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No. II




Sarah Vibber i).
Jno. Willard.

June the 3. 1692.

ARAH Vibber aged 36 yeares or theara-
bouts and faith the day before

Jno Willard was examined at the uilleg

I being in Left Ingerfols Chamber I
y aporition of John willard com to mary wol-

cot and mary luis and hurt them griuofly and al-
moft choked Them Then I tould of it and eme-
diatly y faid wiliard fel upon mee and tormented

me greuefly and pinched me and threw me down.

Sarah uibber ownid this har teftimony before us the
Jurrers for Inqweft this 3
of June 1692.
Jurat in Curia.

Eliz Hubbard v. Jno Willard.

The depofiftion of Elizabeth Hubburdagged about

17 years who teftifieth and faith that on the u
Vol. n. A

2 Salem Witchcraft.

May 1692 I faw the Apperifhtion of John Willard

of Salem Village who did Immediatly torment me
and urged me to writ in his book but on the 1 8 th of

M?y being the day of his examination John Wil

lard did moft greviouily tortor me during the time
of his examination for if he did but look upon me
ibe would Immediatly ftrick me down or allmoft
choak me and allso during the time of his exami
nation I faw the Apperifhtion of John Willard goe
from him and afflict the bodys of Mary Walcott
mircy lewes Abigaill Williams and Ann putnam
Jun .

Elizabeth Hubburt did one this teftimony after the

Reding of it before vs the Jurres for Inqweft this
3 day of June :

Eliz Booth, v. Jno Willard,

The Depofiftion of Eliz Booth agged about 1 8

yeares who
teftifieth and faith that feverall times
fence the later end of June 1692. 1 have been moft
grevioufly afflicted and tormented by John Willard
or his Apperance by pinching pricking and almoft
choaking me to death, alfo I have often feen John
Willard or his operance, moft grevioufly tormenting
and afflicting my Brother George Booth almoft
Redy to kill him.
Sufannah Shelden alfo teftfieth that within this
fortnight me hath feen John Willard or his Ap
pearance moft grevioufly torment and afflict George
Booth almoft Redy to prefe him to death.
Salem finiteher aft. 3

Lydia Nichols Margaret Knight v. Jno Willard.

The depofition of Lydia Nicoles aged 46 yeares &
of Margaret Knight aged 20 yeares, who teftify
and fay, That the wife of John Willard being at
her fathers houfe when the faid Willard lived at
Groton me made a lamentable complaynt how cru
elty her hufband had beaten her me thought her-

felfe that me mould neuer recouer of the blows he

had giuen her, the next morninge he was got into
a litle hole vnder the ftayres and then me thought
fome thinge extra ordinary had befallen him, then
he ran out at the dore and ran vp a fteep hill al-
mofl impoffible for any man to run vp as me fayd
then me tooke her mare and rid away, fearing fome
euil had been intended as againft her and when me
came houfe of Henery or Benjamin Willard
to the
fhe told how
it was with her and the
fayd Henery
Willard or both went to looke after him and met
him running in a ftrange diftracted manner.

Sam !i
Wilkins v. Jno fflillard.

The Depofiftion of Samuell Wilknes agged about

9 years who teftifieth and faith that fence Jno
Willard has been in prizfon I have been afflicted
in a ftrange kind of maner for about the later end
of June or begining of July as I was a weaving the
yarn broak exceeding faft and as I was a tying a
thread I had a ftroak on my hand like a knife the
blood being almoft Redy to come out and I was
pinched feueral times by an unfeen hand alfo
4 Salem Witchcraft.

Riding to Marble head Juft as I came to forrift Ri-

uer Bridge I was immediatly feized with a violent
wait on my back and I faw a black hate and was
immediatly pulled ofe my horfe or mare and almoft
pulled into the Rivere but holding faft as laft I gott
vp againe awhile affter as I was once in the woods
and agoing horn and a little boy with me I thought
I muft run and I said to the by let us Run and as
foon as I ran there was a black hate ran along by
me a while affter one morning about an hour by
fun I was afflicted and I saw John Willard or his
Appearance with a darke collored coot and a black
hate very like that hate which I formerly faw a :

little while affter this one night as foon as I was

a bed John Willard whom I very well knew or his

Appearance cam into the Room where I was a bed

and another man and woman along with him which
I did not know and they tould me they would carry
me away before morning.
Jurat in Curia.
Thomas Bailey v. "John

The depofition of Thomas Baly aged 36 yeares

who teftifieth and faith.
That I Groton fome fhort tyme after John
being at
Willard as the report went, had beaten his wife I
went to call him home and comeinge home with
him in the night I heard fuch a hideous noyfe of
ftrange createres I was much affrighted for I never
had heard the like noyfe. I fearinge they might be
fome evil fpirits I enquired of thefaid Willard what
might it be that made fuch a hideous noyfe the
Salem Witchcraft. 5

fayd Willard fayd they ware Locuft. the next day

as I fuppofe the fayd Willards wife with a young
childe and her mother being upon my mare ridinge
betweene Groaton mil and Chemsford they being
willing to goe on foote a litle defired me to ride :

then I taking my mare being willing to let her feed

a litle there as I remember I
aprehend I heard the
fame noyfe agayne where at my mare ftarted and
got from me
Jurat in Curia.
Eliz :
Bailey v. yno Willard.
The teftimonie of Elizabeth Bayly aged twenty fe-
uen yeares ore there-abouts teftifyeth and faith that
John Willard lookeing his oxen met w th
this depo
nent and told her that all the way from Francis
Elliotts houfe to his owne home he veryly thought
came before him or behind him all
that the Deuell
theway which dreadfully frighted him, the faid
Deponent afked him why he thought fo he an-
fwered hee could not tell and emediatly fell a

The marke of -J-
Elizabeth Bayley
Jurat in Curia.

Rebecca Wilkins v. Jno Willard.

The teftomony of Rebeckah Wilkins aged ninteen

years Doe July at night fhee fe
teftifie that 29

John Wilard feting in the Corner and hee faid that

hee wold afflict me that night and forthwith hee
did afflick me and the nax day I ded fe him afflick

me foer by choaking and Polling one ear into Pea-

6 Salem Witchcraft.

fes the nax day being the Lords day I

being going
to meeting I ie John Willard and hee afflickted
me uery foer.
Jurat in Curia.

Thos. Putnam & Edward Putnam v. Jno Willard.

The depofiftion of Thomas
putnam agged 40 years
and Edward Putnam agged 38 years who teftifie
and fay that we haueing been conuerfant with fe-
ueral of the afflicted parfons, as namly Mary Wal-
cott mercy lewes Elizabeth hubbert abigail Willi
ams and Ann Putnam Jun r and we haue feen them
moft grevioufly tormented by pinching and pricking
and being all moft choaked to death moft grevioufly
complaining of John Willard for hurting them but
on the 1 8 th day of May 1 692. being the day of his
examination the aforefaid afflicted parfons were
moft grevioufly tormented dureing the time of his
examination for if he did but caft his eies upon
them they were ftrochen down or all most choak
alfo feuerall times fence We have feen the Affbrelaid
afflicted parfons moft grevioufly tormented as if
their bones would have been diljoyned grevioufly

complaining of John Willard for hurting them,

and we veryly beleue that John willard the priz-
foner at the bar has feuerall times tormented and
afflicted the afforefaid parfons with acts of witch
Thomas Putnam
Edward putnam.
Jurat in Curia.
Salem Witchcraft. j

Henry Wilkins jr. v. John Willard.

The depofition ofHenery Wilknes fen aged 41
yeares, who and
teftifieth fayth that upon the third of
May laft, John Willard came to my houfe and
entreated me to go uith him to Boftton w ch
I at
length contented to go with him. my fon Daniel
comeinge and underftandinge I was goinge with
him to Bofton and feemed to be much troubled
that I would go with the faid Willard and he fayd
he thought it were wel if the fayd Willard were
hanged w made me admire for I never heard fuch

an expreffion come from him to any one beinge

fine he came to yeares of difcretion, but after I was

gone in a few days he was taken ficke and grew

every day worfe and worfe whereupon we made ap-
lication to a phyfitian who was
affirmed his ficknes

by Ibme preter natural caufe and would make no

aplication of any phificke
Some tymes after this
our neighbours coming to vifit my fon Mercy Le

wis came w th them and affirmed that me saw the

apparition of John Willard afflicting
him quickly
after came An Putnam and me faw the fame appa
rition and then my eldeft daughter was taken in a
fad manner and the fayd An faw the fayd Willard
afflicting her at
Another tyme mercy lewes and
Walcott came to vifit him and they faw the
fame apparition
of Willard afflicting him and this
not but a little tyme before his death. Sworne in

8 Salem Witchcraft.
m Wilkins
Benj .
gTbo,. Flint v. John Willard.
The teftimony of benjamin Wilkins aged about
and Thomas fflint aged about 46 years tefti-
fieth that one y 1 6 day of May laft 1 692, we being

at the hous of henry Wilkins where we faw his fon

daniell Wilkins as we judged at y e
point of
death and marcy lues and Mary wolcot being with
us Tould us That John Willard and goody
were upon his throat and upon his breaft and

preiTed him and choked him and to our bes judg

ment he was preffed and choked time we
faw him almoft to death,
and the benjamin wilkins continued with him
till was about 3 hours after and he altered not
in the manner condifthtion only grew wors and
wors till he died.
Jurat in Curia by Ben Wilkins

Bray Wilkins v. "John


Thedepofition of Bray Wilkins of Salem Vil

lage aged about eighty and one years with reference
to John Willard of sd Salem lately charged with
witchcraft, when he was at firft complained of by
the afflicted perfons for afflicting of them he came
to my houle greatly troubled defiring me with
fome other neighbours to pray for him. I told him
I was then going from home and could not
but if I could come home before night I fhould not
be unwilling, but it was near night before I came
home and fo I did not anfwer his defire, but I
heard no more of him upon that account whether
Salem Witchcraft. 9

my not anfwering his delire did not offend him, I

cannot tell I was
jealous afterward that it did lit A
tle after
my wife & I went to Bofton at the laft
Election when I was as well in health as in many
yeares before &
the Election day coming to my
brother Left Richard Way s houle at noon there
were many iriends to dine there, they were fat
down at Mr. Lawfon and his wife & fe-
the Table
verall more John Willard came into the houfe with

my fon Henry Wilkins before I fat down & fd Wil

lard to apprehenfion look d after fuch a fort
upon me as I never before difcerned in any. I did
but ftep into the next room I was &
prefently taken
in a ftrange condition fo that I could not dine nor
I cannot
eat any thing. exprefs the mifery I was
in for mywater was fuddenly ftopt I had no be &
nefit of nature but was like a man in a Rock and
I told my wife immediatly that I was afraid that
Willard had done me wrong my pain continuing
and finding no relief my jealoufie continued: Mr.
Lawfon and others there were all amazed & knew
not what to do for me. There was a woman ac
counted fkilful came hoping to help me and after
me had ufed means me afked me whether none of
thofe evil perfons had done me damage I faid I could
not lay they had but I was fore afraid they had
(he anfwered (he did fear fo too as near as I remem
ber I lay in this cafe 3 or 4 dayes at Bofton and af
terwards with the jeopardy of my life (as I thought)
I came home and then fome of my friends coming
to fee me (and at this time John Willard was run

away) one of the afflicted perfons mercy Lewes

io Salem Witchcraft.

came in with them & they afked whether me faw

any thing (he faid yes, they are looking for John

Willard but there he is upon his Grandfathers Belly

(and at that time I was in grievous pain in the
fmall of my Belly) I continued fo
greevous painin
and mywater much ftopt till sd Willard was in
chains and then as near as I can guees I had confid-
erable eafe, but on the other hand in the room of a

ftoppage I was vexed with a flowing of water fo

that it was hard to keep myfelf dry. On the 5 July
talking with fome friends about John Willard
fome pleading his innocenfy and myfelf and fome
others arguing the contrary, within about 1-4 of
an hour after that I had faid it was not I nor my
fon Benj Wilkins, but the teftimony of the afflicted

perfons and the jury concerning the murder of my

grandfon : Dan
Wilkins, that would take auay

his life ifany thing did and within about 1-4 hour
after this I was taken in the foreft diftrefs mifery &
my water being turned into real blood, or of a
bloody colour and the old pain returned exceffively
as before which continued for about 24 hours toge

Philip Knight & Thos Nichols, v.

John Willard.

The depnfition of Philip knight aged 46 yeares and

of Thomas Nicols 22 years who do teftify and fay.
That Some tyme in April lad there was difcourfe
at the houfe of the fayd Philip knight about ieue-
ral of the village that were taken vp vpon fufpition
Salem Witchcraft. 1 1

of witchcraft., John Willard being prefent then re~

plyed, hang them, they are all witches

Mercy Lewis v. John Willard.

depofiftion of Mircy Lewes who teftifieth and

faith that I have often feen the Apperifhtion of

John Willard amongft the witches within this three

weeks, but he did not doe me much hurt till the

May 1692 and then he fell upon me moft
I of

dreadfully and dis moft grevioufly afflect me allmoft

Redy to kill me urging me moft vehemently to
writ in his book, and fo he hath continued euer
fince at times tortoring me moft dreadfully beating
and pinching me and allmoft Redy to choak me
threatning to kill if I would not writ in his book
alfo I being carried to wills hill on the 14 of may
at euening faw
to fee the afflicted parfons there. I

there the Apperifhtion of John Willard grevioufly

afflicting his grandffather wilknes and I alfo law the
apperifhtion of John Willard there grevioufly af-
flecting the body of Daniell Wilknes who laid
fpeachles and in
a fad condition and John Willard
tould me he would kill Daniell Wilknes within
Two days if he could alfo I was at Henry Wilknes
the 1 6 May a little before night and their I law the
apperifhtion of John Willard a choaking Daniell
Wilknes alfo on the i8 th May being ing the day
of his examination I was moft grevioufly tortured
by him dureing the time of his examination for if
he did but look upon me he ftruck me down or
almoft choaked me to death and feveral times fence
12 Salem Witchcraft.
the Apperifhtion of John Willard has moft grevi-
oufly afHecled me by beating pinching and allmoft
choaking me to death, alfo dureing the time of his
examination I faw the Apperithtion of John Wil
lard goe from him and afflidt the bodyes of Mary
Wolcott Abigail Williams Elizabeth Hubbard and
Ann Putnam Jun r>

Benj*. Wilkim v. Jno Willard,

The teftimony of benjamin Wilkens aged about 36
That about y e 12 or May laft Mary lues
years faith
being at my fathers houfe tould us that flie law
John wilard and goody buckly upon my father
wilknes preffing his belly and my father complained
of extreme paine in his bely at y e fametime, then
John putnam ftruck at y aperiftions then marcy
lues fell down and my father had eafe emidiatly,

John Putnam v.
John Willard.
John putnam teftifieth to y fame above written.

Indi5lment v Ann Pudeater,

EfTex in the Province of) Annog3R. R d & Reginee

the Maffachufetts Bay V Gulielmi & Mariee An-
Jn New England fs
glice& ) Anno- c Quarto.

gu Dom. 1692 . . .

The Juriors for our Sou Lord and Lady the Kino-

and Queen Pfent, That Ann Pudeator of Salem in

the County of Effex, aforefaid widdow, The fecond
day of July in the yeare aforefaid and diuers othere
Salejn Witchcraft. 13

days and times as well before as after certaine de-

teftable arts called witchcraft & Sorceries Wickedly j

Mallitioufly and fellonioufly hath ufed pra&ifed and

exerciled At and within the Townefhip of Salem
aforefaid in & upon and againft one Mary Warren
of Salem aforelaid fingle woman by which (aid
wicked arts the faid Mary Warren the fecond day
of July aforelaid and diners other days and times
both before and after was and is tortured Afflicted
Pined Confumed wafted and tormented and alfo
for fundry other acts of witchcraft by the faid Ann
Pudeater Committed and done before and Since that
time Agft the peace of o r Sou n Lord and Lady the
King and Queen theire Crowne and Dignity and
agft the forme of the ftatute in y Cafe made and

WitnefTes Mary Warren Jurat.
Sarah Churchel Jurat. Ann Putnam Jurat.
Warrant, v. Ann Pudeater.

To the Marfhall of EfTex or Conftable in Salem.

You are in theire Majef names hereby required

forthwith to apprehend and bring before vs Allic

Parker the wife of John Parker of Salem and Ann
Pudeater of Salem widdow who ftand charged with
fundry acts of witchcraft by them committed this
day Contrary to y Laws of our Sou Lord and La

dy, ffaile not. Dated Salem May the 12 th 1692.


12 th 1692. I have apprehended the above
1 4. Salem Witchcraft.
named perfons and Brought them att y place ap-
ointed by you honors
of Effex

Sarah Churchill Confeffion.

Sarah Churchwell confefTeth that Goody pudeater

brought the book to this examina and (he figned

it but did not know her at that tyme, but when (he

law her (he knew her to be the fame and that

Goody Bifhop als Oliver appeared to this Examin-
ant and told her me had killed John Trafks child
(whofe child dyed about that tyme) and faid Bimop
als Oliver afflicted her as alfoe did old George Ja

cobs and before that time this Examin 1 being af

flicted could not doe her fervice as formerly and her
fd Mafter Jacobs called her bitch witch and ill
names and then afflicted her as above and that
pudEater brought 3 Images like Mercy Lewis Ann
Putnam Eliz a Hubbard and they brought her
thornes and (he ftuck them in the Images and told
her the perfons whofe likenefs they were would be
afflicted and the other day faw Goody Oliver fate

vpon her knee.

Jurat in Curia by Sarah Churchill.

this confeffion was taken before John Hathorrie

and Jonathan Corwiu Esq rs I. Juni 1692. as atteft.
Th Newton.
Salem Witchcraft. 15

Examination of Ann Pudeator.

An Pudeater examined before y e Majeftrates of

Salem July 2. 692 i

Sarah Churchwell was bid to fay what fhe had to

fay of her.
You have charged her with bringingy e book to you.
A Yes faid Churchwell.

have you feen her iince. A no. :

Goodwife puddeater, you have former ly bin com-

playned of we now further enquire here is one :

faith you brought her y e book which is Sa

rah Churchell look on y e perfon fes. Churchill :

you did bring me y book

: I was at Goodman Ja
cob fes.
Pudeater fd I never faw y e woman before now. it

was told
puddeater mayd charged you with
bringing her y
book at
y lafl examinat" Puddeater
f I never faw y Devils book, nor knew that he had
d e

L Jer Neal was alked what he could fay of this
woman. Neal fd fhe had been an ill carriaged wo
man and fmce my wife has been fick of y e fmall
pox this woman has come to my houfe pretending
kindnes and I was gkd fhe afked whe
to fee it

ther (lie might our morter

ufe which was ufed for
to it, but I afterward re
my wife and I contented

of it for y e nurs told me my wife was y e

pented :

wors lenc fhe was very ill of a flux which (he had
not before.
When the officer came for puddeater, y e nurs fd you
Salem Witchcraft.

are come my wife grew worfe till (he

to late for

dyed Pudeater
: had
fd often threatened my wife.
Eliz Hubbard fd me had Teen fdP udeater fd
Wolcot but flic had not hurt her {he had feen
her with Goodwife nurs.
goody puddeater what did you do with y- oint
ments that you had in y e hous fo many of them,
fhe fd I never had ointment or oyl but meat tried
out in my houfe fince my hufband dyed but the :

conftable Jofeph Neal affirmed me had (he had near

2O that had oyntment or greas in them, a little in
a thing me fde fhe never had any ointment but

neats foot oy in y- hous, but what was in thefe


things y conftablcs fpeakes of.
A. It was greafe tomake (ope of. but why did you
put them in fo many things, when one would have
held all but anfwered not to y e porpofe, but the
conftable sd oyntments were of feveral forts.
Sarah Vibber did you ever fe this woman before
now, anfwered no. An putnam sd fhe had never
feen her, but fince fhe come to Salem Town laft :

fd Putnam fell into a fitt and sd Puddeater was com

manded to take her by y- wrift, and did and fd
Putnam was well prefently.
mary warin fell into two fitts quickly after one
another and both times was helped by fd Puddeators
taking her by y wrift.
Salem ff^itchcraft. 17

Summons to vritnt/fes i\ Anri PuJeatsr.

\\ m 5c Marv by ye Grace of God of England,

Scottland ffrance 5c Ireland King and Queen,
defend- 6cc.
To Y- Sheriff" of Eif-x or deputy.
L- ^
^ ee to warn John
commondyou Wefgate John
Bullock, Martha Dutch Sufanna Dutch Lt. Jere
miah Xeale John Beckett John Beft Jun r Jno
Loader, Sarah parott, that they and every of them
appear at y* next Court of Over 6c Terminer holden
at Salem en y s next Tueiday at twelve of ys clock
there to Tertiryy* truth toy* beftof theire knowl
edge on certain Indictments to be exhibited againft
^- ^
Alice Parker and Ann Pudeater, hereof make return
fail not
ot our Reigne.
in Salem Sept r ^STEPHEN
1692. in y~ fourth year

Sept 5 1692. I have lumoned and have warned
all the within named
perfons John Bell Jun Ex

cept 2- Bert being Removed to Ipfwich that thay

and every of them appeare to Giue in their Euid
jScc att time and
place within written.
P me GEORGE HERRICK dep SherirT. r

Sarah Churchill i\ Ann Pudeater.

Sarah Churchel affirmed to y e Jury of inqwert that
Ann Puddeator has greatly afflicted her id Churchel
by choaking her pinching her and sticking pinfe
into her and by prelling
^ of her and making her iett
1 8 Salem Witchcraft.

her hands to y e hook upon y e oath fhe hath taken

Sept. 6 1692.
Sworn in Court.
& brought poppits to her to ftick pins to w ch fhe
did & y e Pfons afflicted by it.

Mary Warren v. Ann Pudeator*

Mary Warin upon her oath y fhe hath taken af


firms to y e Jury of Inqweft that Ann Puddeator

hath often afflicted me by biting me, pinching me,
flicking pins in
and choaking me and particu-
e att her examination id
larly on y
2 day of July
Puddeator did afflict me greatly alfo fhe on her Ap-
perifhtion did offer
me the booktofign to, fhe told
me alfo y fhe was y e caufe of Jno Turners ffalling

off y e cherry tree to his great hurt and which


amazed him head and almoft kiled him, fhe

in his
told me alfo fhe was the caus of Jeremiah Neals
wifes death and I faw her hurt Eliz Hubbard,
Mary Walcott and An Putnam y laft night fhe

afflicted me alfo laft night by her witchcraft and \

doe verily beleev fd Ann Puddeater is a witch fhe ;

affirms Puddeator told her fhe kiled her hufband

Puddeator and his firft wife and that fhe was an
inftrument of John Befts wifes death
Sept 7 1692.: Sworne in Court.

Eliz Hubbard v. Ann Pudeator.

Eliz Hubbard affirmed upon y e oath fhe hath taken

that fhe hath feen Ann Pddeator afflict
Salem Witchcraft. ig
Kn and that (he or her Apperiftion did hurt me and
Mary Warin y laft night, before y Jury of Inqueft
e e

7. 1692 & that (he hath afflicted her fince
me came into Court.

Jurat in Curia.

Ann Putnam v. Ann Pudeator.

An Putnam affirmed upon her oath, to y e Jury of

Inqueft that me hath feen Ann Puddeater afflict
Mary Warin Mary Walcott and Eliz Hubbard of
ten and particularly att y e time of her laft examina
tion before y e Majeftrates at Mr. Tho Beadles, me
alfo hath afflicted me both then and at other times
Sept 7. 1692.
Owned her Euidence in Court.

Sarah Vibber v. Ann Pudeator.

Sarah Vibber upon her oath affirmed to y c Jury of

inqueft that mee
hath feen An Puddeator afflict
Mary Warin Mary Walcot and An Putnam both
aty time of her examination at Mr. Tho Beadles

and y e laft night Ihe together with Goodwife Par

y fornamed Warin Walcot and Put
ker did afflict

nam fd Puddeator hath afflicted me to, and i do


believe (he is a witch. Sept 7. 1692.

Mary Walcott v.

Ann Pudeator.

Mary Walcot upon oath affirms to y e Jury of In

me hath feen An Puddeator afflict Mary
queft that
Warrin An Putnam and Eliz Hubbard at y e time
2o Salem Witchcraft *

of her examination at and alfoMr Tho Beadles :

afflict Mary Warin An Put

y laft night I law her

nam and Eliz Hubbard by witchcraft and I verily

beleiv sd Puddeator is a witch September 7: 92,
& that this day fhe hath afflicted this deponent.
Jurat in Curia.

10. 92. Atteft S. SEWALL.
which y Ex
I find by my characters : I took : at
amination of An Puddeator, that it was in y c 2
day of July that (he was examined at Mr. Tho.
Beadles thay bearing date fo.
Sept 7. 1692. Simon Willard,
Sam Pickworth v. Ann Pudeater.

The teftimony of Samuell Pickworth whoW tefti-

fieth that abowt fix weeks agoo deponant : I this

was coming along Salem Strete between Ann Pud-

eatres hous and Captin higilon hous it being in the

ewening and J this deponant faw a woman neare

Captin higifonn corner., the which I fuppofed to
be Ann Pudeatar and in a moment of time me pafid
by me as fwift as if a burd flwe by me and I faw
faid woman goo into Ann Pudeaters hows.

Jurat in Curia.
S, SEWALL cle.

Sam Pickworth
11 e
affirmeth y y above written eui-

e e
dence is
y truth :
upon oath to y Jury of Inqueft

Sept 7. 92.

Ann Putnam v. Ann Pudeater.


7. 92, Ann Putnam afarmed to the grand

Salem Witchcraft. 21

Jhqueft that ann Pudeatar tould bar that (he

: flu

by a man in the neight into a hous

John Bert Sr. v. Ann Pudeater.

The Teftimony of Jn Bert Senior aged about 48

yeres Teftifieth faith & ^ fome yeers paft y
I this

deponant did often hear my wife faye y r

Ann Pudeater
would not Lett her alone vntill me had killd her
her often pinching & Brufeing of her Till her Earms
6c other parts of her Body Looked Black
by Refon
of her ioer pinching of her in y e Time of her fick-
nefs of my wife did affirm ag itt woes an r

y did afflict her & flood in y Belefe of itt as Long
f e

as me Lived.
Jurat in Curia.
Sept 7. th 92. S. SEWALL cler.
e e
Jno Beft affirmed to y truth of y aboue written
before ye Jury of Inqueft. Sept 7 1692. ;

"Jno. Eejl v. Ann Pudeater.

Thetestimony of John beft Jwnear how teftifieth

uppon his. oath before the grant Inqweft, that his
mother did feuerall tims in bar ficknis complain of
ann pudeater of Salem the wife of Jacob pudeater
how me had bewitched bar and that me did belieue
me would kill hor before me had dun and foo fhe
laid feuerall timsduering hear ficknis vntill bar death
allio I this
deponant did feuerall tims goo in to the
woods to fech my fathers Cowes and I did driue
22 Salem Witchcraft.

goode pudeaters cow bak from our Cowes and I

being alone ann pudeater would chide me when


J came howm
for turning the cow bak by Relon
of which I this deponant did couclude (aid pudea^-
ter was a witch
Jurat in Curia.

Petition of Ann Pudeator.

The humble Petition of Ann Pudeater unto y e ho

noured Judge and Bench now Setting in Judicature
in Salem humbly Sheweth.
That whereas your Poor and humble Petitioner
being condemned to die, and knowing in my own
conference as I fhall mortly anfwer it before y e Great
God of heaven, who is the fearcher and knower of
all hearts That the Euidence of Jn Beft Sen r and

Jn Beft Jun and Sam" Pickworth w was given

r ch

in againft me in Court were all of them altogether

falfe and untrue, and befides the abouefaid Jno Beft
hath been formerly whipt. and likewife is recorded
for A Lyar, I would humbly begg of yo r honowrs
to Take it your Judicious and Pious confidera-
tion, That my may not be taken away by fuch
falfe Evidences and witnefles as theie be likewife
Euidence given in againft me, by Sarah Church
and Mary Warren I am altogether ignorant off
and know nothing in y e lean: mealure about it,
nor nothing elfe concerning y c crime of witchcraft
for w ch I am condemned to die as will be known
to men and angells, att the great day of Judgment,

begging and imploring your prayers att the throne

Salem Witchcraft. 23
of grace in my behalfe and your poor and humble
ever pray as fhe is bound in duty

ihall for
for you r hon rs health and happinefs in this life and
eternall felicity in
y world to come.

Warrant v. Rebecca "Jacobs.

To the Conftable in Salem.

You names hereby required
are in theire Majei ts
to Apprehend and bring before vs, on Tufday next

being the leauenteenth day of this Jnftant month

of May aboute ten of y clocki n the forenoon at y e

houfe of L Nathaniell Ingerfons, of Salem Village


Daniell Andrews, of Salem Village Bricklayer

George Jacobs Jun of Salem Village hus bandman

and Rebecka Jacobs the wife of faid George Jacobs

and Sarah Buckley the wife of m
Buckley of Sa W
lem Village Cordwayner And Mary Withridge the
daughter of faid Buckley who all ftand charged in
behalfe of theire Majefties with high fufpition of
fundry acts of witchcrafts by them donne or com
mitted on y e Bodys of Ann putnam Marcy Lewis
Mary Walcot, and Abigail Williams and others of
Salem Village (Lately) Whereby great hurt hath
been donn them. And hereof you are not to faile.
Dated Salem May the 14 th 1692.

In profecution of this Warrant I have apprehended

and brought the bodyes of Sarah Buckley and Mary
withridg and Rebekah Jacobs all of Salem velage
24 Salem Witchcraft.

according to the tenor of the within written war

rant,and haue likewife made delegant farch at the
houfe of DaniellAndrew and at the houfe of Georg
Jacobs for them likewife but cannot find them.
P me Jonathan Putnam Conftable in Salem,

Indictment v. Rebecca Jacobs.

EfTex in the Prouince Anno R. R &

Reginee Gu-

of the Mariee Anglice &c c

Bay in New England f Quarto Annog 3 Domini
) 1692.
The Juriors our Sou e Lord and Lady the King
and Queen doe Psent, That Rebeccah Jacobs the
wife of George Jacobs of Salem Villadge in the
County of Eflex afors hufbandman In the year
aforefaid In Salem Villadge in the
County of Eflex
aforefd Wickedly and fellonioufly a Couenant with
the Euil Spiritt the Devill did make
Contrary to
the Peace of our Sou e Lord and Lady the
King and
Queen theire Crowne and Dignity. And the forme
in the Stattute in that Cafe made and Provided.

Eliz Hubbard v. Rebecca Jacobs,

Thedepofiftion of Eliz Hubbard who teftifieth

and faith that one the begining of May 1 692. I was
afflictedby Rebecah Jacobs the wife of George
Jacobs, but on the i8 th May 1692.
being the day
of hir examination I faw Rebekah Jacobs or hir
apperance moft greviouily afflict Mary Walcott
Abigail williams and Ann putnam tho when fhe
to confefs (he left ofe
began hurting of us but feuera.l
Salem Witchcraft. 25

times fenc that me has rnoft grevioufly afflicted

me and I beluee in my heart that Rebeckah Jacobs
is a width and that me has often afflected me and
the aforefaid parfons by acts of wicthcraft.
Eliz Hubbard owned y e truth of y e aboue writ

ten evidence before y e Jury of Inques. Sept r 10,


Warrant v. Roger Toothaker.

To the Marmall of Effex or his dept or Conftables

in Salern
You Majei names hereby required
are in theire
to apprehend forthwith and bring before vs, (Roger
Toothaker of Bilrica who ftands charged with fun-
dry acts of witchcraft by him committed or donne
on y e bodyes of Eliz Hubert, Ann Putnam Mary
Walcot &c of Salem Village in order to his exami
nation Relateing to y premifes. faile not
Dated Salem May i8 th 1692.


J order of the Gover and Councill.


the perfon fpicefied in this warrant was Appre

hended this day and brought before the corte Ac-
ordinge to ye tennor of this warrant by mee
Conftable Jn Salem May 18 1692.
26 Salem Witchcraft.

Mittimus v. Roger Toothaker.

To the Keeper of Theire Majefts Goale in Bofton.

You are in theire Majefts names hereby required
to take into your care and fafe Cuftody the Bodys
of Roger Toothaker of Bilrica John Willard of
Salem Village, hulbandman Thomas ffarrer of Lyn
hufbandman and Elizabeth Hart the wife of Ifaac
Hart of Lyn hufbandman who all ftand charged
with Sundry acts of witchcraft, by them and Euery
one of them Committed on the Bodys of Mary
Walcot Abigail Williams Mary Lewis Ann Putnam
and others of Salem Village or farmes whom you
are well to fecure in order to theire tryall for the
fame and vntill they mail be deliuered by due order
of Law and hereof you are not to faile.
Dated Salem May i8 th 1692.
by order of y
Gouern r & Councill.

Tbo Gage v. Roger Toothaker.

The Depofition of Thomas Gage Aged aboute

thirty fix years. This Deponant faith & doth tefti-
fie fometime this Laft fpring of y e year, that
Doctor Toothaker was in his houle in Beuerly (vpon
fome occafion) & we diicourfed aboute John Mar-
ftons Childe of Salem, that was then fich and haue-

o vnwonted fitts and Likewile another Childe of

Phillip Whites of Beuerly who was then ftrangely
fick. I perfwaded fd Toothaker to goe and fee d I
Salem Witchcraft. 27
Children and fd Toothaker anfwered he had feen
them both already and that his opinion was they
were vnder an Evill hand And farther fd Toothaker
fd that his Daughter had Kilda witch and I afked
him how me did and fd toothaker anfwered rea

dily that his daughter had Learned fomething from

him J. afked" by what means fhe did it and he fd
that there was a a certaine perfon be witched and
fd perfon complained of beeing afHidted by another

perfon, that was fufpefted by y afflicted perfon

further fd Toothaker fd that his fd Daughter gott
fome of y e afflicted perfons urine and put it into an
Earthern pott and ftopt fd pott uery clofe and putt
fd pott into a hott oven and ftopt vp fd oven and
y next morning fd childe was dead, other things I

haue forgotten and farther faith nott.

ias Pickworth Aged aboute thirty foure
teftifieth to all that is aboue written.
Sworne by Thomas Gage. Salem Village May.
20//6 1692

befor vs. %
~ Ajrr/ | ,

Complaint of Mary Eajly.

the 2o th 1692.
Salem May
There being complaint this day made before mee
by John Putnam Jun and Benjamin Hutchefon

both of Salem Village for themfelfes and alfo for

theire Neighbours in behalfe of theire Majefties

again ft Marah Eafty the wife of Ifaac Efty of Topf-

field for fundry acts of witchcraft by her Commit-
28 Salem Witchcraft,
ted yefterday and this prefent day of the date hereof

vpon the bodys of Ann putnam Marcy Lewis, Ma

ry Walcot and Abigail Williams of Salem Village
to y e urong and Jnjury of theire bodys therefore
crave Juftice.
John Putnam Jun.
Beniamin Hutchinfon.

Warrant v. Mary Eafty.

To the Marfhall of the County of EiTex or dept or

Conftables of Salem.
You are in theire Majef
names hereby required
to apprehend and forthwith bring before me at ye
houfe of Mr. Thomas Beadles in Salem, the Body
of Mary Eafty the wife Ifaac Eafty of Topffield to
Be Examined Relating to fundry ats of witchcraft,
by her committed yefterday and this prefent day
according to Complaint aboucfd. and hereof you are
not to faile. Dated Salem May 2o th 1692.
May 2o 1692. J order of ye Councill.
have taken the body of the abouenamed Mary

Eftiee and brought her at y e time and place aboue

P e me. GEO HERRICK Marfhall of Eflex.

Indictment v. Mary Eafty No. i.

Province of y e MafTachu ]
AnnoRegni Regiset Re-
fetts,Bay In New Eng- gineeGulielmiet Mariee

land Eftex is. fnunc Anglice Quarto J"

Dom. 1692.
The Jure for our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the
Salem Witchcraft. 29
King and Queen P
fents that Mary Eafty wife of
Ifaack Eafty of Topsfield hulbandman -on the
twenty third day of May in the fourth year of our
Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and Mary by
the Grace of God of England Scottland ffrance and
Ireland King and Queen Defenders of the faith &c.
and divers other Day and times as well before as af
ter certaine Deteftable arts called Witchcrafts and
Sorceries wickedly and ffellonoufly hath vfed Prac-
tiled and Exercifed at and within the Townefhip of
Salem in the County of EfTex aforefaid in Vpon and
againft one Marcy Lewis of Salem Village Single-
woman by which faid wicked Arts the laid Marcy
Lewis the Twenty third day of May in the year
abovefaid and Divers other Days and times as well
before as after, was and is Tortured Afflicted Pined
Confumed wafted and Tormented ag the Peace of r

our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen

and ag the forme of the Statute in that cafe made

and Provided
Marcy Lewis Jurat Eliz Hubbard Jurat.
Ann Putnam Jurat Mary Wolcott Jurat.

Indictment v. Mary Eajiy No. 2.

Province of the Mafia- Anno Regni Regis et Re-


chufetts Bay in Newlginee Gullielmiet Mariee

England EfTex, fs. f nunc Anglice &c Quarto
Annog Dom 1692.

The Juro our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the


King and Queen p fents That Mary Efty wife of

30 Salem tf^itchcraft

Ifaack Efty of Topsfield hufbandman the twenty

third day ofMay in the fourth year of the Reigne
of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady-William and Mary
by the Grace of God of England Scottland ffrance
and Ireland King and Queen Defenders of the faith
&c and Divers other Dayes and times as well be
fore as after certaine Deteftable Arts called Witch
crafts & Wickedly and ffellonioufly hath
Vfed Practifed and Exercifed at and within the
Townfhip of Salem in the County of Eflex afores
vpon and ag one Elizabeth Hubbard of Salem
Single women by which faid Wicked Arts the faid
Elizabeth Hubbard the twenty third Day of May
in the fourth year aboues d and Divers other
and times as well before, as after was, and is, Tor
tured Afflicted Pined Confumed wafted and Tor
mented ag the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and

Lady the King and Queen and ag the fform of the

Statute in that cafe made and Provided.
Eliz : Hubbard Marcy Lewis
Jurat Jurat,
Ann Putnam Jurat.
Geo : Herrick v. Mary Ea/ty.

May 20 th 1692. The teftimone of Geo: Herrick

aged thirty four or thereaboutes and John Puttnam
Jun of Salem Village agid thirty five yeares or
there aboutes teftifieth and faith y r beeing att the
houfe of y e aboue John Puttnams both faw Mercy
Lewis in a very Dreadfull and Solemn Condition :

So y r to our aprehention fhee could not continue

Salem Witchcraft. 31
O in this world without A mittieation
o of thoes
Torments wee (aw her which Caufed us to Expediate
A hafty difpatch to apprehend Mary Esftick in hopes
if it
might faue her Life and Returneing
e fd John Puttnams houfe aboute
y fame night to
middnight wee
found y fd Mercy Lewis in a
Dreadffull fitt but her reafon was then Returned
Againe me faid what haue you brought me y wind

ing Sheet Goodwife Esftice, well J had rather goe

into y ewinding Sheet then Sett my hand to ye Book
but her fitts was weaker and weaker but
affter that

Complaining y Shee was very lick of her Sto-


make aboute break of Day She fell a Sleep but ftill

Continues Extream fick and was taken w th A Dread
Juft as wee left her fo y wee perceaued
fitt life in
her and that was all. Jurat in Curia.
r th Ateft. Geo. Herrick.
Sep 9 92.
John putnam Jun.
"Jonathan Putnam, James Darling, Benj Hutcb-
infon &
Sam. Bray brook v. Mary Eafty.

The depofition of Jonathan Putman, James Dar

ling, Benj
Hutchinfon & Sam Braybrook w tef- :

tify and fay that we together with divers others the

20 May. 1692. between eight and eleven oclock

at night being with Mercy Lewes whom we found

in a cafe as if death would have quickly followed,
and to whom Eliz: Hubbard wasbrought(faid Mercy
being unable to Speak moft of the day) to difcover
what fhe could fee did afflict laid Mercy, heard and
obferved that thefe two fell into fits
by turns, the
32 Salem Witchcraft.

one being well whilft the other was ill, and that
each of them complained much of Mary Eaftie,
who brought the book to faid Mercy feverall times
as we heard her fay in her trances, and vexed and
tortured them both by choking and feemingly
breathlefs fits and other fits, threatning faid Mercy
with a winding meet &, afterwards with a Coffin
if faid
Mercy would not figne to her book, with
abundance more of vexations the both received
from her.

Examination of Mary Eafty.

The Examination of Mary Eaftie.

At a Court held Salem village 22 Apr. 1692,
at :

By the Wop. John Hathorne & Jonathan Cor-

At the bringing in of the accuted feverall fell into

Doth this woman hurt you.

many mouths were ftopt, and feveral other fits

feized them
Abig : Williams faid it was Goody Eaftie, and
me had hurt her, the like laid Mary Walcot, & Ann
Putman, John jackfon faid he faw her with Goody
What do you fay, are you guilty ?
I can fay before Chrift Jefus, I am free.
You fee thefe accufe you.
There is a God.
Hath (he brought the book to you ?

Their mouths were ftopt.

Salem Witchcraft. 33
What have you done to thefe children ?

I know nothing.

How can you fay you know nothing, when you

fee thefe tormented, and accufe you that you know
Would you have me accufe myfelf ?
Yes if you be guilty.
How far have you complyed th Satan whereby w
he takes this advantage ag you ?
Sir, J never complyed but prayed againfl him all

my dayes, J have no complyance with Satan, in

this. What would you have me do ?
Confefs if you be guilty.
J will fay it, if it was my laft time, J am clear
of this lin,
Of what fin ?

Of witchcraft.
Are you certain this is the woman ?
Never a one could ipeak for fits.
By & by Ann Putman faid that was the woman,
it was like her, and me told me her name.
It is marvailous to me that you mould fometimes
think they are bewitched, and fometimes not, when
feverall confefs that they have been guilty of be

witching them.
well Sir would you have me confefs that J never
knew ?
Her hands were clinch d together and then the
hands of Mercy Lewis was clincht.
Look now you hands are open, her hands are

34. Salem Witchcraft.

Js this the woman ?

They made lignes but could not fpeak, but Ann

Putman afterwards Betty Hubbard cryed out Oh.
Goody Eafty, Goody Eafty you are the woman, you
are the woman
Put up her head, for while her head is bound
the necks of thefe are broken.
What de you fay to this ?
Why God will know.
Nay God knows now.
I know he dos.

what did you think of the actions of others be

fore your fitters came out, did you think it was
Witchcraft ?
I cannot tell.

Why do you not think it is Witchcraft ?

Jt is an evil fpirit, but wither it be witchcraft J
do not know, Severall faid me brought them the
Book and then they fell into fits,
Salem Village March 24 th 1692.
Mr Sam 1
being defired to take in wright-
ing the Examination of Mary Eaftie hath deliuered
itt as aforefaid.

Upon heareing the aforefaid, and feeing what we

did then fee, together with the Charge of the per-
fons then prefent, Wee Committed fd Mary Eaftie
to theire Majefts Goale.
I ^ > Amits.
Salem W^itch craft. 35

Sarah Vibber <u.

Mary Eajiy.

