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Dimarkc Item 6 of 89 ‘What command would execute cmd" followed by cma2, regardless ofthe ext status of cma1? A. emdt cmd? B. cmdt | ema2 ©. emdt ene D. emdt && ems2 . cmd il emd2 Answer: C ‘Section: Part 3 ‘You can concatonato 2s many commands as you want by sepstating thom with a som-colon. ‘A) cmd’ cmd2 would tel the shel that erd2 isa parameter of ema 1B) pipe the output of erat to cmd? 1D) 88 would check the ext code of emd4 and only stat cmd? emdt was successi [| would check the exit code of end and only fun cmd2 if cms! was rot successful What command wil remove duplicato lines trom a sort flo? A. fiter B. trim ©. unig D. we Answer Section: Pat 3 unig -femove duplicate lines fiom @ sorted fla we - wordeount ttim - remove whitespaces ‘itr is not standard unix tar command Mane Irom 10 of 69| "You are renning Linx 20.36 and you ness to add @ USE mause to your aystem, Which ofthe follong statements is tus? A. You noed to rebuild the Kemet B. You need to upgrade the kernel @ C. Younsed to load the USS modules for your existing medular kernel D. USB suppat isnot available in Linux. ‘Anawer B Section Part 1 USE support started in Kemal 22 for USE 0: fll suppor for USH2 0 since Kemal 24; USER since 26.31 (© Mark Item 14 of 207 The command cat ipracidma will show you what? A. Whether DMA is enabled B. Which DMA channels are in use ©. Which DMA mode is in use D. General information about DMA on the machine Answer: B ‘Section: Part 4 fprociéma This file contains a list of the ragistered ISA direct mamary access (OMA) ‘channels in use. ‘A sample [proc/dma files locks lke the following: 4: cascade It shows whether DMA is enabled or not. Dima tem 20 of 207 ‘You installed 2 beta 1pm package, but are experiencing some problems with i How can you remove this package? ‘A. tom -qp mpmname B. tpm-V ~remove rpmname ©. epm-trpmname D. fom 4 sprnname E © E. rpm-evpmname Anewor: ‘Section: Par 2 “To uninstall the package, we use the pm ey of tbr erase eipomame> “To install package: ‘pe -ivh sprnname (where moans inctall,-v moans verboso, -h means display the Hash marks) “To Upgrade rpm: pr Uv spree where -U means Urgrade To Freshen Upgrade: pen Fh apmname stem 26 of 207 Wich uity can be used to comert 2. rpm package to deb package format? (Without arguments) Your Response: ‘Anwer. atzen Section. Pat § hem 1 0207 |What command changes the prionty ofthe process running with process id of 12345 tothe highest pronty? ‘usrbintenice #20 1234 usefoinienice 20 12285, Iein’setprioty +20 12345, ‘ein’coprionty 20 12348 eoar ‘Ananer:B Section Part 2 “To change the porty of nnning process we use the renice command, Default orty is 0, highest priory is-20 and lowest prio i 19. “Tho path of rnice corimand is fut oice i Mar hem 71 of 207 {Identify tho proper doves forth third partion, on the socond hard dick, on tho fst IDE controller ‘on a PC aysiom, @ A (deurdbs B. fdewhaltb ©. (devhdeb3 D. fdewhele 44299, ‘Answer: A ‘Section: Pan 3 Harcdisk Recagnization Primary Master (dew'nda Primary Slave dewhdb ‘Secondary Master [dewihde ‘Secondary Slave /dewhdd ‘According To quoction, Davice name is david ‘and pataticion number is 3 Peele While installing fom source code you dont see the configuration script. \What command can you run to compile the code? A. make configure B. install ©. install makotie D. make Answer D Section: Part 1 ‘The purpose ofthe make uty is ta determine automatically which paces ofa lage program need tbe recompise, and issua the commands to recompile them. example C programs, since they ara most common, but you can use make vith any programing language whose compiler can be ran with a shell command. n fact, make isnot ited to programs. You can use it to descibe any task whore some files must bo updated automaticaly from others whenovr the athere change. To proper to use make, you must wite a fle called the makefile that describes the relationships ‘among files in you program, and the states the commands for updating each le. In a program typical the executable fle s updates fem objact fla, which arp turn mado by compiling soutce files. So, make command compile the source code, ‘Which command will allow you to find a specific installed package? rpm ~ list rpmname rpm qu ppmname pm romname pm -qy spmname rpm +f rpmname ‘Section: Part 1 To query the package whether, package is installed or not pm -qy ‘example: 1pm -qy nurses tt shows rpm fullname, version f installed ctherwise it will display package is nct installed. Installed package options: ‘pm -qa - lists all installed packages ‘pm -af - shows ovning package ‘pm -qi - general information of package ‘pin -ql - shows al les owning by this package