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Top Stock #1 – (AMZN) (AMZN) has surged nearly 40% in six weeks thanks in large part to
blowout earnings and strong sales of its Kindle e-book reader. The online retailer
reported a 36.4% earnings surprise and a 7.7% sales surprise. While some forms of
consumer spending remain weak, spending on tech gear is still strong, and AMZN should
continue to profit in the months ahead.

Top Stock #2 – Apple (AAPL)
Apple (AAPL) is also going strong due in large part to a strong earnings report in mid-
October that indicated booming iPhone sales. Apple's results topped forecasts of $1.42
per share on revenue of $9.2 billion with a stunning 28% earnings surprise and a 25%
sales surprise! The company is eyeing a big push into Asia with its iconic smartphone in
2010, and I expect this could really boost profits for shareholders.

Top Stock #3 – Cognizant Technology Solutions
Cognizant Tech Solutions (CTSH) is a leading IT firm that provides a wide array of
data and software services to businesses around the world. The company enjoys big
margins because most of Cognizant Tech's software development centers and employees
are located in India, although it has other development facilities in Argentina, China,
Hungary and even a small operation in the U.S. The proof of this company's strength is
evident in its last earnings report. In the second quarter, Cognizant Tech's profits rose
34.3% and sales rose 13.3%. As more companies outsource positions to keep costs down,
CTSH is poised for big profits.

Top Stock #4 – AmBev (ABV)
Companhia de Bebidas Das Americas (ABV), a Latin American beverage giant, is
going strong right now. Along with Brazil, AmBev sells its products in some 13 other
countries, including the South and Central American countries of Argentina, Peru,
Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela. Sales volume for the company was up 4.7% in the
third quarter, driven by 9.5% volume growth in Brazil alone. This company is clearly
cashing in on the booming Latin American marketplace right now.

Top Stock #5 – GoldCorp (GG)
GoldCorp (GG) has benefited nicely from the surge in gold prices. As the precious metal
moves past $1,100 an ounce, I expect even bigger profits and fatter margins to come from
this Canada-based mining stock. But don’t be fooled by the name — GoldCorp also owns

(VLO) 5. 1. power-efficient LCD displays and related transistors. It's a great way to rank your current or future investments. (FTBKD) 12.2 billion ounces of proved and probable silver reserves and 1. (FCBC) 8. (CT) 17. Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. The company isn’t just a consumer electronics company though. and the diverse mining operations of GoldCorp makes it a great investment right now. thermal weapon sights and night vision systems. If you own these losers. Approach Resources Inc. and its innovative products boast more than 200 global patents and patents pending. 20 Stocks to Sell Now The following stocks are rated F in my exclusive PortfolioGrader stock rating tool. (BUSE) 13. (AREX) 6. (PETD) 4. Valero Energy Corp. (NPBC) 10. .1. Silver and copper prices have been on a tear lately. KOPN has shipped more than 20 million displays for a variety of consumer and military applications including digital cameras. National Penn Bancshares Inc. (CSCX) 18. First Community Bancshares Inc. LECG Corp. Capital Trust Inc. Silicon Image Inc. First Security Group Inc. (ABBC) 9. (PVA) 3. Basic Energy Services (BAS) 7. Petroleum Development Corp. (SIMG) Bargain Stock #1 - Kopin Corp. Frontier Financial Corp. (FSGI) 15. (XPRT) 20. sell them now. Green Bankshares Inc. Here now are 20 stocks to avoid. City Bank (Washington) (CTBK) 16. (KOPN) Kopin (KOPN) produces lightweight. (GRNB) 11. (UWBK) 14. United Western Bancorp Inc. (ENER) 19. Energy Conversion Devices Inc. Penn Virginia Corp. and it’s completely free! Sell these stocks immediately.4 billion pounds of copper reserves. (ETH) 2. Abington Bancorp Inc. First Busey Corp. Cardiac Science Corp.

ARTG has topped expectations in each of the last four quarters. Bargain Stock #2 - Art Technology Group (ARTG) Art Technology Group (ARTG) develops e-commerce software and related services that help companies tap into online sales and keep operational costs down. Get my full fundamental analysis of Art Technology (ARTG) here. As more retailers tap into the power of Internet sales to keep down their overhead and expand market share. Art Technology’s products are in high demand.The numbers say it all — in its most recent quarterly report. Get my full fundamental analysis of Syntroleum (SYNM) here. This is truly a cutting edge business that is growing in popularity as more companies are going green and looking to reduce carbon emissions. with an average earnings surprise of more than 87%. the company posted earnings of 17 cents per share when Wall Street was expecting a loss of 3 cents per share. Get my full fundamental analysis of Kopin (KOPN) here. This was an incredible 666% earnings surprise. This stock is a great buy for 2010. While it does offer diesel and jet fuels. Things are really looking up for Art Technology right now. In its most recent quarter. imagine how it will perform as energy demand increases and crude oil prices move higher in 2010. If the company managed to do this well in the third quarter. KOPN blew away Wall Street by topping earnings expectations by 225%. its most promising division involves patented Bio-Synfining technology for converting animal fat and vegetable oil into distillate products such as renewable fuel sources. gift registries. But it’s not just the technical aspects that ARTG does well — the company enables clients to personalize the online buying experience through comparison shopping. And unlike many green companies that are years away from profitability. Bargain Stock #3 - Syntroleum (SYNM) Syntroleum (SYNM) isn’t your typical energy company. coupons and other adaptive sales techniques. SYNM is going strong right now. Bargain Stock #4 - Endologix (ELGX) .

