walk coverage.
and the Hoosier Hills AIDS Coalition, The Clark County Health Department
the Clark County Health Department clinic provides services to residents of
Clinic located in Jeffersonville – less eleven counties in Southeast Indiana,
than two miles from downtown including Clark and Floyd counties.
Louisville – offers a full compliment
The clinic location is kept confidential
of HIV and STD testing, education and
until the time an appointment is made.
counseling, in addition to treatment for OLD LOUISVILLE. $425 per month. 1261 South 1st Street. Efficient one room living
various sexually transmitted diseases. The clinic can be reached by calling space with kitchen area, private bath & shower. Close to U of L. One (1) year lease, First
Case management is also offered to (812) 288-2706 or toll-free (800) 828- and last month rental fee plus $250 damage deposit required for occupancy. For more
HIV-positive individuals. Services are 5624. information call (502) 452-6912.

Professor’s Book Deals With Impact
Of Fundamentalist Homophobia
Bernadette Barton, a Morehead State University
professor, has nearly completed work on a bookthat
focuses on the harmful consequences of Christian
fundamentalism in the lives of GLBT people in the Bible
Belt. As of press time, the author has interviewed more
than 50 residents of Kentucky and surrounding states in
the preparation of her book.
Barton, an out and partnered lesbian, is an Associate
Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at Morehead
State. Her forthcoming book has a working title of Pray
the Gay Away: Religion and Homosexuality in the Bible Belt, Bernadette Barton
that will be published by New York University Press.
THE COMMUNITY LETTER will notify readers when Barton’s book is published
and will host book signings featuring the author in Louisville and Lexington at
dates yet to be determined.

august 2010 The COMMUNITY Letter 5
Hate Crimes Report Sends Mixed Signals
by Joe Morris [Reprinted from Out & About ]

Tennessee released its state to educate officers
most recent statistics on on accurate reporting, it
hate-crimes investigations is apparent officers have
last month, and many difficulty addressing these
interested parties pored issues. “
over the results. Like any According to the TBI,
statistical analysis, they Davidson County saw
came away with figures 16 hate crimes in 2009,
that were both comforting compared to 11 in 2008.
and troublesome. Those numbers were in the single digits
First, the good news: On paper at for Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson and
least, the state saw a drop in overall Williamson Counties. The figures were
hate crimes reported. After a 27 percent about the same Memphis and Shelby
increase fro 2006 through 2008, last year County, which came as no real surprise
saw a drop to 52 recorded sexual-bias to Jonathan Cole, incoming TEP board
crimes, down from 60 in 2008. chair.
Then comes the bad news: Crimes “It could be that the urban
against transgendered persons weren’t jurisdictions are doing a better job
counted since they are currently not of capturing data like this, and our
covered under the state’s hate crimes more rural jurisdictions are not,” Cole
sentence enhancement act, and many said. “It seems at first glance that the
GLBT people, especially those in rural numbers for gay men are flat, but that
areas, often don’t report assaults. And they are rising against lesbians and the
by any measure, hate crimes against transgendered. We’ll be looking more
the GLBT community remain high, closely at the report, and we think that
especially when compared to other the federal legislation will help in terms
groups. of capturing numbers based on gender
When it’s all lumped together, identity.”
though, there’s still some cause for Having stronger data should also
cautious optimism. help in the push to add gender identity
“Overall, the report is good news,” to the hate-crimes statue in Tennessee,
said outgoing Tennessee Equality Cole added.
Project board chair Chris Sanders. Lower numbers in rural areas could
“The report is a reminder that areas be from underreporting, but also from
that are becoming more tolerant such
a lack of incidents as well, added
as Nashville still have work to do in
Joe Rhymer, chair of TEP’s Tri-Cities
reducing the number of bias related
“Things in outlying areas may
The TBI report does not cover crimes
not be reported, or it could be some
based on gender identity unless it is now
putting such crimes in with the category miseducation in terms of the policies,
gender, Sanders added. “The federal but I am a firm believer that the rural
hate crimes law was signed in 2009 areas aren’t as violent as the major
which covers both sexual orientation cities,so we don’t’ have as many crimes
and gender identity, so hopefully the to be reported,” Rhymer said. “But
2010 report that comes out next year we also keep the word out; we have
will have a full breakdown of statistics. a prominent Facebook page, we meet
The lack of specific reporting is another with the local press association, our HIV
reason to pass the Richardson/Marrero network, PFLAG and other supporters,
bill in the legislature that would add so that if anyone hears anything, they
gender identity and expression to the can reach out to us.”
state hate crimes statute.” Rhymer added that while hate crimes
“The fact that the 2009 numbers may be less of an issue in rural areas,
statewide fell to the already high 2007 basic discrimination is rampant, so
numbers is progress, but still indicates a to combat the overall issue education
severe problem in Tennessee,” said Dr. continues to be the key. It’s a point that
Shawn Stewart, chair of the Tennessee Stewart makes as well.
Equality Foundation’s Hate Crimes “We must address hate wherever
Committee, “Hate crimes are still a and whenever it occurs because it
primary concern especially in the GLBT undermines the feeling of safety and
community because this is the only security of all citizens in the state,”
area of hate crimes in the state to stay he said. “A state where some of the
relatively unchanged. Crimes against citizens are being targeted for hate is a
members of the GLBT community state where everyone feels unsafe. An
and individuals perceived to be part attack against one is an attack against
of the community are still alarmingly us all.”
high. Training officers in reporting [Copyright 2010, Out & About
crimes correctly is still a challenge; Newspaper. All rights reserved.
as an organization which travels the Reprinted with permission.]

