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what is wave?

wave is what transforming information from one place to another.

so the is a spund information like and then this information will
be transmitted by this medium to some other place.
so waves handles space or position and time.
and in wave, the position or space and time , is not independent variable anymore.
and space and time is related.
G(x-ct) this is right going wave , G can be a line G can be any sinosoidal one
so I can say that any wave can be written as:

| y(x,t) = g(x-ct)+h(x+ct) |
| |
|(-)right going wave |
|(+) left going wave |
That is a general expression of all one dimensional waves.
Now I have :
It is interesting that I am observing wave G with respect to X.
What if I observe wave of with respect to time ?
If I use argument t as independent variable over there that physically means I'm
observing wave ith respect to time.
| g(t-(x/c)) |
This is the way to express the right going wave.
And if I have the senosoidal wave?
than I can write :

y(x,t)= sin(x-ct).

instead of G, I peack up one special propagating wave that look like a sine.
so in this case, sine wave is propagating with a speed of C.
Is there anyone who saw sini x -ct?
now , its not possible because the argument, o sine has to be radial.
Scale of x is meter in MKS unit.
so I nead some factor that can change this x dimension to radial dimension.
so la call that as k.
SO introduce , arbitrary amplitude and than I can argue that this is the sine
wave propagation in x direction.
| |
|y(x,t)=A sin k(x-ct)|

This simple mathematical expression will privide us many interesting wave

propagation property.
now this can be written as :
= A sin (kx - kct)
So let focus on this factor what is kc?
kc has to be Omega right?
every body familiar with the oscillation in time , is Omega.
So kc is related with omega.
kc= =2f
f is frequency in hertz, there for we can say that is a (1/T) and T is a period
so :
kc = 2(1/T)
=> k=2(1/(T.c))
What is T.c ?
T.c =
so T is a period and the c is the speed of propagation.
how much wave is propagatin with one period?
and that is wavelengths.

| =(c/f) => this is called dispersion relation
f (frequency is the measure of oscillation of wave in time)

is the measure of ocilation in space.

and wavelengths and frequency's not independent, in other words,
oscillation in time is not independent with oscillation in space
and that is vital key concept to understand wave propagation.

dispersion relation= dictate hot the oscillation in time is related

with the oscillation in space.
what about the wavelengths of one kilohertz?