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Paso 1: Conseguir un championpool para season 5.

1) Test de todos los campeones de las lista de top tier que tengo: Tomo 2 de ellos,
y los juego hasta que me saco una patida buena con uno de ellos, paso al otro,
hasta que me saque una partida buena, paso al anterior... As hasta que tenga 5
buenas partidas con ambos.
2) Escojo 2 campeones que me gusten de cada rol
3) Me informo a lo basto sobre estos campeones, guas, streams, matchups,
4) Paso al Paso 2 con estos campeones

Paso 2: Una vez tenga la champion pool voy a juga tanto rankeds como normales.
Durante estas partidas, si son ranked, jugarlas solo, y si son normales, jugarlas
solo o con pablo y nadie ms o con gente de mayor nivel (busco encontrar el
ambiente ms tryhard posible para aprender al mximo). Durante este periodo, que se
extender hasta que alcance diamante har lo siguiente con cada partida:
>Lo ms importante, tryhardear en todas y cada una de las partidas, centrandome
nicamente en mi.
>Analizar en que cosas he cometido errores, para ello grabar replays de todas las
partidas, pero probablemente no hagan falta, pues me dar cuenta de los errores
durante la propia partida o en la pantalla de las estasticas. Para ello, adems de
grabar la partida, usar la grabadora de mi mp3 para que grabe lo que digo (que no
grabe los silencios, que si no es un coazo). Una vez detecte los errores, har el
siguiente anlisis:
-Cul es el problema
-Analizar el problema (4 layers of questioning)
-Identificar soluciones potenciales (theorycrafting, research, imagination...)
-Probar las soluciones (mtodo anlogo al Paso 1)
-Analizar cada solucin (4 layers of questioning)
-Implementar la mejor solucin (y empezar con otro problema)
-Monitorear la implementacin
>Si en alguna partida cierto campen realiza un buen carro, apuntarse el campen, y
analizar las circustancias de dicha partida que provocarn ese carro.
>Estar abierto a posibles cambios/adiciones a la metodologa descrita aqu.
Ciertas partidas ranked sern con Pablo, duo-q, y otras solo-q. Las de solo-q pedir
fill. Las de duo-q pedir bot con pablo.
Cuando pierda, descansar 5-10 min antes de jugar una nueva partida, tomando nota
rpida de algunos errores que haya notado y juegando a otros juegos / haciendo
otras cosas. Si gano, y estoy motivado, darle otra si se puede, los errores
anotarlos segn se busca cola, por ejemplo. Si gano pero estoy mentalmente agotado,
aplicar el mismo concepto que si perdiese. Cada derrota nueva a partir de la
primera en un da, doblar el tiempo de descanso, hasta un mximo de 3 derrotas
seguidas, en ese punto dejar de jugar rankeds completamente durante ese da.

Anexo 1: 4 layers of questioning

LEVEL 1: Summarizing/Definition/Fact questions
What is the definition of ... ?
Who did ... ?
When did ... occur?
How much/many ... ?
What is an example of ... ?
LEVEL 2: Analysis/Interpretation questions
How did ... occur?
Why does ... occur?
What are the reasons for ... ?
What are types of ... ?
How does ... function?
How does the process occur?
What are my own examples of ... ?
What causes ... to occur?
What results when ... occurs?
What is the relationship between ... & ... ?
How is ... similar to/different from ... ?
How does ... effect or apply to ... ?
What does ... mean?
What conclusions can be drawn from ... info?
What is (are) the problem(s), conflict(s), or issue(s)?
What are possible solutions/resolutions to these problems, conflicts or issues?
What is the main argument or thesis?
How is this argument developed?
What evidence, proof, support is offered?
What are other theories, arguments from other authors?
LEVEL 3: Hypothesis/Prediction questions
If ... occurs, then what would happen?
If ... changed, then what would change?
What does theory X predict will happen?
What hypothesis or theory explains this data or given information?
LEVEL 4: Critical Analysis/E
valuation/Opinion questions
Is ... good/bad? ... correct/incorrect? ... effective/ineffective? ...
relevant/irrelevant? ... logical/illogical? ... applicable/not applicable? ...
proven/not proven? ... ethical/unethical? WHY?
What are the advantages or disadvantages of ... ? WHY?
What is the best solution to the problem, conflict or issue? Why is it the best?
What should or should not happen? WHY?
Do I agree or disagree? WHY?
What is my opinion? What is my support for my opinion?

Anexo 2: 6 levels of questioning

Anexo 3: Mejorar creepscore

Get at least 95% of max cs with full runes and masteries, no lane opponents,
and normal items. This will let you cs almost perfectly when no one is bothering
you and makes it a huge problem for the enemy team to leave you alone in lane for
long periods of time, as you will get farmed very quickly relative to other
Get at least 95% of max cs with full runes, masteries, no lane opponents, and
normal items, but this time you must keep moving between each auto attack. Stay out
of auto attack range of the minions before you last hit, and go in for the minions
only when you will get the cs in one hit. Note that you can cancel the second half
of the auto attack animation by clicking immediately after the damage applies to
the minion for melee champions and after the projectile leaves your character for
ranged champions. The reason for this exercise is that it naturally increases your
mechanical ability, ability to remain mobile even while csing, and allows you to
remain somewhat safe most of the time in lane.
Get at least 95% of max cs with full runes, masteries, no lane opponents,
normal items, you must keep moving between each cs, and this time you must
alternate on each wave between auto attacking as much as possible and auto
attacking as little as possible. This teaches you how to both push and freeze a
lane when alone thus giving you the option whether to go for turret pushing or
freezing depending on the in game situation.
Do step 3 again, but this time with 1 bot as your opponent to simulate an enemy
laner's harass. You can ensure 1 bot in your lane by adding 3 bots to the enemy
team. 1 will go to each lane. Remember your goal is not to kill the bot, but to
perfectly cs even while the bot is in your face. This will help you not only focus
on the minion wave, but also on your laner as well.
Do step 4, but instead of 1 bot have 2 bots for even more harass. You do this
by adding a full 5 bots to the enemy team. I'm not one hundred percent sure you can
have 2 bots in mid lane as I have never really tried, so mid laners will either
have to settle for 1 bot or move to another lane unfortunately.
Step 5, but drop your runes, masteries, and items. This makes it a little
harder on you, as well as making it a little more similar to a real game in the
sense that the pressure for making mistakes is higher, because the bots will pack a
much larger punch if you're not running runes and masteries. It also teaches you
how to cs by a smaller margin getting you out of the habit of autoing whenever the
cs is just below 1 shot. It'll teach you better how to walk the razors edge between
a minion having 10 hp when your auto hits and a minion having 0 hp when your auto
Do step 6, but whenever you start an auto attack press tab and examine the
enemy team, your team, what items everyone has, who is doing well, who is feeding,
team comp, summoners and what cooldowns they have, etc, or look at the minimap and
determine where everything is, or examine other lanes temporarily to check hp
values and such. Which of these to do depends on how much time you have between
when one minions dies and the next will die. This reduces your tunnel vision and
promotes an understanding of the game as a whole even before grouping up, as well
as teaching you to plan when to get cs and not get cs.
Do step 7, but keep track of both their minion wave and your minion wave. Later
on this will help you to plan harass better on the enemy, so it's best to get in
the habit now.
Do step 8, but try to make the minion deaths on both sides alternate so there
is only one minion dying at any one time. This will help you get maximum harass off
at a later point so again it's best to get in the habit now.

Anexo 4: Algo muy interesante: