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Modern Presidency......................3
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and IR........................................... 9-10
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in the Global Economy.............10
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Witnesses of the Unseen Good Intentions
Political History............................ 17 Seven Years in Guantanamo A History of U.S. Federal
Entitlement Programs
Political Anthropology.............. 18 Lakhdar Boumediene and
John F. Cogan
Stanford Studies Mustafa Ait Idir
in Human Rights.................... 18-19 Federal entitlement programs are
This searing memoir shares Lakhdar
strewn throughout the pages of U.S.
Now in Paperback.......................19 Boumediene and Mustafa Ait
history, springing from the noble
Idir’s time inside America’s most
purpose of assisting people who are
Examination Copy Policy..........7 notorious prison. In 2001, they
destitute through no fault of their
were arrested in Bosnia, wrongly
own. Yet as federal entitlement
accused of participating in a terrorist
programs have grown, so too have
OR DER IN G plot, and were flown, blindfolded
their inefficiency and their cost.
and shackled, to Guantanamo Bay,
Use code S17POLI to receive
Cuba. For seven years, they endured The High Cost of Good Intentions is
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listed in this catalog.
torture, harassment, force-feedings, the first comprehensive history of
and beatings. They had no op- these federal entitlement programs.
Visit sup.org to order online. Visit portunity to argue their innocence Combining economics, history,
until 2008, when the Supreme political science, and law, John F.
for information on phone
Court issued a landmark ruling Cogan reveals how the creation of
orders. Books not yet published
or temporarily out of stock will be in their case, Boumediene v. Bush, entitlements brings forth a steady
charged to your credit card when confirming Guantanamo detainees’ march of liberalizing forces that
they become available and are in constitutional right to challenge cause entitlement programs to
the process of being shipped. their detention. Weeks later, a fed- expand. This process is as visible
eral judge, stunned by the absence in the eighteenth and nineteenth
@stanfordpress of evidence against them, ordered centuries as in the present day. His
their release. Now living in Europe work provides a unifying explanation
facebook.com/ and rebuilding their lives, Lakhdar for the evolutionary path that nearly
and Mustafa share a story that every all federal entitlement programs have
Blog: stanfordpress. American ought to know. followed over the past 200 years,
typepad.com “An intense, important read for tracing both their shared past and
anyone interested in the American the financial risks they pose for
government’s misguided efforts at future generations.
Guantanamo.” 512 pages, September 2017
—Kirkus Reviews 9781503603547 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale
288 pages, April 2017
9781503601154 Cloth $24.00  $19.20 sale

Presidential Leverage The Dual Executive Judicial Independence and
Presidents, Approval, and the Unilateral Orders in a Separated the American Constitution
American State and Shared Power System A Democratic Paradox
Daniel E. Ponder Michelle Belco and Martin H. Redish
For scholars, pundits, the public, and Brandon Rottinghaus The Framers of the American
presidents themselves, presidential Popular perception holds that Constitution established a judicial
approval is an evergreen subject. presidents resort to unilateral orders branch to protect and enforce
Its actual impact, however, is often to promote an agenda and head constitutional limits. They recognized
unclear: all too frequently approval off unfavorable legislation. Little that, paradoxically, only a counter-
is reported in a vacuum, dissociated research, however, has considered majoritarian judicial branch can
from the American state writ large. the diverse circumstances in which ensure the continued vitality of our
Presidential Leverage reaffirms the such orders are issued. The Dual representational government.
importance of this contested metric. Executive reinterprets how and when
By situating approval within the This paradox of American democracy
presidents use unilateral power by
context of public trust in government, has been challenged and often
illuminating the dual roles of the
Daniel E. Ponder reveals how approval ignored by office holders and
president. Drawing from an original
shapes presidential strategies for legal scholars. Martin H. Redish
data set of over 5,000 executive
governing, providing a useful measure defends the centrality of these special
orders and proclamations from the
of the president’s place in the political protections of judicial independence.
Franklin D. Roosevelt to the George
system. Using a quantitative index He explains how the nation’s
W. Bush administrations, this book
of presidential leverage, Ponder system of counter-majoritarian
situates unilateral orders within the
examines this contextualized approval constitutionalism cannot survive
broad scope of executive–legislative
from John F. Kennedy’s administration absent the vesting of final powers
relations. Michelle Belco and Brandon
through Barack Obama’s, showing of constitutional interpretation and
Rottinghaus recast the executive as
how it has shaped presidential capacity enforcement in the one branch of
both an aggressive “commander”
and autonomy, agenda setting, land- government expressly protected
and a cooperative “administrator”
mark legislation, and unilateral action. from direct political accountability:
who uses unilateral power not only
the judicial branch.
“Engaging and thoughtful, rich to circumvent Congress, but also to
in its historical inquiry and support and facilitate its operations. “Ignore Redish at your peril. This
contemporary relevance.” well-written and accessible book is
“Belco and Rottinghaus provide sure to be oft-cited for decades.”
—Rodney Hero, fresh insight into the use and limits
Arizona State University and of unilateral power.” —Charles Geyh,
President, American Political Maurer School of Law,
Science Association (2014-15) —Douglas L. Kriner, Indiana University
Boston University
224 pages, December 2017 272 pages, March 2017
9781503604063 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale 256 pages, May 2017 9780804792905 Cloth $55.00  $44.00 sale
9780804799973 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale

Broke and Patriotic Ballot Blocked SECOND EDITION

Why Poor Americans Love The Political Erosion of the Democracy and Political
Their Country Voting Rights Act Ignorance
Why Smaller Government
Francesco Duina Jesse H. Rhodes
Is Smarter
Why are poor Americans so Over the past five decades, both
patriotic? In Broke and Patriotic, Democrats and Republicans in
Ilya Somin
Francesco Duina contends that the Congress have consistently voted One of the biggest problems with
best way to answer this question is to expand the protections offered modern democracy is that most of
to speak directly to America’s most by the Voting Rights Act. And yet, the public is ignorant of politics.
impoverished. Spending time in the administration of the VRA has This creates a nation of people
bus stations, Laundromats, senior become more fragmented, and with little political knowledge
citizen centers, homeless shelters, judicial interpretation of its terms and little ability to objectively
public libraries, and fast food has become much less generous. evaluate what they do know. The
restaurants, he conducted over 60 second edition of Democracy and
Ballot Blocked argues that conserva-
revealing interviews in which his Political Ignorance fully updates
tives adopt a paradoxical strategy in
participants explain how they view its analysis to include new, vital
which they acquiesce to expansive
themselves and their country. discussions on the “Big Sort,” the
voting rights protections in Congress
link between ignorance and the
This book offers a stirring portrait (where decisions are visible and easily
disproportionate influence of the
of the people left out of the national traceable) while simultaneously
wealthy, proposed new strategies
conversation. By giving them voice, narrowing the scope of federal
for increasing political knowledge,
Duina sheds new light on a sector of enforcement via administrative and
and up-to-date survey data. Ilya
American society that we are only judicial maneuvers (which are less
Somin reveals political ignorance
beginning to recognize as a powerful visible and harder to trace). Over
as a major problem for democracy,
force in shaping the country’s future. time, this strategy has enabled a
one best mitigated by decentral-
“This is superlative ethnography, conservative Supreme Court to
izing and limiting government.
allowing voices too little heard to exercise preponderant influence over
speak for themselves, and to do so the scope of federal enforcement. “A must-read for anyone wanting
with pride. Social understandings to understand the pathologies of
“Bold and richly detailed. Rhodes American democracy and what we
can be furthered more by this book provides timely and crucial new
than by any other at present in can do about it.”
insights into the Voting Rights Act’s
the marketplace.” evolution and undoing.” —Jason Brennan,
author of The Ethics of Voting
—John A. Hall, —Vesla Weaver,
McGill University Yale University 312 pages, 2016
STUDIES IN SOCIAL INEQUALITY 280 pages, September 2017 9780804799317 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale
240 pages, October 2017 9781503603516 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale
9780804799690 Cloth $26.95  $21.56 sale

The Right’s First Amendment Raised Right In Rome We Trust
The Politics of Free Speech and Fatherhood in Modern The Rise of Catholics in
the Return of Conservative American Conservatism American Political Life
Libertarianism Jeffrey R. Dudas Manlio Graziano
Wayne Batchis What, and who, holds together the The “Catholicization” of the United
Not so long ago, being aggressively modern conservative movement’s States is a recent phenomenon and
“pro–free speech” was as closely corporate interests, small-government was particularly prominent in the
associated with American political libertarians, social traditionalists, and Obama administration. Over one-
liberalism as being pro-choice or evangelical Christians?  third of cabinet members, the Vice
pro–gun control. Yet today, for President, the White House Chief
Raised Right pursues an answer
many conservatives, free speech of Staff, the heads of Homeland
through a study of three iconic
represents a crucial shield that pro- Security and the CIA, the director
figures: National Review editor
tects traditionalists from a perceived and deputy director of the FBI, and
William F. Buckley, Jr., President
scourge of political correctness and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
Ronald Reagan, and Supreme Court
liberal oversensitivity. Free market of Staff were all Roman Catholic.
Justice Clarence Thomas. Jeffrey R.
conservatives have risen up to Challenging received wisdom that
Dudas identifies a “paternal rights
embrace a now cherished liberty: the American Catholic Church is
discourse”—arguments about father-
freedom of commercial expression. in crisis and that the political
hood and rights that permeate the
Surveying six decades of writings religion in the United States is
men’s personal lives and political
from the conservative publication Evangelicalism, Manlio Graziano
visions. Each argued that paternal
National Review, alongside the provides an engaging account of
discipline produced autonomous
evolving constitutional law and the tendency of Catholics to play
citizens worthy and capable of self-
ideological predispositions of an increasingly significant role in
governance, which provided
Supreme Court justices, Wayne American politics, as well as the
the cohesive agent for an entire
Batchis reveals how this keystone rising role of American prelates in
movement, uniting its celebration
of our civic beliefs now carries a the Roman Catholic Church.
of its “founding fathers,” past
complex political identity. “This fascinating and astonishingly
and present, constitutional
“An important and readable guide to and biological. neglected subject is of immense
the transition from conservative mor- importance, and I can think of
alism to conservative libertarianism.” “I began this book a skeptic and finished no one better positioned than
it a convert. A true tour de force.” Manlio Graziano to treat it in
—Mark Graber,
University of Maryland —Malcolm M. Feeley, all its complexity.”
School of Law University of California, Berkeley —Stanislao G. Pugliese,
Hofstra University
STANFORD STUDIES IN LAW 224 pages, March 2017
AND POLITICS 9781503601727 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 256 pages, March 2017
296 pages, 2016 9781503601819 Paper $25.95  $20.76 sale
9780804798006 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale

The Transparency Fix The Poverty of Privacy Rights The Balance Gap
Secrets, Leaks, and Uncontrollable Khiara M. Bridges Working Mothers and the
Government Information Limits of the Law
The Poverty of Privacy Rights makes
Mark Fenster a simple, controversial argument: Sarah Cote Hampson
Government information cannot Poor mothers in America are In recent decades, laws and workplace
be controlled. The Transparency deprived of the right to privacy. policies have emerged that seek to
Fix asserts that both transparency The U.S. Constitution is supposed address the “balance” between work
movements and secrecy advocates to bestow rights equally. Yet the poor and family. Millions of women in
hold the mistaken belief that are subject to invasions of privacy the U.S. take time off when they give
government information can be that are gross demonstrations of birth or adopt a child, making use of
released or kept secure on command. governmental power. Khiara M. “family-friendly” laws and policies.
Bridges investigates poor mothers’
In truth, the world did not end experiences with the state—both The Balance Gap traces the paths
because Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, when they receive public assistance individual women take in
and Edward Snowden released and when they do not. Presenting understanding and invoking
classified information. But nor a holistic view of how the state work/life balance laws and policies.
was there a significant political intervenes in all facets of poor Conducting in-depth interviews
change. Using a variety of examples mothers’ privacy, Bridges turns in two distinctive workplace
to examine how government popular thinking on its head, settings—public universities and
information actually flows, Mark arguing that these women simply the U.S. military—Sarah Cote
Fenster describes how the legal do not have familial, informational, Hampson uncovers how women
regime’s tenuous control over state and reproductive privacy rights. navigate the laws and the unspoken
information belies the promise and Further, she asserts that until we cultures of their institutions. As
peril of transparency. He challenges disrupt the cultural narratives that Hampson shows, these policies
us to confront the implausibility of equate poverty with immorality, and women’s abilities to understand
controlling government informa- nothing will change. and utilize them have fallen
tion despite our obsession with short of alleviating the tensions
transparency and secrecy. “This book calls us to rethink the very women experience.
meaning of the right to privacy and
“No one has done more than Mark to end the unjust and unsupportable “Elegantly written and timely, The
Fenster to challenge the premises and moral condemnation of poverty.” Balance Gap is a rigorous call to
policies of the open government move- action in transforming how we view
—Dorothy Roberts,
ment. This book will be foundational author of Killing the Black Body the ideal mother and the ideal worker.”
in critical transparency studies.” —Renée Ann Cramer,
296 pages, June 2017 Drake University
—David Pozen,
Columbia Law School 9781503602267 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale
184 pages, March 2017
296 pages, July 2017 9781503602151 Paper $22.95  $18.36 sale
9781503602663 Paper $25.95  $20.76 sale

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William J. Perry
Hmong Americans Otherwise, you may
My Journey at the Nuclear Brink is
Carolyn Wong purchase the book or
a continuation of William J. Perry’s
Hmong American immigrants have efforts to keep the world safe from return it at no cost.
made a notable impact in American a nuclear catastrophe. Decades of Requests by mail or
political life. They have high voter experience and special access to fax must be on your
participation rates and have won seats top-secret knowledge of strategic
department letterhead,
in local and state legislative bodies. Yet nuclear options have given Perry a
the average level of education among unique, and chilling, vantage point
specifying the title of
Hmong Americans still lags behind from which to conclude that nuclear your course, expected
that of the general U.S. population, weapons endanger our security enrollment, the semester
and high poverty rates persist. rather than securing it. or quarter in which the
“In clear, detailed, powerful prose, My course will be offered, the
Carolyn Wong analyzes how the
Hmong came to pursue politics as Journey at the Nuclear Brink tells the course level (undergradu-
a key path to advancement and story of Perry’s seventy-year experience ate or graduate), and the
of the nuclear age. Beginning with his titles of any textbooks
inclusion in the United States. firsthand encounter with survivors
Drawing on interviews with living amid ‘vast wastes of fused that you currently use.
community leaders, refugees, and rubble’ in the aftermath of World War
the second-generation children of II, his account takes us up to today
immigrants, she shows that intergen- when Perry is on an urgent mission to MAIL TO:
erational mechanisms of social voting alert us to the dangerous nuclear road Examination Copy
underlie the political participation of we are traveling.”
Stanford University Press
Hmong Americans. —Jerry Brown,
500 Broadway
The New York Review of Books
“Voting Together forces readers to Redwood City, CA 94063
reconsider traditional theories of 264 pages, 2015
community empowerment and 9780804797122 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale
identity formation. Theoretically rich FAX TO:
and nuanced, this is a must-read for (650) 725-3457
those interested in ethnic politics.”
—Janelle Wong,
University of Maryland

304 pages, June 2017
9780804782234 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale


Anchor Babies and the BRICS or Bust? How Civility Works
Challenge of Birthright Escaping the Middle-Income Trap Keith J. Bybee
Citizenship Hartmut Elsenhans and This book elegantly explores
Leo R. Chavez Salvatore Babones the “crisis” in civility, looking
Birthright citizenship has a deep and Economic growth has slowed or closely at how civility intertwines
contentious history in the United stalled in Brazil, Russia, India, with our long history of boorish
States, one often hard to square in a China, and South Africa. BRICS or behavior and the ongoing quest
country that prides itself on being Bust? argues that economic catch-up for pleasant company. Keith J.
“a nation of immigrants.” Recently, requires direct government investment Bybee argues that the very features
a provocative and decidedly more in human infrastructure, policies that that make civility ineffective and
offensive term than birthright increase wages and the bargaining undesirable also point to civility’s
citizenship has emerged: “anchor power of labor, and the strategic use power and appeal.
babies.” Leo R. Chavez counters the of exchange rates. 88 pages, 2016
often-hyperbolic claims surround- 128 pages, September 2017 9781503601543 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale
ing this term. He considers how it is 9780804799898 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale
used as a political dog whistle, how The New States of
changes in the legal definition of Living Emergency Abortion Politics
citizenship have affected the chil- Israel’s Permit Regime in the Joshua C. Wilson
dren of immigrants over time, and, Occupied West Bank
ultimately, how U.S.-born citizens This book outlines the decades’
Yael Berda long effort by anti-abortion activists
still experience trauma if they live in
families with undocumented immi- Living Emergency brings readers to transform the very politics of
grants. By examining this pejorative inside Israel's permit regime and offers abortion, from streets to legislative
term in its political, historical, and a first-hand account of how the halls to courtrooms.
social contexts, Chavez calls upon us Israeli secret service, government, “[This book] will change how
to exorcise it from public discourse and military civil administration we think about abortion politics
and work toward building a more control the Palestinian population. in America.”
inclusive nation. 152 pages, November 2017 —Kristin Luker,
9781503602823 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale University of California, Berkeley
136 pages, October 2017
9781503605091 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale 128 pages, 2016
9780804792028 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale

Challenged Hegemony The Politics of Weapons Beyond the Euromaidan
The United States, China, and Inspections Comparative Perspectives on
Russia in the Persian Gulf Assessing WMD Monitoring and Advancing Reform in Ukraine
Steve A. Yetiv and Verification Regimes Edited by Henry E. Hale and
Katerina Oskarsson Nathan E. Busch and Robert W. Orttung
Few issues in international affairs Joseph F. Pilat Beyond the Euromaidan examines
and energy security animate thinkers Given recent controversies over the prospects for advancing reform in
more than the classic topic of suspected WMD programs in Ukraine in the wake of the February
hegemony, and the case of the proliferating countries, there is an 2014 Euromaidan revolution and
Persian Gulf presents particularly increasingly urgent need for effective Russian invasion. It examines six
fertile ground for considering this monitoring and verifications crucial areas where reform is needed,
concept. Steve A. Yetiv and Katerina regimes—the mechanisms intended providing one chapter that focuses
Oskarsson offer a panoramic study to clarify the status of WMD programs on Ukraine’s own experience and
of hegemony and foreign powers in in suspected proliferators. The one chapter that examines the issue
the Persian Gulf, offering the most Politics of Weapons Inspections in the broader context of interna-
comprehensive, data-driven portrait examines the successes, failures, tional practice.
to date of their evolving relations. and lessons that can be learned Placing Ukraine in comparative
The authors argue that the United from past WMD monitoring and perspective shows that many of the
States has become hegemonic in the verification regimes in order to help country’s problems are not unique
Persian Gulf, ultimately protecting determine how best to establish and and that other countries have been
oil security for the entire global maintain such regimes in the future. able to address many of the issues
economy. Through an analysis of In addition to examining these currently confronting Ukraine.
official and unofficial diplomatic regimes’ technological, political, and Ultimately, the authors propose a
relations, trade statistics, military legal contexts, Nathan E. Busch and series of reforms that can help
records, and more, they provide a Joseph F. Pilat reevaluate the track Ukraine make the best of a bad
detailed account of how U.S. hege- record of monitoring and verification situation. The book stresses the
mony and oil security have grown in in the historical cases of South need to focus on reforms that
tandem, as, simultaneously, China Africa, Libya, and Iraq. They further might not have immediate effect,
and Russia have increased their apply the lessons learned from these but that comparative experience
political and economic presence. cases to contemporary controversies shows can solve fundamental
over suspected or confirmed contextual challenges.
264 pages, January 2018
9781503604179 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale
programs in North Korea, Iran,
336 pages, 2016
and Syria. 9780804798457 Cloth $70.00  $56.00 sale
400 pages, March 2017
9781503601604 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale

The Power of Economists Sweet Talk Breaking the WTO
within the State Paternalism and Collective Action How Emerging Powers Disrupted
in North-South Trade Relations the Neoliberal Project
Johan Christensen
J. P. Singh Kristen Hopewell
The spread of market-oriented
reforms has been one of the major Developed nations strive to create The world economic order has been
political and economic trends of the the impression that their hearts and upended by the rise of the BRIC
late twentieth and early twenty-first pockets bleed for the developing nations and the attendant decline
centuries. Governments have adopted world. Yet, the global North contin- of the United States’ international
policies that have led to deregulation; ues to offer unfavorable trade terms influence. This book provides a
yet, some countries embraced to the global South. groundbreaking analysis of how
these policies more than others. power shifts in the world economic
Using a mixed-methods approach,
Johan Christensen examines one order have played out in the World
J. P. Singh exposes the actual position
major contributor to this disparity: Trade Organization. Historically, the
beneath the North’s image of
the entrenchment of U.S.-trained, U.S. has pressured other countries to
benevolence and empathy:
neoclassical economists in political open their markets while maintaining
either join in the type of trade
institutions the world over. While its own protectionist policies. But,
that developed countries offer, or
previous studies have highlighted over the course of the Doha Round
be cast aside as obstreperous and
the role of political parties and negotiations in 2008, China, India,
unwilling. Through case studies,
production regimes, Christensen and Brazil challenged America’s
Singh reveals how the global North
uses comparative case studies of hypocrisy, causing negotiations
ultimately bars developing nations
New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, and to collapse. Probing the tensions
from flourishing. His findings
Denmark to show how the influence between the WTO’s liberal principles
chart a path forward, showing that
of economists affected the extent to and the underlying reality of power
developing nations can garner
which each nation adopted market- politics, Kristen Hopewell explores
favorable concessions by drawing
oriented tax policies. He finds that, what the Doha conflict tells us about
on unique strengths and through
in countries where economic experts the current and coming balance of
collective advocacy. Sweet Talk offers
held powerful positions, neoclassical power in the global economy.
a provocative rethinking of how
economics broke through with far our international relations have “Hopewell’s analysis is invaluable to
greater force. come and how far we still have to go. understanding one of global neoliber-
“A finely tuned and deeply knowledge- alism’s key institutions.”
“This riveting analysis shows the
able account. A page-turner on tax pernicious effects that culture clashes —Peter Evans,
policy is surely an event to celebrate.” University of California, Berkeley
can have on the well-being of billions.”
—Mark Granovetter, 288 pages, 2016
Stanford University —B. Peter Rosendorff,
New York University 9781503600591 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale
232 pages, April 2017 264 pages, January 2017
9781503600492 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale 9781503601048 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale

Hard Target The Indonesian Way Taiwan’s China Dilemma
Sanctions, Inducements, and the ASEAN, Europeanization, Contested Identities and Multiple
Case of North Korea and Foreign Policy Debates in Interests in Taiwan’s Cross-Strait
Stephan Haggard and a New Democracy Economic Policy
Marcus Noland Jürgen Rüland Syaru Shirley Lin
This book captures the effects of On December 31, 2015, the ten- China and Taiwan share one of the
sanctions and inducements on member Association of Southeast world’s most complex international
North Korea and reconstructs the Asian Nations (ASEAN) founded the relationships. Although similar cultures
role of economic incentives around ASEAN Community (AC). Political and economic interests promoted an
the country’s nuclear program. commentators and media outlets, explosion of economic ties between
Stephan Haggard and Marcus however, greeted its establishment them since the late 1980s, these ties
Noland draw on an array of evidence with little fanfare. Implicitly and have not led to an improved political
to show the reluctance of the North explicitly, they suggested that the AC relationship. Taiwan’s China Dilemma
Korean leadership to weaken its grip was only the beginning: Southeast explains the divergence between
on foreign economic activity. They Asia, they seemed to say, was taking the development of economic and
argue that inducements have limited its first steps on a linear process of political relations across the Taiwan
effect on the regime, and instead unification that would converge on Strait through the interplay of national
urge policymakers to think in terms the model of the European Union. identity and economic interests. Using
of gradual strategies. Hard Target primary sources, opinion surveys, and
In The Indonesian Way, Jürgen
connects economic statecraft to the interviews with Taiwanese opinion
Rüland challenges this previously
marketization process to understand leaders, Syaru Shirley Lin paints
unquestioned diffusion of European
North Korea and addresses a larger a vivid picture of one of the most
norms. Focusing on the reception of
debate over the merits and demerits unsettled and dangerous relationships
ASEAN in Indonesia, Rüland traces
of “engagement” with adversaries. in the contemporary world.
how foreign policy stakeholders have
“An innovative study of the evolving responded to calls for ASEAN’s Euro- “The combination of a fresh theoretical
political economy of North Korea. peanization, ultimately fusing them approach—focusing on the role of
Amid an increasing application of with their own distinctly Indonesian national identity—and strong empirical
sanctions, Hard Target contributes analysis makes Taiwan’s China Dilemma
form of regionalism. a must-read for anyone interested in
much needed sophistication and
nuance to over-simplified debates “An essential study of comparative the dynamic cross-Strait relationship.”
about dealing with North Korea.” regionalism and Indonesia’s role in —Scott L. Kastner,
—John S. Park, the ASEAN Charter.” University of Maryland, College Park
Harvard University —Randall Schweller, 304 pages, 2016
Editor-in-Chief, Security Studies 9780804799287 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale
9781503600362 Cloth $50.00  $40.00 sale 328 pages, December 2017
9781503602854 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale

Uneasy Partnerships Zouping Revisited The Colonial Origins of
China’s Engagement with Japan, Adaptive Governance in a Ethnic Violence in India
the Koreas, and Russia in the Chinese County
Ajay Verghese
Era of Reform Edited by Jean C. Oi and
The neighboring north Indian
Edited by Thomas Fingar Steven M. Goldstein districts of Jaipur and Ajmer are
Uneasy Partnerships presents the China has undergone dramatic identical in language, geography,
analysis and insights of practitioners change in its economic institutions and religious and caste demogra-
and scholars who have shaped and in recent years, but surprisingly phy. But in recent decades, these
examined China’s interactions with little change politically. Somehow, multiethnic communities have
key Northeast Asian partners— the political institutions seem displayed differing patterns of
Japan, the Koreas, and Russia. capable of governing a vastly more ethnic conflict. Using archival
This text analyzes the perceptions, complex market economy and a research and elite interviews in five
priorities, and policies of China and rapidly changing labor force. One case studies across India, as well
its partners to explain why dyadic possible explanation, examined in as a quantitative analysis of 589
relationships evolved as they have Zouping Revisited, is that within the districts, Ajay Verghese shows that
during China’s “rise.” old organizational molds there have the legacies of British colonialism
“A masterful examination of been subtle but profound changes are key drivers of contemporary
China’s complex interactions with to the ways these governing bodies conflict. Additionally, because
its immediate neighbors. The fine- actually work. The authors take as India served as a model for British
grained strands of this complex a case study the local government colonial expansion into parts of
story are woven into a compelling of Zouping County and find that it Africa and Southeast Asia, this
macro-level analysis of Northeast has been able to evolve significantly book links Indian ethnic conflict
Asia that will be applauded by
through ad hoc bureaucratic adapta- to violent outcomes in states as
experts and generalists alike.”
tions and accommodations that diverse as Nigeria and Malaysia.
—T.J. Pempel,
University of California, Berkeley
drastically change the operation of “Outstanding.Verghese offers fresh
government institutions. hypotheses about the sources of
264 pages, April 2017 different types of ethnic violence
9781503601963 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale “Grounded in the soil of rural China,
this book examines the startling ways across India.”
The New Great Game old institutional structures are repur- —James Mahoney,
posed to perform new functions.” Northwestern University
China and South and Central Asia
—David M. Lampton, 296 pages, 2016
in the Era of Reform Johns Hopkins University 9780804798136 Paper $25.95  $20.76 sale
Edited by Thomas Fingar 232 pages, February 2018
360 pages, 2016 9781503604001 Cloth $60.00  $48.00 sale
9780804797634 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale

Divergent Memories Contested Embrace Revolution without
Opinion Leaders and the Transborder Membership Politics Revolutionaries
Asia-Pacific War in Twentieth-Century Korea Making Sense of the Arab Spring
Gi-Wook Shin and Jaeeun Kim Asef Bayat
Daniel Sneider Contested Embrace explores how a The revolutionary wave that swept
Debate over the history of World state relates to people it views as the Middle East in 2011 was marked
War II in Asia remains surprisingly “external members,” such as by spectacular mobilization. How-
intense, and this book examines emigrants and diasporas. Jaeeun ever, it has caused limited shifts in
the opinions of powerful indi- Kim analyzes disputes over the structures of power, leaving much
viduals to pinpoint the sources of belonging of Koreans in Japan and of the old political and social order
conflict: from Japanese colonialism China, focusing on their contested intact. In this book, Asef Bayat
in Korea and atrocities in China relationship with the colonial and uncovers why this occurred and what
to the American use of atomic postcolonial states in the Korean made these uprisings so distinct from
weapons against Japan. Rather peninsula. Through a comparative those that came before.
than labeling others’ views as analysis of transborder membership
politics in the colonial, Cold War, Revolution without Revolutionaries
“distorted” or ignoring dissenting
and post–Cold War periods, the is both a history of the Arab Spring
voices to create a monolithic
book shows how the configuration of and a history of revolution writ
historical account, Gi-Wook Shin
geopolitics, bureaucratic techniques, broadly. Setting the 2011 uprisings
and Daniel Sneider pursue a more
and actors’ agency shapes the side by side with the revolutions of
fruitful approach: analyzing how
making, unmaking, and remaking of the 1970s, particularly the Iranian
historical memory has developed,
transborder ties. Kim demonstrates Revolution, Bayat reveals a profound
been formulated, and even been
that being a “homeland” state or a global shift in the nature of protest:
challenged in each country.
member of the “transborder nation” protestors call for reform rather than
“Mobilizing evidence from inter- fundamental transformation.
views to pop culture to textbooks, is a precarious, arduous, and revo-
the authors show how personal cable political achievement. “Asef Bayat is in the vanguard of a
experience, political change, subtle and original theorization of
“A brilliant and bracing analysis social movements and social change in
regional diplomacy, and national of transborder membership politics.
identity shaped war narratives; the Middle East. Essential reading.”
It is a great book to think with.”
they also suggest a path to armistice. —Juan Cole,
Essential reading.” —John Lie, University of Michigan
University of California, Berkeley
Stanford University 360 pages, 2016 EASTERN AND ISLAMIC SOCIETIES
9780804797627 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale AND CULTURES
376 pages, 2016 312 pages, August 2017
9780804799706 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 9781503602588 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale

Morbid Symptoms Soundtrack of the Revolution Circuits of Faith
Relapse in the Arab Uprising The Politics of Music in Iran Migration, Education, and the
Gilbert Achcar Nahid Siamdoust Wahhabi Mission
In this eagerly awaited book, Music was one of the first casualties Michael Farquhar
foremost Arab world and inter- of the Iranian Revolution. It was This book offers the first examination
national affairs specialist Gilbert banned in 1979, but it quickly crept of the Islamic University of Medina
Achcar analyzes the factors of the back into Iranian culture and politics. and the efforts undertaken by Saudi
post-2011 relapse in the Middle Drawing on her research in Iran, actors and institutions to exert religious
East. Focusing on Syria and Egypt, including during the 2009 protests, influence beyond their borders.
Achcar assesses the present stage Nahid Siamdoust closely follows Through transnational networks, this
of the Arab Uprising and the the work of four musicians, each state-funded religious mission relies
main obstacles, both regional with markedly different political upon, and has in turn been influ-
and international, that prevent views and relations with the Iranian enced by, far-reaching circulations
any resolution. Events in Syria government. Taken together, these of persons and ideas.
and Egypt offer salient examples examinations shed light on issues at STANFORD STUDIES IN MIDDLE
of a pattern of events happening the heart of debates in Iran—about EASTERN AND ISLAMIC SOCIETIES
across the Middle East. Morbid its future and identity, changing
288 pages, 2016
Symptoms offers a timely analysis notions of religious belief, and the 9780804798358 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale
of the ongoing Arab uprising quest for political freedom.
that will engage experts and “A groundbreaking study of a potent Copts and the Security State
general readers alike. Drawing on cultural register in post-revolutionary Violence, Coercion, and
a unique combination of scholarly Iran. For both the casual reader and Sectarianism in Contemporary Egypt
and political knowledge of the the aficionado, Siamdoust’s pioneering Laure Guirguis
Arab region, Achcar argues that, insights are revelatory.”
short of radical social change, the —Hamid Dabashi,
This book considers how the Egyptian
region will not reach stability any author of Iran: A People Interrupted state, through its subjugation of
time soon. Coptic citizens, reproduces a political
EASTERN AND ISLAMIC SOCIETIES order based on religious difference.
“One of the best analysts of the AND CULTURES The leadership of the Coptic Church,
contemporary Arab world.” 368 pages, January 2017 in turn, has taken more political
—Le Monde 9781503600324 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale stances. Authoritarianism and
STANFORD STUDIES IN MIDDLE sectarianism are then used to justify
EASTERN AND ISLAMIC SOCIETIES the expanding Egyptian security state.
9781503600317 Paper $21.95  $17.56 sale AND CULTURES
256 pages, January 2017
9781503600782 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale

The Art of Revolt Popular Democracy Classical Geopolitics
Snowden, Assange, Manning The Paradox of Participation A New Analytical Model
Geoffroy de Lagasnerie Gianpaolo Baiocchi and Phil Kelly
When not decried as traitors, Ernesto Ganuza Geopolitics is the study of how the
Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, In the United States, three-fourths projection of power (ideological,
and Chelsea Manning are seen of all cities have developed oppor- cultural, economic, or military) is
as whistle-blowers whose crucial tunities for citizen involvement in effected and affected by the geographic
revelations are meant to denounce strategic planning. But even as these and political landscape. Despite the
a problem or correct an injustice. opportunities have become more real world relevance of geopolitics,
Yet, for Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, they popular, many contend that they a common understanding of what
are much more than that. They are have also become less connected classical geopolitics is and how it
exemplars who have reinvented an works still lies beyond the reach of
to actual centers of power and the
art of revolt. Consciously or not, both researchers and practitioners.
jurisdictions where issues relevant
they have inaugurated a new form In Classical Geopolitics, Phil Kelly
to communities are decided.
of political action and a new identity attempts to build a common theo-
With this book, Gianpaolo Baiocchi retical model, incorporating a host of
for the political subject.
and Ernesto Ganuza consider the variables that reflect the complexity of
Anonymity as practiced by opportunities and challenges of the modern geopolitical stage. He then
WikiLeaks and the flight and democratic participation. Examining analyzes thirteen pivotal but widely
requests for asylum of Snowden how participation has traveled the differing historical events to test the
and Assange break with traditional world—with its inception in Porto efficacy of his model as a comprehen-
forms of democratic protest. As Alegre, Brazil, and spread to Europe sive geopolitical analytical tool that can
Lagasnerie suggests, such solitary and North America—they show be used across a broad spectrum of
choices challenge us to question how participatory instruments have geopolitical contexts and events.
classic modes of collective action, become more focused on the “This book makes an important
calling old conceptions of the state formation of public opinion and are contribution to the current literature
and citizenship into question. In far less attentive to actual reform. on geopolitics. The theoretical
the process, he pays homage to Though the current impact and approach it takes is both innovative
the actions and lives of these benefit of participatory forms of and stimulating, and it displays an
three figures. impressive synthesis of existing
government is ambiguous, Popular theoretical ideas. A milestone
“A striking and radical new perspective Democracy concludes with sugges- reinterpretation of geopolitical theory.”
on truth-tellers in the Internet age.” tions of how participation could better —Geoff Sloan,
achieve its political ideals. University of Reading
—Sarah Harrison,
Director of the Courage Foundation 224 pages, 2016
224 pages, 2016
and WikiLeaks Associate 9780804798204 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale
9781503600768 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale
128 pages, September 2017
9781503603325 Paper $18.95  $15.16 sale

