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1 BASIC KNOWLEDGE......................................................................................................... 3

1.1 BRIEF INTRODUCTION................................................................................................. 3

1.2 SAFETY NOTICE............................................... 4
1.3 SAFETY WARNING AND NOTICE........................... 4
2 BEFORE USAGE................................................................................................................ 13

2.2 SKETCH MAP................................................... 14
2.4 BATTERY....................................................... 16
2.5 BATTERY RECHARGE....................................... 17
2.6 CONNECT TO THE NET................................... 19
3.1 THE USAGE OF THE MENU ............................... 25
3.2 MENU STRUCTURE........................................... 26
3.3 MUSIC PLAYER............................................... 27
3.4 VIDEO PLAYER ...............................................29
3.5 VIDEO RECORDER ....................................... 29
3.6 CAMERA....................................................... 30

3.7 TELEPHONE BOOK........................................... 31
3.8 MESSAGE....................................................... 33
3.9 MULTI-MEDIA MESSAGE................................... 38
3.10 CHAT...........................................................40
3.11 E-MAIL....................................................... 40
3.12 SPEECH MAILBOX...........................................43
3.17 SERVICE................................................... 49
3.17.1 THE STK SERVICE................................... 49
3.18 MULTIMEDIA............................................... 51
3.21 USER PROFILE :................................... 61
3.22 SHORTCUT FUNCTION................................... 63
3.23 THE FILE MANAGE....................................... 63
4 INPUT METHOD EXPLANATION.................................................................................. 63

4.1 KEYBOARD :...................................................64
4.2 THE INPUT METHOD DETAILS:........................... 64
5 T-FLASH CARD INTRODUCTION.................................................................................. 65

5.1 T-FLASH CARD DISMANTLES TO PACK:............... 65
5.2 T-FLASH CARD USE...........................................66

1 Basic knowledge

1.1 Brief introduction

Thank you for choosing the EW801B cell phone of the GSM/GPRS. You can get

the using knowledge through this manual book ,and realize the perfect function and

operation, we also offer many applied function such as double SIM cards, Chinese and

English hand writing, business name card style phone book, individuation incoming call

rings and pictures, chord rings, camera and audio &video recording ,MP3&MP4 player,

blue tooth, GPRS connect to the internet, all those function was set in will make you life

and work convenience.

Our company has the right to change this manual book without any notice in


EW801B cellular phones aim at the network environment of the GSM/GPRS but

design, in addition to basically converse function, also provided to include a pair of cards

modes, intelligence Chinese-English for you handwritten importation, name card clip type

telephone directory, characteristic telephone bell ring and picture, polyphonic ring tones,

take a picture and have a voice to record image function, MP3 and MP4 players, blue tooth,

GPRS to get to the Internet etc. at inside of various practical functions, with the

convenience your work and recreational activity.

Our company's reserve its rights to make changes or modification to this manual



 When you contact the Telecom company.3 Safety warning and notice Please read carefully the following to ensure correct and safe use of the mobile phone.1 In general use notice  Please power off the mobile when you are in any place where use of mobile phone is forbidden such as in the plane. please do some prevention as below: -set the PIN number of the SIM card. they maybe need to know your mobile IMEI number (printed on the label of the mobile phone. -Do not put the mobile on the place easy to see when you leave the car and better keep it in your hand or lock it in your luggage. -Set call limit.  In order to use mobile phone safely. Please mark down and keep it in safe place in case you need it.2 Safety notice  Please inform the telecom company immediately to disconnect the service if your mobile phone is lost or stolen to avoid illegal use of your mobile phone and economic loss. hospital because it may -4- . you can see it after take out the battery). the PIN number can prevent your SIM card will not be used by other person without your permission. 1.1.3. 1.

please obey the below rules: focus on driving. -5- . fire detector. charger accessories otherwise it may cause the battery to catch fire or become hot.  Check the mobile power on in the schedule time and alarm clock setup function to make sure it is not on while on the plane. cardiotachometer and other medical electronic equipments. chemicals and explosive products. leakage of liquid or even explosion.  Please put your mobile phone away from the reach of young children. keep attention to the road surrounding. use only our company’s battery.  Please obey the laws & regulation and correlative logos when you are close to the gas station. Be careful especially near these places: Acousticon. auto door and other electronic equipments.  In order to make effective use of the mobile phone. Please obey the rules if you need to use the mobile on the plane.  If you are using mobile while driving. Please inquire from the local manufacturer and sales agent if the mobile will affect the above equipments. stop driving to make or receive the phone calls if it is necessary. affect the performance of electronic equipments and medical machine equipments.  Do not use mobile at the place where the signal is not good or close to the precision electronic equipments. the radio wave may affect the performance of these equipments.

mobile phone. please do not put the mobile -6- . 1. prevent the mobile phone from falling down and get damaged. otherwise it may cause damage to the mobile phone or electricity leakage or circuitry malfunction etc. using mobile in the car maybe has bad affect on the electric equipments.  If you have safety air chamber in your car. otherwise it may cause mobile phone to be malfunction.  Do not use the mobile near to the inflammable things. otherwise it may cause mobile phone malfunctioning.2 Mobile usage notice  Do not dismantle or refit the mobile.3.  Do not put the battery.  In some situations. Please wash your eyes and see the doctor if the LCD liquid enter your eyes.  Do not put the mobile on the high temperature or humidity or dusty place. charger into the microwave or high pressure equipment.  Do not violently hammer blow or shake or throw the mobile phone. otherwise it may cause the logical circuitry to be damaged or catch fire etc. otherwise it will make the LCD board broken and LCD liquid leakage.  Do not put the mobile on the uneven place.  Don’t beat heavily on the LCD screen or other place. so do not use mobile phone in those area to make sure it is safe. so as to prevent the mobile will not be malfunction and catch fire.

TV set. it may cause short circuit. and may hurt you or make mobile phone malfunction. 1.  Please stay away from the telephone. pen head to touch the keys or screen otherwise it may cause damage and malfunction. if its antenna is broken because it may cause injury to you. creepage or other malfunction.3 Battery usage notice  Please do not dismantle or refit battery.  Do not use sharp things such as needle. So as to protect you not to get hurt when the mobile fall down while the safety air chamber is expanding.3.  Do not put the metal things such as push pin near to the mobile speaker.  Do not put mobile phone close to the magnet card or other magnet things. heat and burst and fire. radio or other office automation equipments when you need to use mobile phone.  Do not let the humidity and water or other liquid into the mobile phone. otherwise will cause the battery to leak liquid. It will release magnetic field. phone on your safety air chamber and the place maybe will be touched when it expand. -7- . the radio wave of the mobile phone may erase the information in the software. and absorb the small metal things. saving card.  Do not use the mobile phone. it would affect the equipments and mobile effect. credit card.

