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Bad Times In


A small farming community is faced with livestock disappearances.

They have called for adventurers to hunt down a pack of wolves that are the cause of it.
Or are they?
After a day of investigation, the party should be
ready to go to dinner.
Adventure Summary and
Background On the way to dinner the party is attacked by the
pack of wolves that they were hired to destroy.
The troubled community is Bafsted. It is about a The pack is lead by a large Warg. If the party can
day north and west of Bree, and the heroes should kill the Warg they can find a collar on the animal.
decide to travel to Bafsted. They meet up upon This is a sure sign that the pack is not here
leaving Bree and travel together up the Greenway. naturally. After the pack takes half casualties, or
the Warg is slain, they will flee.
As the party approaches Bafsted they encounter a
run away cart. This is the cart of Anualda Upon arriving at Brontus place they are healed
Bellweather, the daughter of Brontus Bellweather. and fed. Brontus is outraged at the attack. He
Brontus is the richest man in the area and acts as raises the reward for finishing the pack to 30 silver
the local magistrate. pennies. He also can recount the trial in its
entirety. Brontus is holding the most damning
The party may try to save the girl. Actually it is not piece of evidence, two books of sorcery. But when
as hard as it sounds, and it gives them a chance to he goes to show the party they are gone.
start out as heroes. If they save her and are able
to do it without harming her pet pony she will Brontus also holds a scarp of paper found at the
become a fountain of trivial knowledge. She will residence of Holdman Hardbrace, a local resident.
tell them of the troubles in the area, and that it is Hardbrace disappeared three months ago, just
suspected that a young hobbit, named Seth before the trial of Sandybanks. It holds a poem
Sandybanks, might be involved. that Bellweather considers non-sensual. He will
give the party the paper.
When they reach the town the party is put up at the
local inn, The White Plow. The proprietor, Harv Upon return to the hamlet the party sees a figure
Heathertoes, will make them feel at home. He has leaving the inn. The party can follow the minstrel
a few tales of interesting events in the area. He to the town mill. There you will see him pay off
will confirm the tale of Seth Sandybanks stealing Tessfeld Grondman. If the party has an Observe
money and being banished. He will also confirm (Listen) check they will hear that the pay off is the
that many in the town believe him to be exact amount that was stolen form Harv.
responsible for the attacks. Harv has no real idea
who is behind the attacks, so he will not venture a As the party is about to leave they see a strange
guess. sight. A huge man walks into the side door of the
mill, with an even bigger wolf! This should lead the
PCs have the opportunity to meet and interact with party to investigate and find that the miller is
various people in the White Plow. Such behind all of the troubles. A large battle ensues in
interactions could include Dronic, who happens to which, if they are victorious, the party breaks the
be Harvs nephew. He is down on his luck and curse on Bafsted.
working in Bafsted to regain some traveling
money. You also meet Tessfeld Grondman (one What is really happening in Bafsted is that the
of the card players). Grondman is the son of the miller and baker in the village, a hobbit named
local cattle rancher Andar Grondman. Tessfeld is Lothan Brooktoes, have turned to the Shadow.
also the town bully and card shark. He will try to When the miller grew up, he taught himself to be
get the party member to bet and take their money. an amateur magician. But his deep-rooted
inferiority complex prevented him from excelling in
After a while, the esquire of Brontus Bellweather this endeavor. As failures mounted, he looked
meets the party. The esquire, Valturn, will invite elsewhere for the cause of his failures. He saw
the party to dinner the next evening at Brontus many in the village happy and prosperous. He
estate. This is almost a command appearance. envied them, and that envy turned to hatred.
During the next day the party can interact with Then, five years ago, he set his sights on the
many of the hamlets occupants. Here they will daughter of the hamlets soap maker, Blossom
begin to piece together the tale of Seth Sandybanks. He pressed his suit but she rejected
Sandybanks. Each of the people in town has a him. This caused a fight between Lothan and
piece of information that may or may not be true.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 2

Blossoms brother, Seth. Shortly thereafter Lothan
left Bafsted. His father said he was on a journey to
find new recipes for the family bakery.
Spring has come to the lands of the North.
Lothan traveled south and, in the ruined city of While away south the rumors of war spread,
Tharbad, found someone that saw in him the core here life goes on in an idyllic manner. Most
of the Shadow that he had hidden for years. He folks go about the business of tending flocks,
met him on a night where the rain fell in sheets. raising crops and their families, and are
Lothan cast a Rain-Ward spell. His soon to be ignorant of the turmoil of the rest of the world.
mentor noticed and followed. He learned that
Lothan felt the people of Bafsted drove him away. You have come north, either fleeing the
He nursed Lothans hatred and soon had turned growing threat of war, or just to find new
his mind to the Shadow. All Lothan knows is that places to see and song to sing. Last night you
his mentor was a dark man, always cloaked in spent the night in an Inn called the Prancing
black. Pony. Many of the folk there spoke of a
problem to the north and west.
Lothan returned to Bafsted after a three-year
hiatus. He came back and took over the business A small hamlet named Bafsted seems to be
from his ailing father, who died a few months after having some trouble. A man there is hiring
his return. Always Lothan looked for a way to turn folk to hunt down and kill a wolf pack that has
things to evil. been killing sheep in the farms around the
He found his way when Dronic came to town.
Lothan killed two birds with one stone. He For your own reasons, you have decided to
grabbed Holdman Hardbrace and sacrificed him to journey to Bafsted. After all routing a few
his Dark Master. In doing so he gains more dark wolves should not be that hard.
powers and two toadies, large farmhands from his
fathers cattle ranch who follow Tessfeld because
they think it makes them more than they are. Scene One - Run Away!
Dronic thought he could beat the local hayseeds
at gambling, but ended up losing. Lothan If they have not done so yet this would be a good
encouraged him to try to win back his money. In time for the members of the party to introduce
the end, Dronic stole money from his uncle to themselves. At a minimum they should give a
cover his debts. physical description of themselves, their race, and
if they wish, any orders they belong to.
Lothan saw this using a Farseeing spell and put
this information to evil. He framed Seth The trip to Bafsted has been pleasant. You
Sandybanks for the crime and then acted as his meet with several other like-minded individuals
defense council. He did a good job of defending and have spent the time engaged in either
him and near the end of the trail, used three telling tales or song. The miles have passed
Command spells to turn the court against Seth. and you are closing in on the object of your
Lothan looks like a hero to the hamlet and Seth journey.
was banished.
The country to the west has opened up into
some low rolling hills. Most are covered with
Lothan then used Vroll, one of his minions to stir green grass watered by the recent rains. A few
up fear using wolf attacks. He has sown fear into have blossomed into a riot of spring flowers.
the hearts of the hamlet. Just this morning, Lothan
tried to crush the spirit of the hamlets leader, You have yet to see or hear another traveler on
Brontus Bellweather. He found Brontus' daughter, the Greenway. After you took the turn to
Annual, riding alone. He used a Fiery Missile spell Bafsted, the road became even more unused.
to spook her pony. But the party, and fate, The turn to Bafsted must have at one time
interfered with him. served a few villages, all but Bafsted have
disappeared over time. This is obvious
because you can see where other roads once
branched from the road you travel now.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 3

make sure that if they use a Courage point to save
If a PC wants to lead the party overland they can (or attempt to save) the girl they regain them
try with a Travel Sense, Survival (Hills), or Survival quickly.
(Plains) at a TN 10 test to see if they cut off the
huge northern loop off the track. If they fail they If they save the cart and girl go to Scene 2A, if they
will still reach the part of the trail where they meet did nothing and allowed the cart to crash go to
Anualda, but all of the party will be Winded. If they Scene 2B.
make it they will still have the encounter with
Anualda, but they will also have a few hours in
town that they otherwise would not have.
Scene Two A - Whoa There!
Under your care the pony becomes less and
The road has looped much further north and less wild. The speed of the cart drops and
winds back around toward Bafsted. Around becomes more and more manageable.
noon the road turned south. A few hours later
you are entering the area of Bafsted. Soon the cart comes to a stop. Looking in the
back you find a young teen-aged girl. She is
Stone fences stand here and there and in the dark haired and he blue eyes are still wide with
distance you can see some small farmhouses. terror. After the cart stops she sits up, blinking
Knowing that the hamlet cannot be too far and looks around.
away you speed up you step. The village
should be visible once you are over this rise This is Anualda Bellweather. She is the daughter
and out of this small wooded section. of Brontus Bellweather, the largest landowner in
these parts. She was on her way into town.
A wagon is heard moments before it crests the
If the party had to harm the pony at all she will
rise before you. It seems to be empty and is
become despondent. She will end up weeping over
swerving from side to side of the road. The
the animal, which was her favorite pet. The pony,
pony drawing the cart seems to have been
Vissa, was a gift from her late mother.
driven mad.
If the party was able to stop the cart without
A small shaggy pony is drawing the cart. It is in harming the pony she will soon recover and be a
good health and is making good speed. From chatty girl of 18.
where the PCs see the cart they cannot tell a
young teen-aged girl has fallen in the back of the If the party questions her she knows the below
cart and is frozen with terror. information. Depending on her mood, she
answers accordingly:
Any minute the cart will careen out of control into
the woods, or flip over. The PCs can try various
Lately the farmers in the area have been loosing
things to stop the cart. If they are mounted, they
animals to what is believed to be wolves. She
can try to grab the reins and stop the pony (a Ride
does not know how long this has been going on,
test of TN 10, then a Teamster test TN 10), or
just forever because that is all Daddy can talk
jump on the cart and try to regain control (see
Some of the farmers have placed 20 silver
To leap onto the cart will take a Jump test TN 10.
pieces up as a reward for the group that can drive
Once there the character must try to regain
the wolves off or kill them.
control. This will require a Teamster test of TN 10.