The company recently has returned to profitability with a 100% earnings surprise in the third quarter. many investors think tech icon Apple (AAPL) is out of their league. ELGX remedies are highly sought after since they tend to be cheaper and require less recovery time than extensive hospital stays and surgeries. Apple reported a 46% increase in its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings. Why These 7 Stocks Are Worth the Big Bucks Stock #1 – Apple (AAPL) With shares pushing $200 a piece. Just one groundbreaking product created by this company is a self-expanding stent that can be inserted into a patient’s aorta to protect the blood vessels and improve circulation. Get my full fundamental analysis of Endologix (ELGX) here. thanks to strong sales of iPhones. AAPL earned $1. this is one of the biggest names in the firearm industry. This company has real staying power and huge profit potential. I expect big gains from SWHC in 2010 as well. Obviously.82 . and is really gearing up to benefit from the pending health care reforms in Washington. or $1.Endologix (ELGX) develops innovative treatments for vascular diseases such as clogged arteries. But for my money. most notably Dirty Harry's .67 billion. The company makes handguns. car alarm systems and even apparel like watches and sunglasses that cash in on the famous Smith & Wesson brand. focusing on minimally invasive treatments. police accessories and gun safety products but also sells a wide variety of other items. Get my full fundamental analysis of Smith & Wesson (SWHC) here. SWHC products include mountain bikes outfitted for police officers. Mac computers and iPods. Bargain Stock #5 - Smith & Wesson (SWHC) Smith & Wesson (SWHC) was founded in 1852 and is famous for its revolvers. The company has really been soaring as handgun sales have soared in anticipation of harsher gun laws that will take some brands off the market. I would much rather own five shares of Apple than 500 shares of a two-buck dud.44-caliber pistol. In October. In this era of skyrocketing heathcare costs.

Apple's results topped forecasts of $1. Sales of the iPhone have accelerated recently. which was a mere $1.2 billion with a stunning 28% earnings surprise and a 25% sales surprise. Uncle Sam or individual patients foot the bill is irrelevant. That means more customers for Alcon — and whether the insurance companies. With health care reform taking place on Capitol Hill right now. It's easy to see why Apple is leading the tech revolution. resulting in a 18% earnings surprise as this company trounced expectations. The company's iPod and iTunes lead the digital music industry. Shares are cruising at around $140 right now. I rate Alcon a good buy right now and expect share prices to continue to move higher. or $1. even while many competitors continue to lose ground in this challenging market. AAPL also hasn't forgotten its personal computing roots and has cut into the dominance of Windows with its OS X operating system and fleet of Mac computers.9 billion in sales. What’s more.26 per share on $7.14 billion. with more than 70% of China's search market. This Swiss health care company produces everything from contact lens solution that you find in your local grocery store to cutting-edge surgical products used in the world’s top hospitals. but that was largely due to a huge tax benefit in 2008. Even at almost $200.42 per share on revenue of $9. That’s because whatever the details of the final bill in Washington. revenue rose an impressive 6%.87 billion. and the iPhone is one of the hottest smart phones out there.71 per share. This is a big-time stock with a big-time share price of .45 per share compared with Alcon’s $1. and the company’s market cap is an impressive $42.per share. During the same period a year ago. The important number to look at for ACL is the earnings estimate. so I expect Apple's earnings to gain momentum going forward. In its latest quarterly report at the end of October. on revenue of $9. Alcon is poised to cash in big-time.3 billion. AAPL shares are a bargain right now. Alcon said its profit fell 18% compared with last year. Stock #3 – Baidu (BIDU) Baidu (BIDU) is the leading Chinese-language Internet search engine. from digital media distribution to smart phones to personal computing. See also: Apple to Soar Behind 3GS Momentum Stock #2 – Alcon (ACL) Alcon (ACL) is one of the world leaders in eye care products. Apple earned $1. the bottom line is that Congress is focusing on increasing coverage and access to insurance.

