There will be a time. A time to remember the way it used to be; without hurting, without regrets. Knowing that whatever I went through, was for my learning. Life is a school, if I don·t do my homework, I can't pass the test. In the art of living, Who is an expert in this world? copyright 2009 Antonio Ranguel

THROUGH ETERNITY I love you through eternity. There is no place in the universe where I am not where I can¶t find you. My love for you cannot be quenched. I am yours, your are mine, we belong together. Even if you don¶t love me I still do. You can¶t imagine what I have done for you. You can¶t comprehend what I have for you. In the distance of eternity I have found in your heart my dwelling place the seat of my throne, where I can see and hear everything. Love me that is all I ask as the time goes by you and left behind only the traces of your mistakes. In your despair I will hear you and I will be ready to reach out and hold you.
Copyright 2009 Antonio Ranguel

Writing is my passion and my clothing. It is the way I dress to show the world my most intimate self. Every piece of information is like a chapter of a book that I am writing. My autobiography of a

life that had good and bad times, a display of characters in the most fantastic experience called life. Without life it would be impossible for me to express anything at all. When I write I pull down the veil between the known and the unknown. I go deep down as possible and higher as I am permitted to go. Everything is lay down like a feast table and I am invited to eat as I please. Nothing is hidden from me, but I can only eat so much and digest so little, and when I am ready to express. I can only give a dim reflection of what I saw and heard. Every writer has an opinion to give, a world of ideas to display of what they saw and heard at the feast table called life. The opinions can be delicious to the intellect or bitter to the heart. Take it as you please! But remember that the way it is will be demand from your head, for not telling it like it is, for giving the wrong interpretation instead of saying: ´I am not sureµ Writer! you have an ethics duty to the world to tell it like it is. If you twist and shout error, your world will be empty and void. If you herald the good news in spirit and truth, you will be a guiding light in the darkness for those who seek information and insight. Does it matter what one believes? ´Like dead and life!µ If I have the wrong information I had fail. If I have the right information I succeed. If I don·t know where to go? How can I get there? Can I say that there is no God? Just because I don·t see Him. I can·t see the wind either but I sure can feel it! Can ignorance get me out of trouble? If I say the wrong thing and offend somebody. Does it matter what I believe? Ignorance is not an excuse. ´Well, you can believe whatever you like just as long as one is sincereµ Can sincerity gets me out of hell? I say it again! Does it matter what I believe? Is your call, you call the shots! But make sure you are right. We can·t afore to be wrong. Can we? copyright 2009 Antonio Ranguel

I have not forgotten you, I always remember you, and your image is with me at all times. Ever since you came into my life, you give new meaning the word FRIENDSHIP. I know that you are special to me. I beg you that no matter what happens you will always have me somewhere special in your heart. My desire for you is that you will prosper in everything you endeavor in this world. I know that your love is awaiting you, and when you are ready it will come to you. Called him every day. Created him every night in your heart. Go through every detail as to what you want from him. Play God for him; make him like God would it make him. He will came if you ask for him, but you first have to find the greatest lover for you. Do you know who is it? First you have to find him within you, in order to find him without. If you meditate in your heart to what I am saying to you, he will be real to you. And when that happen you·ll be ready and he will come to fulfill your dreams. Tell me if you can. What is your ideal man? Do you know? Let me tell you something, you will attract the man that you are. So make sure you know what you are and what you believe of what

you think you deserve. Because if you think that you are ugly you will attract ugly man in your life. My dear friend you will find what you are. Change what you are if is not what you desire. If you can·t look up from above for help and you will receive what you ask for. copyright 2008 Antonio Ranguel

