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Terrorist Types

In the world of terrorism there are many different types to speak of. There is bio-

terrorism, cyber-terrorism, chemical-terrorism and much more. However, there are five terrorist

typologies theses include: Solo Terrorist, State Terrorist, National Terrorist, Coalition Terrorist

and Religious Terrorist. These five typologies are what I am going to define and explain for you.

Let’s start with the Solo Terrorist. The Solo Terrorist is also known as the lone wolf

terrorist. These terrorist work alone hence the word Solo meaning one. “A lone wolf is a person

who acts on his or her own without orders from — or even connections to — an organization.”

(Burton and Stewart) What this is actually saying is pretty straight forward you have one person

who works and acts alone with no one else telling them what to do, when or how to do it. The

best example for this is a Ted Kaczynski also known as the Unabomber. It was in 1978 that the

Unabomber first struck. His first target was a professor of a polytechnic school. The whole

basis behind Kaczynski’s attacks was to rid the world f new technology. Kaczynski viewed the

“Industrial Revolution, as “a disaster for the human race,” as was, the use of technology.”

(Ottley) Kaczynski’s reign of terror lasted for eighteen years.

The next group on our list is the State Sponsored Terrorist. These State Sponsored

terrorist are also “known as "state supported" terrorism, when governments provide supplies,

training, and other forms of support to non-state terrorist organizations. One of the most valuable

types of this support is the provision of safe haven or physical basing for the terrorists'

organization. Another crucial service a state sponsor can provide is false documentation, not only

Other means of support are access to training facilities and expertise not readily available to groups without extensive resources.” (Nationalistic) The example here is the IRA the Irish Republican Army. The Earth Liberation Front has been cited for over 600 crimes and is a spin of the group Earth First. antigovernment. Groups are defined by ethnicity (racial or cultural background). such as immunity from extradition. They .” (Navarro) Some of the best examples of this group is the Earth Liberation Front also known as the ELF. internal identification documents).” (International Terrorist) The best example for this group would be Fidel Castro as he sponsors Cuban terrorism. The Earth First group and the Earth Liberation Front take the any means approach to saving the mother earth. treated unfairly. Castro would help with the funding and the training of terrorist groups he had even gone as far to say “Iran and Cuba. in cooperation with each other.for personal identification (passports. antinuclear. diplomatic passports. ect. Now we have the Coalition Terrorist. but also for financial transactions and weapons purchases.” (Castro) Next up is National Terrorists. use of embassies and other protected grounds. The ELF group is responsible for the burning down of unfinished buildings. regime is very weak. and we are witnessing this weakness from close up. Finally. homes and condos. The U. can bring America to its knees.S. the extension of diplomatic protections and services. and diplomatic pouches to transport weapons or explosives have been significant to some groups. language. Be it antiabortion. These terrorist are defined as “terrorists of any kind who gather together around one cause or issue. or customs. Nationalist terrorism calls attention to the plight of the group. “Nationalistic terrorism is an outgrowth of an unwavering devotion and loyalty to a specific group that believes they have been suppressed. religion. or antimilitary. or persecuted by the ruling majority of the country in which they live. whatever that may be. offices.

Works Cited Page .S. The Religious Terrorists is ones who commit violent attacks on to others in the name of their religion. We have been dealing with terrorist groups since the beginning of time and it all boils down to the fact you cannot force someone else to believe in the same things as you no matter how right you think you may be. So as you can see terrorism is nothing new to the world in which we live. The best example of this type is Al Qaeda. You can try to persuade people to conform to your beliefs by using terror but at that point all your doing is terrorizing people into believing and once something has been pushed on to them they will only rebel later on. hearts and souls of many nations including of course the U.don’t take lightly to the new buildings going up and the cutting down of precious trees to make room for the expansion of human living. Last on the list is the Religious Terrorists. This group has made many attacks on innocent people who don’t believe in their view of Islam so Al Qaeda claims them to be infidels making them killable in the name of Allah. Al Qaeda is the modern day Catholics who persecuted the Protestants’ during the days of the Catholic crusades claiming that they were warranted in their merciless violence in the name of God. This group struck fear into the minds.

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