Sarah Viber afirmed vpon her oath

: that (he :

Taw Mary y e wife of Ifaac Efty upon Jn Nortons

bed when fd Norton was ill and fd goody Efty
; :

flew out upon her and afflicted her fd Vibber

: : :

and fd Vibber affirmed that iince y e time of the :

laft examination of fd fd Efty has hurt and

Efty :

afflicted mercy Lewis: and

mary walcot and Ann
Putman fhe or her Apperition and me fd Efty
: :

has fome times hurt and afflicted her fd Vibber alfo :

fince fd, Efty her laft examination alfo fd Vibber : :

fd that fd Efty or her has Afflicted Elis.

Hubbard this fd Vibber owned to be y e truth
: :

before y Jury of Inqueft
Aug :
3 1692.

Mary Warin 11.

Mary Eafly.

Mary Warin affirmed before the

Jury of Inqueft:
that Goodwife Efty of Topsfield has her
fhe or her Apperition : and that fd hath af
Marcy Lewis Elizabeth Hubbard & Mary
flicted :

Walcot and Ann Putman upon ye oath y (he : :


has taken. Aug 3 :

Mary Walcott v.
Mary Eafly.

The Depoeftion of Mary Walcott who Tefti- :

fieth and faith on the 2o th of

may 1692 about :

twelve of the clock I faw the

Apparition of good-
36 Salem Witchcraft.

dy Eaftleck come and pinch and choake me and :

terrified me much and me told me that me had

blinded al our eyes, that ware
afflicted only merfy
Lewis for me had not power anought
faid that (he
to doe itt on that day me was cleared on this 2o th

Inftante of may 92 about an hour by fun J went


to m John Putnams to fee merfey Lewis

and :

their J faw the apparition of the aboue faid gooddy

Eafheck a choaking of merfy Lewis and prefling

upon her breaft with her hands and J faw hur put
a chane aboute her neck and choaked her and all :

the while J was their J law her hurting of her gre-

vioufly and fhe told me that me would kill her

this night if fhe could.

Sworne Salem Village May 23 1692.
before vs ; ~ )
/ J

mary Walcott fturther teftifieth y on 23 may


1692. mary Eftick did moft grevioufly torment me

during the time of hir examination alfo ye day J faw
hir or hir Apperanc moft grevioufly torment mercy
lewes Eliz Hubbrt and ann putnam arid I veryly

beleve in my hart that Mary Eftick is a moft dread-

full width and that fhe hath very often moft dread

fully tormented
me and perfons aboue named by
her acts of witchcraft.
Mary walcot declared before y Jury ot Inqueft
y y above written evidence and that on y other
1 e

fide of this paper is ye truth, upon oath Aug 4 : :

Salem Witchcraft* 37
The Depofiftion of Abigail! williams Ann Put
nam who teftifieth and faith that we both goeing
along with goodman Abby and Sarah Trafk the
2o th of may 1692. to the houfe of Conftable Jn
Putnam to fe Mercy lewes as we ware in the way
we both faw the Apperimtion of Gooddy Eftick
the very fame woman that was fent whom the other
day :and alfo the apperifhtion of that woman that
was with hir the other day and the Apperimtion

of Gooddy Eftick tould us both that now (he was

affiecting of mrcy lewes becaufe me
would not clear
hir as others did and n w
came to nircy lewes who
and in a fad condition we faw there
laye fpeachlds
the Apperimtions of gooddy Eftick and Jn willard
and mary witheridge afflec~ting and choaking mer
cy lewes in a moft dreadfull maner, which did moft
grevioufly affright us and jmmediately gooddy Ef
tick did fall upon us and tortor us, allfo
Redy to
choake us to death.
Abigail Williams and An putnam Teftified toy

e d
truth of y abouf Evedence.
Salem Village May the 23 d 1692. .

n c JOHN HATHORNE ] .^r^

Berore vs -4
^ Amfts.

j i

Ann putnam further teftifieth on 23 may 1692.

being the laft day of the examination of Mary Ef
tick me did moft grevioufly torment me dureing
the time of hir examination alfo on the fame day J
faw Mary Eftick or hir Apperance moft grevioufly
torment and afflecl: mary walcott, mercy lewes Eliz.
Hubbard and abigail william and J veryly beleue
38 Salem Witchcraft.
in my hart that is a moil dreadfull
mary Eftick
width and that me
hath very often afflected me and
the perfons affore named by hir acls of witchcraft.
Ann Putnam declared to y e Jury of Inqueft y
e e
y her above written evidence is y truth upon her :

oath. Aug .
4: 1692.

Eliz. Hubbard v.
Mary Eafty*

The Depofiftion of Elizabeth Hubburt who tef-

tifieth and
faith J being caryed vp to Conftable
Jn putnams houfe on the 2o of may 1692 to fe
Mircy lewes who laid fpeachlels and in a lad con
dition J law there the apperifhtions of gooddy eft-
ick the very lame woman that was fent whom the
other day and Jn willard and mary witherridge

Afflecl:ing and tortoring of Mircy lewes in a moft

dreadfull maner which did affright me moft gre-

vioufly and jrnmediately gooddy Eftick did fett upon

me moft dreadfully and tortoree me almoft Ready
to choak me to death and urged me
vehemently to
writ in his book.
Sworne Salem Village May the 23 d 1692. :

n c JOHN HATHORNE A/7~ n )

Before vs. ; ^ Amfts.

we whole names are under writen heaving been

along with Elizabeth Huburd this time aboue men

tioned herd hir declare what is aboue writen and
we read it to hir when we came away and fhe laid
it was all true this 21
may 1692.
Thomas putnam John putnam Jun.
Jurat in Curia Sept m 9 th 1692.
Salem Witchcraft. 39
Eliz. Hubburd further teftifieth that on the 23

may 1692, being the laft day of the examination of

mary Eftick me did moft grevioufly afltct and tor
ment mary walcott mercy lewes Abigail williams
and ann putnam by twifting and allmoft choaking
them to death and I verily beleve in my heart that
Mary eftick is a moft dreadfull witch and that me
hath very often afflected and tormented me and
perfons aboue named by hir acls of witchcraft.
Eliz. Hubbard declared y e two aboue written
evidences in this paper before ye Jury of Inqueft

to be y truth upon oath Auguft 4. 1692.

Excufe of Mary Towne.

To the Honered Court now Seting in Salem

Right honered the Conftable

: of Topsffild hath
farved a warant on me and too of my dafters to ;

Apere this day at Salem I humby baig that your

honer will not Impuet anything concerning our not
coming as Contempt of athority for ware I myfelf
or any of my famely fent for in any capafete of Co
ming we would com but we are in a ftraing con
dition and moft of vs can fears, git of of our beds
we are fo wake and not abell to Reid at all as for :

my dafter Rebeka me hath ftraing fitts fometimes

me is knoked downe of a fodin :

Mary Towne.
Date y e 7 th of September 1692.
4_o Salem Witchcraft.

Summons of Mary Town.

Wm & Mary by
Grace of God of England
Scotland {Trance & Ireland King & Queen de
fend" of y e faith.
L. S. To Mary Towne Widow and Rebecka
Towne her daughter.
Greeting :

Wee Comand you Excufes Set apart to be and


appear at ye Court of Oyer and Terminer holden

at Salem to morrow morning at Eight of y Clock

to Teftify y e truth to y e beft of your

precifely there
knowledge on Seuer Jndiclments Exhibited againft

Mary Eafty hereof fail not at your vtmoft perill

Dated in Salem Sep r 8 th 1692 and in y e fourth
yeare of our Reign.

To y
Conftable of Topsfield hereof make return
fail not.
I have warned the Widow town and her dafter
to apear at the corte acording to time fpoken of in
the warant as atefted.
conftable of Topsfield

Thomas FfoJJe & Elizabeth Ffojfe for Mary Eafty.

this may fartifie home it

may cuncern
that wee hows names are vnder Kitfen

Being dafired by fome of the Realeations of

mary eftwcke to giue our abfarvations how
Salem Witchcraft. 41
me behaued hurfelf while fhe Remain^
Iplwech priion we dow afarme
wee fawe noe ell carreg or behav/0#r in
hure but that hure daportment wofi
Sobor and civell as witnes own haWj- this
5 Saptem. 92,
thomos ^[jfofle
his mark
hu r

Samuel Abby v. Mary Eafty.

The Depofiftion of Samuell Abby aged about 45

years who teftifieth and faith that on the 2oth of
may 1692 I went to the houfe of conftable Jn
putnam about 9 a clock in the moring and when J
came Mircy lewes lay on the bed in a fad
there :

condition and continueing fpeachlefs for about an

hour the man not being at whom
: the woman :

defired me to goe to Tho putnams :to bring Ann

putnam to fe if me could fe who it was that hurt

Mircy lewes accordingly J went and found Abi

: :

gail williams along

with ann putnam and brought
them both to fe
mercy lewes and as they ware :

a goeing along the way both of them faid that they

faw the Apperifhtion of Goody Eftick and faid it
was the fame woman that was fent whom the other
day and faid alfo that they faw the Apperifhtion

of the other woman that appered with gooddy eft-

ick the other day, and both of them allfo faid that
the Apperifhtion of gooddy Eftick tould them that
now fhe was affledting of mircy lewes and when
they came to Mircy lewes both of them faid that
42 Salem Witchcraft.

they law the Apperifhtion of gooddy Eftick and

Jn willard and mary witheridge afflecting the body
of mircy lewes and J continueing along with mircy

who contineued in a lad condition the greateft part

of the day being in fuch tortors as no toungue can
exprels but not able to fpake
but at laft faid :

Deare lord Received my and againe laid Ior4

let them not kill me quitt, but at laft (he came to
hir felf for a little whille and was very fenfable and
then fhe faid that goody eftick faid (he would kill
hir beforemidnight becaufe fhe did not cleare hir
fo as the Reft did, then againe
prefently fhe fell
very bad and cried out pray for the falvation of my
foule for they will kill me.
r th
Jurat in Curia Sep 9 92.

Sarah Trajk v. Mary Eajiy,

Sarah Trafk aged about 19 years teftifieth that

fhe went along with Abigaill williams and Ann
putnam and alfo hard them fay what is aboue writ-
en they faid and alfo hard mercy lewes declare

what is aboue writen fhe faid.

Edward Putnam v.
Mary Eajiy.

Edward Putnam aged abought

the depofiftion of
38 years he teftifieth and faith abought 18 day of
may 1692. mary eafty the prifner now at the bar
being then feat at liberty but one the 20 and 21
days of may marcy lues was fo greuioufly aflicl:ed
and tortred by her (as fhe herfelf and mary walcott
ann putnam Elizabeth hubbart abjgel williams)
Salem Witchcraft. 43
faid) Imyfelf being ther preient with feueral others
with marcy lues looked for nothing elfe but pre- :

fent death with marcy lues for all moft the fpace
of two days and a night me was choked allmoft to
death in Co much we thought fumtimes me had
banded her mouth and teath (hut and all this uery
often untill much time as we under flood mary

eafty was laid in Jrons, allfo upon the fecond day of

mary eftys examination at the uilag marcy lues
mary wallcott elizabeth hubbart ann putnam mary
warin and abigell williams when mary eafty came
to the mar was choked in much a moft greuious
maner that the honred mageftrats cold not profeed
to her examination untell they delired me nd haile to

go to prayer and in prayer time and fumtime after

they remaned in this fad condition of being all

moft choked to death and when they ware abul

againe to (peak they all with one Confent charged
her that me did them that milchief. J all fo haue
hard sum of them Complain uery often of hur
hurting them with the fpindall of -a wheel.
Jurat in Curia. Edward Putnam.

Samuel Smith v. Mary Bafty.

Thedepoiiftion of Samuell Smith of Boxford

aged about 25 yers who teftifieth and faith that
about fiue years fence J was one night at the houfe
of Ifaac Eftick fen r of Topsfield and J was as farr
as I know to Rude in difcorfe and the aboue faid
Efticks wife laid to me J would not haue you be fo
rude in difcorfe for J might Rue it here after and as
44 Salem Witchcraft.

J was agoeing whom that night about a quarter of

a mille from the faid Efticks houfe by a ftone wall J
Received a little blow on my moulder with I know
not what and the ftone wall rattled uery much
which affrighted me my horfe alfo was affrighted
very much but I cannot give the refon of it,

Margaret Redington v. Mary Ea/iy.

the depefiafion of mafgret Redengton aged about

feuenty yees teflifieth and faith that about three
yers a J was at goodman Efties and tallking
with his wife about an Jnfermety J hade and pre-
fently after J fell jnto a moft follorri condition and
the threfday before the thanklgiuing that wee hade
laft Jn the afternone J was exfeding elle and that

night godey Eftiey apered to mee and profered me

pece of frem mete and J tolld hare twas not fete
for the doges and J woulld haue non ofite and then
me vanifhed awaye.

Petition of Mary Eajiy.

The humbl petition of mary Eaftick unto his
Excellencyes S
r m W
Phipps and to the honour

Judge and Bench now Siting Jn Judicature in

Salem and the Reuerend minifters humbly fhew-
Thatwheras your poor and humble Petition be
ing condemned to die Doe humbly beggof you to
take it
your Judicious and pious confederations
that your Poor and humble petitioner knowing my
own Jnnocencye Blifed be the Lord for it and fee-
Salem Witchcraft. 45

ing plainly the wiles and fubtility of my accufers by

myfelfe cannot but Judg charitably of others that
are going ye fame way of myfelfe if the Lord ftepps
not mightily in i was confined a whole month upon
the fame account that J am condemed now for and
then cleared by the afflicted perfons as fome of your
honours know and in two dayes time J was cryed
them and have been confined and now
out upon by
am condemned to die the Lord aboue knows my

Jnnocencye then and likewife does now as att the

great day will be known to men and Angells I

Petition to your honours not for my own life for J

know J muft die and my appointed time is fett but
the Lord he knowes it is that if it be poffible no
more Jnnocent blood may be med which undoubt-
idly cannot
be Anoydd Jn the way and courfe you
goe in J queftion not but your honours does to the
uttmoft of your Power in the difcouery and Select
ing of witchcraft and witches and would not by
gulty of Jnnocent blood for the world but by my
oun Jnnocencye I know you are in the wrong way
the Lord in his infinite mercye direct you in this

great work be his blefled will that no more

if it

Jnnocent blood be fried J would humbly begg of

you that your honors would be pleafed to examine
theis Aflicted Perfons ftrictly and keep them apart
fome time and Likewife to try fome of thefe con-
fefing wiches J being confident there is feverall of
them has belyed themfelves and others as will ap-
peare if not in this word J am fure in the world to
come whither J am now agoing and J Queftion not
46 Salem Witchcraft.

but youle fee an alteration of thel things they fay

myfelfe and others haueing made a League with the
Divel we cannot confeiTe J know and the Lord
knows as uill mortly appeare they belye me and fo

J Queftion not but they doe others the Lord aboue

who is the Searcher of all hearti knowes that as I
mail anfwer it att the Tribunall feat that I know not
the leaft thinge of witchcraft therefore J cannot J
dare not belye my own foule J beg you honers not
to deny this my humble petition from a poor dying
Jnnocent perion and J Queftion not but the Lord
will giue a bleffing to yor endeuers.

To his Excellencye S
Wm Phipps. Gouern "

and to
the honoured Judge and Magiftrates now fetting
in Judicature in Salem.

Petition of Mary Eajiy & Sarah Cloys.

The humble Requeft of Mary Efty and Sarah Cloys

Honoured Court.
to the

Hambly fheweth, that whereas we two Sifters

Mary Efty and Sarah Cloys ftand now before the

Honoured court charged with the fufpition of
Witchcraft, our humble requeft is firft that feing
we are neither able to plead our owne caufe, nor if
councell alowed to thofe in our condicion, that you
who are our Judges, would pleafe to be of councell
to us, to direct us wher in we may ftand in neede,

Secondly that wheras we are not conicious to our-

felves of any guilt degree of that crime,
in the leaft
wherof we are now accufed (in the prefence of ye

Living God we fpeake it, before whole awfull Tri-

Salem Witchcraft. 47
bunall we know we fhall ere
Long appeare) nor of
any other fcandloufe evill, or mifcaryage inconfiftant
with Chriftianity, Thofe who have had ye longeft
and beft knowledge of vs, being perions of good
report, may be luffered to Teftifie upon oath what
they know concerning each of vs, viz Mr. Capen
the paftour and thofe of y e Towne and Church of
who are ready to fay fomething which
we hope may be looked upon, as very confiderable
in this matter with the feven children of one of

us, viz Mary Efty, and it may be produced of like

nature in reference to the wife of Peter Cloys, her
lifter, Thirdly that the Teftimony of witches, or

fuch, as are afflicted, as is fuppofed, by witches

may not be improved to condemn us, without other
Legal evidence concurring, we hope the honoured
Court and Jury will be foe tender of the lives of fuch
as we are who have for many yeares lived vnder the
vnblemifhed reputation of Chriftianity as not to
condemne them without a fayre and equall hearing
of what may be fayd for us, as well as againft us,
And your poore fupplyants fhall be bound always to
pray &c.

Complaint v. Sarah Prottor,

Salem May the 21 st 1691. Thomas putnam and

John Putnam of Salem Village yeomen made Com
plaint (before vs)
on behalfe of theire Majes ts

againft BafTet ye wife of BalTet of Lyn hufband-

man and Roote of Beverly widow, and Sarah
proctor of Salem ffarms daufter of John procter of
48 Salem Witchcraft,

fayd place for Sundry acts of Witchcraft by them

doune and Committed on the Bodys of Mary Wai-
cot Abigail Williams, Marcy Lewis, ann putnam
and others Lately whereby great hurt and Jnjury
hath benne donne them therefore Craves Juftice,
Thomas putnam
John putnam Jun.
This Comp
was Exhibited Salem 2i st may
Berore vs. -i ^
J ord of y
Govern and Councill,

Eliza Booth v. Sarah Proffer,

May. 20 :
1692. Elizabeth Booth aged 18
years or thereabouths Teftifieth and Saith. That
Sarah Procter apeared vnto her and brought her a
Book and bid her fett her hand to it, this Deponent
told her that me would not, ever fence this Depo
nent hath been grevioufly afflicted by her y e laid
Procter, and John Procter and his wife hath Pinch

and Pricked this Deponent Likewife feverall times :

and ftill continues to do fo day :

Etiz* Booth v. Sarah Protter & Mary Derijh.

May y Elizabeth Booth aged 18
23. 1692.
years or thereaboutes depofeth and faith. That Sa
rah Procter and Mary Derifh the wife of Michell
Derifh apeared to this deponent in the night and
called her Jade, Mary Derifh afked her what made
her fay any thing about Sarah Procter, faid it was
Salem If^itcbcraft. 49
well (he did not come to the Village that Day : and
with and Pinched her,
all afflicted, this Deponent
mod grevioufly and fo Continues to afflicther this

Deponet ftill, and John Procter and his wife Like-

wile whos name is Elizabeth Procter:

Mary IValcott u. Sarah Proffer.

The Depoeftion of mary Walcott who teftifieth

and faith on the 2O th omay 1692. law the appari
tion of Sarah Procter come and choake me and

pincht me and terrified me much and

urged me
greuioufly to write in
her book: but J told her I
would not touch it and then fhe tormented me
Sworne Salem Village May 23 d 1692. ,

c .
before vs. ; ^
CORWIN J\ Amfts.

Sufanah Sheldon *u. Sarah Proffer.

The complaint of Sufanah Shelden of M r

and Sarah Procter 20 of this may they both a flicked
me the next day Sarah Procter brought the book to
me and Sarah Procter and andres and irog yato fo
they mad me def and dumb and blind al nigh and
the next day teh 10 of clock then cam inges and
brought his book and drod his knife and laid if I
would not touch he would cut my throt, then

thar A pered to ded man he told me his name

me a

was Joieph rabfon then he looked upon ingles and

told him that he murdered him and drounded him
in tho fe thar was a nother man in the boot Along
50 Salem Witchcraft.

with me and the boot tofed vp and doun and turend

ouer and my hand es ware clunched that J could
not lay hold, the other man layd hold and was fa-
ued then he told me that J muft tell mufter hath-
eren and told me that J mould not reft tel J had
told it then inglim told me that if J did he would
cut my leges of then ther a pered to me a fhinging
and told me J mould tell of it to morah then inglefh
told me that he would go kill the gouernor if he
could he would go try he was the gretes innemy he
had then he fayd that he would kil 10 folck in
bofton before next fix day if he was not tacken up
the greter weemen a flicT: me ftil not.

David Ferneax & Jon a

Walcott jr. v. Sarah Proffer.

The Depofition of David Furneax Aged 23 or

their abouts and Jonathan Walcott Junior aged 21 :

who teftifieth and faith y r on the 2o th of may 1692.

about i 2 of the clock we hearde mary Walcott in
one of her fitts fay that (he faw the apparition of
Sarah Prodltor come and hurte her by choaking
and pinching of her we both allb heard her fay that
(he brought the book to her and urged her to write
in her book we ware then both prefante and heard
her fay J would not write in your book though you
kill me.
David Furneax
Jonathan Walcott Junior.
Salem Witchcraft. 51

John Putnam jr. v. Sarah Proffer.

John putnam Juner teftifieth that very latly he

hath hard Elizabeth Huburd complaine of Sarah
procter that me hath tortored hir very much and
urgeth her vehemently to writ in hir book.

^Thomas Putnam v. Sarah Proffer.

The Depofiftion of Thomas putnam who teftifi-

eth and faith that within thele few days have hard

Elizabeth Hubbard and Ann putnam Two

of the
afflected perfons grevioufly complaine of Sarah

procler that (he did tortor them very much and ur

ged them vehemently to writ in hir book.
Warrant v. Sufannah Roots.
Salem May 21 1692.
To y
Conftables of Beuerly.
Whereas, Complaint hath been this day made be
fore us by Sergent Thomas Puttnam and John Putt-
nam both of Salem village yeomen againft Sufannah
Roots of Beuerly widdow for Sundry acts of witch-
crafFt by her commited on the bodys of Mary wall-
cott Abigal williams Marcy Leuis Ann Puttnam
and others. You are therefore in their Majefties
names hereby Required to apprehend and forthuith
bring before us Sufannah Roots of Beuerly widdow
who ftands charged with Committing Sundry adts
of witchcraft, as abou f d to the wrong and Jnjuryof
the bodys of the abouenamed perfons, in order to
52 Salem Witchcraft.
e d
her Examination Relating to y abouf premifes
faile not. Dated Salem, May the 2i st 1692.

To the Marlhall of EfTex or his Deputy,
pr order of y Gouerner Councell. &
vera Copia atteft
GEO. HERRICK Marfhall of EfTex,

May 21. 1692. J doe apoint m Jonathan Biles


to bee my LawfTull Deputy to ierve this warrant.

GEO. HERRICK Marfhall of EfTex,

I haue
prefented the within written warant and
haue aprehended the perfon of the within men
tioned Sufanah Roots and Brought her before au
Cunftible of Beuerly.

Andrew Rlliott v. Sujannah Roots.

An "

might be any help in the

information if it

examination of y perfon before you goode Roots,
J being in y houfe of m Lauvonco Dennis fome
e r

time fince (he was fufpedled for what me is now

before you and there was Likewife Leonard Auften
of our Town of Beuerly fd Auften then fd that he
thought me was a bad woman, his reafon was that
he Living in ye houie with fd Roots not Long Since
and when he went to prayer at any time with his
wife and thought fd Roots would accompany them
in fd Duty but did not at any time but would with-
Salem Witchcraft. 53
draw and abfent and farther when my felf
and wife were gone to bed and me vnto her bed
(he would rife in ye night and we could hear her
talk in y e roome below J lying in ye Chamber over
fd roome a if there were 5 or fix perfons with her
more id Auften might fpeak it called therevnto as
far as know more concerning Roots
Andrew Eliott.

Complaint v. Benj Proffer.
L c
Nathanell Ingerfall and Thomas Rayment
both of Salem village yeoman Complained on be-
halfe of theire Majes ts againft Benjamin procter the
fon of John Procter of Salem ffarmes, and Mary
Derich y e wife of Michall Derich and daufter of
William Baffet of Lyn and peafe the wife of
Robert peafe of Salem weaver for Sundry of a<5ts

Witchcraft by them Committed on y bodys of


mary Warren Abigaile Williams and Eliz. Hub-

bard &c of Salem Village, whereby great hurt is
donne them therefore Craues Juftice.
Salem May 23 d 1692. Nathannil Jngerfoll
the mark of
Thomas c Rayment
Warrant v.
Benj Proffer & als.
To the Marfhall of ErTex or dep or Conftables in :

You names hereby required
are in theire Majes

to apprehend and forthwith bring before us Benja

min procter the fon of John Procter of Salem
farmes and Mary Derich the wife of mic Derich 1
54 Salem Witchcraft.

of Salem ffarmes hufbandman, and Sarah peafe the!

wife of Robert peafe of Salem Weaver who all ftand
charged of haueing Committed Sundry acts of
Witchcraft on the Bodys of Mary Warren Abigail
Williams and Eliz. Hubbert of Salem Village
whereby great hurt is donne them Jn order to theire
examination Relating the abouelaid premifes and
hereof you are not to faile. Dated Salem May the
23 1692.
J order of y
Gou r & Councill

I doe apoint m r
John Putnam to bee my lawffull
Deputy to ferue this warrant
GEO HERRICK Marfhall of Efx.

I haue fefed the

body of Beniemin prokter and
haue brought him to the place w in exprelfed.
by me, JOHN PUTNAM marmell Debety,
Complaint v. Martha Carrier.

Salem May the 28 th 1692. Jofeph Houlton and

John Wallcot both of Salem village yeoman made
Complaint behalfe of theire Majes ts againft
Carrier of Andover the wife of Thomas Carrier of
fd Towne hufbandman ffoldick of maulden or
charleftown Reed of Marblehead the wife of
Samull Reed of fd place Rice of Reding the
wife of Nicholas Rice of fd Towne How the
wife of James How of Topsfield Capt. John Alden
of Bofhon mariner, William procter of Salem fFarmes.
Salem Witchcraft. 55

Capt. John fflood of Rumney mardi mariner, Mary

Toothaker, the wife of Roger toothaker of Belrica
and Toothaker the daufter of fd Roger
Toothaker Abbott y Hues between Jp Tops-
t s

field & wenham ffor (undry acts of Witchcraft

them and every one of them Committed on the
bodys of Mary Walcot, Abigail Williams Marcy
Lewis Ann putnam and others belonging to Salem
Village or farmes Lately to the hurt and Jnjury of
theire bodys therefore Craues Juftice.
Jofeph houlton
John Walcott.

Warrant v. Martha Carrier.

To the Marfhall of EfTex or his dep r or to the Con-

ftables of Andover
You Majef names hereby required
are in theire ts

to apprehend and forthwith fecure, and bring be

fore us martha Carrier the wife of Thomas Carrier
of Andover on Tuelday next being the 3i st day of
this Jnftant month of Maye about ten of the clock
in the forenoon or as foon as may be afterwards at
the houfe of L 1
Nathaniell Jngerfalls in Salern Vil
lage who ftands charged with haueing Committed

Sundry acts of Witchcraft on the Bodys of Mary

Walcot and abigail Williams of Salem Village to
theire great hurt and injury in order to her Exam-
nation Relating to y prcmifes abouelaid faile not.
Dated Salem May 28 th 1692.

I vs.
) A/r/1
J r

56 Salem Witchcraft.

J haue apprehended the in namedwparfon and

brought her to the place appointed.
by me JOHN BALLARD. conft and ouer.

Examination of Martha Carrier.

The Examination of Martha Carrier 31

Abigail Williams w hurts you ?

Goody carrier of Andover.

Hubbard who
Eliz. hurts you ?

Goody carrier
Sufan Shelden who hurts you ?

Goody carrier, fhe bites me pinches me, and tells

me me would cut my throat did not figne her
if I

Mary Walcot faid (he afflicted her and brought
the book to her.
What do you lay to this you are charged with ?

I have not done it.

Sus Sheldon cried
: me looks upon the black
Ann Putman complained of a pin tuck in her,
What black man is that ?
J know none.
Ann Putman teftifyed there was.
Mary Warrin cryed out (he was prickt
What black man did you fee ?
J law no black man but your own prefence.
Can you look upon thefe and not knock them
down ?
They will difTemble if I look upon them.
Salem Witchcraft. 57
You fee you look upon them and they fall down.
Jt is falfe the Devil is a liar.

J lookt upon none fince I came into the room

Sufan Sheldon cryed out in a Trance J wonder
what could you murder 1 3 perfons ?
Mary Walcot teftifyed the fame that there lay 1 3
Ghofts. All the afflicted fell into moft intolerable
out cries and agonies.
Eliz Hubbard and Ann Putman teftifyed the
fame that fhe had killed 13. at Andover.
Jt is a mamefull thing that you mould mind
thefe folks that are out of their wits.
Do not you fee them ?
Jf J do ipeak you will not believe me?
You do fee them laid the accufers.
You lye, I am wronged.
There is the black man wifpering in her ear faid
many of the afflicted.

Mercy Lewes in a violent fit, was well upon the

examinants grafping her arm.
The Tortures of the afflicted was fo great that
there was no enduring of it, fo that fhe was ordered
away and to be bound hand and foot with all ex
pedition the afflicted in the meanwhile almoft
killed to the great trouble of
fpectators Magif- all

tratesand others.
Note. As foon as fhe was well bound they all
had ftrange and fodain eafe. Mary Walcot told
the Magiftrates that this woman told her me had
been a witch this 40 yeares.
H a
58 Salem Witchcraft.

Indictment v. Martha Carter.

Anno Regis et Reginee Willm et Maria nune

Anglia &c. Quarto :

EfTex fs. The Juro rs of our Sovereigne Lord and

Lady the King and Queen p fents That Martha

Carier wife of Thomas Carier of Andover in y e

county of ErTex hufbandman the 31 day of May
in the forth year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne
Lord and Lady William and Mary by the Grace of
God of England, Scottland ffrance and Ireland
King and Queen, defenders of the faith &. c. And
divers other Dayes and Times as well before as af
ter, certaine deteftable Arts called Witchcraft and
Soceries, Wickedly and ffellonioufly hath vfed
Praftifed and Exercifed at and within the Towne-
mip of Salem in the County of Eflex afores in,
and Upon and ag one Elizabeth Hubbard of Salem

in y e County of ErTex afores d by which faid Wicked

Arts the faid Elizabeth hubbard the thirty firft day
of May in the fforth year abouefd and Divers other
Dayes, and times, as well before as after was and
is Tortured Afflicted Pined Confumed Wafted and

Tormented ag the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord


and Lady the King and Queen and ag the fforme


of the Statute in that cafe made and Provided.

Elizabeth Hubbard Jurat.Ann Putnam
Mary Walcutt Jurat. Mary Warren Jurat.
Salem Witchcraft. 59

Summons to
witnejjes v. Martha Carrier.

W m & Mary by ye Grace of God of England

Scotland ffrance & Ireland King and Queen
defend rs of y e faith &c a
L. S. To ye Conftable or Conftables of Ando-
ver Greeting.
Wee Comand you to Warn and give Notice vnto
Allen Toothaker Ralph fFarnum Jun r John fFarnum
ton of Ralph farnum fen r Benjamin Abbot and his
wife Andrew ffofter Phebe Chandler daughter of
W m Chandler Sam Holt Sen r Samuel Prefton

Jun that they and Euery of them be and perfonaly


appear at ye Court of Oyer and Termina to be hed

by adjournment on Tuefday next at Ten of ye
clack in y e there to teftifye y e truth to y e
beft of their knowledge on certain Jndictment to
be Exhibited againft Martha Carrier of Andover
hereof fail not at your vtmoft perill and make re
turn of your doings herein.
Dated in Salem July 3o th 1692.

Jn obedence to this writ J haue timely warned

the perfons hofe names are herein written and euery
one of them this i day of Auguft 1692.
By me JOHN BAILAY conftable of Andover.

Benj Abbott v. Martha Carter.

The teftymony of Beniamin Abbutt aged about

3 1
years Saith : laftmarch was twelfe months, then
60 Salem Witchcraft.

haueing fome land granted to me by the Townc

of Andover near to goodman Carriers his land,
and when this land came to be laid out good-
wiffe Carrier was very Angery, and faid me would
flick as Clofs to Benjamin Abbut as the bark Stooke
to the Tree and that J fhould Repent of it afore
feuen yeares Came to an End and that docter pref-
cott could neuer cure me Thefe words were heard

by Allin Toothaker fhe alfo faid to Ralph farnam

Jun that fhe would hold my nofs fo Clofe to the

grindflone as Ever it was held Since my name was

Beniamin Abbut prefently after J was taken with
a Swelling in my ffoot and then was taken with a

payne in my fide Exkfedingly Tormented, wich

bred to a fore, which was lancit by dofter prefcott
and Seuerall gallons of Corruption did run out as
was Judged and fo Continued about fix weeks very
bad, and then one other fore did breed in my grine
wich was lancit by do6t. prefcott alfo and Contin
ued very bad awhile and then another fore breed in
my grine which was alfo cutt and putt me to very
great mifTery, So that it brough me almoft to
Deaths doore, & Continued, untill goodwiffe Car
rier was Taken and Carried a waye by the Confta-

ble, and that very day J began to grow better, my

foers grew well and J grew better Every day and
fo haue been w e ll ever fince and have great caufe
to think that the fd Carrier had a great hand in my
ficknefs and mifery.
beniamin Abbut.
f d
Jurat in Curia Aug 3 1692.
Atteft STEP. SEWALL Cler.
ISalem Witchcraft. 61

Sarah Abbott v. Martha Carrier.

The depofition of Sarah Abbott aged about 32

years teftifieth that fince my hufband had a parcell
of land granted by y e Towne, lying near ye land of
Thomas Carrier, (which as J have heard) his wife
martha Carrier was greatly troubled att and gaue
out threatning words that my hufband Benjamin
Abbott has not been only afflicted in his body, as
he teftifies, but alfoe that flrange and unuluall things
has happened to his Cattle, for fome have died fud-
denly and ftrangely, which we could not tell any
naturall reafon for, and one Cowe Cleaned a fourth-

night before me Calved but y Cowe died after


wards ftrangely though fhe calved well foe far as

we could perceive, and fome of ye Cattle would
come out of ye woods w th their tongues hanging
out of their mouths in a ftrange and affrighting
manner, and many fuch things, which we can give
noe account of ye reafon of, unlefs it mould be y e
effects, of martha Carrier threatings.
her mark

Jurat in Curia. Abbott

Sarah *j~
3 1692. atteft. STEPH. SEWALL Cler.

John Roger v. Martha Carrier.

The depofition of John Rogger of Billreca aged

50 yeares or Thereabouts Saith, That about Seven
yeares Since Martha Carrier being a Nigh Neigh
bour vnto this dpon and there hapening fome dif

ference betwixt vs, She gave forth seueral threat-

62 Salem Witchcraft.

ning words as me often vfed to doe and in a fhort

time after this deponent had two large lufty fowes
w ch frequented home daily that were loft and this
deponent found one of them dead nigh y f Car

riers houfe w th both e

Eares cut of and y other fow
J Neuer heard of to this day, and y e fame fummer
to y e beft of my rembrance J had a Cow w ch vfed
to give a good Mess of milk twice a day and of a
fudden She would giue little or none Every Morn
ing though a Night (he gaue as formerly and this
continued about ye fpace of a month in w ch time J
had three meals milke on three Severall Mornings
not Succeffively and no more though One Night
three of vs Watched y e Cow all night yet J could
have no milke in y e morning of her and about y e
monthes End She gave milke as formerly me vfed
by all wch
J did in my Confcience belieue then in
y day of it and have fo done euer iince and doe

yet belieue that Martha Carrier was y occafion of
thofe Jll accidents by Meanes of Witchcraft fhe
being a very Malicious woman and further faith

John -f- Rogger

marke of

Phebe Chandler v. Martha Carrier.

The r
depolition of Phebe Chandl aged about 1 2
years. Teftifieth that about a fourtnight before
Martha was fent for to Salem to be exam
day when ye pfalm was fing-
ined, upon y Sabbath
fd Martha Carrier took me fd
ing, deponent by ye
Salem Witchcraft. 63
moulder and (haked me, in ye meeting houfe and
afked me where I lived, but J made her no anfwer,
(not doubting but that me knew we, hauing liued
Tome time the next door to my futhers houfe, on
one fide of y e way) and that day that fd Martha
Carrier was ceafed, my mother fent me to Carry
fome bear to y e folks y were att work in ye lott,

and when I came within y e fence, there was a voice

in ye bufhes (which J thought was Martha Car
riers uoice, which J know well) but faw noe
and y e voice afked me what J did there and whe
ther J was going which greatly frighted me, foe

that J run as faft as J could to thofe att work, and

told them what J had heard, about an hour & half
or two hours after, my mother fent me again upon
y fame occaiion, to y workmen aboui and Com-
e e d
e d
ming home, near y place abouf where I heard
that voice before, J heard y e fame uoice, as J judg
ed, ouer my head, faying J mould be poyfoned
within two or three days, which accordingly hap
pened, as J conceiue, for J went to my fifter Al
iens farm ye fame day, and on friday following,
about one half of my right hand was greatly fwo-
len and exceeding painfull, and alibe part of my face,
which J can give nn account how it came and Con
tinued uery bad fome days, and feueral times fince
J haue been troubled with a great weight upon my
breaft, and upon my leggs, when J haue been go
ing about, fo that J could hardly goe, which J haue
told my mother ojf And y c laft fabbath day was

feauennight, J went to meeting very well in y
64 Salem Witchcraft.

morning, and went to where J ufed to

my place
(y minifters not being come) and Richard Car
rier fon of abouefd Martha looked
uery earneftly
upon me, and imediately my hand which had for
merly been poyfoned as abouef began to pain me

greatly, and J had a ftrange burning att my ftom-

ake and then was ftruck deaf that J could not hear
any of ye prayer, nor tinging till ye two or three
laft words of
ye finging.
her mark

Jurat in Curia Phebe -j-


Bridget Chandler v. Martha Carrier.

Bridget Chandler aged 40 years mother y f

Phebe Teftifieth y 1
in ye day of it her daughter
Complained as aboue is
Jurat in Curia.

Allen Toothaker v. Martha Carrier.

The Depofition of Allin Toothaker aged about

22 years Saith, J heard martha Carrier fay that
Beniamin Abbutt would wim he had not medled
with that land fo Near our houfe for She would
flick as Cols to him as the barck to the tree afore
feauen years Com a but, and that do6ter preicott
mould Neuer Cure him, and about laft march
Richard Carrier and my felfe had Som difference
and faid Richard pulled me downe by the hair of
my head to the ground for to beat me, J deflred
him to lett me Rifle, when J was up J went to
ftrike at him, but J fell down flatt
upon my back
Salem Witchcraft. 65
to the ground and had not power to ftir hand Nor
foote then J toold fayd Richard J would
yeald to
him and owne him the beft man and then J faw
Martha Carrier goe of from my breft, butt when
J was Rifen up J faw non of her, J was Wounded
in the Warre, Martha Carrier tould me
J mould
never be Cured, afore me was Aprehended J could
thruft in my Wound a knitting nedle four Jnches

deep but, fmce She have been taken J am tho

roughly healed, and haue had more Eafe then J
haue had in halfe a year before Sometimes when
Martha Carrier and J had fome difference me would
Clap her hand at me and fay J mould get nothing
by it, and fo with in a day or two J loft a three year
old heffer Next a yealin, and then a Couw, and

then had fom little difference againe and loft a

yearlin, And J know not of any naturall Caufes of
ye death of the abouf Creatures, but haue always
feared it hath been ye effect of my Aunt Martha
Carrier her malice :

Jurat in Curia. Allen -f Toothaker

his mark

Samuel Prefton v. Martha Carrier.

Samuel Prefton aged about 41 years Saith y about l

2 yeares Since J had fome difference w th Martha

Carrier w ch alfo had hapened Seuer 11
times before
and foon after J loft a Cow in a Strange manner
being Caft upon her back w her heels vp in firm

ground when me was very Lufty it being in June

66 Salem Witchcraft.

and within abo month after this ye fd martha and


J had fome difference again at which Time me told

me J had loft a Cow lately and it mould not or
mould not be long before J mould loofe another
w ch accordingly came to pafs, for J had a Cow y*
was well kept w th Englim Hay and J could not
pceive y me aild any thing and y me pined and
l f

quickley lay downe as if me was afleep and dyed.

Jurat in Curia.

Francis Dane Sen r for Martha Carrier.

R. vd S r Whereas there haue been divers reports rayf-

ed, how and by what hands Jknownot, of theTowne
of Andover, and the Jnhabitants, J thought it my
bounden duty to giuean account to others, fo farr
as J had the vnderftanding of any thing amongft
us. Therefore do declare that, J beleeue the reports
haue been Scandalous, and unjuft neither will bear
y light. As for that, of the Sine, and bifers J ne
ver heard of it, till this laft Summer, and the Sab-
both after J fpake publiqly concerning it fince
which J beleeue it hath not been tryed, As for fuch
things of Charmes, and ways to find their cattle,
J never heard, nor doe J know any Neighbour that
ever did fo, neither have J any grounds to beleeue
it, I haue lived
above Fortie foure yeares in the
Towne, and haue been frequent among y e Jnhab
itants, and in my healthfull, yeares oft at their ha
bitations, and mould certainly heard if fo it had
been. That there was a fuipicion of Good wife Car
rier among fome of us before me was apprehended,
Salem Witchcraft. 67

J know. As for any other perfons, J had no fuf-

picion of them, and had Charity been put on the
Diuel would not haue had fuch an advantage againft
us, and J beleeve many Jnnocent perfons haue been
accufed, and Jmprifoned y Conceit of Spectre Evi
dence as an infallible mark did too far prevaile with
us Hence we fo eafily parted with our neighbours
of honeft and good report, arid members in full
Comunion, hence we fo eafily parted with our
Children, when we knew nothing in their Hues,
nor any of our neighbours to fufpect them and thus
things were hurried on, hence fuch flrange breaches
in families, feverall that came before me, that fpoke
with much profeffing their innocency,
though through the Devils Subtilty they were to
much urged to confeiTe, and we thought we did doe
well in fo doing, yet they flood their ground pro
feffing they knew nothing, never fay ye deuil,
made Covenant with him, and ye like, and fome
we haue caufe to feare that dread has
children that
overcome them to accufe themfelves in that they
knew not. Stephen Johnfon Mary Barker y
daughters of Lieftenant Barker, and fome others by
what we had from them with fuitable affections we
haue caufe to beeleeve they were in the truth, and
fo held to it, if after many indeavours they had not
been overcome to fay w they never knew. This

hath been a trouble to me, confedering how oft it,

hath been fayd, you are a witch, you are guilty,
and who afflicts this maid or the like, and more
then this hath been fayd, charging perfons with
68 Salem Witchcraft.

witchcraft, and what flatteries haue paft from and ;

threats and telling them they muft

goe to prifon
and haue caufed many to
this I feare fall, our Sinne
of Jgnorance wherein we thought we did well,
will not excufe us when we know we did amille
but whatever might be a ftumbling block to others
muft be removed, elfe we mall procure divine dif-
pleafure, and Euills will unavoidably breake in upon
Yours S r who am though unworthie a friend to
them y are friends
to Sion.
Andever Jan 2. 92.

