“Question: Is it (Reiki) a shinrei ryoho (a psychic, spiritual method of healing)? Answer: Correct, we could call it shinrei ryoho. However, it would also be possible to call it physical therapy since energy and light radiate from all the body parts of the person who is giving the treatment. Energy and light mainly radiate from the eyes, the mouth, and the hands of the giver of the treatment. At the same time, the treatment giver either fixes his eyes for two or three minutes on the afflicted parts of the body, blows on them, or gently massages them. Toothaches, headaches, stomachaches, swelling of the chest, nerve pain, bruises, cuts, burns, and so forth, simply heal. However, chronic diseases are not as easy to treat. But the fact is that even one single treatment of a chronic disease shows a (positive) effect. I ask myself how this phenomenon can be explained in the sense of medical science. Well, the reality is always more impressive than fiction could ever be. If you would see the results (that a Reiki treatment brings), you would have to agree with me. Even someone who does not want to believe it can't deny the reality (the result, the truth).” Frank Arjava Petter: Reiki, The Legacy of Dr. Usui, translated from the original hikkei passed out by Mikao Usui (a Tendai Buddhist btw) to his students. The word itself (ray key) is derived from two Japanese kanji characters, rei=universal and ki=life energy (sound familiar?). This occult tradition originated n the late 1800/early 1900s (again, sound familiar?) by a Dr. Mikao Usui (ala Valentinus’ Apostolic Gnosis & Jules Doinel’s Spiritual Succession?) and continues 2day. In short Reiki (originally -n English @ least- the Usui System of Natural Healing) as a whole can b seen as another example ov an occult theurgic organization, this time hailing & healing from Japan. We will not here make U a Reiki Master (no one did Usui), yet We will get U started on the path. These ReiSources should suffice, but as most students rarely read the actual instructions I’ll fill n some blanks 4 the earnest aspirant. Essential Reiki, Diane Stein Free Reiki Training, Magick of Reiki, Christopher Penczak (another book I don’t have to write) Reiki Master Marta A Schwartz, a very beautiful & talented woman. Reiki, The Legacy of Dr.Usui & Reiki Fire, Frank Arjava Petter The Center For Reiki Training, Southfield MI The Science of Reiki: a Japanese healing art, Reiki Master Aisha Qadisha The Secret of the Golden Flower, Richard Wilhelm et al The DL Practitioner Master/ Teacher First Degree Second Degree Third Degree Reiki I Physical emphasis Reiki II Mental/Emotional component Reiki III Spiritual path Shinpiden Reiki IIIa Advanced Practitioner training Reiki IIIb Advanced Teacher training Shoden Okuden

Shoden Reiki I “Just for today, I will be grateful. Just for today, I will not anger. Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will do my work honestly Just for today, I will respect all life.” The First Degree Practitioner is turned on, or attuned, & opens to the energy force. Most learn for the first time (Usui included an apprenticeship) about the procedures and systems such as the mythos, 5 Ideals/Principles (think yama & niyama), standard hand positions (nyasa) introduced/developed by Dr. Hayashi (originally 5), the chakra system (not originally n Reiki either) and other nfo grafted on2 the proverbial vine. One should notice this is typical ov most introductory element al practices & ov theurgic organizations n general after initial founder passes. Traditionally the four attunements n Reiki I r followed by a 21 day cleansing period during witch one goes through a cycle of purification and balancing ov the 7 chakras one per day in three cycles ov repetitions using Self & Individual Treatment techniques taught @ your initiation, I mean attunement. These treatments both start @ the head covering forehead, eyes and cheeks 4 3 2 5 moments/minutes. So, how many hand positions r there & where? Some say 5, 10, 17, 21, 26, or more (or less!?). This diversity rub mostly stems from kore methods evolving over time through different teachers & lineages, just 2 many kooks n the kitchen. There is also an unmentioned secrecy issue witch I will not touch up on. In short there can b 17 Self & 26 Individual Treatment hand positions. Y not 26 4 both? There can b if u desire. All r basically self-explanatory and/or knowable, some might say Class B (“the result of ordinary scholarship, enlightened and earnest”). Self Treatments r ultimately based & only known 2 yourself, yet there r base standards (remember Usui originally used only 5). If u know the alphabet (26 letters) u can @ least easily memorize the Individual Treatment hand positions, rolling over @ R. Practice makes perfect. I glossed over b4 the mythopia ov Reiki, usually the last aspect taught n Shoden among some teachers. Either from the Meiji Emperor, Tibet or his own research, like the Dee/Kelly Enochian system It Works. Offhand I can think ov @ least 14 different modern offshoots (more precisely styles and/or schools) witch stem from Dr. Makio Usui. The ReiSources listed & overtly named throughout this thread will give 1 extensive historical/lineal information, but here r a few names & dates ov import 4 the anal. Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Main Lineage Dr. Makio Usui, 1865-1926, founder, sayd 2 have trained 16 masters & 2000 students Mr. Ushida, ? President after Usui Usui Shiki Ryoho Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, GF May 10, 1940, trained by Usui & trains himself… Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Christmas Eve 1900 – 12.11.1980, late 1930s Okuden

