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Mazoon College English Department

Final Summer 2015 Critical approaches to literature

Course: Eng 202 Monday 13/7/2015
Time: 2 hours
Marks: 30

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Note: Answer any three of the following questions. (3x10=30 marks)

Q.1. Define formalism. Write its benefits and limitations.

Q.2. Define psychoanalytic criticism along with Freuds three psychic zones.

Q.3. Write short notes on

I) Hamlet: the Oedipus Complex.
II) Rebellion against the Father in Huckleberry Finn.

Q.4. Write a detailed note on the trap imagery and the cosmological trap in Hamlet in the
light of formalist approach.

Q.5. Highlight moral and philosophical elements in Frankenstein and Huckleberry Finn.

1 MAZOON COLLEGE Syed Adnan Raza Eng 202