6 The COMMUNITY Letter august 2010
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organizations, support and social groups. We also publicize events sponsored by businesses and Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal)
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Church, 417 East Broadway. For more information 4th & Kentucky Streets (Old Louisville)
call (502) 329-0229 or write pflaglouisville@yahoo. Church School: 9:30am
Sunday, August 7 & September 4 Sunday Worship: 11:00am (Nursery Provided)
com . Confidentiality respected.
3:00pm. Monthly meeting of Owensboro chapter Pastors: D. Mark Baridon & Ann J. Deibert
of Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays. Trinity (502) 587-6935 •
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7:00pm. Movie Mania at Gay & Lesbian Community or call (270) 929-1399.
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august 2010 The COMMUNITY Letter 7
Jamaica Isn't For Lovers
by Michael Petrelis
The U.S. State Department has recently released its annual human
rights survey and the entire chapter on Jamaica was a horrific read. As
in years past, the chapter's section on gays and people with AIDS/HIV
was particularly frightening.
There are "targeted shootings of homosexuals" among other ills
facing our brothers and sisters in Jamaica, giving more impetus to the
development of a boycott of Jamaican rums and beers, along with cruise
lines visiting the island nation.
I'll soon share more information about the boycott and the demands
that will be made on the government in Kingston. In the meanwhile,
give this extract from the State Department 2008 human rights report The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals, and Gays (J-FLAG)
some attention: continued to report human rights abuses, including arbitrary detention,
The law prohibits "acts of gross indecency" (generally interpreted as mob attacks, stabbings, harassment of homosexual patients by hospital
any kind of physical intimacy) between men, in public or in private, and prison staff, and targeted shootings of homosexuals. Police often
which are punishable by 10 years in prison. did not investigate such incidents.
You Gotta’ Have Pride! J-FLAG members also suffered attacks on their property, home
intrusions as people demanded to know the number of persons and beds
Our thanks to Mike Buford for submitting these great in a home, and in one instance, a fire bombing at the home of two men
photos from the various events that were part of that left one of them with burns on more than 60 percent of his body. In
the 2010 Kentuckiana Pride Festival, including the Pride addition homosexuals faced death and arson threats, with some of these
directed at the J-FLAG offices. J-FLAG did not publicize its location due
Parade and the Miss KPF Pageant We salute Mike Shouse and to such threats, and its officials reported feeling unsafe having meetings
all of the festival volunteers for all of their hard work that with clients at the organization's office.
made this year’s celebration truly memorable! In February a mob broke into the home of four presumed homosexual
men, killing three of them. The fourth was missing and presumed
dead. The men had reported being harassed for their perceived sexual
orientation prior to the fatal attack. Police made some inquiries in the
case but did not conduct a full investigation or make any arrests by
year's end.
The trial of six suspects arrested for the 2005 robbery and murder of
Lenford "Steve" Harvey, initially begun and then postponed in 2007,
was scheduled to recommence in January 2009.
Male inmates deemed by prison wardens to be homosexual were
held in a separate facility for their protection. The method used for
determining their sexual orientation was subjective and not regulated
by the prison system, although inmates were said to confirm their
homosexuality for their own safety. There were numerous reports of
violence against homosexual inmates, perpetrated by the wardens and
by other inmates, but few inmates sought recourse through the prison
Homosexual men were hesitant to report incidents against them
because of fear for their physical well-being. Lesbian women were subject
to sexual assault as well as other physical attacks. Human rights NGOs
Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays and government entities agreed that brutality against homosexuals,
primarily by private citizens, was widespread in the community.
Coming out? Don’t face it alone! No laws protect persons living with HIV/AIDS from discrimination.
PFLAG is for more than just for parents, Human rights NGOs reported severe stigma and discrimination against
families and friends. We’re also here for you! this group. The ILO worked with the Ministry of Labor on a program to
reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS in the workplace and to assist employers
SUPPORT EDUCATION ADVOCACY in designing policies for workers with HIV/AIDS. Although health care
facilities were prepared to handle patients with HIV/AIDS, health care
We meet the Third Sunday of the month at 3:00pm at workers often neglected such patients.
First Lutheran Church, 417 East Broadway. Long-time activist Michael Petrelis reports stories the mainstream
Use the west entrance closest to the alley. media choose to ignore. Michael has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor,
Questions? Leave a confidential message and CNN, ABC News, and National Public Radio. He has been quoted
one of our members will return your call. by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Raw Story, The
(502) 329-0229. Chicago Tribune, The New Republic, and Stars & Stripes. You can
visit Michael Petelis' blog at:
8 The COMMUNITY Letter august 2010