Also do not put the battery and metal things such as necklace together because it may cause the battery leakage.  If the battery liquid leak on the skin or clothes. please wash it with water and go to see the doctor if it is -8- . distortion and etc. It may cause the battery to explode. heat. explosion or fire. do not put too much pressure on it otherwise it may cause the battery electricity leakage. heat. explosion or fire.  When you install the battery. become very hot and explode. it may cause the skin irritation.  Please stop to use or change the battery if it appear some abnormal phenomena such as the battery become very hot. Please obey the rules where there have regulation governing the old batteries disposal. Do not throw old battery into normal living garbage bin. so do not touch your eyes.  You might lose your eyesight if the battery liquid enter your eyes. explosion or fire. heat. color change.  Do not join the jointing spot because it may cause battery liquid leakage.  Do not put or use the battery near the high temperature place such as fire or heater because it may cause the battery liquid leakage.  Do not use the wire or needle to make the circuitry be short circuit. use plenty of water to wash your eyes and go to see the doctor immediately.  Do not throw the battery into the fire.

 The battery life-span is limited. please take the mobile away from the fire so that it will not catch fire and explode.  Please keep the battery dry.  Do not use and put the battery on the place under serious sunshine because it may cause the liquid leak out and become very hot and may debase the mobile capability and abridge the life-span.  If the battery liquid is leaking and has abnormal smell. it may cause the battery to become hot and fume and cankerous . if not it would cause the battery to become very hot and fume and cankerous . The life-span will be debased little by little from charging again and again.  Please keep the battery dry. it means the battery life-span is over and please replace the new same model battery  Please clean the dust on the AC switch on time  Do not put the water near to the recharger because it may cause the -9- .  Do not use and put the battery on the place under serious sunshine because it might cause the liquid leak out and become very hot and may debase the mobile capability and abridge the life-span.  Put the battery on the ventilated place. When you know there is no useful after charging the battery.  Do not charge the battery for more than 24 hours. otherwise. necessary.

. circuitry shortcut and electricity leakage and other malfunction.10 - .  Please cut the electricity immediately if the recharger.

Do not put the charger near the water.Please clean the dust on the AC switch from time to time 5. electric shock or other malfunctions.Do not put the heavy things on the wire or refit the wire because it may cause to be electricity and fire.3.Avoid the circuit shortcut of the charger because it may cause electric shock and fume from the recharger which will damage the charger 3.4 recharger notice 1. 6.Please pull out the recharger from the AC switch if you are cleaning and doing . fire. because it may cause the circuit shortcut and electric leakage and other malfunctions. 8.Please pull out the electric cord immediately from the socket if the charger touches the liquid such as water because it may cause electric shortcut. 2. because it may cause electric shock.Do not use the charger when the AC wire is damaged because it may cause fire and electric shock.1. 4. Does not use the cellular phone in humid place such as bath room because it may cause electric shock. fire and charger malfunction. 9. wire or AC switch when your hands are wet.11 - .Do not touch the recharger. 7.Do not disassemble and refit the charger because it may damage the recharger resulting in electric shock or fire which may cause body injury.

. radio (will affect the audio & video) 1. Please clean the AC switch periodic because it will make recharger problem if the switch is dirty.12 - .Do not use the chemistry such as alcohol. 3. battery and recharger in the high temperature place such as bathroom. 2. 10. thinner or benzene to wipe the mobile.3. humid. near electronics such as TV set. maintenance. 11. dusty or shaking place (may cause malfunction). Do not pull out the wire directly because it may cause electric shock or catch fire and damage the wire.Please hold on the recharger when you pull out the recharger pin.Do not use the mobile.5 Cleaning and maintenance 1.Use the soft dry cloth to clean the mobile battery and recharger.Avoid recharging at these places: Under direct sunlight. high temperature. and do not let them wet.

13 - . ( 3 ) OK key Execute the function. ( 2 ) SIM2 Dial Key Use SIM2 card dial and receive calls. .1 Key description 3 5 2 4 8 6 1 9 7 1.1.1 name and description of each parts 2. You can find the dial record when it is on. You can find the dial record when it is on. navigation key ( 1 ) SIM1 Dial key Use SIM1 dial and receive the calls. ( 4 ) Backward key Exit the function executing. 2 before usage 2.

14 - . ( 8 ) right key direction Press this key when editing.2 sketch map The description of the logos in the screen when the mobile is on waiting: logo description . press this key enter ring tone setting when mobile is on waiting. ( 9 ) the key of Block call. ( 7 ) down key direction Press this key when editing. press this key to enter message writing box when mobile is on. ( 6 ) left key direction Press this key when editing. press this key to back the mobile waiting on normal situation. press this key to enter income mail box when mobile is on. Note: “Press a key” means just touch in short time. 2. press this key long time to power on/off mobile. “press a key for some time” means hold on 2-3 seconds when you are pressing.( 5 ) up key direction Press this key when editing. press this key to enter music player when the mobile is on. Power on/off mobile Stop the block incoming call.

Showing the signal strong of not of SIM1/SIM2 Can use GPRS service Set shaking function received message received the media message set alarm clock showing ear phone input set income call transfer key lock is off locked the key board showing battery capacity showing missed call start chatting startup the calculagraph receive new message startup blue tooth search blue tooth successful 2.3 The function of touching control screen This mobile phone has perfect touching control function.15 - . .

personal information management. chatting. add new number. ②put up the battery from the left side and take out it. income audio & video.Touch first picture to enter the main function: audio and video area.4 battery 50% was charged initially. . media message. name search. 3. copy all. system. 2.16 - . five options you can select: message. entertainment. In the first three times recharge. voice mail box.Touch the fourth picture to enter dial function.Touch the third picture to enter phonebook. please make sure the battery was finished completely. The function description of these four pictures on the screen down side: 1. delete. 4.Touch the second picture to enter personal message. this way can make the battery to be the best usage estate. 2. use it immediately after open the package. income call tone. email. Fast search. There are some options. social broadcast. Battery disassemble and install Do disassemble under the below steps: ①open the battery cover.

If your mobile is power off. the electricity capacity signal into the screen right up corner will be flash. it may need some time to show the charging sketch on the screen.5 Battery recharge Put the charger AC cord in the power switch. the charging sketch will show on the screen indicating it is charging. It is showing the battery is charging is finish when you see the battery capacity .Do install under the below steps: ①put the battery right side in first and put whole into it. If the mobile was still use under the battery is over charge. The charging picture will appear picture in the screen even if the mobile phone is turn off. Insert the charger head into the mobile left side (attention the side with arrow should be upturned) At this time. 2. ②close the battery cover.17 - .

