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Curriculum Vitae

Alaa Mohd Al-Haddad

Personal Details

Postal Address Hs. 2018 Algeria Avenue, 8
Isa Town 804
Kingdom of Bahrain

E-mail 

Telephone No.
 36144303

Date of Birth 22/9/1976

Marital Status Single

General Health Very good

CPR No: 760907404

Passport no 1273290

Admin - Customer Services – Accountant

Very good organizational and administration skills, ability to develop with
experience in dealing with customers, accounting experience, willingness Page 1/5
to learn new things and high level workloads. Now looking to start a new
challenging career, within admin-clerical position within the Insurance or
Environmental Sector.
Inspection of new imported car, and make sure they are upon listed

2. Reporting the new imported cars status to the Financial controller and
Sales Manager

3. Reporting marine insurance claims in case of shipping damages

4. Stock custody management / each car, based on its model, has to be
stored in its appropriate store type.

5. Schedule regular maintenance/ inspection on the stocked vehicle

6. PDI- requests ( checking new car requested by sales if any damages to
be reported to the service department)

7. New cars displayed on the main showroom to be maintained by which
certain standard have to be met, ‘coordinated with Marketing and
sales to set the best car display’

8. Maintain and arrange for the Demo car (Test Drive cars)

Accountant 1/2007 to 10/2007

Gulf Air

Working as account revenue doing the following tasks:

Prorated actual ticket cost through the Gulf Air System

1. Classify Tickets by Airlines and Dates(manually)

2. Identify actual cost using prorate accounting principle(based on
Geographical rejoin)/Electronically

3. Identify actual cost using prorate accounting principle(based on
Geographical rejoin)/Electronically

4. Other minor tasks being handled between times to time, Such as basic
reconciliation, internal process maintenance, etc.
For more references contact with Mr. Hassan Salih & Mr. Adel
AL Sheikh

Help Desk Executive 7/2006 to 10/2006

Gulf Electronic Management Systems – ‘Gulf Union / Medical

Page 2/5

• Help Desk Executive/ call centre
- Attending customer queries, claims, and complaints

- Based on policy and procedure, queries and complaints to be
diverted to its proper
channel to be resolved, or incase if it’s within my authority level
then I use to handle

- Arrange daily duties with my team.

• Back Office Work
- Checking Medical claims limit
- Update claims History into the system
- Reporting to management with claims summary billing

Admin- Policy under writer 1/2006 to 4/2006


- Vehicles under writing policies

Renewal process of car insurance policy

Accountant 7/2004 to 7/2005


Accountant operating special account software, reports, and various accounts tasks,
such as invoicing, reminders, follow-up, Debit and Credit notes etc…

Following are the main tasks being handled:

1. LPO being received and based upon invoices to be prepared along with
the delivery note.

2. Invoices to be send to the Sales, that are responsible for merchant

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3. Delivery notes being issued to be collected back upon merchants
delivered, and make sure to be filed into the correspondent dealer file.

4. Maintain re-order quantity – by reporting them in prompt, to avoid
over-order status.

5. Make sure to confirm and maintain the orders level, to avoid any
penalty may occur due to short in stock.

For more references contact with Mr. S.Ahmed Al-Alawi

Sales and Merchandising 5/96 to 7/98

Latif Al Aujan Group

• Sales and Merchandising tasks.

For more references contact with Mr. Hussain Alshamlan

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