If the party is indecisive you can let them know of Most of the money has come from her father,
the girl by having her scream. This will alert a who has lost more than the others. This is mostly
group that not only is she in the wagon, but she is because he has more to loose.
in peril. If they have decide to save their own skins
and dive for cover, having the girl scream gives Some of the people in town blame Seth
them a chance to be heroes. Sandybanks, a hobbit that was recently banished
for theft, for the problem. But Anualda doesnt
This is a great opportunity for a PC to spend a think that nice Sandybanks boy could have
Courage point. Allow the PCs to be innovative and anything to do with the problems.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 4

If a party member takes the broach and just
The White Plow is the only Inn in town and is pockets it and never tries to find out whom it was
very nice. The food is good and the ale and wine must make a Corruption test. The TN for this test
are not too bad. is 10. This is extreme, like pocketing the broach
and convincing the party to say nothing. Give the
If the party wants to know anything going on in player a hint that he feels the Shadow moving
town Anualda will suggest they speak with ma through him.
Sandybanks. Everyone in town comes to her to
buy soap and she is known as a bit of a busybody. The party might try to heal Anualda. This is a
difficult test (TN20). If a party member makes this
A little over three months ago, Harv you can keep her alive long enough to get her to
Heathertoes nephew, Dronic, came to this hamlet the healer in town. Pulling the cart by themselves
and has been working at the Inn as a minstrel. He to the town would do this. This consists of three
is <sigh> dreamy. He has been just (3) Run tests with a TN of 10. This would be an
everywhere, even to Gondor! (Anualda was outstanding place to burn one or more Courage
sneaking away to meet with Dronic when the cart points. If a Courage point is used in this manner,
ran away. Bu she will not reveal this easily. If a ensure that the player regains them quickly.
Persuade test [TN10] is made she might tell a Anualda will be in a coma for the rest of the
female party member in confidence.) adventure. Brontus will treat the party with a
standoffish manner.
If the party looks over the cart and pony (Observe
(Spot) or Search tests at a TN10), they will note It will be very difficult for the party to complete the
several burn marks on the front of the cart and one mission without helping Anualda. If a healing
on the right rear haunch of the pony. The burn is attempt is made and one of the party runs to town
fresh and has happened in the last few minutes. for help, this will be enough to give the party some
In total there are five burn marks. Four have hit help.
the wagon in the area around the front and the
harness, and the one on the rear end of the pony. If the party looks over the cart and pony (Observe
The burn marks are several inches in diameter. (Spot) or Search tests at a TN10), they will note
One of them on the cart and the one on the pony several burn marks on the front of the cart and one
are conical. The pony is in pain, but a healing test on the right rear haunch of the pony. The burn is
of TN 10 can relive the pain. fresh and has happened in the last few minutes.

Scene Two B - Crash! Scene Three - The White

With a sickening crash the cart tips over. The
pony screams in pain and as the cart shatters
You finally reach the hamlet of Bafsted. The
against a tree you hear a feminine scream of
sun is setting and you look toward the Inn for
pain. There was someone in the cart!
warm and shelter. The lamps have been lit and
warm yellow light spills from the windows. A
You rush to the cart to find the battered body
few town folk are entering the Inn and the
of a young girl. Her age is indeterminate after
noise of laughter and singing waft through the
the damage done by the crash. As you lay out
open door.
her body, you notice a small pouch at her side.
A broach with a blue stone still holds her
Over the door a freshly painted sign of a white
cloak at her throat.
plow swings in the evening breeze. The
thatched roof tops the two-story structure that
This is the body of Anualda Bellweather. She was
exudes welcome. This is the White Plow, the
the daughter of Brontus Bellweather. The party
only Inn for miles.
can find that you if they ask in town. The broach is
well known and was given to her by her mother. In
Many of the town folk seem to have come here
the pouch is 12SP.
for their evening meal. Looking around most
of the patrons are males under 25 and over 50
years old. These are those fellows that have

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 5

not yet gotten married, or have out lived their were very rich and fine, but they have seen better
wives. The smell of fresh baked bread and days and have become threadbare. He is tall and
simmering stew greets you as you enter the slender, with lank dark hair and dark eyes. This is
Common Room. Dronic, the minstrel.

A large man is passing among the tables. He If the party tries to question Harv about what he
looks up and motions you towards an empty knows they can find out the following:
table. After he drops off a set of foaming mugs
to a table of farmhands, who are playing cards, Three months ago a sum of money totaling 5
he walks over, wiping his hands on a towel. gold pieces was stolen from a chest in Harvs
room. He reported this to Brontus Bellweather,
Welcome Masters (and Mistresses) to the who acts as the local magistrate. During an
White Plow. I am Harv Heathertoes, owner and investigation, an expensive ring was found in the
your host. What might I get you? room of Seth Sandybanks.

Harv is a large man of mixed decent. He is easily Seth had a fair trail and was found guilty. He
over 62 and over 250 pounds. He is broad was, therefore, banished from Bafsted.
shouldered from chopping wood for the fires and
hauling kegs of beer around the Inn. He has a If asked about other things that happened
good humor and is very rarely cross. around then Harv will tell the party the harrowing
tale of Holdman Hardbraces disappearance.
Harv runs the Inn with his wife, Nareena, and their Seems he just was gone, I know Bellweather
5 children. Nareena runs the kitchen and is rarely and a few others looked for him but never
seen without a pot or a pan in her hand. She is found nothin. Place is still empty, folks say it
such a good cook she has become hugely fat. is haunted. Aye, but that is all hogwash! If
Rumor is that she weighs as much as three times the party asks around more during the evening
that of her husband. Normally she stays in the meal they will find that Harv is one of the few that
kitchen and it is extremely rare that a guest will believe that the rumors are hogwash. Narrators
spot her. Her three daughters work as kitchen and Aid # 3 is a listing of rumors that one can hear in
Common room staff, as well as the maid staff. All The White Plow. As you can see most are about
are good-looking girls, and a word to the wise, Holdman Hardbraces Haunted House.
Harv swings a mean axe. Their two sons work
around the Inn, with the youngest working as the Dronic was down on his luck, so Harv (Dronics
sable-boy. uncle) took him in. The boy has more or less
earned his keep. He used to play cards with
Lodging will cost a person 60 copper pennies (cp). Tessfeld Grondman, but it must have gotten too
A meal will cost 50 cp this includes a large mug of expensive. The only thing he will grumble about is
ale. A character might obtain basic services; that Dronic has a habit of slipping off some
having a mount cared for 5 cp, filling a pack with a evenings.
few days of food for 40 cp/week. (See Narrator Aid
#2 for a complete price list as to what is available If the party brought in Anualda or tries to find out
in town and by whom). the owner of the broach they are told that Anualda
was the only child of Brontus Bellweather. And
If the party chooses to partake of the meal they will Brontus Bellweather is the richest man in the area.
be given a bowl of mutton stew and a large chunk Most of the folks will weakly smile and toast the
of bread. Butter is in a large crock on each table. party in an off-handed way when the rescue of
The ale is good, not outstanding, but still good. Anualda is mentioned.

As the evening progresses a young man steps up

on a small stage that is obviously hastily If the party managed to rescue Anualda and she is
constructed. As he walks to the stage the table of unharmed proceed to Scene 4a. If Anualda was
card players call to him and motion for him to join killed earlier have the party move on to Scene 4b.
them. He shakes his head and takes his place on
the stage. He plays a few songs and gets the
patrons singing a few favorites. He is man of
mixed heritage, wearing clothes that at one time

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 6

(Converse) test TN 15, he will blurt out We
Scene 4a - A Heroes should have burned him with his dark books.
Welcome (PCs Saved He will then clam up and refuse to say more. In
fact, he will make a rather hurried exit and
Anualda) disappear into the night.

If Anualda survived the rescue, Harvs eldest

daughter will whisk her upstairs. After a few hours Scene 4b - Funeral Dirge
a small built man will enter the Inn. After a few
words with Harv he will approach the party. If the party failed to save Anualda, read or
paraphrase the following:
The evening is a cheery one. Almost everyone
in town has heard the tale of Anualda The evening at The White Plow is very
Bellweathers rescue. The minstrel, Dronic, subdued. The minstrel sings several sad
has even asked some questions and seems to songs, mostly of beautiful women that have
be intent on composing a song about it. A few died in the long past. The patrons drink their
of the patrons buy the party a mug or two of beers silently and speak quietly amongst
ale and toast their bravery. themselves. Only one man, as he is leaving,
will pat a party member on the shoulder and
After a few hours the door opens and in steps tell them they did all they could do.
a slight man. He is of middle age and walks
with a bit of a stoop. He wanders over to Harv After a few hours the door opens and a small
Heathertoes and engages him on conversation. stooped man enters. He wanders over to Harv
A few minutes later he walks over to your table Heather toes and engages him in conversation.
and looks at each of you. A few minutes later he walks over to your table
and looks at each of you.
I am Valturn, esquire to Brontus Bellweather.
I have come from my Master to thank you and I am Valturn, esquire to Brontus Bellweather.
to present an invitation to dine at his estate My Master has asked me to find out if you
tomorrow evening. If you wish to accept I will have a piece of jewelry that might have been
inform my master and leave directions with found on the body of a young girl you might
Master Heathertoes. My Master wishes to speak have seen on the road?
with you about many things, and perhaps a few
things that might profit you. What do you say This is the last chance for a character to give up
strangers? the broach. If he keeps it he then must make the
Corruption test. If they give up the broach they are
If the party tries to get Valturn to pay them up front, invited to the Bellweather estate the next evening
he has little or no coin (8 silver pennies total). He for dinner as above. If not the party is on their own
will arrange to have Brontus pay for their lodging to try to figure out what is happening in town. This
and meal if pressed. He will not advance the party will be very hard if not impossible.
any money or credit at the local shops.
My Master has asked me to invite you to his
If the party asks why they must wait until the next estate tomorrow evening for dinner. He wishes
evening to see Brontus, tell them Master Brontus to ask you about the accident that caused his
is busy with other affairs. He is after all the daughters death. He also might have few
magistrate of Bafsted! Be a bit haughty, but still things to say that might profit you. What do
respectful. you say strangers?

