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theSun ON MONDAY | JULY 26, 2010

Ferguson demands
winter break
England’s players are are having to do far more than
‘Fergie to boss at 75’
burnt out, we are told, but they used to, with less time to YAN GIGGS last night declared preparation for a career in management, a kid looking up to him, to being an
that doesn’t stop most recover. that Sir Alex Ferguson (caricature) Giggs said: “The manager is as good as experienced player he talks to – and from
Premier League teams “Playing more matches is set to go on and on as the ever and will go on for a long time. To be whom he actually asks advice about
from gallivanting halfway means more chance of an Emperor of Old Trafford and may well honest, I can see him as a manager of certain players and situations.
around the world for pre- impact injury or over-use.” be leaping from the dug-out at the grand United in five years time, easily, even at “It’s always been a good relationship,
season friendlies – now That “over-use” could be old age of 75. 75. but it has never been better than it is at
Harry Redknapp has finally interpreted as burn-out, The Welsh wizard can see “As long as he is healthy, he’ll have this moment.
admitted that it’s all about tiredness or the wear and no end to the Fergie era the desire to carry on. He has a great “Mind you I am a better player now
the money tear that leads to spells in but told youngsters team around him and he has his passions than I was in my early 20s, I have lost that
the treatment room or not on their way away from the game, like horse racing, so explosive pace where I could knock the
WHEN Sir Alex Ferguson playing at full tilt. through the club when he comes back to football he is ball past a defender and knew I would
argued about the need for a Success is possible they will have it a always refreshed.” beat him.
winter break in England, he following a pre-season whole lot easier Giggs told the News of the World that “I have to think about my game more
was more than 3,000 miles – tour, as Chelsea showed than his he’s noticed a calm descend over the and use the ball a lot better now.
and an eight-hour flight – away after touring the US a year generation. Premiers League’s very special Special “In my head I still think I am about 25
from home. But his ago. This time Giggs looks to One as the years have passed. – I don’t feel like the old guy in the
Manchester United squad had around, with be booked for a Although Sir Alex retains a fear factor dressing room.
not travelled to Philadelphia players at the possible exit to the Giggs feels youngsters have less reason “I can relate to the young players -
directly, they had already World Cup MLS in the twilight to fear him than when he was growing up we’re footballers who share a lot of the
played Celtic in Toronto. allowed extra years of his playing at the club. same interests.
The irony will not be lost time to recover, days but believes He added: “Things have changed – he “As far as my own playing days are
on those at the Premier League the Premier League United’s Scottish has mellowed, he isn’t anywhere near as concerned it’s a case of seeing how I feel
and Football Association. champions limited managerial genius frightening as he was 20 years ago.” at the end of each season and whether I
Ferguson is not alone in raising their travel to within will remain at the Like the wine Fergie loves to tipple am still enjoying it and motivated each
concerns about the England Europe. top for as long as he after games, Giggs’ own relationship day.”
team being “handicapped” by “Last season we played wants. with the boss has improved with age. “I’m in the middle of doing my
such a long, hard slog of a four games in America. Now Currently He said: “I have known him since I coaching badges. I want to be prepared
season, nor is he the only we decided to stay in Europe taking his coaching was 12 years old. for when my playing days are over, but at
manager to take his team on a because we did not have a lot badges in “So it has changed from me just being the moment I have no plans.” – Agencies
long-haul flight to play pre- of players,” said Chelsea
season friendlies. manager Carlo Ancelotti.
Blackburn Rovers and Chelsea’s schedule – they
Everton undertook the longest play in Holland and Germany
journeys, to Australia, while – is closer to the pre-seasons
Birmingham City played in of the 1960s and 1970s when
China, and United, Ron “Chopper” Harris was Draw No: 10/10 Draw Date: 25/07/2010 Draw Venue: Perak Turf Club
Manchester City and playing.
1 7537663
Tottenham Hotspur have The Stamford Bridge JACKPOT PRIZE NOT WON
crossed the Atlantic Ocean. favourite said: “Under RM14,000,000 RM 500,000 to be accumulated.
