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Asignatura: ingles II

Tema: Grammar lessons: Unit 7

Unidad: Workbook Practice 4

Facilitador: Melvin Paulino Santos
Matricula: 10-4397
Fecha: 27-7-2017


1.Ver los videos (video lessons unit 7-8) de la primera semana.

2.Estudiar las lecciones de gramtica (grammar lessons unit 7-8)
Luego realiza los siguientes ejercicios en tu libro "Stand Out Grammar
Challenge" (libro de ejercicios pginas blanco y negro) y envalos en un
archivo de Word con hoja de presentacin.
* Unit 7 Exercises B. Page 85.
* Unit 7 Exercise D, F anbd G. Page 86.
* Unit 7 Exercise B. Page 87.
* Unit 7 Exercise D, E and F. Page 88.
* Unit 7 Exercises E, F and G. Page 90.
* Unit 7 Exercise B. Page 91.

*Unit 7. Exercise B page 85.

Write sentences following the example.

1. Chen works. He is a bus driver

2. Louisa works at Sams Clothing

3. Vache works in a store on First Street

* Unit 7 Exercise D, F and G. page 86. Bubble in the correct answer.

1. Vache works in a store on First Street Work Works

2. Louisa and Vache work at Sams Clothing. Work Works

3. I work in a Factory. Work Works

4. We work at a school in Yorba City. Work Works

5. You work with children. Work Works

6. Ben works in the morning. Work Works

7. They work in a supermarket. Work Works

8. Chen works for a school. Work Works

* F Complete the conversations.

1-Where does esteban work?

B: he works at fast-express delivery

2-Where does Ivan Work?

B: he works at custodian in Freemont School

3-Where does Amy Work?

B: she works at gardener school

4-Where does Amy and Ivan work?

B: They work for different companies

G: Talk to three classmates.

Name Do you work

Esteban The is very fast in your work

Ivan Cleaner fast the school

Amy She is very nice and beautiful

March he picture with the job. Draw lines.

The pictures are in the book

1- Mechanic
2- Doctor

3- 3-casshier

* Unit 7 Exercise D, E and F. Page 88.

D: Bubble in the correct answer

1-Where does she work? Roxy s department store

2- When do they go to work? At 6:30 p.m.

3-what does she do? She s a nurse.

4-who is your supervisor? mr. peabody

5-when does she go home? At 3:30 p.m

6-who work at addeys clothing store? Im a salesperson.

E: Match the question to the answer.

1-Where do you work? G: I work in a bank.

2-What do you do? D: Im a manager.

4-What does he do? A: He s a custodian.

5-Where does she work? H: she works in a pharmacy.

6-when does she finish work? C: She finishes at 5: 00 p.m.

7-when does he start E: he starts at: 11:00 p.m.

8-who is your supervisor? F: my supervisor is Natalia.

F: Interview a classmate and report to the class.

1-Where do you work? In a shoe house

2-when do you work? Saturdays

3-What do you do? Shoes

* Unit 7 Exercises E and F page 90. E) Complete de sentences with can or

E: complete the sentences with can or can t.

1. Carolina can type.

2. Emilio can drive.

3. Emilio and Carolina can drive.

4. Ahmed can use a computer.

5. Carolina can use a computer.

6. Emilio cant count money and use the computer.

7. Emilio, Carolina, and Ahmed can drive.

8. Emilio can type

9. Carolina can count money.

F) Complete the sentences. Use can or cant and a verb from the box.

Drive help come type speak

1. Emilio is sick. He cant come to work today.

2. Carolina is a good student. She can speak English well.

3. Chen is a good driver. He can drive a bus.

4. He is a good doctor. Lisa is a good nurse. They can help patients.

5. Amy is a good receptionist. She can type very quickly.

G: Writer what you can and I can't do.

I can fish

I can't travel

* Unit 7 Exercise B. Page 91

Answer the question about evaluation

1-Who is the worker? I'm very works.

2-Who is the manager? Im David.

3-is pitter friendly? Yes he is nice.

4-Is peter prompt? He is not.

* Unit 7 Exercise F page 92. Complete the sentences with the affirmative
or negative.

1. Emilio is not friendly.

2. Ahmed and Carolina are not prompt.

3. Carolina is careful.

4. Ahmed and Emilio are not helpful.

5. Ahmed is not careful.

6. Carolina is not helpful or prompt.

* Unit 7 Exercises D and E page 94. D) Match the Jobs the commands.

a) Answer the phones.

b) Count the money.

c) Talk to patients.

d) Clean the floors.

e) Drive carefully.

f) Help the customers. g) Look at Street signs.

h) Give the papers.

i) Fix the chairs.

j) File the papers.

k) Write the symptoms.

l) Check the inventory

finish thanks

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