If asked about recent affairs Valturn will not tell the If pressed for money, Valturn only has a few silver
party much, he will mumble that they really need to pennies (8 silver pennies total). He will arrange to
take that up with Master Brontus. He does know have Brontus pay for their lodging and meal if
that many of the locals have ideas on what is pressed. He will not advance the party any money
happening. And personally he believes that Seth or credit at the local shops.
Sandybanks is behind the problems. If fed a few
ales he will begin mumbling that they should have If asked why they cannot see Brontus at once,
hung the little rodent. With a successful Inquire Valturn will become indignant. The man has just

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 7

lost his only child and now has no family. Will
you not give him time to grieve? Ulmec knows many things. Since he does not
speak much, most folks think he is stupid. He is
Once the business with the party is complete far from it. He knows that the following things:
Valturn will leave the inn. The night becomes quite
quiet. The attacks started about three months ago. It
started just as the weather was too bad to go for
help. And not long after Seth Sandybanks was
Scene Five - The Hamlet of banished from the town.
Brontus Bellweather has been attacked more
NARRATER NOTE: This scene may take than anyone else.
place anytime after Scene Three, and can When asked about cheating Seth Sandybanks
be done in sections. This section he will deny that he tried to cheat the hobbit, just
describes the hamlet of Bafsted and what that he offered 3 silver pennies and Seth wanted 5
is there to do in town. Narrators Aid # 3 is silver pennies.
a listing of all of the major NPCs in
Seth Sandybanks bought a few candles for his
Bafsted. mother just before he was accused of stealing. He
only hand a few copper pennies and Ulmec had to
The hamlet of Bafsted is one of many small towns give him the candles for less that normal.
that dot the landscape of the North. They are
mostly self-sufficient needing minimal contact with There was trouble a few months ago between
the outside world. Bafsteds economy revolves Seth and Dronic. Dronic said he saw Seth steal a
around its sheep and wool trade. Each spring the loaf of bread from Lothans bakery shop. Seth
sheep are sheered and the wool milled and turned denied it. Nothing came of it.
into cloth. This cloth is then transported to Bree
and sold. Rethan Nimblewick: Rethan is the local tanner.
He is a boisterous man. Small and thick set, he
The sheep are used almost in their entirety. The can often be heard laughing at a joke or singing off
mutton is used a food. The extra milk is turned in key in the Plow. His house is on the eastern side
to a cheese, the hides are tanned and the leather of the hamlet. It is there due to the prevailing wind
used. being from the west. This prevents the stench of
his shop from affecting his neighbors. As with
Various people in town do different things with the Ulmec he has various items for sale, consult
products of the area. There is a small grain field Narrators Aid #2.
northwest of town. It is here that the wheat and rye
used in the breads is grown. And there is a small Rethan is in the know with various things. Since
barley patch for Harvs ales. To the Northeast he is unmarried he takes most of his meals at the
there is a small cattle ranch. Most of these cows Plow. He has been trying to catch the heart of
are milk cows providing the town with milk, butter Harvs eldest daughter, but has not done so yet. If
and cheese. But about 25 head of beef cattle are asked he knows the following things:
raised here and a few are slaughtered each year.
Seth Sandbanks had fought a few weeks ago
In town there are the following people to interact with Ulmec the Candle maker. Seth claimed that
with: Ulmec cheated him. Ulmec hired him to go to
Rondel Rushlights farm and deliver to him a load
Ulmec: Ulmec is the candle maker. He is a of tallow. Seth claimed he was to be paid 5 silver
refugee from Dunland. He is a dark man who pennies for delivering the candles. Ulmec insisted
keeps somewhat to his self. He works to turn the the payment was only to be 3 silver pennies. As
tallow collected from the slaughter of sheep into magistrate, Brontus Bellweather ruled that Ulmec
candles. There are many to buy here, he sells should pay 4 silver pennies. Rethan will tell you to
them singly, in a box, scented or unscented. He talk to Ma Sandybanks about this.
will offer them to the characters for the prices listed
in Narrators Aid #2.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 8

Rethan was at Boras Bracegirdles place a few Andar Grondman, the cattleman, lost his best
days back. Several of the poor hobbits sheep had milk cow the day after the trial. It was in its stall
been run off. There were tracks all over, but none with its throat ripped out. Rumor is that it too was
lead to where the sheeps bodies were found. The drained of blood.
bodies were drained of blood.
Ma Sandybanks: Ma is the mother to Seth
Rethan was on the trail convened by Brontus for Sandybanks. She makes her money by making
Seth. He found the hobbit guilty, mostly because the best soap in the area. While most families can
of the fact that the ring was found locked in Seths make their own they usually trade Ma for
chest, in his room. Rethan seems to be hiding something she need for a few bars of soap.
something, but will tell the party no more about
this. Ma (actually Daisy) is an elderly hobbit woman
Forsti Fireaxe: Forsti is the blacksmith in the hunched with age. She has lived a hard life.
village. He is perhaps the only dwarf in 100 miles Widowed with two young children she raised them
of Bafsted. He has the temper and gruff attitude of as best she could. It has been many years since
his people. He is a retired adventurer, mostly her husband disappeared. Seth says he was an
because he has lost his right leg half way down the adventurer and was lost during an adventure, but
calf. He will tell folks it was lost during a run in with most in the hamlet think he just ran off to Bree or
a pack of Wargs. The townsfolk just smile, but it is Hobbiton. Ma is biter about the treatment of Seth.
actually a true story. The injury prevents him from She is convinced of his innocence:
riding, marching a long distance, or as he might
grudgingly remarkfrom running. But it has not He is a good boy, he is! He never took nothin
marred his skill with a forge. that was not his own.

Forsti has a few items for sale, mostly of If asked about the bread that Dronic saw him
agricultural means. But he did make a pair of fighting with Lothan about, she will say, That
matched daggers for Holdman Hardbrace. Dronic should mind his own business. Lothan
Holman disappeared almost 3 months back and said he was mistaken and that Seth paid for the
Forsti will sell the brace if the party can afford it. bread. Just ask Lothan.

When asked about the happening of the hamlet he If the party trades her some food for a bar of soap
will grunt and then tell the party, somewhat gruffly, she will tell them the following:
that it is None o my business. What a person
does is their business and none o mine. Dronic has met a dark man on the road several
times. She saw them when she was coming
If a party member has knowledge enough to through the woods from collecting herbs.
engage the dwarf in conversation about smith craft
(Smithcraft test TN 8), he will brighten and they Brontus Bellweather found Seth guilty even after
can find out the following things: he told her that he thought it was too easy to
blame Seth.
Holdmans house was ransacked when they
went out looking for him. But Brontus Bellweather A black cloak was found at Andar Grondmans
found a piece of paper. Forsti did not see it, but he farm the day they found his best milk cow killed. It
knows Brontus has it. looked like one of his hounds had caught it. But it
was not looked into further.
When he came here 5 years back Seth
Sandybanks and Lothan Brooktoes were as thick Seth claimed to be at Rondel Rushlights place
as thieves, if ya pardon the expression. But one the night the money was stolen. Andar Grondman
day not long after Forsti came to Bafsted he saw pointed out he could have slipped away from
them fighting down by the millstream. Aye they Rushlights, stolen the money and been back in
were going at it hammer and thongs! Like as plenty of time for breakfast. Lothan did not prove
to kill each other. But they musta got over it. this wrong. But it would have been very hard for
Cause Lothan defended Seth at the trial, and him to do all of that in one night.
done a good job. If ya want to know more I
would ask Ma Sandybanks about it If the party has a hobbit in it with a high Bearing
(9+) or a good Observation skill they will find that

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 9

Ma has a daughter who has not been mentioned say violent. He took the job because he wanted
so far. She is standing just behind a half closed justice to be done. Seth had worked for him from
door. Even if the party does not meet those time to time. His opinion of the young hobbit is
requirements she will burst into the room if the that he was shiftless, but more or less honest. If
party decides to leave. Blossom Sandybanks is a asked he will impart this to the players:
fetching hobbit girl of 22 years of age. She stays
around the house since Seth was exiled. In his investigation he questioned Lothan, Harv,
Ma Sandybanks, and his son, Tessfeld.
She knows the reason for the fight between
Seth and Lothanit was she. Lothan pressed is It was known that Seth played cards in the
affections on her and she spurned him. Seth told White Plow with Lothan and a few of Tessfelds
him to leave Blossom alone and a fight ensued. friends. Andar is very against Tessfelds gambling.
She has not spoken to Lothan for 5 years. He will make remarks about Tessfeld needing to
settle down and take charge around the farm.
But she knows that Lothan changed is attitude
greatly four years back. When he came back from He knows Lothan spoke with the Court
a trip to the south he was shiftier and somehow members, but it seemed to do no good. In fact, it
scary. seemed to work against him. Andar thinks it was
because they thought Lothan was trying to take
Boras Bracegirdle: Boras is a local hobbit sheep advantage of their good natures.
rancher. His place is just north of the town. He
has a small herd of sheep that his three sons herd Tessfeld told Andar about the bread incident at
and keep track of. He was a member of the court the mill. But he believes Seths account. He feels
that found Seth Sandybanks guilty. that Lothan often cheats people if he can get away
with it. Lothan has tried to underpay Andar for
He is an easygoing gent, getting on in years. His manure for his grain fields.
eldest son mostly runs the farm now. He has three
sons and two daughters. Since it is spring only his Andar has seen Dronic secretly meeting with a
daughters are home. By the look of them the farm dark cloaked man in the woods.
keeps then well fed.
Rondel Rushlight: Rondel Rushlight is a human
He knows the following things: sheep rancher that lives south of town. He also
raises a few head of milk cattle. If the party goes
Holdman Hardbrace was suspicious of some to Rushlights farm and talk to him about
goings on in town. But never told Boras what it Sandybanks he will tell them:
Seth Sandybanks was there that night. He
Boras knows that Brontus Bellweather arrived at 5 PM as the sun was setting and the
investigated Holdman Hardbraces disappearance. stayed up late smoking and tell tales. He thinks it
When he looked though the house he took Ulmec, was around 2 AM when they all went to bed. They
the candle maker, and Forsti Fireaxe, the were up the next morning right after 6 AM. Seth
blacksmith, with him. was in his bed when Rondel woke him.