Concerning my Daughter Elizabeth Johnfon, J

never had ground to fufped: her neither have J heard
any other to accufe her, till for Spedre evidence me
was brought forth, but this J muft fay, me was
weake, and incapacious, fearfull, and in that ref-
pect J feare me hath falfely accufed herfelf and
others Not long before that me was lent for me
fpake as to her owne particular, that me was fure
me was no witch, and for her daughter Elizabeth,
me is but fimplim at ye beft, and J feare the com
mon fpeech that was frequently fpread among us,
of theire liberty, if they would confeffe, and the like
expreflion, ufed by fome, haue brought many into
a fnare, the Lord direct and guide thofe that are in

place, and giue us all fubmiffiue wills, and let the

Lord doe with me, and mine, what feems good in
his owne eyes.
Salem Witchcraft. 69

Warrant v. Elizabeth How.

To ye Conftable of Topsfield
You are in theyre Majeftyes Names hereby Re
quired to Apprehend and bring before us Elizabeth
How y wife of James How of Topsfield Hufband-

man, on Tuefday next being y thirty firft day of
May about Ten of y Clock in y forenoon at y e
e e

houfe of Lev Nathan iell Ingerfolls of Sallem Village,


Whoe Stand Charged w

Sundry A&s of Witch

craft done or Committed on y e bodyes of Mary

Walcott, Abigail Williams and others of Salem Vil
in order to hir examina
lage, to theyr great hurt,
e d
tion, Relateing to y abouef premifes, and hereof
you are nott to fayle.
Dat d Salem May 28 th 1692.
JI T r^ r Affifts.

In obedence to this warrant J have apprehended

Elizabeth How the wife of Jems how on the 29 th
of May 1 692, and haue brought har unto the houfe
of leftenant nathaniell englofons according too to
warant as atefted by me.
for the town of Topsfield.
Dated may 31" 1692.

Examination of Elizabeth How.

The examination of Eliz. How. 31. May 1692.

70 Salem Witchcraft.

Mercy Lewis and Mary Walcot fell in a fit quickly

examinant came in.
after the

Mary Walcot faid that this woman the exami

nant had pinch d her and choakt this month. Ann
Putman faid me had hurt her three times. What
layyou to this charge ? Here are them that charge
you with witchcraft.
If it was the laft moment I was to live, God
knows J am innocent of any thing in this nature.
Did not you take notice that now when you
lookt upon Mercy Lewis (he was ftruck down ?
J cannot help it,
You are charged here, what doe you fay ?
J am innocent of any thing of this nature.
Js this the firft time that ever you were accufed ?

YesS r
Do not you know that one at Ipfwich hath ac
cufed you ?
This is the firft time that ever J heard of it.
You fay that you never heard of thefe folks be

Mercy Lewis length fpake and charged this

woman with hurting and pinching her. And then
Abigail Williams cryed (he had hurt me a great
many times, a great while and me hath brought
me the book, Ann Putman had a pin ftuck in her
What do you fay to this ?

J cannot help it.

What confent have you given ?

Mary Warren cryed out me was prickt
Salem Witchcraft. 71

Abig Williams cryed was pincht,

ou.t that me
and great prints were feen in her arm.
Have not you feen fome apparition ?
No, never in all my lite.

Thole that haue confeffed, they tell us they ufed

images and pins, now tell us what

you haue ufed.
You would not haue me confefs that which J
know not.
She lookt upon Mary Warren, and faid Warren
violently fell down. Look vpon this maid viz :

Mary Walcot, her back being towards the Exami-

nant, Mary Warren and Ann Putman faid they faw
this woman upon her, Sufan Sheldon faith this was
the woman that carryed her yefterday to the Pond,
Sus. Sheldon carried to the examinant in a fit and
was well upon grafping her arm.
You faid you never heard before of thefe people.
Not before the warrant was ferved upon me laft
Sabbath day, John Jndian cryed out O me bites,
and fell into a grevious fit and fo carried to her in

his fit and was well upon her grafping him,

What do you fay to thefe things, they can not
come to you?
Sr I am not able to give account of it.

Cannot you tell what keeps them ofF from your

body ?
J cannot tell, J know not what it is ?

That ftrange that

you mould do thefe things
and not be able to tell how.
This account of the examination of
a true
Eliz How taken from my characters written at the

time thereof. Witnefs my hand

Sam. Parris.
72 Salem Witchcraft.

WitneJJes v. Elizabeth How.

WitnefTes againft goody How.

Samuel Pearly & his wife. Deborah Pearly
Timothy Pearly Sarah Andrews
deacon Cumnins his wife Thomas Heafons wife
Sofeph Andrews & his wife of boxford
Boxford J nn fherring of Ipf-
Jofeph SafFord Jpfwich wich
Abram Howe wife

IndiElment v. Elizabeth How.

Anno Regis et Reginee Willm et Mariee nune

Anglice &c Quarto.
EfTex fs. The Juror 5 for our Sovereigne Lord
and Lady the King and Queen P r fents That Eliza
beth How wife of James How of Ipfwich the thir
ty firft day of May in the forth year of the Reigne
of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady, William &
by the Grace of God of England Scottland flrance,
and Jreland King and Queen defenders of the
ffaith &c. and Divers other dayes and times as well
before as after CertaineDeteftable Arts called witch
craft, and forceries wickedly and ffellonioufly hath
vfed Practifed and Exercifed at and within the
Townemip of Salem in the county of EfTex afore-
faid in upon and againft one Mary Wolcott of Sa
lem Villiage finglewoman by which faid wicked
Mary Walcott the 3i day of May in
arts the faid
the forth year as aboueiaid and Divers other Dayes
and times as well before as after was and is Tor-
Salem Witchcraft. 73
tured Afflicted Pined Confumed wafted and Tor
mented and fundrey other Acts of witchcraft
alfo for

by faid Elizabeth How

Committed and Done be
fore and fince that time, agt the Peace of our So-

vereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen, and

againft the forme of the Statute in that cafe made
and Provided.
Mary Wolcott Jurat, Jofeph Andrews wife &
Ann Putman Jurat, Sarah Jurat
Abigail Williams Jno. Sherrin Jurat.
Sam 11
Pearly & wife Jos. Safford Jurat
Ruth. Jurat ffrancis Lane Jurat.
Abraham ffofter wife Jurat Jfack Cumins Jun r Jurat.

Timothy Perky & Deborah Per ley v. Elizabeth How.

the firft of iune 1692. the deposition of timothi

Perley and Deborah Perley his wife, timoth Perley
aged about 39 and his wife about 33 there being
fom diferance betwene goode how that is now
feiled namely Elizabeth How wife of James How

Jun and timothi Perli abouefaid about fom bords


the night folowing thereof our cous lay out and

finding of them the next morning we went to milk
them and one of them did not give but two or
thre fpoone fuls of milk and one of the other cous
did not give above halfe a Pinte and the other gave
aboute a quart and thefe cous ufed to give three or
four quarts at a meale two of thes cous continued
to giue litle or nothig four or five meals and yet
thai went in a good inglefh pafture and within four
74 Salem Witchcraft.

dais the cous gave ther full

Proportion of milk that
thai ufed to give.
furder deborah Perley teftifieth and as confern-
ing hanah Perley Samuel Perleys daughter that was
fo fore afflicted her mother and fhe coming to our
houfe hanah Perley being and fd
fuddinli feared
the s that woman me goes into the oven and out

againe and then fell into a dredful fit and when J

have afked her when fhe faid that woman what
woman fhe ment me tould me ieams howfwife
fometime hanah Perley went along with me to
ieams hows an fone fell into a fitt goode how was
ueri loving to her and when the garl and J came

away i afked whi fhe talked fo of goode How being

fhe was fo louing to her fhe tould me that if i were
aflicted as fhe was that i would talk as bad of her
as fhe did at another time i faw goode how and
hanah Perley together and thai were veri louing
together and after goode How was gone i afked her
whi fhe was fo louing to goode how when thai
were together fhe tould me that fhe was afraide to
doe other wife for then goode how would kil her.
deborah Perley.

Timothy Pearly And Deborah his wife declared

e e
y Jury of inqueft to all of
y above written evi
dence, on this fide of this paper, that it is
y truth
upon oath June 3o :

Sam Perky 1
& ux v. Elizabeth How.
the of iune 1692. the depofition of Samuel

Perley and his wife aged about 52 an his wife about

Salem Witchcraft. 75

46 years of age we hauing a dafter about ten years

of age being in aforowful condition this being fone
after a faling out thai had bene betwen ieams how
and his wife and and mifelf our daughter told us
that was ieams hows wife that afflicted her both

night and day fomtimes complaining of being

Pricked with Pins and fometimes faling doun into
dredfull fits and often fai i could never aflict a dog
as goode how ailifts me mi wife and i did often
chide her for naming goode how being loth her
name mold be defamed but our daughter would
tell us that
though we would not beleue her now
yet you wil know it one day we went to feveral
dockers and thai tould us that me was under an
evil hand our daughter tould us that when me came
nere the fire or water this witch Puls me in and
was often foreli burnt and me would tel us what
cloaths me wore and would fai there me goes and
there me goes & now me is gone into the ouen and at
thefe fights faling down into dredful fits andthusour
daughter continuing about two or three years con-
ftantli afirming to the laft that this goode how that
is now feifed was the caufe of her forows and fo

Pined a wai to Skin and bone and ended her forow-

ful life, and this we can ateft vpon oath nith Per-

leys mark
Sam Pearly and his wife declared y above

written to be y truth upon oath, after this the
abouefaid goode how had a mind to wyn to ipf-
wich church thai being unfatisfied fent to us to
bring in what we had againft her and when we had
declared to them what we knew thai fee caufe to
Salem Witchcraft.
Put a Stop to her coming into the Church within
a few days after J had a cow wel in the
morning as
far as we knew this cow was taken
ftrangli runing
about like a mad thing a litle while and then run
into a great Pon -and drouned herfelf and as fone
as me was dead mi fons and mifelf towed her to the
fhore and fhe flunk fo that we had much a doe to
flea her. As for the time of our
daughters being
taken ill it was of our lord 1682.
in the
Sam Pearly Declared to ye Jury of inqueft that

ye above written isy truth upon oath, June 3O
all th


Samuel Phillips Jor Elizabeth Ho<W.

The teftimony of Samuel Phillips aged about 67,

minifter of theword of God in Rowly, who fayth,
that mr payfon (minifter of
gods word alfoe in
Rowley) and myielf went, being defired to Samuel
pearly of ipfwich to fe theire young daughter who
was vifeted with ftrang fitts and in her fitts (as her
father and mother affirmed) did mention
good wife
How the wife of James How
Junior of Ipfwich,
as if fhe was in the houfe and did afflict her: when
we were in the houfe the child had one of her fitts
but made noe mention of goodwife how and when :

the fitt was over and fhe came to herfelf,

how, went and took her by the hand
to the child
and afkt her whether fhe had ever done her any
hurt And fhe anfwered noe never and if J did
complain of you in my fitts J knew not, that J did
foe J further can affirm vpon oath that young
Salem Witchcraft. 77
Samuel Pearly, Brother to the afflicted girle look

ing out of a chamber window (I and the afflicted

child being without dores together) and fayd to his
lifter fay goodwife How
is a witch, fay fhe is a
witch, and the child fpake not a word that way,
but I lookt up to the window where the youth
flood and rebuked him for his boldnefs to ftir
his fifler to accufe the faid goodw : How when as
me had cleared her from doing any hurt to his
fitter in both our hearing, and J added no wonder

that the child in her fitts did mention Goodwife

How, when her neareft relations were foe frequent
the childs hearing
in expreffing theire fufpitions in
when me was out of her fitts that the fayd Good-
wife How, was an Inftrument of mifchief to the

Rowley 3 June 1692, Samuel Phillips.

I Edward Paifon of ye Towne abovefd tho pre-

ient at y place and time aforei d yet cannot evidence
in all the particulars mentioned : Thus much is yet
in my remembrance, viz c being in ye abovefd Pear-
leys houfe fome confiderable
time before ye fd
Goodw How came intheir Afflicted Daughter

upon fomething mother

that her fpake to her with
tartnefs, prefently fell into one of her ufual ftrange
fitts, during which me made no mention (as I ob-

ferved) of ye above f How her name, or any thing


relating to her, fometime after,

the fd How came in,
when i Girl had recovered her capacity, her fitt
being over f
d How took fd Girl by ye hand, afked
her whether me had ever done her any hurt ?
78 Salem Witchcraft.

child anfwered no never : with feveral expreffions

to y* purpofe which I am not able particularly to
recount, &c,
Rowley, June 3 1692. Edward Paifon.

Deborah Hadley v. Elizabeth How,

The Depofition of Debory Hadley aged about

70 yeares this Deponant teftifieth and f that J

have lived near to Elizabeth How (ye wife of James

How Junior of Ipfwich) 24 year and have found
her a Neighbourly woman Confciencious in her
dealing, fatthfull to her pmifes and Chriftianlike in
her Converiation fo far as I have obferved and fur
ther faith n 1
June 24. 1692. Deborah Hadley.

Daniel Warner John Warner G? Sarah Warner for

Elizabeth How.

from Jpfwich Ju- y e 25 1692.

: this may fer-

tify horn may

it conferne we being defired to wright
fome thing in y e behalfe of y e wife of Jeams how
Junior of Ipfwich hoe is aprehended upon fufTpition
of being gilty of ye Sin witchcraft and now in Sa
lem priflbn upon ye fame acount for ouer oun partes
we haue bin well aquainted w hur for aboue twen

ty yeers we never fee but y fhe cared it very wel


and y both hur wordes and adtions wer always fuch


as well become a good criflian we ofte fpake to


hur of fome things y wer reported of hur y 1 gave


fome fufTpition of y 1 fhe is now charged 1 and fhe w

Salem Witchcraft. 79
always profeffing hur Inofency y in ofFen defiring

our prayers to god for hur y god would keep hur


in his fear and y 1 god would

fupport her under hur
burdin we have offen herd hur Speaking of thos
perfons y raifd thos reports of hur and we never

heerd hur Speake badly of y for ye fame, but in

ouer hering hath offen faid y t me defired god that
he would iantify y affliction
as well as others for
hur fpiritual good.
Daniel Warner fen r John Warner fen r

Simon Chapman & Mary Chapman for Elizabeth

Ipfwich June the 25 , 1652. The teftimony
of Simon Chapman agid About 48 years teftifieth

andfayth that he hath ben Aquainted with the wiuef

of James how iunr as a naybar for this 9 or 10 yers
and he never faw any harm by hur but that That
hath bin good for J found hur Jouft Jn hur delling
faythfooll too hur promicilis I haue had ocation to
be in the compiny of good wief howe by the fort
night togathar at Thayar hous and at othar times

and I found at all Tims by hur difcors fhee was a

woman of afliktion and mourning for fin in hur
felves And othars and when me met with eny
Afliktion me femid to ioftifi god. and fay that Itt
was all better than me derTufid that it war. By falls
aqufations from men and me yuft To bles god that
me got good by afliktions for it med hur exfamin
hur oun hart. I neuar herd hur refil any perfon
that hath akufid hur with wichcraft but pittied
8o Salem Witchcraft.
them and fayid i pray god for giue them for thay
harm them felves more then me Thof i am a gret
finar yit i am cler of that fayid me and Inch Kind
of afliktions doth but fet me
exfamining my oun
hard and J find God wondarfolly feportining me
and comfarting me by his word and promilis me
femid to be a woman thron in that gret work of
conuiktion and conuertion which J pray god mak
us all.

Simon Chapman
my wiuef Mary Chapman cane Teftifi to the
moft of this abou retan as witnes my hand
Mary Chapman.

Ifaac Cummins Sr v. Elizabeth How,

Jvn 27. 1692. The difpofition of Ifaac commins

fyne aged about fixty years or thare abouts who

teftyfyeth and faith that about aight yers agon

James how ivn of ipfwech came to my hous to

borow a hors J not being at home my fon ifaac,

toldhim as my fon told me whan i cam home i

hade no hors on hot my fon ifaac did tell the

to ride
faid how that his father hade no hors to ride on
but he hade a mare the which he thovght his fa
ther wovld not be wiling to lend this being vpon a
thvrfday the next day being fryday J took the mare
and my felf and my wif did ride on this maer abvte
half a mile to an naighbours hovs and home again
and when we came home J tvrned the maer out
the maer being as well to my thinking as ever me
Salem Witchcraft. 81
was next morning it
being faterday abovt fun rifing
this faid maer flood neer my doore and the faid
maer as did aperehend did (how as if fhe had bin

much abvfed by riding and here flefh as

J thovg
mvch wafted and her movth mvch
femenly to my
aperehantion mvch abvfed and hvrt with y bridel

bits J feing ye maer in fvch a fad condition

J toke
vp the faid maer and
pot her into my barn and me
wold eate no maner of thing
as for provender or
thing wc gave her
i then J fent for my brother tho-
mas andros which was living in boxford the faid
Anderos came to my hovs, J not being at home
when J came home a letil afore night my brother an-
deros told me
he head giving the faid mear fonthing
for the bots bvt as he coold
pvrfeve it did do her no
good bvt faid he J cannot tell but fhe may have the
baly ach and faid he i wil
try one thing more my
brother anderos faid he wold take a pipe of tobaco
and lite it and pot itt in to the fvndement of the
mare J told him that I thought it was not lawfvll
he faid it was lawfvll for man or beaft then I toke
a clen
pipe and filled it with tobaco and did lite it
and went with the pipe lite to the barn then the
faid anderos vfed the
pipe as he faid before he wold
and the pipe of tobaco did blaze and bvrn blew then
I faid to
my brother anderos you mall try no more
try again once mor
it is not lawfvl he faid I will

which he did and then thar arofe a blaze from the

pipe of tobaco which feemed to me to cover the
bvtocks of the faid mear the blaz went vp ward to
wards the roof of the barn and in the roof of the
82 Salem Witchcraft,
barn thar was a grate crackling as if the barn wovld
have falen or bin bvrnt which femed fo to vs which
ware within and Torn that ware with ovt and we
hade no other fier in the barn bvt only a candil and
a pipe of tobaco and then J laid I thought my barn
or my mear muft goe the next day being Lords day
J fpoke to my brother anderos at noone to come to
fee the faid mear and faid anderos came and what
h did J fay not the fame Lords day at night my
naighbour John Hvnkins came to my hovs and he
and J went into my barn to fee this mear faid hvn-
kins faid and if I ware as you i wolvd cut of a pece
of this mear and burn it J faid no not to day bvt if
me lived til to morrow morning he might cut of a
pece off of her and bvrn if he wovld prefentely as
we hade fpoken thefe words we ftept ovt of the
barn and emedeiatly this faid mear fell down dade
and never ftvred as we coold pvrfeve after me fell
down but lay dead.
c r
Jfa Comings fen declared to ye Jury of Inqueft
that ye above written evidence is
ye truth upon
oath June 30 th 1692.

Jofepb Knowlton for Elizabeth C. How.

from Ipfwich June 27, 1692. Jofeph knoulton

being acquainte with the wife of James How Jun r
as a neighbour and fomtims
hording in the houfe,
and at my firft coming to live in thofe parts which
was about ten years ago J hard a bad Report of
her about Samuell perleys garle which caufed me
to take fpemall noates of her life and conversation
Salem Witchcraft. 83
ever fence and have afked her if (he could freely

forgive them that Railed fuch Reports of her (he

tould me yes with all her heart defiering that God
would give her a heart to be more humble vnder
fuch a prouidences and further (he fayd (he was
willing to doe any good me could to them as had
don vnneighbourly by her alfo this I have taken
notes of that (he would deny herfelf to doe a neigh
bour a good turn and alfo J have known her to be
faithfull in he word and honeft in her dealeings as
fare as ever I faw

Jofeph knoulton aged forty tu

mary knowlton aged thury tu

James Howferffor Elizabeth How.

information for Elizebeth How the wife of lames

How Iun r Jams How Sen r aged about 94 fayth
that he liuing by her for about thirty years hath
taken notes that (he hath caried it well becoming
her as a daughter as a wife in all Relation fet
ing a fide humain infurmitys as becometh a Chrif-
tion with Refped: to myfelf as a father very duty-
fully and
a wifife to my fon uery Carefull loveing

obediant and kind confidering his want of eye fight

tenderly leading him about by the hand now de
fiering god may guide your honours
to fe a differans
between predigous and Confentes. I Reft yours to
James How fen of Ipfwich.
Dated this 28 day of June 1692.
84 Salem Witchcraft.

IJaac Cummins jr v. Elizabeth How.

June 28 1692. The teftiniony of Jfack Com-*


ings Juner aged about 27 years Teftifieth and faith

y James Hough Juner came to my fathers houfe

when he was not at home he afked me if my father

had ever a hors and J told him no he afked me if
he had Ever a maer and I told him yem he afked
me if J Thought my father would lend him his
maer and J told him J did not Think he would
vpon w in a fhort Tyme after my father and mo

ther Ridd their maer to Their Neighbours houfe

y fame maer w
ch fd
hough would have Borowed

w ch femingly was well when my fath r and moth r

came home J feeing ye fame fd maer y e nex morn
ing could Judge noe other butt y (he had bin Rid

ye other part of y night or oth ways horibly abu-

fed vpon w ch
my fath feeing w a condition his
r 1

maer was in fent for his Broth 1 Thomas Andros

w ch when he came he gin her feuerall Things w ch
he Thought to be good for her butt did her not
any good upon w he faid he would try one thing

moer w ch was a pipe and fome Tobaco w ch he ap-

plid to her Thinking itt might doe
her good againft
ye Belly ake 1
Thinking y might be her difceale w ch
when they w th
Tobaco in itt abought
vied y e pipe

fd maer y pipe being Litt itt Blazed fo much

y itt was as much as two perfons could putt itt

ought w
both of Their hands, vpon w ch my father

faid we will Trye no more brother my vncle fd he

would trye once more y e w ch he did ye pipe be-
Salem Witchcraft. 85
ing Litt ye fyed Blazed out of ye fame f pipe more
vehemently than before vpon w
my father an-
fwered he had Rather Loofe his maer yn his barn
ye uery next night folio ing ye fd maer folloing
my father in his barn from one fide to ye other fide
fell down imediately Dead againft ye fell of ye Barn

before my fath r had well cleered him felfe from her

furth r faith not.

Mary Cummings v. Elizabeth How.

Jvn 27, 1692. The difpofition of mary com-

mings y wif of ifaac commins len aged aboot fixty
e r

tefeifieth and faith my hufband

yers or thare abovts
not being at home J was tent to by fom parfons of
ipfweg fent to me for to have me to write what J
cold fay of James how ivn r his wife elefebeth con-
fcarning her life or converfation and that J woold
faywhat I cold fay for or againft her when the faid
hows wife fovght to aioyn with ythe church at
ipfweg and I
fpoke to my Ton Jfaac to write that
we hade vfed no brimfton nor oyl nor no combvf-
tables to give to our mear becavs thare was a report
that the faid hows wife hade faid that we hade

given the mear brim brimfton and oyl and the like
and time after J hade written my teftemony
a ftort

confarning this hows wife my fon Ifaac his maer

was miffing that he coold not find her in to or thre
fon iiaacs maer
days and in a fhort time after my
came in fight not fare from the hovs and my fon
ifaac praid me to go ovt and look on his maer when

J came to her he afked me what J thovght

on her
86 Salem Witchcraft.

and J faid if he wold have my thoughts covld not


compair it nothing elce but that (he was riden with

a hot bridil for (he hade divirfes broles as if (he had
bin runing over rocks an mvch wronged and where
the bridil went was as if it had been burnt with a
hot bridil then J bide Jfaac take y e mare and have
her vp amongft the naghbors that peopl might
fee her for I hered that James how wn r or his wife
or both hade faid that we kept vp ovr maer that
popel might not fee her and ifaac did (how his
maer to faveril and then the faid how as i hered did
report that ifac had riden to Sin fpring and caryed
his gairl and fo fvrfited the maer the which was not

Mary Comins owned this har teftimony to be

truth before the Juryes for Inqueft this 29 of June
1692 Jurat in Curia.
Jvn 27, 1692. J mary comins ageed abovt (ixty
yers or thar abovts the wife of ifaac comins fyne J

being at my neighbour Samul parlys hovs samvel

parlys davgter hannah being in a (Iraing condition
afked me if J did not fee godee how in the hovs
going round vpon the wall as the gvrl directed her
finger along rovnd in won place and another of the
hovs J teled her no J loked as dilegently as i cold
and i covld fee nothing of her the gorls mother
then did chek her and told her (he was alwas fvll
of fvch kind of notions and bid her hold her tovng
then, (he told her mother me wovld belive it one
day and fomthing mor which (hold have bin man-
tionedas the garl poyntedto (howmewhare goode
Salem Witchcraft. 87
how was me afked me if J did not fe her go ovt
at that crak which me poynted at Mary Comins
owned this har teftimony one her oath to be the
truth before the Juriars of Inqueft this 29 of June
92. Jurat in Curia
Jvn 27-1692. The difpofi-tion of Mary com-
mins aged abovt fixty yers or there aboots ho tefte-
fieth and faieth that above too yeres agon J went to
my naighbovr fherins wife and me told me
that James how ivn r had bin thare to give her a
vifet and he did fharply talk to her afking her what

hopes me hade of her falveation her anfwer was to

him that me did bild her hopes vpon that fver rock
Jelvs chrift this the faid ferins wife did tell me and
me told me alfo that me had never talked of the
faid how or his wife bot me was the wors for
it af

terwards, and me faid alfo when me lay fick of the

fame fiknefs whareof me dyed that the faid how
would come fom times into the roome to fee her
but me covld not tell how to bare to fe him nor
that he fhovld be in the hovs.
Mary Comins ownid that this har teftimony on
har oath before the Juryars for Jnques, this 29 of
June. 1692. Jurat in Curia

Francis Lane i). Elizabeth How.

Francis Lane g-ged 27 yeares teftifyeth and faith

that about feauen yeares agoe James How
the huf-
band of Elizabeth How
of Ipfwich farmes hired
f Lane to get him a parcell of pofts and railes and

fd Lane hired John Pearly the fon of Samuell Pear-

88 Salem Witchcraft.

ly of Ipfwich
to help him in getting of them And
after they had got faid Ports and railes, the faid
Lane went to the faid James How
that he might

goe with him and take delivery of faid Pofts and

railes, and Elizabeth How the wife of f
how Lane that fhe did not beleiue that fd
told faid
Pofts and railes would doe becaufe that fd John
Pearly helped him and (he faid that if he had got
them alone and had not got John Pearly to help
him (he beleived beleived that they would have
done but feing that faid Pearly had helped about
them me beleived that they would not doe, fo fd
James How went with faid Lane for to take deliu-
ery of fd Pofts and railes and the fd James How
toke feverall of the faid railes as they lay in heaps
up by the end and they broke of, fo many of them
broke that faid Lane was forced to get thirty or
forty more and when faid How came home he told
his wife thereof and me faid to him that fhe had
told him before that they would not doe becaufe
faid Pearly helped about them which railes faid
Lane teftifyeth that in his Aprehention were good
found railes.
ffrancis Lane declared to ye Jury of inques to ye
truth of y e above written evidence upon oath June
39 1692. Jurut in Curia.

John How v. Elizabeth How.

The Teftimony of John How aged about 50

yers faith that one that day that my brother James
his wife was Caried to Salem farmes upon exami-
Salem Witchcraft. 89
nation (he was at my houfe an d would a have had
me to go with her to Salem farmes J tould hur :

that if me had ben fent for vpon allmoft any aCount

but witchcraft J would a have gone with hur bvt
one that aCount I would not for ten pounds, but
faid I If you are a witch tell me how long you have
ben a witch and what mifcheve you have done and
then J will go with you for faid I to hur you have
ben acufied by Samuell pearleys Child and fufpact-
ed by Daken Cumins for witchcraft : (he femed to
be aingry with me, jftell afked me to come on the
morow I told hur I did not know but I might com
to morow but
my ocafhons caled me to go to Ipf-
wich one the morow and came whome a bout fun
faet and {landing nere my door talking with one of

my Naibours, I had a fow with fix fmall pigs in the

yard the fow was as well fo fare as I know as ever
one a fuding (he leaped up about three or fouer
foot hie and turned about and gave one fqueake and
fe}l 4owne daed I told my naibour that was with
me Ithought my fow was bewitched for faied I
think (he is daed he lafed at me but It
proued true
for (he fell downe daed he bed me cut of hur eare
the which I did and my hand I had my knif in was
fo numb and full of paine that night arid fauerall

days after that I could not doe any work and is not
wholy wall now and I fofpedted no other perfon by
my Elizabeth How.
f* fifter

Cap Jn How declared ye above written evi


dence to be ye truth before ye Jury of inqueft.

June 3O 1692. upon his oath in court,
90 Salem Witchcraft,

Jacob Fojler v. Elizabeth How,

The depofion of Jacob fofter aged about 29

yeares this deponant
faith fome
that years agoe
good wife How the wife of James how was a bout
to Joyne with the church of Ipfwich My father
was an inftrumentall means of her being denyed
admifion quickly after my mare was turned out to
arid on thurfday J went to feek
grafs on the tufday
my mare to go to lecture I fought my mare and
could not find her I fought all friday and found her
not on Saturday I fought till noon and I found my
mare (landing leaning with her butocks againft a
tree I hit her with afmall whipfhegave a heave from
a tree and fell back to the tree again then I took
of her fetters and ftruck her again (he did the fame
again then J fet my moulder to her fide and thruffc
her of from the tree and moued her feet then (he
went home and leapt into the paufture and my mare
lookt as if me had been miferably beaten and abu-
fed Jacob ffofter declared ye evidence to be ye
truth before ye Jury of inqueft, on oath June 30.

Jofepb Sajford V. Elizabeth How.

The depofiftion of Jofeph Safford aged about 60,

he teftefyeth and faith that wife was much
afraid of Elizabeth howthe wife of James how
upon the Reports that were of her about Samuell
perlleys child but upon a tim after thes
James how and his wife coming to my houfe ne-
Salem Witchcraft. 91
ther myfelfe nor my wife were at home and good-
wife how afked my children wher ther mother was
and thay faid at the next nayboaers hovs fhe difired
them to Coll ther mother which they did, when
my wife cam whom my wife told me that fhe was
much ftartled to fe goode how but me took her by
the hand and faid goode Safford, J beliue that you
are not ignorant of the grete fcandall that I Ly un
der upon the euill Report that is Raifed upon me
about Samuell perlleys child and other things Jofeph
Safford faith that after this his wife was taken be
yond Rafon and all parfwafion to tekthe part of this
woman after this the wife of this Jams how pro
pounded herfelfe to com into the church of Ipf-
wich wherupon fum objection aRofe by fum un-
fatisfied brethren wherupon ther was a
by our elders of the church to confidar of
things brought in againft her my wife was more
then ordenery ernift to goe to Leclur the church
meeting being on that day notwithftanding the ma
ny arguments I ufed to perfwed her to the Contrery
yet I obtained a promis of her that fhe would not
goe to the church meeting but meeting with fom
of the naybourhood they perfwaded her to go with
them to the church meeting at eldar pains and told
her that fhe nee d fay nothing ther, but goodwife
how then being Rether Rendred guilty than cleer-
ed my wife took her by the hand after meeting and
told her though me wer condemned before men
fhe was Juftefyed befor god, the next Sabath after
this my fon that caried my wife to Leftur was ta-
92 Salem IVitch craft.

ken aftar a manar the Saturday aftar that

my wife was taken after a Raving frenzy manar
expref-ing in a Raging manar that goode how muft
Com into the church and that mee was a precious
faint and though mee wer condemned befor men
fhee was Juftefyed befor god and continued in this
fram for the fpace of thre or four hours after that

my wife fell into a kind of a tranc for the fpac of

two or thre minits mee then coming to herfelfe
opened her eye and faid ha J was miftaken no an-
fwer was med by the ftandars by, and again fhee
faid ha J was miftaken majar appletons wife ftand-

ing by faid wherein art miftaken J was miftaken

faid me for I thought goode how had bene a pre

god but now I fee

cious faint of me is a witch for
fhee hath bewitched mee and my child and we
mall neuer be well till ther is teftemoney for her
that fhe may be taken into the church, after this ther
was a meeting of the eldars at my hous and thay
defired that goode how might be at the meeting

infign wallis went with myfelfe to inuite goode how

to this meeting fhe coming in difcours at that
time fhee faid two or thre times fhee was lory to
fe my wife at the church meeting at eldar pains
aftar this fhee faid fhe was aflid:ed by the aparifh*
tion of goode how a few dayes after fhe was taken
fhee faid the caus of her changing her opinion con-
farning goode how was becaus fhee apeared to her
throug a creuie of the clambouerds which fhe knew
no good perfon could do and at thre feuerall tims
after was aflidted by the aperifhtion of goode how
Salem Witchcraft. 93
and goode olleuer and furdir this deponit faith that
Rifmg erlly in the moring and kindling a fir in the
other Room in wife fhricked out I prefently Ran
into the room wher my wife was and as foon as
euer I opened the dore my faid ther be the evill one
take them wherupon I Replyed whar are they I
will take them if I can fhee faid you will not tak
them and then fprang out of the bed herfelfe and
went to the window and faid thar they went out
thay wer both biger than me and thay went out
ther but me who be thay
could not then J Replyed
me faidgoode how and goode olleuer goode olleuer
faid J you never faw the woman in your Life no
faid me I never faw her in my Life but fo me is

Reprefented to me goode ollever of Sallam that hurt

william ftace of Sallam the millar.
Jofeph Safford declared to ye Jury of inqueft
on ye other fide
that ye evidence above written and
of this paper is ye truth upon oath,
June 30 1692. Jurat in Curia.

Thomas Andrews v. Elizabeth How.

July 1692.
The Teflimony of Thomas Andrews of Boxford
aged about 50 years this deponant Teftifieth and
faith yt JiiahComings, fenio of Topsfield fent for
me to help a mare y was not well and when I came
thare y e mare was in fuch a condition y I could not l

tell w fhe ailed for J never fawe ye like her lips


ware exceedingly fwelled y y e Jnfides of Them

94- Salem Witchcraft.

Turned outward and Looked Black and blew and

gelled, her Tung
was in ye fame Condition J told
ye faid Comings I could not tell l
to doe for her

J perceived me had not ye Botts w ch

J did att firft
think me had butt J faid me might have forne great
heat in her Body and I would applie a pipe of To
bacco to her and y was concented to and I litt a
pipe of Tobaco and putt itt vnder her fundiment
and there came a Blew flame out of ye Bowie and
Run along ye ftem of fd pipe and took hold of ye
haer of fd maer and Burnt itt and we tryed itt 2 or 3
times together and itt did ye fame itt femed to
Burn Blew butt Run Liki fyer y r is fett on ye grafs
toBurn itt in ye spring Tyme and we (truck itt outt
w thou r hands and y e fd Comings fd y he would trye

no more for fd he J had Rather loofe my mare y 11

my barn and J this deponant doe teftin* y to y

Beft of my vnderftanding was y e farrie mare y 1

James Hough Junior Belonging to Ipfwich farmes

hufband to Elizabeth Hough would have have
Borowed of y e f
Tho. Andrews.

Warrant t
v. William ProEier.

To ye Conftable of Salem,
are hereby required in theyr Majeftys Names
to Apprehend and bring before us William proper
of Salem ffarmes fon of John procter of fd rTarmes
Hufbandman, upon Tuefday next being ye Thir
ty ffirft day of May about Tenne of the Clock
in ye morning att ye houfe of Lev 1 Nath Jnger- 11
Salem Witchcraft. 95
foils in fd
Village, Whoe ftands charged th
Acts of Witchcraft done or Comitted upon the Bo-

dys of Mary Walcott and Sufanah Shelden and

others of Salem Village to theyr great hurt, in order
to his examination, Relateing to ye above fd premi-
ies and hereof
you are nott to fayle.
Dated Salem May 28 th 1692.
Ihave apprehended the parfon above named and
brought him to the place apinted
by me JOHN PUTNAN Cunt of Salem.

Indictment v. William Proffer No. i.

ElTex in the Province Anno R R s

& Reginee Guliel-
of the MafTachuetts, mi & Mariee Angliee Quarto
Bay in New Eng- Annoq Domini 1692.
land fs.

The Juriors for our Sou Lord and Lady the


King and Queen doe prefent that William Procter

of Salem Jn the county of Eflex Hufbandman Jn
and Vpon the Thirty firft 4ay of May Jn the yeare
aforefaid and divers other days and times as well
before as after Certaine deteftable arts called Witch
crafts, and Sorceries Wickedly Mallitioufly and fel-

lonioufly hath ufed practifed and

Exercifed at and
in the Townemipe of Salem aforefaid in
upon and
againft one Elizabeth Hobert of Salem aforefaid
Single Womanby which faid Wicked acts the faid
Elizabeth Hobart the day and year aforefaid and di-
g6 Salem Witchcraft.

uers other days and times both before and after,

was and is Tortured Afflicted Confumed pined
Wafted and Tormented and alfo for fundry other
acts of Witchcraft by the faid William procter
Comitted and done before and fince that time
againft Our Sou Lord and Lady the King and

Queen theive Crowne and Dignity And the forme

in the ftattute in that Cafe made and Provided,

Witnefs, Mary Warren,

Indictment v. William Proffer No. 2.

EfTex in the Province Anno R R & Reginee Gul-


of the Maflachufetts lielmi & Mariee &c. Quarto

Bay in New Eng- Anonq. Domini 1692.
land fs.

The Juriors for our Sou Lord and Lady the King

and Queen doeprefent that William Procter of Sa

lem Jn the county of Effex hufbandman in and vpon
the thirty firft day of May Jn the yeare abovefaid
and diuers other days and time as well before as
after Certaine deteftable art called Witchcrafts and
Sorceries Wickedly mallitioufly and fTellonioufly hath
ufed practifed and Exercifed at and in the Towne-
fhip of Salem aforefaid in upon and againft one
Mary Warren of Salem aforefaid Single woman by
which faid Wicked Acts Mary Warren aforefaid
the day and year the aforefaid and diuers other days
and times tothe before and after was and is Tor
tured aflicted Confumed Pined Wafted and Tor-^
mented and alfo for fundry other acts of Witch-
Salem Witchcraft. 97
craft by the faid William Procter Comitted and done
before and fince that time againft Our Sou r Lord
and Lady the King and Queen theire Crowne and
Dignity and the forme in the ftatute in that cafe
made and Prouided.
Wittnefs, Eliz. Robert.

Eliz a Hobert v. William Proffer.

elizabeth hubart dooth teftify one har oath before

the grand inqueft that William Procter did aflidle
me this deponant the 3 1 day of may 92. at the time
of his examination, and allib I did lee faid William
proper aflicte mary Warren at the time of his ex
amination, and faid William Proper hath aflikted
me this deponant feuerall tims fins :

feptember the 8 day 1692.

Warrant v. Willmot Reed.

To the Conftables of Marblehead,

You are in theire names hereby required

to apprehend and bring before vs willmot Reed the

wife of Samuell Reed of Marblehead, on Tuefday
next being the 3i st day of this Jnftant month of
May aboute ten of the cloak in the forenoon at ye
houle of L Nathaniell Ingerfalls in Salem Village;

who ftands charged with hauing Committed Sun

dry a6ts of Witchcraft on ye bodys of Mary Walcot
and Marcy Lewis and others of Salem Village to
theire great hurt &c. in order to her Examination
98 Salem Witchcraft.
c d
Relateing to y abovef premifes and hereof you are
not to faile.
Dated Salem May 28 th 1692.
Affifts _

Jn anfwer to ye within mentioned warrant J

have apprehended Willmot Reed wife to Sam

Reed of Marblehead and brought her to ye houfe

of L c
Jngerfals, May ye 3i
, 92.
for Marblehead.

Indictment v. Wilmott Reed No. i.

EfTex in the Province

Anno R R s
&Reginee Guli-
of the MafTachufetts : elmi & Mariee Anglice &c
BayinNewEnglandls. I
Quarto Annoq Domini
J 1692.
The Lord and Lady the
Juriors for our Sou

King and Queen doe prefent that Willmott Redd

wife of Samuel Redd of Marblehead, Jn the Coun
of EfTex ffifherman vpon the Thirty firft day of
May Jn the yeare aforef and diuers other days and
times as well before as after Certaine deteftable arts
called Witchcraft and Sorceries Wickedly Malli-
tioufly and fellonioufly hath ufed practifed and exer-
cifed At and in the Towne of Salem in the Coun

ty of EfTex aforefaid in upon and

againft one Eliz
Booth of Salem aforefaid Single Woman by which
laid Wicked acts ye faid Eliz a Booth the day and
year aforefaid and diuers other days and times both
before and after was and is Tortured Aflicled Con-
fumed Pined Wafted and Tormented and alfo for
Salem Witchcraft. 99
Sundry other adts of Witchcraft by the faid Will-
mot Redd Comitted and done before and fince
that time againft the peace of our Sou r Lord and

Lady the King and Queen theire Crowne and

Dignity and the forme of the Stattute in that cafe
made and Provided.

Indictment v. Wilmott Reed No. 2.

Eflex in the province Anno

RR & Reginee Guli-

of the MalTachufetts }-elmi & Marie Anglice & c

Bay in NewEngland fs,

QuartoAnnoq Domini 1 692.

The Jvrors forour Sou r Lord and Lady the

King and Queen doe prefent that Willmott Redd
wife of Samuel Redd of Marblehead Jn the Coun
ty of EiTex ffimerman vpon the Thirty
day of
May In the year aforefaid and divers other days
and times as well before as after Certaine Deteft-
able Arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries Wicked

ly Mallicioufly
and fellonioufly hath vfed pra&ifed
and Exercifed at and in the Towne of Salem in the
County of Effex aforefaid in Vpon and againft one
Eliz a Robert of Salem aforefaid in the County of
Effex aforefaid Single Woman by which faid wicked
Afts the faid Eliz a Robert the day and year afore
faid and Divers other dayes arid times both before
and after was and is Tortured articled Confumed
Pined Wafted and Tormented and alfo for fvndry
other ads of Witchcraft by the faid Willmot Redd
Comitted and done before and fince that time
againft the peace of our Soueraigne
Lord and Lady
the King and Queen theire Crowne and Dignity
ioo Salem Witchcraft.
And the forme of the Stattute in that Cafe made and

Examination of Wilmott Reed.

The examination of Wilmot Redd wife of

Sam Redd of marblehead ffi(herman,3 May 1692.

Whenthis examinant was brought in

Lewis Mary Walcot and Abigail Williams fell into

Mercy Lewis laid this Woman hath Pinch me


a great many times Mary Walcot fais this woman

brought the Book to her.

Ann Putman jun r Saith fhe never hurt her, but
fhe hath feen her once upon Mercy Lewis and
once upon Mary Walcot the laft faft day,
Eliz. Hubbard laid this Examinant had brought
the book to her, and told her fhe would knock her
in the head, if fhe would not write.
Ann Putnam faid fhe brought the Book to her
juft now.
Eliz. Booth fellfit, and Mary Walcot and
into a
Ann Putnam was this woman afflicted her,
faid it

Sufan Sheldon was ordered to go to the examin

ant but was knockt down before fhe came to her,
and being fo carryed to faid Redd in a fit, was
made well after faid Redd had grafpt her arm.
Eliz. Hubbard dealt with after the fame man
This examinant was bid by the Magiflrates to
look vpon Eliz Hubbard and upon the examin-

ants cafling her eye vpon faid Hubbard, fhe the

faid Hubbard was knodt down.
Salem Witchcraft. 101.

