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Concept of Conversion Rules


Conversion rule is used to convert the field contents of a sender field for use in a receiver field. This
allows conversions of organizational units, of units of measurement and customer-specific conversions
from one system to another to be performed.

The conversion tool is a general tool, and is used here for the definition and maintenance of conversion
rules in ALE.

There are various methods of field conversion:

Allocation of constants (=> SET),

Allocation of ranges in the sender field for target values in the receiver field (=> GROUP),

Combination of various sender fields for target values in one receiver field (=> COMBINE),

Specification for all non-defined GROUP or COMBINE cases (=> SET_R).

If no conversion rules have been defined for a given field then the default action is to copy the contents
of the sender field into the receiver field (=> MOVE)

This entails the following steps being performed:

1. Rule definition:

The rules are always defined per segment.

2. Rule maintenance:

Rule maintenance specifies the conversion on field level with defined rules.

3. Allocating rules to IDoc:

The allocation specifies when the rule should be applied. This is sender, receiver and message type

Create rules

The first work step for the conversion rule is processed in this section.

Here you define a conversion rule for each segment type.

3. 2. Enter a name and meaning for the conversion rule and the name of the IDoc segment to which the conversion rule is to apply. 4.Activities 1. Save the entry Example 1 Definition of a conversion rule EBS_F_DEB_OES for the segment type E1KNA1M . Go to the change mode. Execute the function.

Example 2 Definition of a conversion rule EBS_F_DEB_A_POE for the segment type E1KNA1M Maintain Rule TRANSACTION CODE: SALE or BD79 .

segment data will not flow from PMD/XMD system. the A segment is maintained as constant.We can see two conversion Rules for the same Idoc segment E1KNA1M 1. . EBS_F_DEB_A_POE In the conversion rule EBS_F_DEB_OES. which means that the A. EBS_F_DEB_OES 2.

.segment data will flow from PMD/XMD system. the A segment is not maintained as constant. It passes all the data without any conversion. which means that the A.In the conversion rule EBS_F_DEB_OES.

. but the company code level data was transferred from PMD.Practical Scenario: Earlier in case of Q47 & X47 system General data for Customers was transferred from EVA system. So we have to change the conversion rule assigned to the message type.segment data will not flow from PMD/XMD system. which means that the A. Now for Q47 & X47 Systems they want the General data to flow from XMD & not from EVA system. In the conversion rule EBS_F_DEB_OES the A segment maintained as constant.

Assign Message Type to Rule TRANSACTION CODE: SALE or BD55 .

since not all values are maintainable on PMD. This rule needs to be kept in sync with EBS_M_KRED_BVE_PLANT. though rule for all connections exceptions may apply (see the description) CREMAS Segment Rule Status Description E1LFB1M EBS_F_KRED_B_GB MANDATORY Exclude field XVERR ("Clearing with cust. since not all values are maintainable on PMD. This rule needs to be kept in sync with EBS_M_KRED_BVE. DEBMAS Segment Rule Status Description E1KNA1M EBS_F_DEB_OES Optional Required by UBK systems receiving old EVA Customers. Excludes all A-Segment data from transmission for account groups RB01. E1KNB1M EBS_F_DEB_B_GB MANDATORY Prevent transmission of values computed on the receiver system E1KNB5M EBS_F_DEB_MAHNDAT MANDATORY Prevent transmission of dunning information that is computed on receiver system . since those are maintained on EVA.Standard Settings Type of setting MANDATORY Standard Conversion Rule always has to be assigned The conversion rule is normally set. E1LFM2M EBS_M_KRED_BVE_PLANT MANDATORY Restrict amount of Plantlvel data sent to receiver.") E1LFM1M EBS_M_KRED_BVE MANDATORY Restrict amount of PurOrg data sent to receiver.

sap. How to read the excel sheets?  Every sheet is build up like this: . please update these documentation whenever  a new conversion rule is created and assigned or  you change an conversion rule assigned to a message type. Maintenance & Change of Conversion Rule An overview of conversion rules is available in the PMD portal room: https://inside. ask Britta or Katrin Important exceptions E2EBSMD: e² / EAI / webMethods IDoc Setting Exception ALL except Filter e² does its own filtering and therefore usually has no filters set CREMAS CREMAS Filter Send all account groups except RB04 (employee data!) Conversion e² does its own conversions per target system and thus needs Rule uncooked data IDoc extension e² does not like changes or extensions of any kind Documenting be20-2e10-cf9c-95b22f371c51 There you can find an excel sheet per message type.GLM AST Segment Rule Status Description E1SKA1M EBS_F_SAKO MANDATORY If you have to . …. please update in case you change an assigned rule NOTE  We should always try to use existing conversion rules. about general rules. This will help to harmonize the settings (which is planned for some message types).bosch.  Some conversion rules are mandatory: see Wiki with standard settings https://inside- wiki.g. o Grey: general remarks (e. instead of creating new ones. blue for conversion of general data and yellow for company code data). please update in case you add a new rule o Pink: log your changes o Others: detailed description of conversion rules assigned (see remarks for meaning of color. standard mapping.  Changes in existing rules may have impact to other systems. Please do always check to which systems a conversion rule is assigned and do only change in case changes are requested for all these systems.) o Green: overview about which conversion rule is assigned to which system (sender PMD). e.