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Getting to Yes And
TABLE OF CONTENTS The Art of Business Improv
General Interest......................... 2-3 Bob Kulhan with
Innovation.................................... 3-5 Chuck Crisafulli
Leadership and Amidst the deluge of advice
Management............................... 5-6
for businesspeople, there lies
Organizational an overlooked tool, a key to
Development and Change........7
thriving in todays fast-paced,
unpredictable environment:
Social Enterprise............................8 improvisation. In Getting to
Entrepreneurship...........................9 Yes And veteran improv
Organizational Studies.............10 performer, university professor,
High Reliability and CEO, and consultant Bob
Crisis Management ..................... 11 Kulhan unpacks a form of
mental agility with powers far
Examination Copy Policy..........7 beyond the entertainment value of comedy troupes.
Drawing on principles from cognitive and social psychology,
O RDER ING behavioral economics, and communication, Kulhan teaches
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business challenges with fresh eyes and openness. He shows
how improv techniques can translate into more productive
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the individual to the organizational level, Kulhan compiles
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as a party of one or a company of thousands.
@stanfordpress You dont have to spend years on stage to be good at the art
of improvisation. Read this intriguing book and get ready to
stanforduniversitypress take communication at work to a whole new level.
Blog: stanfordpress. Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Collaboration Begins with You

Getting to Yes And has earned its place on the bookshelves,

desks, and nightstands of savvy business readers. Its Dale
Carnegie Training for the 21st century.
Jack Canfield, CEO, The Canfield Training Group,
bestselling author of The Success Principles

280 pages, January 2017

9780804795807 Cloth $29.95 $23.96 sale

Make Your Company Fit
for the Future
Julian Birkinshaw and
Jonas Ridderstrle
The leading companies of
the past twenty years have all
harnessed the power of infor-
mation to gain competitive
advantage. But as access to
big data becomes ubiquitous,
it can no longer guarantee a
leg up. Fast/Forward makes
the case that we are entering
a new era in which firms that
understand the limits of bits and bytes will take the lead.
A Practical Education
Whereas the industrial age saw the rise of bureaucracy, and
Why Liberal Arts Majors
Make Great Employees the information age has been described as a meritocracy, we
are witnessing the rise of adhocracy. Adhocratic organizations
Randall Stross
scan the horizon for winning opportunities, and then respond
The liberal arts major is often
lampooned: lacking in skills, with agility by making smart, intuitive decisions. Combining
unqualified for a professional career, decisive action with emotional conviction, future-facing firms
underemployed. But studying for the seize the day. Fast/Forward paints the big picture of a new
joy of learning turns out to be sur- approach to strategy and provides the necessary playbook to
prisingly practical. Just look to Silicon
make your company fit for the future.
Valley, of all places, to see that liberal
arts majors can succeed not in spite of, Fast/Forward makes a compelling case for spontaneity, speed, and
but because of, their education. a willingness to lead with intuition. More importantly, it speaks to
A Practical Education investigates the leadership qualities required to implement its suggestions.
the real-world trajectories of
graduates with humanities majors Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford University, author of Power
who might seem least employable
in engineering-centric workplaces. Big data is oversold as the most important facet of competitive
Drawing on the experiences of Stan- advantage. Rather, breakthrough leaps of faith are necessary to
ford University graduatestheir achieve extraordinary results. Fast/Forward is full of practical
education, job searches, and early advice about how to capitalize on this simple idea.
work experiencesRandall Stross
show liberal arts graduates to be multi- Anita McGahan, University of Toronto,
capable majors who thrive in positions author of How Industries Evolve
that no one would have predicted.
240 pages, April 2017
The need for critical thinking and 9780804799539 Cloth $29.95 $23.96 sale
liberal artseducated leaders is more
relevant than ever. An engaging
perspective on this crucial topic that
proves the humanities pays dividends
in the long run.
David Kalt,
CEO and Founder,
Reverb Holdings, Inc.

