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Exploring for gold and base metals in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt

Explor Resources is a junior gold and base metals
exploration company with mineral holdings in Ontario,
Quebec, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. Current
exploration activity is focused on the 4 properties in the
prolific Abitibi Greenstone Belt in Ontario and Quebec
and one in the New Brunswick “Bathurst Mining Camp”

The Abitibi Greenstone Belt is unique amongst the
greenstone belts of the Canadian Shield in that it has a
high ration of supracrustal to intrusive rocks. It has a
generally low metamorphic grade and is known to have
a diverse spectrum of richly mineralized deposits. The
belt is found in both provinces of Ontario and Québec
with approximately 33% in Ontario and 67% in Québec.
The belt has produced in excess of 180,000,000 ounces
of gold and more than 450,000,000 tons of Cu-Zn ore to
date. Explor’s combined land position in the AGB is over The Abitibi Greenstone Belt
25,000 hectares. Ontario and Quebec Production and Reserves

Chester Copper & VMS Project (3500ha) Timmins Porcupine West (TPW) (4300 ha)
- Mineral Target: Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, & Au - Mineral Target: Gold
- 70 km SW of Bathurst NB - 13 km from downtown Timmins
- Structural Model Complete - Property is 2.5 km, NE of LSG West Timmins Mine
- 300 m wide x 2000m long mineralized Corridor identified - Model: Hollinger McIntyre Gold System: 30,000,000 oz. Au
- Ramp to ore zone (480 meter long (3m x 4m) - Discovery Hole 10-30 : 9.22g/tonne over 11.0 meters
- Optioned to Brunswick Resources (BRU) - Optioned to Teck Resources
- Brunswick to spend $500,000 over 3 years - Option agrement/Joint Venture
- Explore to receive $40,000 and 5,000,000 shares of BRU - Teck to spend $12,00,000 to earn 70% interest
- Open pit resource - NI 43-101 Resource: 609,000 oz Indicated
- NI 43-101 Resource: 1,400,000 Indicated t @ 1.38% Cu 470,000 oz Inferred
2,089,000 Inferred t @ 1.26 % Cu
Kidd Creek Project (2466 ha)
- Mineral Target: Cu-Zn Ore
- Located 1.0 km west of Kidd Creek Mine
- Kidd Mine yielded 130M tonnes of Cu-Zn Ore since 1960
- Numerous Geophysical max/min and IP Targets
- Diamond Drilling winter 2016/2017

1. Diamond drilling on TPW to Increase Resource
2. Diamond drilling on Kidd Creek Property
3. Diamond drilling of Chester Copper & VMS Property

- PG 101 Gold, Eastford Lake, Carnegie
Timmins Porcupine West Gold Property, 13km from Downtown Timmins - Montrose and Golden Harker
Explor Resources Inc. Corporate Profile c 2017

0. TSX-V: EXS U. zinc.6% Cu obtained by INCO . P. Nelligan Property NEW BRUNSWICK contained in the deposits.000 Company Contact: 15 Gamble St. President & Director for Kayorum Gold CGM Import-Export Ltd (Portugal) Import/Export.Moose Brook . Geoff Carter. includes being the CEO and CFO of Metex (Germany) Trading Company Previously held positions: Sr. Mining Engineer for Noranda. 7. industry since the mid 1980’s. His past experience been involved with junior mining companies for the last 25 years.S. VP & Director for TOM Exploration. Inspiration Coal... OTCQB : EXSFF.350. Suite 204 Zim Pupedis Rouyn Noranda. P. the field of mining for both mine/mill infrastucture and feasibility involved in independent research. He has more than 20 years of experience in Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting.42% Cu and 94 g/t Ag (3. The BMC has produced a total of 177.000 www.Destor and Sauve . Copper Zones Launay (2250 ha): . held positions at Anglo American.explorresources. President & Director Gerhard Merkel.16 oz/ton over 6 ft.Mineral Target: Gold 2. He previously held senior positions for AMEC and is presently corporate advisory for mining industry since 1990.000. Timmins ON P4N 1Y6 Explor Resources Inc. E.12% Pb.000 1-604-997-8175 E-mail: info@explorresources. involved with public Mario is a professional engineer and has been active in the mining companies for more than 30 years. Historical grab samples of 10% Ni and 0.. CAPITALIZATION (as of February 01. S.Wrap around Clifton Star . There are 46 at an average of 3. 0.40% Zn. Mineral Target: Nickel . known VMS deposits that have been discovered in the BMC with 27 of them with a resource greater than 1.900. FSE : E1H1 Warrants Outstanding: 12. This company deals in Mines. Diamond drilling on the Launay property Donchester mine .com Timmins Field Office: 65 Maple St. Discovered anomalous Nickel. Director Active in mining industry since late 1960’s. Diamond drilling on the Nelligan Nickel property .. copper and Fully Diluted Shares o/s: 161.000 Stock Symbol: TXS-V : EXS.: EXS FF FRANKFURT: E1H1 Exploring for gold and base metals in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt QUEBEC PROPERTIES CURRENTLY UNDER EXPLORATION 2016/2017 EXPLORATION OBJECTIVES FOR QUEBEC: East Bay (3203 ha): 1.0. Director Mario Colantonio. he has been CFO and COO of Engineer for Exall Resources.81 oz/ton over 5ft. Chief from 1994 to 2005. Located in Val d’Or mining district of Quebec . Eng.Mineralized zones contained in mafic volcanic rocks .600.Gold Brook EXPLOR RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: Chris Dupont.Historical channel samples by Lacana Mining in 1982 including: QUEBEC PROPERTIES IN INVENTORY: . QC J9X 3B6 Options Outstanding: 7. 2017) CORPORATE INFORMATION Shares Outstanding: 140. Eng.Drilling completed in first half of 2013 Nelligan (1198 ha): . President of Porcupine Engineering Services. Gold is generally . P. the wholesale and retail of catering equipment. Corporate Profile c 2017 .000.Lies on Porcupine Destor Fault Zone. primarily lead.10 oz/ton over 10 ft .000 tonnes of ore prolific Base Metal mining camps in the world.500. but has been generally produced as a The Bathurst Mining Camp in New Brunswick is one of the most by-product.Contiguous to Royal Nickel’s Dumont property (NW end) Gossan. Ourominas Minerals.000 tonne of base NEW BRUNSWICK PROPERTIES IN INVENTORY: metals.Eng. on strike with Beattie & 3. Director Chris has been active in the mining industry for over 40 years and has Gerhard has extensive experience as a CEO and CFO.Mineral Target: Nickel . 0.03 opt). Diamond drilling on the East Bay property . NI 43-101 reports & valuations and studies. From 2005 to present.