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Subject: TEDx JNTUK Event on 21st August 2010.
From: "JNTU Kakinada Admin" <>
Date: Fri, July 23, 2010 5:29 pm
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It is my endeavor to make JNTUK a world class university. I have not let a
single moment pass-by in my endeavor to attain this goal. Every single day
beckons me towards this great future of our university. To make this possible
we have to be united and dream the same dream and let the passion prevail.

In this direction I proudly announce the arrival of TEDx to JNTUK. I am also
very proud to convey that JNTU-Kakinada would be the first university in
Andhra Pradesh to host a TEDx event.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conferences are about ideas
worth spreading, where extraordinary people doing extraordinary things
share their work with the audience. Due to their popularity, a new branch
called TEDx has been formed to enable schools, businesses, libraries, and
groups to enjoy TED-like experience.

TEDx events have been held in over 60 countries and we are fortunate to
have the opportunity to hold this event at Jawaharlal Nehru technological
University, Kakinada. We have renowned speakers coming to Kakinada from
all over India.

This event is for YOU. Designed for YOU, Brought to Kakinada for YOU,
don’t let imagination stop YOU. Be there and take advantage of this once
in a lifetime opportunity. I am sure this is just the beginning for all of us to
discover a world which would open up immense career possibilities and
make a strong impact to your academic as well as professional life.

Be there and make TEDx – JNTUK a grand success.

For the speakers and programme details please visit:

I look forward to meeting you all on 21st August

Yours sincerely, Delete & Prev | Delete & Next
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Allam Appa
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Vice Chancellor, JNTUK
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SubjectJNTU Kakinada: Welcome to your new email account!


Date: Tue, June 15, 2010 3:22 am



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Dear Student,

At the outset let me wish one and all a very happy and prosperous New Year
2010. I
am extremely happy and delighted to announce the launch of JNTU Kakinada
email service.

It is a dream come true and JNTUK aspired to have its own exclusive email
service to
facilitate and reflect the way our students and faculty work and interact
Provision of an excellent email service reflects our university’s image,
vision and

From now on, all the official communication of our university will be
through this
email service. It will create a unique identity for our staff, students and
All the student related information like the examinations details, results,
notifications, attendance, time table, sporting activities, announcements,
performance indicators, events etc., will be conveyed through this email

This service will be platform for us to enable web based training, learning
knowledge sharing. The new email service is easy to use and can be
customized as per
the needs and requirements of our students and faculty. You can directly
with me, our Registrar or any of our Directors regarding academics, ragging
or any
other concern that you may have that needs to be brought to our notice. I
one and all to make use of this unique email service for all their
needs with regard to their academics and career.

I welcome you onboard Kindly ensure that you keep
email active as critical information from the college / university would be
to you on the same on a regular basis.

I am sure this service would fulfill all our expectations and turn out to be
excellent communication platform for all the stakeholders associated with

Best regards,
Yours sincerely
Prof. Allam Appa Rao
Vice Chancellor, JNTU Kakinada