304 pages, September 2017

9780804797481 Cloth $25.00 $20.00 sale

Beyond the Champion
Institutionalizing Innovation
Through People
Gina Colarelli OConnor,
Andrew C. Corbett, and
Lois S. Peters
Beyond the Champion argues
that innovation is a talent and
a discipline all its own, just
like finance or marketing.
Breakthrough wins require
an organizational design
with clearly delineated roles,
responsibilities, and career
tracks for those who shoulder
the responsibility for new products. Drawing on the results Lead and Disrupt
of a four-year study and two decades of related research, this How to Solve the
Innovators Dilemma
book outlines three fundamental competencies necessary for
innovationdiscovery, incubation, and accelerationand Charles A. OReilly III and
maps these skills onto roles and opportunities for advance- Michael L. Tushman
ment. Companies will come away with a pioneering roadmap A startling fact: companies large and
for sustainable innovation, built on the power of their people. small are shuttering more quickly
than ever. Innovation guru Clayton
This book is the capstone of 20+ years of longitudinal research M. Christensen has been pessimistic
that has revealed the issues with corporate innovation on about whether established firms can
prevail in the face of disruption, but
numerous levels. Its spot on.
Charles A. OReilly III and Michael
Rich Duncombe, University of Oregon L. Tushman know they can!
Lead and Disrupt explains how
A masterwork on system-level innovation. Comprehensively shrewd organizations have harnessed
researched and replete with superb analysis, Beyond the ambidexterity to solve their own
Champion is destined to be the definitive work on how to innovators dilemmas. These
foster continued business growth. luminaries improve their existing
businesses through efficiency, control,
William E. Schneider, President, Corporate Development and incremental change, while also
Group, Inc., author of Lead Right for Your Companys Type
seizing new markets where flexibility,
autonomy, and experimentation
This book supplies a blueprint for how to institutionalize the rule the day.
innovation function and create an organization that enhances
One of the perennial puzzles in
the talents of its people. business is how established companies
Donald F. Kuratko, Indiana University
can maintain their core while simul-
taneously pursuing new growth. This
book provides an insightful perspective
312 pages, January 2018 on the important role leadership can
9780804798273 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale play in solving that puzzle.
Clayton M. Christensen,
Harvard Business School,
author of The Innovators Dilemma

280 pages, 2016

9780804798655 Cloth $29.95 $23.96 sale

3D Team Leadership
A New Approach for
Complex Teams
Bradley L. Kirkman and
T. Brad Harris
Many organizations believe
that high-functioning teams
hold the key to breakthrough
thinking, superior customer
service, and high-quality
products. But all too often,
leaders and managers fail
to support teams in ways
that allow them to live up to
their promise. Leaders may
Serial Innovators ask for teamwork, but only reward and evaluate individual
How Individuals Create and performance; focus on the group at the expense of individual
Deliver Breakthrough Innovation
members; or leave team members to sort out their differences,
in Mature Firms
leading to the formation of unhealthy cliques.
Abbie Griffin, Raymond L. Price,
and Bruce A. Vojak In 3D Team Leadership, Bradley L. Kirkman and T. Brad Harris
Serial Innovators zeros in on the present a dynamic new model for maximizing team performance
cutting-edge thinkers who repeatedly that accounts for two often overlooked components: the individuals
deliver breakthrough innovations and who make up the team and the subgroups that form within teams.
new products in large, mature organi- Drawing on their own research, best-in-class studies, and extensive
zations. Abbie Griffin, Raymond L. consulting, they show leaders how to properly diagnose the state
Price, and Bruce A. Vojak detail who
these pioneers are and how they of their teams, hone in on the element that needs attention,
develop novel products, ranging from and seamlessly shift focus among the three components of
salt-free seasonings to improved teamwork as time goes on. Delivering practical recommendations
electronics in companies such as rooted in scholarship, this is a thoughtful, straightforward guide
Alberto Culver, Hewlett-Packard, to the challenge of teaming today.
and Procter & Gamble. Based on
interviews with over 50 serial Great leaders bring out the best in their teams. This handbook from
innovators and an even larger pool two experts makes the latest evidence on team leadership accessible
of their co-workers, managers,
to anyone looking for insight in a messy and complex world.
and human resources teams, the
authors reveal key insights about Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling
how to better understand, emulate, author of Originals and Give and Take
enable, support, and manage these
important individuals for long-term 312 pages, September 2017
corporate success. 9780804796422 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale
In Serial Innovators managers will
find a refreshing perspective and clear
guidance on how to locate, reward,
and retain serial innovators within
their organization.
Anthony Di Benedetto,
Temple University

