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Hardware Features

The diagram outlines all the hardware elements for the phone. Becom-
ing familiar with these terms will help to quickly refer to the various parts
of the hardware in this guide.

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User Manual
IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
Description Function

1 Left Soft Key Select left menu option

2 Right Soft Key Select right menu option

3 Navigation Key Navigate the user menu/interface

4 Confirm Button Accept the current selection

5 Call/Answer Button Dial number/Answer incoming call

6 End/Ignore/Home Button (press); Hang up/Decline incoming call/Return to
Power Button (hold) main menu; Brings up the power off menu

7 Alphanumeric Keypad Enter digits or letters on the display screen
# symbols and special characters

+ insert space
01. Before You Begin * input mode ABC/abc/123

8 Volume Control Adjust the volume level of the speaker or receiver
Thank you for purchasing the IPEVO Wi-Fi Phone for Skype!
9 Headset Jack Connection for 2.5mm headset
We would like to introduce you to a different way of using Skype – one 10 Display Screen Display user interface and phone status
we hope to be even more convenient and enjoyable than ever before.
With the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, you now have access to your Skype
account from anywhere through a wireless Internet connection access 02. Getting Set Up
point. This means more mobility and freedom on top of all the great
benefits and features of Skype.
These simple steps will get you set up when you use the Wi-Fi Phone for
Throughout this guide, you will find tips and reminders on the common the first time. Not setting up the Wi-Fi Phone properly may compromise
issues encountered during installation. However, in the event of further its performance and battery life span.
difficulties, problems, questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to
contact customer service representatives. Installing and Charging the Battery
If you feel that the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype has made Skype even better to
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use, or if you just want to pass on any friendly tips, suggestions or advice
to the IPEVO team, please feel free to Skype us too at ipevocs1!

Package Contents
The product package contains the following items: 1. Remove the back cover from the Wi-Fi Phone.
• 1 x Wi-Fi Phone for Skype 2. Insert the battery into the battery compartment in the correct
• 1 x Battery orientation and close the back cover.
• 1 x Charging Cradle 3. Place the Wi-Fi Phone onto the charging cradle, with the charging
• 1 x Charging Cable cable connected to the cradle and power supply. Allow the Wi-Fi
• 1 x Quick Start Guide Phone to fully charge for 3-5 hours before switching on the phone for
• 1 x Headphone the first time.
4. To turn on the Wi-Fi Phone, simply press and hold down the Power
key ( ).

Next, setup your wireless network connection to access your Skype

SkypeIn™ . 7 8 Signing into an Existing Skype Account Press the Left soft key (Select) on this option and enter your Skype name Description Notifications and password. search with the Right Soft Key (Cancel) and go to Settings > Network > You can use your Skype account to call other people with Skype accounts Networks in range to connect to the network of your choice. your contact list will be 6 Call Timer Skype Network Alert automatically loaded/updated each time you sign into your account. you can manage and configure see the network connectivity and signal strength symbol displayed on your account using the various screen elements and options displayed your screen. just switch this feature on when you 4 Skype Status New Missed Calll are logged into that account. • Passwords can be between 4–20 characters.a subscription feature that provides you with a phone Network that requires a security key will cause a prompt to appear for number to receiving Skype calls to your Skype account from traditional user input.send and receive voicemail messages and record a your alphanumeric keypad. However. consisting of any combination of upper and lowercase There are a number of configurable options for the WiFi phone under the characters. it may take a New Request 8 Right Soft Key Action little while to load all your contact list information. you should After signing into your Skype • Use the Symbol button to enter common symbols and signs. range of status indicators and access to the features and functions via the menu interface. To automati. or numeric 6 entry when entering a network key. prefix your password with a number or punctuation mark. between different networks depending on your location. please visit entry when entering a network key. you need to connect to a wireless Enter the Skype name and account password of your choice*. you cannot use spaces or prefix your name with a number or punctuation mark. especially if you have a very large list of contacts. consisting of any combination of upper and Settings > Network > Preferred networks) so you can easily switch lowercase characters. . The main screen also provides you with a calls. uppercase. for free. Signing into Your Skype Account 2 1 After the wireless connection is established. If 7 Left Soft Key Action you are signing into an existing account for the first time. • Use the Input mode button to change between digits and letters on Skype Voicemail™ . you cannot use spaces. greeting. To connect to a specific network. as well as to view the current network status. 3 Notifications Mute cally sign into a specified account. and you will be automatically signed into the same account next time unless you switch 2 Network Signal Status/Strength this feature off (Menu > Settings > General > Auto sign in). or numeric For more information about Skype and its features. Setting Up the Wireless Network Creating a New Skype Account Press the Left soft key (Select) on this option and enter your Skype name Accessing Open Wireless Networks and password. • Use the *a/A button to change to lowercase. 04. To enter information on the phone: landlines and mobile phones. numbers. Basic Operations Once you have successfully connected to the wireless network. and punctuation marks. You can choose to sign into an existing Skype account or create a new user account. • Use the *a/A button to change to lowercase. 05. 1 Battery Level Ringer Off By default your Skype ID and password will be saved. a Skype sign in prompt 3 appears. cancel the Otherwise you will be prompted to enter another name. * The stipulations for the Skype name and password are as follows: All your network profiles are stored in the phone’s memory (under • Skype names can be between 6–32 characters. 5 Current Time Since your account information is stored on-line. numbers. then network through a WiFi access point in your network environment.03. choose to Accept the terms and conditions. configuring network proxy host or port. To enter input information at the prompt: 4 5 • Use the Input mode button to change between digits and letters on your alphanumeric keypad. Please be patient while the information is New Voicemail being processed. However. including: Accessing Secure Wireless Networks SkypeOut™ . available open • Use the Symbol button to enter common symbols and signs. Skype offers other free and paid features.make calls to traditional landline and mobile phones. Now you can sign into your Skype account and start making on the phone’s LCD screen. Settings > Network menu to add and delete wireless network profile in your Preferred networks list. If the name is available. Before you can make Skype calls. uppercase. or use your Skype name as a password. In addition. a By default the phone will automatically search and connect to the first new account will be created and you will be signed into the account. www. and punctuation marks. change the order and priority of network connections.

