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1. “Accountant” means the accountant as defined in theExplanation tosub-section(2)ofsection288of
theIncome-tax Act, 1961.

2. * Strike out whichever isnot applicable.”.


[Seerule12CA (2)(ii)]
Statementofincomedistributed by a business trust
tobe provided to the unit holderundersection115UAoftheIncome-taxAct,1961

1. Nameoftheunit holder

2. Address of the unit holder

3. PermanentAccountNumber of the unit holder

4. Previousyearending

5. Nameandaddressofthebusiness trust

6. Permanent Account Number of the business trust
7. Details
7. Detailsofofthe
the business
business trust
trust to the
to the unitunit holder, during the previous
year, in the following format: --
holder, during the previous year,inthefollowingformat:—

S. Amount Date of Amount of Amount of income Amount of Amount
S. Amountdistri Date of distribution Amountof income in the nature of Amount of income in the nature Amount
No. distributed
buted distribution income in the
interest referred to in section in the nature of
of Dividend referred to inincome in the
of other income of other
nature of
10(23FC) renting or115-O
section leasing nature of income
interest referred or letting referred Dividend
to in section to in section referred to in
10(23FC) 10(23FCA) section 115-O
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6

I, ______________________
(Name infull and in block

letters)son/daughter/wifeof doherebysolemnlydeclarethat
accompanyingsuchAnnexure(s), is correct and complete. Ifurther declarethat I amfurnishing such statement in my
capacityas ___________________ (designation)andthatIamcompetenttofurnishthisstatementand verifyit.

dated the 26th March. sub-section (ii). videnotification S.O. No. Place Signature [Notification No. . section 3.vide notification number S. 969. 3169 (E) dated 12/12/2014.O.Verifiedtodaythe day of _. 03 /2015/F. 1962 and were last amended by the Income-tax (14 thAmendment) Rules.142/10/2014-TPL] (Ashish Kumar) Director (Tax Policy and Legislation) Note.No.The principal rules were published in the Gazette of India Part II. .