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Unit Question Score Total
No. number Score
Objective Average Difficult
1 Electrostatics 17 1 3 8
8 ½ 2½ 1
2 Current Electricity 3 4 1 7
7 2
3. Magnetic Effect of El. 10 1 3 1 8
Current & Magnetism
12 1 1 1
Electromagnetic 15 ½ 1½ 2 8½
4 induction and
Alternating Current
16 3½ 1
5 Electromagnetic 1 1 1
6 Optics 2 1 10
6 1½ 3
11 1 3½
7 Dual nature of 14 1 2½ 1½ 5
Radiation and Matter
8 Atoms and Nuclei 13 ½ 2 5
5 ½ 2
9 Electronic Devices 4 1 2½ 1½ 5
10 Communicatioin 9 ½ 1 1 2½
14 11 60

1 (5) . Noel made electrical circuit to verify Ohm’s law as shown in figure. a) Point out the defect of the circuit. infrared rays. Is there any change in resistance? If yes. 1 (5) 4.( γ-rays. (1) 3. A) A mobile phone charger consists of …………… circuit. U-V produced by bombarding high energy electrons to a metal target and ------------. microwaves) (1) 2. 1 ½ s) Determine the wavelength of light emitted by an LED whose band gap is 1. ( electrons/holes). the defect of the eye is called-- ------( myopia/ hypermetropia) and ---------------( divergent lens/ convergent lens) is need to compensate the defect. 1 q) Draw the transfer characteristics of a transistor and mark active region. Will Will it work? Justify your answer. 2 c) Rahul tried to charge his mobile using this charger by connecting two pins to the two terminals of a d. 1 ½ c) Arrive at the equation for resistivity of a conductor in terms of average time between collisions. If the eye lens focuses the incoming light at a point behind the retina. X rays.c battery. estimate the value. Electromagnetic spectrum varies from Radio waves to Gamma rays among them -----------. Justify your answer. 1 ½ d) b) A wire of resistance 10 Ω is stretched by 5 % of its original produced by special vacuum tubes called klystrones. cut-off region and 1 ½ saturation region r) show how a transistor work as a switch using Kirchhoff’s voltage rules. 1 b) State the law and give equation. ½ b) Draw suitable circuit diagram to get output wave as shown here.8 eV. 1 ½ d) Write truth table and identify the logic gate 1 (5) OR p) In P – type semiconductor concentration of ………. if no. HIGHER SECONDARY EXAMINATION MODEL QUESTION PAPER Maximum score : 60 Time: 2 Hours Cool-off time : 15 minutes 1. is more than ………….. visible. magnetrons etc.

A message signal has peak voltage of 2.m. (2) 8. Three cells of emf’s E1. where rays are given. 1 (2 ½ ) 10.f and effective internal resistance. 1½ b) Discuss Young’s double slit experiment and arrive at the expression for the fringe width . 1 c) Calculate the modulation index in the above case. A) At room temperature most of the hydrogen atoms are in -------------. a) Suggest a possible mode of communication for the transmission of a wave of frequency 3 MHz. Starting from the equation of magnetic field in this case obtain the equation of magnetic dipole moment of the coil. 1 ½ c) Why there is a negative sign in the equation of total energy? ½ (2 ½ ) 6. ( Ground wave. 5. The villagers are made aware of the magnetic field near the cable. E2 and E3 and internal resistances r1. 2 c) How do you account for polarization by scattering? 1 ( 4 ½) 7. Sky wave. ½ b) Arrive at the expression for total energy electron in the stationary state of hydrogen. Space Wave) ½ b) Complete the block diagram for a typical receiver.c current of 12 A. It is amplitude modulated with a carrier wave of frequency 3 MHz and peak voltage 3 volts. r2 and r3 respectively are connected in series. 1 c) Two plates of area A each are separated by a distance ‘a’ are given charge of charge densities +б and –б respectively. 2 (4) 9. A charge of 15 mC is placed at the centre of a sphere of radius 3 cm. a) Name the law which help us to estimate the magnitude of magnetic field near the cable. 1 b) Calculate the electric flux through the remaining part of the sphere if half of it is cut away. 1 b) A current carrying circular coil act as a bar magnet.5 Volts and frequency 15 kHz. a) Write the shape of wave fronts in each case. Give i) Electric field between the two plates ii) Potential difference between the plates and iii) Capacitance of the arrangement. Arrive at the expression for effective e. In a village an overhead power cable carries a d. 1½ . a) Write the expression for electric potential at the surface of the sphere.