Settings > Phone settings > Timeout Search Search for a particular Skype account (to reactive display. • Setting Country Code Sign In (When not connected to a network) Sign in to your Skype account. Press the Call key. • Changing Display Timeout Add Contact Adds a Skype or SkypeOut number to your Contact list. The power-key 2. voicemail. press the End key. menu provides you with fast access to frequently used Network and Skype 3. Sign In/Out Sign in or out of Skype. • Setting Time and Date Main Menu Items Main Operations Settings > Time and Date Connect (When not connected to a network) Connect to a wireless network. including: • Hold Calls Updating the Phone Software Options > Hold the call (during the call) By default. 06. to talk to one of our friendly San Jose customer service representatives. When you want to update the software. press and hold the “End/Power” key by 1. Settings > Phone settings > Brightness Status Displays your Skype connection status. you can either have the call sent to Voicemail or press Ignore to send a busy signal to the caller. simply go to Menu > Settings > General settings > Software updates. the Wi-Fi Phone automatically checks for software updates • Mute/Unmute Microphone each time it is powered on. Receiving Calls Network Status Display wireless-network status. pressing “End/Power” for three seconds then release*. • Setting Up Call Forward Menu > Settings > Call divert . Alternatively. you need to purchase Skype credit before you can make Switch Off Power off the phone. SkypeOut calls (to mobile phones and landlines). My Profile Change your Skype-profile information. press the End key. press the Call key. and authorizations. the phone will be switched OFF immediately. call) and receiver volume (during your conversation). You can use the Volume key to adjust both the ringer volume (prior to the Change Status Change your current login status. Select the contact you wish to call using the navigation keys. * If you hold onto the key for over four seconds.Making Calls Power Key Menu Items To make calls to an existing Skype contact: To access the power-key menu. Dial the country code followed by the phone number items listed below will become available. numbers) History Lists missed calls. wireless network. List of Frequently Used Functions During calls. and Status > Mood message voicemail services. Silent Switch off the ringtone. • Changing Mood Message Services Setup for Skype credit. there are also a number of options that can be accessed (accessed from main menu) using the Left Soft Key. Press the Call key. (without the first zero). SkypeIn. 3. most of the 2. (Type in your new mood message into the display) Settings Access and configure Skype. Main Menu Items • Selecting Language Below is a list of main menu items. Press the Left Soft Key (Contact). dial + 1 408 324 0158 Sign In (When not connected to a network) Connect to a network and sign in to Skype. To answer an incoming call. To end the current call. Settings > Call settings (This will be the country code used for SkypeOut calls using local Contacts (After you are signed in) Lists your contacts and their current Skype status. press any key) using either Skype name or email address. To disable this feature. incoming and outgoing • Changing Display Brightness calls. At the main menu. functions. When you are connected and signed in. Remember. and device settings. Skype sign-in status. Find/View Networks Detect and display available wireless networks. To make call by entering a phone number: The power-key menu display is context sensitive. To end the current call. press Menu > Options > Mute or unmute microphone (during the call) Settings > Advanced > Software updates. Power Key Menu Items Main Operations For example. if you choose not to answer the call. which means that the 1. Press and hold the zero (0) key until the plus (+) sign appears on the items available are dependent on your current network connection and display. and the main operations that you can Settings > General > Language access within the menu.