What Does Mike Shouse Have To Do With Library Books &
Our Newest Website? by Dave VanderPol, Executive Editor
The quick answer to the strange If you have GLBT-themed books,
question posed by the headline for this magazines, or other publications to
month’s column is: Nothing. donate, I suggest you contact David
While we feel certain that Mike Williams ( to
Shouse, Director of the Kentuckiana discuss the suitability of donating
Pride Festival, can read (and maybe what you have to the Kentucky Gay
has checked out library books over the & Lesbian Library and Archives,
years), I asked this question because I which are housed as the University of
was having a case of “Writer’s Block” Louisville’s Ekstrom Library. Williams
and couldn’t come up with a better has done a fabulous job of creating
headline for my column. However one of the largest collections of GLBT
as strange as this question may be, it materials in the country right here in
cleverly (?) introduces three of the five the Commonwealth.
topics I want to bring to your attention Speaking of doing a fabulous job, I
this month. want to ask you to join me in saluting
Speaking of my column, beginning Mike Shouse for his many years of
this month I’ve done away with the service as Director of the Kentuckiana
RADICAL SERENITY title and replaced Pride Festival. Mike’s term of service
it with TRANS FATTY, which is the will end this October. Whoever is
name of my newspaper blog (transfatty. selected to take his place will have TRANS FATTY is not some very large shoes to fill! Mike
a reference to me having “transgender has done an incredible job of bringing
issues”, though I’m still looking for my together our community to produce
first bra (size 64-B, please!). Rather it website (glbtbookreviews.wordpress. The LFPL claims to have no influence a world-class Pride Festival, not to
refers to a line from the recently-defunct com), currently under construction, over the books selected for its shelves, mention an awesome Pride Parade and
TV series Ugly Betty where, during the will eventually offers reviews of every which is why it has become more and other events that year after year have
second season, Amanda refers to Cliff kind of GLBT book in print (e.g., fiction more uncommon for local author’s made Pride Month memorable here in
as “Trans Fatty: more than meets the [including science fiction], non-fiction books to be available through their own Kentuckiana.
eye!” Like Cliff’s character, I’m a large and erotica). community’s library system.
guy. I’ve lost 110 pounds and have Speaking of library books, a Before you go donating some used (or
CENSORED pounds to loose. Hence commentary written by a gay new) GLBT-themed books to the LFPL,
I’m a “fatty in transition”, a/k/a “Trans youth from Louisville (see GUEST be aware that your donation will NOT Agree or disagree, Dave VanderPol
Fatty”. Got it? LETTERTORIAL on the next page) end up on library shelves. Instead, all would love to know your thoughts! Write
While I encourage you to visit my points out the problem that his school donated books are immediately made to him at or
blog which features both my writing as library doesn’t have any GLBT-themed available for sale at the various library call (502) 322-4632.
well as the contributions of many of our books. The primary cause of the lack of branches.
feature writers, TRANS FATTY is not GLBT books in school libraries appears,
the newspaper’s newest website. not surprisingly, to be homophobia on
Our newest website, presented in a the part of librarians who select books.
traditional blog format, has everything When it comes to the Louisville
to do with books, though (sadly) these Free Public Library, were you aware
that library staff no longer decides
Affordable CLASSIFIED ADS Return
are not books you’re likely to find on
the shelves of your nearby public or which books will be purchased? The Beginning With Our September Issue!
school library. Our newest website library system has “outsourced” this
offers reviews of GLBT books. The important task to a for-profit company.

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august 2010 The COMMUNITY Letter 9

Getting Unlucky In Kentucky by Ren Scheuerman
We have another election season we get our own pool? Bad idea. You
upon us this coming November. I know it would end up being the most
know. Here we go again! My nerves are popular pool in town and then all the
still wrecked from 2008. straights would want to join in on our
So, who exactly are the candidates fun.
and what is actually at stake here? Oh, and Rand Paul wants “small
First, the good news. Senile Jim government”. By small government,
Bunning, who has been in the Senate he means he wants the government out
since about 1860, is stepping down. of our business. Oops, except he wants
I think he actually retired and lost to tell a woman that he will maintain
consciousness about 30 years ago, but authority over her reproductive rights.
has been propped up by his staff like Oh, and no civil unions for the gays.
a Weekend At Bernie's copse for quite Oh, and possibly segregated restaurants
some time. and public facilities.
More good news. Jack Conway beat But that's it. Well for now. Paul is
the homophobic and suspiciously-late- open-minded. Or at least open-minded
in-life-marrying Dan Mongiardo. Yes, to the notion of additional restrictions
“The Mongiardo” that Bunning said on any American minority. Good luck
looked like a terrorist. The Mongiardo “Random Paul”. And after you lose
that was so offended that Bunning here, consider a move to Mississippi.
would make a character accusation, I'm sure they would love you down
based solely on how he looked. Much there.
the same way, he decided to make way, how much did we pay for Texas, as a excellent logo for his campaign.
a character accusation on the LGBT like a buck fifty? We overpaid). Maybe Mel Gibson can tour with him for Ren Scheuerman and
his partner, Travis
community by co-authoring a bill We know that it was a cold, dreary, that Hollywood star power support. Lay, enjoy living in the
that forever banned gay marriage in miserable day in some nothing city So what is the basis of Rand Paul’s luxury of Indian Hills
Kentucky. That Mongiardo. in Pennsylvania the 7th of January in platform? He wants to take back his (Northeast Louisville).
So now we have the moderate, 1963 when Rand Paul first appeared. America! Well, by take back, he means where they enjoy
sensible level-headed Jack Conway How did he go from the back hills of to continue to randomly oppress all building bridges of
understanding with
VS. the idiot savant, Rand Paul. (Well, Pennsylvania to Kentucky? I mean we minorities. And if he has his way, the their neighbors (the
minus the “savant” part.) What do we had a 1 out of 50 chance of him moving African-American community and vast majority of
know about the child of Ron Paul, the here. It's called “Getting Unlucky In probably the gays won't be allowed in which are rumored to
U.S. Congressman from Texas? (By the Kentucky”, which would actually serve certain public places. Does this mean heterosexual).


