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George & Farideh Via

Title & Author: Cover Date Edition Notes:

1. Gleanings from the Writings of H/C 1939 Second Good shape, binding intact, some separating,
Bahullh stains inside front and back covers,
Bahullh inscriptions & decals inside front cover
2. The Kitab-i-Iqn H/C 1954 Fifth Decent shape, cover fraying,
Bahullh scotch taped along binding, some separating,
slight stain back cover
3. Bahai World Faith H/C 1943 First Good shape, cover fading
4. Bahai World Faith H/C 1956 Second Good shape, cover flexing and print fading,
Compilation binding intact with sturdy green colored tape,
decals inside front cover, some notations in text
5. The Reality of Man S/C 1935 Second Decent shape, worn, cover stained,
Compilation inscription and decal inside front cover
6. The Wisdom of Abdul-Bah S/C 1924 First Good shape, binding intact but wearing, ink
Paris 1910-1911 stamps and long inscription inside front cover
7. The Promulgation of Universal Peace H/C 1922 First Good shape, binding intact but some pulling
Abdul-Bah away, cover has some fading, pages have a little
fraying on side, inside pages show some staining,
some notations inside front cover and title page,
typewritten note inserted on white paper
purporting to quote an Excerpt from a Tablet to
Dr. Zia M. Baghdadi, May 18, 1919
8. World Order of Bahullh H/C 1938 First Good shape, cover separating, notes on back
Shoghi Effendi cover
9. The Advent of Divine Justice H/C 1963 First Very good shape, decal and signature inside front
Shoghi Effendi (revised) cover, index added, teal colored cover
10. Messages to America 1932 1946 H/C 1947 First Good shape, cover has some wear at the binding,
Shoghi Effendi inscription & stamp inside front / back covers,
some notes in text
George & Farideh Via

Title & Author: Cover Year Edition Notes:

11. Messages to America 1932 1946 H/C 1947 First Good shape, cover & binding intact, little wear
Shoghi Effendi on cover at binding, inscription & stamp inside
front / back cover, some notes in text
12. Messages to the Bah World 1950 1957 H/C 1958 First Good shape, crisp and clean, decal inside front
Shoghi Effendi cover
13. Principles of Bah Administration H/C 1963 Second Decent shape, front and back cover fading and
Compilation stained along top, some wear, Bah World
Congress London 1963 stamp inside front cover,
decal and handwriting inside front cover
14. Security for a Failing World H/C 1934 First Good shape, binding intact, 2 decals and
Stanwood Cobb signature inside front cover
15. Bahullh and the New World Order H/C 1940 Fifth Good shape, binding secure, stain inside front
Dr. J.E. Esslemont (revised) cover and on frontispage, decal, typewritten page
taped over first cover
16. Bahullh i Nowa Era S/C 1940 First Polish translation, good shape, binding intact,
Dr. J.E. Esslemont (Polish translation) decal & handwriting inside front cover
17. The Chosen Highway H/C 1940 First Mixed shape, cover detached, clear tape,
Lady Blomfield (?) U.S. frontispage detached, beautiful photograph of
The Greatest Holy Leaf, decals and handwriting
inside front cover
18. Bah Holy Places H/C 1968 First Very good shape, crisp sturdy cover, photographs
in excellent condition, decal and pencil marks
inside front cover
19. The Glorious Kingdom of the Father H/C 1940 First Good shape, cover fading top edge at binding,
Foretold some wear, stain inside both covers, decals and
Virgie V. Vail newspaper clippings pasted inside fron and back
20. Holy Bible H/C 1924 6 x 4 Decent shape, some wear, cover binding frayed
slightly along top edge