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Series FOD

• Measuring fault movements in rock
• Determining crack and joint movement in concrete
and masonry structures

The Roctest Telemac fiber optic linear position and dis-
placement transducer is an absolute position transducer
that provides highly precise position and displacement
measurements. The FOD is the fiber optic version of the
well-known Linear Variable Differential Transformer
(LVDT), but unlike it, the FOD requires no energizing
AC voltage or driving signal with the associated wiring.
The FOD is completely immune to EMI and RFI and car- • High resolution
ries no risk of current leakage or ignition. The FOD can
• Intrinsically safe
be located far away from the signal conditioner. These
characteristics make the FOD well suited for difficult- • Immune to EMI/RFI
to-reach locations and hazardous environments such as • Waterproof aluminium or stainless
those containing explosive materials. steel housing
Our unique design is based on a Thin Film Fizeau Inter-
ferometer device (TFFI) mounted on a movable shaft.
The TFFI can be seen as a spatially distributed Fabry-
Perot cavity where the cavity length varies along the
lateral position. The tip of an optical fiber is mounted
so as to be facing the surface of the TFFI which is moved
relative to the optical fiber extremity. By connecting
this device to one of Roctest’s white-light fiber optic
readout units or dataloggers, it becomes an absolute
position and displacement transducer.
Compatible with most of Roctest Telemac’s high-perfor-
mance fiber optic readout units and dataloggers, the
fiber optic linear position and displacement transducer
combines all the desired characteristics expected in an
ideal sensor. Its compact size, immunity to EMI/RFI, re-
sistance to corrosive environments, high accuracy and
reliability make it the best choice for linear position and
displacement measurements.
Linear stroke 20 mm (spring-loaded shaft)
Accuracy ±0.1% F.S.
Resolution 0.002 mm
EMI/RMI susceptibility Intrinsic immunity
Cable CFO-3STD
Housing material Aluminum or stainless steel
Connector ST
Operating temperature −40 to +80°C
Dimensions (length × O.D.) 144 mm × 19 mm (other sizes available)

Model FOD-F Model FOD-J


Please specify:
• Model
• Fiber optic cable length
• Type of anchoring
• Anchor parts
• Fiber optic readout instruments

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