Hey School Librarians: Where Are OUR Books? by Brent T.
[Editor’s Note: “Brent T.” is a 16 ourselves wrong. To help keep the or not. They were just characters, after
year old public school student who words “worthless,” “disgusting,” and all, and they were too busy telling me
lives in Metro Louisville. He recently “inferior” out of our minds. With the their story to care whether or not I was
made a splash across the Internet world directing all this ugliness toward gay.
with the following essay he wrote us, the gays, we have to find beauty in Reading was my escape. I felt normal
about the difficulties of finding other things. And the easiest place to while reading. (In most books, the
GLBT-themed books in his school find beauty? Words. Literature. characters’ problems were greater than
library. He has also found few books I’ve always been told by kids on the my own, so it gave me a chance to say,
in his neighborhood branch of the playground that I was “gay.” I never “at least my life ain’t that bad.”)
Louisville Free Public Library that are knew what “gay” was, but I knew it Around eighth grade, it really
of interest to queer youth. We salute was something I sure didn’t want to settled into my head that I liked boys,
him for the courage to point out this be–kids would crinkle their noses and not girls. (No wonder my attempts at
problem and for using his personal giggle in a na-na-na-na sort-of-way at having girlfriends never worked out!) I
blog (naughtybookkitties.blogspot. the mention of “gay.” It wasn’t until still tried to suppress it, but I was more
com)to post reviews of books of middle school that I found out what open to the idea of being gay. Then I
interest to GLBT young people.] “gay” was. Of course, I knew that I was, met my now-best friend. Destinie. As
Members of the LGBT community in fact, gay, but I denied it to myself. we got to know each other, we found
are constantly being told that we are I mean, isn’t middle school all about we shared a love for artisticism. I,
nothing. Pretty much all of society says, fitting in? I’d always enjoyed reading, reading, she, writing. Through her
“You’re worthless. You’re disgusting. So with everyone expecting nothing but my passion for it really solidified writing, I saw she felt the same as me.
You don’t even register on my radar.” much out of us gays, it’s our job to be when I realized I was different from all About everything. So, we were close.
After a while these homophobic extraordinary. Everything we do, it has of my friends. I felt comfortable with I grew to admire her. When she came
message become something we begin to be extraordinary and above. Not only books, with the characters. I knew that (See GUEST LETTERTORIAL,
to believe as truth. to prove the world wrong, but to prove they didn’t care whether I was different continued on pg 12)

10 The COMMUNITY Letter august 2010

Should I Take Him Back? by Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, D.H.S., M.S.W.
[Editor’s Note: Brian Rzepczynski’s
monthly column no longer is referred
to as GAY LOVE COACH, because
our beloved author recently earned a
doctorate degree in human sexuality.
So from now on his column will be
on achieving this major milestone in
his professional career! For the time
being his website address has NOT