Young Seth was known to play cards with the Andar Grondman never asked him about Seths
younger Grondman, Dronic Heathertoes, and that alibi. He just dismissed it in court.
miller feller. They played over at the White Plow
from time to time. Lothan Brooktoes: Lothan is the Hamlets miller
and baker. He lives in the mill, which is on the
Boras knows of the fight between Lothan and west side of the hamlet. He is a short hobbit with
Seth over the loaf of bread. He suspects that Seth dark hair. He mills the grain farmed to the north
actually did steal it. But you could talk to Ma and grinds it into flour. Some of this flour he sells
Sandybanks about that. to villagers and to the Inn. The rest he uses
himself. His best-known specialty is a warm sticky
Andar Grondman: Andar was the prosecutor on bun. When one is near the mill they can hear the
the trail of Seth Sandybanks. He is a rough man rumble of the millwheel like distant thunder, and
of medium height. His temper is quick and some there always seems to be a white haze around the

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 10

mill, almost like a light fog. He does not spend his The time for you to head to Brontus
time with the others of the village. While most Bellweathers estate has arrived. You can
single male villagers eat their meals at the Inn he either walk or ride your mounts. Walking it is
does not. Most think this is because he makes his over an hour to the estate. The evening is a
own meals and eats his goods. pleasant one. The sun is setting in the west
and the sky is shot with red and gold hues. As
When you walk into the bakery you can hear a you top a rise and can see the estate on the far
deep rumble, which is the millwheel turning. A side of a small valley you hear howls near to
bell rings and in the back a door opens. A your right. A pack of wolves rushes the party
slight hobbit enters the bakery amidst a small without warning.
cloud of white flour dust. He is wiping his
hands on a towel as he approaches. The pack is made up of five wolves. They are lead
by a Warg. They attack the party without remorse.
I am Lothan Brooktoes, how may I help you? Vroll has set them upon the party, under orders
from Lothan. If a party member was outstanding
Lothan will be hospitable to the party as long as during the rescue of Anualda Bellweather he/she
they meet in his shop. He will keep them out of the will be singled out for more of the attacking wolves.
mill, for their own good he will say. He will
recount the dangers of the mill. But in reality he The stats for the wolves are:
wants to keep them from finding the trapdoor.
WOLF (5)
Lothan can spy on the party as they enter using a Attributes: Bearing 6 (+/-0), Nimbleness 6 (+/-0),
spy hole in the back wall. It is disguised well in a Perception 8 (+1), Strength 8 (+1), Vitality 8 (+2),
wood knot. (Observe (Spot) TH15) If the party has Wits 2 (-2)
an Elf or an obvious Magician in it, he will cast Veil Reactions: Stamina +2, Swiftness +2, Willpower
and keep the interview short. If someone uses the +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Sense Power ability on him the base TN is 15. HEALTH: 9
Lothan is adept at keeping himself hidden. He is DEFENSE: 10
an accomplished liar and a fanatic. He is plotting Skills: Armed Combat, Natural Weapon (Fangs)
the downfall of the hamlet and the deliverance of +4, Intimidate (Fear) +3, Jump +3, Observe
the area to his Dark Master. He believes this is (Smell) +4, Run +4, Stealth (Sneak) +8, Survival
because of the rejection of Blossom and the (Mountains) +4, Track (Scent) +4
lording over all by Brontus. He will talk a lot, but BITE DAMAGE: 1d6+1
say nothing. He will act as if he does not know
anything going on. When asked about Seth he will WARG (1)
confide that Seth did steal the loaf of bread, but Attributes: Bearing 8 (+1), Nimbleness 8 (+1),
once Dronic saw then he changed his mind to Perception 9 (+1), Strength 10 (+2), Vitality 10
protect his friend. This is a lie, but since Lothan is (+2), Wits 4 (+/-0)
such an accomplished liar any Insight test will be Reactions: Stamina +4, Swiftness +3, Willpower
made as a Challenging test (TN 15) this is an +1, Wisdom +/-0
opposed check against Lothans Persuade (Fast HEALTH: 12
Talk skill [+12]). DEFENSE: 11
Skills: Armed Combat, Natural Weapon (Fangs)
If asked why he defended Seth he will tell the party +6, Intimidate (Fear) +5, Jump +5, Language:
it was due to his long friendship with Seth. He did Warg-Speak +4, Observe (Smell) +6, Run +9,
his best, but lost the case. Again this is a lie. The Stealth (Sneak) +9, Survival (Mountains) +5, Track
Insight test is the same as above. (Scent) +4
If the party presses him he will beg off due to work.
He will try to sell them a sticky bun or two, then go
Tactics: If they are able the Warg and one o the
back to work.
others will double-team any hero that was foremost
in the rescue of Anualda. The wolf will attack from
Scene Six - Attack! the front while the Warg will move in for a flank

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 11

If the Warg is taken to near death in the first four
combat rounds, or half of the wolves are taken to During the meal the topics of conversation
Incapacitated in the first six rounds the attack will range from the weather to the attacks on the
break off. The wolves will scatter making tracking area. Brontus is convinced that these attack
them almost impossible in the gathering gloom. are meant to drive them from the area.

During the attack a character may make an My family has lived here since the time that
Observe (Spot) test, is he/she makes a TN of 20 the Greenway was a traveled highway. A few
then will see that the Warg has a collar on it. After mangy curs will not scare me, for one, off. I
the combat, if the Warg was slain, this drops to a will stay and defend my home, my lands and
TN of 10 (this is due to the collar being under fur my family.
and the gathering gloom).
If the strange burn marks are brought up Anualda
After the attack the party may heal wounds and will tell the part she thought she saw a flight of
then move off to Brontus Bellweathers. fireflies in the woods. They flew straight at her.
These were obviously the effects of the spell cast
Scene Seven - Dinner Bell at the pony - to sting it into bolting.

If Anualda was killed and the party is returning her

You arrive at the door of Brontus Bellweather.
broach to her father, read the following:
The house is a large three-story affair. Two
lanterns light the doorway. As you approach
Dinner is a somber affair. Brontus is stricken
the door opens and out steps the man that
with the loss of his daughter, but wants to
invited you, Valturn. He will wring his hands at
thank you for the return of the broach.
the sight of you. He urges you to enter the
house. Calling for a healer he makes his way
He tells the party the same tale of his family as
to a room to the left of the doorway. He
recounted above. And answers any questions put
motions you to follow him. In a few minutes an to him about recent events.
old man comes in and clucks over you as he
applies salves and bandages. Either way the following comes out during dinner.
Brontus has had a few glasses of wine, so his
After a few minutes your host Brontus guard is down.
Bellweather enters the room. He is a large
balding man. At the moment his face is The last months have been bad business.
darkened with rage that you were attacked on First, there was that affair with Sandbanks. He
his lands. He takes this as a personal insult. was caught stealing from Harv Heathertoes.
There wasnt an eyewitness mind you, but he
I am most sorry for this. I will see that you was caught with a ring worth several gold
have an escort back to town after the meal. pieces. Hell, the whole Sandbanks family has
And I will raise the bounty on the wolves to 30 never been worth more than a few silver pieces
Silver pieces. as long as I have known them.
The healer of Bellweathers house is Anthelia, an Seth was a lazy lay about, just like his father.
old man of almost pure Dunedain blood. He is He only worked when he had too, and then for
over 120 year old and has much knowledge of just long enough to make the coin he needed
healing and herbs. The healers healing skill is to keep his family alive.
+18. He does have a store of herbs to use, but
only if the character is near death.
He was good with his hands though, fixed that
lock in the main hall there. I guess it is good
If Anualda survived the run away cart read the
he was caught before he could rob me blind.
passage below, if not skip to the next passage.
You know I was going to rule that he was
Once they have had their wounds tended to the
caught with evidence that was purely
party is treated to a fine meal. Anualda is present
and is in fine health. She has recovered from her circumstantial. But something changed my
ordeal, and is very subdued. mind in the end. His tale just did not hold
water, if you know what I mean.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 12

So I had Valturn prepare a cart. It will see you
If asked the facts are these: safe to the White Plow in about a quarter hour.
I hope you can put things to rights here.
Seth Sandybanks was found with a gold ring.
You spend another half hour drinking tea and
They searched his rooms after hearing of him port with Brontus. He has mellowed some and
stealing bread from Lothan Brooktoes. tells you of his love of the area. His family has
held this land for six generations. He plans on
During the trial Lothan Brooktoes tried his best seeing that it is passed on to Anualda and her
to sway the trail to release Seth. This was due to family. Most of the villagers agree with him,
the fact that Seth swore he had never seen the just some the young folk want to see the
ring before. outside lands.

The most damning piece of evidence only the Best for them if they pay attention to the land.
court saw. Two books written in a strange tongue We got no call to be lookin into others
were found in the same chest as the ring. The business. We work the land and the land will
books gave those that handled them a strange take care of us. This talk of Wars to the
sense of foreboding. If asked about the books South... We dont need none o that here.
Brontus will tell the party he has them locked in a
box in his desk. When checked the books will be The ride back to the White Plow is very
gone. Now aint that strange. I know I locked pleasant. The stars have come out and one
them in here. Seth musta gotten in and stole can see the moon beginning to rise in the east.
them back! The young man driving the cart makes quick
work of the trip. It seems just a few moments
Lothan Brooktoes made an impassioned plea and the lights of Bafsted come into view. The
both in court and to the members of the court in glow of the White Plow looks even more
private to try to save Seth. But in the end all three inviting than ever and you step off the cart.
of the court members found Seth guilty, and had
him banished from Bafsted. Have the party role-play their departure with the
young man. Have the party make Observe (Spot)
The other members of the Court were Rethan tests. A success at a TN 10 will show them
Nimblewick the local tanner, and Boras someone slipping from the back of the Inn into the
Bracegirdle, a hobbit sheep rancher. The local darkness. The figure is wearing a dark cloak and
cattleman Andar Grondman acted as the trying to slip between the shadows.
If none of the party can notice the fellow, or it
Brontus will mention that the reason that they seems inappropriate to ask for an Observe test,
have kept the books secret is that they did not then have the young man look up and notice the
want to hurt poor Ma and Blossom any more. Ma figure (his test was 14). He will start and say:
is the mother of Seth Sandybanks and Blossom is
his younger sister. It was Lothan that mentioned Ere now! Wots dat? His calloused finger
keeping this secret to shield the family. points into the darkness. You can just make
out a dark figure moving stealthy through the
Scene Eight - Return to the shadows. It is moving from the Inn towards
the west side of the village.
White Plow
This is the minstrel, Dronic. He has slipped out of
At the end of the meal Brontus calls for
the Inn to meet the eldest son of Andar Grondman,
Valturn. After a brief discussion Valturn turns
Tessfeld. This is to pay off some gambling debts
away and calls for others of the household.
that Dronic has run up. When Dronic came to the
Brontus looks back at you and a weary smile
hamlet three months back he began playing cards
crosses his face. with Tessfeld Grondman and a few others. He lost
heavily. In an effort to pay back the younger
I dont want you walkin back in the dark Grondman, he stole money from his uncle. This is
alone, but I cannot promise youll be safe here. the money that Seth Sandybanks was accused of

