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More opportunities. More rewards. Are You Getting the Most From Your Career? Take a

More opportunities. More rewards.

More opportunities. More rewards. Are You Getting the Most From Your Career? Take a moment

Are You Getting the Most From Your Career?

Take a moment to consider if you’re getting the most from your effort. Here is our challenge to you: you simply cannot find another company that’s more rewarding to do business with than AHCP. In this brochure, we’ll show you why.

Discover the difference.

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How To Join the AHCP Team Take your career to the next level and join

How To Join the AHCP Team

Take your career to the next level and join the growing community of agents who’ve found a rewarding and fulfilling career with AHCP!

Call us today at 877-228-8773 or e-mail us at sales@ to let us know that you’d like to join our team.

We’ll answer any questions you have about our program, and put you in contact with the Division President that manages the area where you live.

You can also visit us on the web at:

Don’t you owe it to yourself to make your agent career the best it can be?

Call 877-228-8773 today and experience the AHCP difference!

America’s Health Care/Rx Plan Agency, Inc. 4929 West Royal Lane Irving, Texas 75063 Phone: 877-228-8773

About Us:

AHCP (America’s Health Care/Rx Plan Agency) distributes Health and Life products to individuals, the self-employed, and small business owners.

AHCP agents can earn over $100,000 in their first year using our competitive, comprehensive product line, FREE lead program, and aggressive compensation plans (see page 6 for details).

Our benefits include:

• A Broad Selection of Top-Tier Products

• Competitive Pricing & Benefit Structures

• Best Commission and Bonus Plans in the Industry

• Free Lead Program (Never Cold Call Again!)

• Commission Advances Available

• Traditional Major Med., HSA, and Simplified-Issue Plans

• Free Product & Sales Training

• Responsive Telephone and Email Support

• App Submission via Fax, Mail, or the Internet

• Sales Contests and Trips to Exciting Destinations

Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the health insurance industry – and our success plan for our agents is second to none.

Take our challenge and discover the unique benefits AHCP has to offer!

Take a Look:

1. Our 14-Point Challenge: How AHCP Provides More Value than the Competition

2. Sell The Way You Want: How AHCP Gives You Selling Flexibility

3. Real Wealth Building: Why AHCP is #1 in Agent Compensation

4. Our Focus On Agents: What We Do to Provide You With Exceptional Service

5. Profiles Of Success: Real Agents Talk About AHCP

Our 14-Point Challenge

How AHCP Provides More Value Than The Competition

Our goal is to make your life easier. We focus exclusively on the agent, and the fact that we work with multiple highly-rated carriers means that we have more products available in more states for you to sell. But that’s just the beginning. Take a look at our 14-Point Matrix and compare our benefits to the rest of the industry:

1. Management

2. Carriers

3. Flexible App


4. Products

5. Pricing

6. Commissions

7. Free Leads

8. Training

9. Incentives

10. Agent Support

11. Trips

12. Electronic Platform

13. Webinar Sales Training

14. Telesales


Our senior executives have over 100 years of combined sales and management experience in the healthcare insurance industry. As a marketing company, our focus is on you, the agent.

We license you quickly with multiple highly-rated car- riers and provide a centralized means of support for all of them.You get: more door openers, more cross-sell options, and more client solutions.

We give you the freedom to submit apps via mail, fax, or the Internet. The Internet option allows you to sell over the phone.

We offer a wide array of products, including both tradi- tional major medical, simplified issue medical, impaired risk, and guaranteed issue and we design special pro- prietary products available only through AHCP.

We partner with our carriers to ensure that you have the most competitive rates possible.

We pay out competitive commissions, up to 8 month advances (paid twice weekly), and we pay you fast – as fast as every 24 hours via EFT.

Our Free Lead program is based on providing you qual- ity leads – so you don’t have to waste time prospecting or cold calling.

We provide free product and sales training, taught by our carrier partners.

We provide outstanding year-end bonuses for top production, and many on-going perks and benefits for our agents.

We have a dedicated call center and management staff of friendly, trained professionals to respond to your needs.

We treat our best producers to trips to fun destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean.

Our web-based platform provides you - quick submis- sion, quick issue, and online sales support.

We provide weekly web training seminars on our products, hosted by AHCP and our insurance partners, to maximize your knowledge and efficiency

We provide the tools and submission process that you need to sell telephonically - easily! Contact your lead, submit your application, and follow up - all through the ease and convenience of the telephone.