Note: Please recharge under temperature +5℃~ + 40℃ ventilated place and must only use the recharger provided.symbol is full and not flashing. mobile phone and charger will become hot when you are charging. After the battery is recharged. It may cause a risk if you used any other type recharger without authorization. It will also show the same sketch if you turn power off the mobile to charge. After recharging. do not take out the battery when it is charging.In actual use. it will recharge again and again. Normally. Please ensure the battery was installed before recharge. The mobile waiting time and calling time is set by manufacturer in the ideal condition . switch off the AC power and take out the recharger from the plug. please detach the recharger from the mobile phone and power switch.18 - . Please recharge on time when the mobile phone is power off automatically or displays the warning of battery is going to finish. The charging process will take about 3~4 hours. If you do not detach the recharger from the mobile phone and power switch after about 5-8 hours. We suggest you do not . the battery. It will reduce the recharging time if your battery still has some power before recharge. environment and usage way. the battery working time may be different and affected by network connection.

take out it carefully before usage. Warning: please turn off the power before taking out the SIM card. Turn off the mobile phone and remove the battery and AC power. The SIM card can be taken out and put in any GSM mobile (new mobile phone can identify the SIM) Please do not bend the SIM card so as to protect the information will not to get lost or damaged. the SIM is place in a small card. 2. All the information related to the internet and call record will be initialized in your SIM card.6. overcharge otherwise it will affect battery life –span and functions.6.19 - . and the phone book information you saved and name /phone number/message also will be saved in the SIM card together. This mobile phone is dual SIM cards compatible. It is forbidden to insert or take out the SIM card when the mobile is still connected to the charger otherwise the SIM will be damaged.6 Connect to the net 2.2 Take out /insert the SIM Normally. The SIM 1 or SIM 2 set from the function list (please check the “double card setting” under the “setting “option ) .1 SIM card Please insert the effective SIM card in the mobile phone before using. 2.

20 - . Then the below system will be display on the screen: Input the PIN1---if you set the SIM pass word. first.6. take out the battery. Please turn off the mobile phone if you need to take out the SIM card. It will identify the SIM card and check the SIM be useful or not automatically. If you turn on the power without insert the SIM card. Searching the connection network---mobile phone will search the network till it find out .3 Power off/on mobile Press key long time to power off/on mobile. 2. Input the mobile pass word---If you set the power on password. it will remind you to insert the SIM card. First. then take out the SIM card from the SIM card slot.

6. If you use this function. After you select this function. Notice: Your connection server offer you a standard PIN 1(4-8 numbers) number. 2. you have to input the password to unlock your mobile phone every time you turn on the power and before dialing and receiving calls.5 Unlock mobile Phone In order to prevent the mobile phone being used illegally. You can cancel the password input function but it is not safe and will not prevent your mobile phone to be used . Your SIM card will be locked by Telephone Company if you input wrong password 3 times continuous and you need to input the PUK 1 number. but cannot prevent the mobile phone from the illegal use. use right soft key to clear the wrong input. confirm and finish by the confirmation key.21 - . you have to input the PIN1 number when you switch on the power of the mobile phone. SIM1 will search first. do not input it self-assertion and get the PUK 1 number form the telecom company. you can set a password.4 Unlock SIM card In order to prevent the mobile phone from illegal use. you should change it as your personal pass word as soon as possible. If you do not know the PUK 1 number. Press the power key open mobile. (Normally. then you can unlock the SIM and now you can dial and receive the calls. User also can cancel the SIM card protection. then SIM2) 2. the SIM card is protected by the PIN1 number. Input the PIN1 number.6.the correct connection.

Zip code phone number dial key 2. you should dial the telephone exchange first. If you forgot your mobile password. It will display line on the other side pick up. then click the connect logo.6 Connect to the connection road After successfully unlock the SIM.22 - . the service provider (Telephone Company) name will display on the middle of the screen. please use the left soft key to clean it. 2. Touch the forth logo to enter dial option and input the phone number. your mobile phone will search the connection network automatically (display on the screen). For example.6. Once connected. in a legal way.7 Dial call When you see the name of service provider (telephone company) on the screen (display the signal strong or not on the left top corner) means you can dial and receive call. . Press the end key to finish call. Input the password. you set the pass word is 1 1 2 2. 2. It will display a dialing picture when you are making call. it will also has alarm sound (need service subscription) if you set connected alarm sound. then input: 1 1 2 2.6.8 Dial immovable phone extension If cannot direct call the extension.6. you have to contact your service provider (Telecom company) to get your password number. and end by confirmation key. If you want to change the number. use the right soft key to cancel the inputting. select the SIM1 or SIM 2.

Insert the “P” just press the “*”long time (it will display the “P” on the screen) Zip code telephone exchanger p extension dial key 2.9 Dial international call While dialing the international call. it will let you direct call any country number if you don’t know the country zip code (example: China 00). you also can check the all of the call record through the mobile phone option. received numbers and missed numbers. the latest one will be saved on the top of the list (please check the chapter 3. If you wish to check the list. input the country zip code and complete telephone number.K 44 & Sweden 46 etc.10 Dial the number from the list The dial and received calls saved in the mobile phone. Germany is 49. + Country code complete phone number dial key 2. After insert the +. it will auto dial all of the extension numbers.23 - . press the dial key. The old phone number will be deleted when the number saving capacity is full. press the “*”key till the “+”display on the screen. remove the 0 from the city zip code.6. U. please operate by the below steps: Check the dialed record. All of the numbers in the list can be dialed directly by the dial key . Same as dial international call. For example.6. and then press the extension number. Insert the “P” between the telephone exchange and extension when you are dialing. The number(s) will be classified in dialed numbers.14 “call record”).

While enter the number list, press the confirmation key to check the details, enter the

option press the save, then the number will be saved direct to the phone book.

2.6.11 Urgent call

If you are in the coverage of connection network range (you can know it through

check the signal display in the left up corner in the screen), you can dial any emergency

number. It will display the “EMERGENCY number limited” on the screen if your network

offer does not offer the connection in the location to tell you only call the emergency

numbers. If you are in the cover of the connection range you can dial any emergency

numbers without SIM.

2.6.12 Receive call

If you set press any key to pick up the line on, pick up after press any keys, if

not, it need to press the dial or left soft key two time to pick up. If you received a call from

SIM 2, it will remind you on the screen. You can use the ear phone to pick up the line if

you insert the ear phone. If you are convenience to pick up, you can set auto pick up on

and the ear phone is inserted, it will line on after 5seconds.

2.6.13 Call record

Your mobile phone can count the time of the latest call duration and all of the call

record time duration since you used it (check the chapter 3.14 “calls record”)

2.6.14 Call option operation

In the line on, press the speaker to be hand free, press the option enter the call


- 24 -

Under the call option, you can operate as below:

 Pause

Hold on or comeback the call was held on

 End

End the line connection.

 New call

Dial a new connection.

 Phone book

Enter the phone book browse.

 Message

Edit and send a message

 Voice record

Record the call voice.

 Mute/renew

Don’t send (send)locate voice.

 Inflexion with Muti- frequency

Press the left soft key to startup or be off the inflexion with muti-frequency.

Note: The above operation such as PAUSE/NEW CALL/VOICE RECORD, will

support by SIM2)

3.1 The usage of the menu

Press the icons on the bottom of the screen to enter the functions. Press the function key on

- 25 -

the screen to main course list or the submenu classes, you can get into these functions or


Directional key functions;

Customers can use the shortcut way by pressing the direction key on the keyboard,

convenient for the customer to get into the functions quickly.