Selfish Libertarians and Queer Theory The Prince of This World
Socialist Conservatives? The French Response Adam Kotsko
The Foundations of the Libertarian- Bruno Perreau The most enduring challenge to
Conservation Debate
In 2012 and 2013, masses of traditional monotheism is the
Nathan W. Schlueter and French citizens took to the streets problem of evil: God is all-good
Nikolai G. Wenzel to demonstrate against a bill on and all-powerful, and yet evil
Nathan W. Schlueter and Nikolai G. gay marriage. But demonstrators happens. The Prince of This World
Wenzel present a lively debate over the were not merely denouncing gay traces the story of the offloading of
essential questions that divide two marriage; they were also claiming responsibility for evil onto one of
competing political philosophies. that its origins lay in “gender God’s rebellious creatures. In this
Wenzel—a libertarian—and Schlueter— theory,” an ideology imported striking reexamination, the devil
a conservative—explore the funda- from the United States. What are emerges as a theological symbol
mental similarities and differences the various facets of the French who helps justify oppression at the
between their respective positions, response to queer theory, from hands of Christian rulers. And he
introducing readers to the foundations the mobilization of activists and evolves alongside the biblical God,
of each political philosophy. the seminars of scholars to the who at first presents himself as the
emergence of queer media and liberator of the oppressed but ends
232 pages, 2016 the decision to translate this or up a cruel ruler. This is the story,
9781503600287 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale
that kind of book? By examining then, of how God becomes the
SECOND EDITION mutual influences across the devil—a devil who remains with
The Max Weber Dictionary Atlantic, Bruno Perreau analyzes us in our ostensibly secular age.
Key Words and Central Concepts changes in the idea of national “This diabolically gripping geneal-
identity in France and the United ogy offers a stunning parable of
Richard Swedberg and States. In the process, he offers a Western politics, religious and
Ola Agevall new theory of minority politics: an secular. With the ironic wisdom
This fully updated and expanded ongoing critique of norms is not of a postmodern Beatrice, Kotsko
only what gives rise to a feeling of guides us through the sequence of
edition reflects current scholarly hells that leads to our own.”
threads of inquiry and introduces belonging; it is the very thing that
founds citizenship. —Catherine Keller,
the most recent translations and Drew University
references to Weber’s work. A wealth “A signature contribution to
of new entries on various topics have 240 pages, 2016
contemporary political and 9781503600201 Paper $22.95  $18.36 sale
been added, making this book is critical theory.”
an invaluable resource to students, —Bernard Harcourt,
scholars, and general readers alike. Columbia University

472 pages, 2016 288 pages, 2016
9780804783422 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale 9781503600447 Paper $25.95  $20.76 sale

Jimmy Carter in Africa Trust, but Verify The Politics of Rights and the
Race and the Cold War The Politics of Uncertainty and the 1911 Revolution in China
Nancy Mitchell Transformation of the Cold War
Xiaowei Zheng
Order, 1969–1991
In the late 1970s, the Cold War China’s 1911 Revolution was a
overseas seemed to take a backseat Edited by Martin Klimke, momentous political transformation.
to more contentious domestic issues, Reinhild Kries, and Its leaders, however, were not rebellious
including race relations. Racism Christian F. Ostermann troublemakers on the periphery of
at home undermined Americans’ Trust, but Verify uses trust—with its imperial order. On the contrary, they
efforts to “win hearts and minds” emotional and predictive aspects— were a powerful political and economic
abroad and provided potent propa- to explore international relations elite deeply entrenched in local society.
ganda to the Kremlin. As President in the second half of the Cold War. The revolution they spearheaded
Carter confronted Africa, American The détente of the 1970s led to the produced a new, democratic political
foreign policy slammed up against development of some limited trust culture that enshrined national sover-
the most explosive and raw aspect of between the United States and the eignty, constitutionalism, and the rights
American domestic politics—racism. Soviet Union, but it also created of the people as indisputable principles.
Drawing on candid interviews with uncertainty in other areas, espe- Based upon previously untapped
Carter, as well as key diplomats, and cially on the part of smaller states Qing and Republican sources,
on an array of international archival that depended on their The Politics of Rights and the 1911
sources, Nancy Mitchell offers a alliance leaders for protection. Revolution in China is a nuanced and
timely reevaluation of the Carter The contributors to this volume colorful chronicle of the revolution
administration and of the man look at how the “emotional” side as it occurred in local and regional
himself. Mitchell reveals an admin- of the conflict affected the dynamics areas. Xiaowei Zheng explores the
istration not beset by weakness and of various Cold War relations. ideas that motivated the revolution,
indecision, but rather constrained “An insightful explanation for one the popularization of those ideas,
by Cold War dynamics and by the of the great puzzles of recent history: and their animating impact on the
president’s own temperament as he how the Cold War, a seemingly inde- Chinese people at large. The focus
wrestled with a divided public and structible international regime, came of the book is not on the success or
his own human failings. to an end. The essays take seriously
the mission of relating the political, failure of the revolution, but rather
‘A truly definitive account of one of economic, and cultural factors to on the transformative effect that
the most challenging and important emotions history.” revolution has on people.
aspects of my presidency.”
—Frank Costigliola, 432 pages, January 2018
—Jimmy Carter, University of Connecticut 9781503601086 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale
Former President of the United States
272 pages, 2016
880 pages, 2016 9780804798099 Cloth $60.00  $48.00 sale
9780804793858 Cloth $45.00  $36.00 sale