5. LOSS OF BUSINESS OPPORTU- NITY. IPEVO warrants its products to be free In order to obtain warranty service: from defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. EXCLUSION OF DAMAGES IPEVO’S LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO THE COST OF REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF THE PRODUCT. Note that shipping and warranty. What the Warranty Does Not Cover Bring or ship the product prepaid in the original container. • Use of supplies or parts not meeting IPEVO’s specifications. Limitation of Implied Warranties THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES. Warranty Information Return and Exchange Policy and Procedure Within one year of the purchase rights which vary from locality to locality. or other acts of nature • Unauthorized product modification. LOSS OF TIME. and other IPEVO marks are owned by IPEVO corp and may be registered. IPEVO will repair the defective unit. Step 2. the third-party software included with the product or installed by the 4. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product. Damage. This warranty is valid only offer. • Software or data loss occurring during repair or replacement. You product with a similar product. For how to acquire GPL source code. The serial number of the product. If Step. • Normal wear and Tel: +1-877-269-4738 . customer. The IPEVO logo. 1 a product proves to be defective in material or workmanship during the Contact IPEVO Customer Support at 1 877 269 4738 or email us at warranty period. WHETHER INCIDENTAL. OR OTHER COMMERCIAL LOSS. You IPEVO products come with a one year parts and labor limited warranty may also return the product within the terms of the above described from the date of purchase as described below. including use of the product with non authorized programs. Insurance of the returning Any product on which the serial number has been defaced.ipevo. All rights reserved. and you may also have other © 2009 IPEVO Email: cs@ipevo. • Removal or installation of the product. with the IPEVO retains the right to refuse warranty repair or exchange for reasons associated accessories. Warranty Coverage Information or if the unit is not repairable. • Any other cause which does not relate to a product defect (unclear voice qual-ity due to network and not hardware). INTERFERENCE WITH BUSINESS RELATION- SHIPS. • Any damage of the product due to shipment. so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. replacement unit will be covered by the balance of the time remaining on 2. A description of the problem. ANY CLAIM AGAINST THE CUSTOMER BY ANY OTHER PARTY. Some localities do not allow limitations on implied warranties and/or do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequen-tial damages. EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBIL- ITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. • Attempted repair by anyone not authorized by IPEVO. CA 95134. CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER-WISE. EFFECT OF LOCAL LAW: This warranty gives you specific legal rights. • Damage to or loss of any programs. at its sole option. to IPEVO at 2860 Zanker Rd Suite 104. for the first consumer purchaser. modified or product is recom-mended should you experience any transportation removed. email address and phone number. Your ship to address. issue a working replacement for free.ipevo. Your name. S0-20 is in compliance with GNU General Public License. • Causes external to the product. DAMAGES BASED UPON INCONVENIENCE. LOSS OF USE OF THE PRODUCT. Attn: Return such as but not limited to those listed below: and Exchange Department. data or removable storage media. San Jose. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. IPEVO SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR: DAMAGE TO OTHER PROPERTY CAUSED BY ANY DEFECTS IN THE PROD- UCT. Note that shipping and handling fees are not covered by this handling fees are not covered by this warranty. deterioration or malfunction resulting from: claim from the carrier you select • Misuse. the customer’s original limited warranty. fire. ANY OTHER DAMAGES. LOSS OF GOOD-WILL. IPEVO provides no warranty for 3. A copy of the dated sales slip or transaction ID# from our online store. such as electric power fluctuations or failure. WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION CONTAINED HEREIN INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IPEVO will. The 1. neglect. Customer Service GO! http://www. water. Replacement Product or parts may will be required to provide: include re-manufactured or refurbished parts or LOSS OF PROFITS. repair or replace the cs@ipevo. lightning. please refer to for a Return Material Authorization number (RMA).