Other Companies

Does their management team have the industry expe- rience to provide a stable, supportive environment for agents? Are they looking out for you, or are they more worried about their shareholders?

Working with a single carrier means fewer products and fewer options. And dealing with multiple compa- nies on your own is always a real hassle.

Most other companies can only accept apps via fax or mail, limiting the ways that you can conduct business.

Are you loaded down with “me too” products? Do you have enough plans to serve as many clients as you can?

Who’s looking out for you at these companies?

Other companies can keep you waiting for up to two weeks before you get your check!

Are you told to “go sell” but don’t know who to sell to?

Will they teach you the sales techniques you need to really make money in this business? Will you receive your training from a pro, or just a company rep?

What else are you getting besides just commissions?

Are they servicing more than just agents? Do they have a management staff that you can actually talk to?

When was the last time you were treated to a vacation – at someone else’s expense?

Do other companies provide you the ease and conve- nience of an electronic platform for your sales?

Will other companies teach you the product informa- tion and application submission tips you need to make your business more efficient?

Do other companies provide the tools you need to sell to as many leads as possible, in a fast, efficient, and cost- effective method?

Sell The Way You Want

How AHCP Gives You Selling Flexibility

At AHCP, we understand that each agent has his or her own style. That’s why we offer both Paper and Webtronic app submission, each of which supports a different style and method of selling. Some agents prefer to exclusively focus on one method or the other, and some like to use both methods. Paper submission favors the traditional “face-to-face” sales process; you visit your clients directly, complete a paper app and the client provides you with a “wet signature”. You then mail or fax in the completed app. Webtronic submission is done via our website, It is particularly useful for phone sales, because you can call the client and walk them through the application on-line. After the application is complete, the client approves it with an electronic signature and it is immediately sent to the insurance company for review. Below are a few of the advantages of each method:

Choose the method that works for you (or use both!)

Paper App Submission

Webtronic App Submission

Generate valuable additional leads by knocking on doors and personally visiting small businesses.

Take advantage of free AHCP leads to call or e-mail prospects in your resident and non-resident states.

Impress your clients with colorful, attractive brochures available through AHCP.

Serve busy clients by quickly taking their application over the phone and submitting it via the Internet.

Sell to clients that do not have a PC or Internet connection.

Save money on gas, food, and dry-cleaning bills by working from home or office.

Take advantage of local advertising and referrals to promote your business.

Double your sales calls by eliminating downtime and traveling time between clients.

Ideal For: Salespeople who enjoy meeting with clients and delivering a face-to-face presentation.

Ideal For: Assertive, web-savvy salespeople who enjoy selling over the phone.

How Does the Webtronic Sales Process Work?

For those of you interested in selling by phone, here’s a quick overview of how our Webtronic sales process works. To be a Webtronic Sales Agent, you’ll need a phone, a PC, and an Internet connection. To get started, a Webtronic Sales Agent usually relies on leads, which are available through AHCP at no cost through our Lead Credit Program. As a Webtronic Sales Agent, you will typically communicate with your leads via e-mail and follow-up phone calls. Once you have set an appointment time to call your client for the full presentation, arrange to have them waiting by their phone with the AHCP website open on their PC. Using the AHCP website as your sales tool ( you can instantly direct the client to any information they need, create real-time quotes, and type in and submit their application immediately. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s enjoyable! Best of all, it doesn’t matter where your client lives – so you can respond to leads from anywhere you have a non-resident license. For those agents who prefer this type of selling, our Webtronic process provides the advantages of reduced overhead and increased productivity.

Not Sure Whether to Go Paper or Webtronic? Do Both!

There’s no reason you can’t use both approaches to meet your goals. In cases where your client is out of town, or a personal visit cannot be arranged, you can use the Webtronic option. If your client is close enough for you to visit personally, you can grab a paper app and some brochures and drive down to see them. With AHCP, either option is available to you at any time!

Real Wealth Building

Why AHCP is #1 in Agent Compensation

We’re successful when our agents are successful – which is why AHCP has built a compensation and incentive platform that’s unparalleled in the industry. From our generous commissions and advances to our bonuses, reward programs, and vacation getaways, we know how to treat agents right! Here’s a summary of our current programs:

Advanced Commissions

As a new sales representative, our Advance Commission program can give you the jump start you need to launch your career. You can receive up to an 8 month commission advance on issue for each Major Medical insurance sale. That gives you a solid earnings base as you begin your AHCP career.

Earned Commission Account

You also receive a monthly check for Earned Commissions on renewal business beyond your advance, non-advanced sales, such as employee list bill sales, and other consumer programs offered to you by AHCP.

Monthly Association Sales Commissions

Each month you receive commission for association membership sales you’ve made. This is a great extra boost to your income every three months!

Fast Payouts

We pay commissions fast – as fast as every week by check, or twice a week by EFT. That means you have money to spend when you need it!

“Cycle of Success” Lead Credit Program

AHCP offers Vendor, Exclusive, and Telemarketed Leads, available by State or County, and at a great price – FREE when you use our Lead Credit Program! Here’s how it works:

• First you submit a few apps. In fact, all you need is 1 or 2 to get things moving.

• For each eligible major medical app that is issued, we credit you with $35 to spend on AHCP leads. That’s real purchasing power in your pocket.

• You buy new leads and what happens? You get more sales. With more sales you get more lead credits – which allows you to buy even more leads – and the cycle keeps going! The net result: your production doubles and so does your advance and earned income!

Reward programs

AHCP offers its agents an exciting program to reward exceptional performance. Our “More Rewards” brochure details our New Agent program and our ongoing agent incentives.

Sales Conventions/Trips

Each year we treat our best producers to a sales convention to exciting destinations like Mexico, Orlando, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean! Qualifying agents win round-trip airfare for themselves and a guest. We also hold our annual AHCP Awards Banquet at these trips, where we hand out recognition awards!

and a guest. We also hold our annual AHCP Awards Banquet at these trips, where we

Sell More

What makes AHCP agents so successful? It’s simple: more carriers + more products = more opportunity! The chart to the right shows the products we currently offer. We’ll be adding even more carriers and products in the near future!

*Not all carriers and/or products are available in all states.

You must be contracted with AHCP and licensed and appointed with the individual carrier in order to sell these products in any state. Your appointment is subject to acceptance by the carrier.

Earn More

Combine our extensive product portfolio with our competitive commissions, and you have the recipe for outstanding earning potential. Agents can earn in excess of $100,000 in their first year – as demonstrated by the chart to the right. Top agents will earn much more – and can also receive all of the extra benefits shown on the previous page.

Not a guarantee. Actual earnings of sales representative will depend on many factors, including the activity level of the individual.



Most of our products are sold in conjunction with an association membership, through associations including USBenefit Plan, AmeriBenefit Plan, America’s Health Care Consumer Association. These are not-for-profit national associations. AHCP and our sales agents receive commis- sion compensation from these organizations for promoting the association and selling these products.


Major Medical - Serve any client with many different plans available and numerous combinations of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance

HSA-Qualifed High-Deductible Major Medical

Simplified Issue Hospital/Surgical Indemnity - for clients who cannot qualify for or afford Major Medical

Critical Illness

Life Insurance

Short-Term Medical

24-Hour Accident and Critical Illness

Here is your earning potential with just 4 issued & placed AHCP sales a week!*


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Advance Commissions




Earned Commissions




Renewal Commissions




Association Commissions




Other Products




Lead Credits








*Assumptions for Agent Earnings Example:

First Year & Renewal Year Commission

Senior Agent Level

Issued Major Medical Policies

4 per week, $3,000 avg. annualized premium, 20% annual lapse rate

Advance Commissions

8-month advance on major medical sales

Earned Commissions

Earned commission on major medical sales (after advance commission has paid through)

Association Commissions

Based on Executive Plan association membership sales on 80% of major medical sales, with half of these mem- berships also selecting the association’s Optional Benefit package.

Other Products

Commissions include simplified-issue indemnity plans, life insurance, short-term medical, and other products avail- able through AHCP.

Lead Credits

Based on $35 credited to the agent’s lead purchase account per submitted major medical application, assuming a 65% placement ratio on the assumed issued policies.

Year 2 and Year 3

Assumes a 10% growth in advanced and earned commis- sions as result of inflation on first-year premiums and/or increased sales by the agent.