My ex-boyfriend wants to
get back with me after a
recent breakup. Should we

Deciding about whether to get
back together with someone
you’ve broken up with requires
some serious introspection, preparation,
and planning before getting your
heart involved and invested again,
particularly if the relationship was
tenuous and the couple didn’t treat
each other with the necessary love and
respect that’s deserved.
I would encourage you first and
You will also want to make sure your and what will be different this time Allow time to learn and apply
foremost to take a serious look at what
ex’s desire to reconcile is of the purest around. your new relationship skills to ensure
your motives would be for reconciling
motives as well. If they are, then your The two of you could collaboratively that the changes will really stick
with your ex-boyfriend. Particularly before immersing yourself back into a
next step is to proceed very slowly as create a vision for your ideal relationship
if he hurt you, it would be important committed partnership again. Go slow,
you make plans to start over on a more and develop goals to ensure you are
to ask yourself why you are feeling be conscious and mindful of all your
healthy platform. I would encourage striving toward that. Improving your
compelled to return to such a situation. actions, and keep the communication
the two of you to begin couples communication and learning ways
Is it truly out of love and a genuine alive and steady if reconciliation is the
counseling with a trained therapist to resolve conflict and manage anger
belief that your ex meets your personal path you decide to take.
who specializes in gay relationships. more appropriately would definitely
requirements and needs for a partner It might also be helpful for you to
Changing patterns and dynamics in be important goals to add to your list!
and relationship and that he’s got the speak to a counselor before doing
a relationship is not an easy task and Scheduling regular meetings with each
maturity and capability of working anything to thoroughly clarify your
having a professional to help guide the other to discuss how your relationship
towards positive change? Or are you needs and feelings before making such
two of you will certainly increase the is evolving and if you are on track
drawn out of guilt, fear, loneliness, or an important life-changing decision.
odds of a positive prognosis. with your goals will help to keep the
a need to fill a void or to have a sense It’s important obviously to protect
One surefire way to gauge you and relationship a priority and to ensure
of security? The latter would not be yourself.
your ex’s readiness for a relationship you’re both centered.
healthy reasons to get back together Good luck with your personal
again is to determine the degree of It’s also important for the two of
and you will only be setting yourself you to identify the triggers that led to inventory, my friend! Take good care
up to get hurt again. responsibility you each take for what of yourself and be deliberate in your
hurtful interactions in the past and to
You will want to address those issues went wrong before. The two of you actions by making choices with your
develop action plans for how to handle
for yourself; otherwise you will run will want to sit down and discuss logical mind and avoiding impulsive
these situations again to ensure more
the risk of continuing to get in similar all the strengths and weaknesses of moves predicated by your emotions.
positive outcomes.
types of relationships with similar the relationship before and identify Developing trust will take time and Be well!
kinds of men with similar negative the roles each of you played that the two of you will also need to figure
outcomes. If there was domestic contributed to the problems. It takes out ways of making the relationship ©2008 Brian L. Rzepczynski, All rights
violence, getting back together would two to tango, and if your ex doesn’t feel safe again to allow the security reserved. To sign up for the FREE Gay
be ill-advised; at least until the take any accountability for what went to re-establish itself. Re-courting each Love Coach Newsletter filled with dating
perpetrator of the aggression received wrong and blames you for the issues, other all over again will be essential
and relationship tips and skills for
gay singles and couples, as well as to
adequate psychological treatment and take this as a sign to run for the hills! to restoring the intimacy that was check out current coaching groups,
demonstrated lasting improvement It will be important for you each to damaged. Avoid rushing into a full- programs, and teleclasses, visit www.
over a consistent period of time. identify the lessons you’ve learned blown commitment.

august 2010 The COMMUNITY Letter 11

Desperately Seeking Lilith by Eric Jost
After months of waiting, this summer Lilith Fair of old was not only a music festivals are really pushing an
I will finally (and hopefully) get to live celebration of women but an outright ideology, and the musical landscape
out one of my lifelong dreams: I will embrace of feminism, and sadly this led for women is a lot different than it
attend Lilith Fair. to some of the harshest critiques of the was in 1997. For once, female artists
When Sarah McLachlan and festival. Since the festival was conceived are outselling men thanks to relative
company organized the festivals back during female alt-rock's peak, the initial newcomers like GaGa, Katy Perry,
in the late 90s, I was a bit too young line-up overwhelmingly included and Rihanna. So why couldn't Lilith
to appreciate them. I was certainly those artists that fit into that mold -- Fair be like Glastonbury, Bonnaroo,
aware of their existence, but it was Indigo Girls, Jewel, Fiona Apple, Lisa or Coachella and simply exist for
right before I turned into an avid Loeb. As a result, while McLachlan was the sake of showcasing good music?
concertgoer and before I discovered applauded for her efforts, Lilith Fair -- Maybe that's what Sarah McLachlan
my inner-feminist. So as my journey of like much of feminism -- was criticized and company were really trying to
self-discovery moved forward, I grew for appealing to white, upper-class, do this year with such a large and
to regret missing the chance to partake Amerocentric values. diverse lineup. And if Lilith Fair was
in one of the celebrations. 2010 Lilith Fair, however, seems an annual occurrence, then that seems
Then fate smiled down on me and to have forsaken feminism (like so like a logical evolution. But Lilith has
the 2010 Lilith Fair revival was put Sarah McLachlan many people) in favor of marketing. been gone for so long and feminism
into place, leaving me chomping at the In light of the bad news, numerous Yes, Lilith Fair will donate millions of has become an increasingly dirty word
bit for the chance to see a collection of bloggers have been wondering “hy do dollars to local, female-centric charities that it would have been nice to see the
feminist musicians perform for a like- we need Lilith Fair anymore?” throughout the US and Canada, but performers really take the lead instead
minded audience. Unfortunately, the Over a decade after the alternative what is bringing all of these female of shying away from what brought
Fair hasn't gone to plan. female singer’s heyday, what are Sarah performers together besides a vagina? them together in the first place.
The 2010 Lilith Fair -- which and company hoping to accomplish Do Emmylou Harris and Selena Gomez
had initially planned a 36-city run this time around? The mix of pop, share the same feminist ideals? Would
-- has been marred with numerous rock, R&B, and country acts indicate a Selena and the younger performers Eric Jost is a freelance
writer living in Washington,
cancellations due to poor ticket sales. conscious effort to broaden appeal, and even identify as feminist? This year’s DC. His work ranges
The Go-Gos, Kelly Clarkson, and La the line-up really is impressive: Gossip, festival was crafted to appeal to a broad from embarrassing
Roux have all pulled out. And despite Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige, Queen audience, as evidenced by the very firstperson narratives to
positive reviews for the performers at Latifah, Ke$ha (?), Selena Gomez (?!), diverse line-up that numbers into the commentaries on queer
the festival's opening show in Calgary, and Rihanna, to name a few. But this hundreds; but in the process, it seems rights and sex positive
culture. You can check out
most critics couldn't help but notice large collection of performers seems to have lost the meaning behind it. more of his work at www.
the lackluster crowd and disorganized hopelessly random and results in the Does Lilith Fair even need a message
amphitheater. lack of a unifying message. at this point, though? None of the other

