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1. Tell me about yourself.

I am a friendly and sociable person. I can communicate well. I can work with other
partners. I don’t discriminate between patients. When I work, I can take action well.

2. What led to your interest in nursing?
I am interested in emergency because I am responsive in a combination of patients
and I have attended BTCLS training.
3. Describe a challenging problem you faced on one of your clinical rotations. How did you
solve the problem?
At the shif rotation, I often encounter delay issues on the next shif. If something is
too late, I will rebuke it subtly. If more than 3 times I will report to the head of the
room. So they will be more disciplined.
4. When you are experiencing a stressful work situation, how do you relax?
When they are a lots of patients, I will use my time off for the holidays, so my mind
will be relaxes.
5. Give a specific example of a time when you knew you did a good job as a nurse.
I feel proud when I can do CPR action because I can help someone who is before

6. Have you ever been burned out? When? What did you do about it?
Once, when in the team there is one member who made a mistake, but it is delegate
to me. I will look for the cause of the problem and find the solution.
7. How would you respond if asked by the head nurse to do some of the menial tasks for
patients that are normally not your responsibility?
I have to dare to deny the sense of being able to give insecurity to the patient.
8. How do you relax when faced with stressful work situations?
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9. How would you respond if, in a rude and haughty tone, a doctor questioned your work,
which you knew to be top-notch and absolutely accurate?
I explain to the doctor whether I have done the right action in accordance with the

10. Do you think you will be a career nurse or eventually look for another profession?

work in accordance with SOP. How many years do you se yourself staying with this hospital? As long as my workforce is still needed. When I see co-workers who are lazy and irresponsible 20. I will try to keep my attitude. I will gently reprimand him who is not easily angry and more diligent again. I respect the opinions of others and don’t impose the others hope. 18. not discriminate of the race. 14. so that he is not insulted. 19. What are some ways that you feel that nursing can become more professional? Discipline. Are there any questions that you have for me? Yes. 11. How do you go about making a decision? I will have a discussion with my co-worker before making a decision. I persist. I’m sure I can be a career in nursing because I have skills that I can develop on my own. Describe a situation connected with nursing that you experienced in the last year that made you angry. Can you describe a situation connected with nursing that mad you angry? If my colleague is not responsible. 21. Describe a situation in which you found yourself working with someone who was very sensitive and thin-skinned? When my partner is easily insulted. Why did you decide to become a nurse rather than a doctor? Because the nurse is closer to the patient and always standby for 24 hours 12. What type of colleague do you least like to work with? I don’t like lazy and arrogant person. training and join in nursing skill test. I have a question. 16. 15. 13. what would your do? I will open independent practice such as wound care. How is the working system in this hospital ? and Could you please tell me about the reward and punishment if I making a mistake. beside that attending workshop. What type of nursing tasks do you find most objectionable? The type of nursing assigment I often encounter is to CPR and i really like it. 17. We have all tried different ways of showing consideration for others. What are some things that you have done in this respect? As I discuss with other nurses. If you were told that the nursing field was closed and that you could not become a nurse. 22. Yes. .