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Issue 4 Volume 6 August 2017

MT ROSKILL (Puketapapa)
From the Editor:
This issue was meant to look at another Catholic institution in our area but other
commitments took up what time I had available. Fortuitously John Adam came to my rescue
with an article about William Hart, who built the first residence on the Pah Farm. This
updates the information we hold for William Hart and his family. Thank you John your
article was most welcome.
From the President
As mentioned above I have been busy working on my property here in Waipu and starting to
put together our contribution to the 2017 Heritage Festival. This year we will mount another
photographic exhibition in the Mt Roskill Library at Three Kings. The theme is Transport in
Mt Roskill.


Work continues entering data on the Roskills People Database. We are now happy to
answer specific email enquiries for information from the database. Please email


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New Details for William and Mary Hart
By John P. Adam.
Resources that are accessible on the internet in March 2016, have provided further new facts
about the Hart family, who developed the Pah Farm in Hillsborough in the late 1840s.
Previously the writer completed some genealogical research in 2003-2004, while visiting San
Francisco, California, during his NZ Fulbright study of landscape architect Fred Tschopp. This
new information provides details for the extended family of William and Mary Hart.


The Australian roots of the Hart family in Sydney were investigated for the first time, finding
that a William Hart owned an Auction Mart in George Street, Sydney in 1839 [See below:
The Sydney Herald, 24 May, 1839. page 4].

Source: William Harts Sydney business advertisement. [The Sydney Herald] 24th May,

In June 1844 a Mr. William Hart sailed on the Tryphena to Auckland [The Australian, 7 June
1844 page 2]. This could either be the son of William Hart or the father? A Mrs. Hart is recorded
as arriving from Launceston to Sydney on 22 November 1843 [The Australian, 23 November.
1843 page 2].
Finding William Hart working with an auction mart in Sydney opens the door on his
knowledge of the live plant trade in New South Wales and the future importation of the rare
Australian native trees to The Pah Farm, Onehunga. Many of the trees planted by the Harts
were from northern NSW where the notable native Red Cedar tree was being swiftly removed
during these decades.

Son-in-law to the Harts, and husband of Elizabeth Mary Hart, Dalrymple Fyffe Carnegie
appears in a Sydney newspaper reference to Supreme Court Equity Side [Sydney Herald, 5
May 1842. page 2.] His place and date of death is still unknown.


The research significantly confirmed that Mary Hart died in 1897. Her then second husband
Joel POLACK, had had a relationship, it was discovered, with an Eliza Jane HALL (1816-
1887) producing a son who lived in Los Angeles. The son was called Charles Victor HALL
(1854-1933). He was a notable photographer and some of his work is preserved in California.

Other Hart family members have been located in San Francisco. A Felix Leonard Hart, called
a nephew of Mary Hart, was living with the Stevenson family in 1860. Felixs parents were
Frederick and Hannah Hart of Cheshire, England.

The death of Maria Elizabeth Stevenson, a daughter of Mary and William Hart, happened 11
October 1883. [page 241] The grand children of Elizabeth Mary Carnegie Stevenson have also
been traced.

Another new finding was the Records of the Tombstones of Laurel Hill Cemetery 1853-1927.
Page 27 recorded that a Mary D. Hart died on November 19, 1897 aged 87 years.

There is an online card index from the California, Mortuary and Cemetery Records, 1801-
1932, for William Hart who died in 1859 stating he was Buried in Lone Mountain cemetery,
San Francisco, Cal., Stevenson lot. This cemetery does not exist since the big San Francisco
earthquake in the early 20th century.

This image above was taken near Mission and 20th Streets, San Francisco, California.

Photo Credit: California Historical Society, FN-30765.

Photo Credit: California Historical Society, FN-30765.

In the centre right of this cropped and enlarged image from the photo on the previous page, one
finds the home of Mary and Joel Polack. It is the multi-story wooden house set back from the
street with the two story high pair of clipped trees (Cupressus macrocarpa?) growing in the
front garden of the dwelling.

Taken ca 1880s. Location is Mission and 20th Streets. Mission District, San Francisco,

The writer visited this location in January 2004 to find 20 year old NZ Pohutukawa trees
growing as street trees on the kerb of the exact location of the house address.