metal Work function (eV) K 2. Estimate the Total intensity of earth’s field and vertical component. 1 (3) 13. 1 ½ c) The angle of dip at a place is 28o.4 G. 1 (4 ½ ) OR p) State snell’s law of refraction. If the refractive index of the material of the lens is 1. State the law. so it has a radius of curvature which is related to focal length as R= 2f. protons and electrons? 1 c) List any two characteristics of nuclear force. 1½ d) List any two advantages of such telescopes over refracting type telescope. 1 (5) 11. ½ b) Which law help you to find the answer. 1 c) Draw how concave mirror is used in making Cassegrain Telescope. ½ b) Why is the mass of a nucleus is always less than its constituent neutrons. 1 . where horizontal component of earths magnetic field is . 1 ½ 12. 1 (2 ½ ) 14. 1 q) Discuss refraction at spherical surface and the equation . a) What is the radius of curvature of a plane mirror? 1 b) Arrive at above equation with the help of necessary diagram. a) Give any unit of Activity. a) Pick the odd one out based on net flux.20 a) How is threshold frequency related to work function .c current of 10 A in the opposite direction is drawn near it at a distance of 2 m. determine the focal length in the liquid.62. Arrive at the expression for magnetic force between them.5.14 Ca 3.2 c) A double convex lens of focal length 15 cm is immersed in a liquid of refractive index 1.30 Al 4. c) If another cable carrying a d.28 Cs 2. 1½ d) Calculate the magnetic force in the above case. The mirrors which is a part of a sphere is called spherical mirror. Work function of some metals are given in the table.

(1 ½ ) c) Vaan de Graff Generator consists of two spheres inner small and the outer large. 1 (4 ½ ) 17. What would happen when a non-polar dielectric is placed in a uniform electric field. quantized) (1) b) H2 is an example for Non-polar molecule. Arrive at the equation for the potential difference between the two spheres. b) If the same light is incident on each metal. and the frequency of A. 1½ c) Calculate the value of Plank’s constant from the graph if the slope of graph is 5. circuit the voltages across inductor. What is the phase difference between current and voltage across each element? b) Show that the average power consumed by an a.5 m is moving perpendicular to a magnetic field of strength 0. 1 (4) 16.c.1 x 10 -15 Vs. is 50 Hz. Determine the external force required to move the conductor with the velocity. 1 ½ c) If the current in the circuit is 3 A. capacitance and resistance 1 ½ ii) frequency at which power factor of the circuit is unity. (1 ½ ) (4) .f is E=Blv. a) Show that in such a situation the induced e. the photo electrons of which metal has maximum Kinetic energy? Justify your answer. A A conductor PQ of length 1. 1 ½ b) If the resistance of the conductor is 3 Ω. 30 V and 60 V respectively. a) In an A.C.15 T with a velocity of 20 m/s. 1½ d) Show that wavelength of electro magnetic radiation is equal to the de Broglie wavelength of its photon. 1 (5) 15. capacitor and resistor are 30 V. conservative.m.C. Explain how eddy currents are minimized in the case of transformer. a) Select the one which is not a property of electric charge ( additive. circuit with capacitor only is zero. 2 c) Eddy currents are undesirable in some cases. Calculate i) value of inductance . exist as dipole.