Abig. Williams and John Jndian being carried

to the examinant in a grevious fit were made well

by her grafping their arms.

This examinant being often urged what me
thought thefe Perfons ailed, would reply, J cannot
tell. Then being afkt if me did not think they
were Bewitched me anfwered I cannot tell, And

being urged for her opinion in the cafe. All

me would fay was :
my opinion is
they are in a
fad condition.

Summons v. Willmott Reed.

W m and Mary by y e
Grace of God of England
Scottland fFrance and Jreland King and Queen
L. S. defend rs ofy e faith &c Eflex is. To y e Sheriff
of EiTex or deputy or Conftable of Marble-
head. Greeting.
Wee Comand you to Warm and give notice vnto
y wife and daughter of Thomas Dodd y Wife
e e

and Daughter of Thomas Ellis John Caley David

Shapley wife and daughter John Chin Marthah
Beale Elias Henly jun r and wiffe Benjamin Gale
Joane Bubbee, Charitty Pittman, and Jacob Worm
wood, That they and Every of them be and perfo-
naly appear at y
Court of Oyer and Terminer
holden at Salem to morrow at Eight of y e clock in
e e e
y Morning there to Teftify y truth to y beft of
your knowledge on Seuerall Indictments Exhibited
againft Wilmot Redd hereof make return fail not
dated in Salem Sept r I3 ch 1692. and in y e fourthe
year of our Reign. STEPHEN SEWALL Ce.
.to 2 Salem Witchcraft.

J haue warn and fumoned all y c peribns with

in mentioned accordingly except John Galley and
Ellishenly who are at Tea, and beni. gale not well.
e th c
Sep ber y 14 by 7 o clock in y morning.
in Marblehead.

Mary Walcott v. Willmott Reed.

The depofiftion of mary Walcott who teftifieth

and faith J was for a confiderable time afflefted
by woman which tould me hir name was Redd
and that me came from marblehead but on the 3 i

of may 1692 being the day of the examination of

willmott Redd then J faw that me was the very
fame woman that tould me hir name was Redd,
and (he did moft dreadfully afflict and torment me
dureing the time of hir examination for if fhe did
but look upon me me would ftrike me down or
almoft choak me, alib on the day of hir examina
tion J faw willmott Redd, or hir Aperance moft

greviouily affect and torment marcy lewes Eliz :

Hubberd and ann putnam and J beleue in my

heart, that willmott Redd is a witch and that me
has often affleted and tormented me and the
aforefd perfons by acts of witchcraft
Jurat in Curia.
Mary Walcot upon her oath Affirmed to y e
grand Jnqueft y y
above written evidence is y e
truth, Sep 14. 1692.

Mary Warren v. Wilmott Reed.

The depofiftion of mary warren who teftifieth

Salem Witchcraft. 103
and faith J canot fay that willmott Redd ever hurt
me but J law willmott Redd on the 31 may 1692.
moft grevioufly afflecT: and torment mary walcott
Abigaill williams and Eliz. Booth and elizabeth
Hubard and Ann putnam and J verily beleue in
my heart that willmott Redd is a witch and that
(he has often hurt the above laid perfons by acts of

Mary Warin vpon oath affirmed to y e grand In-

queft to y truth of y e above written evidence
r th
Sept 14
and this day me hath aflicted this deponant
mod: Grevioufly.
Jurat in Curia.

Ann Putnam v. Wilmott Reed.

The depofition of Ann putnam who teftifieth

and faith that J was for a confiderable time affected
by a woman that tould me hir name was Redd
and that me came
from marblehead but on the 31
may 1692, being the day of the examination of
wilmott Redd then J faw that (he was the very
fame woman that tould me hir name was Redd
and me did moft grevioufly torment me dureing
the tim of her examination for if me did but look,
on me me would ftrick me down or almoft chook
me alfo on the day of her examination J faw will
mott Redd or hir aperance moft grevioufly afflet
and torment mary walcott Eliz Hubbard Eliz Both
and Abigail williams and J very beleve that Will
mott Redd is a witch and that (he has often affle-
IO4 Salem Witchcraft.
ted me and the aforefaid perfons by acts of witch-
Ann Putnam ownd y
truth of y e above written
evidence to y grand inqueft Sept r
14. 1692. upon
oath Jurat in Curia.
E/zz Hubbard v. Wilmott Reed.

The depofiftion of Eliz. Hubburd who teftifieth

and faith that J was a confiderable time afflected
by a woman w ct tould me hir name was Redd and
that me came from marblehead but on the 3 may \

692 being the day of the examination of willmott
Redd then J law that me was y e very fame woman
that tould me hir name was Redd, and me did
moft grevioufly afflect and torment me during
the time of hir examination for if ihe did but look
upon me me would ftrick me down or almofl choake
me, alfo on the day of hir examination J faw will
mott Redd or hir Apperance moft dreadfully afflecT:
and torment mary walcott Abigail williams and
Ann putnam and J beleue that willmott Redd is
width and that me hath often affleted me and the
affore faid perfons by acts of widthcraft.
Eliz Hubbert upon her oath to ye grand inqueft
to ye truth of ye above written evidence, Sept r 14..

1692- Jurat in Curia.

Charity Pitman v. Wilmott Reed.

The Teftimony of Charity Pitman of Marblehead.

This deponent aged twenty nine years affirms,
Salem Witchcraft. 105
that about five years agoe, Mrs Syms of y e Tovne
haveing loft fome linen which fhe fufpe&ed Martha
Laurence the girle which then lived with Wilmott
Reed had taken up defired the deponant to goe with
her to Wilmott Redds, and demanding the fame,
having many words about the fame, mrs Syms told
her, that if me would not deliver them, me would go
to Salem to m Hathornes and gett a fpeciall war

rant for her fervante girl, upon which the fd Redd

told her inmy hearing, that me wifhed me might
never mingere, nor cacare, if me did not goe, and
fome fhort time after the deponent obierved, that
the fd Mrs Syms was taken with the diftemper of
the dry Belly-ake and fo continued many moneths
dureing her ftay in the Towne, and was not cured
whilft me tarryed in the Countrey,
Jurat in Curia.

Sarah Dod v. Wilmott Reed.

Sarah Dod
Affirmed upon her oath to y e grand
Jnqueft that fhe heard
Simfe threatened to
have Wilmot Redd before a Majeftrate for fome of
fd Redds mifdemeanures f Redd wifht f Simfe

might never any wayes eafe nature before fhe did

it, and foon aftar, to this deponants knowledge it
fell out with M
rs d
Simfe, according f Redds wifh
ownd fd r
this fhe before Jury of inqueft, Sept
14: 1692.

Ambrofe Gale v. Wilmott Reed.

M r
Ambros Gale Affirmed that M rs
Simfe was
io6 Salem Witchcraft.
abo that time or foon
after fo aflicled ;
as was then
reported. Septem 14, 1692.
Juriat in Curia.

Complaint v. E/iz a Fofdick & E/iz a Paine,

Salem May the 3o th 1602.

Lt Nathaniell putnam and Joieph Whipple both
of Salem Village made Complaint in behalfe of
theire majes ts againft Elizabeth fFofdick of Maulden
the wife of John fTofdick aforefd Carpenter Eliz &
abeth paine of Charlftown the wife of Stephen paine
offd hufbandman for fundry acts of Witchcraft by
them Committed Lately on the bodys of Marcy
Lewis and Mary Warren of Salem Willage or
farmes to theire great hurt therefore craues Juftice.
Nathanell Putnam
Jofeph whipple.

The abouefayd Complaint was Exhibited before

us Salem May the 3o th 1692.

^ J

peter Tuft of Charlftowne alfo appeared before vs

Salem June 2 d 1692 and alfo Complained againft
both y e abouefd for acls of Witchcraft by them
Committed on his negro Woman.
The mark of
Peter f Tufts
Salem Witchcraft. 107

Warrant v. Elizabeth Fofdick & Elizabeth Paine.

To the Marfhall or Sheriff of the County ofMid-

dleiex or dep r
You are in theire Majeft 3 names hereby required
to apprehend and bring before
vs at Salem forthwith
or as foon as may be Elizabeth ffofdick the wife of

John ffofdick of Maulden Carpenter and Elizabeth

paine the wife of Stephen paine of Charleftowne
huibandman, forfundry acts of Witchcraft by them
Committed Lately on ye Bodys of Marcy Lewis
Mary Warren &c of Salem Village or farmes to
theire great hurt and Jnjury accords to Complaint
Exhibited before vs appears, fail not, Dated Salem
June the 2 1692 :

i ^
Y Amlts.

doe Appoint Sam Gibfon of Cambridge To


Serue this warrant To Effect. d

June 2 1692.
GOOKIN Marfh 11
for Mddx.
June 2 1692. J haue Appehended the aboue
named Elizebeth paine and delivered her unto the
Sheriff of the County of Elfex att Salem in ye Coun
d examination and waite in
ty aforef in order to her
expectation of the above fd Elizabeth Fofdick by
June 3, 92 J haue all fo apprehended the body
of Elizabeth ffofdick of mauldin and delivered her
to the above laid Sheriff of Effex,
ye mar dep.
io8 Salem Witchcraft.
Deacon Edward putnam and Thomas Rayment
both of Salem Village Complained on behalfe of
theire Majesfties againft Mary Irefon the wife of
Benjamin Jrefon of Lyn hufbandman for Sundry
actsof Witchcraft by her Committed Lately on ye
bodys of Mary Waren Sufana Shelden and Mary
Walcot and others of Salem Village whereby great
hurt hath beene donne to theire bodys therefore
Craves Juftice,
Salem June 4 th 1692,
Eliz both Edward Putnam
mark of
Abe Williams the

Ann Putnam Thomas -f- Rayment


To the Sheriffe of the County of EfTex or his de-

putie or conftable in Lyn.
You are in theire Majes ts names hereby required
to apprehend and brig before vs Mary Jrefon ye
wife of Benjamin Irefon of Lyn hufbandman on
Munday next about ten of ye Clock in the forenoon
at ye houfe of Thomas Beadles in Salem who
ftands Charged on behalfe of theire Majeft 5 with
hauing Committed Sundry ads of Witchcraft on y
bodys of Marry Warren, Sufanah Shelden Mary
Walcot and others whereby great hurt is donne to
theire bodys, in order to her Examination Relate -
ing to the aboue f premifes faile not.
Dated Salem June 4 f 1692.
Salem Witchcraft. 109

Examination of George Eurrough.

The examination of Geo :

Burrough. 9 May,
[W m Stoughton ]

By the i
John Hathorne I

p^ s

Honourd Sam. Sewall,

Jonath. Corwin j

Being afk
he partook of the Lords fupper,
he being (as he faid) in full comunion at Roxbury.
He anfwered is was fo long fince he could not
yet he owned he was at meeting one Sab
: at :

Bofton par of the day, and the other a Charleftown


part of a Sab when that facrament happened to


be at both, yet did not partake of either. He de-

nyed that his houfe as Cafko was haunted, yet he
owned there were Toads. He denyed that he made
his wife fwear, that me could not write to his father
Ruck without his approbation of her letter to her
Father. He owned that none of his children, but
the eldeft was Baptized The above was in private
none of the Bewitched being prefent, At his en
try into the Room many (if not all of the Be
witched) were grevioufly tortured.
i. Sus. Sheldon
teftifyed that Burroughs two
wives appeared in their winding meets, and faid that
man killed them.
He was bid to look upon Sus. Sheldon,
He looked back and knockt down all (or moft),
of the afflicted w
flood behind him.
no Salem Witchcraft.
Sus : Sheldon the foldiers
. .
(one line gone)
2. Mary Lewes
depofition going to be read and
he lookt upon her and me fell into a dreadful and
tedious fit,
7.Mary Walcot [^ a .

Ehz TT uu
Hubbardj leltimony gomor to be~ read
4 \
f r ,9
and tnev all
, ;
fell into ntts

c r 01 11
oulan sheldon ^

affirmed each of them that
Sufan Sheldon he bought the Book
Ann Putman jun
and w d have them

Being alk 1 w
he thought of thefe things.
anfwered it was an amazing and humbling Provi
dence, but he underftood nothing of it and he laid
(fome of you may obferve, that) when they begin
to name my name, they cannot name it.
. .
r f Teftifyed that his 2
Ann rutman iun r Xi-u
c r c, I, { 2, Children were
buian oheldon , , .

[ by him.
The Bewitched were fo tortured that Authority
ordered them to be taken away fome of them.
6. Sarah Bibber teftifyed that he had hurt her,
tho fhe had not feen him perfonally before as (he
Abig. Hobbs. |
Deliverance Hobbs I-
Teftimony read
Elizar Keifer
Capt Willard frp n- u
Brown Teitimony about his great
ftrength and the Gun.
Jno Wheldon
Capt Putman teftifyed about the Gun.
Salem Witchcraft. in
Cap Wormwood teftifyed about the Gun and
the Mallaflbes He denyed that about the nalaf-
foes About the Gun he faid he took it before the
lock and refted it
upon his breaft,

John Brown teftifyed about a bbl Cyder.

denyed that his family was affrighted
by a
white calf in his houfe
Cap Putman he made his wife en

teftifyed that
ter into a covenant. 11 May 1692.
Abig : Hobbs in
prifon affirmed that Geo. Bur
roughs in his
fhape appeared and urged her to her,
to let her hand to the Book, which (he did, and af
ter-wards in his own peribn he acknowledged to
her, that he had made her fet her hand to the
The original minutes (of which the above is a
true copy) is in the porTeffion of I. F. Andrews
Efq. and was found among Judge Hathornes pa
pers. Aug. 8. 1843.
I. B. Curwine

Summons v. Geo. Burrougb.

Wm & Mary by ye Grace of God of England

L. S. and Scotland ffrance & Ireland King defend

of ye faith &c a
To James Greenilit Greeting
Wee comand you Excufes fet
apart to be and
Court Oyer and Ter-
perfonaly app at ye next of
mina held at Salem on y firft Tueiday in Auguft

next There to Teftify y e Truth on certain Jndict-

112 Salem Witchcraft.

ments to be Exhibited againft George Burroughs

and not depart ye Court without lycenfe or leave
of fd Court hereof faile not on penalty of One hun
dred poundes money to be leuied on your Goods
chattels &c a Dated in Salem July 26 th 1692.
To y Sheriffe of ErTex.

July 26
1692. J haue Sumoned the within
named James Greintley according to this within
Sub. pena to Give in his Euidence att the time and

place within mentioned, by me

GEO HERRICK Dept. Sheriff.

View of body of Geo. Burroughs.

Wee whoes names are under written hauing re

ceived an order from y e freife for to fearch ye bo-
dyes of George Burroughs and George Jacobs wee
e e d
find nothing upon y body of y above fay bur
roughs but w is naturall, but upon ye body of

George Jacobs wee find 3 tetts w according toy

ch e

beft of our Judgments wee think is not naturall for

wee run a pinn through 2 of y m and he was not
finceible of it. one of them being within his mouth
e nd
upon y lnfide of his right cheake and 2 upon his
right (boulder blade an a 3 upon his right hipp.
Ed. Welch fworne Tom flint Jurat
Will. Gill fworne. Tom Weft fworne
Zeb. Hill Jurat Sam Morgan fworne
John Bare Jurat.
Salem Witchcraft. 113

Samuel Webber v. Geo.


Samuell Webber aged about 36 yeares Teftifieth

and fayth y aboute feauen or eight Yeares agoe J

liued at Cafco Bay and George Burroughs was then

Minefler there, and haueing heard much of the
great ftrength of him f Burroughs he Coming ;

to our houfe wee ware in difcourfe aboute the fame

and he then told mee y he had put his fingers into

the Bung of a Barrell of Malafes and lifted it vp,

and carryed it Round him and fett it downe againe.
Salem Auguft 2 d 1692,
Jurat in Curia. Samuell Webber.

Ann Putnam v. Geo. Burroughs.

The Depofition of Ann putnam who teftifieth

and faith that on 2o th of April 1692 at euening me
faw the Apperifhtion of a minifter at which me
was grevioufly affrighted and cried out oh dread-
full : a minifter com, what are
dreadfull here is

Minifters wicthes to whence com you and What


your name for J will complaine of you tho you
be A minifter: if you be a wizzard and Jmmedi- :

ately was tortored by him being Racked and all-


moft choaked by him and he tempted me to write


in his book which J Refufed with loud out cries

and faid J would not writ
in his book tho he tore
me al to peaces but tould him that it was a dread-
full thing that
: he which was a Minifter that
mould teach children to feare God mould com to
perfwad poor creatures to giue their fouls to the de-
H4 Salem Witchcraft.

vill : dreadfull dreadfull, tell me your name

y J may know who you are then againe he tor-

tored me and urged me to writ in his book which :

J Refufed and then prefently he tould me that his


name was George Burroughs and that he had had

three wives : he had bewitched
and that the Two
firft of them to death and that he kiled Mif Law-

fon becaufe (he was fo unwilling to goe from the

village and alfo killed
Lawfons child becaufe
he went to the eaftward with Sir Edmon and
preached foe to the fouldiers and that he had be
witched a grate many fouldiers to death at the eaft-
word when Sir Edmon was their, and that he had
made Abigail Hobbs a width and feuerall wicthes
more and he has continwed ever fence by times
: ;

tempting me to write in his book and greviouily

tortoring me by beating pinching and almoft choak-
ing me feuerall times a day and he alfo tould me
that he was above a width he was a conjurer.
Jurat in Curia.

Thomas Putnam, Peter Prefcott, Robert Morrell &

Ezekiel Cbeever v. Geo. Burroughs.

wee whofe names under writen being prefent

with Ann putnam att the time aboue mentioned
hard hir declare what is aboue writen what me faid
{he faw and hard from the Apperifhtion of r
George Burroughs and allfo beheld hir tortors and
hir loud out
perceived her hellim temtations by
cries J will not J will not writ tho you torment me
Salem Witchcraft. 115
al days of my life, and being converfant with hir
euer fence have feen hir tortored and coplaining that
Mr Burroughs hirt hir, and tempts hir to writ in
his book,
Thomas putnam peter prefcott
Roburt Morrell,
Ann Putnam declared her above written evidence
to be ye truth before y e Jury of Inqueft. Aug
92. upon her oath
Ezekiel Cheever made oath to ye latter part of
this paper. Jurat in Curia.

Ann Putnam v. Geo. Burroughs.

The depofiftion of Ann putnam who teftifieth

and faith that on the 3 th of
may 1692, at euening
J faw the Apperimtion of r
George Burroughs
who grevioufly tortored me and urged me to writ
in his book which J refufed then he tould me that
his Two firft wives would appear to me prefently
and tell me a grat many lyes but J mould not be-
lieue them, then Jmmediately appeared to me the
forme of Two women in winding meats and nap
kins about their heads, att which J was gratly af
frighted, and they turned their faces towards
Burroughs and looked very red and angury and
tould him that he had been a cruell man to them,
and that their blood did crie for vengance againft
him and alfo tould him that they mould be

cloathed with white Robes in heauen, when he

mould be caft into hell, and immediately he van-
ifhed away, and as foon as he was gon the Two
n6 Salem Witchcraft.
women turned their faces towards me and looked
as pail as a white
wall : and tould me that they
were r
Burroughs Two first wives and that he
had murthered them and one tould me that me

was his firft wife and he ftabed her under the left
Arme and put a peace of fealing wax on the wound
and me pulled afide the winding (heat, and mewed
me the place and alfo tould me that me was in the
houfe r
parifh now lived w it was don, and the

other tould me that r

Burrough and that wife
which he hath now kiled hir in the verTell as (he
was coming to fee hir friends becaufe they would
have one another and they both charged me that

J mould thefe things to the before


M r
Burroughs face and if he did not own them
they did not know but they mould appere their :

thes moring. alfo Mi s Lawfon and hir daughter

Ann appeared to me whom J knew, and tould me
that M r
Burroughs murthered them, this
alfo appered to me another
in a woman
meat and tould me
that me was goodman ffullers
firft wife and Mr Burroughs kiled hir becaufe there

was fum differance between hir hufband and him,

alfo on the 9 th may dureing the time of his exam
ination he did moft grevioufly torment and afflecl:

mary Walcott mercy lewes Eliz. Hubberd and

Abigail williams by pinching pricks and choaking
them. Jurat in Curia.
Salem Witchcraft. 117

Edward Putnam and Thomas Putnam v. Geo. Bur


we whofe names are under writen being prefent

with ann putnam at the times aboue mentioned,
law hir tortured and hard hir refufe to writ in the
book alfo hard hir declare what is aboue writen :

what me faid me faw and hard from the Apperifh-

tion of Mr George Burroghs and from thol which
accufed him for murthering of them.
Edward putnam Thomas putnam
Ann putnam ownid this har
teftimony to be the
truth uppon her oath before the Juriars of Jnqueft
this 3 d of Aguft 92.

Mercy Lewis v. Geo.


the depofiftion of mircy Lewes who teftifieth

and faith that one the 7 th of may 1692. att evening
J faw the apperifhtion of
George Burroughs
whom j very well knew which did grevioufly tor-
tor me and urged me to writ in his book and then
he brought to me a new famon book which he
did not ufe to bring and tould me J
might writ in
that book for that was a book that was in his

ftuddy when J lived with them but J tould him


J did not beleve him for I had been often in his

ftuddy but J never faw that book their but he :

tould me that he had feverall books in his

which J never faw in his ftuddy and he could raife
the diuell :and now had bewitched Mr. Shep-
1 1 8 Sak?n Witchcraft.

pards daughter and J afked him how he could goe

to bewitch hir now he was keept at Salem ;
and he
tould me that the divell was his farvant, and he
fent him in doe it, then he againe
his map to
tortored me moft dreadfully and threatened to kill
me for he faid J mould not witnes againft him
alfo he tould me
he had made Abigaill Hoobs
a width and more then againe he did moil

dreadfully tortor me as if he would haue racked

me all to peaces and urged me to writ in his book
or elce he would kill me but J tould him J hoped
my life was not in the power of his hand and that
J would not writ tho he did kill me the next :

night he tould me J mould not fee his Two wifes

if he could help it becaufe J mould not witnes
againft him this 9 may mr Burroughs carried me

up to an exceeding high mountain and mewed me

all the Kingdoms of the earth and tould me that

he would give them all to me if J would writ in

hisbook, and if J would not he would thro me
down and brake my neck but J tould him they :

ware non of his to give and J would not writ if he

throde me down on 100 pichforks alfo on the :

9 may being the time of his examination mr.
George Burroughs did moft dreadfully torment me :

and alfo feueral times fence.

marce Iwis uppon har oath did owne this har
teftimony to be the truth before the Juriors for
Jnqueft aguft 3: 92.
Salem Witchcraft. 119

Thomas Putnam Edward Putnam v. Geo. Bur


we whofe namesare under writen being prefent

hard mircy lewes declare what is above written
what (he faid me faw and hard from the Apper-
ifhtion of Mr George Burroughs and alfo beheld
hir tortors which we cannot exprefs for fume times
we wore redy to fear that euery joint of hir body
was redy to be difplaced alfo we perceived hir

hellim temtations by hir loud out cries m r Bur

roughs J will not writ in your book tho you doe
kil me.
Thomas putnam Edward Putnam.
Jurat in Curia.

Simon Willard v. Geo. Burroughs.

The Depofition of Simon Willard aged about

forty two years Me
fayth J being at y houfe of

Rob Lawrance
at ffalmoth in Cafco
Bay in Sep-
temb r 1689 l dM Lawrance was commending M
r r

George Borroughs his ftrength faying that we :

none of us could doe what he could doe f M : for d r

Borroughs can hold out gun with one hand

this ;

Mr. Borroughs being there fayd J held my hand


here behind y lock and took it up, and held it out,
J f deponant faw
Borroughs put his hand on
y gun to fhow
: us how he held it and where he

held his hand, and faying there he held his hand

when he held fd gun out but J faw him not hold

it out then, fd gun was about feven foot barrill

I2O Salem Witchcraft.
and very hevie J then tryed to hold out fd gun with
both hands, but could not do it long enough to
take fight. Simon Willard

Simon willard e
y Jury of inqueft, that
y above written evidence is ye truth,
Aug 3 :
1692. Jurat in Curia,

Wm Wormall v. Geo. Burroughs,

Wm Wormall Sworne e
y above and y he
to l

faw him Raife it from ye ground, himfelfe.

Jurat in Curia.
The Depofition of Simon Willard aged about 42
years faith J being at Saco in ye year 1689 fome in
Cap Ed fpeaking of m George
Sarjants garifon was
Borroughs his great ftrength faying he could take a
barrill of molafles out of a Cannoe or boat alone,
and that he could take it in his hands or arms out
of y e Cannoo or boat and carry it and fet it on y e
more and m r Burroughs being there fay d that he
had carryed one barrill of molafles or fider out of a
cannoo that had like to have done him a difplea-
lure: fd r
Borroughs intimated as if he did not
want ftrength to do it but y e difadvantage of y e
more was fuch, that his foot flipping in the fand :

he had liked to have ftrained his legg.

Simon Willard
Simon Willard ownd to ye Jury of inqueft, that
e e
y above written evidence is
y truth.
Jurat in Curia.
Salem Witchcraft. 121

Sarah Vibber v. Geo. Burroughs.

The depofiftion of farah viber who teftifieth and

faith that on the 9 th day of may 1692. as J was
agoeing to Salem village J faw the apperimtion of
a little man like a minifter with a black coat on and
he pinched me by the arme and bid me goe along
with him but J tould him J would not but when J
came to the village J faw theire r
George Bur
roughs or his Apparance moft grevioufly torment
and afflecl: mary walcott mercy luis Elizabeth Hub-
bert Ann putnam and abigaill Williams by pinching
twifting&almoftchoaking them to death alfofeuerall
times fence r
George Burrougs or his Apperance
has moft grevioufly tormented me with variety of
tortors and J beleue in my heart that r
George m
Burroughs is a dreadfull wizzard and that he has
moft grevioufly tormented me and the aboue men
tioned parlons by his acfts of wicl:hcraft.
Sarah Viber declared to y e Jury of inqueft that
the above written evidence is the truth. Aug st 3 :
1692. the which (he owned on her oath
Jurat in Curia.

E/iz a Hubbard v. Geo. Burroughs.

May y 9. 1692. Elizabeth bubord aged about
17 yers faith that y laft lecond day at night There :

apeared a little black heard man to me in blackim

aparill J afked him his name and he told me
his name was borrous, Then he tooke a booke out
122 Salem Witchcraft.

of his it and bid me fet

and opened
pocket :
hand to it J tould him J would not y
lines in;

this book was read as blod, then he

pinched me
twife and went away The next morning he ap

peared to me againe and tould me he was aboue a

wizard for he was a conjurar and fo went away but

fins that he hath apeared to me euery day & night

uery often and urged me uery much to fet hand my
to his book, and to run a way telling me if J would
do foe J mould be well and that J mould need feare
no body and withall tormented me feuerall ways

euery time he came exept that time he told me

he was a conjuror This night he afked me very

much to fet my hand to his book or elfe he fayed

he would kill me; withall tortoring me uery much
by biting and pinching fquefing my body and run
ning pins into me, alfo on the 9 may 1692. being
the time of his examination m r George Burroughs
or his Apperance did moft grevioufly afflecT: and
torment the bodyes of mary walcott mercy lewes
Ann putnam and Abigail williams for if he did but
look upon them he would ftrick them down or al-
moft choak them to death alfo feuerall times fence
he has moft dreadfully afflicted and tormented me
with variety of torments and J beleue in my heart
y m George Burroughs is a dreadful! wizzard and
f r

that he has very often tormented me and alfo the

above named parfons by his acts of wiclhcraft.
Jurat in Curia.
Eliz. Hubbard
declared y e above written evidence
to be ye truth, upon her oath, that me had taken :
Salem Witchcraft. 123
this me owned before ye Jury of inqueft :

3. 1692.
Summons v. Geo. Burroughs.

William & Mary by y Grace of God of Englande

Scotland ffrance & Jreland King & Queen de-

fend rs of ye faith 6cc a
m Jn Ruck
r rs
Eliz Ruck m : m r
Thomas Ruck
and Samuel Ruck,
To Cap William Worwood
Wee comand you all Excufes fet apart to be and
perfonaly appear at ye prefent Court of Oyer Ter- &
mina held at Salem there to Teftify ye truth to ye
beft of our knowledge on certain Jndictm" Exhib
ited againft m r
George Burrough hereof fail not : :

dated in Salem Aug 5 th 1692. and in ye fourth


year of Our Reign.


Auguft 5
The perfons aboue Named where all

euery of them fumoned to appeare as aboue by me,

in in Salem.

Thos. Green/left v. Geo. Burroughs.

Th Greenflett aged about forty years being de-

pofed Teftifieth y about the
breaking out of
the laft Indian warre being att the houfe of Cap 1
Jomua Scotts att Black point, he faw m r George
Burrows who was lately executed at Salem lift a
gunn of fix foot Barrell or thereabouts putting the
fore finger of his right hand into the mufell of fd
124- Salem Witchcraft*

gunn and that he held it arms end only w th

out att
thatt finger, and further this deponent teftyfieth
that at the fame time he faw the fd Burrows Take

up a full barr 11 of molafTes w th butt two of fingers

of one of his hands in the bung and carry ittfrom
ye ftage head to the door att the end of the ftage
w th out letting itt downe and that Liu Rich d Hun- f

niwell and John Greinflett were then prefent and

fome others y l
are dead.
Thomas Greenflit
his f marke. Jurat.

Deliverance Hobbs v. Geo. Burroughs.

Deliverance Hobs Confeffion.

That they were both at the generall meeting of
the Witches in r
Parimes Mr. Burroughs preach
ed and adminiftered to them.

Hannah Harris v. Geo. Burroughs.

The depotion of Hannah Harris Aiged twenty

feuen years or thare abouts Teftifieth and faith that
fhe lived at y e hous of Georg Burros at falmouth
and the aboue faid hannah harres many times hath
taken notis that when me hath had anny Difcorfe
with the aboue faid burrofs wife when the aboue
faid burros was from horn that apone his Returne
he hath often fcolded wife and told her that he
knew what they faid when he was abroad and fur
ther faith that apone a time when his wife had
Laine Jn Not aboue one weake that he fell out with
his wife and kept her by Difcorce at the Dore till
Salem Witchcraft. 125
me fell and grew wors at night fo
licke In ye place
that ye aboue laid hannah harres was afraid me
would dye andthay called In thare Naibours and the
aboue faid burrofes Daughter told One of ye wo
men that was thare ye caufe of her mothers Ell-
nefs and ye aboue faid burros chid his Daughter for

telling and y aboue faid burros came to the aboue


faid hannah harres and told her Jf that his wif Did
otherwife then well fhe mould not tell of it & the
aboue faid hannah harres told him that fhe would
not be confined to any fuch thing.
Jurat in Curia.

Eenf Hutcbinfon v. Geo.


Beniemin huchenfion fd that

one the 2i st aprell
92. abegeral Wiluams fdthat there was a lettell
black menefter that Liued at Cafko bay he told me
fo and fd that he had kild 3 wifes two for himfelf
and one for m
Lofen and that he had made nine
weches in this plafe and fd that he could hold out
the heueft gun that is in Cafko bay w th one hand
w c no man can Cafe hold out w both hands this Js

about a 1 1 a clock and J afk her where about this

lettel man flood i d (he juft where the Cart wheell
went along J had a 3 graned irne fork in my hand
and J thru it wher fhe faid he flud and fhe pre-
fently fell in aletel feet and when it twas ouer Said
She you have toren his coot for I herd it tare wher
abouts faid I one won fide faid fhe, then we come
into the houfeof left. Ingerfall and I went into the

great roome and abigle come in and faid ther he

126 Salem Witchcraft.
ftands J faid wher wher and prefently drood my
rapyer but he emmedetly was gon as fhe laid then
faid fhe ther is a
gray catt then i faid wher abouts
doth fhe ftand ther fd fhe thar then J ftruck with
my rapyer then fhe fell in a fitt and when it was
ouer fhe faid you kild hur and Sary good
com and carrid hur away, this was about i 2 a clock.
The fame day after ledttor in ye faid :
chamber abigaill wiliamsmary walcot faid that
goody hobs of topfell bitt mary walcot by ye foot
then both falling into a fit as foone as it was ouer
ye faid william hobs and his wife goe both of them
a longe ye table ye faid huchefon tooke his
ftabed gooddy hobs one ye fide as abigaill williams
and mary walcot faide ye faid abigaill and mar faid
m &
ye roome was full of y then ye faid huchefon Ely
putnam ftabed with their raperres at a uentor
faid mary and haue killed a black
abigell you greet
woman of Stonintown and an Jndian that come
with her for ye flore is all couered with blood then

ye faid mary and abigaill looked out of dores and

faid ye faw a greet
company of them one a hill &
there was three of them lay dead ye black woman
and the indian and one more y f ye knew not.
This being about 4 a clock in ye after noone.

Sufannah Sbelden v. Geo. Burroughs.

The Complaint of Sufannah Shelden againft mr
burros which brought book to mee and told mee
if i would not fet my hand too it hee would tear
mee to peefTes told him i would not then hee told
Salem Witchcraft. 127
mee bee would ftarve me to death then the next

morning hee tould mee hee could not flarve mee

to death, but hee would choake mee that my uit-
tals (hould doe me but litl
good then he tould mee
his name was borros which had preached at the

vilage the laft night hee came to mee and afked mee
whither i would goe to the uillage to morrow to
witnes againft him i afked him if he was examened
then he told hee was then i told him i would goe
then hee told mee hee would kil mee beefour
morning then hee apeared to mee at the hous of
nathanniel ingolfon and told mee hee had been the
death of three children at the eaftward and had kiled
two of his wifes the firft hee fmouthered and the
fecond he choaked and killed two of his own child

Major Brown, Thomas Ruck, Thomas Evans, Sarah

Wilfon, Martha Tyler & als v. Geo. Burroughs.

Memorand m in m r
George Burroughs Tryall be-
ye written Euidences y wasSworne Seu who
r 11

gave y by word of mouth Majo Browne holding

rs r

out a heauy Gun w th one hand.

Thomas Ruck of his fudden coming in after y m
and y he could tell his thoughts.

Thomas Euans y he carried out Barr els MolofTes


and meat &c out of a canoo whilft his mate went

th m w
to ye fort for hands to help out y Sarah Wil
fon Confefs y ye night before
1 c r
Burroughs was
Executed y y was a great meeting of ye witches

Nigh Sarj Chandlers y

c r
Bur. was y r and yy had
128 Salem Witchcraft.

ye Sac and after yy had done he tooke leaue and


bid y Stand to y r faith, and not own any thing.
Martha Tyler faith ye fame w th Sarah Wilfon &
Seuerall others,

Indictment v. Abigail Faulkner No. i .

ElTex in the Prouince ]

Anno R R &Reginee
of the MalTachufetts I elmi & Mariee Anglice &c
BayinNewEnglandfs. QuartoAnnoq Domini 692.

The lurers for o r Sou r Lord and Lady King and

Queen do prefent that Abigaill ffalkner Wife of
ffrancis ffalkner of Andivor In the County of EfTex
aforfd Hufband m onor about the beginning of Au-

guft In the year aforefaid and divers othec dayes

and times as well before as after Certaine Deteftable
Arts calledWitchcraft and Sorceries Wickedly
Malliftioufly and felloniouily
hath vfed practifed &
Exercifed at and in the Towne of Boxford in the
County of EfTex aforefaid in vpon and againfl: One
Martha Sprague of Boxford aforefaid Single Wo
man by which faid wicked Acts the faid Martha
Sprague the day and yea aforefaid and diuers other
dayes and times both before and after was and is
Tortur d Aflicted Confumed Pined Wafted and Tor
mented and alfo for Sundry other Acts of Witch
by the faid Abigaill ffalkner Comitted and
done Before and Since that time againft the Peace
of o r Sou r Lord and Lady the King and Queen
theire Crowne and dignity and the forme of the
Stattute in that Cafe made and Prouided,
Salem Witchcraft. 129

Indictment v. Abigail Faulkner No. 2.

EfTex in the province Anno RR & Reginee

of the M attach ufetts elmi & Marie Angliee &c a
Bay in NewEngland fs. QuartoAnnoqDominii692.
The Jurors for our Sou r Lord and Lady the King
and Queen doe prefent That Abigaill ffalkner wife
of ffrances falkner of Andivo r In the County of
Eflex Hufhandman in and About the begining of
Auguft In the Yeare aforefaid and diuers and dayes
and times as well before as after Certaine deteftable
arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries Wickedly Mai-
litioufly and fellonioufly hath vfed pradlifed and
Exercifed at and in the Towne of Andivor in the

County of Effex aforefaid in upon and againft one

Sarah Phelps daughter of Samuel Phellps of Andi-
vo r aforefaid hufbandman by which faid Wicked
Acls the fd Sarah Phellps the day and yeare afore
faid and divers other days and times both before and
after was and is Tortured Aflicted Confumed Pined
Wafted and Tormented, and alfo for fundry other
ads of Witchcraft by the laid Abigaill ffalkner
Comitted and done before and fince that time
againft the peace of our Sou Lord and Lady the

King and Queen theire Cruwne and Dignity and

the forme of ye Stattute In
y cafe made and Pro-


Examination of Abigail Faulkner.

Abig ffolkner examined Aug u

1 st
1692. :

M r
Hauthorne r
: M
Corwin and Cap. Higgin-

130 Salem Witchcraft.
fon preflent when was brought
{he into ye room :

perfons fell down. m Ha you are

ye afflicted :

heare aprehended for witchcraft but anfw d J know :

nothing of it with y caft of her eye Mary Wai-


cot and ye reft of ye afflicted mary waren and others

fell down
it was f to her do
you not fee. She
fd yes but it is ye deuill dos it in my fhape mary :

Walcot fd me had feen her 2 monthes a good :

while agoe but was not hurt by her till laft night :

An Putnam fayd me had feen fd fFalkn r but was

not hurt by her till laft night and then me pulled
me off my hors mary warin fd me had feen her in

company with other witches but was not hurt by


her till lately.

Mary Warin and others of ye afflicted were
ftruck down into fitts and helped up out of their
by a touch of Abig ffolkn
hand me was :

urged to confes ye truth for ye credditof hir Town:

her Couz. Eliz lonfon urged her with that but me
refufed to do it faying god would not require her
to confefs that y r me was not gilty of.
Phelpfes daughter complayned her afflicting her:
but me denyed that me had any thing to doe with
witchcraft me fd ffalkn r had a cloth in her hand,

that when me fqueezed in her hand ye afflicted fell

into grevous was obferved y e aflicted fayd
fits as :

Dan Eames and Capt ffloyd was upon that cloth


when it was upon ye table.

She fayd me was forry they were afflicted but :

me was told and it was obfervd me did not (hed a

tear: mary warin was pulld und r ye table and was
Salem Witchcraft. 131
helpd out of her fitt by a touch of fd ffaulkn (he
fd (he had looked on fome of thefe afflicted when :

they came to Andov r

and hurt them not but me :

was was before (he had began to afflicte them

told it

me was told that it was reported fhe ufed to con

jure with a feiv. but fhe f it was not fo that (lory
was cleared up and :

Auguft 30: 92. Abig ffokner before their Ma-


Juftices at firft denyed witchcraft as me had

done before but afterwards me owned that me

was Angry at what folk fd when her Couz. Eliz. :

Jonfon was taken up and folk laught and f herfif-
ter Jonfon would come out next and me did look
with an evil eye on y e afflicted perfons and did con-
fent that they mould be afflicted becavs they were

y caus of bringing her kindred out and me did


wifh them ill and her fpirit being raifed me did

pinch her hands together and (he knew not but

that y e devil might take that advantage but it was

ye devil not (he that afflicted them this (he faid ;

(he did at Cap Chandlers garifon
y Right after :

Eliz. Jonfon had bin examined before Capt Brad-

ftreet in
ye day.
This is ye fubftance of what fd Abig ffolkners 1

examination was taken out of my characters :

Atteft, Simon Willard.

The abouefd Examination was before John Ha-
thorne Juf* peace.

Rofe Fofter v. Abigail Faulkner.

The depofiftion of Rofe ffofter who teftifieth &
faith J have ben mod grevioufly afflected and tor-
132 Salem Witchcraft.
mented by Abigail ffalkner of Andeueour al(o J
have feen Abigail ffalkner or hir Apperance moft
grevioufly affledl and torment martha Sprague

phelps and Hannah Bigsbe fence the begining Augft

and J veryly beleue that Abigail ffalkner is a width
and that fhe has often affledted me and the affore-
faid perfon by acts of wicthcraff.
The abouenamed Rofe ffofter affirmed beffore ye
Jrand inqueft that y aboue written evidence is truth

vppon her oath Sep 17


Mary Walcott v. Abigail Faulkner.

The depofiftion of mary walcott who teftifieth

and faith that about the 9 Auguft 1692. J was
moft dreadfully afHected by a woman that tould me
her name was Abigail ffalkner but on the ii th of
Auguft being the day of the examination of Abi
ffalkner (he did moft dreadfully afflict me dure-

ing the time of hir examination J faw Abigail

ffalkner or hir Apperance moft grevioufly afflecl:
and torment farah phelps and Ann putnam and J
veryly beleve in my heart that Abigail ffalkner is
awicth and that fhe has often afflected me and the
afforefaid faid perfons of wicthcraft.
by acts
The above named mary Walcott affirmed ye
Grand inqueft that y e aboue written Euidences is
truth vpon her oath 17 Sept. 1692. :

Martha Sprague v. Abigail Faulkner.

The depofiftion of Martha Spreague who teftifi

eth and faith that J haue ben moft greuioufly af-
Salem Witchcraft. 133
fleeted and tormented by Abigail ffalkner of Ande-
vor fence the begining of Auguft 1692. alfo J faw
Abigail ffalkner or hir Apperance moft greviouQy
torment and afflict Hannah Bigfbe and Rofe ffofter
and Sarah phelps and J veryly beleue in my heart
that Abigaill ffalkner is a width and that (he has often
afflected me and feverall others by acts of witchcraft
The aboue named Martha fprague affirmed be
fore ye grand inqueft that y e aboue written evi
dence is truth vpon her oath 17 Sep 1692.

Mary Warren v. Abigail Falkner.

The depofiftion of marry warren who teftifieth,
and faith that Abigail ffalkner of Andevor did moft

grevioufly and torment me on I I th Auguft


1692 dureing the time of hir examination for if

me did but look upon me (he would ftrick me
downe or almoft choak me alfo on the day of her
examination J faw Abigail ffalkner or hir Apper
ance moft grevioufly afflect and torment mary wal-
cott Ann putnam and Sarah phelps and J veryly
beleue that Abigail ffalkner is a width and that me
has often afflected me and feverall other by acts of
Mary Waren ownd upon her oath to ye grand

Inqueft that ye above written evidence is

ye truth.
Sept 17 :
Sarah Phelps v. Abigail Faulkner.
The depofiftion of Sarah phelps who teftifieth
and faith that about the begining of Auguft 1692 J
134 Salem Witchcraft.
was moft grevioufly and tormented by

Abigail ffalkner or hir Apperance but moft dread


fully me did torment on the 1 1 Auguft being the

day of her examination for if (he did but loock upon
me me would ftrick me down or almoft choake
me alfo fence the begining of Auguft J have feen

Abigaill ffalkner or hir apperance moft grevioufly

afflecl: and torment
mary Walcott Ann putnam and
Martha fprague and J veryly beleue in my heart
that Abigail ffalkner is a width and that me has very
offten affledted me and the afforefaid perfons by acts
of wicthcraft.
The aboue named Sarah Phelps affirmed before
ye Grand inqueft that ye aboue written evidence is
truth vpon her oath ye aboue written evidence is
truth vpon her oath ye 17 Sep 1 1692. Jurat.