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 13

stealing. Dronic feels terrible about what Inn. Dronic will never see them, no matter how
happened to Seth, but he is scared of what would bad they hide. His head is down and he is full of
happen if it was found out he was the thief. guilt about his past deeds.
Tonight he is to pay off Tessfeld and he hopes that
will be the end of it. As you get ready to leave, you hear voices
coming from the direction of the stream. Soon
If the party follows Dronic it will take a Stealth a large man sized shape is seen in the
(Shadow) Test to follow him. Since he is not as moonlight. And next to him is a huge wolf!
careful as he thinks the target number for this is The pair seems to be talking! The words are
just 8. If they loose Dronic a Track test with a TN grunts and growls, but the man (if man it is)
of 10 will pick up his trail. Failing that, they can speaks and then the wolf answers. They move
hear voices raised in anger near the mill (Observe to the back door of the mill, look around and
(Listen) with a TN of 5). then knock. A few seconds later the door
opens and you can see the figure of a hobbit
Dronic leads the party to the mill. Here he meets back lit in the doorway. The two enter and the
with Tessfeld Grondman and two of Tessfelds hobbit closes the door.
bullyboys. Tessfeld tries to shake Dronic down for
more money, but Dronic has given him all he has. Here the party should know that Lothan is up to his
Tessfeld is ignorant of the fact that it was Dronic neck in the problems. But they might not know
that stole the money. In fact, Dronic used the theft that he is the source of the issues. If they are
to gain some time to pay back his debt. ready to turn away prod them into investigating
with a feminine scream coming from the mill.
If the party cares to listen in it will require an
Observe (Listen) test with a TN of 8 to hear what is
said. IF this is made read or paraphrase the Scene Nine - Into the
following: Spiders Web
Dronic: Here is your money. Now leave me
Entering the mill you find the floor deserted. A
few candles light the mill floor. The millwheel
is turning and the whirring gears make this a
Tessfeld: This is only the 5 gold pieces. There
dangerous place. A low rumbling sound is just
is interest! You are 3 months late in payments.
loud enough to be heard.
I want 3 more gold pieces!
Moving onto the floor you can see that this
Dronic: I told you the robbery took all we had;
area has been kept clean. Flour and dust have
this is all I could get. Take it and leave me
settled on the floor, but not very thick. It is
easy to track the man and wolf that entered the
building to a place by the largest of the gears.
Tessfeld: I should have Sam and Bob work
There under the largest of the gears is a trap
over that pretty face. Or maybe I should take it
out on your cousins.
Opening the trap door you see a set of stairs
Dronic: <Laughs> Go ahead, and when Harv
leading down. At the foot of the stairs is a
breaks your skull I will be there to see you
wooden door. A feeling of cold dread falls
upon you at the foot of these stairs.
TessFeld: Bah! You are not worth my time.
If the party moves stealthily across the mill floor
But later I will come looking for my interest.
they can make it to the large gear without being
heard. The test they must make is a Stealth
Dronic: Dont even think about it. This is it!
(Sneak) with a TN of 10. If they do not make this
We are done! test those in the basement will be aware of them
and have time to set up.
After a few minutes both parties leave the area. Once the door is opened, all of the members in the
The party must move quickly to hide from Dronic. party must make an opposed test against Lothans
He almost falls over them as he goes back to the

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 14

Intimidate (Fear) skill (+8), this bonus is due to this HEALTH: 8
being a place of evil. Follow the chart on the DEFENSE: 10
bottom of page 233 of the Core Rule book for Skills: Armed Combat: Axes (Battleaxe) +5,
resolving this test. Armed Combat: Clubs (Hammer) +4, Healing +3,
Smithcraft +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2,
An altar stands in the center of the room, Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2
surrounded by nine black candles. On it is the
form of a young Hobbit girl. At the far end Warg
Lothan stands, dressed in black robes. To his
right is a thin, pale human male also in black Attributes: Bearing 8 (+1), Nimbleness 8 (+1),
robes. To his left is a huge hulking human Perception 9 (+1), Strength 10 (+2), Vitality 10
make dressed in rough skins. (+2), Wits 4 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +4, Swiftness +3, Willpower
Looking up Lothan screams in rage, How dare +1, Wisdom +/-0
you interrupt a rite to the Dark Lord? Arthadol, HEALTH: 12
Vroll, kill them so we can continue with the DEFENSE: 11
ceremony. Skills: Armed Combat, Natural Weapon (Fangs)
+6, Intimidate (Fear) +5, Jump +5, Language:
With this the humans attack Warg-Speak +4, Observe (Smell) +6, Run +9,
Stealth (Sneak) +9, Survival (Mountains) +5, Track
(Scent) +4
The girl on the altar is, of course, Blossom BITE DAMAGE: 2d6+1
Sandybanks. Lothan has decided to sacrifice her
to the Shadow to gain even more power. His Lothan Brooktoes - Miller/Baker/Sorcerer
bullyboys will attack. Remember that there is a
Warg hiding in the shadows. If the party does not Attributes: Bearing 12 (+3), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0),
bring it up, spring the Warg on them at an Perception 6 (+/-0), Strength 6 (+/-0), Vitality 9
appropriate time. If the battle starts going badly, (+1), Wits 12 (+3)
Lothan will escape out a hole he has behind him. Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +2, Willpower
He will use a spell to cover his escape. In his +3, Wisdom +3
heart he is a coward. HEALTH: 8
Vroll - Wolf Master Skills: Armed Combat: Axes (Battleaxe) +5,
Armed Combat: Clubs (Hammer) +4, Healing +3,
Attributes: Bearing 8 (+1), Nimbleness 10 (+1), Smithcraft +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2,
Perception 6 (+/-0), Strength 12 (+3), Vitality 10 Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2
(+2), Wits 5 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +3, Swiftness +1, Willpower Tactics:
+1, Wisdom +1
HEALTH: 14 As the combat begins Vroll will rush forward with
DEFENSE: 11 his axe drawn. He will attack any Noldo elves first.
Skills: Armed Combat: Axes (Battleaxe) +5, After that he will attack the biggest and meanest
Armed Combat: Clubs (Hammer) +4, Healing +3, opponent. His hatred of Noldo elves comes from
Smithcraft +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2, his homelands being destroyed by them (or so he
Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2 was taught). The spell casters will step back.
Athadol will launch a Lighting blast at anyone that
Vroll does not engage. Lothian will use the spell
Shadows and Phantoms to make multiple images
of himself. Each will move separately and if things
Athadol - Apprentice Sorcerer go bad give him a chance to escape.

Attributes: Bearing 12 (+3), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), The Warg will try to hide in the shadows and will
Perception 6 (+/-0), Strength 6 (+/-0), Vitality 9 attack at the very last part of the round. Of course,
(+1), Wits 12 (+3) if the party remembers the Warg and asks where
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +2, Willpower he is they can try an Observe (Spot) test against
+3, Wisdom +3 his Stealth (Sneak) skill. If they fail he is nowhere

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 15

to be seen. If they spot him, have him go at his There is also a small bag in the top drawer
turn in the initiative order. containing 30 sp.

If one of the party members begins to get the The evening after your attack on the mill, you
upper hand against Vroll, Athadol (or if needed are sitting in The White Plow, everything
Lothan) will cast a bladeshattering spell on the seems just as it has been, except the air is
weapon of the party member. Remember, this much lighter. Most of the patrons are laughing
does no damage to the person holding the and having a good time. Then Dronic the
weapon, just deprives them of the weapon. Minstrel walks out. Many clap and cheer, but
the young man looks haggard and distraught.
When the battle goes against Athadol and Vroll,
Lothan will cast Veiling Shadow to escape. He Some of the crowd calls for this or that favorite
knows this area well and has a bolthole just behind song. Dronic strums a few melancholy chords
the altar. The area will remain in shadows for over and then stops. Friends, I must say
an hour. This is Lothans last-ditch effort. He will something. For months you have thought that
only use it when one of his minions goes down. Seth Sandybanks was the one that was
causing the dark times. But last night a group
At the end of the combat give the players Handout of adventurers set that to rights.
#3. This is Lothans journal for the last few years
and explains his plans and how he fell to Shadow. Now you must know the rest of the truth. It
This is more or less unnecessary, but does tie up was not Seth Sandybanks that stole the money
loose ends. Have one player read the journal.
from my uncle, Harv. It was I. I did it to cover
When he/she is done move to the conclusion.
some debts that I had run up. I cannot tell you
all how sorry I am, and I know nothing I can do
Conclusion I (Lothan can make up for the deeds of the past. But I
am leaving town now, I will find Seth and
Escapes) return him to Bafsted. This I swear.

If Lothan escaped and sacrificed his minions read The young man turns and leaves the stage.
or paraphrase the following: The crowd is so stunned that no one stops him
as he leaves the inn and walks into the dark.
You look over the aftermath of the battle.
Lothan has escaped, but for now his power The next few days are spent basking in the
over Bafsted is broken. And the chance of him adulation of the people of Bafsted. Brontus
returning is slight. Bellweather pays your bill at the White Plow.
He also pays you the reward of 30 sp he
A slight whimper comes from the foul altar and promised. Even Forsti Fireaxe warms up to
you move to release Blossom Sandybanks you and one evening recounts several of his
from the disgusting pile of stone. She is barley past adventures. You wonder what happened
conscious and was obviously drugged to get to Lothan, but that is for an other time.
her here.

All she can remember is Lothan chanting and The End

then berating her. He seemed to think once
she was sacrificed he would gain great power
over Bafsted.
Conclusion II (Lothan Killed)
As you search the basement you find that this
is where at least one of his minions lived. If Lothan was killed by the party (very unlikely,
There is a small bookshelf with various tomes since he has his escape all planned) read or
on it. Most are books of magic and some of paraphrase the following passage:
dark sorcery.
Lothan lies dead at your feet. You are sure that
On a small desk there is a journal that the terror of Bafsted is finished. His evil will
accounts Lothans life for the last few years. now pass into the night.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 16

A slight whimper comes from the foul altar and promised. Even Forsti Fireaxe warms to you
you move to release Blossom Sandybanks and one evening recounts several of his past
from the disgusting pile of stone. She is barley adventures. After a while wanderlust once
conscious and was obviously drugged to get again touches you and you move on from
her here. Bafsted, but to where it to be discovered later.