240 pages, 2012

9780804775977 Cloth $29.95 $23.96 sale



Riding Shotgun
The Role of the COO
Nate Bennett and
Stephen Miles
The role of Chief Operations
Officer is arguably the
toughest job in a company.
COOs play a critical part
in executing the strategies
developed by top manage-
ment. And, in many cases,
they are being groomedor
test-drivenas the firms
CEO-elect. Riding Shotgun
provides unique insight into this little-understood role. The The Sincerity Edge
authors develop a framework that illustrates who the COO How Ethical Leaders Build
is, why a company should create this position, and what the Dynamic Businesses
challenges of the job entail. Drawing heavily on first-person Alexandra Christina,
accounts from top executives, the authors offer a set of strategies Countess of Frederiksborg
to inform individuals who aspire to serve as COO. With a and Timothy L. Fort
new preface and conclusion and even more interviews from Recognizing their role as corporate
some of the most established and important companies in citizens, companies are seeking
todays economy, this book is a one-of-a-kind resource for guidance on how to be true to their
missions, principled in practice, and
the c-suite and the boardroom.
well regarded for their contributions
Bennett and Miles illuminate the potential and the perils of to society. As this book reveals, the key
being number two. A must-read for anyone aspiring to make lies in sinceritythe sum of values like
authenticity, integrity, and trust.
the leap, and for those who recruit, oversee, and coach them.
Countess Alexandra Christina, a
Michael Watkins, Founding Partner,
European corporate board director,
Genesis Advisers, author of The First 90 Days
and Timothy L. Fort, a leading
American scholar, delineate a clear,
This updated edition provides essential insight into what actionable model for bringing
makes the COO role work and remains a must-read for current sincerity to the business context.
or aspiring COOs. Their vision complies with law,
aligns corporate social and financial
John S. Petterson, Senior Vice President, Tiffany & Co.
performance, and values corporate
248 pages, January 2017 ethics in its own right, rather than as
9781503600386 Cloth $29.95 $23.96 sale a means to an end.
176 pages, September 2017
9780804797450 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale


The Diplomat in the

Corner Office
Corporate Foreign Policy
Timothy L. Fort
224 pages, 2015
9780804796606 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale


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model that will help companies build
To illuminate and advance evaluation that you currently use.
meaningful relationships among
practice, the authors draw on over
colleagues, developing better work
30 years of experience; collective
processes and organizational structures.
wisdom based on a new, large-scale MAIL TO:
By following four organizations on
survey of evaluators; and in-depth Examination Copy
their change journeys, she illustrates
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how relational coordination unfolds
environment to public health to
in real-world settings. Tools for 500 Broadway
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of how relational coordination enables evaluations, documenting its
excellence in teams and organizations. accomplishments for all to see.
Jane E. Dutton, Michael Quinn Patton, author of
University of Michigan, co-editor of Utilization-Focused Evaluation
How to Be A Positive Leader
320 pages, 2016 288 pages, April 2017
9780804787017 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale 9780804792561 Paper $35.00 $28.00 sale

Engine of Impact Innovation and Scaling The Base of the
Essentials of Strategic Leadership for Impact Pyramid Promise
in the Nonprofit Sector How Effective Social Building Businesses with
William F. Meehan III and Enterprises Do It Impact and Scale
Kim Starkey Jonker Christian Seelos and Ted London
Foreword by Jim Collins Johanna Mair Of the worlds 7 billion inhabitants,
We are entering a new eraan era Innovation and Scaling for Impact around 4 billion live in low-income
of impact. The largest intergenera- forces us to reassess how social markets in the developing world. At
tional transfer of wealth in history sector organizations create value. the same time, the business community
will soon be under way, bringing Drawing on a decade of research, seeks new opportunities for growth,
with it the potential for huge Christian Seelos and Johanna Mair and the development community is
increases in philanthropic funding. reveal an overlooked nexus between striving to increase its impact.
Engine of Impact shows how investments that might not pan out Drawing on over 25 years of experi-
nonprofits can apply the principles (innovation) and expansion based ence across some eighty countries,
of strategic leadership to attract on existing strengths (scaling). In Ted London offers concrete
greater financial support and the process, it becomes clear that guidelines for how to build better
leverage that funding to maximum managing this tension is a difficult enterprises while simultaneously
effect. As Good to Great author Jim balancing act that fundamentally alleviating poverty. He outlines three
Collins writes in his foreword, this defines an organization and its key components that must be
book offers a detailed roadmap impact. And common innovation integrated to achieve results: the
of disciplined thought and action pathologies often derail organiza- successes and failures of enterprises
for turning a good nonprofit into tions by thwarting their efforts to to date; the development of an eco-
one that can achieve great impact juggle these imperatives. With four system conducive to market creation;
at scale. rich case studies, the authors detail and the voices of the poor. London
As a philanthropist constantly innovation archetypes that effectively provides aspiring market leaders and
grappling with how I can achieve sidestep these pathologies and blend their stakeholders with the tools and
more impact, I found Jonker and innovation with scaling. techniques needed to succeed in the
Meehans insights to be provocative
and engaging. A must-read. A timely corrective to commonly held unique, opportunity-rich BoP.
myths in the social sector, this book
Jeff Raikes, has potential to save entrepreneurs Highly practical and based on deep
Co-Founder, Raikes Foundation, much heartache and confusion. insights. This book offers one of the most
former CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates convincing accounts yet of the role BoP
Foundation, and Chairman, Sarah Soule,
Stanford Board of Trustees Stanford University enterprises play in poverty alleviation.
256 pages, January 2017 Paul Polman,
264 pages, November 2017 9780804797344 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale CEO, Unilever
9780804796439 Cloth $29.95 $23.96 sale 240 pages, 2015
9780804791489 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale

The Next Wave Building Family Culture and Commerce
Financing Women's Growth- Business Champions The Value of Entrepreneurship in
Oriented Firms Creative Industries
Eric G. Flamholtz and
Susan Coleman and Yvonne Randle Mukti Khaire
Alicia M. Robb Art and business are often
Building Family Business Champions
You may be familiar with the provides a theoretically sound described as worlds apart, even
success stories of Spanx, Goldie- and practical framework for diametric opposites. And yet,
Blox, and other women-owned understanding the challenges that these realms are close cousins in
businesses that have taken their family businesses face. Drawing creative industries where firms
markets by storm. But only two on three decades of consulting bring cultural goods to market,
percent of women-owned firms with more than 250 companies, attaching price tags to music,
generate more than one million their own experience running a paintings, theater, literature, film,
dollars each year. family-owned firm, and sound and fashion.
Susan Coleman and Alicia M. research, Eric G. Flamholtz and Building on theories of value con-
Robb present data-driven advice Yvonne Randle present a set of struction and cultural production,
to increase that number. They managerial toolsfor planning, Culture and Commerce details
consider the unique approaches structuring the business, measuring the processes by which artistic
and specific concerns of female performance, and managing culture. worth is decoded, translated, and
business owners and the growing Richly illustrated with stories of converted to economic value.
pool of investors who will help to companies at various stages of Case studies of firms from Chanel
select and groom a new generation growth from around the globe, this and Penguin to tastemakers like
of leaders, providing entrepreneurs book provides a comprehensive the Sundance Institute and the
with useful resources and illustrating guide for building businesses that Pritzker Prize illuminate how
the road ahead with real cases. thrive as they pass from generation creative entrepreneurs influence
to generation. our sense of value, shifting con-
312 pages, 2016
9781503600003 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 272 pages, 2016 sumer behavior and our culture in
9780804784191 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale deep, surprising ways.
ALSO OF INTEREST This remarkable book lucidly
A Rising Tide and convincingly reveals the
Financing Strategies for Corporate Culture
structure and functioning of
The Ultimate Strategic Asset creativity in the marketplace.
Women-Owned Firms
Eric G. Flamholtz and Diana Sorensen,
Susan Coleman and Harvard University
Yvonne Randle
Alicia M. Robb
264 pages, 2011 280 pages, June 2017
288 pages, 2012 9780804763646 Cloth $35.00 $28.00 sale 9780804792219 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale
9780804773065 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Getting New Things Done Secrecy at Work Organizing Organic
Networks, Brokerage, and the The Hidden Architecture of Conflict and Compromise in
Assembly of Innovative Action Organizational Life an Emerging Market
David Obstfeld Jana Costas and Michael A. Haedicke
This book offers a framework that Christopher Grey Tracing the history of the organic
explains how innovators use network Secrecy is a part of work, and food sector, Michael A. Haedicke
processes to broker knowledge keeping secrets is a form of work. charts the development of two
and mobilize action. How well But also, secrecy creates a social narratives that give way to competing
they do so directly influences the ordera hidden architecture within institutional logics. Social activists
outcome of attempts to innovate, our organizations. Drawing on contend that organics can break up
especially when a project is not previously overlooked texts, as well the power of big agribusiness, while
tied to proscribed organizational as well-known classics, Jana Costas professionals who are steeped in
routines. An entrepreneur launches and Christopher Grey identify three the culture of business emphasize
a business. A company rolls out a forms of secrecy: formal secrecy, as the potential of market growth for
new product line. Two firms form we see in the case of trade and state fostering better behemoths. Drawing
a partnership. These instances secrets based on law and regulation; on extensive interviews and unique
and many more like them dot informal secrecy based on networks archival sources, Haedicke looks at
todays business landscape. Yet we and trust; and public or open how these groups make sense of their
understand little about the social secrecy, where what is known goes everyday work. He pays particular
dimension of these undertakings. undiscussed. Animated with evoca- attention to instances in which
Disentangling brokerage from tive examples from scholarship, individuals overcome conflicting