Our Focus On Agents

What We Do To Provide You With Exceptional Service

With AHCP by your side, you’re never alone. Whenever you need assistance or advice, our Agency Services team and management staff are only a phone call or e-mail away. We also have a full array of services and resources to help you succeed in your career, from product and sales training to our newsletters and marketing resources. Here’s a snapshot of what we provide for agents:

AHCP Agency Services / 877-228-8773

AHCP Agency Services operates out of our Dallas Headquarters, where a staff of trained professionals is available to serve you Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m CST. Your call will be answered promptly by a “live” person, ready and waiting to help you with:

• New Products

• Commission Inquiries

• Licensing Inquiries

• Web Navigation/Enrollment

• Leads

and more!

No matter what the inquiry, we can usually answer it right there on the phone, or we’ll get back to you quickly with the information you need. E-mail Support In addition to phone support, AHCP also provides comprehensive e-mail support via the following e-mail addresses: - for answers to your product and licensing-related questions. - for assistance with problems or concerns that you’re not sure where to direct. - to send us your feedback on how we can further improve the AHCP program.

Online Agent Resource Center

Our online Agent Resource Center (ARC) provides you with a 24/7 resource for accessing marketing materials, leads, rate information, applications, forms, policy guides, and more. The ARC also serves as a central resource that links to all of our carrier home pages and administrative systems.

Training Conference Calls

We hold conference calls with our carriers to discuss product benefits, underwriting issues, sales tactics, and new developments. All AHCP agents are welcome to participate in these calls and to ask questions. This is a great way for agents to get up to speed quickly on our program. The schedule for these calls appears in our AHCP agent newsletter - emailed to you weekly.

Weekly E-mail Newsletter

AHCP ties together all the important news and information agents need to know into one convenient newsletter – e-mailed on a weekly basis. The newsletter includes company announcements, production reports, contest updates, training schedules, and selling tips from our own management staff.

Profiles of Success

Real Agents Talk About AHCP

These are just a few of the many letters we receive from AHCP agents all over the country:

T he decision to join AHCP was rather easy. They

have put together an impressive opportunity

that provides good value to my clients and

handsome rewards for my wife and me.” “I have enjoyed not having to drive 3,000 miles a month for face-to-face sales and have faith in the companies and products that we offer to our clients.”

“It’s nice to be home at night and enjoy the flexibility this opportunity offers me and my family!”

- T. D., Thiensville, WI

A HCP has put together an unbelievable system

and an awesome product line to go with it. The

online quote and application submission system

together with web conferencing and all the other tools and support they provide is unlike anything I have ever seen in the past 10 years of my sales experience.” “I could go on and on about the programs and systems of AHCP, but it is the people that I look forward to working with in the future. I look forward to a long and successful career with AHCP. I am excited about the future of the agency and the direction in which it is moving!”

- C. M., Valparaiso, IN

W hat I like best about AHCP is the helpful staff,

the comprehensive and competitive products,

and the ease of moving into management. It

would have taken me a few years to get into an override position at my previous company. AHCP has made that income level easy to attain. I am really excited about my future with AHCP!”

- K. K., rock Hill, SC

I was ready to give up on the insurance industry

because I did not feel there was a product that I

wanted to offer to myself or my clients. I always felt

that if I found a product that I believed in myself, then I could sell it.”

“In December of 2004, I was introduced to AHCP and their line of products. I was excited to learn more about the company. I made the move to AHCP and my sales have been great. And I feel good when I leave the client because I know they have a great plan and will be taken care of. I owe thanks to my manager for introducing me to AHCP and to their staff for their support, but most of all to AHCP for a great product.”

- J. B., Parkersburg, WV

I tend to be a product freak and study my competitors closely. What we offer our clients through AHCP pales that of other companies. As I have done for all

these years, I take the health care insurance package of others very seriously!!! I am very proud of the products we offer and I am sure that is apparent even over the phone.”

- T. r ., Springfield, o H

T he bottom-line for me is value. Value secures

offer. I have closed more deals in the past two

clients for years to come. AHCP has a great value

months than in my last six months with my previous company. I have also not driven one mile, have not been stood-up for an appointment and have clients I know who will be on the books for years to come.”

- J. C., Pittsburgh, PA

For more information, call AHCP at


or visit us on the web at:

NOTE: AHCP representatives are independent, contracted agents. AHCP agent services and incentive programs are provided by and are the responsibility of AHCP and not the insurance carriers. Agent commission advance programs vary from product to product and are subject to change. Commissions and sales incentives reflect current AHCP programs as of the date of this brochure and are subject to change. Commission earnings examples shown are not a guarantee. Insurance carrier financial ratings vary by company.