1) Press the shortcut key up to get into music player (according to the directional


2) Press the shortcut key down to get into write a message (according to the

directional button).

3) Press the shortcut key left to get into inbox (according to the directional button)

4) Press the shortcut key right to get into tone set up (according to the directional


Quit from a Menu list;

In normal situation, you can press the top right key to quit from a certain function or use a

touch pen press to click on the back key shown on the bottom of the screen to quit from a

certain function. Alternatively, press the on/off key on the keyboard to quit from all


3.2 Menu structure

The structure of the menu is as below:

A) Multimedia

1. Music Player

- 26 -

Multimedia 4. The file manage 3. Settings C) Entertainment 1. Phone book 2. ※ Serve 3. Video recorder 4. Amusement 2.2. Call history 4. Each key function is as follows: The Music Player screen below show the following sub-title: .3 Music Player Choose Music Player gets into MP3 broadcast to connect. Personal shortcut 4. User Profiles 3.27 - . Setting 2. Video Player 3. Message 3. Camera B) Personal information manage 1. Additional function D) System 1.

. Detailed: Check the detail information about the song broadcasting. Broadcast: Broadcast the songs you pick up at present. Random: In proper order while opening that to then broadcast random. Appearance: Background appearance 4. join a bell ring database. can also select "options" under the detailed list can carry out to broadcast. Automatically detailed list 3. Repeated: Repeat the song again. set etc. 6. renew to broadcast detailed list. check in detail. Equalizer: Open that function to change the music effect. Press this sign to stop the broadcasting Press these two signs to the previous song and to the next song.Options Return. function. 5. Join a bell ring database: Join the current song into the profiles Volume Key: Press the add (+) and subtract (-) sign to increase or decrease the Volume ►and:Press► to Play and press  to Pause. Broadcast background: Open that music will not stop when you quit from the menu 7.28 - . Detailed list: From phone memory or flash card memory 2. Select . Renew the playing list Setting: Setting multimedia broadcast 1.the detailed list can immediately show the name of music download.

Note: Music player file save the path as my music. MMS. Get into an action to capture an image.5 Video Recorder Your cellular phone has a built in video camera to record video clips. Press the options into: Play: Play the video recorded clips. Press the options into Broadcast: Pick a file to broadcast. Press key to adjust the brightness. E-mail. Rename: You can change the name of the document or file. 3. Transfer: The file can be transferred to telephone book. Line up tracks: Arrange the sequence of file (can according to the name..29 - . Delete all: Delete all the files. Press key to adjust zoom. (Cellular phone and memory card).. time or size) Store path: Check the storage position of document to save into phone memory or flash card memory) Note: The pre-established file of the video player save as Video (cellular phone memory or SIM Card memory).4 Video Player Get into the video broadcast. 3. Deletion: You can delete the file at present. type. press the red circle key on the screen to immediately start recording. .

- The change of lens: Choose a lens.. The camera setting: Some enactments of related parameter settings while taking photo. - The color setting: Can set the color of the photograph. Effect Setting: To select from different effect modes Storage: To store recordings to Phone Memory or SIM Card Memory..You can also get into related enactment through the options. size limit. select menu to get into the camera. recording time. Press the small diagram shown at the edge of the screen to set the size. Press the diagram in the middle of the screen to takes photo. delay to take. - The photograph set: The enactment of photograph size and photograph quality. quality ...6 Camera Your cellular phone has a built in camera. the special effect sets. photo mode . Press the options into: Arrive at Photo Album: Get into a photo album. Restore Default: To Restore all settings to the factory settings. Dual Sensors: Choose from different lens. Video Setting: To set the video quality. . 3. and encode format.30 - .connect clap enactment .Camcorder Setting: To set your camera settings.

such as name. other numbers.. setting. mobile phone. the name search. calling rings and calling video … Quick Search: Choose this option can get into the browse of the phone book. Personal information management 3. - The user profile: You can set the mode you like to take photo. You can input some information in the blank of the screen to search the calling history conveniently by choosing the input way like these: 1. deletion. - Frame setting: Choose the frame you like for the photograph. - The special effect setting: Choose the effect you like. - Restore default: Recover all default to the factory setting.etc. - Storage path: Choose the storage to phone or memory card..31 - . calling sign. add number. You can also see the options in the phone book obviously as mention below: quick search.7 Telephone Book You can use telephone book to store business name cards details. all replicas.Phonetic .. home telephone number and company phone number .. telephone groups .

English 3. company name. storage the position.32 - . You can delete all the records in the SIM card or delete all the records in the phone memory. Setting: The telephone book of the function of the enactment is divided into three items: Capacity search. name card set. Store Position: The choice has the initiative storage position. You can just change the detail of the numbers which are store in the SIM1 card. Numeral The Name Search: Search the history by the name list in the phone book. the bell. The name card Set: Set in the middle of the cellular phone telephone directory the contents include by record (family telephone. you can choose to save the number in the SIM1 card or SIM2 card or in the phone . and electronics . the picture… Other numbers: The SIM2 card cannot support this function. alphabet 2.You can set the detail for each group such as: the group name. You can also select the record one by one that you wish to delete. Deletion: You can delete the record by this function.There is a little difference in the storage format from these ways. The capacity Search: You can check the storage situation about the SIM1 card and SIM2 card. All replicas: You can copy all the numbers from the SIM card to the phone or you can copy all the numbers from the phone to the SIM card. cellular phone or SIM card. Telephone groups: This phone provides you 5 groups . Add number: When you need to save numbers to your phone book.

8. press the confirm button to read the new message.8 Message Choose "Message" menu gets into a submenu.etc. you can get into the inbox. you can receive and dispatch medium English messages and multi-media messages. cellular phone will vibrate (if the vibration option is selected) or hint a sound (if the sound hint function is selected) or the screen will show animation hint. and it will be automatic stored in the SIM card.8. 3. 3. ten enactments).33 - . 3.1 New message While receiving messages. If you want to read the message. it will show a hint of having the new message.. The message number that can keep in the SIM card is decided by the capacity of the SIM card. Telephone bell: You can choose the bell ring to hint the call is coming Telephone Video: You can choose a short video shown on the screen when the call is coming. Caller image Display: You can choose the funny image shown on the screen when the call is coming. and if you have already applied for the service.2 Write a message .. If your network support. If you don't want to read right away. mailbox.

