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Daniella Freixo de Faria

Talking with

So Paulo
Daniella Freixo de Faria
Throughout my journey, from a very early age, my heart has
always been filled with emotions and insights. Sometimes I felt odd;
other times, special. Following a path with my parents, in my gen-
eration, brought me several internal challenges. The shy, sensitive
girl who had such a rich, internal world needed to learn how to live
in the real world. She needed to express what she felt. And she
needed to grow.
As the happy human being I am today, Id like to initiate a
conversation about what is happening to my own inner child, about
Daniella Freixo de Faria 13

This conversation started so long ago and its a matter of well-
being to me. After spending nights dreaming about this moment, I
mustered up the courage, and now I feel like its been my calling all
along. It has been my calling to communicate, to help people find
themselves. By reflecting, being eager to learn, and keeping the flow
alive, I set myself to write this book and share my journey.
Through Presence-Path, Id like to invite each father, mother,
teacher, and unique being to walk down this path, which is a live
process that results in new possibilities. Id like to invite you to make
yourself available and listen to the voice inside that actively places us
in each relationship, each opportunity. We must be aware of how each
moment is created.
14 Talking With Children Presence-Path

I invite you to educate our children by being present as the

unique beings each one of us is. By being aware. By using all this
potential and wisdom available to us, which sometimes we dont even
realize we have. By surrendering to the flow of life. By going through
tough times and seeing them as an opportunity. What is it like to
get out of the way of an avalanche of information coming from the
outside and acknowledging what in forms usthe flow, a bigger
purpose, the surrender, the presence?
The educational process starts out by educating adults, who
gain awareness and experience the flow in order to become an Es-
sential BEing, so that they can help children walk down this path as
well. The purpose of education is to un-wrap, to dis-cover the
gift and calling children have, helping them find a social environ-
ment to express themselves. When I look at our world, I see that
beyond raising children based on values of power and competition,
we have the important mission of educating children to BE, in all
capitals: an Essential BEing, a vertical axis of wisdom, breath, joy,
and love. Children who grow up with presence and awareness listen
and are available to learnalways. By answering their calling, they
will build a better world, so why not do it with a lot of love, respect,
unity, and diversity?
We exist inside a planetary history, inside the culture of a coun-
try, a city, a family, and most of us just repeat the same pre-established
standards. The act of discovering implicates identifying the influences
that have acted on us from the time we were born. Once we are aware
of these influences, we can keep learning, or rather discovering who
we really are. As parents, we can guide and look after our children so
that they stay on the right path through repetition and by meeting
external expectations. Or we can walk side by side with our children
so that they can remove their veils. So that they can grow up without
ever being disconnected from themselves, without ever having the
need to reconnect, as we adults do. After all, theyll be fully con-
nected, wholesome, and aware.
I get emotional when I think back on how I started working. I
graduated in Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of So
Paulo. It was a dream I had from a very early age, as I fell in love with