Reiki II The Second Degree introduces the 3 Reiki Practitioner symbols as a means to focus/convey the intended/willed purpose ov the treatment, even over space & time supposedly. Personally I think they should represent the power ov each degree & given n that order, but Usui or someone chose 2 do it this way. These have been & r highly held n secrecy & traditionally ritualistically burned during the Reiki II degree session, yet the proverbial beans r published everywhere (see ReiSources) & there4 corrupted by the Grapevine Syndrome (esp. the Master symbol). That sayd, Okuden offers traditional occult theory & gives U the tools 2 practice. Hopefully 2 some this is al déjà vu. Not necessarily Shinto animism but obviously simple sympathetic magick (SSM). Symbols as psychic tools exist n every culture. Whether U calls them fetishes, idols, magick squares, mandalas, sigils, or yantras it’s all the same animal. N order 2 activate these volkes usually draw the symbol on paper, skin or n air & chant/say its name/mantra 3 times, either mentally and/or physically, depending on session/treatment. So, what r they?! N order 2 actually use & appreciate I’ve grouped the images @ the end ov this thread, easier 2 print & visualize (Thank U Visio Technical!). That way U can loose my crap & still have the goodies. I will not include extensive commentary on these symbols either, just a list ov helpful correspondences 4 assimilation. Jump a head & reference them while We continue. CKR Cho Ku Rei cho-koo-ray Chakra plural or phonetically? Power Symbol Focus Use 2 begin treatments & n conjunction w/other symbols SHK Sei He Ki say-hay-key Left half reminiscent ov OM? Mental/Emotional Healing Symbol Harmony Activates unconscious mind HSZSN Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen hawn-shaw-zay-show-nen 5 Elements n Japanese? Distance Symbol The bridge No past, no present, no future Draw from head 2 toe Shinpiden

Reiki III The Third Degree is where U learn how 2 turn others on & has been split by some n2 2 subdivisions (c The DL above). Now b4 the megalomaniac n u demands 2 b called Master Master the term historically means Teacher, or 1 who can teach because they know how & r authorized by the-powers-that-may-be. Anywho (or is it whom?), the Master symbol (some say symbols) is introduced along with advanced attuning & teaching techniques. As alluded 2 above and throughout this thread many things have been added after Usui. Luckily 4 the Practitioner their symbols r tried & true, but Seichim, Vedic, Atlantean & Tibetan components corrupt the traditional Master symbol after the original Master passed on. Now that might sound a little harsh & insulting 2 true Teachers, but Atlantis?! Anyway, as with the Practitioner symbols I’ve grouped the Traditional Master Symbol (think Master Plan) Di Ko Myo & a few helpful correspondences @ the end ov this thread 4 assimilation/use. The ReiSources above provide additional information & images ov non-traditional symbols (or n front ov U). Symbol &/or symbols aside, Shinpiden continues 2 acquire & reveal close occult correspondences with other theurgic organizations (Japan n da house!) until the lines blur &/or merge. I’m talking specifically about the Microcosmic Orbit technique ov Traditional Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine fame (& origin) taught n @ least modern Reiki lineages. Even a ritualist will (or should) recognize it. Bing thus enlightened no matter what system the kore teachings r al the same, but a supposedly original Japanese system circa early/late 18/1900s 2 use anything faintly Chinese! This comes from referring 2 QiGong & Reiki techniques bing similar 2 a QiGong Master ov Beijing, but that’s another thread. An’ 2 think it al came from the Ganges (some say), named n honor ov a simple sacred weed. N short everyone uses the techniques n 1 form or another bcause they work, n spite ov name &/or origin. Do not think by this diatribe I insinuate the MCO technique especial (even though it is), just not 2 Reiki. So, what is this MCO? Students ov mystical anatomy know it & the principle components by different names 4 similar systems. Some call It energy circulation, pranatherapie, pranayama &/or Hsiao Chou Tien. Various schools employ a # ov locks, gangs, or bandhas 2 create a complete &/or open/close circuit guided by mental energy/intent/will (SSM) up back from perineum 2 neck & over head down through the front. Again, locking the gate (ti-gang/mula bandha/anal lock) @ Hui Yin (Yin Confluence) the energy travels up GV (back) as U bridge the terminals ov GV & CV (front) w/tongue @ junction n Palatine fossa. Know not a great secret or absolute example, those U will find n the ReiSources &/or association w/sayd occult theurgic organizations. Here We only hope 2 initiate actual study & practice, not dzou-huo ru-mo (playing w/fire & provoking demons). 2 end, as degrees progress so do techniques & knowledge on previous degrees plus price. Volkes account exorbitant fees &/or simony 4 Mastership (as usual ov theurgic organizations). Compare cost 2 a typical college tuition 4 degree/career & it’ll come out close. Personally I do not like &/or care 4 money, yet why can’t Mammon serve God? Everyone does need 2 make a living, & the Law is 4 AL. B a ware ov Masters mentoring mindless minions & true Teachers n the oddest places. Njoy… Traditional Practitioner Symbols

CKR Cho Ku Rei cho-koo-ray Power Symbol Focus Use 2 begin treatments & n conjunction w/other symbols

SHK Sei He Ki say-hay-key Mental/Emotional Healing Symbol Harmony Activates unconscious mind

HSZSN Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen hawn-shaw-zay-show-nen Distance Symbol The bridge No past, no present, no future Draw from head 2 toe

Traditional Master Symbol Di Ko Myo die-koe-me-oh Great Being of the Universe, shine on me, be my friend Think A ka dua… & Master Plan


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