-Copy: Insert pre-established in common use and short language in this message. bell ring and animation. choose this will get into a consignee editor frame. press to make sure to send out. the conservancy erupt to send. in the message. Send out with the SIM2 card: Together send out. in many ways send out or cluster the set send out and come to deliver this message to the another cellular phone number... Please confirm have already set message service center number before send a message. -Complete: Choose this means that message was completed. here will be send out with the card number of SIM2 card the message edit. -Insert Object: Insert objects. win election to choose the other party number from the telephone directory. Send Out: Send out this message. .34 - . store. or press look for to adjust a telephone directory. -Input Method: Input method while changing message editor. can edit a message contents.etc. use SIM2 card to send out. The message network service can support you to send out the message to others. can get into the next operation. according to your need to choose to send out. Choose completion after finishing writing the message. you can touch to connect the numerical small diagram mark input number under. (Please follow the "message enactment") To choice writes a message. The conservancy erupts to send: Send out in the meantime deposit of this message sends a box. such as picture.

- Editor: Edit the contents of message. you can see the date. .Store: Don't send out that message. but deposit it to send a box.8. Get in to outbox to check the message that you keep in the SIM card. you can check the previous or last by pressing the key up and down. When checking the message in the inbox. When checking the massage.3 Check the received message and send message Get into inbox to check the message that had already received. The cluster set send out: Choose a cent set. you can press the confirm key to read the message or you can do the operation as below to make more choices: Reply: Write and send a message to reply the current message - Deletion: Delete a current message.35 - . time and the name about the sender (these numbers should store in your phone book) When checking the message lists. send out this message to all members in the cluster's set. 3. Forward: Forward the current message to others . In many ways send out: Send out this message to several cellular phone numbers. Notice: Some parts of cities and the message center of the region not support the message of more than 70 inside texts (or 160 dollars with numerical English).

Make duplication to the cellular phone: Duplicate the message from the SIM card to cellular phone. Delete all: You can delete all the messages in the inbox. Usage of link: If there is a website in the message . .(include the current message and all the messages) . . . ( include the current message and all the messages ) .36 - . Move to the cellular phone: Move the message from the SIM card to the cellular phone. Usage of number: You can choose the number from the current message to call back him or store this number in your phone book. You can choose to send to one person or send to a group )  Editor: Editor the current message - Deletion: Delete the current can choose the link to link the website ( This function needs the support from the telecommunication company )  Go into the outbox and you can press confirm button to read the message or do the operation as below to make more choices:  Send out: Send out the current message. Chat: Get into a chat room. . .

Make duplicate to the cellular phone: Duplicate the message from the SIM card to cellular phone. Usage of link: If there is a website in the message. and you .5 The message setting  At the time of using message function. 3.37 - .Get into message setting:  The mode setting: Get into each mode. you can choose the link to link the website (This function needs the support from the telecommunication company) 3.  The status setting: You can choose whether opens news report or not.8. (Include the current message and all the messages) Move to the cellular phone: (Move the message from the SIM card to the cellular phone. You should choose one mode to set in your phone. you can set the name.8. ( include the current message and all the messages ) - Usage of number: You can choose the number from the current message to call back him or store this number in your phone book. the period of validity and the send out format. message center number.4 The copy operation ■ You can write some common-use sentences to store in the template to made yourself more convenient while writing some similar message. You can choose to edit it again or delete it. you need to set the data first .

Reply: Reply a multi-media message to the sender. subject and contents. can also choose the path of reply.  The information delivery enactment: You can choose the delivery ways as GPRS or GSM. 3.  The message report: If you set as open. You need to fill in a receiver.9 Multi-media message Note: SIM2 card can not support this function. Reply to all: Send out a multi-media message to all receivers. (Concretely operate is the same as the inbox of message) Check: Check the present multi-media message and the details.  Set message center number: Please contact your network service to get the message center number. Inbox: Check the multi-media message.38 - . Write a message: Lately set up a multi-media message. .  The capacity search: Check the capacity occupancy in the SIM card or the capacity occupancy in the inbox. the report center will send you a report to inform you that your message had already send out or not.  Store position: You can choose to store in the cellular phone or SIM card. then when you send a message. duplicate.

Look into: Look into at present a multi-media message contents. Send out: Send out at present a multi-media message. Detail: Check the current detailed circumstance of multi-media message.. All deletions: Delete the entire message. Transfer: Transfer the current message to others. Deletion: Delete the current multi-media message. Use number: Withdraw at present a multi-media message to accept the number of. Use number: Withdraw at present a multi-media message to accept the number of. Use number: Choose the sender’s name and number from the multi-media message. Outbox: You can keep the message that fail to send out. Deletion: Delete the current multi-media message.39 - . All deletions: Delete the entire multi-media message in the inbox. Forward: Forward the multi-media message to other persons. Information detail: Look into at present the detailed circumstance of multi-media message. (Concretely operate is the same as the of message a box) Check: check the present a multi-media message. All deletions: Delete all condenses in the preliminary draft box.. Deletion: Delete at present a multi-media message. Edit news: Edit at present a multi-media message. ■ Preliminary draft box: The editor completes behind if don't send out can keep here. .

travel extensively a network. ■ Set: Set the multi-media message sends out and receives of related parameter. read repay.. Receive a constitution: The multi-media message receives some related parameter enactments in the process. send out a reading report and allow sending out a report etc. priority. send out repay. 3. start a square to chat with pre-established cellular phone number. Filter: Filter part of multi-media messages. Like main network. time partition. Memory appearance: Look into the capacity information of multi-media message.40 - . .10 Chat Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function ■ The chat room setting: Choose a chat room.11 E-mail Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function. message detail with produce new news three optioned from the template. The server set: Choice to in response to of server.Edit enactment: Can establish editor mode. ■ Start chatting: Input a message. . Such as use term. can choose to look into. send out etc.■ Copy: In advance input some templates. in time.. set the other party cellular phone of pet name and chat number. 3. picture to contract and automatically sign Send out enactment: The multi-media message send out of some related parameter enactment.

Concrete operation is as . You need before use E-mail function to set related parameter. 2 and 3) - >editor: i. the order get of the One by one in into: Menu - >message - >E-mail - >the mail set - >mode (1. Note: This function SIM2 card nonsupport. Concrete operation is as follows: 1. 2 and 3) - >editor: i.You need before use E-mail function to set related parameter. You need before use E-mail function to set related parameter. the order get of the One by one in into: Menu - >message - >E-mail - >the mail set - >mode (1. 2 and 3) - >editor: I. Concrete operation is as follows: 1. the order get of the One by one in into: Menu - >message - >E-mail - >the mail set - >mode (1. Concrete operation is as follows: 1. Concrete operation is as follows: 1. You need before use E-mail function to set related parameter.41 - . 2 and 3) - >editor: i. the order get of the One by one in into: Menu - >message - >E-mail - >the mail set - >mode (1. Note: This function SIM2 card nonsupport. Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function. Note: This function SIM2 card nonsupport. You need before use E-mail function to set related parameter.

