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Rico Chan‘s Career Report

1. My Top 15 Jobs

1. Computer Animator 6. Desktop Publisher 11. Director of Photography
2. Video Game Developer 7. Translator 12. Webmaster
3. Web Developer 8. Illustrator 13. Musician
4. Website Designer 9. Cartoonist 14. Proofreader
5. Composer 10. Artist 15. Music Teacher/Instructor
2. Top 2 jobs

Top 2 Jobs I am most interested in

1. Composer

2. Computer Animator

3. Go to the ​Interviews​ on the left side menu. Click on ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’ and report on 2 likes and 2 dislikes
from ​each​ interview. (See top right of interview page.) Report in ​point form ​below​. Include your own likes
and dislikes

Likes Dislikes

1. Victor likes to use his imagination on a daily 1. Victor does not like the communication barriers
basis when discussing music with non-musical
2. Victor likes to have a very flexible schedule people
3. Allison likes listening to all kinds of music, 2. Victor does not like working with people he is
and sound of her environment not acquainted with
4. Allison likes being creative with music and 3. Allison dislikes sitting at a computer for
composing prolonged periods of time
5. I am interested in composition, and the 4. Allison finds preparing grant applications very
creative component of this subject time consuming
5. Composing can sometimes be very difficult,
just as how a writer cannot always write, or
when an artist cannot always come up with an
idea to draw

Computer Animator
Likes Dislikes
1. I really like using computers to create art 1. Creating computer animations can be very
and animations time consuming
2. Ali likes to be his own boss 2. Ali does not like doing graphic stills, because
3. Ali likes doing different jobs for different they aren’t animated
clients 3. Ali dislikes having nothing to do at times
4. Suzi likes the challenging aspect of the job 4. Suzi doesn’t always like spending countless
5. Suzi likes the sense of accomplishment hours
seeing her work come to life 5. Suzi dislikes the fact that her job is unstable

4. In ​the interview section​, there are many “gems” or insights each interviewee has shared. For each of the
questions below, give some great advice or information.

a) Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?

Victor was always in a musician, participating in high school bands, writing music and arrangements. He convinced
people to allow him to write music for them, and now composes all sorts of music, from film scores to songs and

b) What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?

Victor says that musical talent is perhaps the most important attribute required to become a composer. Creativity is
another essential characteristic to an aspiring composer.

c) What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?

Composers can easily shift to becoming filmmakers, musicians, music teachers, conductors, music production, or
music management.

d) Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?

Allison, in her interview, states that find a regular paid job in this field is rather challenging. A way to get started is
to participate various art councils, contacting performing ensembles, asking for commissions.

Computer Animator

a) Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?

Ali had an interest in computer animation, because of his love for computer games and science fiction movies. He
dreamed of becoming the person who assembled all the special effects that appeared in the movies and games.
Ali studied computer engineering and animation for many years, in school. Along the way, he also taught himself
how to animate using the acquired computer skills.

b) What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?
An animator needs to be creative as a computer animator, and visualize things in 3D. Animators also require good
time management skills, because of the pressure to complete existing projects and move onto new ones.

c) What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?

Computer animators can choose to work on graphic design and illustration, as well as the video game industry,
using their technical and visual skills.

d) Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?

There are many opportunities in the field of animation, but according to Ali, you must be aggressive and hard
working to attain these opportunities. According to Suzi, the best way to get started is by graduating from schools
that are regarded highly by studios.

5. Go to ​Education​ on the left side menu. This will take A LOT OF TIME TO RESEARCH & it is important to see
the options available to you.
When you click on Education, you need to scroll down until you see the name of the program.

Now, glance through the titles of the Programs and click on the one that ​sounds​ most interesting. Read about the
content of several programs, the length of time to complete, the cost, and decide whether or not the program might
be the right fit for you. Here you might decide to choose between two schools and report on both. Include the
school information above in this section. Repeat this for your second career option.

6a) CAREER 1: YOUR OWN REFLECTION HERE – What did you find interesting about this program?
Program: ​Music Composition – UBC​ ​Vancouver
I have had an interest in music for a very long time, as it captivates and fascinates me. As a child, I began playing
an instrument. Through the past years, I gained knowledge in various areas of music, including music theory,
history, harmony, and analysis. I have experimented with composing, and touched upon the subject in my musical
studies as well. I wish to delve deeper into composing by selecting this program, and expand on my knowledge
and skills in composing.
6b) CAREER 2: YOUR OWN REFLECTION HERE – What did you find interesting about this program?
Computer Animation
Program: ​Animation Art & Design – Art Institute of Vancouver
When I was a child, I also loved watching animated cartoons, and creating my small animations, from flip books to
stop motion films. Additionally, drawing and doodling have always been a favourite hobby of mine. In school, I did
animation projects in computer classes, drawing and creating movie scenes, and telling my own stories. I think this
program is very appealing because of my interests in the subject, and I would like to further my ability to create
animations, as well as drawing and design.
7. ‘Grade 11 and 12 courses I will need to take’
Career 1: Composing
Grade 11 Grade 12
English  English 
Mathematics  Literature 
Science / Physics  Communications & Media Studies  
Social Studies  Mathematics 
Science / Physics 
Social Studies 
Dramatic Arts / Visual Arts  Music 
Computers / Electronics & Communications  Dramatic Arts / Visual Arts 
Technology Computers / Electronics & Communications Technology

Career 2: Computer Animation
Grade 11 Grade 12
Communications & Media Studies  
Social Studies 
Visual Arts 
Social Studies 
Dramatic Arts 
Visual Arts 
Dramatic Arts 
Drafting & Design
Drafting & Design

8. Final Reflection. Answer these questions underneath each question. Format neatly. Your response should be
longer and deeper than this.

What did I find interesting in this assignment?

I found that it was interesting to explore and discover the various careers that were offered to me. I was able to
search through many potential careers for myself, along with careers I never considered taking until today. It was
engaging as the student to read through all the careers I had an interest in, as the information on the website was
very comprehensive and descriptive. I felt that the survey was fairly accurate, and it was interesting to see how the
survey categorized the interests with each job.

What did I learn doing this assignment?

I felt that I learned several things in this assignment. Through this assignment, I believe I have gained a better
sense of professions I might consider taking in the future. Through the website, I went in depth in learning about
the jobs I was interested in.

What programs will I possibly want to take? (This is a summary of your research)

I am looking at possibly taking Music Composition at UBC, or Animation Art and Design at the Art Institute of
Vancouver. Both programs will teach me fundamental knowledge in the subject, but the length of the courses vary
drastically. The animation and art design at Vancouver lasts for only 20 months; however, the composition program
lasts for 2 years. Both of these programs are located in Vancouver.

What did I like and dislike about the programs?

The programs were all very appealing to me, as they were all relevant to my interests, hobbies, and potential
careers. All of these programs seem like something I would enjoy, and are hopefully helpful towards any future
career pursuits. Unfortunately, I found it rather frustrating to learn that some programs I was interested in were
offered only in locations far from where I live.