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Day LS SC Activity

Monday speak about what 1. able to talk about 1. Teacher recalls the previous lesson.
animals eat the animals that can be 2. Name the safari animals they learnt
found in safari park. before.
2. able to classify what 3. Speak with correct word stress.
animals eat. 4. Study the pictures of food category
(meat, fruits, leaves and grass, seeds)
and name the animals that eat the
5. talk about a stimulus with guidance.
6.Make a mind map and present.
7.Ask and answer simple WH questions.
Tuesday Read about the 1. read simple 1. Each pupil will receive a jigsaw
animals in the safari sentences template of different colours.
2. answer simple wh 2. Grouping Step 1; Students are
questions grouped based on the NUMBER of their
puzzle piece. Students with puzzle piece
no.1 work together in a group to
answer question no.1. The same applies
to other numbers.
3. Grouping Step 2: Once they are done
answering, groups disperse to form
another group based on the COLOUR of
their puzzle piece. At this point, each
group has members who has answered
question 1, 2, 3 & 4. This is the time
they discuss and share answers.