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This geometry can be plotted through the precise timing and placement of your birth in the constantly shifting universe. through your inherent gifts. The Venus Sequence is the path of courageous emotional opening through relationships. how you operate. This is your Hologenetic Profile. It is a journey that expands your heart through the correct aligning of your attractor field and the gradual release of your defence patterns. your Hologenetic Profile contains specific phrases and keywords that provide a starting point for in-depth contemplation and dialogue concerning the Gene Keys. allowing you to witness dynamic changes in your life. This third path guides you towards true prosperity by helping you to find your Core Vocation. the original blueprint that tells us the gifts that you bring into the world. Designed as a tool to work alongside the 64 Gene Keys. THE GOLDEN PATH PROGRAM Your Golden Path is a threefold page 2 . Catalysing a gentle emotional cascade in your life. each of which awakens a different aspect of your life and your genius. and above all the mystery of your destiny. It supports you in finding the highest possible form of service you can offer to the world.genekeys. forming a distinct personal profile of genetic sequences. This means that as you contemplate your sequences in the framework of your daily life.HOLOGENETIC PROFILE EXPLORING YOUR PROFILE Each one of us is born with a unique sacred geometry embedded deeply within our being. representing the mythic themes and challenges of your global role in this lifetime. the Venus Sequence supports you to let go of the pain of separation and invites you to master the great art of returning non-love with love. they are all interconnected. The path through your Prime Gifts supports you to fulfill your life’s Purpose while remaining deeply grounded in the Core Stability of your physical body. you will activate all aspects of the Hologenetic Profile simultaneously. (©) 2015 Gene Keys www. The Pearl Sequence describes the stage of genuine exchange with the universe. Each of the Sequences in your Hologenetic Profile offers a possibility to unfold a specific aspect of your higher purpose in • www. The Four Prime Gifts are the cornerstones of your life. of giving and receiving your deepest gifts in synchronicity with the greater whole. Even though these are viewed as separate sequences encoding aspects of your destiny. This same pattern is also holographically encoded in your DNA. The Activation Sequence highlights your four genetic Prime Gifts and focuses on the Self and the theme of your fundamental frequency – the unconscious daily attitude that dictates the pulse and shape of your life.

3 23.Posture (©) 2015 Gene Keys www.6 Dullness Line 6 .Guilt/Forgiveness 40.2 Seriousness 46.Frigidity/Romance Siddhi (Essence) Gift (Potential) 30.6 Complexity Line 2 .Simplicity 15.1 Line 1 .4 Line 4 .6 39.Pleasure Line 6 .Marriage Line 3 .System Devotion Ecstasy Quintessence Commitment Delight Simplicity Half-heartedness 29.Teacher 43.2 page 3 .2 Shadow (Challenge) Rapture Lightness Desire Line 2 .genekeys.HOLOGENETIC PROFILE YOUR PERSONALISED PROFILE ada silea Epiphany Insight 16 Nov 1989 at 9:00am Deafness brasov.The Brilliant mind 38.5 Line 1 . Romania Line 6 .1 Liberation Divine Will Florescence Dynamism Resolve Magnetism Provocation Exhaustion Line 5 .Self-esteem/Self-sabotage Grace Graciousness Dishonour 22.Education & Surrender Honour Synarchy Perseverance Teamwork Struggle Interference Line 2 .com • www.

This structure is the Golden Path. You will find a full description of each each of these keynotes and their meanings in the in the Golden Path Program.HOLOGENETIC PROFILE EXAMPLE PROFILE THE 'PARTS' EXPLAINED The 23rd Gene Key (example) This number always relates to one of the 64 Gene Keys. The lines add depth to each Gene Key. a Gift (creative genius) and a Siddhi (Divine essence). enhancing its story and giving it a particular flavour. As you contemplate your Gene Keys in relation to each Sphere you may have many profound • www.a Shadow (victim tendency). Each Sphere relates to a different aspect of your life. Each Gene Key has 3 possible expressions in your life . Each Sphere has 6 different line keynotes. This person's Life's Work is to serve others through the Gift of their Simplicity.genekeys.genekeys. (©) 2015 Gene Keys www. The Pathways are universal themes that provide a narrative structure to the Gene Keys and lines that make up your Hologenetic Profile. you will experience the wonder of Self Illumination . The Sphere of your Life's Work (example) Your Hologenetic Profile consists of 11 Spheres. As you explore the depths of your Hologenetic Profile through deep contemplation over time. Each Sphere is discussed in depth in the Golden Path Program. The 2nd Line (example) Each Gene Key is expressed through one of 6 lines. The Pathway of Breakthrough (example) Your Hologenetic Profile consists of 12 Pathways that link together the 11 page 4 . As soon as you have a copy of the Gene Keys book you can begin contemplating your specific Gene Keys and their meanings.the power to ignite the Divine spark within your DNA.

