The Vampire Daughter 2 Chapter 1

A lot has happened in the last couple of months I felt in love with a vampire slayer, his brother kidnapped me and raped me every other night and might martial art teacher had a crush on me. Great can anything else go wrong in my life? I woke up and turn to the side, but Marc wasn¶t on the other side. ³Marc?´ I went downstairs looking for him, but nothing. This is my chance to get away and rescue Adrian from his family. Even though Marc agreed to free me he did not let me talk to Adrian now or let me out of my house to rescue Adrian. I grab my keys from the counter and ran to my car, got in turn on the car and ran off, but Marc was on the middle of the road. I had two options. One run over him and probably kill him, or stop and let him grab me and take me back to the house. I was starting to slow down and suddenly I had a flash back of the day he first rape me«.

I lay down on the bed and took my bra off and letting it fall in the floor. He smile. ³Good girl.´ He open the door and lock it again I close my eyes. ³You¶ll have to look at me eventually.´ He got on top of me. He kissed me, and I just lay there. I could taste his toothpaste and smell his shampoo. My veins pumped scalding fury throughout my body, but I didn¶t know what to do. He told me he could get Adrian kill. I closed my eyes, doing my best to ignore Marc hand cupping my ass. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, deep enough to make me gag. I barely resisted the urge to bite his tongue off. He¶s hands were still grabbing my ass, his mouth still sucking at mine« His hands roamed, squeezing and prodding. His tongue trailed down my neck. His teeth pinched my earlobe, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to leave indentations. I gasp and I could feel him shaking with laughter over my body. But the worst by far was the hard lump in his jeans. It throbbed against my stomach through the denim, a warning of worse things to come. Marc unzipped his pants, and that tiny whisper of a sound thundered through me like the roar of jet engine. My eyes flew open. He pushed his jeans down without ever taking his mouth from my neck. ³Relax,´ Marc whispered into my neck. ³You¶re tensing up.´ A tear fell down my cheek. Marc pushed his briefs down with one hand. His fingers

slid up my bare thigh. I close my eyes so shut that it hurt. He enter me and involuntarily I shoved my chest forward. He purred and his mouth traveled down to engulf my nipple. I cringed, but he mistook my shudder for one of pleasure. Boy, are you delusional, I thought«Why are guys always so willing to believe in the power of their own sexual magnetism, even when all evidence points to there being none? I think some men are born with big egos, to make up for the lack of certain necessary equipment. Like a brain. He pound me once slowly and I gasp. Marc moaned around my nipple, mistaking my gasp just as he had my cringe. Marc tucked one hand beneath my left knee. He lifted my leg, curling it around his waist as he pressed himself against me for better access. Another tear fell my cheek as he stroke me again this time a little harder. Then he grab my waist with both his hands and the gentle strokes were gone« I scream I couldn¶t help it«

Remembering that night and how Marc used Adrian¶s life to have me made me forget that I forgave Marc and accelerated aiming at him hopefully he had good reflexes and got out of the way. I didn¶t event check if he was ok I just kept accelerating until I was at Adrian¶s house. I got out of the car and ran to the front porch, kick the door open«.

Only that no one was at the house, I went back outside. No cars. If I wouldn¶t come in such a hurry, I would of notice. Maybe Marc didn¶t tell them I was back at my house.

³Adrian?´ I yell. Nothing. I tried again and again, but nothing. His room. I ran towards his room and kick the door open. There he was bound and gag. Relieve came to his face as soon as he saw me. I ran to his side and as soon as I was about to free him Marc grab me and his family came charging.

³Let me go! Adrian!´ All I heard from him was umm umm because of his gag.

³Damn it Marc! All you had to do is keep the little bitch away from Adrian and you cant even do that.´ ³So I cant even sleep now is that it? Father, just because your stupid favorite son felt for a vampire daughter who wont turn a slayer you became an asshole.´ Adrian father came so fast at Marc none of us saw him. He smack him so hard that we both felt to the floor. All of the sudden Adrian father grab Marc by the neck and push him against a wall. I ran towards them and try to get his hands off Marc with no use. So I went back to Adrian¶s room running, but the others slayers grab me before I could. I fought them with all my strength but no use. Don¶t Linda, that¶s not a good idea they are vampires slayers and your parents wont hesitate into killing them. I sigh my inner voice was right I could call out to my parents because they drank from me and I knew that¶s how they check on me. They brought me to the sofa and Marc was sitting on it as well, but all bruise. I didn¶t heard the beating his father gave Marc. ³Now listen you little piece of shit. We are so fucking tire of your stubbornness and your rebellious way. Join us or die.´ I looked at him in shock. Was he serious? ³Hmmm join you or die. Those are my two options? What if I don¶t want neither?´ He slap me so hard that I spitted blood to the floor.

³Dad stop! Please!´Marc stand up and went to his side. He then knelt besides me. ³Linda don¶t be stupid, please those are your two options.´ Then suddenly pain came to his face. ³If not for you at least do it so you can be with Adrian.´ ³I don¶t want to join your stupid clan. I see what you guys do and your worse than the monsters you clamed vampires are. Marcs dad pushed him out of the way and started shocking me. I didn¶t show fear I was right they were no better that the vampires. I started to black out. Mom dad I love you so much and always will I never though for a second that u guys were evil, but since I wont have the chance to talk to you guys again I leave you this mental note because I know you guys can hear me. And everything went black«.

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