IMAP4 or Pop3. (5)Biggest receive capacity: Each capacity with biggest mail of receives. 2 and 3) - >editor: i.follows: 1. ii. (2) Outside send a conjunction wharf: Under the general circumstance fill in 25. Inside send server enactment: Set receive of mail a server. (Such as profile 1) (2)Deliver numbered account: Choose the GPRS numbered account that mail use when deliver. (6) Password: The password of electronic mailbox. iiii. (The agreement provided according to your mail server) (4)Automatically receive mail: Whether choice automatically receives mail or not. (3) Show name: The name of manifestation for the other party to receive mail. Sign file: The signature contents of mail end of show tail. . Deliver enactment: (1)Set file name: Change the name of that enactment file. iii. Outside send server enactment: Set send out of mail a server. (4) E-mail address: The address of the E-mail of your application.42 - . (1) Outside send a server: The step address of mail server. (3)The communication negotiate: Choose the communication agreement of mail. the order get of the One by one in into: Menu - >message - >E-mail - >the mail set - >mode (1. The method together and outside sends the enactment of server. the detailed information can contact a number telecommunication a company. (5) Customer name: The name of electronic mailbox.

2. listen to message. while use the function of speech mailbox meeting faster. Accept a box: The mail deposited to receive.43 - . Edit an E-mail: Compose a new E-mail. 3.12 Speech mailbox Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function The speech information storage that you receive is in the network and listen to that information has to stir to type speech mailbox number. Preliminary draft: Deposit E-mail preliminary draft. Editor: You can add/edit speech mailbox number. The usage of E-mail function: Deliver and receive: The transmission sends the E-mail in a box and receives new mail. so. Pure empty mail box: All deletion mail within mail boxes. 3. ■ Receive mode: The choice opens in to receive mode and close brush-off to receive a . Link to the speech: Stir to type the speech mailbox that you set number. Send a box: Deposit didn't send out successful mail. The mail sets related parameter enactment to get into again after complete: Menu - >service - >numbered account data.13 Broadcast a message SIM2 card cannot support this function. the choice before makes selection of deliver numbered account. Send a backup: Deposit to send out a successful mail backup.

press the assurance's can look into has already stirred telephone row form. ■ Language: The enactment broadcasts a receive of message language. ■ Have already stirred a telephone. please serve an operator contact with your telecommunication. BE answering the phone.14 Converse record ■ Answer the phone. press the assurance's can look into has already answered the phone row form. broadcasting message. ■ Read information: Get into this menu read you order to make of broadcasting message. have already stirred a telephone and have already answered the phone to record under the row form. can press the options be carry on as follows to operate to the current telephone record choose.44 - . ■ The channel establish: The enactment broadcasts message channel. . press the assurance can look into and don't connect the row form of telephone. number and stir a dozen of number of times. press the assurance can look into the detailed information of that record and include date and stir to beat time. ■ Have already answer the phone. In the detailed information connect under. Deletion: Delete this record. 3. Note: Broadcast the service of message and speech mailbox all to provide for the telecommunication company.

The last time converse time: Time which looks in to converse last time be worth. Converse time There are four function options in converse time. Answered the phone. The last time converse expenses: Look into a last time a converse fee. Converse charge Converse the charge can save a converse total amount charge for you. already answer the phone total. The last time is converse time. . all account return zero. Have already answered the phone to total: Look into have already answer the phone of time total. The customer can choose pure empty a certain converse to record row form. Stir number: Stir to make that telephone number call. delete. Have already stirred a telephone totally: Time which looks in to stir a telephone total. restart to account hour. already stir a telephone total. have already stirred a telephone and have already all answer the phone. Editor: Editor that telephone number also deposits it into the telephone directory. choose the deletion all then deletes the row form in the converse record. Delete a converse record There are four function options in the deletion the converse record. All account return zero: Covariance when clearance account in of data. Stir with the SIM2 card: Use the SIM2 card stirs to make that telephone number call. Conservancy: Keep this number to the SIM card or the cellular phone.45 - .

The message counts a machine Have already sent out: The message amount that the record has been already send out. Deliver last time: The record delivers word stanza a number last time. All receive: The word stanza that the record altogether receives count.1 Calendar . Receive last time: The record receives word stanza a number last time.15. please and you of the network provide goods a company contact to obtain that password. The GPRS counts a machine Note: This function SIM2 card non support. You can choose left and soft key heavy establish to distinguish pure empty those 2. Have already received: The message amount that the record has been already receive. restart a charge. will count a machine to return zero. All transmissions: The word stanza which records in the aggregate transmission count. The expenses limit: Input the PIN2 code can read and the modification or cancel be that function.46 - . Count the machine return zero: Restart to count. All converse expenses: Look into the total amount converse expenses. 3. The converse expenses return zero: Input PIN2 code. Price and fee rate Input the PIN2 code can read and the modification or cancel be that function. Notice: Need you to input the operation part of PIN2 code.

Or press the direction key on the keyboard to choose it. monthly five options.47 - . Get into a submenu according to the options. Jump to appointed date: From the current date of agenda jump to the appointed date. You can choose once. from definition.2 Waiting item This cellular phone totally can store 10 Memo. deleting a record. From definition: Remind you at the time you set. Choose one and set the time one by one. edit.. Lunar calendar: Open or close a lunar calendar manifestation.. Every day: Remind everyday at the time you set. Once: Remind once. 3.15. . Get into an agenda management. Agenda: Set up new agenda and set an alarm clock to remind for it. Monthly: Remind you monthly at the time you set. weekly. everyday.15. all deletions. Touch the direction key of right or left on the screen to choose the year and month . Weekly: Remind you weekly at the time you set. join. 3. 3.3 Alarm clock This cellular phone can set three alarm clocks.15.4 Time of the world Touch the screen and choose time of international community or use direction key you can also do it. You can select the memo and edit as below: browse. press the assurance to show date.

press four directions. While accounting respectively: After minuting down 1 to record while accounting respectively time will not return zero. right and soft key cent account. at most can't more than 20 turns. Look into a record: Look into have already kept of record respectively with turn the record for record. 3. press the left and soft key a beginning/stop account. suited for not more than 20 people to carry on test to record result.48 - . 3. General stop-watch: General stop-watch. suited for to carry on long pull to round the record that the turn runs each result to a person(like professional athlete). distinguish to above descend or so direction key a control. 3. is divided in to account respectively with account by turn. .16 Amusement Game: This cellular phone provides two games: The diamond is fond of city and repeatedly sees.5 Stop-watch Carry out the function of stop-watch. Have another toward the stop-watch: Face to stop-watch more.15.6 The coming call You can check the detail of the coming call.(if 1000 meters of a class test) While accounting with the turn: After minuting down 1 to record while accounting by turn time will return zero.15.

blue and gray . weather forecast and the airplane service. Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function.2 WAP Your cellular phone supports according to the service of wireless applied agreement (WAP). This function is supported by the network provider. Game vibration: Open or close.17 Service 3. Home page: Get into a home page. then you can use a GPRS service. Notice: The GPRS service needs network support. 3.49 - .17.17. you should apply this service and in the cover of this service. 3. The service's menu can show you the information like the news. The home page is the WAP website that you set in the .Background color: Three kinds of background you can choose: The amber orange.1 The STK service Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function.Can get into options to change enactment: -Open: Open the background color -Renew frequency: Change the background colors one by one in a certain time -The enactment is in proper order: Sequence for enactment to by turn background color. -The game set: Game sound effect: Open or close.You can get into your telecommunication service. If your network provider cannot support this function then you cannot use this function.