GUEST LETTERTORIAL, cont’d from pg 10 planet. And imagine you find out want to read the usual coming-
that there are more aliens, just out story (there’s an abundance
out to me, as a lesbian, I realized like you, on your planet. And of those!). I was ready to see
that “gay” wasn’t a bad thing. So, imagine what it would be like– gay characters trickling into the
I came out to her. And we spoke to know that someone knows mainstream genres. And I was so
through reading and writing. what it’s like. What you’re going excited when I did.
“Omg, House of Night has a gay through. The House of Night series
character!” “Really?” “Totally. I spent the rest of the year (written by P.C. and Kristin Cast)
And he’s uber hot. You know reading books like What They is one of my favorites. Not only
you wanna hit this book up.” “Of Always Tell Us. I read my way because of the killer storyline
course. You know how I treat my through Tom Dolby, Robin and writing, but because of the
books behind closed doors.” Reardon, Julie Ann Peters, and way P.C. and Kristin just seem
Destinie and I spent our days David Levithan. to  understand–everything! Their
in Borders and on Hayden Thorne, a wonderful series is in no way LGBT, but they
looking for gay characters. The writer, once described LGBT do an excellent job at executing
only ones we could find were the
ones in the adult section (not that
fiction to me in a great way. She
basically said that there are two
novels that fall under the second
category that Hayden Thorne
What Path Calls You?
we were complaining! Have you types of LGBT books: books mentioned to me. Books who just
read those steamy, passionate about gay characters, and books happen to have gay characters.
sex scenes? *Sigh*). I found one whose characters just happen They really made “gay” seem
that seemed like what we were to be gay. All of those books, I natural–which it is! Lucy Silag
looking for. What They Always saw, fell under the first category. also wrote a series, The Beautiful
Tell Us by Martin Wilson. I read it. While I really enjoyed reading Americans Trilogy, which just
Then Destinie read it. We talked about gay struggles, I was ready happens to have a gay character.
about. And cried about it. People for something that was just a Second category, again. With gay
really write about this stuff? I pure (gay) romance. I wanted to characters moving over into a
thought. It felt . . . great. Imagine
that you are an alien on your own
read Romeo and Julio instead
of Romeo and Juliet. I didn’t
continued on pg 13)
12 The COMMUNITY Letter august 2010