Acknowledgements: This research was undertaken in March 2016 with the assistance of
Susan Sweetman, Mt Roskill. The California research was undertaken in San Francisco in
early 2004.

Additional information added by the Editor for William Hart found in NZ


New Zealander 2 August 1845

MR. HART, WILL SELL BY AUCTION, At the Mart, on Monday, the 4th of August, at
Eleven o'Clock, FLOUR, Van Dieman's Land, Ditto Sydney, Coffee, Cigars, Tea very good,
Salt, Lemon Syrup, Rollin's Ancient History, Scott's Works, Two Brick Machines, Very
superior Brace of Pistols. VINES. Two hundred Vines, of the choicest description, Three
Tons of Potatoes, And a Variety of Merchandise.


Choice Stock will positively take place on Tuesday next, at 12 o'Clock, at the Stock-yard of
the Blue Bell, Queen Street. W. Hart, Auctioneer.
Tuesday next, the 5th instant. AN EXCELLENT DRAUGHT HORSE, rising Five Years, and

New Zealander 9 May 1846

Colonial Treasury, Auckland, 2nd May, 1846. NOTICE is hereby given, that Licenses have
been issued to the under-men-tioned persons, to exercise the business or calling of
Auctioneer, in New Zealand, for the terra of One Year, commencing the 25th day of April,
1846. Mr. James Woolly, of Shortland-street, Auckland. Mr. William Hart, of Lower
Queen-street, Auckland. Alexander Shepherd, Colonial Treasurer.

New Zealander 13 June 1846

FLOUR. For the benefit of whom it may concern. MR. HART Will Sell by Auction, on
Monday next, at Eleven [o'clock, for the benefit of whom it may concern, THIRTY BAGS
FLOUR very slightly damaged.

SIX TON CUTTER BOAT, (Ring v. De Witte.) MR. HART Will sell by Auction on
Monday next, at Eleven o'clock, AN EXCELLENT SIX-TON CUTTER BOAT, with her
Masts, Sails &c, complete,

AFTER WHICH, At the risk of the former purchaser, William Aldwell, ONE CASK BEEF.

THREE-TON BOAT. MR. HART Will sell on Monday next, at the Mart, at Eleven o'clock,
AN EXCELLENT THREE-TON BOAT, Copper fastened throughout, with Mast Sails and
Oars complete.

New Zealander 4 July 1846

SALE OF MERCHANDISE, FLOUR. BOOKS, &c. MR. HART Will offer for Sale on
Monday next, at the Mart, at Eleven o'clock, FIRST FLOUR, Sugar, Tea, Soap, Salt, Sole
Leather, Jackets, Saddles and Bridles, Haberdashery, Raisins, Prints new patterns, Ink, Blue
Stripe and Regatta Shirts, Port and Sherry, Wine Calicos bleached and unbleached, Bitts,
Boots and Shoes, Pitch Iron Pots and Kettles, Cigars, Tapes, Rice, Nails

AND THE FOLLOWING BOOKS Ben Brace by Chamier, Leigh Hunt's Journal, Pickwick
Papers, Scott's Life of Napoleon, Arethusa, Midshipman Easy, Horse Shoe Robinson, Sketch
Book, Tales of a Traveller, Lionel Lincoln, Pioneers, &c. &c. &c. Lot of Song Books,

Mr. HART, is instructed to Sell by Public Auction, on Monday next, July 6,

FOUR SUBURBAN FARMS Title from the Crown.


UNDERSGNED, A GOOD SAMPLE OF FLOUR for Household bread, which will be sold
at 12s. per hundred. W. HART. Queen-Street, Auckland, July 3, 1846.

New Zealander 27 March 1847

TO LET, THE PREMISES in Lower Queen Street, lately occupied by Mr. William Hart, as
an Auction Mart. Apply to Patrick Dignan. March, 26, 1847.
New Zealander 26 October 1859

DIED. At San Francisco, on the 19th July, in the 50th year of his
age, WILLIAM HART, Esq., formerly of this city.

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