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October 15, 2017


Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Questions Activities
Our life with God is like a banquet, filled with Plan a pot luck dinner with friends or family.
wonderful things to eat and drink. He will take Invite everyone to bring one dish that they love
away all that separates us, and we will be to eat. Afterward, talk about what it was like to
completely happy in his presence. This is have so many yummy choices. Why is a ban-
something that will bring great joy! Have you quet a good description of Gods love for us?
ever been to a banquet? What was it like?
Where do we join Gods heavenly banquet? This week, if you feel scared or unsure, pray the
powerful prayer of Paul: I can do all things in
Paul is saying how grateful he is to the people him who strengthens me.
in Philippi. They have shared in his suffering,
and have supported him financially. Paul says Do you ever give someone a hard time about
that he knows how to live in circumstances that going to Mass? Why? Would Jesus be happy
are lean and circumstances that are abundant. that you are not receiving his invitation? What
Think about that. Could your family say the kind of attire do you wear in terms of your
same thing? attitude when you are there? Are you open and
grace filled? Discuss your familys experience
Can you imagine throwing a wonderful party, with these things and how you might become
and having your guests refuse to come? Would more worthy guests of Jesus.
you be mad? What is Jesus trying to tell all of
us here? When does he invite us to the banquet?
What is your attitude toward that?

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