The Social Life of Politics Contraband Corridor Campaigning for Children
Ethics, Kinship, and Union Making a Living at the Mexico– Strategies for Advancing
Activism in Argentina Guatemala Border Children’s Rights
Sian Lazar Rebecca Berke Galemba Jo Becker
A central motor of Argentine historical The Mexico–Guatemala border has Campaigning for Children focuses
and political development since the emerged as a geopolitical hotspot on contemporary children’s rights,
early twentieth century, unions have of illicit flows of both goods and identifying the range of abuses
been the site of active citizenship people. Contraband Corridor seeks that affect children today, including
in both political participation and to understand the border from early marriage, female genital
the distribution of social, economic, the perspective of its long-term mutilation, child labor, sex traf-
political, and cultural rights. The inhabitants, including petty smug- ficking, corporal punishment,
Social Life of Politics examines the glers of corn, clothing, and coffee. the impact of armed conflict, and
intimate, personal, and family Challenging assumptions regarding access to education. Jo Becker
dimensions of two political activist security, trade, and illegality, Rebecca traces the last 25 years of the chil-
groups: the Union of National Civil Berke Galemba details how these dren’s rights movement, including
Servants (UPCN) and the Association residents engage in and justify the evolution of international laws
of State Workers (ATE). Sian Lazar extralegal practices in the context and standards to protect children
examines how activists in both of heightened border security, from abuse and exploitation. From
unions create themselves as particular restricted economic opportunities, a practitioner’s perspective, Becker
kinds of militants and forms of and exclusionary trade policies. provides careful case studies of the
political community. She places the Rather than assuming that extralegal organizations and campaigns that
lived experience of political activism activities necessarily threaten the are making a difference in the lives
into historical relief and shows how state and formal economy, Galemba’s of children.
ethics and family values deeply ethnography illustrates the complex “This book examines initiatives
inform the process by which political ways that the formal, informal, legal, and strategies to show that change
actors are formed and understood. and illegal economies intertwine. for children is possible, and that
“Sian Lazar provides fresh insight into “This grounded, ‘bottom up’ account remarkable transformation is
the moral foundations of political draws much-needed attention to this achievable. With its most
commitment and collective identity. too often overlooked border while compelling evidence, it will go
This book opens up fertile new terrain.” carefully avoiding the alarmism a long way in ensuring that
and sensationalism found in popular human rights of children are
—Webb Keane,
depictions of cross-border smuggling.” protected worldwide.”
author of Ethical Life: Its
Natural and Social Histories —Kailash Satyarthi,
—Peter Andreas, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Brown University and Children’s Rights Activist
256 pages, June 2017
9781503602410 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale 320 pages, December 2017 232 pages, August 2017
9781503603981 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale 9781503603035 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale

Just Violence Rights after Wrongs Crook County
Torture and Human Rights in Local Knowledge and Human Racism and Injustice in America’s
the Eyes of the Police Rights in Zimbabwe Largest Criminal Court
Rachel Wahl Shannon Morreira Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve
Stark revelations about police Rights After Wrongs ethnographically Crook County bursts open the
brutality have stoked heated debates explores the chasm between the ideals courthouse doors and enters the
about the use of force. Despite and the practice of human rights, hallways, courtrooms, judges’
public interest, we know little about detailing the ways in which the chambers, and attorneys’ offices
the police officers who commit global framework of human rights is to reveal a world of punishment
violence such as torture. Through locally interpreted, constituted, and determined by race, not offense.
interviews with law enforcers in contested among Zimbabweans, in It urges all citizens to take a closer
India, Rachel Wahl uncovers what both Zimbabwe and South Africa. look at the way we do justice in
motivates officers to use and sup- Presenting the stories of those who America and to hold our arbiters of
port torture, and how these beliefs lived through the violent struggles justice accountable to the highest
shape their responses to human of the past decades, Shannon standards of equality.
rights norms. While human rights Morreira shows how supposedly 272 pages, 2016
workers attempt to both persuade universal ideals become localized 9781503602786 Paper $16.95  $13.56 sale
and coerce police officers into in the context of post-colonial
compliance, these strategies can Southern Africa. She uncovers the The Global Rise of Populism
undermine each other, leaving the disconnect between the ways human Performance, Political Style, and
movement with complex dilemmas rights appear on paper and the ways Representation
regarding whether to work with or in which it is possible for people
Benjamin Moffitt
against violent state officials. to use and understand them in
everyday life. This book argues for the need to
“Just Violence offers an alternative
explanation of police violence and the rethink the concept of populism.
“The global movement of refugees
misfit between local conceptions of and migrants is the human rights While still based on the classic
justice and the general principles of the issue of the twenty-first century. divide between “the people” and
human rights system. This provocative Shannon Morreira elegantly docu- “the elite,” populism’s reliance on
book offers new insights into human ments the struggles of Zimbabwean new media technologies, its shifting
rights education and the enduring refugees and exiles in South Africa, relationship to political representa-
tensions between rights and security.” drawing out the wider implications tion, and its increasing ubiquity
—Sally Engle Merry, for concepts of personhood, rights, have seen it transform in nuanced
New York University and migration.”
ways that demand explaining.
264 pages, January 2017 —Richard A. Wilson,
University of Connecticut 240 pages, 2016
9781503601017 Paper $25.95  $20.76 sale
9781503604216 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale
216 pages, 2016
9780804799089 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale

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