All she can remember is Lothan chanting and

then berating her. He seemed to think once The End
she was sacrificed he would gain great power
over Bafsted.
[Living Campaign games have experience awards
As you search the basement you find that this of some kind for player characters, and treasure.
is where at least one of his minions lived. The next two sections cover these for our most
There is a small bookshelf with various tomes popular campaigns. If you are writing for another
on it. Most are books of magic and some of campaign, mimic the section that looks most
dark sorcery. appropriate to you. Remove any experience and
treasure sections not appropriate for the campaign
On a small desk there is a journal that you are writing for. If you are writing a scenario for
accounts Lothans life for the last few years. pre-generated characters, cut out from this
There is also a small bag in the top drawer paragraph to the section break. Remove this
containing 30 sp. paragraph.]

The evening after your attack on the mill, you

Experience Point Summary
are sitting in The White Plow, everything [Note: this section applies to all campaigns except
seems just as it has been, except the air is LIVING CITY. Remove this paragraph.]
much lighter. Most of the patrons are laughing To award experience for this adventure, add up
and having a good time. Then Dronic the the values for the objectives accomplished. Then
Minstrel walks out. Many clap and cheer, but assign the discretionary roleplaying experience
the young man looks haggard and distraught. award. The roleplaying award should be given for
consistent character portrayal and contribution to
the fun of the game. You can award different
Some of the crowd calls for this or that favorite
roleplaying amounts to different characters.
song. Dronic strums a few melancholy chords
Award the total value (objectives plus
and then stops. Friends, I must say
roleplaying) to each character.
something. For months you have thought that
Seth Sandybanks was the one that was
causing the dark times. But last night a group Scene Two
of adventurers set that to rights. Rescue Anualda Bellweather 75 xp
Notice the burn marks on the cart 20 xp
Now you must know the rest of the truth. It
was not Seth Sandybanks that stole the money Scene Three
from my uncle, Harv. It was I. I did it to cover Keep Anualda Bellweather alive 25 xp
some debts that I had run up. I cannot tell you Notice the burn mark on the cart 20 xp
all how sorry I am, and I know nothing I can do
can make up for the deeds of the past. But I Scene Six
am leaving town now, I will find Seth and Defeat the Wolves 75 xp
return him to Bafsted. This I swear.
Scene Nine
The young man turns and leaves the stage. Overcome Lothan and his minions 130 xp
The crowd is so stunned that no one stops him
as he leaves the inn and walks into the dark. Total experience for objectives 300 xp
Discretionary roleplaying award 0-50 xp
The next few days are spent basking in the
adulation of the people of Bafsted. Brontus Total possible experience 350 xp
Bellweather pays your bill at the White Plow.
He also pays you the reward of 30 sp he

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 17

Treasure Summary Scene Nine
Axe, Battle worth 9 SP, 3 sp
Player characters may keep items from the Dagger - worth 7 SP, 3 sp
scenario that are listed on the treasure list below or
which meet the following conditions:
1. The item must be non-magical and specifically
listed in the text of the adventure (e.g armor on Maximum of thirty (30) silver pennies from
foes). If it is not listed in the text, the Brontus Bellweather for freeing the hamlet
characters cannot keep it. Items of this nature form the wolf menace.
can be sold for 50% of book value, or recorded Thirty (30) silver pennies found in Lothan
on a log sheet. Brooktoes desk.
2. Animals, followers, monsters, henchmen, and
so forth (any living being, basically) may not be
kept from a scenario for any reason unless the
treasure summary lists the being specifically. It
is okay for the player characters to form
relationships with NPCs, but these will not be
certed and cannot bring material benefit to the
character. Contacts (sources of extra
information) must be specifically certed.
3. Theft is against the law, but may be practiced
by some player characters. Items which are
worth more than [insert campaign value] that
are of personal significance to the owner
(including family heirlooms), and all magical
items, will be discovered in the possession of
the character by one means or another. The
character must return the item and pay a fine
equal to three times the value of the item
stolen. In addition, the PC caught receives
campaign-decided penalties for being known
as a thief, such as Infamy. For other stolen
items which meet the criteria in #1 above, use
your judgment and the circumstances within
the game to determine whether a PC thief gets
away with the theft or not.

Any item retained according to these rules, which

does not have a certificate, will not ever have a
certificate issued for it.
The campaign staff reserves the right to take
away any item or gold acquired for things which it
later finds unreasonable but which were allowed at
the time.

Scene Two
Twelve (12) silver pennies
A broach with a mounted blue stone, worth 15
silver pennies
Scene Six
Maximum of six wolf hides, if sold to the
hamlets tanner these are worth 60 copper

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 18

Narrator Aid #1

Map of the Hamlet of Bafsted

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 19

Narrator Aid #2, Master Price list

Available at The White Plow

Lodging, 1 Night 70 cp (one meal included in lodging)

Meal 60 cp
Ale, Mug 10 cp
Wine, Glass 20 cp
Pipeweed, Pouch 50 cp
Food, 1 week 40 cp
Food, travel rations, 1 week 20 cp
Stabling for a mount, 1 day 5 cp

Available from Ulmec the Candle maker

Candle, Single 10 cp
Candle, Scented 15 cp
Candle, Box of 10 1 sp

Available from Rethan Nimblewick, hamlet tanner

Leather belt 20 cp
Leather pouch 10 cp
Leather, bulk, square foot 10 cp
Leather Vest 1 SP (weighs 5 lbs and absorbs 1 damage is worn in combat)

Available from Forsti Fireaxe, hamlet blacksmith

Large Plow 2 GP
Small Plow 1 GP
Candleholder, Plain 30 cp
Candleholder, Reflective 40 cp
Lantern, Candle 50 cp
Lantern, Oil 60 cp
Dagger, brace 7 SP 2sp (These were specially crafted for Holdman Hardbrace)
Sharpen Weapon, Large 10 cp
Sharpen Weapon, Small 5 cp

Available from Ma Sandybanks Will be more than willing to trade for food of like value

Soap, Bar Normal 50 cp

Soap, Bar Scented 70 cp

Available from Lothan Brooktoes, hamlet miller and baker

Bread, Wheat 10 cp
Bread, Rye 15 cp
Bread, Sourdough 20 cp
Sticky Bun, Each 8 cp

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 20

Narrators Aid #3, Rumor Listing for the White Plow

If the characters start asking around The White Ulmec The hamlets candle maker is a very
Plow, either lead by Harvs words about superstitious man. He has stayed away from the
Holdman Hardbrace or not, they will hear many empty house of Holdman Hardbrace. He will tell
rumors. The disappearance of Holdman the PCs the following:
Hardbrace has captured the imaginations for the
entire hamlet. Most of these folk are very rustic Ulmec go there with Master Bellweather.
and simple. They see omens in almost We look. Bellwaether find something. Paper,
everything. And since the disappearance of he take. Bad place. Spirits walk there.
Hardbrace marks the beginnings of the hamlets Umlec not go there. But at night Umlec can
troubles, most have attributed significance to it. hear them scraping and clawing. Umlec not
go out at night!
Below is a listing of the people, and what they
know: Tom Sandheaver Tom Sandheaver is a hand
on Boras Bracegirdles sheep farm and the
Harv Heathertoes - Harv is the owner of The nephew of the late Holdman Hardbrace. He
White Plow, so he has much knowledge of the lives at the Bracegirdles but spends many a
rumors floating around the hamlet. He refuses night at The White Plow. After his uncles
to accept that Holdman Hardbrace was spirited disappearance he has been drinking heavily. He
away by ghosts, demons, or anything else. He will become very agitated when the talk turns to
does not have a good explanation about the Hardbraces disappearance. After a while he will
disappearance, but will agree that Seth burst out with,
Sandybanks could have done it.
A younger hobbit stands up somewhat
Boras Bracegirdle Boras is an elderly unsteadily and yells out, Quite all of ye! Ya
gentlehobbit, who was one of Hardbraces best dont know what ye are talkin about. Ulmecs
friends. He feels the loss greatly. While he is a right! Dat place is unquiet, heck it is
rustic as the rest of the folk, he has a good head haunted! Haunted, I tell ye. One night I was
on his shoulders. If asked about the goin back ta Master Bracegirdles alone.
disappearance he has this to say: And I sees him! Holdman Hardbrace hisself!
He was moving around his own doorway as
All I know is that one Wednesday, I went if he could not leave! He was pale as death,
over to Holdmans place and it was right tore but some places ye could sees right through
up. I called and looked around, but there him! I swears it! Dont bring bad fortune on
was nary a sign of Holdman. Folks stay away this place by speaking of the ill!
from his house now days. Say it is haunted.
But I rightly dont know. I sent for Brontus This outburst will stop all talk of Hardbrace and
Bellweather, it is his job as magistrate, ask his house. Harv will ask that you change the
him if ye want more. Or you could ask Ulmec, subject.
the candle maker, Brontus took him to look
over the place. Young Tom has been very upset since the
disappearance of Old Holdman.
If asked about the a haunting he will shrug and Understandable considering that Holdman
add: was Toms uncle. But Tom has taken to
drink, and I cannot belive what he saw was
Well, I dont know about any haunting, but I real. Please lets change the subject and
do know that Holdman thought he knew have a round of drinks.
somethin. He was going to take it to
Bellweather. Maybe, he is lookin to finish Boras Bracegirdle will stand and leave the Inn
that out. with Tom Sandheaver. He will be comforting the
younger man.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 21

Narrators Note What Tom actually saw was
Lothan Brooktoes leaving the Hardbrace house.
At that time Vroll and his Warg were living in the
deserted house. Tom saw Lothan with flour on
him making him look very pale, and in other
places the dark clothing melded with the side of
the house. Lothan saw Sandheaver and could
not make up his mind what to do, making it look
like the spirit could not leave the house.

If the party searches Holdman Hardbraces

deserted house they will find it has been
searched and most of the rooms have their
contents thrown upon the floor. In the bedroom
they will find evidence that there has been a
large animal living there. A Survival test of TN
15 will show it is a large animal, maybe a bear or
if asked a Warg.

In the study they will find Holdman Hardbraces

journal. Many pages at the end have been torn
out. The last entry is as follows:

Dec 16, 2941 That darn dream again. This

time I saw Ma Sandybank's face. I will go talk to
her about this.

(This is Players Handout #2)

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 22

Narrator Aid #4, Master NPC Listing
Harv Heathertoes Owner of the White Plow

Attributes: Bearing 6 (+/-0), Nimbleness 6 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 8 (+1), Vitality 8 (+1), Wits
8 (+1)
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +2, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +1
Skills: Armed Combat, Axe (Axe) +2, Armed Combat: Clubs (Club) +2, Craft: Innkeeper +4, Craft: Brew
Ales +2, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2, Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Harv is the owner of the only Inn in town. He is a large man over 62 and over 250 pounds. He has a
hearty laugh and is good-natured. He runs the inn with his wife Nareena who is the Inns cook, and
immensely fat. They have three daughters and two sons.

