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- Windows Download Integrator - By Alphawaves -


- Integrate multiple language packs, updates, drivers, serials, certificates,

setup images and registry tweaks
Convert multiple language packs (exe to cab, Folder to cab)
Convert MSU to CAB
Download language packs (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
Download windows updates (McRip - Windows 7, Windows 8)
Download office updates (McRip - 2010, 2013)
Convert Windows 8 Professional to ProfessionalWMC
Enable/Disable features (offline)
Download Windows Updates (Microsoft)
Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO's
Integrate Windows Service Packs
Create Autounattend.xml
Backup Drivers
Remove Windows Components (offline)
Remove multiple languages
Add own setup images
Rebuild boot.wim
Rebuild install.wim
USB Tool
Create bootable USB
Create ISO
Create AIO

- File : Windows Download Integrator.exe

- Size : 5.44 MB
- CRC32 : 0F422D58
- MD5 : B9541E3E96CDF25C51F28548B51AE223
- SHA1 : ED634769732B96471139219958C43235D4CC6A01


- Changelog:

v Beta R3.5

Added McRip MSU updates only option

Added original creation date (McRip updates)
Added CRC log (McRip updates)
Added refresh (McRip updates) release date (click release date header)
Speeded up updates loading (McRip)
Added correct download location for (McRip updates).. Additional/..etc

v Beta R3.4c

Updated McRip updates check

v Beta R3.4b

Added change timeout option for McRip (updates online check)

Minor GUI Updates
Bug fixes
v Beta R3.4

Added integrate Service Packs

Added Component Removal
Added Autounattend.xml creator
Added Drivers Backup (BETA)
Added WDI Settings option
Updated integration method
GUI Updated
Bug fixes


Added integrate own registry tweaks

Fixed serial integration
Bug fixes


Added enable/disable features (offline)

Fixed hover bug in options
Bug fixes


Fixed bug in x64 Convert Windows 8 Professional to ProfessionalWMC


Removed manditory key insertion for (Convert Windows 8 Professional to

Bug fixes


Added Convert Windows 8 Professional to ProfessionalWMC

Bug fixes


Added Download Windows Updates

Added x64 Windows 8 language packs


Replaced McRip updates with komms

Added x86 Windows 8 language packs


Little update (forgot to add option to apply setup image to imageres.dll)


Added own setup images

Bug fixes

Remove XP support
Added create PID.txt for Vista serial


Added AIO creator

Added USB options/tool
Added convert language folder to cab file
Added convert MSU to CAB file
Added Komms Essential zips (Windows 7/8)
Added Dism installer (optional for Vista/XP)
Bug fixes


Added Own Temp location

Reinstated Vista support
Added log for integration/removal
Bug fixes


Added Updates integrator

Added Drivers integrator
Added Serials/Certificates integrator
Added Updates Downloader (McRip's)
Added Windows 7 SP1 ISO's Direct downloads
GUI cleanup
Bug fixes


Bug fixs


Added options to apply to boot.wim and DVD sources for integration and removal
(rather than auto applying it)
Removed Vista support
Bug fixes


Fixed bug when hover over create ISO/update check/Application check


Added Install multiple language packs to multiple images

Added Remove multiple language packs from multiple images
Added AIO detector
Added valid WIM file detector
Added rebuild boot.wim
Added rebuild install.wim
Added Elapsed time for integrator/remover
Added Total time taken
Updated language integration/removal for quicker response
Updated clean temp files function
GUI tweaks
Bug fixes


- Requirements:

- Windows 8, 7, Vista..

- .NET4


Josh Cell - Download hosting

user_hidden - (Dism in XP/Vista..
McRip - (updates)
rickendo64 - (updates - LDR mode)
abbodi1406 - Windows 8 Language Packs