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Unit: 10 Class: 4 Date: August 12th Skills: 4

Length of the Lesson: 60 minutes Text Type: Book New Headway 4 Edition/Listening
Linguistic Contents
a) Morphosintactic: Uses of going to (simple future) b) Phonological: Use of contractions/intonation
c) Lexical: Social Expressions d) Function/s: Social expressions to refer the near future
Learning Outcomes Activities

Students will listen Youre going to lose that girls of The Beatles, and then they will fill in the 5 Minutes
blank words that will be taught later. (checking words)
Uses of ongoing expressions
1. - Page 85 Focus attention on the photos and elicit who and where the people are in each
to refer to arrangements in 7 Minutes
one. Ask students what people is doing and focus attention on the possible answers for
the near future and
number 2 - then get the students to continue the activity, working in pairs. After 5
minutes students will listen the recording 10.10 to check the answer. Teacher will ask
students to reproduce the answers in pairs.

2. - Page 130.- Students will try to memorize as much as they can the conversations of the
5 Minutes
recording 10.10 and they will act them. Check intonation and pronunciation

3. - Teacher: Oh! today I realized it is almost September what are you going to do on
September the 18th? Do you have plans? Are you going to dance cueca? Or what about
your holidays I am going to spend my holidays on Via del Mar Have you decided 3 minutes
where are you going to spend your vacations yet?

4. - Page 86 Going Far: Im going to India and I went to India Teacher will ask students to
establish what time it is refer to by asking : past present or future? About each one.
Prech check meaning of retire Students will work in pairs and make sentences using
the time references in the second column. Check the answer with the whole class. 7 Minutes

5. - Page 86 Focus attention on the photos of the people and check pronunciation of Leila
and Ayesha Pre-teach/check get a pay rise and grow up. Focus attention
on the thought bubbles and explain that each person is thinking about their future.
Teacher will Ask What is Alan doing? What is he thinking about? Alan is going home and
he is thinking about his evening after work Teacher will ask students to create two
sentences using going to for each picture on base of what are they thinking. Work in pairs. 8 minutes
Check with the whole class.

6.- Page 87 : Recording 11.2 Listen and Repeat Students will write the same with all the
people, according with the sentences they already created (questions and answer). Work in
pairs. Check with the whole class
5 minutes
7.- Page 87 Recording 11.3 Listening and write the negative forms. what arent people going
to do? check do the washing - Keywords in the whiteboard (random)

8. - Page 87 Exercise 5. Work in pairs, ask to your partner and answer correctly. 4 minutes

9.- Page 88 - The witch ! Make predictions and write what is going to happen in the pictures,
exercise 1. Check with the whole class. Check with recording 11.4
4 minutes
10.- Page 88.- Exercise 2 .- Check it! Give the first exercise like an example.

11.- Teacher will show students images and they will predict what is going to happen using 5 minutes
going to

5 minutes