Pride at 40: What Do You Expect? by Bryn Marlow
My husband and I attended Pride we were elbow to elbow, inching our
Day in Indianapolis with friends of way along. The sky grew overcast,
ours, a gay couple partnered 27 years. threatened rain. "Let it get hot and
This was their first-ever Pride event. steamy," I thought, "so we'll have
Their straight son attended last year, men taking their shirts off." As if the
encouraged his dads to go with him weather gods heard, muggy weather
this year. “What should we expect?”, ensued. Soon every man and woman
they asked. I didn't know what to say. I passed—without exception—was
Like sex, Pride is better experienced hot. Again, what struck me was the
than explained. It's party time, yes. size of the crowd—the sheer numbers.
Celebration and song, friends, fun. I wanted to take a photo of everyone
Our day to shine. To dance. To strut our there. I wanted to find out where they
stuff. To remember where we've come had come from. And where they would
from and how far we have to go. disappear to at the end of the day.
Pride turned 40 this year. The first Living out in the boondocks, I
Gay Pride celebration and parade took spend 364 days a year thinking I am
place in New York City, one year after perhaps the only gay man in the rural
the Stonewall Riots of June 1969. Pride Midwest. Then I come to Pride and am
has grown into an international event overwhelmed by the mass of people.
observed annually by millions. They Here before my own eyes, proof I am
weren't all at Indy Pride, those millions. not alone in the world. I am so not
One estimate put the crowd at 75,000. alone. Pride for me builds a sense of
My husband and I arrived before many community.
of them did, met our friends (and their Pride reminds me that I am welcome
son and his female partner) and easily in the world, that I belong to a tribe of
found open sidewalk space along the as I would again when the PFLAG a red head scarf and flowing orange men who love men, of women who love
parade route. contingent passed, as I do whenever I dress stood with her two young sons, women, of people who know what it is
Looking down and across the street, see the parents I wish mine would have ages five and six. Candy-throwers and to live and love in liminal space outside
I was struck by the size of the crowd— been, could have been—accepting, trinket-tossers targeted the kids. Their society's easy acceptance. Pride gives
literally. Have we all grown so large, active, advocating. mom grew accustomed to this and me a taste of what it might feel like to
so hefty? In a subculture that worships We met a husband and wife attending held out her hand as a matter of course inhabit a world in which people are
the body beautiful, many of us, myself Pride for the first time. Their teenage for two of the small packets a parade celebrated for who they are, how they
included, do not qualify as objects son had come out to them two months participant was offering bystanders. are, however they are.
of adoration. I took a second look at earlier. What should they expect? Hoo After a quick glance at the small plastic Pride gives me hope. Maybe I can
those who caught my eye. Mmm, a boy. Just watch. bags, she handed them to her boys. expect more of my world, of myself.
20-something androgyne with long Revving their motorcycles, a group Finding no candy inside, the children Maybe I can join the parade, help bring
brown hair, slender build, green and of lesbians led the parade. I counted slipped them into their pockets. I about change.
white striped shirt, tight jeans. Ooh, a four floats featuring scantily clad checked the packet I received and
man in white shirt, curly hair, shades, sexy men. I lost count of the number found a flyer promoting safe sex, a
beautiful arms, nice chest. of politicians and employee groups. It condom and lube. Bryn Marlow ( lives
And there, a smiling middle-aged was easy to keep track of the number Last in the parade line came gay with his husband Dave on a 1930s Indiana
woman in a t-shirt emblazoned with a of floats featuring scantily clad sexy men on motorcycles. As they smiled farmstead where they raise chickens and
rainbow-striped heart and the message, women: one. and waved, we made our way to the flowers.
"I [heart] my son." I blinked back tears Near us, a raven-haired woman in vendor booths and concert area. Soon

GUEST LETTERTORIAL, cont’d from pg 12 gangs, drugs, and teen sex. Ellen Hopkins’ Impulse. FINALLY! The world needs more librarians
variety of genres, it shows that people, Yeah, they’re going to interrupt My city’s public libraries weren’t who serve the purpose of finding the
writers, are seeing gays as normal. all that fabulous action to sit and much better. The only LGBT book they right book to put in the right person’s
Whose stories can be enjoyed by read a good novel!). When I asked had was _The Meaning of Mathew_. lap. Not librarians who think that they
“regular” (straight) people. Hopefully, her about it, she replied, “This is a But of course they had the latest Sharon can decide what’s “inappropriate” and
all of this greatness will lead to more school library. If you are looking to M. Draper novel! You know, because what’s not, based on their personal
acceptance of LGBT novels. read inappropriate titles, go to a book drugs and gangs are acceptable, but prejudices. There are tons of gay
When I set out to find more LGBT store.” Uhm, how in the hell is LGBT inspirational LGBT novels are just teens, struggling to find a group to fit
titles, I turned to my school’s library. YA lit “inappropriate”? downright “inappropriate.” After I in. LGBT YA lit helps us find out that
Honestly? It was pathetic. There was I mean, think about it. Let it register: put in numerous requests for David no, we aren’t alone and no, we aren’t
not one single LGBT novel. But oh, of The librarian claimed LGBT novels Levithan titles, they finally bought worthless or disgusting. It helps us
course the librarian went out of her were inappropriate, yet she approved Boy Meets Boy and Will Grayson, Will discover that we are part of a group.
way to buy books about gangs, drugs, of books that had heterosexual sex. Grayson. I hope that an LGBT teen The LGBT group. Which is the group
and teen pregnancy. Like, for real, the Yeah, she was being gay-cist! It wasn’t in need stumbled across one of those to be in. Tons of brilliant people, doing
people who actually do care about until May of 2009 (my last month of books that I pushed for the library to brilliant things, fighting for brilliant
gangs, drugs, and teen sex sure as attending that school) that she bought get. And I hope it helped that person causes (Straight people with gay
hell don’t read–they’re too busy (note: a book that mentioned gays. It was out. tendencies included).