Dorothy Faulkner, Abigail Faulkner, Martha Ty

ler, Jobannab Tyler, Sarah Wilfon, "Jofeph Dra

per v. Abigail Faulkner.

dorritye fforkner and Abigale fforknor children

to Abigail fforknor of Andouer now in prifon con-
farfed befor the honoured majaftrats vpon theire
examination heare in Salam the 16 day of this en-
ftant fubtember 1692 that thire mother apared and

mayd them witches and alfo marthy Tyler Johanah

Tyler and Sarih willfon and Jofeph draper all ac-
knowlidge that they ware lead into that dreadfull
fin of witchcraft by her meanfe the foref Abigale
forknor The above named perfons each and euery
Salem Witchcraft. 135
one of them did affirm before ye Grand inqueft that
the aboue written evidences are truth
17 fept :


Ann Putnam v. Abigail Faulkner.

The depofiftion of Ann putnam who teftifieth
and faith that about the 9 th of Auguft 1692.
J was
affledted by a woman which
tould me her name
was ffalknerbut on the ii th of Auguft being the

day of the Examination of Abigail ffalkner me did

moft dreadfully torment me during the time of hir
Examination alfo on the day of hir Examination J
law Abigaill ffalkner or hir Apperance moft grevi-
oufly afflecl: and torment mary walcott farah phelps
and J beleue that Abigal ffalkner is a width and that
me has often afflected me and feueral others by
acts of witchcraft.
The above named Ann Putnam affirmed before
ye Grand inqueft that ye aboue written evidence is

the truth vpon her oath.

Sworne before y e grand Jury. Sept. 17. 1692.

Indictment v. Ann Fojler.

Effex in the Province 1 Anno RR &RegineeGuliel-


of theMaffachuetts, mi & Mariee Angliee &c a

Bay in New Eng- Quarto Annoq Domini 1692.

land fs.

The Juriors for ou Sou Lord

r r
Lady King &
Queen doe prefent that Ann ffofterof Andivor In the
County of Effex Widow Jn and vpon the fifteenth day
136 Salem Witchcraft.

of July In the year aforefd and diuers other days and

times as well before as after Certaine Deteftable arts
called Witchcraft and Sorceries wickedly and Ma-

and fellonioufly hath vfed praclifed Ex- &
ercifed at and in the Towne of Salem in the County
of EfTex aforefaid in vpon and againft one Eliz*
Hobert of Salem in the County of EfTex aforefaid
Single Woman by which faid wicked arts the faid
Elizabeth Hobert the day and yeare aforefaid and
divers other days and times both before and after
was and is Tortured aflicted Confumed Pined wafted
and Tormented and alfo for fundry other acts of
witchcraft by the faid Ann fofter Comitted and
done before and fince that time againft the peace
of o r Sou r Lord and Lady the King and Queen
theire Crowne and Dignity, and the forme of the
Stattute in that Cafe made and Provided.
The examination and Confeflion of Ann ffofter
at Salem Vilage 15 July 1692. after a while Ann
ffofter confefed that the deuil apered to her in the

fliape of a bird at feueral Times, fuch a bird as me

neuerfaw the like before, and that me had had this
aflicted downe w th her eye
gift (viz. of ftriking ye
euer) fince, and being afk why fhe thought y bird
1 r

was the diuill fhe anlwered becaufe he came white

and vanifhed away black and y { the diuill told her
fhe mould haue and y me muft beleiue
this gift 1

him and told her fhe fhould haue profperity, and fhe
to her three times and was
y he had apeared

always as a bird, and the laft time was a bout half

a yeare fince, and fat upon a table had two legs ;
Salem Witchcraft. 137

great eyes and y it was the fecond time of his apear-


ance that he promifed her profperity and y* it was

Carriers wife about three weeks agoe y 1 came and

perfwaded her to hurt thefe people.

1 6 July. 1692. Ann ffofter Examined confefed
y* it was Goody Carier y made her a witch y t me
came to her in perfon about Six yeares agoe & told
her would not be a witch y e divill mould tare
if (he
her in peices and cary her away at w ch time me

promifed to Serue the divill, y me had bewitched


a hog of John Loujoys to death and that me had

hurt fome perfons in Salem Vilage, y goody Carier f

came to her and would haue her bewitch two child

ren of Andrew Allins and that me had then two
popets made and (luck pins in them to bewitch ye
faid children by which one of them dyed ye other

very fick, that me was at the meeting of the witches

at Salem Village, y Goody Carier came and told

her of the meeting and would haue her goe, fo they

got upon Sticks and went faid Jorny and being
there did fee m
Burroughs y minifter who fpake
r e

to them all, and this was about two months agoe

that ther was then twenty five perfons meet toge
ther, that me tyed a knot in a Rage and threw it
into the fire to hurt Timo. Swan and that me did
hurt the reft y complayned of her by fquefing

popets like them and fo almoft choaked them.

1 8 July 1692. Ann ffofter Examined confefed
y ye deuil in mape of a man apered to her
carier about fix yeare fince when they made
138 Salem Witchcraft.

her a witch and that (he promifedto feme the di-

yeares, upon w
ch the
vill two Diuill promifed her

profperity and many things but neuer performed it,

that (he and martha Carier did both ride on a ftick
or pole when they went to the witch meeting at
Salem Village and that the ftick broak as they :

ware caried in the aire aboue the tops of the trees,

and they fell but {he did hang faft about the neck
of Goody Carier and ware prefently at the vilage,
that fhe was then much hurt of her Leg, me fur
ther faith that fhe hard ibme of the witches fay, that
there was three hundred and flue in the whole
Country and that they would ruin that place y

Vilage, alfo faith ther was was prefent att that mett-
ing two men befides m Burroughs y minifter and
r e

one of them had gray haire, me faith y fhe for r

merly frequented the publique metting to worfhip

god. but the diuill had fuch power ouer her y me

could not profit there and y was her undoeing


me faith y l about three or foure yeares agoe Mar

tha Carier told her fhe would bewitch James Hobbs
child to death and the child dyed in twenty four
21. July 92.
: Ann ffofter Examined Owned
her former conffeiion being read to her and further
conffefed that the difcourfe amongft ye witches at
ye meeting at Salem village was that they would
afflicT: there to let
up the Diuils Kingdome. This
confefion is true as witnefe my hand :

the marke of
Ann -f ffofter
Salem Witchcraft. 139
Ann fFofter Signed and Owned theaboue Exam
ination and Conffefion before me
Salem Septem 1692.

Indictment v. Mary Lacey.

EiTex in the
Anno R R
Reginee Gul-

of the MafTachuietts lielmiI &

Mariee & Angliee
Bay in New Eng- |& Quarto Annoq. Domini
land 1692.

The Jurors for o Sou Lord and

r r
Lady the King
and Queen doe prefent that Mary Lacey Wife of
Lawrence Lacey of Andivor in the County of Eflex
Hufbandman vpon the Twentieth day of July In the
year aforefaid and diners other dayes and times as
well before as after Certaine deteftable Arts called
Witchcraft and Soceries wickedly Mallitioufly and
ffellonioufly hath vfed Practifed and Exercifed at
and in the Towne of Salem in the County of EfTex
aforefaid in vpon and againft one Elizabeth Robert
of Salem aforefaid Single Woman by which Said
wicked Arts the faid Eliza Hobert ye day and yea r

aforefaid and diners other dayes and Times Both

Before and after was and is Tortured aflicted Con-
lum d Pined Wafted and Tormented and alfo for
Sundry other Acts of witchcraft by the faid Mary
lacey comitted and done Before and fince that time
againft the Peace of o Sou Lord and Lady the
r r

King and Queen theire Crowne and Dignity and

the forme of the Stattute in that Cafe made and
140 Salem Witchcraft.

Examination of Mary Lacey.

21 July 1692. A part of Goody Laceyes 2


Examination and confeffion to be added to the firft.

Before maj r Gedney, M Hauthorn &
r r
When Goody fofter was upon examination the
fecond tyme, Goody Lacey was brought in alfo,
who faid to her mother fofter, we haue forfaken
Jefus chrift, and the devil hath got hold of us. how
mall we get cleare of this evil one.
{he confeies that her mother fofter, Goody Car-
ryer and herfelf rid upon a pole to Salem Village
meeting, and that the pole broke a litle way off
from the village, (he fayth further that about 3 or 4
yeares agoe mefaw miftrefs Bradburry Goody How
and Goody nurfe baptifed by the old Serpent at
newburry falls And that he dipped theire heads
in the water and then faid they wer his and he had

power over them, me fayes there were Six baptifed

at that tyme who were fome of the chieff or heigher

powers, and that there might be neare about a hun

dred in company at that tyme. It
being afked her,
after what maner fhe went to Newberry falls, an-
fwered the devil carryed her in his armes, And
Sayth further that if me doe take a ragg, clout or
any fuch thing and Roll it up together, And Ima
gine it to reprefent fuch and fuch a perfone, Then
whatfoever me doth to that Ragg or clout fo rouled
up, The perfone reprefented thereby will be in lyke
manner afflidted. It being againe afked her if what
me had faid was all true, She anfwered affirma-
Salem Witchcraft. 14.1

lively, confefling alfo

that Andrew Carryer was
Sheconfeffes that (he afflictedTimothy Swan in
Comp with miftrefs
Bradbury Goody Carryer,
Richard Carryer and her own daughter mary lacey,
The afflicted him with an Jron Ipindleand me thinks
they did once with a tobacko pipe.
She faid (he was in Swans chamber and
being it

afk t which way me gotanfwered the devil helpt

her in at the window: She alfo remembers the af
flicting of Ballards wife,
and y f Rich d Carryer was
y alfo,
She faid further the devil take away her memory
and will not let her remember.

Eliz : Hubbard v. Mary Lacey.

Eliz : to y e grand Jnqueft that

Hubert affirmed
me hath feen Mary lafcy fen r afflict Jofeph Ballards
wife of Andover me fayth alfo that fd Mary Lafcy
did at ye time of her examination afflict her fd Eliz
Hubbert and mercy Lewis and (he dos beleue fd
mary lafcy was witch and afflicted me and ye
above fd
perfons by witchcraft but me never afflicted
her fd Hubberd fince me confefTed.

Mercy Lewis v. Mary Lacey.

upon oath Sept 14 :
Mercy lewis affirmed to ye grand Jnqueft that
he faw Mary Lafcy fen r afflict Jofeph Ballards wife
of Andover me faith alfo : that mary Lafcy fen r af-
142 Salem Witchcraft.
her fd Lewis and Eliz Hubbert at y e time of

her examination but fince me has not hurt her :

fhe fayth me beleeves fd Lacy was a witch and af

flicted her and ye aboue named perfons by witch
craft Sept ye 14: 1692. upon oath.

Mary Warren v. Mary Lacey.

Mary Warin affirmed to y Grand Jnquefl that


Mary Lafcy fen Afflict Eliz Hubbert &

fhe faw :

Mercy lewis at ye time of her examination fhe :

owned it upon her former oath Sept 14: 1692.

Indictment v. Rebecca Eames No. i.

EfTex in the Province! Anno R R Reginee Guliel- s

of the MalTachufetts mi & Mariee Angliee &c

BayinNew England Quarto Annoq i
j 1692.
The Juriors for our Sou r Lord and Lady the
King and Queen doe prefent. That Rebekah Eames
wife of Robert Eames of Boxford in the County of
EfTex aforefaid In the yeare aforefd and diuers other
dayes and times as well before as After Certaine
Deteftable Arts called witchcraft and Sorceries
Wickedly Mallitioufly and ffellonioufly hath vfed
practifed and Exercifed at and in the Towne of An-
divor in the County of EfTex aforefd in vpon and
againft one Timothy Swan aforef by which faid
wicked acts the faid Timothy Swan the day and
yeare aforef and Diuers other dayes and times both
before and was and is Tortured aflicted Confumed
Wafted Pined and Tormented and alfo for Sundry
Salem Witchcraft. 143
other Acts of Witchcraft by the faid Rebekah
Eames Comitted and done before and fince that
time againft the peace of our Sou r Lord and Lady
the King and Queen theire Crowne and dignity
and the forme in the Stattute In that cafe made and
She acknowledged y* me aflicted Tim Swann.
Indictment v. Rebecca Eames. No. 2.

EiTex in the province An R R s

Reginee Guliel-
of theMaffachuetts mi & Mariee Angliee &c
Bay, in New Eng- quarto Anoq. Dom. 1692.
land fs

The Sou r Lord and Lady the King

Juriors for o

and Queen doe preient that Rebekah Eames Wife

of Robert Eames of Boxford in ye County aforefd
About twenty fix yeares paft in the Towne of Box-
ford in the County aforeiaid Wickedly and felloni-
oufly A
covenant with The evill Speritt the Devill
did make in and by which Wicked Couenant Shee
the faid Rebekah Eames hir Soule and body to the
Deuill did giue and promifed to Serve and obey him
and Keep his wayes Contrary to the Stattute of the
yeare of ye Reigne of King James the firft in
that cafe made and Provided And Againft the peace
of our Soveraigne Lord and Lady the King and
Queen their Crowne and Dignity
Examination of Rebecca Eames.

Rebecca Eames examined before Salem, Majef-

trats, Aug
19: 1692. She owned me had bin in
144 Salem Witchcraft.

y fnare a monthe or 2 and had bin perfuaded to


3 monthes and that y devil apeared to her like
a colt very ugly ye firfr. time but fhe would not own

(he had bin baptifed by him fhe did not know
but y f y e devil did perfuade her to renounce god
and chrift and ffolow his wicked wayes and that
fhe did take his Counfell and that fhe did afflict
Timo Swan fhe did not know but that y e devil

might alk her body and foul and fhe knows not but
y fhe did give him foul and body after ward flief^

fhe did do it and that fhe would forfake god and his
works and ye devil promifed her to give herpowr

to avenge herfelfe on them that offended her after

ward fhe fd ye devil apeared to her 7 year agoe and
that he had tempted her to ly and had made her to
perfons but fhe could not tell their names that
fhe firft afflicted 2 who came w ye devil when he

made you a witch A : a ragged girl they came to


gether and they perfwaded me to afflict and J :

afflicte mary Warin and an other fayr face it is

abo a quarter of a year agoe J did it by flicking

of pins but did you afflict Swan

yes, but I am :

forry for it 2. where : had you your fpear A. J had

but an all but was it with
nothing yo body or fpi-
you came to hurt thefe maydes A. with my :

fpirit : but can you afk them forgivnes

2. A :

J will fall down on my knees to afk it of them She :

would not own that fhe fignd y e devils book when

he afkd her body and foul but he would have :

had her done it nor to a burch Rign nor nothing :

She fd ye devil was in ye Shape of a hors when he

Salem Witchcraft. 14.5

caried her to afflict but would not own anybody


went with her to afflict but y e afflicted fd her fon

Dan went with her to afflict 2. did you not fay

e r
y Devil baptiied yo fon daniell. A. he told me
but did you
not touch the book nor lay yo r
hand on book nor paper. A I layd my hand on :

nothing without it was a peice of board and did :

you lay yo hand on ye board when he bid you. A:


d me
yes ;mary Lafcy f had given her fon Dan to 11

ye devil at 2 years old and y her apertion told her


fo : but me could not remember it me was bid to :

take warin and lafcy by y e hand and beg forgivnes

and did fo and they forgave her me fd if me had
given her ion Dan to ye devil it was in an Angry

fitt me did not know but me might do it nor

J do
not know he is a wich but J am afrayd he is mary :

lafcy faw her fon Dan ftand before her and fd


Dan bid his mother not confefs he was a Wich


his mother did not know me fd but me might fe

him faw a burlling thing before her Mary
for (he :

Lafcy fd me
had baptized her fon Dan and me had 11

bin babtized in five mile Pond me fd ye reafon :

me feared Dan was a witch was becaus he ufed


dredfull bad words when he was Angry and bad :

wifhes being afked the age of Dan fd he was 28


years old me was told ihe had bin long a witch

; ;

then, if Lhe gave her fon to ye devil at 2 years old

me owned me had bin difcontented fince me had
bin in league with y e devil me knew not but y e :

devil might come once a day lik a mous or ratt :

me fd me knew Sarah parker but did not know her

T a
146 Salem Witchcraft.

to be a wich : but (he heard (he had bin crofd in

love and ye devil had come to her and kifd her:
who was with you when you afflicted fvvan A. :

nobody but my fon Dan he was there when J came


(lie would have Dan perfwaded to con-

theether :

fes but was told me were bed to perfwade him

becaus (he knew him to be a wich (he was afkt :

if (he was at y e execution (he fd (he was at y e :

hous below y e hill (he faw a few folk the woman : :

of y e hous had a pin ftuck into her foot but (he :

fd (he did not doe it but how do you afflict A : : :

J Confent to it but have you bin a width 26 years

: :

A no, J cannot remember but 7 years and have


afflicted about a quarter of a year but if

you have : :

bin a wich fo long :

why did you not afflict before

feing you promiied to Sen ye devil, A : others did

not Afflict before and the devil did not require it :

but doth not ye devil threaten you if you not do


what he A, yes he thretens to tere me in pei-

fes :

ces but did you ufe to goe to meeting on Sabbath


dayes yes, but not fo often as J fhould have done


what (hape did the devil com in when you laydyo r

hand on y e board A. J cannot tell except it was a


Indictment v. Samuel Wardwell No. i .

Eflex in the
Anno R R Reginee Gu-

of the MaiTachufetts lielmi I Mariee Angliee & c

Bay in New Eng- Quarto j Annoq. Domini
landfs. j 1692.
The Juriors for our Sou r Lord and Lady the King
Salem Witchcraft. 14.7

and Queen doe prefent that Samuel Wardell of An-

divor Jn the County of Eilex Carpenter on or
about the fifteenth day of Auguft Jn the yeare
aforefaid and diuers other days and times as well be
fore as after Certaine deteftable arts called Witch
craft and Sorceries Wickedly Mallitioufly and fello-
nioufly hath ufed praclifed and Exercifed at and in
the Towne of Boxford in the County of EfTex
aforefaid in upon and againft one Martha Sprague
of Boxford in the County of EfTex aforefaid Single-
woman by which laid wicked Acts the faid Mar
tha Sprague the day and yeare aforefaid and diuers
other days and times both before and after was and is
Tortured Aflicted Confumed Pined Wafted and
Tormented, and alfo for fundry other Acts of
Witchcraft by the faid Samuel Wardell Comitted
and done before and iince that time againft the
peace of our Soueraigne Lord and Lady the King
and Queen theire Crowne and dignity And the
forme in the Stattute in that cafe made and Pro-

Indictment v. Samuel Wardwell No. 2.

ElTex the province

in An R R s
& Reginee Guliel-
of the Maffachufetts mi & Mariee Angliee &c
Bay, in New Eng- Quarto Anoq. Dom. 1692.
land fs.
The Sou r Lord and Lady the King
Juriors for our
and Queen p r fent Samuel Wardell of Andivor in
the County of EfTex Carpenf About Twenty yeares
agoe in the Towne of Andivor Jn the County of
14.8 Salem Witchcraft.

EfTex aforefaid Wickedly and ffellonioufly he the

faid Samuel Wardell with the Evill Speritt the Devill
A Couenant did make Wherin he promifed to ho
nor Wormip and beliue the devill Contrary to the
Stattute of King James the firft in that behalfe made
and provided, And Againft the peace of Sovareigne
Lord and Lady the King and Queen theire Crowne
and dignity.

Examination of Samuel War dwell.

The examination and Confeffion of Sam ward- 11

well taken Sep 1 st 92. before John Higginlbn Efq


of theire majties Juftices of peace for the County

of EfTex.
After the returneing of negative anfwers to feve-
queftions He faid he was fenlible he was in the
fnare of the devil, he ufed to be much difcontented
that Pie could get no more work done, and that he
had been foolifhly led along with telling of fortunes,
which fometymes came to pals, Heufed alfo when
any creature came into his field to bid the devil
take it, and
may be the devil took advantage of

him by that Conftable fofler of Andover laid that

this wardwell told him once in the woods that when
he was a young man he could make all his cattell
come round about him when he pleafed. The faid
wardwell being urged to tell o truth he
thus, That being once in a difcontented frame he
faw fome catts together with the appearance of a
man who called himfelf a prince of the aire & pro-
mifed him he fhould live comfortably and be a cap-
Salem Witchcraft. 149
tain and requyred wardwell to honor him
which he promifed doe and it was about twenty

years agoe He faid the reafon of his difcontent


then was becaufe he was in love with a maid named

Barker who flighted his love, And the firft
Apperance of the catt then was behind Capt brad-

greets houfe, about a week after that a black man

appeared in the day tyme at the fame place and
called hirfelf prince and lord and told him the faid
wardwell he muft wormip and believe him, and
promifed as above, with this addition that he mould
never want for any thing but that the black man
had never performed anything, and further that
when he would goe to prayer in his family the de
vilwold begin to be angry. He faith alfo that at
that tyme when the devil appeared and told him he
was prince of the aire that then he Syned his book
by makeing a marke like a fquare with a black pen
and that the devil brought him the pen and Jnk :

He he couenanted with the devil untill

faith further
he mould arryve to the age of fixty years and that
he is now about the age of 46 years And at that
tyme the devil promifed on his part, as is above ex-
preft, he faid it was about a f night agoe fince he

began to afflidl, and confefles that mary Lilly and

Hannah Tayler of Ridding were of his company,
Further he faith that martha Sprague was the firft
he afflicted, that the devil put him upon it and
threatned him y r unto And that he did it by pinch
ing his coat and buttons when he was difcontented,
and gave the devil a commiffion ib to doe, He fayes
150 Salem Witchcraft.
he was baptized by the black man at Shaw fhin
river alone and was dypt all over and beleues he
renounced his former baptifme
John Higginfon
Sam Wardwell owned
y grand Jnqueft that

ye above written confemon was taken from his

mouth and that he faid it but he fd he belyed him-
felfe he alfo fd it was alone one he knew he mould

dye for it whether he ownd it or no.

r th
Sept 13 1692.

Martha Sprague v. Sam Wardwell.


Martha Spreag Aged 16 years Affirmed to ye

grand Jnqueft that Sam :
Wardwell has afflicted
her both before his examination and at ye time of
by pinching and flicking pinfe into her and ftrik-
ing me downe and yeflerday when I had a warant
to come to court faid wardwell did grevioufly af
flict me d
J alfo have feen f wardwell afflict Rofe
ffofter and her mother and I
veryly beleeve he is a
wizzard and that he afflicted me and ye above men
tioned by acts of witchcraft,
Sep 14 ; 1692 Jurat.

Mary Warrin v. Sam Wardwell.


Mary Warin affirmd to Jury of Inqueft that

Sam Wardwell hath often afflicted her and that he

now before y e grand inqueft hath afflicted her alfo

me e d
y on y day and at ye time of f ward-
fd thatc

wels examination he did afflict Martha Spreag and

Salem Witchcraft. 151
me veryly beleevs f
d Wardwell is a wizzard and y*
he afflicted her and martha Spreag by witchcraft.
1692 upon her oath.

Jurat Sept j^ :

Mary Walcott v. Sam Wardwell.


Mary Walcot affirmed to ye grand Jnqueft that

me law Sam Wardwell
or his Apperition pull
Martha Spreag off from her horfe as fhe was riding
out of Salem and verily beleevs he did it by witch
Sept 14: 1692 upon oath Jurat.

Ephraim Fojier v. Sam Wardwell.


depofetion of Ephraim ffofter of Andover
aged about thirty four years this deponant teftifyeth
and fayeth that he heard Samuell Wordwell the
priioner now at the bare tell
my wife that me mould
haue five gurls before (he mould have a ion ; which
thing is come to pafe and J heard him tell
Eames hur and J have heard faid dority fay
after that me belived wardwell was a witch or els
he cold neuer tell what he did and J took knotes
that faid wardwall would look in their hand and
then would caft his eyes down upon y e ground all-
ways before he told Enything this I have both feen
and heard feuerall times and about feveral perfons,
and y he could make cattle come to him when he

pleaied. Jurat in Curia.

Thomas Chandler v. Sam Wardwell. 1

tiftimony of Thomas Chandler aged about
65 who faith that J have often hard Samuell war-
152 Salem Witchcraft.

die of Andouer till yung perfon their fortine and

he was much adicted to that and mayd fport of it
and farther faith not Jurat in Curia.

B a Hard v. Sam Wardwell.

The teftimony of Jofeph Ballard of andouer eaged

about 41 yeares faith that my brother John
Ballard told me Samuel Wardel told him that
J had reported that he had bewitched my wife
thefe wordes ware fpoken before J had any knolidg
of my wife being aflicled by wichcraft after J met
ing with faid Samuel wardel prilhor at the bar J
told him that J douteed that he was gilty of hurt

ing my wife for J had no futch thoughts nor had

fpoken any fuch wordes of him or any other perfon
and tharefore J doe not know but you are gilty, &
further y Sam Wardwell owned to this deponent
1 11

that he had (poke it to my brother.

Jurat in Curia,

Abigail Martin, "John Bridges v. Sam Wardwell.


the depofitionof Abigell marten of Andavr Aged

about fixteen years this deponant teftifyeth and
fayeth that fome time laft winter Samuel wordwall
being at my fathers hows with John ffarnom J :

heard faid John farnom afk faid wordwall his for-

teen, which he did and told him that he was in love
with a gurl but mould be croft and mould goe to
the Sutherd which faid farnom oned to be his
thought faid wardwall further told he had like to be
fhot with a gon, and mould haue a foall of from
Salem Witchcraft. 153
his horfe or mould haue, which faid farnom, after
oned that he told right.
And further} heard him tell Jeams bridges his
forten that he loued a gurll at forteen years old
which faid bridges oned to be the truth but cold
not imagin how laid wordwall knew for he neuer :

fpake of it John bridges, father of faid ieams


bridges fayeth he heard Jeam fay J wonder how

wordwall cold teell fo true
Jurat in Curia, by both.

Indiffiment v. Mary Parker.

EiTex in the Province] Anno RR &s

Reginee Gu-
of the MalTachufetts lielmi
& Mariee Angliee
New England &c J
Quarto Annoq. Domini
fs j 1692.
The Sou r Lord and Lady the King
Jurors for o

and Queen doe prefent That Mary Parker of Andi-

vor In the County of EfTex Widdow ye firft day of
Septemb In the yeare aforefaid and diuers other

dayes and Times as well before as after Certaine

deteftable Arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries

Wickedly Malliftioufly and fellonioufly hath vfed

pra&ifed and Exercifed at and in the Towne of Sa
lem in ye County of EiTex aforefaid in upon and
againfl one Martha Sprague of Boxford
in aforefaid
the County of Effex aforefaid Single Woman By
which faid wicked Acts the faid Martha Sprague ye
day and yea aforefaid and divers other dayes and

times hath before and alter was and is Tortured

aflidted Confumed Pined wafted and Tormented
154- Salem Witchcraft.

and alfo
Sundry other acts of witchcraft by
the faid Mary Parker Comitted and done before
and fince that Time againft the peace of or Sou r
Lord and Lady the King and Queen theire Crowne
and dignity and the forme of the Stattute in that
cafe made and Prouided.

Examination of Mary Parker.

2 Sep r 1692. The Examination of mary parker

of Andover widow taken before Barth Gidny
John Hathorne Jona Corwin and John Higginfon

Efq ther majefties Juftices of the peace for the
County of ElTex in the forth yeare of theire ma
jefties reigne.
upon mentioneing of her name, feverall afflicted
perfones wer ftruck down as mary warrin Sarah
churchhill, hannah poft, Sarah Bridges Mercy
ward, And when me came before the Juftices,
me recovered all the afflicted out of their fitts by
the touch of ther hand. She is accufed for acting
of witchcraft upon martha fprague And Sarah
Phelps. 2. how e
long have y been in the fnare of
the devil.
Anfr. know nothing of it. There is another

woman of the fame name in Andover. But martha

Spreague affirmed that this is the very woman that
afflicted her The faid mary parker Lookeingupon

Sprague ftruck her down, and recovered her again

out of her Mary Lacey being in a fitt, cryed
out upon mary parker, and fd parker recovered her
Salem Witchcraft. 155
out of her fitt, mercy wardwell was twice afflicted

by parker and recovered again by her ;

William Barker lookeing upon mary Parker faid

to her face That me was one of his company, And
that the laft nightme afflicted martha Sprague in
company with him.
Mercy wardwell faid that this mary parker was
alfo one of her company and that the faid
afflicted Timothy Swan in her
company Mary
Warrin was brought neare haveing
in a violent fitt

hand and blood runing out

a pinn run through her
of her mouth She was recovered from her fitt by
fdmary parker, The faid mary warrin faid that this

mary parker afflicted and tormented her, And fur

ther that me faw the faid parker at ane examination
vp at Salem Village fitting upon one of the beams
of the houfe.
I under written
being appointed by the Juftices
of the peace in Salem to wry 1 down the Examina
tion of Mary Parker above mentioned, Doe
this to be a true of the examination,
copy originall
As to the fubftance of it,
yno Weftgate v. Mary Parker.

In Wefgate aged about forty years This depo-

nant Teftifyeth thatt about Eight years fince he
being att the houfe of
Sam Beadle In the com

pany of Ino Parker and feverall others, the wife of

faid In Parker came into the
company and fcolded
att and called her hufhand all to
nought whereupon
156 Salem Witchcraft,

I the faid deponent tooke her hufbands part telling

of her it was an unbefeeming O for her to come
D thing
after him to the taverne and raile after thatt rate
w th thatt fhecame up to me and called me rogue
and bid me mind my owne bufines and told me J
had better have nothing ibmetime afterwards,

J y
deponent going ffrom the houfe of
San 11

King w I came over againft Jn Robinfons houfe I


heard a great noyce coming ffrom towards r

his houfe then there apeared a black hogge running
towards me w th open mouth as though he would
have devoured me, att that Inftant time, I the laid
deponent fell downe vpon my hipp and my knjfe
runn into my hipp up to the haft w n J came home
my knife was in my fheath w J drew itt out of the

{heath then imediately the meath fell all to peaces,

and further this deponent teftifyeth thatt after he
gott up from his fall his ftockin and (hue was full
of blood and that he was forc t to craule along by
the fence all the way home and the hogg followed
him and never left him tell he came home, and
haueing a flout dog then with mee, the dog run
then away from him leapeing ouer y e fence and
Crying much, which at other tymes vied to Wory
any hog well or Sufficiently, which hogg J then ap
prehended was either y Diuell or fome euill thing
not a reall hog, and did then really Judge or deter
mine in my mind that it was Either Goody parker
or by her meenes, and procureing feareing y me is r

a Witch.
Sworne Salem June 2 d 1692. Before John Ha-
Salem Witchcraft. 157
thorne Affii t JnWeftgate declared y e aboue written
and what is written on the other fide of this paper
to be a true evidence before ye Jury of
e r
upon y oath he hath taken Septem 7 1692.
: :

Jurat in Curia.

Wm Barker v. Mary Parker.

Wm Barker Jun r
affirmed to ye grand Jnqueft that
mary Parker did in company with him f Barker
confefTed which was y e
i of Sep 1692. this he 1

owned to ye grand Jnqueft Sep 16 1692. :


Owned in Court.

Mary War dwell v. Mary Parker.

Mercy Wardwell owned to y grand inqueft that


(he had feen ye mape of Mary Parker when me fd

Wardwell afflicted Tim Swan alfo me fd me faw :

fd parkers Shape when the fd wardwell afflicted

Martha Sprage but J did not certainely know that
fd parker was a witch this me owned to ye Grand

Jnqueft. Sept: 16: 1692.

yno Bullock v. Mary Parker.

Jn Bullock aged 36 years teftifieth y aboute ye


middle of January laft paft one of my neighbo 13

told mey mrs park r did lay upon ye durt & Snow

if J did not take care of her y* me would perim

whereupon I did defire fome men y were in mye 1

hous to goe and help her and when they came to


hery they would not meddle becaufe they thought

158 Salem Witchcraft.
me was ded there being a neighho r by faid (lie faw
her before in fuch kind of fits then J perfwaded

one man bye to take her upon his (boulders and


Carrye her home but in a little way going he let her

fall a
upon place of ftones w ch did not awake her

w caufed me to think fhe was really dead after y r


wee Carryed her into her hous and Caufed her

Cloaths to be taken of and while we were taking
of her Cloaths to put her into bed me rifes up &
laughs in o r faces.
Martha Dutch aged abo 36 t
years teftifyeth to ye
above written and farthar faith that J have fene laid

parker in fuch a condition feuerall othar tims.

Jurat in Curia Sep 7 92. :


Sam S hat took


Mary Parker.

Sam Shattock aged 41

11 1
years teftifieth y in the
year 1685 Goodwife Parker wife of Jn Parker

mariner Came to my hous, and went into the room

where my wife and Children were and fauned upon
my wife w th very Smooth words in a Short tyme
after that Child w ch was Suppofed to haue bin un
der an ill hand for Seuerall years before was taken :

in a Strange and unuceall maner as if his vitalls

would haue broake out his breaft boane, drawn up
togather to the uper part of his breft his neck &
Eyes drawne Soe much afide as if they would neuer
come to right againe he lay in So Strange a maner

y* the Doctor and others did beliue he was be

witched Soom days after Som of the viliters Cut
Salem Witchcraft. 159
Som of his haire of to boyle w ch they faide altho
they did w great tendernes ye Child would Shreek

out as if he had bin tormented they put his hair


in a fkillet ouer a fier w ch Stood plaine on the

hearth and as ion as they were gon out of ye room
it was throwne doune and i came immediatly into
room and Could See no Creature in ye room
they put it on againe and after it had boyled Som
tyme the aboue faid Goodwife Parker Came in and
afked if i would buye Soom Chickens J told her
no the woman y were above in the Chamber faid

to me it is pitty you did not afk to See her chick

ens for they did beleiue me had none to Sell and :

advifed me to fend to her hous to buy Som w ch i did

and y e mefTenger brought me word y me told him c

(he had none and y y e woman y liued in the Same

c 1

hous told him y r ye faid Parker had not had any in

three weeks before Soom days after She w th her

huiband and two men moor Came to mye hous. &

to anfwer their requeft i went to them She afked :

me if faide (he had bewitched mye Child J told


her J did beliue She had fhe faid to me you are a


wicked man ye lord avenge me of you ye lord


bring vengeance upon you for this wrong: one of

y men afked her w made you Com to this hous laft
e 1

Saturday : She faide to Sell Chicken :

why did not

you let him haue y m when he fent for ym faid he :

She faid becaus fhe had fold m he afked to

whome, She faid to fuch a one wee fent prefently
y party and the anfwer was brought us y t he never
bought any of her well you fee faide they you have
160 Salem Witchcraft.
told us y f w ch not true
is did you w th y m She

was at a Stand but at lafl faide her Ton carryed y m

to Tea w th him her hufband told her y was not

true for her fon went to fea laft fryday and if he :

had Carryed y m to fea (he could not brough ym

here y e Saturday following She could not giue any
true account w
me did 1 them but went into y e :

room where y e Child was and told my wife y me c

was a wicked woman for Saying foe of her told : &

my wife in thefe words J hope J mail fee the down
fall of
you, my wife told me, and foe went away in
a great anger and this is all true and reall to the

uttermoft of my remembrance and after this threat-

ning or Euill wifhing the Child has Continued in a
very Sad Condition fowllowed
very Solem fitsw
w hath taken away his understanding.

Jurat in Curia.

Indictment v. Mary Bradbury No. i .

EiTex in the
Anno R R & Reginee Gu- s

of the Malfachufetts I lielmi Mariee Angliee & c

Bay in New Eng- Quarto

Annoq Domini
land fs.
] 1692.
The Juriors Sou r Lord and Lady the King
for our
and Queen doe prefent That Mary Bradbury Wife
of Cap Thomas Bradbury of Salifbury Jn the

County of EfTex Gen vpon the Twenty Sixth day of


July Jn the yeare aforefaid and diners other dayes &

times as well before as after Certaine Deteftable arts
called Witchcraft and Soceries Wickedly Malliti-
ouflv and fellonioufly hath ufed praclifed and ex-
Salem Jf^itcbcraft. 161

ercifed At and
in the
Townfhip of Andivor in the
County of EfTex aforefaid in upon and againft: one

Timothy Swann of Andivor Jn the county afore

faid Hufbandman, by which faid wicked Acts the
faid Timothy Swann vpon the 26 th day of July
aforefaid and diuers other days and times both be
fore and after was and is Tortured Afflicted Con-
fumed Pined Wafted and Tormented and alfo for
Sundry other Acts of witchcraft by the faid Mary
Bradbury Comitted and done before and fince that
time againft the Peace of ou r Sou r Lord and Lady
the King and Queen theire Crowne and dignity
And the forme of the Stattute Jn that cafe made
and Prouided.
Witnefs. Mary Walcott Ann Puttnam
Indictment v. Mary Bradbury No. 2.

ElTexin the Prouince Anno R R &s

Reginee Gu-
of the M
attach u let ts lielmi & Mariee Angliee
Bay, in New Eng & c
Quarto Annoq. Domini
land fs.
The Juriors for our Sou Lord and Lady the
and Queen doe prefent that Mary Bradbury Wife
of Cap Thomas Bradbury of
Jn the
County of EiTex Genm vpon the Second day of

July Jn the yeare aforefaid and diuers other days

and times as well before as after certaine deteftable
arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries Wickedly Mal-
litioufly and fellonioufly hath ufed practifed and Ex-
ercifed at and in the Towne of Salem in the County
of EfTex aforefaid in upon and againft one Sarah
1 62 Salem Witchcraft.
Vibber Wife of John Vibber of Salem aforefaid
Hufbandman by which faid wicked acts the faid
Sarah Vibber the fecond day of July aforefaid and
diners other days and times both before and after
was and is Tortured Afflicted Confumed Pined
Wafted and Tormented and alfo for fundry other acts
of Witchcraft by the faid Mary Bradbury Comitted
Acted and done before and fince that time againft
the peace of our Sou r Lord and Lady the King
and Queen theire Crowne and Dignity and the
forme of the Stattute Jn that cafe made and Pro-
Wittnefs Mary Walcott Eliz. Booth
Eliz. Hobard Mercy lewis

Anfwer of Mary Bradbury.

The anfwer of Mary Bradbury in ye charge o,
wichcraft or familliarity with ye Divell. J doe plead
not guilty. I am wholly inocent of any fuch wick- /

ednefs through the goodnefs of god that haue kept/

mee hitherto) J am y e fervant of Jefus Chrift and/
have given myfelfe up to him as my only lord and
faviour and to the dilligent attendance upon him!

in all holy ordinances, in vtter contempt and\

defiance of the divell, and all his works as horid &^
deteftible and accordingly haue endevored to

frame my and converfation according to y e

rules of his holy word, and in that faith & practife
refolue by ye help and affiftance of god to contineu
to my lifes end :

for ye truth of what J fay as to matter of practils

Salem Witchcraft. 163

J humbly myfelf myfelfe, to my brethren and


neighbo that know mee and vnto ye fearcher of


all hearts for the truth and

uprightnefs of my heart
therein (human and unavoydable infirmi
excepted) of which i bitterly complayne every
day :
Mary Bradbury.
Geo : Herrick v.
Mary Bradbury.

May 26 th 1692.
Beeing^ at Salem village
Conftable Jofp neale the perfons under written was
afflicted much and Complained againft viz. Mary
Walcott Ann Putnam vpon Cap Bradberys wife of 1

Sallbury and Mary Walcott Ann Putnam m mar-


mall vpon Goodwife Rice of Reding and Mary wal-

cott annPuttnam Marcy Lewis vpon Goodwife
Read of Marblehead and Mary Walcott Marcy
Lewis Ann Puttnam vpon Goody Fofdicky e fame
woemen tells them y me afflicts m r Tufts Negro,

atteft GEO: HERRICK Marfhall.

Thos :
Bradbury for Mary Bradbury.
July y 28 :
1692. Cocerning my beloued wife
Mary Bradbury this is that J haue to fay wee haue

been married fifty five yeare : and mee hath bin a

loueing and faithfull wife to mee, vnto this day mee
hath been wonderfull laborious dilligent induf- &
tryous in her place and imployment, about the
r ch haue eleven childeren
bringing vp o family (w bin
of or r owne, and fower grand children me was ;

both prudent and provident of a cheerfull fpiritt


liberall and charitable. Shee being now very aged

1 64 Salem Witchcraft.
and weake and greiued vnder her affliction may not
bee able to fpeake much for herfelfe, not being fo
free of fpeech as lome others may bee:

J hope her life and converfation hath been fuch

amongfther neighbours, as gives a better and more
reall Tellimoney of her, then can bee expreft by
own d by mee Tho :

Summons v. Mary Bradbury.

Wm & Mary by ye Grace of God of England

L.S. Scotland ffrance &
Jreland King and Queen
of ye faith &c

To Thomas Ring of Amelbury or Salfbury Timo

thy Swann of Andover Richard Carr & James
Carr of Salfbury. Greeting
Wee Comand you all Excufes fet apart to be and
perfonaly appear at ye Next Court of Oyer & Ter-
miner holden at Salem OnTuefday Next at Twelue
of ye Clock or as foon after as poffible There to
Teftify ye truth on Seuerall Jndiftments to be Ex
hibited againft rs
Mary Bradbury and other per-
fones to be Tried for y e horrible Crime of Witchcraft
hereof make return fail not. dated in Salem Sep r
5 1692 and in ye fourth year of our Reign.

To ye Sheriff of EfTex or Conftables of Andouer

Hauerhill Salfbury Amefbury Bradford or New-
Salem Witchcraft. 165

James Allen, Rob* Pike & John Pike for Mary


Being defired to give my teftimony concerning

thelife and converfation of
Bradbury of Salifbury
amonft us, w is as followeth viz I having lived

nine years at Salifbury in the work of the miniftry

and now four years in the office a Paftour to my ;

beft notice and obfervation of m rs Bradbury me

hath lived according to the rules of the gofpell ;

amongft us was a conftant attender upon the min-


iftry of ye word
and all the ordinances of the gof

full of works of charity and mercy to the lick

pell ;

and poor, neither have J feen or heard an thing

of her unbecoming the profeffion of the gofpell.
James Allin.

m James Allin made oathe to the truth of what


e th

is above written Septemb y 7 1692.


before me ROB PIKE Asft.

J do alfo aferm to the truth of w r

is aboue tefti-

fyed vpon vpward of fifty years experience and mall

fo teftify if opertunity do prefent ch
J mall en- w
dever Rob 1 Pike.

Having livedyears in Sallbury and been

much Converfent there according to my beft notice
and obfervation of Mrs. Bradbury rnuft needs affirm
to what is above written and add my oath to it if
called thereto: John Pike
1 66 Salem lf^itch craft.

