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Lighting Notes:

American Idiot

Start with video compilation of 9/11 city news

Green Theming with some blue
Flashes of light, like a concert to set the scene
Jesus of Suburbia
Transition blue and green to purple and blue lights, ultra focused in center
Transition into blue for holiday
All blue light
Make sure to light bus (horizontal between platform and monkey bars)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Purple theme
Favorite Son
Changing channel sound
Red and blue light , puddle of white light
Are We the Waiting
Plain white light, no color
St. Jimmy
Give Me Novocaine
Pinks and purples, softer lighting
Last of the American Girls
Yellow and Light greens
Light aqua blues
Red on st. Jimmy up the stairs
Upper platform St.Jimmy
Last Night on Earth
Shift completely into reds and deep orange
Tight spot on Johnny w/ heroin
Light top of platform St. Jimmy
Spot on marisa
Upper and lower platform
1) Start of show
2) "American Idiot" Company
3) "Jesus of Suburbia"
a) "Jesus of Suburbia" Johnny and Will
b) "City of the Damned" Tunny, Johnny, Will, & Company
c) "I Don't Care" Johnny, Will, Tunny, & Company
d) "Dearly Beloved" Heather & Men
e) "Tales of Another Broken Home" Johnny, Will, Tunny, Heather, & Company
4) "Holiday" Johnny, Tunny, Theo, & Company
5) "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Johnny, Whatsername, Tunny, & Men
6) "Favorite Son" Favorite Son & Women
7) "Are We the Waiting" Tunny, Favorite Son, & Company
8) "St. Jimmy" Johnny, Miguel, Declan, Theo, St. Jimmy, & Company
9) "Give Me Novacaine" Will, Tunny, & Company
10) "Last of the American Girls/She's a Rebel" Johnny, Whatsername, Gerard, Chase, St.
Jimmy, & Company
11) "Last Night on Earth" St. Jimmy, Whatsername, Heather, & Company
12) "Too Much Too Soon" Theo, Alysha, Will, & Heather
13) "Before the Lobotomy" Tunny, Joshua, Ben, & Chase
14) "Extraordinary Girl" Extraordinary Girl, Tunny, & Company
15) "Before the Lobotomy (Reprise)" Tunny, Joshua, Ben, & Chase
16) "When It's Time" Johnny
17) "Know Your Enemy" St. Jimmy, Will, Johnny, & Company
18) "21 Guns" Whatsername, Extraordinary Girl, Heather, Tunny, Johnny, Will, &
19) "Letterbomb" Whatsername & Women
20) "Wake Me Up When September Ends" Johnny, Will, Tunny, & Company
21) "Homecoming"
a) "The Death of St. Jimmy" St. Jimmy & Johnny
b) "East 12th St." Johnny, Theo, Gerard, & Company
c) "Nobody Likes You" Will & Company
d) "Rock and Roll Girlfriend" Miguel, Heather, Will, & Company
e) "We're Coming Home Again" Johnny, Tunny, Will, & Company
22) "Whatsername" Johnny & Company
23) "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" Company (Curtain call)

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