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Importance of Industrial Training for Hospitality Students

Industrial training is an indispensible part of a hospitality students life. It readies a sophomore to face the real world. The 6 months
exposure in hotels hones the technical skills imbibed from college. Industrial training is a methodology to help Hotel management
student get practical knowledge and develop as hospitality professional.

1. Convert academic knowledge to Industrial Skills: This is perhaps the most important reason as to why every student should go
through the grind of industrial training. One is able to test waters and practice theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

2. Learn professionalism (for the first time): No number of presentations and role plays can prepare a student for hospitality
professional life. It is only during the training the student gets exposed to the nuances of professionalism and understands its

3. Exposed to the nature of work in various departments: Students are taught about one topic at a time but the hotels teach them
to play myriad roles at a time. Trouble shooting, problem solving and multitasking are skills that students imbibe while working in
various departments like Front Office, Housekeeping, Food Production and Food & Beverage Service.

4. Get updated on Industrial developments, Infrastructure & Global Trends in Hospitality: The real update on the latest trends,
technical advances and development takes place for a student when he is in the middle of it all. The controlled laboratory
atmosphere of a college can never surpass the real experience in the hotel.

5. Interact with guests, become responsible and accountable: The hitch of speaking to strangers has to take a backseat as there is
no escape from guest interaction during IT. The confidence that the students gain is very valuable which stays with them during their
entire professional life. They learn to become responsible for their actions.

6. Enhance knowledge, skills and confidence: The key competencies to be successful as a hotel management professional get
evolved during training. The attitude to serve with smile finds a suitable turf in hotels which should be nurtured.

7. Network which may help us during final placements: Hotels become meeting ground for relationships that sustain for a lifetime.
Students being given preference in the selection process during final placement on the basis of good work done during IT is not
uncommon in the industry. The HoDs and Managers always appreciate and remember a zealous, proactive and hardworking trainee.

8. Create Some Memorable Life Experience: The experience of internship creates a kaleidoscope of memories for trainees. The
incidences that leave a mark on a young interns mind may range from very bad to excellent but successful are those who learn
something from each experience and treat every new challenge in a positive way.

Any student who accords due importance to Industrial Training, stays focused and enjoys the process will be benefitted with
insurmountable exposure and experience. Most of the hotel organizations today are able to provide effective working career-
oriented training. Its importance should be particularly understood for those starting out in the industry, because wasted effort
costs valuable time in careers. You can be a manager at 25 with well targeted management training program or at 45 when you join
at entry level.

Ambika C Nair
Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management
SGT University