“These trips now are so Tommy Docherty and Dave RM 1,000,000 to be paid as 10 Special.
different to what we used to Sexton we went away, but not
make,” says halfway
the around the 1ST PRIZE (RM 3,000,000) 7537663 Jackpot Prizes of RM 100,000 each.
world to 2ND PRIZE (RM 1,000,000) 7940017 1610249 4239418
manager AIR MILES America –
Harry Pre-season distances travelled only for a 3RD PRIZE (RM 100,000) 2042831 1715455 4568638
Redknapp. training camp
“You go to
(1mile = 1.609km)
Blackburn Rovers 23,475 in Sweden or 4TH PRIZE (RM 50,000) 1153678 2410656 4919672
China, Everton 22,898 Germany. 3980524 5025403
America or Birmingham City 16,561 “If we did 5TH PRIZE (RM 20,000) 3706488
Australia. Tottenham Hotspur 13,733
go further, to 4211950 7762616
Don’t tell me
Manchester City 12,897
Manchester United 12,318 Australia or
6TH PRIZE (RM 10,000) 2649610
that is the way Bolton Wanderers 8,492 the Caribbean, 10 STARTER PRIZES (RM 3,000 EACH)
to prepare for Arsenal 3,553 then it was
a pre-season. Sunderland 3,428
Aston Villa 3,070
after the 1377408 1504047 3658890 4118954 4436025
It’s not. You’d season and
rather go to Wolverhampton Wanderers 2,930
that was more 4544455 4867723 6887057 7316806 7661207
Liverpool 2,551
Scotland and of a holiday. 45 SPECIAL PRIZES (RM 2,000 EACH)
Fulham 1,691
have a couple West Ham United 1,650 The big 1130584 1274465 1308491 1373736 1381727 1614936 2194241
of games up Chelsea 1,169 difference is
Stoke City 1,063
2372219 2490020 2587264 2602427 2622797 2654529 2805499
there, but it’s that the
all about West Bromwich Albion 1,054 2916675 3102032 3148080 3434340 3454408 3920797 4046024
players now
finance now.” Wigan Athletic 925
have a couple 4287131 4772523 5087603 5140612 5557499 5653991 5997698
Blackpool 899 6013735 6041649 6065908 6076994 6252351 6302870 6551291
Luckily for Newcastle United 730 of weeks off
Redknapp and but we had six 6700846 6726280 6838524 6906481 6979678 7125856 7333554
Ferguson, or eight weeks. 7429660 7557818 7707403
their players By the end of it you really 90 CONSOLATION PRIZES (RM 1,000 EACH)
travelling first-class means wanted to start training. You
aches and strains are unlikely. might go for a jog a few days 1051469 1091033 1252001 1312625 1318995 1358830 1384398
But there is the simple before pre-season but without 1440875 1482114 1566652 1590432 1646728 1673419 1676689
equation of more matches your teammates you’d just stop 1717391 1732291 1803034 1817543 1942253 2082560 2149822
leading to a greater possibility if you were tired.” 2159662 2544448 2562240 2567278 2588144 2925814 3017943
of injury. It could be argued that 3060636 3063313 3150069 3179507 3208502 3230477 3363379
Simon Moyes, orthopaedic playing MLS teams offers a 3435514 3635549 3831676 3861466 3965104 3988736 4049715
surgeon at a sports medicine chance to play against teams 4083683 4088411 4105224 4158830 4160490 4229727 4268477
practice at London’s midway through their season; a 4573269 4623603 4641407 4696248 4821212 4928684 5074669
Wellington Hospital, says: valuable tool to raise fitness 5177416 5282855 5310015 5331205 5958862 5980404 6056774
“Everyone agrees footballers levels. – The Independent 6109748 6357314 6427993 6442158 6481271 6678399 6828737
6879377 6919762 6968116 7015834 7025831 7093349 7279841
Giggs: ‘Liverpool still a threat’ 7293157

RYAN GIGGS says it is “danger- years ago they were close to
18 prizes of RM 500 each for last 6 digits
ous” to rule Liverpool out of winning the Premiership and you DRAW NO: 11/10 DRAW DATE:15/08/10
making a challenge for the Pre- can never write them off. It just 537663 940017 042831
mier League title this season. The
Anfield club are going through
depends on how it goes. They
have won the same amount of 189 prizes of RM 200 each for last 5 digits FIRST PRIZE : RM 3,000,000
a period of transition with Roy leagues as us. You cannot just 37663 40017 42831
Hodgson replacing Rafael Beni- dismiss that. They are a huge 1,890 prizes of RM 100 each for last 4 digits JACKPOT : RM 14,500,000
tez after they finished seventh in club and a massive team.”
7663 0017 2831
the table last time around. United are aiming to wrest
Giggs believes their rivals the crown back from Chelsea 6,300 prizes of RM 50 each for last 3 digits
deserve respect. “Liverpool have and Giggs feels six or seven clubs
will be in the mix. Those include
a new manager and it is difficult
to say what they are going to Manchester City, who ended last
do,” said Manchester United’s season just outside a Champions
record appearance holder. “Two League place in fifth position.