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Network Monitoring

Alarming System

Our System is designed to be a centralized operation console. It delivers an effective tool to monitor your essential IT

infrastructure including Server, Network, Operating System, Database, Enterprise Application, Process and Log files.

Combined with a proactive scheme of alarming service, your IT administrator will be notified before an outage of your

critical business processes. This solution provides IT service improvement, increases service availability, reduces IT staff

workloads, prevents service level breaches, and enables system administrator response to the problems rapidly.

Centralized IT Infrastructure Management with dashboard
A comprehensive device dashboard provides an insight of
your monitored elements such as latest device status,
resource utilization, system performances, and recent alarm. Client Browser

Web-based Configuration Monitoring and Alarming System Notifications
An easy-to-use GUI enables users to easily configure and SMS
effectively monitor your infrastructure components. An
integrated resource utilization graph allows management to Sound

plan for an upgrade or revising resource allocation. Web Appication
Monitoring and
(ASP .NET) Alarming Services

Alarming with multi-channels alert
Delivers very effective alerts through multiple channels
include SMS, sound and email.

Unlimited Monitored Devices
The system is able to monitor various types of services and applications such as operating system, database, SNMP, processes
and log files. With an expansible architecture, it provides unlimited numbers of monitored devices.

Fault tracking & Knowledge-based
Alarm acknowledgement and fault tracking not only store all information of the problems that affect critical business processes,
but also keep the solutions and guidelines for specific problems as a knowledge-based of organization.

Active Directory Integration / Failover Clustering Architecture
Single Sign-On integrated with Active Directory enables IT security consistency. Also Clustering Architecture provides high
service availability and expansibility.

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Network Monitoring and Alarming System

Features Matrix
Feature SNMP WMI CLI Agent Services
(Telnet, SSH)

System Monitoring
(Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows)     
Network Monitoring
(Router, Switch, Modem, Lan, etc.)  -  - 
Network Traffic Monitoring
(TX, RX, Error, Discard, etc.)     
Performance Monitoring
(CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.)     
Database Monitoring
(Oracle, SQL Server, Informix)     
Application Monitoring
(Service, Log)     
Event Log Monitoring
(Enhanced Rule-based ) -  -  
Syslog Monitoring
(Enhanced Rule-based ) - - - - 
Web Monitoring
(HTTP, URL, Website) - - - - 
* SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol.
* WMI: Windows Management Instrumentation.
* CLI: Command Line Interface.

Technical Features
Unlimited Number of Monitoring: Equipment Monitoring (SNMP protocol)
• Alive check : Ping • UPS, Air Condition, Router, etc.
• Server : Windows, AIX, Solaris • Router, Switch
• Database : MS-SQL, Oracle, Informix
• Network : Router, Switch, SNMP Trap Alarming
• Application : Lotus Note • SMS
• Running process • Sound
• Log file • Email
• Windows Management Instrument (WMI)
• Agent-based Support Alarm Configuration
• Ruled-base configuration
CPU Utilization • Specify threshold
• CPU load average, User time, System time, • State checking
idle time, Processes in the run queue • Defined severity
• Fault tracking
Memory Utilization
• Memory used, Available memory, Cache free

Network Utilization System Requirements
• Traffic, Packets Error, Availability, Network Collision Speed : 2.0 GHz Processor
Hard Drive Space : 100 GB
Disk Utilization
Memory : 4 GB
• File System used, Disk I/O, Wait I/O, Disk Busy,
Operating System : Windows 2003 or 2008 Server
Services Time, Percent Read, Percent write
(32-bit or 64-bit) with IIS installed
Database : PostgreSQL or Oracle
Log Monitoring
• System Log, Security Log, Application Log, Syslog

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