Please input a Website: You can input any website and browse. Quickly clearance: Choose that to clear the memory quickly. The choice can directly link the Web address of that book label. GSM data: Choose one of the accounts to get into the choices as below: Name: The name of that account. If you didn't carry on enactment. link of the start the enactment. Setting: Set the internet browse enactment. Trust certificate: List the detailed information of issuer.3 The account data Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function.50 - . The editor setting: Choose a network service setting. will use the website that the manufacturer in advance sets. You can check and delete these trust certificates. Browse options: Set the parameter enactment to browsed website. Book label: Each book label that the manifestation has been already included. The service message setting: Choose open or close to receive or refuse a service message. you can choose editor to modify. The web page history record: It will record the website you browse. Clearance of personal data: Choose that to clear the personal data. Include the waiting time and manifestation picture. 3. The service inbox: Keep the message send by the network service provider.17. .

imitate or numeral.Number: The number of that account. Password: The password of server.1 Photo Get into a photo album to check the pictures. Get into an e-book.2 E-book The storage position of e-book document is a memory card. The GPRS link order: Input APN.18. Circuit type: Choose a circuit type. GPRS data: Choose one of the accounts to get into the choices as below: Name: The name of that account.. Network: IP address. check the detail change the name. you can choose editor to modify. delete and modify. Service account: The number of the server. 3. Speed: Choose the suitable delivers speed.51 - . And if there is no this file.18 Multimedia 3. you need to set such a file in the memory card firstly. . 3. you need to download by USD and save in the file named” E-Book. you can read. Service account: The number of the server.18.. Password: The password of server Certificate mode: Choose the certificate mode as a password.

All deletions: Delete all files. Back”is to return. Note: This limited precision of the calculator will have rounding error. facilitate the conversion. 3.3. Broadcast: Broadcast the current record.18. .52 - .19. Press Right Button to delete inputting. .19. . Choose the options get into: Record sound: Record a new speech.1 Calculator The phone offers you one of four basic functions of calculator for your convenient calculations. 3. . Deletion: Delete the current record.2: Unit conversion: This phone offers you a unit conversion functions. . OK”is to the result. . including units . Setting: Set the sound format. Change name: Change the file name for the current record.19 Additional functions 3. Choose a calculator menu item. Transfer: You can transfer the record to the profile or the multi-media message etc.3 Record the sound You can record the sound by using this function. and press confirm button to get into: Input the numbers by using the touch pen. especially in countless division.

Edit in the box with corresponding need for the importation of digital conversion. and press OK”. then the importation of national or foreign currency values. and press “OK”. Edit in the box with corresponding need for the importation of digital conversion. cell phone and the Bluetooth headset can be linked calls.Start Bluetooth Bluetooth can be activated by switching ON or OF .of length and weight. -. the other editing boxes will show the results.Search hand-free devices: Through this feature the phone can automatically find the peripheral hand-free device.19.4 Blue Tooth . using Bluetooth headset communicates with people once you are called. and press “OK”.53 - . -. the other editing boxes will show the results.19. . 3.3 Exchange rate conversion The exchange rate will be required for the importation of currency conversion. the other editing boxes will show the results. 3.Weight: weight units including kilograms <-> pounds and kilograms <-> ounces conversion. (Normally: Bluetooth pre-set codes is 000) After the success of this set.Length: Length units including kilometer <-> miles meters <-> yards meters <-> feet centimeters <-> Four-inch conversion.

File transfer: both sender and the receiver need to open the Bluetooth (in connection device . Name of your device: you can define the name..My devices: Through the search for the new device can automatically search to Bluetooth devices. Set voice path: In phone: Communications only in phone not on Bluetooth. but not any requires one is OFF. Contents license: setting transmission license -My Bluetooth: Once it has been activated. there is Bluetooth information. and the name of device will be showed on the screen. others Bluetooth can search your phone. but can not be searched once is OFF. the phone will automatically suggested one matching set -Connecting devices Setting Searchable: once this function is ON.54 - . the phone will require passwords for access. Authentication requires: Once this function is ON. In hand-free set: Communications only on Bluetooth not in the phone File transfer set Sharing Contents: Choose the path to share files.

Time setting for powering on or off: Set the time for powering on or off Language setting: Set the language show on the phone.1 Calibrating the touch pen.2 Phone setting Time and date: Set the time and the date City setting: Choose a city for the time setting. "This machine can be search" shall be set to open). Calibrating the pen in the screen can make the pen more accurate 3.Transmission-To Bluetooth. Four systems 3. the transmission will process once the passwords are confirmed. voice output at this time will transfer from mobile phone to Bluetooth headsets end. in my choice of connectivity devices. then open the transmission Files-options. Voice will be returned to the cell phone headset. Play music: Opening of the music player. connecting phone and Bluetooth headphone. once interrupted options of audio-visual remote control service in the Installation options and disconnect it.20.20. selects the choice of broadcast services and advance voice recognition connectivity in my choice of connectivity devices. Time setting: Set the present time Time setting format: Set the time shown as 12 hours system or 24 hours system.55 - . .20 Setting 3.

Show the service network name: Clock type: You can choose the clock type Greetings: You can choose whether show the greeting or not. .. Then when you make those calls. Choose open or close to change whether show the number or not. Quickly dial number: Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function. You can set the simple number short for the telephone number. you can just dial the simple number .56 - .Input method setting: choosing a default input method List of standby functions showing: Tablecloth: Choose the tablecloths Screen saver: Choose a saving picture for the interface of main screen when in standby and setting the waiting time Cartoon of powering on: different cartoon which can be chose when you power on your phone Cartoon of powering off: different cartoon which can be chose when you power off your phone Showing the time and date: When you power on or off the showing of the present time under the stand interface Show the number of this phone Note: SIM2 card do not support this function.

the receiver can see your number. Conceal the number: When you make a call. the receiver cannot see your number. Transfer without condition: The coming call will transfer to the number you set without any condition.20. Transfer while nobody answer: The coming call will transfer to the number . The conference: Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function. (Need the support of telecommunication company ) Show the number: When you make a call. When you are talking with other on line.3 Converse enactment This number of this phone: Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function.Automatically renew time: Choose open or close means you want the automatically renew or not.57 - . Converse conversion: Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function. and another call is coming . The prepared system: Set in the system to confirm whether send the message or can see who was waiting for you on line. 3. Transfer while can't connect: The coming call will transfer to the number you set when your line was not available to connect.