Ulmec Candle maker

Attributes: Bearing 6 (+/-0), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 6 (+/-0), Vitality 7 (+/-0),
Wits 6 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +0, Swiftness +2, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat: Clubs (Club) +2, Craft: Candle Making +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2,
Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Ulmec is the candle maker for the region. He moved here a few years back fleeing the unrest in his native
Dunland. His manner of speech is rough and most think him stupid, but he is not. While he is not a great
socializer, most in the hamlet dont mind him.

Rethan Nimbletoes - Tanner

Attributes: Bearing 7 (+/-0), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 6 (+/-0), Strength 6 (+/-0), Vitality 6 (+/-0),
Wits 6 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +2, Swiftness +0, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat: Clubs (Club) +2, Craft: Tan Leather +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2, Observe
(Spot) +2, Run +2

Rethan is the hamlets tanner. He took the business over from his father a few years back. He fashions
hides from the slaughtered sheep and cattle into leather. He can, and does, make various items from the
leather for sale in the area. He is known for his rough sense of humor and steady head. If he is not in his
shop he can be found at the White Plow. He is trying to push home his suit of Harvs eldest daughters

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 23

Forsti Fireaxe - Blacksmith

Attributes: Bearing 9 (+1), Nimbleness 9 (+1), Perception 6 (+/-0), Strength 12 (+3), Vitality 11 (+2), Wits
5 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +3, Swiftness +1, Willpower +1, Wisdom +1
Skills: Armed Combat: Axes (Battleaxe) +6, Armed Combat: Clubs (Hammer) +4, Healing +3, Smithcraft
(Armorsmith) +4, Smithcraft (Weaponsmith) +3, Smithcraft (Blacksmithing) +6, Jump +1, Observe (Hear)
+4, Observe (Spot) +4, Run +2

Forsti is the blacksmith of the area. If anyone hears him in his cups he claims to have been an adventurer
and lost his leg in a Warg attack. Most of Bafsted smile behind his back, but it is a true story. He is a
gruff and dour as the rest of his people, but will brighten when speaking of Smithcraft or with those who
have proven themselves as adventurers and not wannbes.

Ma Sandybanks Soap maker

Attributes: Bearing 7 (+/-0), Nimbleness 5 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 4 (+/-0), Vitality 5 (+/-0),
Wits 8 (+1)
Reactions: Stamina +0, Swiftness +0, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +1
Skills: Craft: Soap Making +4, Healing +2, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2, Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Ma is the old mother of Seth Sandybanks. She makes her living as the soap maker of the hamlet. Over
the years she has become a fixture in Bafsted. Her husband disappear many years ago, Seth says he
was an adventurer, most say he ran off to Hobbiton or the like to escape responsibility. She loves both of
her children.

Blossom Sandybanks Soap makers daughter

Attributes: Bearing 9 (+1), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 6 (+/-0), Vitality 6 (+/-0),
Wits 7 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +0, Swiftness +0, Willpower +1, Wisdom +1
Skills: Armed Combat: Clubs (Club) +1, Healing +1, Craft: Soap Making +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear)
+2, Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Blossom is the daughter of Ma Sandybanks. She is very pretty and a bit of a recluse. She knows that she
was the root of Seth and Lothans argument several years back. She sees a sinister side of Lothan and
will readily tell anyone that listens.

Boras Bracegirdle Local sheep rancher

Attributes: Bearing 6 (+/-0), Nimbleness 6 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 9 (+1), Vitality 8 (+1), Wits
6 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +0, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat: Clubs (Club) +3, Craft: Sheep Ranching +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2,
Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 24

Boras is one of the local sheep ranchers. He was on the trail that convicted Seth Sandybanks and has
been hit with troubles since. He is a gentle spoken fellow and very grounded. His sons run the farm now,
but Boras is still strong and hale.

Andar Grondman Local cattle rancher

Attributes: Bearing 7 (+/-0), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 9 (+1), Vitality 8 (+1), Wits
6 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +0, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat: Clubs (Club) +2, Craft: Cattle Ranching +4, Jump +1, Observe (Hear) +2,
Observe (Spot) +2, Ride: Horse +4, Run +2

Andar is a human cattle rancher that lived north of Bafsted. He is a dour individual that believes that work
is everything. He has several sons to help him at the ranch. He was one of the members in Seth
Sandybanks trail.

Dronic (Heathertoes) Down and out Minstrel

Attributes: Bearing 9 (+1), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 7 (+/-0), Vitality 8 (+1), Wits
8 (+1)
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +0, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat: Blades (Dagger) +2, Perform (Sing) +6, Perform (Tale Telling) +5, Jump +1,
Observe (Hear) +2, Observe (Spot) +2, Ride: Horse +4, Run +2

Dronic is Harv Heathertoes nephew. He is a minstrel that has moved around a bit. He is not bad as a
minstrel, but not as good as he thinks he is. He has a Corruption Point from stealing from his uncle. He is
torn up over this. He does not know Tessfeld cheated to win.

Tessfeld Grondman Local cattle ranchers son and bully

Attributes: Bearing 7 (+/-0), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 7 (+/-0), Strength 9 (+1), Vitality 8 (+1), Wits
6 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +0, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat: Clubs (Club) +2, Craft: Cattle Ranching +1, Games (Card Playing) +6, Jump +1,
Legerdemain +4, Observe (Hear) +2, Observe (Spot) +2, Ride: Horse +4, Run +2

Tessfeld is the son of Andar Grondman. He is the town bully. He spends most nights in The White Plow
playing cards. When a new person comes into town he will use his skills in card playing and legerdemain
to fleece the person, either honestly or if he can by cheating. He used these skills to bilk Dronic out of his
money, and forced him to steal from his uncle. He has been waiting nearly three months for his payment.
Dronic used the excuse of the robbery to postpone him. Lately he has threatened Dronic for his money.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 25

Narrator Aid #5, Monster Summary
Scene Five Attack!

WOLF (5)
Attributes: Bearing 6 (+/-0), Nimbleness 6 (+/-0), Perception 8 (+1), Strength 8 (+1), Vitality 8 (+2), Wits 2
Reactions: Stamina +2, Swiftness +2, Willpower +/-0, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat, Natural Weapon (Fangs) +4, Intimidate (Fear) +3, Jump +3, Observe (Smell)
+4, Run +4, Stealth (Sneak) +8, Survival (Mountains) +4, Track (Scent) +4

WARG (1)
Attributes: Bearing 8 (+1), Nimbleness 8 (+1), Perception 9 (+1), Strength 10 (+2), Vitality 10 (+2), Wits 4
Reactions: Stamina +4, Swiftness +3, Willpower +1, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat, Natural Weapon (Fangs) +6, Intimidate (Fear) +5, Jump +5, Language: Warg-
Speak +4, Observe (Smell) +6, Run +9, Stealth (Sneak) +9, Survival (Mountains) +5, Track (Scent) +4

Tactics: If they are able, the Warg and one of the others will double-team any hero that was foremost in
the rescue of Anualda. The wolf will attack from the front while the Warg will move in for a flank attack.

If the Warg is taken to near death in the first four combat rounds, or half of the wolves are taken to
Incapacitated in the first six rounds the attack will break off. The wolves will scatter making tracking then
almost impossible in the gathering gloom.

During the attack a character may make an Observe (Spot) test, is he/she makes a TN of 20 then will see
that the Warg has a collar on it. After the combat, if the Warg was slain, this drops to a TN of 10 (this is
due to the collar being under fur and the gathering gloom).

Scene Eight Into the Spiders Web

Vroll Wolf Master

Attributes: Bearing 8 (+1), Nimbleness 10 (+1), Perception 6 (+/-0), Strength 12 (+3), Vitality 10 (+2),
Wits 5 (+/-0)
Reactions: Stamina +3, Swiftness +3, Willpower +1, Wisdom +1
Skills: Armed Combat: Axes(Battleaxe) +6, Armed Combat: Blades(Short Sword) +5, Healing +3,
Language: Westron +2, Language: Black Speech +4, Language: Warg Speech +3, Smithcraft +4, Jump
+1, Observe (Hear) +2, Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Vroll is a gift to Lothan from his Master. He originally came from north and is from Angmar. He hates all
people who do not worship the Dark, but especially the Noldor Elves. His father was a cruel man and sold
him at the age of 8 to a Captain of the Dark. Vroll was placed in the kennels and because skilled at
handling the Wolves and Wargs used by the goblins as mounts. He is pure evil and lives only to kill.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 26

Athadol Apprentice Sorcerer

Attributes: Bearing 12 (+3), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 6 (+/-0), Strength 6 (+/-0), Vitality 9 (+1),
Wits 12 (+3)
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +2, Willpower +3, Wisdom +3
Skills: Armed Combat: Blades (Dagger) +1, Craft: Calligraphy +2, Debate +3, Healing +2, Inquire +2,
Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Spells: Bladeshattering [S], Blast of Sorcery [S], Blinding Flash, Burning Sparks, Calling, Create Light,
Dumbness [S], Evoke Fear [S], Lightning, Kindle Fire, Veiling Shadow [S], Voice of Command [S]

Born to a noble Gondorian family, it was made clear over time that Athadol would be a disappointment to
the family. Sickly as a child, he learned to read while spending most of his time buried under scrolls &
books. Athadol remained frail, skinny and weak as his brothers grew tall & strong. Sickly as a child he
learned to read and spend most of his time buried in books and scrolls. It was here that he first felt the
draw of the Shadow. He taught himself to be a magician and left home to learn more. Once on the road
he fell to the Shadow and was sent here to assist Lothan. He has lived in the basement for over three
months, coming out only late at night.


