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Khavinassh --- 21660 --- ICT

Technical Presentation Outline Task Sheet
1. Title of presentation – Black Hat Hackers: A Hacker’s Life

Yes. Because:

- It involves different concepts of technology and computer security
- The current and future vulnerabilities will be discussed


 How did you determine the knowledge level of your audience?
- Based on the subjects studied up to 2nd year, 2nd semester, very little is known regarding
- The audience is aware of the general information of hackers and also about some specific
news on it.
- That aside the point is still foreign to the audience.

 How did this information influence your presentation?
- Black Hat Hackers are an unknown concept or information.
- All the key terms will be defined in simpler terms in order for the audience to grasp the

 How do you plan to gain the audience’s attention?
- Use latest news and diagrams that are easily understood.
- State that there is a chance of exploring and finding out these people to learn new knowledge
in future.
- Inform them of the allure of this hacker’s potential.


1. Introduction

 What is the purpose and importance of choosing this topic?
- To introduce black hat hackers to the audience.
- To help the audience understand the concept of hackers and how they live in the real world.
- To make audience aware of the computer vulnerabilities in order to develop their interest into
further researching more about the future of hacker’s.

 How is the topic relevant to the audience?
- There is a possibility that some of the audience will be carrying out and reading about hackers
and how to hack servers and the internet.
- Software and technology topics are involved, which are closely related to information

 What do you expect the audience to learn from the presentation (objectives)?
- To know how hackers go beyond the limit in technology.
- To be aware of the security threats and computer vulnerabilities that might occur in daily life.
- To introduce possible applications which is used for hacking.

 What is your thesis statement?

therefore .Including a small number of skills needed for hacking. . .Then. .Use transition phrase .Summarizing – concluding.Addition – in addition .The current application they use to hack through companies firewall and other government organisations. Body  Which organisational pattern are you using? Justify your choice . I will transition to the spatial pattern when talking about the development and technologies black hat hackers use to exploit. .Old and new methods used until now.Consequence – hence. .The life of how black hat hackers live and hide from the world . I will adapt the topical pattern when listing down the life and the main things regarding black hat hackers as well as the current and the future.  For the current and future of black hat hackers .Black hat hackers and their methods on exploiting on securities.Life of the black hat hackers and how they live in the real world.  How do you ensure that there is coherent transition from one main point to the next main point? .Khavinassh --. .  For the main things of black hat hackers .The main things of black hat hackers .Lastly.I will start with the general pattern as I will be introducing who are hackers and black hat hackers.I have included sentence connectors to ensure the smooth flow from one point or idea to the other.The discovery of new hacking techniques and research into it over the past decades  How are you establishing credibility? .Sequence – besides that .  For the development of new methods from black hat hackers .I have read and taken notes from articles and from websites on the internet that provide information on black hat hackers. 2.ICT .Types of hackers and how the enter and break through securities in tech’s. Life of black hat hackers . .  List the supporting ideas for each main point. Development of new methods from black hat hackers . Current and future of black hat hackers  List the main points that will support your thesis statement.Restatement – in other words . to sum up  Describe how you are going to summarise each main point. . .21660 --.Illustration – for instance .I am familiar with this topic.

I practice in the room with my roommate . Name of few black hat hackers.  Describe how you are going to reiterate the purpose and importance of the whole presentation to relate to your audience.Delivery. I practice in front of the mirror a few times .Relate the role of information technology students in exploring these people.Recap the main points in simple or different words. I tend to have a lot of disfluencies.Restating the importance of black hat hackers. . I went over the time limit. How did you practise for your presentation? . . I tend to pack my speech with too much information and the audience may find it hard to follow. How black hat hackers enter to create viruses or hack into high security places? . As I have not completely familiarized myself with the script yet.Content. I practice three days before the presentation until the day of presentation 2. Did you stay within the time limit? . How black hat hackers keep themselves from police and authorities? .ICT . .Khavinassh --. . Question and Answer Session 1. Conclusion  Describe how you are going to summarise the entire presentation. Where do this black hat hackers live? . Recap the main point in simple words . . .Restating the importance of the potential and methods of black hat hackers. I have removed unnecessary information and should be safely within the time limit. When I timed myself.21660 --. What is the point of them exploiting technologies by using hacking methods? . . Which are of your presentation needed improvement? . Restate any important information 3. . Do they really get what they need by hacking? Practice Sessions 1. List some of the questions that you anticipate from the audience. .