58 - . Coming call restriction: Restrict the coming call. The line of choice: Note:You can choose to set the line 1 or line 2. Cancel the transfer: Cancel all the transfer lines. Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function. Cancel restriction: Cancel the restriction setting. The line of choice: Note: You can choose whether show the talk time or not. but the SIM2 card cannot support this function. Converse restriction: You can set to limit the number you dial. Redial: Note: When you open this function. Transfer while the line is busy: The coming call will transfer to the number you set when your line is busy. Show the talk time: You can choose to show the talk time or not.(need to input a password) Change a password: Modify a password. but the SIM2 card just can support the line 1. Dial number restriction: Restrict the number. it will automatically redial the number that previous fail number. but the SIM2 card cannot support this function. you set when nobody answer the call. Close the group: The closes set function. .

4 The double card setting: Open SIM2 card Automatically: If you open the SIM2 card was in or not. then you don’t need to change the position of the cards and The SIM1card and SIM 2 card will change the line automatically.5 The network setting: Note: The SIM2 card cannot support this function. 3. and select what you want. Hand control: Search currently all available networks. The IP number: By setting this function you can dial the number from your phone book. Notice: The function need the support from the telecommunication company. The GPRS link: You have two choices: always link to GPRS or just link when you set.20. you can set the lock as below: . Blacklist: The number in the black will not disturb you.20. 3. 3.59 - . Exchange the SIM card. If you open this function. the SIN2 card will open. Auto control: Automatically search all the internet service that fit for the SIM card.6 The safety setting The SIM lock Note: SIM2 card cannot support this function.20. In case than the SIM card will be illegal usage.

The phone lock: The phone lock can prevent your phone from the illegal usage. at this time. if have no. new PIN code and repeat new PIN code. PIN code If the PIN code has been already close currently. choose the change PIN code can set new PIN code and please according to hint to one by one in order input old PIN code. next time switch on will inquire your PIN code. Please change the password as soon as need to input your password to power on your phone. If the PIN code has been already open currently. By using this function. Notice: If you input the wrong PIN code three times continually. please contact with your telecommunication service company. the SIM card will be locked.60 - . .your keypad will lock automatically if your phone was waiting for a certain time. you should change it as own password as soon as possible. choose the close can close a PIN code protection. PIN code and PUK code probably provide together with SIM card to you. The keypad lock: By using this function . choosing to open can open a PIN code protection. you need PUK code to solve it. Fixed dialing Note: The SIM2 card can not support this function. Notice: Pre-established password is 1122.

3.61 - .20. dance music.(need to input PIN2 codes) Fixedly number list: Make a list of that fixedly number. pop music. Notice: Parts of functions need the support of the telecommunication company. party. Indoor mode.21 USER PROFILE : You can choose different user profile mode. When this function open. you need to input PIN2 codes. Outdoor mode. you can set to forbid to dial some numbers. You can choose the sound effect such as: bass. Include PIN. It provides six different kinds of user profile in this cellular phone. With contrary of the dialing number. Notice: Open or close to fixed dialing function. 3. it can limit the number you choose. If your SIM card can support. alt. rock music.8 Sound effect Adjust the sound effect. Headset . classical music.7 Original factory setting Then password for recover the original factory setting is 1122 3. Forbiden dialing number: Note: The SIM2 card cannot support this function.20. PIN2 and phone. Meeting mode. Get into "fixed dialing": Mode: Open or close to fixedly number function. Please contact your network service provider to get this PIN2 code. you can only dial these fixed number. General mode. Change a password: Modify a password.

Alert type.62 - . Volume. Alert type. Extra tone and the Answered mode.  Customize: Select the customize and get into Tone setup. General Profile You can select this profile for the personal enactment. Volume. Headphone Profile: This function starts automatically while inserting the headphone. mode and the Bluetooth mode. Volume. Customize : Select this function and get into the Tone setup. Ring type. Indoor Profile: Requires the same operation method as above. Outdoor Profile: Requires the same operation method as above. Customize : Select the Customize function and get into the Tone setup. Ring type. Meeting Profile: Requires the same operation method as above. Extra tone and the Answered mode. . Bluetooth Profile: Open the Bluetooth function in your cellular phone and will immediately start to search the Bluetooth device.  Activate: Select and get into the common environment. Alert type.

Note: Among them some features of this cellular phone like energy saving function can not be modify. 3. Extra tone and the answered mode. 4 Input method explanation This cellular phone supports English input (big & small letters of alphabet). right. When the cellular phone is on the General profile press # key for the silent mode.23 The file manage You can keep the document in this file.Ring type. Then you can get into the functions that you set by pressing the direction to the up. Allow in the in hand machine the function item of input Chinese have: . phonetic input .22 Shortcut function You can set the shortcut according to the personal demand. down. Input and edit a message. through the pen input and sign input method. Open: Show that document - The new folder: Establish a new folder in the file - Format the file: Format the file and restart again. To change it to the General profile again press # key. left. numerical input. .63 - . 3.

Send greetings. *Key: Press* key on the keypad to select the sign input. . . The right or the soft key on the right side of the screen generally means delete (back). The keyboard of English and numerical input defines for: key To in response to the character list or the function Numerical 1 keys .2 The input method details: 4.? ! ’@ : # $ / _ 1 Numerical 2 keys ABCabc2 Numerical 3 keys DEFdef3 Numerical 4 keys GHIghi4 Numerical 5 keys JKLjkl5 Numerical 6 keys MNOmno6 Numerical 7 keys PQRSpqrs7 Numerical 8 keys TUVtuv8 Numerical 9 keys WXYZwxyz9 .1 English and numerical input. . 4. Search for the contact numbers or name. .2. #Key : press# on the keypad to change different input language. . The record in the tool box assign name etc. Navigation Key : Generally use to scroll up & down or ambulate the cursor or choose to turn over the front or back page.1 Keyboard : Left or the soft key on the left side of the screen generally means confirm(ok). . Input and edit a contact from the telephone directory.64 - . 4. Numerical key(2-9): Numerical keys (2-9) on the keypad in the phonetic alphabet means each alphabet on the key under English input method appearance.

Numerical 0 keys 0andSpace Key to left Cursor is left shift Key to right Cursor is right to move The general operation method for the English input:  Each key is used to input several character lists. Otherwise it may result in damage of the T-Flash card or it’s metal cover. first move the metal cover slightly inside(according to the direction ) and then flip the T-Flash card upward.65 - . Input the next character from the list again after waiting the cursor ambulate. Quickly repeatedly press the key until you find your desired character appears.  For the blank space press the ‘O’ (zero) key.  Use# to change the input method. Please don’t move the T-Flash card while it is still attached with the cellular phone .1 T-flash card dismantles to pack: In this cellular phone the position of the T-Flash card memory is located under the battery and above the SIM card place. Insert the T-Flash card according to the direction. 5 T-flash card introduction This cellular phone support T-Flash card for the extra memory space . the operation details are as follow: 5. . While to remove the T-Flash card .

The T-Flash card is use in the cellular phone for the extra memory storage. your demand for the music player .5. prepare to save on the storage space of the T-Flash card. While inserting T-flash card for the first time . camera .66 - .2 T-flash card use It is one of the memory storage for the cellular phone . recording etc. You can use it directly without any enactment. video recording . .