Ann Putnam v. Mary Bradbury.

The depofition of Ann Putnam who teftifieth &
faith that J being Andevour on the 26 day of

July 1692. J faw there Mis mary Bradbery the

wife of Cap Tho Bradbery of Salifbury or hir Ap-

perance moft grevious affle&ing and tormenting of

Timothy Swan of Andevor allmoft Redy to kill
him alfo feverall times before and fence that time J
haue feen mif Bradbery or hir Apperance moft
grevioufly afflicting Timothy Swan and J beleue that
Mis Bradbery is a moft dreadfull wiclh for fence
(he has been in me
Apperance has
prifon or hir
com to me and moft grevioufly afflicted me, ann
putnam ownid before the grand Jnqueft this bar
evidens to be the truth one the oath that me hath
taken this 8 day of Septem r 1692

Sam 1
Endicott v. Mary Bradbury.
Sam Endecott aged

thirty one years or there

about Teftifieth Thatt about eleven years fince be
ing bound upon a vioage to fea w Cap Sam
th 1 11

Smith Late of Bofton DeceaCdjuft before we Sayi d

m rs
Bradbery of Salifbury the prilbner now att the
barr came to Bofton w th fome ferkins of butter of
w ch Cap 1 Smith bought two, one of y m proved
halfe way butter and after wee had been at fea three
weekes our men were nott able to eatt itt, itt ftunck
foe and runn th
magotts, w
ch made the
men very
much difturb d about itt and would often fay thatt
Salem Witchcraft. 167
they heard m rs
Bradbury was a witch and that they
verily believed
{he was foe or elfe me would not
have ferved the Cap 1 foe as to fell him fuch butter.
And further this deponent teftifieth y* in four dayes
after they fett fayle they mett th w
fuch a violent
ftorm y* weour main maft and riggin & Loft
fifeteen horfes and thatt about a fortnight after we
fett our jury maft and thatt very night lhare came

up a ihipp by our fide and carried away two of the

mizon Shrouds and one of the Leaches of the main-
faile. And this deponent further fayth thatt after
they arrived att Barbados and went to Saltitudos &
had Laden their veftell the next morning me fprang
a leake in the hold w ch wafted fevrall tunns of fait

in foe much thatt we were forct to unlade our vefTell

again wholy to ftopp our leake there was then four

foot of water in the hold after we had taken in our

lading again we had a good pafiage home butt

when we came near the land the Cap c fent this de

ponent forward to looke out ror land in a bright

moone mining night and as he was fitting upon the
Windlefs he heard a Rumbling noife under him
w th that he the fd deponent Teftifieth thatt he looked
one the fide of the windlefs and law the leggs of
forne p fon being no wayes frighted and thatt pre-

fently he was fhook and looked over his fhoulder,

and law the appearance of a woman from her mid
dle upwards, haueing a white Capp & white neck
cloth on her, w ch then affrighted him very much,
and as he was turning of the windlefs he law the
aforfaid two leggs.
r th
Jurat in Curia Sep 9 1692.
1 68 Salem Witchcraft.

Mary Warren v.Mary Bradbury.

The Depofiftion of mary warren who teftifieth
and faith that J haue ben a
long time afflecfted
a woman which tould me hir name was M Brad- is

bery and that me came from Salifbury but on the

2 d of July 1692: being the day of the examination
of mis mary Bradbery J then faw that me was the
very fame woman which tould me hir name was
M is
Bradbery and me did moft grevioufly Afflec~l
and torment me dureing the time of hir examination
for if me did but look upon (he would ftrick me
down or allmoft Choake me alfo on the day of her
examination J faw mi Bradbery or hir Apperance

moft grevioufly afflect and torment mary wallcott

Sarah vibber Eliz Hubbard and Ann putnam and J
beleue in my heart that mi s Bradbery is a witch &
that me has very often afflecled and tormented me
and feueral others by hir acts of wifthcraft.
mary warrin ownid this har teftimony one the
oath which me hath before the grand Jnqueft this
9 of September 92,

Richard Carr & Zerubbable Endicott v. Mary

The depofiftion of Richard Carr who teftifieth
and about i 3 years agoe prefently affter
faith that
fume Diferance that happened to be between my
Hon rd ffather r George Carr and Mi s Bradbery
the prifoner at the barr upon a Sabbath at noon as
Salem Witchcraft. 169
we ware by the houfe of Cap* Tho
riding horn :

Bradbery J faw m is
Bradbery goe into hir gate turne
the corner of: ann Jmmediatly there derted out of
hir gate a blue boar and darted at my fathers horfes
ledgs which made him
ftumble but J faw it no
more and my father faid boys what doe you fe we
both anfwed a blue bore.
Zorobabell Endicott teftifieth and faith that J
liued att m
George Carr now deceafed
at the time
aboue mentioned and was prefent with m r
Carr and r
Richard Carr and J alfo faw a blue
boar dart out of r
Brdbery gate to
George M
Carrs horfes ledges which mad him ftumble after a
ftrange manr and J alfo faw the blue bore dart from
mr carrs horfes ledgs in att
Bradberys window :
and r
carr jmmediately faid boys what did you fee
and we both faid a blue bore then faid he from
whence came it and we faid
Bradberys out of m r

gate, then faid he J

glad you feeam
itt as well as
r th
well as J. Jurat in Curia Sep 9 92.

and they both further fay on y r Oathes that r

Carr difcourfed w th them as they went home about
what had happened and y7 all concluded that it was
m rs
Bradbury that fo
as a blue boar.

Carr v. Mary Bradbury.
The Depofiftion of James carr who teftifieth &
faith that about 20 years agoe one day as J was acci-

dently att the houfe of mr wheleright and his

daughter the widdow maverick then liued there :

W a
170 Salem If^itchcraft.

and fhe then did moft curtuoufly invite me to

com oftener to the houfe and wondered J was grown
fuch a ftranger, and within a few days after one eue-
ning J went thether againe and when J came thether
againe; william Bradbery was y who was then a

futer to the faid widdow but J did not know it tell

afterwards; affter J came in the widdow did fo
d went
corfely threat the f william Bradbery that he
away lemeing to be angury prefently affter this J

was taken affter a ftrange maner as if liuing crea

tures did run about euery part of body redy to
tare me to peaces and foe J continued for about 3

quarters of a year by times and J applyed myfelf

docker crofbe who gave me a grate deal of vifek but
could make none work tho he fteept tobacco in bo-
fit drink he could make non to work where upon
he tould me that he beleued J was behaged and :

J tould him J had thought fo a good while and he


afked me by horn J tould him J did not care for

ipaking for one was counted an honeft woman
but he uging J tould him and he laid he did be-
leue that mi s Bradbery was a grat deal worfe then
gody mertin the prefently affter this one night J

being a bed and brod awake there came furnthing

to me which J thought was a catt and went to
ftrick it ofe the bed and was geud faft that J could
not ftir hand nor foot but by and by coming to my
ftrenth J hard fumthing a coming to me againe
and J prepared myfelf to ftrick it and it coming

bed it and
upon the J did ftrick at J beleue J hit
it: and after that vifek would work on me and J
Salem Witchcraft. 171
beleue in my hart that mi Bradbery the
prifon att

the barr has often afflected me by acls of wicthcraft.

Jurat in Curia Sep tm 9 :

Mary Walcott v. Mary Bradbury.

The depofiftion of mary walcott who teftifieth
and faith that J being at Andeur on the later end
of July 1692: and on the 26 day of the fame month
J law there Mis mary Bradbery the wife of Cap

Tho Bradbery of falfbury or her Apperance moft


grevioufly affecting and tormenting of Timothy

Swan of Andevor allmoft Redy to kill him alfo :

before and fence that time J haue feen ls

Brad m
bery or hir Apperance moft grevioufly afflecting
and tormenting Timothy fwan and J doe beleue in
my heart that mis Bradbery is a moft dreadfull

width for fence fhe has been in prifon fhe or hir

Apperance has come to me and moft grevioufly

tormented me.
c e
mary Walcot affirmed y truth of y aboue writ
ten evidence before y e Jury of Jnqueft upon oath
Sep 9 :
1691 :

William Carr for Mary Bradbury.

The teftamony of william carr aged 41 or ther
abouts is that my brother John Carr when he was
young was a man of as good capafity as moft men
of his age but falling in Love with Jane Tru (now
wife of Cap 1 John march) and my father being
pfwaded by fome of the family (w J fhall not
172 Salem Witchcraft.

name not to Let him mary fo yong :

my fa->

him portion w vpon the

ther woold not giue a
mach broke of w ch my brother Layd fo much to
hart that he grew meloncoly and by degrees much
crazed not being the man that he was before to his
dying day. J do father teftify that my f brother
was lick about a fortnight or three weeks and then
dyed and J was prefent with him w he dyed and

J do aferm that he dyed peacibly and quietly neuer

manifefting the Left troubl in y world about any
body nor did not fay any thing of mr Bradbury nor

anybody elfe doing him hurt and yet J was with

him till the breath and lif was out of his body.
Jurat in Curia.

Evidence for Mary Bradbury*

July 22 1692.
Concerning m
life &
Wee the Subfcribers doe teftifie, that it was fuch
as became y gofpel fhee was a louer of y c miniftrie
in all appearant and a dilligent attender vpon gods

holy ordinances, being of a curteous, and peaceable

difpofition and cariag neither did any of vs (fome

of whom haue lived in y e town w th her aboue fifty

year) ever heare or know that fhee ever had any
difference or falleirig oute w th any of her neighbo rs
man woman or childe but was always, readie and
willing to doe for them w laye in her power night

and day, though w th hazard of her health or other

Salem Witchcraft. 173

danger more more might be fpoken

in her com-
endation but this for the p r fent
Martha Pike Elizabeth Eafman
William Bufwell Jofeph Eaton
Sarah Bufwell Mary Eaton his wife
Samuell ffelloes fen r Robert Downer
Rodger Eafman Sarah Downer
Sarah Eafman Richard Long and his
Jofeph ffletcher and his wyfe
wife Richard Smith and his

Jofeph ffrench wyfe

John ffrench fen r Jofeph True and his wyfe
Mary ffrench his wife Andrew Greley and his
Abigayl ffrench wyfe
John Allin William Hooke
Mary Allin Elizabeth Hooke
William Carr Benjamin Allin and Ra
Elizabeth Carr chel his wyfe
Sam Colby
Benj Allin and Rachell
Samuell ffrench and his his wyfe
wyfe Ifaac Bufwell and his

Henry Ambros and his wyfe

wyfe William Allin
Nathanel Stevens & his Ephraim Eaton
wyfe Ephraim Winfley
Ephraim Severans Mary Winfley his wyfe
Lidia Severans Philip Grele & his wyfe
Sam 11
ffelloes jun
Richard Hubbard
Abigail ffelloes Mathew Hubbard his
Sam Eafman

Salem Witchcraft.

Daniel Moody John Eaftman and

Elizabeth Moody Mary Eaftman his wife
Jfaac Morrill Sarah Shepherd
Phebee Morrill Willi: Ofgood
John Maxfield Abigayl ofgood
Jarves Ring Sufanah Severance
Hannah Ring Onefiphris Page and his
Nathanel Whitter wife
MaryWhitther Sam Gill and his wyfe

Jacob Morrill John Clough and his

Jufannah Morrill wyfe
Elizabeth Maxfield Abraham Brown & his
Hanah Stevens widdow wyfe
John Stevens Tho Clough
: and his
Dorethie Stevens wyfe
Joanna Stevens Sarah Conner widow
Sarah Racket John Tomfon
Martha Carter John Watfon and his
Elizabeth Gettchell wyfe
Benj ; Eaftman Steven Tongue and his
Ann Eafman wyfe
Benony Tucker John Connor and his
Ebenezer Tucker wyfe
Nathanel Brown Jofeph Page
Hannah Brown Meres Tucker and his
Tho Evens
Hannah Evens Henry Brown Sen and

Nathaniel Eaftman his wife

Elizabeth Eafman
Salem Witchcraft. 175

Summons v. Giles Corey.

W m & Mary by ye Grace of God of England

Scotland France &
Jreland King and Queen
defend 5 of y e faith and

To y e Conftable of Salem Greeting,

Wee Comand you to Warn and giue notice vnto
Jn Derick y wife of Stephen Small ye Widow

Adams and Goody Golthite that they and Euery of

them be and perfonaly apear at ye p r fent Court of
Oyer and Termina holden at Salem frorthwith there
to Teftify y e truth to y c beft of their knowledge On
Certain Jndicl:ments Exhibited againft Giles Corey
here of make return fail not.
Salem Sep r 7 th 1692.

g e pt ^th 1692 :
J Defire m
John Tomkins to

ferue this within Sumons and Make Returne

by mee PETER GSGOOD Conftable in Salem

J have warned the w in perfons to appeare at


the time and place within written by

Ann Putnam v. Giles Corey.

The Depofiftion of Ann putnam who teftifieth

and faith that 3 of April 1692, J fa w the
on 1

Apperifhtion of Giles Cory com and affledt me

urging me to writ in his book and fo he continewed
176 Salem Witchcraft.

hurting me by times tell the 19 April being the


day of hir examination and dureing the time of his

examination Giles cory did tortor me a grat many
times and allfo feuerall times fence Giles Cory or

his Apperance has moft greuioufly afflecled mee by

beating pinching and allmoft choaking me to death
urging me to writ in his book alfo on the day of
his examination J faw Giles Cory or his Apper
ance moft grevioufly afflect and torment mary wal-
cott mercy lewes and farah vibber and J verly be-
leue that Giles Cory is is a dreadfull wizzard for
fence he has ben in prifon he or his Apperance has
com to me a grat many tims and afflecled me.
An Putnam owned upon her oath that y e aboue
written evidence it
truth to y e Jury of inqueft

Sept 9 :

Mercy Lewis v. Giles Corey.

The depoiiftion of Mercy lewes agged 19 years

who teftifieth and faith that on the 14 th April
1692 J faw the Apperimtion of Giles Cory com
and afflect me urging me to writ in his book and
fo he continued moft dreadfully to hurt me by
times beating me and almoft breaking my back tell
the day of his examination being the 19 th April and
then allfo dureing the time of his examination he
did afflic~l and tortor me moft grevioufly and alfo
feueral times fence urging me vehemently to writ
in his book and J veryly beleve in my heart that
Giles Cory is a dreadfull wizzard for fence he has
Salem Witchcraft. 177
ben in prifon he or his Apperance has com and
moft grevioufly tormented me.
Mercy Lewis affirmed to ye Jury of Jnqueft y l
y aboue written evidence is the truth upon y e
oath me has formerly taken in y e Court of
and terminer Sept r 9 1692 : :

Sarah Vibher 13. Giles Corey.

The depofiftion of Sarah vibber who teftifieth

and faith that J haue ben moft grevioufly afflected
by Giles Cory or his Apperance and allfo J have
feen Giles Cory or his Apperance moft grevioufly
affeting and tormenting the bodyes of mary wal-
cott mercy lewes and ann putnam and J beleue in

my heart that Giles Cory is a wizzard and that he

has very often afflected and tormented me and the
perfons above mentioned by his acts of wicthcraft :

J teftifie y on y fourteenth of Auguft
ever &
fince at times f Cory has afflicted me by
me & beating me &
urging me vehemently to read
& write in his book and cote me with his knife.

Sarah Vibber affirmed to ye Jury of Jnqueft y 1

ye aboue written evidence is
ye truth upon oath :

Sep 9 1692
: :

Mary Warren
u. Giles Corey.

Mary Warin affirmed to ye Jury of Jnqueft

that me hath been afflicted by Giles Cory or his

appearition and that by beating of me with his

ftaffe & by biting me & pinching & choaking me
X a
178 Salem Witchcraft.

greatly torturing me
cutting me with a knife&
& perticulerly at
y time e
of his examination he
did grevioufly torment me alfo at the time of his
examination J faw fd Cory or his appearition moft
dredfully afflict mary Walcot An putnam mercy
lewes & Sarah Vibber :
Sept 9
Eliz : Woodwell & Mary Walcott v. Giles Corey.

Eliz : Woodwell upon y e oath me formerly has

taken in this Court did affirm to y e Jury of Jn-

quefl that me faw Giles Cory at meeting at Salem

on a lecture day fince he has ben at prifon he or
his apearition came e
y middlemoft feat
in & fat in

of y e mens feats by y e Poft this was y e lecture :

day before Bridget Bifhop was hanged and J faw

him come out with y e reft of y e people mary :

Walcot affirmed y* (he faw fd Cory as above fit in

e e
y fame place at y fame time he or his appearance
& y t me did fe him goe out with y e reft of y e
people this me affirmed to y e Jury of Jnqueft.

Sep 9 :
Eliz : Hubbard v. Giles Corey

Eliz ; Hubbard
y Jury of Jnqueft that Giles

Cory hath feverall times afflected me with feveral

forts of torments J veryly think he is a wizzard &
afflicted me by wichcraft -
Sept 9 1692 ; :

Benj. Gould v. Giles Corey.

The depofiftion of beniamin gould aged about
23 yeares he teftifieth and faith one the 6 day of
Salem Witchcraft. 179
april1692: giles cory and his wife came to my
bead fide and looked upon me fum time and then
went away: and emediately J had two penches
upon my fide allfo another time J faw giles Cory

and John proctir and J had then fuch a paine in

one of my feet that J could not ware my fhu for
2 or 3 days. Ben gould. :

& J doe beleiue in my :


Sufannah Sheldon v. Giles Corey.

Sufanna Shelden faith y c y e fpedtre of Giles Co

rey Murdered his firft wife & would haue mur
dered this to if (he had not ben a witch 1
y his
firft wife
gave him nothing but Skim Milke and J
he did it & y Goody Procters fpedtre told her me
murdered her owne child and y 1 it was fick me &
did it becaufe me would not be troubled with it &
y Ihe allfo faies y Goody Buckley and Jn Willard
r r

app w Hen. Wilkins app

d th en

Jo/in Doricb v. Giles Corey.

the teftomeny of John dereth Eaged about fix-

ten years teftefieth and fayeth that gils Cory alfo
came to me and afli<ted me this 5 of September as
wel before as after he alfo threteneth me to kill me
if J will not yeld to him he alfo came about the
20 of oges and told me that he wanted fom pla
ters for he was gowen to a feaft he told me that
he had a good mind to afk my dame but he fayd
that (he wouled not let him haue them fo he took
180 Salem Witchcraft.
the platers and cared them a way being gown
about half a cure with them then he brot them
againe gowen away and fayd nothing
Sary pefe afliceth me at feueral times me
came to me of the faft day laft at Salem She
pinched me then and i have not feen har fencs.

Hannah Small & Martha Adams v. Giles Corey.

thefe howes nams are wten were there and faw

the platers were gown John derich fayed.
hanah smal martha Adams.

The depofiftion of Eliz booth the wife of :

George booth & Allies Booth who testifie and fay

that on the 1 2 th
of this Jfant Sept r at y e widow
Shaflins houfe in Salem their appeared to us a grate
number of widlhes as neare as we could tell about
fifty: thirteen of which
we knew who did Receiue
the facriment in our right amongft whidth we faw
Giles Cory who brought to us bread and wine
urging us to partake thereof: but becaufe we Re-
fufed he did moft grevioufly afflecl: and torment
us : and we beleue in our hearts thas Giles Cory
is a wizzard and that he has often afRected us and

feurall others by acftsof wifthcraft.

Elizabeth Booth s mark.
Alice > ft Booth s mark

B. Martha Dutch v. Alice Parker.

The Teflimony of martha Dutch aged about 36

yeers This deponant Teftifieth and faith y f about
Salem Witchcraft. 181

2 yeers laft Jn Jarman of Salem coming in

from fea J This deponant & Alice parker of Salem
Both of us ftanding Together faid vnto her w* a
great mercy itt was for to fee Them come home
well and Through mercy, J faid my hufoand had
gone and came home well many Times & J this
deponant did faye vnto ye f parker y J did hope
he would come whome This voyage well allfo and
y fd parker made anfwer vnto me and faid no

neuer more in this world ye w ch came to pafs as

(he yn toldj me for he died abroad as J fartinly
heare Jurat in Curia Sep 7:92:
atteft STEP. SEWALL. Cli-

Frances Wycom v. Margaret Scott.

The depofiftion of ffrances wycum who teftify-

eth and faith that quickly affter the firft court at
Salne about wicthcraft margerit Scott whom J very
well knew or hir Apperance came to me and did
moft grevioufly torment me by choaking and al-
moft prefing me to death and fo me did continue

afflecting me by the 5 th Auguft 1692

times tell

being the day of hir examination allfo during the

time of hir examination margerit scott did moft
grevioufly afflect m : And allfo feuerall times fence :

and J beleue in my heart that margert fcott is a

wicth and that me has offten afflected me by als
of wifthcraft.

ffrances Wycum ownd y grand Jnqueft thatto e

y aboue written evidence is y truth upon oath
Sept 15 1692
Jurat in Curia.
1 82 Salem Witchcraft.

Phillip Nelfon & Sarah Nelfon v. Margaret Scott.

phillip Nellfon and Sarah his wife doe teftifie

and fay that for two or three years before Robert
Shilleto dyed we have often hard him complaining
of margerit Scott for hurting of him and often
faid that me was a wiclh and fo he continewed

complaneing of margartt fcott faying he mould

neuer be well fo long as margerit fcott liued and fo
he complayned of margret Scott att times untill he
Phillip Nelfon and Sarah his wife affirmed upon
their oath to y e grand inqueft that y e aboue writ

ten euidence is ye truth

Jurat in Curia:
Sep 15 :
Tho s Putnam & Will Murray v. Alice Parker.

the depofiftion of Tho putnam aged 40 years


and william murry aged 36 year who teftifieth and

faith that feuerall of the afflected parfons as mary
walcott and mary warren and seuerall other were
much afflected on the 6 th Sept r 1692, dureing the
time of the examination of Elce parker and we ob-
farved that upon the glance of hir eies they ware
ftruck down and upon hir laying hir hand on them
they ware Recouered and we beleue that Elce parker
the prifoner att the barr has often hurt the afore-
faid perfons by of wi&hcraft.

Thomas putnam
Wm Murray
Salem Witchcraft. 183

Warrant v. Lydia Dufting.

To y
Conftable of Reading.
You are in theyr Majeftyes Names Required to

Apprehend and bring before vs Lydah Dufting of

Reading widdow in y County of Midlefex on

Munday next being ye fecond day of y e Month of

May next enfuing y date hereof, about eleven of
Clock in
forenoone att y
houfe of Lev 1 Nath 1

Ingerfolls in Salem Village, in Order to hir exam

ination, relateing to high fufpition of Severall aclis
of Witchcraft done or Comitted by hir upon y e
Bodys of Mary Walcott, Ann putnam, Mercy
Lewis & Abigael WilHames all of Salem Village,
Whereby great hurt & damage hath bin done to
y Bodys of faid perfons according to Complaint
Cap Jonathan Walcott & Serg* Thomas putnam

in behalfe of for m felves & feverall

theyr Majeftys y
of theyr Neighbours, and hereof you are not to
fayle att your perrill :

da Salem Aprill 3o th 1692.



1 A/r/1
/^ r

Purfeuance to a warant from yvs honrs baring

date the 30 of aprill laft fore the aprihending and
bringing of y perfon of Lidea Dofting in obedi-
ance ther to J haue brought the faid Lidea Dofting
of Redding to y e hous of Lv* Jngerfons in Salem
uiledg. dated in Salem viledg the 2 d day of may
Ateft. John Parker c. for
184 Salem Witchcraft.

Warrant v. Sarah Dufting.

Whereas Complaint hath bin exhibited before

us by m r Thomas Putnam and m r Jn putnam
Jun of Salem village In ye behalfe of theyr Ma-

jefties againft Sarah Daftin of Redding fingle

woman for high fufpition of Severall Acls of
Witchcraft done or comitted by hir upon y e Boydes
of Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott, Anna putnam and
Abigail Williams all of Salem Village and craved
Therefore you are in theyer Majeftyes Names
Required forthwith to Apprehend the aforef Sarah
Daftin of Redding Single woeman and hir Safely
convey unto y houfe of Lev Nathaniell Jngerfolls
e t

of Salem Village upon y Ninth day of this inftant
May by Twelve of the Clock in y e forenoone in
order to hir examination upon y e premifes and
hereof faille nott at y or perrill. Salem, dated May
8 th 1692.
To e
y Conftable of Redding.
~ ) A/r n

In obediance to this warant J haue brought the

body of Sarah Duftin of Redding fingal woman
to y e houfe of Leu 1 Nathanall Ingorfon of Salem

Villeg the nint of this Inftant Maye 1692 John

Parker Conftable of Redding
Salem Witchcraft. 185

Warrant v. Ann Sears, Betbiah Carter & Bethiab


Whereas Complaint hath benne this day Exhi

bited (before by Thomas Putnam and John
putnam Junr both of Salem Village yeoman on
behalfe of theire Majefties Againft Ann Seeres
the wife of John Seeres of Woburne and Bethiah
Carter of fd Towne of Woburne widdow and
Bethya Carter y daufter of f Carter widdow for

high fufpition of fundry acts of Witchcraft donne

by them vpon the Bodys of Ann putnam Marcy
Lewis Mary Walcot &c of Salem Village whereby
much hurt and wrong is donne vnto them their-
fore Craves Juftice.
Thefe are therefore in theire majes ts Names to

require you, to apprehend and forthwith bring the

perfons of the abouenamed before vs at Salem Vil

lage at y houfe of L Nathaniell Jngerfalls in

e f

order to theire examination Relateing to y e aboue-

faid premifes and hereof you are not to faile Dated
Salem May 8 th 1692.
To y e Conftable of Woburne
P vs. JOHN HATHORNE ) *rrn
i ^

Ephraim bouck counftabel of Woburn haue
farved this warant acording to Caza hau apurhanded
the parfon of anah Sauris and of the wado cartter
and hauf broit them to Laufanant ingarfons hois
as warant dus expreft.
1 86 Salem Witchcraft.
In purfuance to the within fpecified warrant J
haue apprenheded the bodies of the within men
tioned Anna Seers and Bethia Carter fen r & brought
them to the place within ordered this 9 May 1692.
EPHRAIM BOCK Conftabil of woburn

Examination of Deliverance Hobbs.

(i) The Examination of Deliverance Hobbs 22

Apr. 1692. Ata court held at Salem village by
John Hauthorne rst
Jonah Corwin J

Mercy Lewes do you know her that ftands at

the Bar (for the Majeftrates had privately ordered
who mould be brought in and not fufFered he name
to be mentioned) Do you know her? ipeaking to
another but both were ftruck dumb.

Ann Putnam jun r faid it was Goody Hobbs and

{he hath hurt her much.
John Indian faid he had feen her, me choake &
Mary Walcot faid, yefterday was the firft time
that me law her i. c. as a Tormenter
Why do you hurt thefe perfons ?

Jt unknown to me.

How come you to commit acts of witchcraft ?

J know nothing of it.

Jt is
you or your appearance, how comes this
about? Tell us the truth.
J cannot tell.
Tell us what you know in this cafe. Who hurts
them if you do not ?
Salem Witchcraft. 187
There are a great many Perfons hurts us all.

But it is
your appearance.
J do not know it.
Have not you confented to it, that they mould
be hurt ?
No in the fight of God, and man, as J mall an-
fwer another day
Jt is faid you were afflicted, how came that
about ?
J have feen fundry fights.
What fights.
Laft Lords day in this meeting houfe and out of
the door, J faw a great many birds cats and dogs,
and heard a voice fay come away.
What haue you feen fince ?
The fhapes of feverall perfons.
What did they fay ?

What neither the birds, nor perfons ?

What perfons did you fee ?

Goody Wilds and the fhape of Mercy Lewes.

What is that? Did either of them hurt you?
None but Goody Wilds, who tore me almoft to
Where was you then ?
Jn bed
Was not the book brought to you to figne ?

Where were you not threatened by any body, if
you did not figne the book ?
1 88 Salem Witchcraft.

No, by nobody.
What were you tempted to under you afflic

tion ?

J was not tempted at all.

laft Lords day you
Js it not a folemn thing, that
were tormented, & now you are become a tor
mentor, fo that you have changed fides, how comes
this to pafs ?

Abig: Williams and Ann Putnam jun r cry out

there is
Goody Hobbs upon the Beam, me is not
at the Bar, they cannot fee her there : tho there
me flood.
What do you fay to this, that tho you are at the
bar in perfon, yet they fee your appearance upon
the beam, &
whereas a few dayes part you were
tormented, now you are become a Tormentor ?
Tell us how this change comes. Tell true.

J have done nothing.

What have you refolved you will not confds ?
Hath any body threatened you if you do confefs ?
You can tell how this change comes.
She lookt upon John Jndian, & then another,
& then they fell into fits.
Tell us us the reafon of this change Tell us :

the truth. What have you done ?

J cannot fpeak.
What do you fay ? What have you done ?
J cannot tell.

Have you figned to any book?

Jt is
very lately then.
When was it ?
Salem Witchcraft. 189
The night before the laft.
Will the Lord open your heart t9 confefle the
truth. Who
brought the book to you ?
Jt was Goody Wilds.
What did you make your mark with in the
book ?
Pen and ink.
Who brought the Pen and Ink ?
They that brought the book, Goody Wilds.
Did they threaten you if you did not figne ?
Yes, to teare me in peices.
Was there any elfe in company ?

No, Sir.
What did you afflict others by ? Did they bring
Who brought the images ?
Goody Wild and Goody Ofburn.
What did you put into thofe images.
Pins, Sir.
Well tell us who haue you feen of this com
None but thofe two.
Have you not feen many ?
No. J heard laft night a kind of
How many images did you ufe ?
But two.
Nay here is more afflicted by you, You laid
more, Well tell us the truth. Recoiled: yourfelf.
J am amazed.
can you remember how many were brought ?
i go Salem Witchcraft.

Not well, but feverall were brought.

Did they not bring the image of John Nichols
his child ?

Did not you hurt that child ?

Where be thofe images, at your houfe ?

No, they carry ed them away again.

They carred fome then, & fome fince.
Was it
Goody Wild in body, or appearance ?

Jn appearance.
Was there any man with them ?
Yes a tall black man with an highcrown d
Do you know no more of them ?

No/ Sir.
Note. All the fufferers free from affleclion
during her examination after once me began to
confefle, tho at fundry times they were much af
flicted till then.

Note.Wheras yefterday at Deacon Jngerfols

Mary Walcot & Abigail Williams cryed there
ftands Goody Hobbs, mowing alfo where, Benj a
Hutchinfon ftruck her with a Rapier,
at the af &
flicted that is Mary the faid
Abigail faid,&oh you
have ftruck her on the right fide Whereupon the ;

Magiftrates afking her after the publick examina

tion whither me had received any hurt yefterday,
she faid yes in her right fide like a Prick, & that it
Salem Witchcraft. 191
was very fore, & done when me was in a Trance,
telling us alfo in what hovfe and room was done.

Whereupon the Magiftrates required fome women

to fearch it, who found it fo as me had confefled.
Alfo a little after the faid prick in her fide, me had
som what in her left eye like duft, w th agrees with
w* the afflicted farther faid that Benj Hutchinfon
afterwards toucht her eye thw the fame Rapier, &
faid pointing to the place there was a mark which
the Marmall being by faid fo there was.
Salem Village Aprill the 22 th 1692. r
Sam11 m
parris being defired to take in wrighting y Exam

ination of Deliuerance hobs hath deliuered itt as

And vpon hearing the fame and feeing what wee
did fee together with the Charg of the afflicted
perfons againft them Wee Committed her.

John Halhorne.

Examination of Deliverance Hobbs.

The Examination of Deliverance Hobbs in


prifon. She continued in the free acknowledging

herfelf to be a Covenant Witch, and further Con-
fefleth She was warned to a meeting yefterday

morning, and that there was preient Procter and

his Wife, Goody Nurfe, Giles Cory and his Wife,

Goody Bifhop alias Oliver, and

Burroughs was
y Preacher, and preft them to bewitch all in the

Village, telling them they mould do it gradually

and not all att once, afTureing them they mould
192 Salem Witchcraft.

He adminiftred the facrament unto them
at the lame time with Red Bread, and Red Wine
like Blood, fhe affirms fhe faw Ofburn, Sarah Good,

Goody Wilds ; Goody Nurfe, and Goody Wilds

diftributed the bread and Wine, and a Man in a

long crownd white Hat, next y e Miniiier and


they fat feemingly att a Table, and They filled out

the wine in Tankards, The Notice of this meet
ing was given her by Goody wilds. She herielf
affirms did not nor would not Eat or drink, but all
the Reft did who were there prefent, therefore they
threatened to torment her. The meeting was in
the Pafture by r
Parris s Houfe, and me faw
when Abigail Williams ran out fpeak with them :
But that Time Abigial was come a little dii-
tance from the Houfe. This Examinant was
ftrucke blind, fo that fhe faw not with whome

Abigail fpake She further faith, that Goody

Wilds to prevail with her to fign, told her that if
fhe would put her hand to the book fhe w ld give
her fome Cloaths, and would not afflict her any
more Hir daughter Abigail Hobbs being brought
in att the fame time while her mother was
was immediately taken with a dreadful fitt, and
her mother being afked who it was that hurt her
daughter anfwered it was Goodman Cory and fhe
faw him and the gentlewoman of Bofton ftriving
to break her Daughter s neck.
Salem Witchcraft. 193
Warrant v. Abigl Somes.
To Conftable peter Ofgood.
You are in theire Magef names hereby required

to apprehend and forthwith bring before vs Abi-

gaile Soames Single Woman, now liveing at y

houle of Sam Gafkill in Salem who ftand accufed


of Sundry acls of Witchcraft, (or high fufpition

thereof) donne or Committed by her Lately on the
body of Mary Warren &c faile not. Dated Sa
lem, May the i
3 1692.
\ r^ \ Affifts.
haue Apprehended y e perlbn Abigail Soams
Acordinge to worrante exprefte on y other fide
and heaue broghte hir to ye hewfe of m r Thomas
p me Peter Ofgood conftable in Salem
May y i
3, 1692.
Warrant v. Eliz a Colfon.

To e
Conftable of Ridding.
Youare in theyr Majeftyes Names hereby Re

quired to Apprehend bring before us (upon &

Tuelday next being the feaventeenth day of this
Jnftant may by Tenne of y
Clock aforenoone att
y houie of Lev Nathaniell Jngerfolls in Salem

Village) the body of Elizabeth Colfon of Redding

Single woeman, whoe ftandeth charged in behalfe
of theyr Majeftys w th high fufpition of sundry
Acls of Witchcraft done or Comitted upon y e
Bodyes of Mary Walcott Mercy Lewis and others
Salem Witchcraft.
in Salem Village, whereby great hurt hath bin
done them And hereof you are nott to faile.

Salem dat r May 14 th 1692.

P vs. JOHN HATHORNE ) .rrr,
ONATHAN ^ \ Ailifts.

I haue made
May1 6
1692. Diligent Search
for y
aboue named Elizabeth Collfon and find
mee is fled and by the beft Information fhee is att
Bofton in order to bee mipt ofd and by way of El-
cape to be tranfported to fome other Countrey
whereof J make my Returne.
p me John Parker conftable
for Redding,

Warrant v. Mary De Rich.

To y
Marfhall of y e County of EfTex or his Law-
Deputy or Conftable in Salem.
You Majeftys Names hereby re
are in theyr

quired to apprehend and forthwith bring before us,

Mary de Rich y Wife of Michaell de Rich of
Salem ffarmes Hufbandman, whoe ftands charged
w th Sundry Acts of Witchcraft by hir Comitted
lately on the Bodys of Abigail Williames & Eliza
beth Hubbard of Salem Village &c. whereby
great hurt and Jnjury hath bin done y in order to
hir examination relateing to y fame & hereof you

are not to fayle

Salem, Dat May 23 :
J ord of ye Govern 1


Salem Witchcraft. 195
Ihaue apprehended y aboue named perfon and

brought her as aboue

p Jos Neal Conftable.

Warrant v. Sarah Pease.

To the Marshall of EfTex or his dep c or Conftables

of Salem.
You are in theire names hereby required

to apprehend and forthwith bring before vs (Sarah

peafe of Salem Weauer
peafe y wife of Robert
who ftands charged with fundry acts of witch
craft by her Committed lately on y e Body of Mary
Warren of Salem village whereby great Jnjury
was don her &c.) in order to her Examination Re-
lateing to y fame faile not. Dated Salem May
23^ 1692.
Pr ord r of y e Govern 1

& )
J haue apprehended y e perfon mentioned within
this warrant and heaue broughte hir
p me Peter Ofgood conftable
in Salem. May
y 23 1692.

Warrant v. Sarah Rice.

To the Conftables in Reding.

You are Majefties names hereby re
in theire

quired to apprehend and bring before us, Sarah

Rice the wife of Nicholas Rice of Reding on
Tuefday next being the 31 day of this Jnftant
moneth at the houfe of L Nathan Jngerfalls at
f 1
196 Salem Witchcraft.
Salem Village aboute ten of the Clock in the fore

noon, who ftand charged with haueing Committed

funday acts of witchcraft on y e Bodys of Mary
Walcott and Abigail Williams others to theire &
great hurte &c, in order to her Examination Relate-
ing to y premifes abouefaid faile not. Dated Sa
lem May 28 th 1692.
P vs. T. HATHORNE ) A rrn
\ Amlts.
In obedence to this warant J haue brought the
Body of Sarah Rice the wife of Nicholas Rice of
Redding to the houfe of Leu* Nathanal Ingerfons

in Salem Viledg the 31 of this inftant May 1692 : :

Ateft John Parker Conftable of Redding.

Complaint v. Rlizabetb Gary.

Salem, May 28 th 1692. M r

Thomas putnam
& Benjamin Hutchinfon both of Salem Village
Yeomen Complaine of Elizabeth Carey y e wife of
Cap Nathaniell Cary of Charls Towne Mariner,

on behalfe of theyr Majeftyes, for fun dry Acts of

witchcraft by hir Comitted upon ye Bodyes of
Mary Walcott, Abigail Willyams & Mercy Lewis
all of Salem
Village, whereby great hurt & dam
age is done y and therefore Craue Juftice.
Thomas putnam
Beniamin Huchinfon.

Warrant v. "John

To the Conftable of Salem.

Effex. fs. Whereas Complaint hath been made
Salem Witchcraft. 197
vnto us John Hathorne &
Jonathan Corwin Esq

by feverall perfons of Salem Village that Cap John


Alden of Bofton Marrin is guilty of Witchcraft


in cruelly torturing &

afflicting feverall of ther
children & others thefe are therefore in their Maj

Cing William & Queen Maryes name to Authorize

& Comand you forthwith to Apprehend the body
of the faid John Alden and Jmediately bring him
before vs to anfwer what mall be objected ag
in that behalfeand this fhall be yo fufficient war r

rant Given vnder our hands the 3i st day of May

1692 And in the ffourth year of the Reigne of our

Sovereigne Lord and Lady William & Mary now
King and Queen over England & v.
P vs. JOHN HATHORNE ) Ajrr/,
^ \ Affifts.

perfonsComplaining viz c Mary Walcott

Mercy Lewis Elizabeth Hubbard
Abigail Williams Ann putnam
Elizabeth Booth Marry Warren
Jn obediance to the within written warant J
haue Apprehended the Body of Cap c John Alden
according to the tener of this warant.

Booth v. Martha Corey.

The teftimony of Elefebeth Booth Aged 1 8 yers
or their about teftifieth y r one y e 8 of June Geiorg
nedam Apeired onto me and faide y mattha 1

Georie kiled him becaufe he wold not mend her

Lening wheal Elefebeth Booth.
The teftimony of Elefebeth Booth Aged 1 8 yers
198 Salem Witchcraft.
or their about teftifieth y 8
day of June y
Thomas Goold Senyer Apered vnto me 6c told me
yt mattha Corie
kiled him becauie he told her me
did not doe well by Goodman parkers Childringe.
Elefebeth Booth vpon oath.
Elizabeth Booth owned all that is aboue writ
ten before & vnto y e Grand inquert on ye 3o th Day
of June 1692.

Examination of Rich d Carrier.

Richard Carriers Confeffion July 22: 1692.

Q.. have you bin in ye devils fnare A :
Q. yo bro
is Andrew enihared by ye devils

Snare A Yes.
: how long has yo r brother bin a

wich. A neare a monthe how long have you


bin a wich A not long Q. have you joined

: : :

in aflicting y afli&ed peribnse

; A : Yes. Q. you
help to hurt Timo. Swan did A. Yes.
you Q.
how long have you bin a wich. A. abo 1
weeks: who was in
Company when you Coun-
anted with y e devill : A: M rs Bradbery. did (he
help yo
u aflict.
what was y e occaiion
yes : m rs

Bradbery would have to afflict Timo. Swan : A.

becaufe her hufband Timo Swan & fell out about
a Scyth J think Q. did they not fall out abo c

thaching of a barn to : A : no not know of.

as J

Q. who was att the Villadge meeting when you

was there Goodwife How. goodwife Nurs. g
wildes, Procter his wife rs
Bradbery m & Gory s
wife : Q
was any of Bofton there.
: A : no : Q.
Salem Witchcraft. 199
how many was there in all A. a duzzen J think,

was Jno. Willard there A. J think he was

Q. what kind of man is Jn willard a young man :

or an old man. A he is not an old man. he had


black hair. Q. what meeting was this meeting :

was this that that was near Jngerfals: A: Yes. J

think. Q. what did they do then. A. the eat &
drank wine: was there a minifter there. A. no :

not as J know of from whence had you your


wine A. from Salem J think was

: Q.. goodwife
Olliver there, yes I knew her.

Warrant v. Ann Do/iver

EfTex fs. To the SherifFe of the County of EfTex

or his deputie or Conftable in Salem or Beuer-
You are in theire Magis
names hereby required
toapprehend and forthwith bring before vs Ann
Dalibar the wife of W
m Dalibar of Glocester who
ftands charged this day with haueing Committed

fundry acts of Witchcraft on the Bodys of Mary

Warren &
fufannah Shelden to the hurt of theire
Bodys in order to her Examination Relateing to
the premifes faile not. dated Salem June the 6 th
P vs. JOHN HATHORNE L Juft cs of y e peace

In obediance to this warant J haue aprehended

y perfon within Named and brought her to the
2OO Salem Witchcraft.

place apoynted in order to her examination as

atefl my hand.
Peter Ofgood conftabll for the town of Salem.

E/iz a Nicholafon v. Ann Do/her.