Attributes: Bearing 8 (+1), Nimbleness 8 (+1), Perception 9 (+1), Strength 10 (+2), Vitality 10 (+2), Wits 4
Reactions: Stamina +4, Swiftness +3, Willpower +1, Wisdom +/-0
Skills: Armed Combat, Natural Weapon (Fangs) +6, Intimidate (Fear) +5, Jump +5, Language: Warg-
Speak +4, Observe (Smell) +6, Run +9, Stealth (Sneak) +9, Survival (Mountains) +5, Track (Scent) +4

Lothan Brooktoes Miller/Baker/Sorcerer

Attributes: Bearing 12 (+3), Nimbleness 7 (+/-0), Perception 10 (+2), Strength 6 (+/-0), Vitality 9 (+1),
Wits 12 (+3)
Reactions: Stamina +1, Swiftness +2, Willpower +4, Wisdom +3
Skills: : Armed Combat: Blades (Dagger) +1, Craft: Calligraphy +2, Debate +3, Healing +2, Inquire +2,
Observe (Spot) +2, Run +2

Spells: Bladeshattering [S], Blast of Sorcery [S], Blinding Flash, Burning Sparks, Calling, Command [S]
Create Light, Dumbness [S], Evoke Fear [S], Farseeing, Lightning, Kindle Fire, Shadows and Phantoms
[S], Veiling Shadow [S], Voice of Command [S], Wizards Guise

Lothan is a hobbit of surprising magical abilities. He first learned of this after a traveling magician came
through Bafsted when he was a child. He used is trips to Bree on grain buying expeditions for his father to
further this learning. At the Prancing Pony he met other magician and learned from them. Five years ago
after his rejection by Blossom Sandybanks he turned inward and to the Shadow. He took a long trip
supposedly for his father to buy ingredients for the bakery. But he was looking for other things. In an Inn
in the ruined city of Tharbad he found it. A dark cloaked man taught him his first spell of sorcery. He
reveled in the raw power! He learned many more spells from him and soon had fallen completely under
the Shadow.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 27

He returned to Bafsted, not to continue his life, but to turn the hamlet against itself and to gain power. His
plan is to cause as much pain and sow the seeds of fear. Then when the time is right kill Brontus
Bellweather and using his dark magic place himself over the hamlet. His Dark Master sees this as a good
thing and has given him Athadol and Vroll to help.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 28

Narrator Aid #6, Timeline of Events
Event Timeline

Date Event
2936 Lothan Brooktoes and Seth Sandybanks argue over Lothans suit of Seths sister,
Blossom. Lothan leaves Bafsted and travels south.
2837 Lothan meets his Master in the ruined city of Tharbad. He falls to the shadow
and over the next two years he learns the secrets of Sorcery.
2939 Lothan returns to Bafsted. His father dies and he takes over the mill.
Dec 18, 2940 Lothan becomes aware of Holdman Hardbraces dreams. He sacrifices Holdman
to his Dark Master. He asks for help and receives Vroll and Athadol.
Dec 22, 2940 Dronic shows up in town. Lothan uses Reading the Heart to assess Dronic. He
has found his key. Vroll disposes of Hardbraces body by feeding it to his wolves.
Dec 26, 2940 At the urging of Lothan Dronic plays cards with Tessfeld Grondman.

First wolf attack on the town

Jan 17, 2941 Dronic steals 5 Gold Pieces from his uncle, Harv Heathertoes. Lothan sees this
via a Farseeing spell and sets his plan in motion.
Jan 18, 2941 The theft is reported to Brontus Bellweather.
Jan 19, 2941 Seth Sandybanks goes to Rondel Rushlights farm late in the day. He is to cart a
load of manure to the fields north of town. He spends the night.

Lothan Brooktoes makes a delivery to Brontus Bellweather. He drops the hint

that Seth had a good deal of money the day before.
Jan 20, 2941 Brontus Bellweather searches Seth Sandymans room and finds a gold ring. He
also finds two books of sorcery, these he keeps hidden from all but the trial
members. He does not want to harm Daisy Sandybanks anymore than he has

Wolves attack Andar Grondmans cattle ranch

Jan 25, 2941 Seth has his trial. Then members are Brontus Bellweather, Rethan Nimbletoes,
and Boras Bracegirdle.
Jan 26, 2941 Seth Sandyman is found guilty and banished from Bafsted. He has until sundown
to be clear of the area
Jan 27, 2941 Andar Grondman find is best milk cow dead. A black cloak is found in the area.
Feb 2, 2941 Wolves attack Boras Bracegirdles sheep pens
Feb 10, 2941 Wolves attack Brontus Bellweathers sheep pens
Feb 15, 2941 Wolves attack Brontus Bellweathers sheep opens again, a young man is killed in
the attack.
Feb 20, 2941 Wolves attack Brontus Bellweather again
Feb 25, 2941 Rondel Rushlights farm is attacked six sheep are killed and a farm hand is
injured. People stop going out at night. Some grumble that Seth is having his
Mar 1, 2941 Boras Bracegirdles sheep pens are attacked
Mar 8, 2941 Today Anualda Bellweathers cart runs out of control.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 29

Player Handout #1

This scrap of paper was found at Holdman Hardbraces home after his disappearance

the dream came again. Over and over a voice calls out:

The Shadow grows

It hides deep under
Where the white mist blows,
Where you hear distant thunder

The town sleeps

While the Light does falter
The Shadow eats our sheep
And we are sent to the Dark altar

I have an idea what it means, and will find out tomorrow

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 30

Players Handout #2, Holdman Hardbraces Journal Entry

This is the last entry found in the Journal found in Holdman Hardbraces study.

Dec 16, 2941 That darn dream again. This time I saw Ma Sandybanks face. I
will go talk to her about this.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 31

Players Handout #3, Lothans Journal
Here are some excerpts from the journal found under the Mill.

June 14, 2936 That trollop Blossom Sandybanks told he fool brother I asked if I could court her. He
came to the Mill and tried to fight me. The idiot, I so wanted to cast a spell on him. Why can they not see
that we are all held under the boot of Bellweather? We should rise up and cast him out.

June 20, 2936 I am leaving Bafsted. My father is a fool. He crawls around and grovels at the feet of
those in power here. It sickens me. I am going to travel and find a place where I dont have to be a slave.

The next few months all he does is complain about how no one can see that he has great power and that
he has left this place and that place to find where he can live in peace. It is obvious that Lothan is loosing
his grip upon reality.

Jan 18, 2837 Why did I ever come to this ruin? Tharbad the Great! Bah, it is a pile of broken down
stone and lost dreams. But something strange happened today. It was raining and I did not want to get
wet. Leaving the bakery where I am forced to work I cast a simple rain-warding spell. Upon arriving at the
inn for my meager supper I noticed a Man looking at me.

He motioned for me to join him at dinner and I took a chance and did. Over dinner he asked me who
taught me my spells. And then he told me he was impressed that I could learn as much as I had living in a

Jan 25, 2837 Finally, someone that notices that I have great power. But I have found one that make me
look small. The Dark Man I met has begun to teach me things. Things I could never have learned in
Bafsted. I have never seen much of his face. Always he is hooded and cloaked in black. But that does
not matter; all that matters is the power I am learning!

Feb 2, 2837 Tonight I learned to cast a bolt of lighting to attack my foes. Just let Seth Sandybanks try to
beat me again. I will strike him down with my power!

Feb 10, 2837 My Master asked me if I was ready to take my rightful place in the world tonight. When I
questioned him he told me I have the potential for great power. But I have to open my mind to an even
greater power. The Darkness. He taught me that the Giver of Freedom lives in the Darkness. And that to
be truly free we must see that. I have been so blind! Bellweather envied us because we had nothing and
because we were free.

March 9, 2837 Today I shattered a blade with power. It felt so good to see that happen. Darkness took
the middle of the blade and ran along it. My Master was pleased. Tomorrow night we are leaving here
and traveling south.

The next few months Lothan seems to become less and less communicative in his journal. Sometimes
going weeks with no entries. Then there is one:

Mar 21, 2939 Strange, I seem to have come full circle. I sit in the same room in the inn I left almost two
years ago. And tomorrow I leave for Bafsted. My Master has seen that it is ripe for the plucking. I have
gained in power since I left, and now can see that I am destined to rule over those that live there.

April 20, 2939 Bafsted is as full of fools as I remember. I have started to make plans to deliver this land
to my Master. I must be careful and not arouse my fathers suspicions.

Bad Times In Bafsted Page 32

August 9, 2939 The Old Fool! He snuck down the stairs and caught me at my studies. Then he flew
into a rage and said he would denounce me to the entire village. This I could not have! Therefore, I
offered him up to my Dark Master. My father was embraced by the Darkness. Now I can move forward
without that hindrance.

Dec 17, 2941 I have a new opponent. One of the Farmers here in town seems to have something of the
gift of foresight. Last night I was using a Farseeing spell to see what the fools in town are doing and I saw
Hardbrace writing in his journal. He suspects me! I must stop him. I will let him be embraced by the
Darkness too.

Dec 18, 2941 It is done. The fool was easy to catch. And he squealed as I opened him to the
Darkness. But I know that soon I will receive some minions.

Dec 22, 2941 My minions have arrived. Vroll is a perfect tool. He is knowledgeable of animal. And he
brought a large wolf. Lucky he did. I have put him up in Hardbraces old house. He took Hardbraces
body to feed to his wolf. Good, dispose of the body before it can stink. And Athadol is now my apprentice.

Dec 24, 2941 I must use this Dronic. I have read his heart a few days ago. He is weak and can be
turned to my purposes. But how?

Dec 26, 2941 It was all too easy. This evening I suffered the company of fools. Darkness, how I hate
them and their petty thoughts. I feel unclean being around them. But I went there and set my plans into
motion. Dronic thinks he can fool these simple folk. Maybe, but not me. I had him join a card game with
Tessfeld Grondman. I laugh; Dronic thinks he can take Grondman. Perhaps, but not with Grondmans

Jan 7, 2941 I have seen Grondman cheat Dronic night after night. I laugh, he thinks he can win. Fool!
Soon he will lash out and a break between Grondmans father and Heathrtoes will drag this village down.

Jan 18, 2941 Darkness has rewarded me! Tonight I watched Dronic steal money from his uncle. I must
put this to good use. Now, I will have my revenge on Sandybanks and that trollop he calls a sister.

Jan 24, 2941 Things progress well. Seth Sandybanks has been seized for the theft and Dronic is too
weak to confess. I have offered to defend Seth due to our friendship. I laugh to see them all think I do
this for him. Now my stroke falls. Vrolls attacks on the town have everyone ready to jump out of their

Jan 26, 2941 I was almost undone. Three Command Spells and I almost fainted. But I won. My power
is pure and I can feel the Heart of Darkness. Each one of the Court turned on Sandybanks under my
spell. And when I almost fainted in the courtroom everyone thought it was due to trying to help that cur!

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