august 2010 The COMMUNITY Letter 13

Downtown Dining Proves More Popular Than Ever by Beth Ann Rubin
[Bistro 301; 301 West Market Street; the size of your wallet, you can have a as the blackened flavor did not speak
Louisville, KY 40202. (502) 584-8337.] satisfying meal regardless of your order. to me and the tang and richness of the
The downtown dining scene in Because our wallets were certainly not aioli was virtually non-existent. On the
Louisville has evolved through the bulging, we stayed more in the middle positive side, our server was pleasant
years as more hotels, nightclub venues price range. Pasta is always a safe bet and service was consistent.
and, most recently, the arena have and Bistro 301 offers 4 different options. I am hoping that the kitchen merely
appeared on the scene. Many of the My one companion opted for the had a bad evening or the regular chef
established restaurants have had to Chicken and Gorgonzola Pasta ($13.95). had the night off. I certainly won’t
adapt to the competition by either My friend found the penne pasta dish discourage you from trying Bistro 301
changing its name, altering menu chilled us that we took turns standing tossed with a creamy gorgonzola sauce for lunch or dinner but be advised
options or both. Unfortunately, some in the vestibule just to keep warm. with spinach, chicken, shallots and of the issues we had with our meal.
were not able to survive the transition Thankfully, the dining room preserved mushrooms delicious. I am a total blue There is obviously a following with the
but the more successful restaurants a far more tolerable temperature. cheese freak but found the sauce a bit restaurant as there is usually a wait on
seemed to emerge stronger than ever. After being seated, we decided to start lacking in the cheese department. But weekends and the bar is an enjoyable
While working downtown years ago, with a cocktail to warm up our still icy if he was happy…. place to meet friends and savor a few
one of our favorite luncheon eateries bodies. Bistro 301 has a full bar menu My other dining partner was not so aperitifs and perhaps an appetizer or
was Deke’s on Market Street. Deke’s is including some specialty cocktails like famished and went with the Calamari two.
now called Bistro 301 with a revamped the Mango-tini Martini, Dirty Harry appetizer ($7.95). This dish did not fare They do offer alfresco dining which
menu but maintaining the same familiar Martini, Gin Blossom and the Bourbon as favorable. The squid had been lightly is always a plus with a few tables
and comfortable interior. Ball. We went with the usual glass of fried which would have been ideal if it facing Market Street. And sometimes
The restaurant is divided into a bar Chardonnay, a Louis Martini ($8). If we had been served as is. Regrettably, the the horses and carriages wait for fares
area and a dining room. Photos of could not have a real martini, at least calamari was then tossed in a spicy in front of the restaurant which makes
celebrities and art depicting Louisville we could pretend! To take the edge off chili sauce and must have sat for a time eating outside that much nicer.
scenes adorn the wall on one side and our hunger, we started with the Spinach before it reached our table. By that
names of individuals penned in white Queso Dip ($5.95) which consisted time, it was simply warm and the sauce
ink or paint are scrawled on the wall of assorted tortilla chips with a warm had permeated the breading and made Beth Ann Rubin
behind the bar. And who are these blend of spinach, jalapenos, Monterey the calamari soft and soggy. I ordered has been reviewing
restaurants for THE
individuals? We may never know. Jack cheese and salsa. The cheesy dip the Blackened Fish Sandwich ($10.95) LETTER for nearly
There was a wait on the night we was creamy and veggie filled and made which was identified by our server as four years. A Chicago
visited which was encouraging since a wonderful foil for the slightly salty Grouper. I wonder if they change the native, Beth Ann and her
it shows how our downtown scene is tortilla chips. fish with availability and for that reason family live just south of
becoming more of a destination than a Dinner prices range from a modest is not detailed on the menu. The fish was Louisville's Highlands
conventioneer’s last resort. $8.95 for a large Caesar or Mixed Green served on a hoagie bun with arugula, neighborhood. A
We relaxed in the front while awaiting Salad to the higher end Sea Scallops tomato and a sun-dried tomato aioli. I talented cook in her own right, over the years her
baked goods have earned her numerous awards at
a table but the frigid air blowing up ($25.95), the Grilled Rib-Eye ($27.95) or chose the Asian Slaw as my side item. the Kentucky State Fair.
from the floor vents so thoroughly the Beef Filet ($29.95). Depending on I was not terribly pleased with my fish

Marie Davis is an internationally syndicated cartoonist. Her lesbian cartoon strip is published in five languages. Her first novel, Hey Diddle Diddle — for Lesbians
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14 The COMMUNITY Letter august 2010

Just Say Love
Adapted by writer David Mauriello from his stage play,
Just Say Love is a stunning departure from the average stage-
to-screen film. With simple sets on a dark sound-stage and
just two actors, director Bill Humphreys and team have
created a strikingly elegant, moving and satisfying film.
As the film opens, geeky Guy (Matthew Jaeger) is sitting
on a park bench reading Plato. Doug (Robert Mammana),
a hot construction worker, approaches the bench and asks
Guy if he can join him. Their conversation veers towards
sex, and “straight” Doug reveals that he would enjoy
receiving oral sex, and that he didn’t care if it was from a
guy. The two men go up to Guy’s nearby apartment to take
care of business.
This sexual, non-romantic relationship continues to the
shock of both men. But when Doug’s girlfriend gives birth
to their child, this once-simple relationship comes to an end.
One never knows which way the human heart will turn.
Pure and deceptively simple, the very knowing Just Say
Love is truly a wonderful cinematic creation full of love.
Just Say Love is available for rent at Wild & Woolly, 1021
Bardstown Road in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood.

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