Elizabeth the wife of Edmond Nicolaflbn will

teftify; that coming to the houfe of Samuell Dal-
labar; Peter Pitford and the wife of the faid Dalla-
bar were in difcourfe before the dore in the yard :

and in theire difcourfe fhe heard Peter Pitford fay :

J merualle how that old witch knowes every thing

that is don in my houfe Rebecca the wife of Sam

uell Dallabar replied oh Peter doe not fay foe for :

J belieue me no Witch, foe me came away and


left Peter Pitford and the wife of Samuell Dallabar

in difcourfe Elizabeth Nicolafon.
The depofition of Sarah Jngelfon Aged about 30
yers Saith that feing Sarah Church after
hur ex
amination fhe came to me crieing and wringing
hur hands feming to be mutch trobeled in Sparet
J afked hur what me ailed me anfwered ihe
undon hurfelf J afked hur in what fhe faid in be-
(he had let
lieing hurfalfe and others in faieing
hur hand to the diuells Book whairas fhe faied fhe
nauer did J told hur J beleued fhe had feat hur
hand to the Book fhe anfwered crieng and faid no.
no. no :
J nauer J nauer did. J afked then what
maed hur fay fhe did fhe anfwered becaufe they
thratenedhur and told hur thay would put her into
the dongin and put hur along with r
and thus fauerall times fhe folowed one up and
Salem Witchcraft. 201
downe tealing me that me had undon hurfalfe in
belieing hurfalf and others I afked hur why me
did writ it, fhe tould me becaufe {he had ftood out
fo long in it now
{he darft not {he faied allfo

y Jf {he told
Noys but ons fhe had fat hur
hand to y e Booke he wold beleue her but Jf {he
told the truth and faied {he had not feat her hand
to y e Book a hundred times he would not beleue
hur. Sarah Jngrfol.

Ann Putnan Tbo* Putnam &Robert Morrill v.

Thomas Farrer.

the depofiftion of Ann Putnam who teftifieth

and faith that on the 8 th of may 1692. there
peared to me the Apperifhtion of an old gray head
man with a great nofe which tortored and al- m
moft choaked me and urged me to writ in his
booke and J afked him what was his name and
from whence he came for J would complaine of
him and he told me he came from linne and people

ufed to call him old father pharoah and he faid he

was my grandfather for my father ufed to call him
father but J tould J would not call him grand

father for he was a wizzard and J would com


plaine of him and euer fence he hath afflected me


by times beating me and pinching me and all moft

choaking me and urgeing me continewally to writ
in his book, we whofe names are under writen hav

ing been converlant with ann putnam haue hard

hir declare what is a bove writen what fhe faid fhe
faw & heard from the apperifhtion of old pharoah
A aa
2O2 Salem Witchcraft.
and alfo haue feen hir tortors : and perceiued her
hellifh temtations by hir loud out cries J will not
writ old pharaoh J will not writ in your
Thomas putnam. Robert Morrell.

Mary Warren & Mary Irefon v. Jerfon Toothaker.

one may the 24 mary waren being in a feet and

geeuofly aflected then was in a trans forfum tim
we fay who ar y what is your name and
hard her
again (he faid what to thaker Doc~lr toothakers
wiffe we offten her d her fay J wont iwonte i will
not touch y e book and then the fet was ouer then
{he told us that dochter toothekers wiff brought
the book to her and a cofen and a winding met
and grav cloths and faid that (lie muft fet her hand
to the book or elfe me would kill her and ftil me

urged to touch the book o elfe wrapt in that meet


this haue ben done this day by toothekers wifF.

mary iyerfon, wifF to benjamin iyerfon at lin

hoe in the fame maner hau tormented almoft to
deth and brought the book to her.

James Kettle v. Sarah


The depofition of James Kettle aged twenty

feven years or there about teftyfieth faith that J &
was att Docter Grigs houfe on the tenth of
this inftant may there& faw Elizebeth Hubbard in
feverall Fitts and after her frits ware ouer me told

me that me faw my two childdren Laying before

Salem Witchcraft. 203
her &that thay cry d for vengeance that Sarah &
Bifhop bid her Look on them &
faid that fhe kiled
them &
and they were by her defcription much
as they were when they ware put into there Coffins
to be buried & and fhe told me that Sarah bifhop
told her that J was going to burn a kiln of potts &
that me would break them if (he could & i took :

notice that while me was in her Fitts that me cried

& held her apron before her face faying that me
would not fe them Docter Grigs & his wife and
John hues ware thare prefent.

Doritcb *u.
Margaret "Jacobs.

The teflamany of John derech Eaged about fix-

teen years teftifieth and Sayeth that marget Jacobs
Came and aflicted me this 5 of
September as
{he hath many tims before alfo teleth that me me
will kill me
J woul not yield to hur fhe alfo
bringeth the book to me tempen me to fot my hand
to it fhe teleth me that i mall be wel if i will fet

my hand to the book fhe teleth me that fhe will

run a fcuer thoraw me and threteneth me to cut
me with a knife beger than an ordnery knife is as
fhe hath don wonle before.

John Porter & Lydia Porter v. Sarah Bibber.

The Teftimony of John porter And Lidia porter

The Teftimony of John porter, who Teftifieth
and Sayth that Goodwife Biber fom time liueing
204. Salem Witchcraft.

amongft us J did obferve her to be a woman of an

unruly turbulent i
pirit ;
And fhee would offten fall

into ftrange fitts when fhee was croft of her hu

mor Likewife Lidea
porter Teftifieth, that Good-
wife Bibber and her hufband would often quarrel
& in their quarrels fhee would call him, very bad

names, and would haue ftrange fitts when fhe was

croft, And a woman of an unruly turbulent fpirit
And double tongued.

Jofeph Fowler v. Sarah Bibber.

The teftimony of Jofeph fowler, who Teftifieth
that Goodman Bibber & his wife, Liued at my
houfe And J did obferve and take notice, that
Goodwife Bibber was a woman who was uery idle
in her calling, And uery much given to tatling &
taleBareing makeing mischief amongft her neigh-
bo Sc uery much giuen to fpeak bad words and
1 5

would call her hufband bad names & was a wom

an of a uery turbulent unruly fpirit.

Thomas Jacobs and Mary Jacobs v. Sarah Bibber.

The teftymony of Thomas Jacob and mary his

wife doth teftyfy and fay that good bibbor now
that is now counted aflidted parlon fhe did for a
time furgin in our hous and good bibber wood be
uery often fpekeking againft won
and nother uery
obfanely and thos things that were uery falls and
wichfhing uery bad wichchis and uery often and
me wichs that wen hor chill fell into the reuer
Salem Witchcraft. 205
that (he had neuer pull hor child out and good
bibber yous to wich ill wichches to horfelfe and
hor chilldren and allfo to others the nayborhud :

were (he liueued amonkes aftor fhe bered hor fuft

houfbon hes tolld us that this John bibber wife
coud fall into fitts as often as {he plefed.

Rtcb d Walker v. Sarah Bibber.

The Teftimony of Richard Walker who teftifi-

eth that Goodwife Bibber fometime Liueing neare
to me, I did obferue to be a woman of an unruly
turbulent fpirit,
And would often fall into ftrange
fitts when anything croft her humor.

Clement Coldum v. E/iz a Hubbard.

The depofitionof Clement Coldum aged 60

e th
years or y about faith, y on y 29 of May 1692.
r c

being at Salem Village carrying home Elizabeth

Hubbard from y e meeting behind me fhe defcred ;

me to ride fafter, I afked her why me faid y e :

woods were full of Deuils, &

faid y r are there
be, but J could fe none then J put on my horfe,

& after J had rid a while, fhe told me I might

ride fofter, for we had outrid them, I afked her if
fhe was not afraid of y e Deuil, me anfwered me
no, me could difcourfe with y
Deuil as well as
with me, further faith not this I am ready to tef-

tifie on Oath if called thereto, as witnefs

my hand :

Clement Colddum
206 Salem Witchcraft.

James Kettle v. Eliz a Hubbard.

the teftimony of James Cetel being of age who

teftifie and faith i being a r dopier grigfes one a
Sabath day about the laft of may in 1692. hauing
fome difcourfe with Elizabeth hubberdand J found
her to fpeach feuerall untruths in denying the Sab
ath day and faying {he had not ben to meting that
day but had onely bean up to James houltons this
J can teftifie to if called as witnes my hand

James Ketle

Evidence of John Putnam & Rebecca Putnam.

the teftemony of John putnam Sen and rebecke


his wife faith that our fon in law John fuller and
our dafter rebecke Shepard did both of them dy (a
moft uiolent death and did acting uery ftrangely at
the time of ther death) farder faith that we did
Gudg then that thay both diead of a malignant
feuer and had no fufpition of witchcraft of aney
nether Can wee a cuie the prifner at the bar of
any fuch thing.

Evidence of Nath 1

Ingerfoll & Hanah IngerJolL

The depofiftion of Nathaniell Ingerfoll and

Hannah his wife who teftifie and fay that we ware
converfant with Benjamin Holton for aboue a
week before he died and was acted in a very ftrange
maner with moft violent fittes acting much like to
our poor bewidthed perfons w n wee thought they
Salem Witchcraft. 207
would haue died tho then we had no fufpition of
wiclhcraft amongft us and he died a moil violent
death with dreadful fitts and the Defter that was
with him (aid he could not tell what his diftember
was and he died about Two days before Rebekah
Jurat in Curia atteft
Steph, Sewall le.C

Evidence of Benja Wilkins & John Wilkins &

Nath 1

The depofition of benjamin Wilkins aged 36

years and John Wilkins aged 36 years thefe depon
ents teftifieth and fay that Lidia Wilkins wiffe of

John Wilkins was well delivered with child and

was well the next day after but the 2 day after
{hee was deleivered fhee was taken with a violent
feaver and flux as we fuppofed had in a little time
the flux abated but the reaver continued till me
died which was about four dayes. Nath. Richifon
tells of a Namway man y
fpeakes of a profound
deep y Willard was

Evidence of Hannah Welch.

the depotion of hanah welch the wife of Phelup
welch hannah walch eaged forty foer yers thus de-
ponian teftifieth and faith that J was with
infton and capten eapes neer this land now in
contreeuarce and they both of them agreed that
the fence (hud ftand as it was and that we (hud
not transgrace of one fide nor Jonathan hobs one
2o8 Salem Witchcraft.
the other fide the line was run and the agree

ment that thay agreed tow was that if eather hade

tranfgrefed mud make fatesfaction
to the other and
the reafon of this agreement was, becaus hobs and
we was allway contending.
Jurat Att an Jnferior Court.

Robert Moulton v. Sufannab Sheldon.

the teftimony of Robart Moulton fener who tef-

tifieth and faith that J waching with Sufannah
Sheldon fence me was afflicted J heard her fay that
the witches hailed her vpone her bely through the
yearde like a fnacke and hailed her ouer the ftone
walls &
and prefently J heard her Contradict her
former difcource and faid that (he came ouer the
ftone wall herfelfe and J heard her fay that me Rid
vpone a poole to boftonand me faid the diuel
caryed the poole. Robart Mouelton.
Samuel Nurs & Jofeph Trumball law Robert
Moulton fine this wrighting.

Expenfes by Abrm Perkins.

An Accomp of what was taken vpon their Ma-

jefties accomp* in the yeare 1692.

Jmp by Geo. Herrick vnd Sheriff for himfelfe
r r

& prifeners viz :

Jn Jackfon jun Jn

Howard & Guard 00-08-00

To Entertainment for y e Confta-
bles and their prifoners from Hauerill 00-06-00
To Entertainement for y e Confta-
bles & prifoners from Glofefter oo 04 oo
: :
Salem Witchcraft. 209
To Hauerill Conftable another time oo 02 oo
: :

01-00 oo :

By Abraham Perkins allow d

Nattt Ingerfolls Acct. v. Country.
March ye
169! I

meeteing of y Majeftrates
a r
Jn Ha- M
thorne and Jonathan Corwin Efq in an Jnquirere

after witchcraft Expences upon y e Countrys Acco 1

for Majeftrates Marmalls Conftables & Affiftance
at my Houfe Viz 1 .

To y
Majeftrate Dinner & , s. d,
Drink 8
To y
Marmalls 2 Conftables & Af
fiftance & Victuals 3
To 43 d Cakes 6 qts Cider 2
To 2 Conftables at 2 qts of 3 d Cider
one Cake 9
To Rum 6
To Majeftrates Horfes 6
To y e Marmall & Conftable Herricks
Horfes 6
e d e
Marmall Expences
y 3 y Inftant 6
y Marmall
his horfe i pott Sider 6

vpon examination of Goodwife Corry

To y Marmall for horfes
drink & 6
To e
y Majeftrates Horfes drink and
Entertainement 4
vpon examination of goodwife Nurfe.
To e
y Marmalls Horfe Standing, Sup-
210 Salem Witchcraft.

per Lodging one night

and drink for his
attendance 3 6
To Conftable Herrick & Drink &
Cake 6
To y Majeftrates Drink & Enterta-

ment and Horfes w th y e Majeftrates

Horfes 5

Aprill 19 :
A Examination of
further Accent in
witchcraft Salem Village before y^

Wormipfull John Hathorne and Jona

than Corwin Esq r & Affift for the :

County of EfTex
To y e Majeftrates entertainemt &
horfes 6
The 22 Majeftrates Minefters at- &
tendence diners 16
The 22 for 8 HoiTes Hey and Otes 4
May 2 d for Majeftrates Entertainem 1 4
ffor Horfes hey & Gates 2
ffor y Marmall
Affiftance Viclualls
and Drink 4
ditto 3 d fFor Drink for y Guard upon

y Committed perfons one night 3 o
ditto 3 d ffor Yictualls& Drink y next e

morning for
y Attendance Guard Com
mitted woman to Bofton Goal by order
of Mittimus 3
ditto 3. for Gates for the Cart Horfes
& Marfhalls Horfe \

May 9
th ffor conueyance m r
Salem Witchcraft. 211
and other prifoners ffbr Victualls for the
Majeftrates & tendance & Horfes &
whole charge at this Examination is 16
May 1 8 &
19 dayes for Victual! &
drink for y e Guard in watching J Wil-
lard Tho ffarrier
: others & 16

Carried ouer to the other fide 549

Ib. s. d.
Brought over from y other fide
To drink for y e Majeftrates Vic- &
tualls for attendance &
Horfes Paftering 5
May 20 To Sider for Majeftrates &
attendance 5
21. Vitualls & Drink to Majeftrates 2 6
d To Majeftrats Horfes Meat &
Attendance 3
24. To Attendance Supper & drink
next morning 5 6
May y e 2 1 1692 vpon the Examina
tion of William Procter and feverall
others to their Victualls Drink to y
Majeftrates and their attendance &
Horfe meat and victualls & drink to y e
Attendance of the Prifoners i 10
July 15 1692 vpon an Examination
to y e Majeftrates Conftables an others to
attend y e prisen r Meat Drink Horfe &
meat 15

8 10 9
212 Salem Witchcraft.

Manning Ace* v. County.

Thomas Manning his Accompe of work down

by him County of in y yare 1692.
for ye
tto mending & pouting one Rachalls
fetters i 6
tto John howward I
pare of fetters 5
tto John Jackfhon fener i
pare of
fetters 5
tto John Jackmon Juner i
pear of
fetters 5

allow d 1 6 6

Jfaac Little & John Harris ace


The County of EfTex is r

1692 D : s.

for 1 8 pound of iron. y was preft from


Jfack Little: Alle for feetters for y prif-
d a
iners at a 4 pound 6

account from John Harris fherife deputy of
fondry charges at y Corts of ir an terminar held at
Sallem in ye yere 1692.
s. d.

Jtt prefing
a hores & man : to affift

in earning of Sary good from Jpfwich

goalie to
Sallem 8

Jtt forgoing to Sallem to carry a re

turn of y e Juriars of ipfwich Rowly &
& Attending y
fiting 4
Salem Witchcraft. 213
Jtt for a man & horfe y was preft to
Remoue Sary good & chilld ffrom ipf-
wich to Sallem 7 6

Jtt for preffing of hores & man to

gard me with y wife of John willes

ye widow pudeater from Jpfwich to Sa
lem my felf gard & 9 6
e e
Jtt for tending y Court at y fecond
fiting 4
Jtt prouiding a Jury to make
fearch upon Cori his wife Clenton& &
Eafty hore
: Cloifs :
bradbury : &m 4
Jtt. Tending y Court on a Jurnment
Auguft y
2d 1692 from Tuefday till

Satterday 4
Jtt for expenc & Time to git 3 paire
of feetersmade for y e two Jackfons &
John howard 2
Jtt for Remoueing of howard & y

two Jackfons & Jofeph emmons from

Jpfwich Goall to Sallem & thare Tend
ing y Courts pleafure thre dayes till
three of them was fent back to ipfwich
Goall by me which time of thre dayes
for myfellffe &
exspenc for Thos y af-

fifted me in l
y farues 6
for prefing of men & horfes for This
defigne 2
Jtt. for bringing of m rs
bradbury from
214- Salem Witchcraft.
Sallem to ipswich goall & a man to affift
me 4
2 18 6
asatteft John Harris deputy fheref.
Att A Gen 11
Seffions of y e peace holden at
wich March 27 :
This account is allowed provided it be not Jn-
cluded e
y High Sheriffs acc.
atteft St. Sewall Cle r

yofepb Fuller ace v.

fuller as cunftablle for e

Jofeph y yere 1692.
for feafing of Rachall Clenton &
being of har before Juftis According to
warrant for tending y e Court of oyer & i o
terminer is o at Salem ten days i o o
Cunftaball Choat for feafeing of goody
penne &
carreing of har to Sallem & and
bring of hur back to Jpfwich Goall from
Sallem by uertu of a mittemas with one s. d.
man to affiftance 8 9
for tending at y
Court of Oyer &
turmener two weeks i o o
1692. James fuller & nathaniell fuller
thre dayes a pefe at Salem being fumoned
to giue evidence Againft Rachell Clenton s.

at ye Court of Oyer & Termina 12 o

Death Warrants.

Warrant for execution of Sarah Good Rebecka

Salem Witchcraft. 215
Nurfe, Eliz; How Sufanna Martin & Sarah
Wildes On
Tuefday 19 July 1692.
Seucrall fent to BoftonGoale on ace of witch 1

craft Salem March i d from Ex fent bofton

Sarah Ofburne Sarah Good
Titiba Jndian
Martha Cory Sarah Cloyce Aprill 12

Rebecha Nurce Eliz. procter I fent to Bofton.

Dorothy Good John procter J

Lydia Darting wid of Red
2 6
Sufanna Martin of Ames br
Dorcas Hoar of Beverley wid
Sarah Murrell of Bev r
Bethya Carter ) of Woburn
Ann Seires j
Sarah Dafting In/- n

all fent
\ to Bofton,
George Burrows

Salem May 12 th J mittimas w ch went May 13

to Bofton.

George Jacobs fen r 7. Sarah Wild
Giles Cory Mary L Nath
2. 8.
W m Hobs nam s negro
4. Edw d Bufhop -\
9. Mary Englifh
5. Sarah Bufhop hislio. Allice parker
wife J II. Ann pudeater
Bridget Bumop alias
Jn Salem prifon
Eafty Margaret Jacobs
Del Hobs

Abigail Soames

Abigail Hobs Rebeca Jacobs

2 16 Salem Witchcraft.

Mary Warren Sarah Buckley

Churchwell Mary Witheridge
Sarah prodler
fent toBofton Wedenfday the 1 8 th May 1692.
Eliz :


John Willard of Salem Village


Roger Toothaker of bilrica.

fent toBofton munday the 23 d 1692,
Mary Eafty Abigaile Soames
Sufannah Rootes Mary Derich
Sarah Baflett Benjamin profter
Eliz. Gary.
Sent to Salem Goale y e 23 d May 1692.
Sarah peafe Sarah pro<fter.

Reverfal of Attainder October 1

71 1 .

Province of the Maflachufets Bay Anno :


ni Anna
Reginas Decimo.
An Act to reverfe the attainders of George Bur
roughs and others for Witchcraft
Forafmuch as in the year of our Lord one
Thoufand fix hundred ninety two feveral Towns
within this Province were Infefted with a horrible
Witchcraft or pofeffion of devils And at a Special

Court of Oyer and Termina holden at Salem in the

County of Eflex in the fame year 1692. George
Burroughs of Wells, "John Proffer, George Jacobs t
John Willardj Giles Core, and Martha his wife, Re
becca Nurfe and Sarah Good all of Salem aforefaid
Elizabeth How of Ipfwich, Mary Ea/ley, Sarah
Salem Witchcraft. 217
Wild and Abigail Hobbs all of Topsfield, Samuel
Wardell, Mary Parker, Martha Carrier, Abigail
Falkner, Anne Fofter, Rebecca Eames, Mary Poft and
all of Andover,
Mary Lacey Mary Bradbury of Sal-
iibury, and Dorcas Hoar of Beverley Were fever-
ally Indicted convicted and attainted of Witchcraft,
and fome of them put to death, others lying ftill
under the like fentance of the faid Court, and liable
to have the fame Executed upon them.
The Influence and Energy of the Evil Spirits fo
great at that time acting in and upon thofe who
were the principal accufers and WitnefTes proceed
ing fo far as to caufe a Profecution to be had of
perfons of known and good reputation, which
caufed a great difatisfaction and a flop to be
put thereunto until theire Majefty s pleafure mould
be known therein And upon a Reprefentation

thereof accordingly made her late Majefty Queen

Mary the fecond of blefled memory by Her Royal
Letter given at her Court at Whitehall the fifteenth
of April 1693. was Graciovily pleafed to approve
the care and Circumfpedtion therein ; and to Will
and require that in all proceedings ag perfons ao

cufed for Witchcraft, or being poflefTed by the

devil, the greateft Moderation and all due Circum-

fpedtion be ufed, fo far as the fame may be without

Impediment to the Ordinary courfe of Juftice.
And fome of the principal Accufers and Wit-
nefles in thofe dark and fevere profecutions have
(ince difcovered themfelves to be perfons of profli

gate and vicious converfation.

C ca
218 Salem Witchcraft.

Upon the humble Petition and fuit of feveral of

the perfons and of the children of others of them

whofe Parents were Executed. Be it Declared

and Enacted by his Excellency the Governor
Council and Reprefentatives in General Court af-
fembled, and by the authority of the fame That
the feveral convictions Judgments and Attainders
again ft the faid George Bor roughs, John Proffer,
George Jacob, John Willard, Giles Core and Mar
tha Core, Rebecca Nurfe, Sarah Good, Elizabeth
How, Mary Eajly, Sarah Wild, Abigail Hobbs,
Samuel Wardell, Mary
Parker, Martha Carrier,
Abigail Falkner, Anne Fojler, Rebecca Eames, Mary
Poftj Mary Lacey, Mary Bradbury, and Dorcas
Hoar, and every of them Be and hereby are re-
verfed made and declared to be null and void to all
Intents, Conftructions and purpofes whatfoever, as
if no fuch convictions Judgments, or Attainders
had ever been had or given. And that no penal
ties or forfeitures of Goods or Chattels be
by the
faid Judgments
o /
and attainders or either of them
had or Incurrd. Any Law Ufage or Cuftom to the
contrary notwithftanding. And that no Sheriffe,
Conftable Goaler or other officer mall be Liable to
any profecution in the Law for anything they then
Legally did in the Execution of their refpective
Made and Pafs d by the Great and General Court
or AfTembly of Her Majeftys Province of the
Maffachufets Bay in New England held at Bofton
the 1 7 th day of October. 1711.
Salem Witchcraft. 219
Whereas we the fubfcribers are Informed that
His Excellency the Governour Honourable Coun
cil, and Generall aflembly of this province have
been pleafed to hear our Supplication and anfwer
our Prayer in paffing an act in favour of us refpect-
ing our Reputations and Eftates Which we hum

bly and gratefully acknowledge.

And inafmuch as it would be Chargeble and
Troublefome for all or many of us to goe to Bofton
on this affair Wherefore we have and do Authorize

and Requeft our Trufty Friend the Worfhipfull

Stephen Sewall Efq To procure us a Coppy of the

faid ad; and to doe what may be further proper

and neceffary for the reception of what is al
lowed us and to take and receive the fame for us
and to Tranfact any other thing referring to the
Premifes on our Behalfe that may be requilite or
Convenient. EfTex. December 1711.

John Eames in behalfe Charles Burrough eldeft

of his mother Rebec- fon
ca Eames Jhn Barker
Abigael Faulkner Lawrence Lacy
Samuel Prefton on behalf Abraham Fofter
of his wife Sarah Pref- fy fons of
ton Jhn Parker
Samuel Ofgood on behalfe JoiephParker ker de-
of his mother mary [ceafed.
Ofgood John Marfton
Nathaniel Dane Thomas Carrier
Jofeph Wilfon John Frie
Samuel Wardwell Mary Poft
22O Salem Witchcraft.

John Wright John Johnfon in behalf

Ebenezer Barker of his mother Rebec-
Francis Johnfon on be- ca Johnfon & his
half of his mother, fifter
Brother & fifter Eli- William Barker fen r
zabeth Gorge Jacob on behalfe
Jofeph Emerfon on behalf of his father who fuf-
of his wife martha Em- fered
erfon of Hauerhill Thorndik Procter on be-
Ephraim Willds halfe of his father
John Moulton on behalfe John Procter who
of his wife Elizabeth fuffered
the daughter of Giles Beniamin Procter fon of
Coree who fuferd the aboues d
Robert peafe on behalfe Doarcas hoare
of his wife willem town
Annies King on behalf of Samuel nurs
her mother Jacob eftei
Edward Bifhop
Excellency the Gouerno
By his
Whereas y Generall AfTembly in their laft
feffionaccepted y report ap of their comitte
pointed to confider of ye Damages fuftained by
Sundry perfons profecuted for witchcraft in y year
1692 viz
s. d. s. d.
To Elizabeth How 12 o o John Profter and
George Jacobs 79 o o wife 150 o o
Mary 20 o o Sarh Wild o o
Parker 800 Mary Bradbury
20 o o
George Burroughs 50 o o Abigail Faulkner 20 o o
Giles Cory & wife 21 o o Abigail Hobbs 10 o o
Rebeccah Nurfe 25 o o Anne Fofter 610 o
John Willard 20 o o Rebeccah Eames 10 o o
Salem Witchcraft. 221
Sarah Good 30 o o Dorcas Hoar 21 17 o
Martha Carrier
Samuel Wardwell
760 Mary Poft 8 14
8 Io
Mary Lacey
&wife 36 15 o
269 ii o
309 i o 309 i o

578 12 o
The whole amounting vnto Five hundred fev-
enty eight poundes and Twelve Shillings.
J doe by &
with the advice and confent of her
hereby order you to pay y above
MajT council
fum of flue hundred feventy eight poundes twelve &
{hillings to Stephen Sewall Efq
who together with
y gentlemen ofy
Comitte that Estimated and Re
damages are defired & directed to
ported y
y fame in proportion as aboue to fuch

of y faid perfons as are Liuing and to thofe that


legally reprefent them
that are dead according as y
law directs and for which this mall be your War
Given under my hand at Boton the 17 Day of
December 1711 J Dudley
To M r
Treasurer Taylor By order of y e Gouer-
no r &Council Jfa Addington Secrty.
Whereas His Excellency the Governor and Gen-
erall court haue been pleafed to grant to y e perfons
who were y year 1692 fome confider-
fufFerers in
able alowance towards reftitution with refpecl: to
what they fuffered in their Eftates at that Sorrow-
full time and haue alfoe appointed a Comitte viz.

John Appleton Efq Thomas Noyes Efq r John


Burrel Efq
Nehemiah Jewet Efq. & Stephen
222 Salem Witchcraft.
Sewall to diftribute y e Same to and amongft y e
parties concern
d as in & by y e
records and Court
orders May appear. Now Know yee that wee
Subfcribers herevnto being Either y e proper parties
or fuch as reprefent them or have full power &
authority from them Receiue their parts and
mares of ye money afbrefd and fuch of vs as haue
orders from Tome of y e parties concerned to receive
their parts and fhares doe avouch them to be real
and good fo whomfoever wee take vpon
that for
us to receive any fuch fum wee doe oblige ourfelves
to Idemnify y e faid Comitte to all Jntents con-
ftru&ions & purpofes, wee fay Recieved this 19

day of February anno Domi 1711-12 & in y e

Tenth year of
Abram How For Mary & Abigail
How 4 14 o
Ephraim Roberdes for James Martha
& Sarah How children of John How 4 14 o
mark of

A fofter for mother
6 i o o
Abraham A fofter for Mary lacey by
order 8 10 o
Samuel wardel 36 15 o
Benia putnam for Sarah Good 30 o o
William W Towne for wife widow
ofWillard 6 12 8

Jfaac Eftey 2 9 o for felfe John Eafty 290

for Mary poft
William Cleur 1 1 o o for M. Carier
John Ames ten poundes by ord. of his mother
on file 10 o o
Salem Witchcraft. 223
Ephraim Wiles 14 o o Abigail Faulkner 20 o o
marke of

George Yorry John king for him- )

Jacobs 46 o o }
felfe & fifter
marke of marke
Anne X Andrews 23 oo! Chriftopher X Read
John fofter 8 7 o 79 o o|

130] maried Eliz. Hoar.
Joana X
Green Jofeph Parker 800
Jofeph Parker 8 14 o Jofeph Parker 760
Received as on y e foregoing fide s. d.
Samuel Nurs for himfelfe & John
Nurfe& John Tarbeu Rebeccah Prefton
William Ruflell Martha Bowden &
francis Nurs 21 14 o
Elizabeth x Richards alias Procter Benjam x Procter
Ebenezer Bancraft for Martha Procter
John procter william procter
Thorndik Procter in behalfe of myfelfe and
Jofeph procter and Abigill Procter and mary
procter and fifter Elizabeth Very.
marke marke
Sarah Munion x alias Procter. Elizabeth x Procter.
s. d.
Charles Burrough for myfelfe and for 420
Jeremiah Burrough and Rebeccah Fowle each of us
Hanah Fox & Elizabeth Thomas 20 o o
John Appleton Rec for G Burrough y fum of
d e

ffore poundes & two fhilK ,?

d x Hoar 20
23 Abigail
marke both
Rebeccah x Hoar
224 Salem Witchcraft.
marke of
Feb 23. 1711 William x Hobbs for
his fifter Abigail Hobbs 9 15 o
cha 4 o

10 o o
Leonard* Slue forfelfe & fifter Rachel 10 4 d

Mary x Pittman alias How

Rec d as aforef
for George Abbott & Hanah his wife s. d.

daughter of mary Eafty

March 4, 1711 by y r written order forty nine
{hillingsJohn farnum
March 5 Rec d for myfelfe
forty nine (hillings
March 6.
Jacob efti.

Received for myfelfe three

poundes 4
& d
6 for my owne mare.
Hanah x Willard
March 6 Rec d for our daughter Margaret Wil
lard being vnder age three four millings 6 d
William x Town Margaret x Towne wife of f

Wm Town.
March 22 Received for my daughter Mary
Burroughs four pounds 2 in full for her (hare.

Mary x Hall alias Burroughs

March 22, 171 1-12 Received for myfelfe Ten

poundes Mary x Hall alias Burroughs

Aprill 5 1712
Rec d of Stephen Sewall as aforefd

690 d
John x Willard
May i. 1712. Rec on behalf of my wife De-
Salem Witchcraft. 225
borah How Two pounds Seven Shilling in full.
Ifaac Howe.
Rec d for Benj. Nurfe fifty four (hillings & 6d
May 12, 1712. Samullnurs.
Rec d for e
myfelf y fubfcriber & for my Bro r in
Law Peter Thomas in right of Elizabeth his wife
& my fifter Hanah ffox wife of m Jabez ffox & r

& Rebecca fowles four pounds Ten

George burrougs
Burroughs &
Receiued for my bro r Jeremiah
myfelfe Two pounds fiue millings.
Charles Burrough.
Newbury May 22 1712. Rec ed for & in be-

halfe of
my wife Jane True & Mary Stanion
daughters of Mary Bradbury & for John Bufs &
Eliz a Bufs Children of Elizabeth Bufs e Sum of
millings p me
nine poundes fifteen True
May 22 1712. Reced. for my Brethren &
being fix of vs in number children of Judah
Moodey one of y e daughters of y e aforefd Mary
Bradbury Dec thre pounds
. fiue mill 8
Caleb Moodey.
May 22 d 1712. Rec d for my fifter Anne Allen
& myfelfe children of Wymond Bradbury Dec d
three pounds five Shillings

p me Wymond
Reced for my Two Brothers William Bradbury
& Jacob Bradbury & myfelfe Three pounds fiue
{hillings in full p me Thomas Bradbury.
July 27, 1712. Rec d on y e acct aforefaid
D da
226 Salem Witchcraft.
Eleuen pounds five {hillings for my part Rec in
full Samuel x Procter.
r d
Sep 3 1712. Received for my brother Jomua&
myfelfe 4180 which J ingage to produce his or
der for & fend to S. Sewall. Benjamin Eftie.
d d
Rec for my fifter Sarah Gills
Sept 3 1712.

forty nine millings which J promife to lend her

receipt for Beniamin Eftie.
Rec d for Jofeph Eftie & and by his written or
der forty nine millings Nou r
28, 1712.
John Commings.
e e e
Receipts of y relations 6cc of y Sufferers in y
year 1692 taken February 19 1711-12,
Mr Burroughs s family widow.
Charles Burroughs George Burroughs Jeremiah
Burroughs Rebecca Fowle alias Burrougs Hanah
Fox alias Burroughs Elizabeth Thomas, Mary
M rs
Mary Bradbury s progeny.
d has left
Wymond Bradbury Dec d
Anne. Judah Moodey Dec Caleb Moodey, Hana
Moodey, Jofhua Moody, Samuel Moody, Mary
Hale. Judith Toppen. William Bradbury dec d
William Bradbury, Thomas Bradbury Jacob Brad
Mary Stanian Jane True
Elizabeth Bufs Dec d John Buis Elizabeth Bufs.
Families Jnterefted in ye allowance following.
Children of Elizabeth How
viz. daughters
Mary How, Deborah How
wife of Jfa of : How
Salem Witchcraft. 227
Roxbury, Abigail How. Grandchildren James
How, Martha How & Sarah How being y e chil
dren of her only fon John How Dec d .

William Hoar Dec d left

Dorcas Hoar family, Mary Burt widow. Eliza
beth Read wife of Chriftopher Read Annis 400
King wife of John King 12 o o Johanna Green
widow i o o Tabitha Slue Dec d left two children
Leonard Rachel. George Jacobs family George
Jacobs only fon 46 o o Anne Andrews 23 o o
Margret Jacobs alias Fofter for her goods
taken away 870. The Charge 113
Mary Eafty family. Jfa Eafty Jofeph Eafty
John Eafty Ben Eafty, Jacob Eafty.
d to
Eafty p Benj Sarah Gill daughter Hanah Abbot
of Andover
Rebeccah Nurfe family, John Nurfe Sarah
Bowden Rebecah Prefton, Samuel Nurfe, Francis
Nurfe, Mary Tarbel Elizabeth Ruflel.
John Procters family widow alias Richards
Benj. Procter John Procter, Eliz. Verey, Martha

Join Mary Procter Thorndick Procter William

Procter Jofeph Procter, Samuel Procter Sarah
Procter Eliz. Procter Abigail Procter.

Mr. Sewall& Hon rd friend

S r Refpects J mifed, you 8 J receiued of yo r fon,

bearing date y 27 of this Jnftant mo

e th th
accord &
J haue drawne out y names &
r e
ing toyo delire
Sums (of ye Refpedtive Sufferers) y l y e petition 5

d st
of thofe executed.
pray for. i
228 Salem Witchcraft.

s. d.
Elizabeth How ; Mary Abigail her
daughters pray for
Georg Jacobs, Georg Jacobs his fon
pray p 79 o o
Sara Wild, Ephraim Wild her fon
d for
Mary Eafty. Jfaack Eafty her huf-
band pr d p 20 o o
Mary Parker. Jofeph & Jn parker
her fon pr d p 08 o o
M r
Georg Burroughs, Charles Bur
roughs his fon pr p 50 o o
Elizabeth Core. & Martha y e
wife of
Jno Molton he pr p 2100
Rebecca Nurie. Samuell Nurfe her
fon pr d p 25 o o
Jn Willard. Margeret Towne his
pr p 20 o o
Sarah Good. William Good her
hufband pr d p 30 o o
Martha Carrier. Thomas Carriar
her hufband pr d p o o
Samuel Wardell executed & his wife
Sarah condemned. Samuell Wardell
their fon pr d p o
36 15
John procter, John & Thordick
his fons pr d p o
150 9
JfonsCondemned & not Executed
Mrs Mary Bradbury. Henry & Sam 1

True her fons pr d p 20 o o

Salem Witchcraft. 229
Abigail Faulkner for her and her
children pr d p 2o o o
Abigail Hobs william Hobs her Fa
ther pr d p io lb 10 o o
Ann Fofter. Abraham Fofter her
fon pr d p
Rebeccah Eames prayes p
10 o o
Dorcas King alias whore pr d p 21120
Mary poft prayes p 8 14 o
Mary Lacy Lawrence her huf-
band pr d p 8100
Elizabeth Procter & Elizabeth John-
fon. J find their names amongft y e
aboue condemned pflbns & lum put
to them. Pfons Jmprifori d & not Con
demned petitioned for Allowances for
their Jmprifonment charges &c
Sarah Buckley & Mary witredg for
fo much they pay d 15 o o
John Johnfon for Rebecca his wife
& daughter 604
Cap Ofgoods wife Mary
Sarah Cole for hers
6 10 o
Edward Bimop petitions for 100 o o
Jn Barker p Mary Barker his
daughters expences he p for her 03 15 10
Rob 1 peafe p his 1330
Nath Dane p his

Jn Fry p his 4174
Jofeph Wilfon p his 4154
Jn Wright p his 040
230 Salem Witchcraft.
Mercy Woodell y wife of Jn

Wm 540
Wright for

Jn Barker prayes for his Br

Barkers 3 1 1 o
Lawrence Lafy for his daughter Mary
Jn Marfton p his wife
Ebenezer Barker for
Francis Johnfon for his wife then
his wife
Sarah Hawks
Francis Johnfon for his mother
540 o
& for his filler Elizabeth 3 oo o

Totall 796 1 8 o
befides m r
Englim his demands
ye Courts left to
Confideration &
determination Ips 28-9-1711.
S r y e mofl humble fervant NTH JEWIT.
To the Committee appointed by the Governour
& Council for the diftribution of the money al
lowed by y e Generall Court to y e Sufferers in the

year 1692.
Pleafe to pay my part &
proportion allowed me
by the faid court unto Deacon Benjamin Putnam
whom J have defired to pay my part of the neceff-
ary charge, And his be your full dif-
receipt ihall
charge. from your fervant.
m W
Good x his mark
Salem Vill. Janua. 21:17
Whereas the Governour and Generall Court
have been pleafed to grant a Confiderable fum to
wards Reftitution to thofe who were Sufferers in y e
year 1692, & and have appointed a Committe to
diftribute y e fame amongft the perfons concerned.
Salem Witchcraft. 231
Wherefore in as much as J y e fubfcriber Married
with Martha Procter one of y e daughters of John
Procter late of Salem deced doe Requeft the gen
tlemen of y e committee to Deliver what part and
proportion May belong to me on behalfe of my
faid wife unto Cap 1 Ebenezar Bancroft of Lynn
and his Receipt mail be your full difcharge. from
your Serv
. Nathanell Gowing
e st
Jan y 2 I
To the Gentelmen of
the Comittee appointed
by the Governer and Councell to diftribute the
money allowed by the General Court to fuch as
weare fufferers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliuer unto my brother
Thorndik Procter the Sume allowed unto me and
his receipt mall fully difcharge you ffrom the fame
th Elizabeth Very.
February i8 1711-12
Whereas we are Jnformed the Generall Couart
hath a Pointed a Committee to diftrubute to the
pearties Confearned what the s d Court heath
alowed to make Reparation to fuch as weare fuf
ferers in the yeare 1692. Whearfore wee doe de-
fire and
heareby order and Jmpower our brother
Thorndik Procter to receive what mall bee alowed
to each of
ys and to giue receit for the fame which
mall fully difchargue you thearof.
the x of abigaill Procter.
To y
appointed by y Generall
Court to diftribute what was allow d by y e
Court s

towards reftitution to y of thofee

e e
furTered in y Sorrowfull times called y Witchcraft
232 Salem Witchcraft.
times, pleas to pay and deliuer what mare and
proportion belongs to me on that fcore vnto my
Brother r Samuel Nurfe of Salem & his receipt
mall be a full and fufficient difcharge from your
friend &c. Beniamin Nurfe.
May 8 th
anno Dom 1712.
Whereas we are Jnformed the Generall court
hath apointed a Committe to diftribute to the par
ties concearned what the s d Court hath alowed to
make Reparation to the Sufferers in the year 1692.
Therefore wee doe deiire and hereby Jmpour our
Brother Samuel Nurfe te receive what is alowed to
us and to give receipt for the fame
John Nurs willem rufel
John Farbell martha bouden
Rebaka prefton francis nurs.
Whereas y e Gouernour & Generall Court have
been Pleafed to grant a confiderable fum towards
reftitution to thofe who were Sufferers in
ye year
1692 & have appointed a Committee to diftribute

e e
y fame amongft y perfons concerned.
Wherefore J yefubfcriber (being then a Sufferer)
doe requeft y e gentlemen of y e Comittee to Deliver
what Part and Proportion may belong to me unto
my father William Hobbs, or my brother William
Hobbs (both of Topffield) and either of their receipts
{hall be your full difcharge from your Servant.
the mark of

Abigaill x Hobbs.
We whofe namesare hereunto Subfcribed
requefted by George Locker Deputy Sherife in
Salem Witchcraft. 233
Effex by order and direction of y e Juftices to ap-
praize and vallue a Gun &
a fword of John Byfli
w ch Gun we vallue and apprize to be worth 2o s &
y fword tobe worth Ten Shillings as witnefs our
hands this 25 day of auguft 1716.
Abrm Punchard Phill h Englifh jun.

Petition of M r
To e c
y Comitte appointed to Diftribute y money
allowed to the Sufferers in 1692
Gen 1
I e
requeft y favour of you to reprefent
y Gen Court what a great Sufferer I have
e 11
it to

been in my eftate by reafon of y e fevere profecution

of me and my wife in that Dark time. It Coft
me fifty pounds at Bofton & we were forced to fly
for our Lives at which time my eftate was feized
and Squandred away to a great Value and much of
my provifion vfed to Subfift y numerous Company
of prifoners In y e whole I am Exceedingly Dem-
e e
y moft of my perfonal eftate to y Value of
many hundreds of pounds taken from me very &
little of it Reftored againe I
pray to Confider my
Extraordinary Sufferings.
I am Gen
yo humble Serv
r a r

an account of what John King and Annis his

wife one of y e Daughters of Dorcas Hoare late of
Beverly Deceafed difburfed & expended on their
aforefaid Mother dureing y e time of her imprifon-
ment and Great Troubles in ye year 1692.
Imprimis. Subfiftance for her 9 s. d.
months when (he was in Salem prifon
E ea
234 Salem Witchcraft .

tt a Journey to Bofton and money

carryed to her while in prifon there 10
my Journey to Bofton to carry
her to Ipswich &
Expence while there 1
my going two Journeys to
wife s

Ipfwich and exfpence & attendance up

on her 10
tt two Journeys to Bofton to procure

a reprieve i o
tt a Journey to fetch her from Ipf
wich toSalem c

12 o o
befides confiderable cloathing & other
things for her neceffitys.
her mark

John king. Annis x King.

Andover feb y e 26: 1711-12 honoured Sir
thes are to dezier you to deliuer to y e bearer hereof
John Farnum the money y falleth to my mare of

what the Cort alowed to the fufferers in 92.

