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Bayer Australia: Berocca Twist 'N' Go –

Revolutionary Drink Packaging
Twist 'N' Go is a revolution in drink packaging. It uses a patented cutting mechanism
within the lid which, when twisted, cuts open a blister packet, automatically dispensing
a vitamin tablet into purified water.

Bayer Australia
Berocca Twist 'N' Go Drink Packaging

Because vitamin tablets typically degrade when exposed to water, delivering premixed
vitamin drinks has traditionally been very difficult. For Berocca® Twist 'N' Go, Bayer
sought a revolutionary dispensing closure to isolate moisture-sensitive vitamins and
enable consumers to effortlessly dispense a concealed tablet into purified water to
produce a healthy energy drink.

Bayer engaged Invetech to develop the consumable product and the manufacturing
system concurrently, thereby reducing Bayer’s time, cost and risk exposure for the
project. Using our risk-based design philosophy to identify and overcome key technical
challenges early in the project, Invetech developed core technology for Bayer,
incorporating a patented cutting mechanism that enabled Bayer to realize the
breakthrough concept.

The world-first closure has been designed to suit automated, current Good
Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) assembly and filling on custom-designed equipment
in a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certified facility.

Invetech designed and built the high volume manufacturing system to comply with
regulatory requirements including pharmaceutical grade manufacturing and packaging.
The product is assembled using fully automated production equipment with a range of
in-built inspection processes to ensure the highest quality.

Nominated for international design awards, Berocca® Twist 'N' Go brings a healthier
alternative to convenience stores thanks to an innovative design that allows degradable
vitamins to co-exist in the same package as water, mixing only when opened.