In the beginning was Poetry and Poetry is the hymn song of all times. From the sunrise to the sunset of a new day. Poetry was, is, and it shall be the highest expression of a heart in love. Poetry is immortal it will never die. There will always be someone to remember you. There will always be someone who shall be inspired by you. Poetry is eternal; the sound of its voice shall be heard forever. Even other forms to express love shall arise; Poetry shall remain like a faithful witness of those that in their youth eyewitness their fruits that like heavenly bodies move around the main astral body that hold them like the first love. Poetry will never die; its roots are forever; as long as there are recipients where its seed germinate Poetry will never die. Poetry is like the stars from the firmament that even afar we still see them shine. As long as there is love there will always be Poetry. copyright 2009 Antonio Ranguel

I AM THAT I AM I am who I am, the inner voice in you. I have no form or shape. I am not given nor taken. I called everything into existence and I called you. If you hearken to my voice you will discover yourself in me. I am the never-ending story. I have no beginning or end, I have sent you the best of me, open your heart and receive me I am not only your guest but I live in you, if you don¶t reflect me How can we walk

together? The seal of my character is my holiness, let me embrace you with it.
Antonio Ranguel Copyright 2010

I LOVE TO LOVE I love to love even when love is not I love to care even if you don¶t care Let me feel your pain like mine Let me turn your sorrows into joy I want to go where the pain is Face to face with your anger, fighting your fears. I want to tell you who you are with a clear mind, looking at the sun with no fears of tomorrow. My power is like the morning dew that shall reach the unreachable. Wherever you are I am. I am closer than you think. One prayer is a leap of faith. One can make the difference in a million. Two can join forces to win. If you can only reach you can touch anything. How far I am from where I suppose to be? What does it take to win? The same that it takes to be a looser. The looser sits and the winner walk about. The failure lays down and the successful runs. How can I turn around from this set fate? That insists to turn down every effort to default this program I don¶t like one bit. Cancel that command! ³Thou shall not know the truth and the truth shall not set you free´ Why wouldn¶t it? If is mine to keep: ³Take you your filthy hands off mine eyes you wicked one´ for here He comes, and who can

stands before His presence when He is reveal. Hide! Run! If you can, for my Day has come when you won¶t touch me anymore. Antonio Ranguel Copyright 2010

I WILL KEEP ON WALKING I will keep on walking until I can¶t walk no more, until the sun light won¶t reach my way, until the horizon cover my face. I will keep on fighting until I reach my good of light and hope. I shall win µcause I have the weapons before me. I shall win µcause I was born to win, µcause I have the power to rise above my potentials to a higher realm of expectations that I couldn¶t imagine down here from above. strike me down Oh Heavens! Failure is a lying concept of the true that keeps me away from you. Removed the barrier and I will walk through my fears, removed everything and there won¶t be no limitations. I came from you. I should return to you my rightful owner who bought me with His life. My worthless life has became worthy because of you who loves me µtil the end, in spite of my sinful nature you have receive me, you have welcome me.
Antonio Ranguel Copyright 2010

ONE POWER There is only one power, with more than one manifestation. There is no opposing power. Evil is the absence of Good. When Good is present evil is not. There is darkness; this is not the power. It is the absence of the power called light that makes it look evil. There is freezing cold; this is not the power. It is the absence of the power called heat that makes it cold. The one power is the life power. Death is the absence of life, the Source, The Creator,

nothingness is the absence of God; the beginning and the end. He is light and darkness. He is light for those who believed Him, and He is darkness for those who refused Him by their wicked deeds.
Antonio Ranguel copyright 2010

SOMETHING IN YOU There¶s always something for you in my heart. When I look into your eyes they reflect the loveliness of your soul. I fall completely devoted to the sweetness of your lips. I knew all along since the moment that our eyes met each other, that you were the one I have been waiting for to be complete. A man is empty without a woman. A woman needs a man to be complete. You are my food. I am your water. If you denied me you reject yourself.
Antonio Ranguel Copyright 2010

REFLEX OF LOVE Love is the expression of the soul that reflect the true of the way I feel Feelings that I can¶t hide from your eyes. when you look at me is like an earthquake that shake my whole body. Body that call for you crying for your touch waiting to take me for as long as you want.
Antonio Ranguel Copyright 2010

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