J being the daughter of Goodwife Eftey of topf-
feeld and now wife to George Abbut in Andover,

Geoge Abbut Hannah abbut

To the much honred mager fewall pray S r be
for to to the barer hearof John cum-
pleafed pay
mings my part of the money that the generall
court did geve to the fufferers in the yeare 1692.
and his recit mail bee your defcharge
S r J underftand that you have payd all of my
brothers, and fo J would pray you for to pay the
barer heareof fo J raft your friend and Saruent
Jofeph Efti,
Salem Witchcraft. 235
from Dorcheftour november the 01 day 1712
as witnes my hand.
Salem ffebx 19
1711-12 To the Honour d
The petition of Benjamin Prodler humbly mew-
eth ; That
1. for as much as
J your petitioner was Jmprif-
oned for monthes Jn the time they called
witchcraft and was by that a great fufferer.
2. for as much as J was e
y eldeft fon of my
father & worked hard with my father till
J was :

about thirty years of age and helped bring up all


my father s children, by all his wives one after

3. for, as much as after my fathers death J your
petitioner was at great coft and trouble in the dif-
d fathers
pofition of my s affairs as to relieving his
d them
family fome of helples with anfwering :

debts charges, legafies &c.

All which confidered your petitioner thinketh he
deferves a greater mare of this that y e country hath
bin pleafe to alow us then y e reft of our family doe:
which J leave in confideration of you r hon rs and
mall forever remain yo r hon rs moft humble ferv c .

Benjamin Prodler.
To the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed
by the Governo and Council to diftribute the
money allowed by the General Court, to fuch as
were Sufferers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliuer into Jofeph Parker of
Andover the fum allowed unto me, and his Re
ceipt mall fully difcharge you from the fame.
Andover January 7. 1711-12 Thomas Carrier
236 Salem Witchcraft.
Know all whom it doth or may confarn that wee

Mary and Abegill How both daughters of James

How Jpfwich late deceaft being informe that y e
honered Generall Court hath a-Lowed fom money
for us in way of Restitution for y e damig wee fuf-
tained in y e yere 92 by that as was called witch
craft when our honoured mother was executed.
We pray your honours to fend us y money

alowed us, by our vncle Abraham How whom we

have defired and employed to Receive y e fame for
us. dated in Jpfwich 22 of January 1711 or 12 as
mark her mark
witnes our hands x How Abigill x
Mary her How
Tothe gent m of the Committee to Diftribute
the money that the Generall Court allow d to y e
Famleys of those that were SufFarers in the year of
y witchcraft.
J requeft that you would deliver my p of the

money unto Col. John Appleton and his Receipt

(hallbe accept d .

dated Jan 22 :
p George burouhs.
171 1.

Forafmuch as it is made Manifeft that y e child

ren of m
George Burroughs Deced. by his former
wiues did in y e time of his Jmprisonment admin-
ifter vnto him NecefTary things were at con &
siderable charge thereabout &
for his Jnterment &
that y e widow had moft or all of ye
In Consideration where of y Subfcribers a Wee e

committee appointed by y Generall Court e

confent agree &
order that ye fix pounds 6 d
Salem Witchcraft. 237
yet remaing of y fifty pounds
allowed by ye Gou-
ernment fhall be payed to y e s d children in equal
January 3 1712.
John Appleton Stephen Sewall
Thomas Noyes Neh. Jewett.
Bofton New England Jan r i6 th 1711-12.
Whereas we are Jnformed the Generall Court
hath appointed a Committee To Diftribute To
the Partys Concern d what the s d court have Al-
low d to Make Repare Ation to the fufferers Jn
the yere 1692. wherefore we defier and hereby
order and Jmpower Our Brother Charles Bur-
rough To Receive what is Allowed to each of us
And his Receipt (hall be a fufficient Difcharge.
Peter Thomas Jabez Fox
Rebekah Fowle Jeremiah Burrough.
Attelborow March the 14 th 171 1-12 Loving
brother my Love Remembred vnto you hoping
that you eare well as I am at this prefent I make
bold to wright a few lins vnto you defiring you to
be fo kind vnto mee as to fend mee that which is
my wright and proper due from the Jeneral court
pray you to fend it by my mother which will
take fom care about itt and Let me not be forgotten
by you who am your Sifter till deth.

Mary Burros.
Bofton, Decernb i6 171
2. To the Honourable
Gentlemen Appointed for a Committee Relateing
to the Affairs of Witchcraft Jn theyeare 1692.
Gentlemen. We
the Subfcribers and children
238 Salem Witchcraft.
of m r
late of wells, who fufFered
Georg Burrough
att Salem in the Trouble there humbly offer for

you Honours Confederation A few Lines Relateing

our Cafe and Circomftances vpon Acco of our 1

Mother in Laws Conduct and Carriage Towards

us, after our Father was Apprehended and Taken

away Our Mother in Law laide hands vpon all me

could fecure (the Children were generally unable
to fhift for Themfelves) and what me could lay
hands on was her Own without any perfon but her
own Daugh r to mare with her, whom me fays was
to bring up, but may it Plefe your Honours to
Confider there was feaven children more befides
That were To bring up the eldeft of which was
but fixteen years old att that Time, but infleed of
fhareing in what our father Left and me had fe-
cur d were Turn d to mift for ourfelves without
anythiug for fo much as a Remembrance of Our
father Tho Som of us can Remember of Confid-
erable in the houfe, befides his Liberary which me
fold and Rec d the money for then Lett it out at

intereft and was afterward Rec by another Huf-
band and not one farthing beftowed on any child

but her Own. This being matter of facl: we Hum

bly leave it with your honours to Confider wheather
of what the Honourable Generall Court allow d &c
She have not already Rec d To much and the
Children To Little. We Subfcribe ourfelves your
Honours Humble Ser tts
rebaker fowl. Charles Burrough
x Eliz Thomas Jerimi Burrough
hannah fox
Salem Witchcraft. 239
Bofton Aprill 3 d Honoured Sir the fauour which
i would
humbly afk of your hounour at this time
is that
you would pleafe to let my brother George
Burrough have what remains in your hands on the
account of my deceafed but Honnoured Father r
George Burrough Sir my requeft is that it may be
don without delay for euery difTcourfe on this
melloncely fubiect doth but give a frem wound to
my bleeding hart but i defire to fit down in nt
and remain, Sir your Honnours moft obedei fer-
uant Rebekah Fowle.
To the Gentlemen ap-1 Bofton Apr 8. 1713, 11

pointed A Comittee Re- I Gentlemen we the fub-

lateing to the affairs
fcribers & children of
Witchcraft &c j
m r
who fuffered in the late Troubles at Salem in the
yere 1692. offer to your confideration the conduct
of our Mother in Laue, affter the deth of our ffa-
ther She made lure of all that there was of houfe-
hold Goods &c togather with our fathers Library
which was off fom Value, faid Liberary was fold
affterward &
part of the money came afterward
into the hands of a fecond Hufband, but nothing
thereof nor the houfehold goods &c ever came
into our hands we were Turn d out into a wide
world to Shift for ourfelves haueing nothing to
truft unto but Divine Providence and the Generofity
of friends (not on the fide of our mother in Law)
& fom of us fo young that we can give no acco"
of perticular Circomftances of the ffamily, nor Ca-
peable any of us to give a perticular acco of the
24-Q Salem Witchcraft.

wrong don us any we are informed

ffurther then

by others, but can allure you we never had the

value of fixpence to Remember our ffather with
when Dead and gon. And we cannot but obferve
to you that what the Honerable Court allowed
when divided among y
Children according to the
Direction of the fame Amou" to but about four

pounds a piece, which we think but a poor recom-

penfe (fetting afide the deth of our father) to make
good Our due proportion of his fubftance which
we were deprived of by means of his deth, befides
the difficulties we were put unto &
the Charge of
bringing up of the Confederation of w f we relate
which is matter of fad: well known to many be-
fides ourfelves bee motive fufficient to Engage yo r
Confederation of us in what you have Stopt of the
above mentioned grant of the Honerable Court we
defier you to deliver what you fee caufe to allow us
to our brother Georg Burrough, if what we offer
be not worth of your Confederation or Argument
Sufficient that we mould have what Remains in

your hands, we only defier the flavour of a Speedy

Anfwer for the fum as we are Inform d is fo fmall

that much trouble in the bufiness will furmount it

by ffarr mould we be allowed itt at laft fo that an


information of your refolves in the bufiness will

Prove more of a flavour then tedious Delays mould
you grant it at laft. Not ffurther at prefent but
Remaine to offer We Remaine Geutlemen your
humble Serv tts Peter Thomas in behalf of my wife.
Jabez Fox in behalf of my wife.
Salem fFitchcraft. 24.1
Salem May II 1713. Majeager Seuell Sir be
pleafed to let my brother Charles Burrough haue
my part y was Leaft
So you will oblige your humble Serveant.
Jeremiah Burrough.
To the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed
by the Governor and Council to diftribute the
money allowed by the Generall Court to fuch as
were fufferers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliver unto my fon John
Eames the fum allowed unto me and his receipt
mall fully difcharge you from the fame January 7,
171 1-12
rebeckah x Ames.

To the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed

by the Governour and Council to diftribute the
money allowed by the Generall Court to fuch as
were fufferers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliver unto Samuel Wardell
our Eldeft Brother, the fum allowed unto us, and
his Receipt mall fully difcharge you from the fame.
Andover January 7. 1711-12.
William Wardell Eliakim wardell
John Right Elizabeth wardell
Ezekiel Ofgood.
The children of Samuel Wardell deceafed.
To the honourable the Gentleman of the Com-
mitee fitting at Salem Feb. 19. 1711-12
Whereas my mother Sarah Wardel was con-
242 Salem Witchcraft.
demned by the court at Salem fometime in Janu
ary in the year 1692, as I fuppofe will appear by
the Records of the Ingalls at that Court, but her
name is not inferted in the late Ad: of the Generall
Court, for the taking of the Attainder of thofe
that were condemned in that year, my mother
being fince deceafed. Ithought it my duty to en
deavour that her name may have the benefit of that
Act. J therefore humbly pray your Honours to

Reprefent this cafe to the Honourable Gen 11

that my mothers name may be inferted in the faid
Act. And whereas in the Account which J gaue
to your Hono rs when you met at Salem the laft
winter, J mentioned only what was feized of my
Father s eftate, by the fherriffe, but gave no account
of other charges which did arife from the imprifon-
ment of my Father and mother, they having pro
vided for their own fubfiftance while they were in
Prifon, and I fuppofe there was fomething confider-
able payd to the keeper of the Prifon, though I am
not able now to give a particular account how
much it was. Jf your honours pleafe to allow me
fomething upon that account, Jt will be thankfully
acknowledged by, Your honours moft humble
fervant Samuel wardel
Feb. 19. 1711-12.
Whereas feveral of the neer Relations of us the
fubfcribers fuffered imprifonment at Salem in the

year 1692. And we were put to great charges and

expence to provide for them while they were in
fees and court charges, which
prifon, and for Prifon
Salem Witchcraft. 24.3

we were we could obtain their

forced to pay before
Releafe. An
account of which we haue put into
the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed by the
Gen Court, we do unanimoufly agree to make our

fupplication to the Gen Court to conlider the fuf-


.ferings of our Relations, and the Dammage we then

fuftained and to allow us fu it, according to the ac
counts which we haue given to the committee to
aforefaid. And to that end we humbly requeft the
wormipfull Stephen Sewall Efq to write a Petition
for us to the General court at their next feffion.
Andover January 21. 1711-12
Nathaniel Dane John Johnfon
Jofeph willfon John wright
Ebenezer Barker Samuel Ofgood
ffrancis Johnfon Sara parker.
To the Honourable the Gentlemen of the Com
mittee Sitting in Salem Feb. 19. 1711-12.
Whereas the Honouble Generall Court hath
lately made an Act for taking off the Attainder of
thofe that were condemned for witchcraft in the

year 1692. J thought meet to Jnform your Hon

ours that J was condemned by the Court at Salem
in January in the year 1692, as will appear by the
Records of the Tryalls at Said court, but my name
is not inferted in faid act. Being very defirous of
the favour of that Act, am bold humbly to pray

your Honours, to reprefent my cafe to the General

court next Seflion, that my name
at their may be
inferted in that Act, if it may be, and that the
Honourable court would pleafe to allow me fome
Salem Witchcraft.

thing in confideration of my charges by reafon of

my long Jmprifonment, which will be thankfully
acknowledged as a great favour.
by your Honours moft humble fervant.
Elizabeth Johnfon jun r
Andover Feb- 19, 1711-12.
To y
honourable Comittee Salem february 1

Jentlemen. Jn ye Darke & forrowful tims in
y yeare 1692 when fo maney perfons of undoubted
Creditt were accufed of witchcrafte owr famelue
as well as others was vnder grate truble and it cofte
vs veary confiderable in owur neflarey Expencue
for our Honoured and tender mother Duringe hir

Wherefore requefte of your honours to maneft
ittto y e members of y e members of y e Jennarall
Courte that we might have fom reafonable allow
ance for owr charge therein, which will euer
oblidgeyour SearventTo pray.
Peter Ofgood in y e name of y e reafte of y e
Hampton March 24. 1711-12. MaiorSewall
S thisis to defier you to deliuer to my Brother
Henry True for my vie that part of money that y e
Gene Court have allotted to my wife as one of


Cap Bradbury s
Daughters &
his receipt thereof
{hall be your discharge from your friends and

John Stanyan Mary Stanyan.

To the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed
Salem Witchcraft. 245
& the Governour and Council to diftribute the
money allowed by the Gen 11
court to fuch as were
fufFerers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliuer unto my Brother Jof-

eph Parker the fum allowed unto us, and his receipt
mall fully difcharge you from the fame. Andover
January 7 1711-12 John Parker.
To Gentlemen of the Committee appointed
by the Governour and Council to diftribute the
money allowed by the Generall court to fuch as
were fufferers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliuer vnto Jofeph Parker of
Andover the fum allowed vnto me, and his Receipt
mail fully difcharge you from the fame Andover

January 1711-12
7. Mary bur
To the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed
by the Governour and Council to diftribute the
money allowed by the Generall court, to fuch as
were Sufferers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliuer vnto my brother
Thorndike Procter the fum allowed unto me, and
hisReceipt mall fully difcharge you from the fame.
January 15. 1711-12 mary Procter.
To the Gentlemen of the Committee fitting at
Salem this 22 of January 1711-12.
Whereas the Subfcriber fuffered Imprifonment

at Salem, 17 weeks in the year 1692. And was put

to great charges and Expences before I could ob
tain a Releafe. And
not having an oppertunity to
giue your Honours an account of my charges dur-
24.6 Salem Witchcraft.

ng my imprifonment, when others of my neigh

bours and fellow fufFerers, put in their ac
counts J haue thought meet to do
: it at this time,
which is as followeth.
Tothe keeper of the Prifon two pounds eight
millings &
four pence.
For Court charges Thirty millings & four pence.
For necefTary Expences while J attended the
Court one pound four millings.
Sarah Parker of Andover.
Maj Sewall pleafe to pay to Leonard Slue the

money Comeing to y humble Serv t Feb 23. 1711-


12 Rachel R Slue.

Mary Rich of Lynn widow in y year 1692 was


Imprifoned & loft he bed & pot & other houfehold

about halfe year.
fluffe, in
At Superior Court of Indicature holden at
Salem for the County of EiTex the 12 th December
by Adjournment from the laft
Tuefday in Novem
ber paft.
Ordered. Whereas there hath arifen a great

Charge in holding the feverall Courts of Oyer and

Terminer in the County of Eftex in the year 1692.
the payment of part of w ch hath been ordered by
the Governour and Councill out of the publique
Treafury and yet there remains due to feverall per-
fons for their fervice and difbur(em ts one
and thirty pounds in money whofe Acco ts haue
been examined and allowed by he Court the dif-

charge of which properly belongs to faid County

This Court doth therefore order the Clerk therof
247 Salem Witchcraft.
to fignifie and make known the fame unto their
Majeft Juftices of the peace in faid County.
are directed at their next Generall Sefllons of the

peace to make an AfTefTment on

the Jnhabitats of
faid County proportionally for the payment of the
faid fumm And that by an Order
they caufe the
fame to be paid to the County Trear and that he
pay the faid fum to the feverall perfons unto whom
it is due according to the feverall Acco ts herewith
Vera Copia Taken out of y e Record of fd Court.
Atteft. Jon ElaiTon Cler
An account of what is due to the feverall perfons
hereafter named from the publique for their ref-

pective diiburfem aud fervices according to their


Acco Given in and & Examined by the Supereour


Court holden at Salem by Adjournm 1 December

12 th 1693.
Thomas Beadle C r
by his
acc ofdifburfim ts 58 n 5
Dr to what was p d by y

17 17 6
Due to Ballance 40 13 1 1

Samuel Beadle C r
by his
acc 21 o o
Dr to what p d by the
Sheriff 10 o o

11 o o
248 Salem Witchcraft*
Samuel Shattock C r
as p his
acc d 7 02 oo
Dr to what p d by the
Sheriff 3 oo oo

John Cook C by his acc
Mary Gedey C by her

acc 70 oo oo
Dr by what s d the
p by
Trear & Sherriffe 55 13 oo
14 07 o
John Stacy Cr by his acc
of di(burfem ts
Mr Thomas Newton for his
feruice 250
John Putnam Conftable 305
& Jonathan Putnam 3o
their Extraordinary Seruice &
Travell 300
Joieph Neal for his Service
and Travell 200
Cap Willard William Mur-

ry & Thomas Putnam for

their Seruice 5 each 15 o o
Nathaniel Jngerfoll his acc
of difburfem ts 600
George Herrick for his
Great feruice 25 o o

130 oo 1 1
Allowed upon the acc aboue the feverall fumes
Salem Witchcraft. 249
there amounting to the Summ of one hundred and
thirty pounds
Eleuen pence.
Stoughton W
ver Copia atteft Jon ElafTon Cler.
County Eftex Deto July 92.
Ittm. for making fouer payer of Iron ffetters
and tow payer of hand Cuffs and putting them on
to y c legs and hands of Goodwife Cloys eftes

Bromidg and Green all at one pound aluen Shillings

money s. d.
March 2 8 th 94 A making a letter B
att i o

i 12 o
This work was done by order from athority Re
quiring me thereunto
atteft Rob" Lord Smith.
deduct p d by y e Marfhall 6 s reft is 26 s allow d .

M r
Sewall S r
thought good to returne you y
I e

names of y were Condemned & Ex

feverall Jfons
ecuted that not any perfon or relations Appeared
in ye behalfe of for y e taking of y e Attainder or for
other Expences, they I fuppofed were returned to
y Gen Courts confederation for to act about ac
e 1

cording to their beft prudence. Bridget Bifhop

alias Oliuer, fufanna Martin, Alice parker, Ann pu-

deter, Welmot Read. Marget Scott.

Sr J am y rs Honors to Serue Neh Jewet.
To the Gentlemen of the Committee appointed
by the Governour &
Council to diftribute the
250 Salem Witchcraft.

money allowed by the Gen Court

to fuch as were
(offerers in the year 1692.
Pleafe to pay and deliuer vnto Abraham Fofter
of Andover the fum allowed vnto and his Re me
ceipt fhall fully difcharge you from the fame
Andover January 7: 1711-12
his mark
larance x lace

"John Eradftreet for Witchcraft 7 mo 1652.

The Court held at Ipfwich 28 th (7) 1652.

26 John Broadftreet vpon his p r fentm of the
laft court for fufpition of haueing familiarity w th
the devill upon examynation of the cafe they found
he had tould a lye w
ch was a feconde
being con
victed once before. The court fets a fine of 2o s or
be whipt.
elfe to Edw Coborne is furety for the
payments of the fine & fees of court.

Cbriftopber Brown for witchcraft 24 :

9 mo 1674.

At mo
a County Court held at Salem the 24 :
24 Chriftopher Browne haueing reported that
he had beene trafing or difcourfing with one whome
he apprehending to be the Deuill. which came like
a Gen 1
in order binding himfelfe to be a
to his
fervant to him, vpon his examination his difcourfe
feeming inconliftant with truth &c the court :

giueing him good councell caution for the &

prfent difmifs him.
Salem Witchcraft. 251
Abel Powellfor witchcraft March 30 1680.

The Court held at Ipfwich the 30 of March

30 In the cafe of Abell powell though the court
do not fee fufficient to charge further yet find foe
much fufpition as that he pay the charges left to m r

Jo :
Wm Morfe v. Abel Powell.

The teftimony of W m Morfe w ch fayth together

with his wife, aged both about 65 yeeres. That
Thurfday night being the 2y day of No we heard
th r

a grate noyfe without round the houfe of knocking

the boards of the house, & as we conceiued throw
ing of ftones agt the houfe whereupon myfelfe
: &
wife lookt out, &
faw nobody, &
the boy all this
time with vs but we had ftones
: fticks throwne&
at vs that we were
forced to retire into the houfe
againe, afterwards we went to bed the boy with &
us, &
then the like noyes was vpon the roofe of the
2. The fame night about midnight the doore

being lockt when we went to bed, we heard a great

hog in the houfe grunt & make a noyes, as we
thought willing to gett out & that we might not
be difturbed in o r deep I rofe to lett him out & I
found a hog in the houfe & the doore unlockt the :

doore was firmely lockt when we went to bed.

3. The next morning, a ftick
of Links hanging
in the chimney, they were throwne out of their
252 Salem Witchcraft.

place, & we hanged them vp again & they were

throwne downe againe and fome into the fire.
4. The night following I had a great awle lying
in the window, the w ch awle we faw fall downe
out of the chimney into the afhes by the fire. 5.
After this I bid the boy putt the fame awl into the
cupboard w we faw done, & the doore fht too

this fame awle came preiently downe the chimney

againe in o fight &I tooke it
vp myielfe againe the
fame night we faw a little Indian bafkett that was
in the loft before come downe the chimney againe,
& Itooke the fame bafket & put a piece of brick
into it, and the bafket with the brick was gone, &
came downe againe the third time with the brick
in it, & went up againe the fourth time, came &
down againe without the bricke the bricke
: &
came downe a little after.

6. The
next day being Saturday, (tones, flicks,
& pieces of bricks came downe fo that we could
not quietly drefTe o r breakfaft, and flicks of fire
allfocame downe at the fame time.
7. That day in the afternoone my thread 4
times taken away and came downe y e chimney,
againe, my awle & a gimblett wanting came
downe the chimney againe my leather taken

away came downe the chimney againe my nails :

being in the cover of a firkin taken away came

downe the chimney. Againe the fame night the
door being lockt, a little before day hearing a hog
in thehoufe I rofe and faw the hog to be mine.
I let him out.
Salem Witchcraft. 253
8. The next day being Sabath day, many flones
& flicks & pieces of bricks came downe the
chimney: on the munday m r
Richardfon & my
brother being there, the frame in my cow houfe
they faw very firm. I fent
my boy out to fkare
the fowles from my hogs meat he went to the :

bowhoule, & it fell downe my boy crying with

the hurt of the fall : in the afternoone, the potts

hanging ouer the fire did dam fo vehemently one

ag the other, we fett downe one that they might

not dam to pieces I faw the andiron leap into the


pott &dance &

leap out, again leap in & dance &
& leap out againe, &
leap on a table there abide, &
& my wife faw the andiron on the table allfo I :

faw the pott turne itt felfe over and throw downe
all the water
againe we faw a tray with wooll leap

vp & downe &

throw the wooll out, fo many &
times & faw no body medle with it againe a tub :

his hoop fly off of itfelfe &

the tub turne over &
nobody neere it
againe :the woollen wheele
turned vpfide downe flood &
vp on its end, a &
fpade fett on it
: Greenleafe faw it, my- &
ielfe & my rope tooles fell downe
wife, againe my
vpon boy could take them,
the ground before my
being fent for them, the &
fame thing of nailes
tumbled downe from the loft into the ground, &
nobody neere. Againe my wife & boy making
the bed, the chefl did open and fhutt the bed
cloathes could not be made to ly on the bed but fly
off againe.

Againe Caleb Powell came in & being affec~led

254- Salem Witchcraft.
to fee o r trouble did promife me 6c my wife that if*

we would be willing to lett him keep the boy we

mould fee r felves that we (hould be neuer difturbed
while he was gone with him, he had the boy &
had bin quiet ever fince.
Tho Rogers,
; &George Hardy being at Wm
Morfe his houfe affirme that the earth in the chim
ney corner moued &fcattered on them that Tho ;

Rogers was hitt with fomewhat, Hardy with an

Iron ladle as is fuppofed. Somewhat hitt nl
Morfe a great blow but it was fo fwift that they

could not certainely tell what it was but looking :

downe after they heard the noyfe they faw a mooe.

The boy was in the corner at the firft, afterwards
in the houfe. M
Richardfon on faturday teftifyeth
that a board flew ag r his chaire &
he heard a noyfe
in another roome, w ch he fuppofed in all reafon to
be diabolicall.
Auth Morfe affirmeth that he faw the bord be
fore tackt with nailes to the window, but his evi
dence is drawne at large by himfelfe. John Dole
faw a pine ftick of candlewood to fall downe, a
ftone, a firebrand, & thefe things he faw not what
way they came till they fell downe by him.
The fame affirmed by John Tucker the boy was
in one corner, whom they faw &
obferved all the
while & faw no motion in him Elizabeth Titcomb
affirmeth that Powell fayd that he could find the
witch by his learning if he had another fcholler
with him, this fhe fayeth were his expreffions to
the beft of her memory Steph. Greenleafe, Edw &
Salem Witchcraft. 255
Richardfon affirme the motion of the woll in the
Tucker affirmeth that Powell fayd to him,
he faw the boy throw the (hooe while he was at
John Badgers oath is drawne out by itfelfe.
Jo. Emerfon affirmeth that Powell fayd he was
brought vp vnder Norwood, and it was gudged by
the people there, that Norwood ftudied the black
A father teftimony of W m Morfe and his wife.
We law allfo a rooler of bread turne over ag f me
& (truck not any being neere it, & fo over
turned. faw a chaire ftanding in the houfe
I &
not any body neere it did often bow towards me &
fo rife vp againe. My wife allfo being in the cham
ber the chamber doore
did violently fly together
not any body being neere it. My
wife going to
make a bed the bed did moue to &
fro not any

body being neere it. J allfo faw an Iron wedge &

fpade was flying out of the chamber on my wife &
did not ftricke her. wife going into the Cellar
a drum ftanding in the houfe did rowle over the
doore of the Cellar &
being taken vp againe the
door did violently fly downe againe. My
doors 4 times vnpinned I know not how. I
to mutt my barne doore looking for the pin the

boy being with me. (as I did judge) the pin com
ing downe out of the aire &
did fall down neere to
me, Againe Caleb Powell came in as before fayd
& e r
feeing o fpirits very low by y fenfe of o great
256 Salem Witchcraft.
affliction began to bemoane o r condition & fayd that
he was troubled r
for o afflictions, & fayd that hehad
eyed this boy, &
drawed neere to vs with great
companion, poore old man, poore old woman this
boy is the occafion of your griefe, for he hath done
thefe things, & hath caufcd his good old grand
mother to becounted a Witch, then fayd I how can
all thefe things be done by him, fayd he allthough

he may not haue done all yett moft of them, for

this boy is a young rogue, a vile rogue, I haue
watched him & fee him do things as to come up
& downe. Caleb Powell allfo faid he had vnder-
ftanding in Aftronomy, & knew the
Aftrology &
working of fpirits, fome in one country, and fome
in another, & looking on the boy fayd you young

rogue to begin fo foone, Goodman Morfe of you

be willing to lett me haue this boy, I will vndertake
you (hall be free from any trouble of this kind while
he is with me: I was very unwilling at the firft &
my wife, but by often vrging me til he told me
whither, & what imploym & company he mould

goe, I did confent to it and this was before Jo:

Bedger came & we haue bin freed from any trouble
of this kind euer fince that promife made on mun-
day night laft, to this time bung friday in the af-
ternoone then we
heard a great noyfe in the other
roome oftentimes, but looking after it, could not
fee anything, but afterwards looking into the roome,
we faw a board hanged to the preffe then we being
by the fire, fitting in a chaire my chaire often would
not fland ftill but ready to throw me backward
Salem Witchcraft. 257
often times afterward my cap allmoft taken off

my head 3 times againe a great blow in my polle

& and my catt did leap from me into the chimney
corner prefently after this cat was throwne at my
wire we faw the catt to be ours we put her out of

the houfe & mutt the doore : was

prefently the catt
throwed into the houfe we went to goe to- bed

fuddenly my wife being with me in bed the lamp

light by o fide my catt againe throwed at vs 5
times jumping away prefently into the floore, &
one of thofe times, a red waftcoat throwed on the
bed, & the catt wrapped vp in it :
againe the Lamp
ftanding by vs on the cheft, we fayd it fhould ftand
& burn burne out, but prefently was beaten downe,
& all the
oyle fhed, &
we left in the darke :

Againe a great noyfe a great while very dreadfull :

againe in the morning a great ftone being 6 pound
weight did remoue from place to place we faw it :

two fpoones throwed off the table, & prefently the

table throwed downe & being minded to write my
ink home was hid from me, w ch I found couered
with a rag, & my pen quite gone. I made a new

pen & while 1 was

writing one eare of corne hit me
in the face, & fire flicks & ftones &
throwed at me, & my pen brought to me while I
was writing with my new pin, my Ink home taken
away, and not knowing how to write any more,
we looked vnder the table, & there found him, &
fo I was able to write againe againe my wife her

hat taken from her head fitting by the fire by me

258 Salem Witchcraft.
the table allmoft, throwne downe againe my fpec-

ticles throwne from the table, and throwne allmoft

into the fire
by me & my wife & the boy: againe
my booke of all
my accounts throwne into the fire,
& had bin burnt prefently if I had not taken it vp :

againe boards taken off a tub, and fett upright by

themfelves & my paper do what I could hardly
keep it while I was writing this relation & things
throwne at me while a wrighting prefently before
I could dry my writing a mormouth hatt rubbed

along it but I held fo fail that it did blott butfome

of it :
my wife and I being much afraid that I
fhould not preferve it for the publike vfe did thinke
beft to layit in the bible, &
lay it fafe that night,
the next I would it there
againe lay againe, but in
the morning it was not there to be found the bag
hanged downe empty, but after was found in a box
alone againe while I was writing this morning, I
was forced to forbeare writing any more I was fo
difturbed with fo many things conftantly throwne
at me. This relation brought in de r 8 th .

John Badger affirmeth that being at W

m Morfe
his houfe and heard Caleb Powell fay, that he

thought by Aftrology, & I thinke he fayd by

aftronomy to with it he could find out whether or
no there were diabolicall means vfed about the fayd
Morfe his trouble, & that the fayd Caleb, fayd he
thought to try to find it out.

Sarah Hale v. Abel Powell.

The teftimony of Sarah Halle about 33 yeeres, &
Salem Witchcraft. 259
Jofeph Mlrick about 19 who affirme. That John
Moores Boatfwaine of the veffell wherein Joieph
Dole was Cap 1 & Caleb Powell was mate, hath
often fayd in their hearing, that if there were any
wizards he was fure that Caleb Powell was a wiz
ard, w ch
he affirmed oftentimes in their houfe,
Taken on oath Febr 2y th 1679, before me
Jo Woodbridge Commifs

Anthony Morje v. Abel Powell.

I Anthony Mores occafionally being at my

brothar s Mores hows my brothar fhowid me a
pece of a brik which had feuerall tims come down
thechimne: I fitting in the cornar J towke the
pece of brik in my hand with in a litell fpas of

tiem the pece of brik was gon from me, J knu not
by what meaines Quickly aftar the pece of brik
came down the Chimny allfo in the chimny cor

nar J faw a hamar on the ground thar being no


parfon near the hamar itt wafs fodenly gone by :

what meians J know not but with in a litell fpas


aftar the hamar came down the chimny and with:

in a littel fpas of time aftar that came a pece of

woud down the chimny about a fute loung. and
within a litell while aftar that came down a fiar
brand the fiar being out this was about ten dayes

newbury 8:9: 79. Taken on oath De r 8 th

1679 before me
Jos. Woodbridge Com.
260 Salem Witchcraft.
De r
3: 1679: Caleb Powell being complained
of for fufpicion of working with the Devill to the
molefting of W
m Morfe & his
family, was by
warrant directed to the Conftable brought in by
him. The accufation & teftimonyes were read, &
the complaint refpited till the munday following.
De r 8 th 1679. Caleb Powell appeared accord
ing to order, &
farther teftimoney produced ag 1
him by mWMorfe,
ch w
being read and considered
it was determined that the fayd
Wm Morfe fhould
profecute the cafe ag fay Powell
County at the
Court to be held at Jpfwich the laft tuefday in
march enfuing &
in order heervnto. m Morfe W
acknowledgeth himfelfe indebted to the treafurer of
the County of EfTex, the full fumm of 2O 1
. The
condition of this obligation is that the fayd Wm
Morfe fhall profecute his complaint ag* Caleb Pow
ell at that Court.
Caleb Powell was delivered as a prisoner to Con
ftable till he could find fecurity of 2O for the 1

of the or elfe he was to

anfwering fayd complaint
be carryed to prifon.
Jo Woodbridge Commifs

Mary Tucker v. Abel Powell.

The depofition of Mary Tucker aged about 20.

She remembreth that Caleb Powell came into
her houfe & fayd to this purpofe that he coming
to W
m Morfe his houfe & the old man being at

prayer, he thought not fitt to goe in but looked in at

Salem Witchcraft. 261

the & he fayd he had broken the inchant-

m r
he faw the boy play tricks while he was at
, for

prayer, & mentioned fome & and among the

that he faw him to fling the move at the fayd
Morfes head. Taken on oath march 29 th 1680
before me.
Woodbridge Commifs
Jo :

the trueth of the

Mary Richardfon confirmed
aboue written teftimony on oath at the fame time.

John Badger v. Abel Powell.

John Badger afermeth being at william

morie his hous and heard Calleb powell fay that

he thought, by Aftroligie and I think he faid by


aftronmie too with it he could find out whither or

no ther wear diabolicoll meanes ufed about the
faid mors his trouble and that the faid Caleb faid
he thoug to try to find it out.

Vpon the hearing the complaint brought to this

court agt Caleb Powell for fufpicion of working
by the devill to the molefting of the family of
m W
Morfe of Newbery, though this court cannot find
any euident ground of proceeding farther ag the

fayd Caleb Powell, yett we determine that he hath

given fuch fuch ground of fufpicion of his fo deal
ing, that we cannot fo acquit him, but that he
guflly deferves to bear his owne mame the cofts &
of the profecution of the Complaint, refered to r
woodbridge to examine determrne & the w
262 Salem Witchcraft.
mo 1680.
Complaint v. Margaret Read. 29 :
At a County Court fitting in Salem, the 29 :
34 There being complaint made by
a phillip m r

Reade, againft margarett Giffords to the court, vpon

of witchcraft, and p r (cnting feveral papers
& euidences againft her, & affirming feverall other
things againft her, which he faith he can produce
evidence for this court hearing all that was p rc lented
& read as aforefaid. The Court fees caufe to In-
joyne the Margarett Gifford to
appeer at the next
court at Jpfwich, there to make further anfwer &c :

& the faid Read is injoyned then to profecut againft

her, &
bring in what euidence he has, or can pro
cure to make good his complaint, the whole cafe &
to be returned to the faid court :

The court held th 28 of September 1680.

34 mPhillip Read appeared to Jfecute againft

m rs
margaret Gifford, but fhe being legelly called
did not appeare.
55 m r
Phillip Read appeared to p r fecute againft
m rs
Margrt Giffard vpon fufpition of her being a
witch, and feverall teftimony vpon oath were then
brought But the faid Giffard being orderly called to
Anfwere did not appeare.

M. Pearfon vs Burt. November!. 1669.

The Teftimony of Maddlene Pearfon aged fifty

yeeres, or there
abouts faith fhe heard Sarah Pearfon
Salem Witchcraft. 263

fay when her father had hur down to Goodwife

Burt to be cuered of her fore foote y firft
fhee was there y e laid Burt put her to bed and :

tould y e faid Sarah if fhee would beeleve in her

God, fhee would cure her body and foule : But if
fhee tould of it, fhee fhould be as a deftracled body
as long and further that her hufband
as fhee lived,
did not eleue in her God and fhould not be cured

and that he maid did beleue in her God and was

cuered this fhee faid being in her right mind fhee

being fhee being fome time in good health the

faid Burt faid to her Sarah will you Smok it and

giueing of her the pipe fhe fmoket it and y e faid


Sarah feall into her fitts againe and faid that Good-
wife Burt brought y e diuill to her to tormeante
her : further faith not.

Eethiah Carter vs. Burt.

The teftymony of Bethiah Carter Aged 23

yeares or therabouts Teflifyeth that fhe herd Sara
townfan fay when fhe was a mayd and liued with
faid goodwife Burt told her if
goodwife Burt that fhe
fhe could beliue her god fhe would cure her body

and foul and farther fhe fay d goodwife burt tould her
fhe could not cure her owne hufband becaufe he
would notbelue in her god but her mayd did beliue

in her god and fhe was curd this fhe herd Sara

townfan fay when ihe was in good helth and feve

awhile after this the faid Sara townfan Being forely
afflickted with laid fitts, crying out and Rayling
264. Salem Witchcraft.

agaynft me fay in my father carryed me to bofton

But carryed her too Lin too an owld witch) and
farther the s d Sarah hath tould to me and others
that me hath fen the s d Burt apeare often at her
beds feete and at diuers other places in the Day and
alfo at Night, this me hath often related as well
in helth as in ficknes fFarther faith nott.

Phillip Reed vs. Burt.

Phillip Rede Phyfiftion aged 45 years or

thereabouts teftifyeth that he being fent for 3 feu-

erall times too fe the above s Sara townfan and her
fitter Carter: being both very il but efpeffially me
d Sara townfan being in a more fadder condittion
he had noe oppertunyty, too examine her condittion
but did playnly perceiue there was noe naturall
caus for fuch unnatural fitts but being fent for the
4 time and rinding her in a meat capaffity to give

iufomation of her agreuanc and caufe of her former

fitts me me
the abous d Burt had afflicted her
and told her if euer me did relate it to any one me
would afflict her wors one hower after me had a
fadder than any euer me had afore then i afkt
fit :

her afflict her now and what the matter was

me replide with a great fcrich me had tould me
alreddy and that me did now fuffer with it much
more not related at p r fent.
Witness my hand 15 9 69.
Philip Reade.
Thomas aboue
aged fifty years faith that
my daughter Sarah & my daughter Elizabh were in
Salem Witchcraft. 265
former time forely afflicted and in their greateft
extremity they would cry out & roare & fay that
they did fee goody Burtt & fay ther me is doe you
not fee her kill her me is & that they laid
feuerall times and haue a fon now in extrem

misery much as the former hath bin and the defter

fays he is bewiched to his vnderflanding.

John Pearfon & Mary Burnop vs. Burt.

The Teftimony of John aged about

ninetene years and Mary Burnop aged about 26
teftifieth that Goodwif Burt coming into the
Roome wheare Sarah Pearfon was afked her how
fhee did fhee faid the worfe for her the faid Burt
: :

feat down, and laughed at y e faid Sarah fhee com

ing towards her faid douft thou laugh and know-

eth thou heath don me a mifchefe I could find in

my heart to bafte thy fids the faid Burt faid doe ife
thou durft, and I will pay thy fids, ffurther y
aboue faid John Pearfon faith that he heard good-
wife Burt aboue faid did fay that the aboue faid
Sarah mould fpake as much againfl her friends as
eure She did againft her. furthermore that the
aboue faid Mary Burnop faith me heard the aboue-
faid Sarah fpake telling Bethyah Cerrter that her
father had her to Boftown but carryed me to Lin

to an ould witch further faith not.

John Knight vs. Burt.

The teftimony of John Knight about fourty

266 Salem Witchcraft,

feaven yeares of age faith he was goinge to fetch

fome things for his wife and he faw old goody hurt
coming out of a Swamp and fhe was in her fmok
fleeves and a blacke hancather and black cap of
her head and he looked up and fuddenly fhe was
gone out of fight and I looked aboute and could
not fee her foe when I cam into the houfe I found
her in the fame habit as I faw her and he faid vnto
her did I not lee you in the fwamp even now and
fhe s d noe I was in the houfe and he told her then
fhee was a light headed woman and further faith

Jacob Knight vs. Burt.

The teftimonye of Jacob Knight aged about 24

or 25 yeares I boarded in the houfe of Mr Cobit

with my brother wormwood in which houfe wid- :

dow Burt liuen at that tyme, my brother, fifter &

being gone to Boftone there being
: noe fire in my
brothers roome, I went into widdow Burts roome
to Lite, my pipe, &
tould her I had a paine in my
head, & foe went into my Lodging roome : which
was through five dores (& ftooping downe to
Loofe my fhoee looking vpward there was widdow
Burt with a glaffe bottle in her her hand, & fhee
tould mee, there was fumething would doe my head
good, or cure my head, &
gaue mee the botle in
my hand, &when I had drunke of it, I was worfe
in my head) but Concerning the five doeres I

pafled through intorny Roome, I thinke they were

Salem Witchcraft. 267
all mutt after mee, but however ther is one fflore,

y mud come into my Roome,

be patted over to

that was foe Loofe y it would make fuch a noyfe


y might, in an ordinarye waye be heard when any


patted over it, but I & her fudden

heard nothing
being with mee put mee into affright, & foe re
mained while the next morneing though (hee
p fentlye Left mee, & foe the next morning but one,

being to goe to Salem, intended to tell my fifter
wormwood of it, before I went, but widdow Burt
coming into my fifter wormwoods Roome, s I
hade a minde to faye fomething to my fifter ag
her y I would not haue her heare, & this was be

fore I had faid any thing, & foe went out of the
the houfe & then I tould my fifter, and going to
Salem, fawIa Catt, which being out of fight againe,
I p fentlye faw faw a dogg it being, Likewife p r -

fentlye out of fight, I faw one before mee, Like-

unto widdow Burt goeing before mee downe a hill
as I was goeing vp it, & foe I loft fight of her, the

night following I Lodged at my brother knights at

Salem, I Looking out of the chamber, it being a
deare moone light night, I faw widdow Burt vppon
a graye horfe or mare in brothers yard, or one
in her fhape, &
foe I waked Cozen John knight
y Lodged with mee,
& tould him of it, then
neither he, nor I, could fee any thing, fo when he
was a fleep againe, mee appeared to me in the
chamber, &. then I tooke vpp a piee of a barrell
head & threw it at her, & as I think hit her on
the breft & then could fee her noe more that

268 Salem Witchcraft.
Effex fs. Clerk s office, October 22,
I Afahel Huntington, Clerk of the Supreme
Judicial Court and of the Superior Court and the
Court of County Commiffioners for faid county,
do hereby certify, that the foregoing except the
words in red ink are true copies of original papers
on file in faid office, and that the fame were made
by direction of faid County Commiffioners, under
the authority of a law of the commonwealth,
patted May 1
5, 1851.
EfTex fs. Clerk s office October 22, 1859.
The words in red ink in the foregoing
pages are
to be taken conjectural readings, where, from
the lofs, decay or obliteration of the manufcript,
the original writing has become illegible.
Plaintiff* Defendant, Vol. Page.
Abbott, Benjamin v. Martha Carrier, II. 59-60.
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280 Index
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k ii du.




FORM NO. DD6, 60m, 1 1 778 BERKELEY, CA 94720

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