network structure and building current events, and works of fiction, narratives by creating new cultural
on his theoretical work regarding this framework presents a bold concepts and organizational forms.
tertius iungens, David Obstfeld reimagining of organizational life. Haedicke masterfully traces a
explains how actors with diverse fundamental tension that fueled
interests, expertise, and skills In an era where calls for transparency
and openness dominate the organiza- both conflict and compromise as
leverage their connections to create tional landscape, this book provides organics went mainstream.
new ventures and products with an alternative discourse to help Michael Lounsbury,
extraordinary results. readers understand and appreciate University of Alberta
Taking no shortcuts, Obstfelds secret processes.
At the intersection of social move-
scholarly tour de force is eminently Craig R. Scott, ments and organizational theory,
readable and truly practical. Rutgers University, author of
Anonymous Agencies, Backstreet Haedicke has fashioned a rich,
Amy C. Edmondson, Businesses, and Covert Collectives innovative portrait.
Harvard Business School, Doug McAdam,
author of Building the Future 216 pages, 2016 Stanford University
272 pages, July 2017 9780804798143 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 240 pages, 2016
9780804760508 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale 9780804795906 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Organizing for Reliability Reliability and Risk Narratives of Crisis
A Guide for Research and Practice The Challenge of Managing Telling Stories of Ruin and Renewal
Edited by Ranga Ramanujam and Interconnected Infrastructures Matthew W. Seeger and
Karlene H. Roberts Emery Roe and Timothy L. Sellnow
Increasingly, scholars view reliability
Paul R. Schulman This book examines the fundamental
the ability to plan for and with- The safe and continued functioning role that narratives play in catastrophic
stand disasteras a social construc- of critical infrastructuressuch events. A crisis creates a comunication
tion. However, there is a tendency to as electricity, natural gas, trans- vacuum, which is then populated by
evoke this concept only in the face portation, and wateris a social the stories of those who were directly
of catastrophes. This book frames imperative. Yet, we often overlook affected, as well as crisis managers,
reliability as a fundamental issue in thethe knowledge and experience journalists, and onlookers. These
study of organizationsone that can of the professionals who manage stories fundamentally influence how
also improve day-to-day operations. these systems as we design and we understand a disaster, determine
implement policy. To combat this what should be done about it, and
Bringing together a diverse cast of
oversight, the authors construct carry forward lessons learned.
contributors, it considers how we
a new theoretical perspective
can account for the ability of some Matthew W. Seeger and Timothy L.
that reveals how to make sense of
organizations to maintain high reli- Sellnow outline a typology of crisis
complex networks and improve
ability and what we can learn from narratives: accounts of blame, stories
reliability through management,
them. The first of its kind in over of renewal, victim narratives, heroic
regulation, and political leadership.
twenty years, this volume delivers a tales, and memorials. Using cases to
A multi-year case study of one of
dynamic base of shared knowledge illustrate each type, they show how
the worlds most important
and an integrative research agenda at competing accounts battle for domi-
infrastructure crossroads, the
a time when organizational reliability nance in the public sphere, advancing
San Francisco Bay-Delta, illustrates
has never been so important. specific organizational, social, and
their approach.
Contributing fresh insight on political goals.
reliability, this book has the potential A brilliant and provocative analysis. Crisis communication is a burgeoning
to rejuvenate interest and stimulate This important book will have
area of research; narrative is a well-
substantial new research in the field. enduring impact at a time when established method for understanding
reliability and resilience across
Sara J. Singer, vulnerable infrastructures is messages. Seeger and Sellnow fuse
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public
becoming a dominant issue. the two in their new book, offering
Health and Harvard Medical School another important addition to
336 pages, February 2018
Karl E. Weick, the literature.
co-author of Managing the
9780804793612 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale Unexpected, Third Edition William L. Benoit,
Ohio University
264 pages, 2016 216 pages, 2016
9780804793933 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale 9780804799515 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale


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