nil/bOURn! .

Toodles was SO timid.

When Mama Rabbit- 'and Papa Rabbit and his brothers and sisters went to Farmer Brown's garden and ate their fill





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of carrots and big fat turnips, Toodles wouldn't go. He was so timid.

When they took him for a walk through the woods he wouldn't speak to anyone. He was too timid.

"We'll have' to do something with Toodles," Mother Rabbit said to her

husband. She was worried about it.

"I'll think of something," said Father. The next day he made Toodles a. lemonade stand. He thought that that might help' Toodles not to be so timid. But . when Sally Bear asked for a lemonade,

Toodles HID behind the stand! .

Papa got - Toodles some magazines to

sell. But when Cissy 'Squirrel asked him , what he wanted to sell, ToadIes was too TIMID to say ANYTHING.

Toodles was sorry. He knew he worried his mother and father. But he couldn't help the way he felt.

One day Toodles went for a walk by himself. He liked to wander in the woods. He was happy, all alone. He would sit down quietly in some small nook.

Here in the woods he could be as timid as he wanted; the flowers did not mind,

neither did the butterflies, nor the bees. He even pretended- that he was playing games with them.

He had traveled for some time and had forgotten to count the time.

Toodles decided that he had been traveling far enough. He turned to go' back and knew, almost at once, that he did not know the way back. He was lost.

Now what could he do? He made a guess and started one way. He walked quite a distance, got panicky, and retraced "his steps. He was confused.

.. - . . .. . ~

That would- not do either. How was

he to find his way home?

Now another bunny would have thought of a way by inquiring.

But Toodles was too timid to ask anyone how to get back home.

"Well," he thought, "I haven't much choice, have I?"

When he got no answer, he arose. He began to tremble but bravely he made his way to where he would find someone. He needed courage and- advice.

A squirrel appeared. Toodles decided that he would let the squirrel go by.

A chipmunk did not even' look, at him,

he was hurrying too fast.

Coming through the woods was a bear. "Well, I mustn't be foolish," said Toodles. "It won't help to let' everyone pass. I shall talk to this nice bear boy."

The little bear made it easy for Toodles. He kept coming towards. him.

"Hi," said the bear to Toodles. "Anything I can .do for you, little bunny?' "Do you know the way to Farmer

Brown's garden?" ToadIes asked

tremblingly. He was still timid.

"I don't know," Buddy Bear scratched his head. He did . not know. "I wish I

could help you," he added as he went on.

"Well," thought Toodles, "that was

easy enough." He felt better.

"Do you know the way to Farmer Brown's garden?" he asked Dennie Deer. Dennie did know, and kindly said so.

"I'm going. that way myself," said Dennie, "so we might as well walk together." And they did.

All i the way back to Farmer Brown's garden Dennie talked to Toodles . and Toodles talked to him. Why, it was easy

not to be timid! It felt good.

So Toodles isn't timid anymore. And Mama Rabbit and Papa Rabbit and his brothers and sisters are VERY glad of it.