000 for Q3. Baidu reported a 42% jump in Q3 earnings. The company manages China's offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities. considering oil prices were setting new records every day at this time last year. That’s a great place to be. Stock #4 . With economic recovery taking shape and a weak dollar driving up commodity prices. so buy in now before shares move even higher! NEXT – MasterCard Stock #5 . (CEO) Another great Chinese stock is CNOOC Ltd.CNOOC Ltd. This means big things for CEO shares. But it’s important to note that CEO’s oil production grew by 16% on the quarter. but with explosive growth like this. Shares have doubled since April 1. you are sure to see a return on that investment. when they were trading at an already pricey $174. but in fact. This means that as oil prices firm up once more. But don’t think this means the company can’t gain any more ground. This is to be expected. (CEO). In its latest quarterly report in October. dealing a blow to Google.nearly $400.MasterCard (MA) . this company is faring even better than that iconic company since Google's head in China recently resigned after failing to challenge BIDU. The company also announced a search deal with local carrier China Unicom. The numbers prove BIDU is a powerhouse. Recently. since Baidu reported an active online-marketing customer base of 216. we can be sure oil prices will continue to move up for the rest of 2009 and into 2010. CNOOC has the sole right to acquire up to 51% of any successful discovery offshore China made by foreign partners. and that helped drive up the amount of revenue per customer by 26% on the quarter. making it the #1 energy company in the #1 emerging market in the world. CNOOC is going to reap bigger and bigger profits. Under Chinese government-regulated production sharing contracts. in partnerships with international oil and gas firms. This growth strategy continues to pay off. CNOOC reported a significant drop in profits due to lower oil prices. You may think $400 per share is a lot to pay for a stock. an 11% increase from Q2. Baidu earns nearly all of its revenue through online advertising services but also operates a network of third-party websites and online communities. as the companies race to grab a slice of China's growing mobile search market. Some people say this company is China's Google. attributed to underdeveloped foreign fields off Nigeria. Buy Baidu today.

or 45 cents per share. Wall Street was looking for -$2. Once the American consumer starts spending freely again. on $5. In fact. a year earlier. MP3s and movies to their computers or handheld devices — including Amazon's innovative portable reader. Buy this stock.4% earnings surprise and a 7. so AMZN posted a huge 36. That’s because MasterCard is so much more than just a credit card company. the Kindle helped boost AMZN's third-quarter net profit to $199 million. tallying a 17% earnings surprise for this company. . Specifically.94 per share. I expect to see Amazon shares skyrocket. The company’s breakout success with its Kindle eReader has breathed new life into this dot- com icon and has pushed shares up to about $120. The success of the company's electronic reader is not just on blogs and customer forums. Share prices continue to creep upwards.45 billion in total sales. and the company is thriving right now even though many financial-related companies seem to be under pressure. But if you think this is the peak for Amazon. This product has generated very real profits for Amazon. or $3. MasterCard's third-quarter net income was $452 million. it is a bargain right now so buy in before the surge.45 per share. either. At the beginning of November.48 per share. Relentless expansion has propelled Amazon in countless directions in the quest of bigger sales and profits. think again. Shoppers can also download digital content such as games.7% sales surprise. This makes six quarters in a row that the company's earnings topped Wall Street’s forecasts significantly. Analysts were expecting earnings of 33 cents per share on $5.03 billion. Though AMZN is trading at over $100. the Kindle. These results sparked a wave of buying pressure that sent shares up to their highest level in almost 10 years. and the company has done a good job keeping expenses down and cashing in on fees instead of debt- related income. Stock #6 – Amazon (AMZN) Amazon (AMZN) started as Earth's biggest bookstore and is now leading the charge to bring books into the 21st century with a digital format for the written word.MasterCard (MA) is trading at over $200 per share. MA reported higher-than-expected quarterly earnings after aggressively trimming marketing expenses and raising fees to banks. or -$1. and I expect big things from MasterCard on the heels of this impressive quarterly report. compared with a loss of $194 million. The company's main website offers anything from books to auto parts to groceries.

This health care stock has weathered the recession marvelously and is in prime position for big growth in the months ahead. Net revenues also rose 20% to $280 million compared to last year.Stock #7 – Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) Health care powerhouse Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) is trading just shy of $250 per share. ISRG reported a rise in profit for its fiscal first quarter that ended September 30. But more importantly.64 per share. In its recent earnings report. Specifically. If shares are at $250 now. . Buy into this stock before the surge for your share of those profits. I expect strong revenue growth and healthy margins to deliver continued success for ISRG in the months ahead. topping forecasts by double-digits. I expect health care reforms to really boost this stock. and it's a bargain at that price. reflecting an increase in revenues from all its segments. I expect them to push through $300 sometime in 2010. profits came in at $1. Like Alcon. handily topping estimates estimate of $258 million.