Complexity Line Themes Life's Work: Line 6 — Teacher Evolution: Line 6 — Education & Surrender Radiance: Line 2 — Marriage Purpose: Line 2 — Posture (fluids) 30. It is the starting point for your attunement to the higher frequencies in your personal Hologenetic • www. The Life’s Work and the Evolution describe what you are here to manifest externally. your 43.genekeys.2 Rapture Lightness (©) 2015 Gene Keys Desire www. By Commitment sustained contemplation on the highest frequencies of your Half-heartedness Prime Gifts you may witness a complete transformation in your life as you unlock the true genius waiting inside you.6 The Activation Sequence follows a series of three leaps in awareness that unfold in your life as you activate the higher purpose within your DNA.2 23. By understanding and embracing the Shadow aspects of these four Gene Keys in your own life it is possible to activate their higher frequencies Devotion and bring about a subtle change deep inside yourself. while the Radiance and Purpose describe the more hidden inner rewards that come about as you fully embrace the former. These describe the mythical journey that is the essence of your life. 29.HOLOGENETIC PROFILE your personalised ACTIVATION SEQUENCE discovering your genius ada silea 16 Nov 1989 at 9:00am brasov. Calculated from the position of the sun at the time of your birth. your page 5 . These inner realisations are called Quintessence Simplicity your Challenge.genekeys.6 Radiance and your Purpose. Romania Epiphany The Activation Sequence is the primary sequence in your Insight Hologenetic Profile. your Activation Sequence is triggered through your understanding and application of the laws of frequency. your Breakthrough and your Core Stability. They are your Life’s Work. It is the catalyst for a powerful Deafness transformation through a deep understanding of your 4 Prime Gifts.

the Venus Sequence is an extraordinary journey into the genetic currents that shaped you in the womb and the karmic forces released at the moment of your conception. The inner realisations in Exhaustion page 6 . and Realisation. Romania Forming the heart of the Golden Path. Such patterns have determined who you draw into your life (Attraction) as well as your intelligence (IQ). your emotional ease (EQ) and your spiritual insight (SQ).2 44.genekeys.HOLOGENETIC PROFILE your personalised VENUS SEQUENCE opening your heart through relationships ada silea 16 Nov 1989 at 9:00am brasov. you will see how many aspects of your higher nature were shut down while you were very young.2 Rapture Lightness (©) 2015 Gene Keys Desire www.4 Dishonour SQ: Line 3 — Pleasure (adventure and understanding) Core: Line 5 — Guilt/Forgiveness • www. As understanding of your own Venus Sequence unfolds. Karma. Taking you through a passage of inner revelations that are directly applicable to your life.3 Seriousness Honour Synarchy Perseverance Teamwork Line Themes Struggle 38. The Venus Sequence describes the strength of your aloneness and the particular gifts that emerge through your relationship with others. Intelligence.1 Interference Purpose: Line 2 — The Natural/Accuser Attraction: Line 4 — Frigidity/Romance Grace IQ: Line 2 — The Brilliant mind (provocative) Graciousness EQ: Line 1 — Self-esteem/Self-sabotage 22. Delight 46. The most challenging patterns of your relationships can then be seen as holding the highest possibilities for unlocking these hidden gifts inside you. Each of these pathways contain specific emotional challenges that when accepted and understood brings about a Ecstasy deep expression of your core essence.genekeys.5 these leaps are called Dharma. the Venus Sequence Divine Will unfolds in cascades and leaps of awareness that progressively Resolve soften the defences around your heart. Love.

HOLOGENETIC PROFILE your personalised PEARL SEQUENCE releasing your prosperity through simplicity ada silea 16 Nov 1989 at 9:00am brasov. The three final stages of Initiative. 43.genekeys. Released from false identification with ancestral wounding and empowered by a new sense of your own genius. the Pearl Epiphany represents the harvest of your expansion through the Venus Insight Deafness Sequence and the Prime Gifts. places and dimensions that are required in order for you to fulfill your highest destiny.genekeys.5 15. the Pearl brings to 39. At this stage Divine Will Florescence the entire journey of the Golden Path is integrated as you Resolve Magnetism Exhaustion 40. They describe a process of reorientation and synchronicity that brings you into contact with those .1 you the secrets of prosperity through an embodiment of simplicity. cultures.6 The four stages of the Pearl Sequence are called the Vocation. Culture. Romania As the natural culmination of the Golden page 7 Powered by TCPDF (www. Liberation Dynamism Provocation Representing a great flowering in your life. Line Themes Vocation: Line 5 — Management (responsibility) Culture: Line 6 — System Brand: Line 6 — Vision (education) Pearl: Line 1 — Simplicity (©) 2015 Gene Keys www. Growth and Service create a quantum leap inside your being. the essence at the core of your DNA reveals itself as your true inner Vocation.6 Dullness experience yourself as a unique vibrating facet in the interwoven geometry of the • www.tcpdf. Brand and Pearl.

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