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Questions 1 – 4
Circle the best words to fill in the blanks.
Pilih perkataan yang terbaik dan isikan tempat kosong.

1 Meng Keong repairs cars and trucks at his workshop. He is a

A fireman
B plumber
C mechanic

2 On Sunday night, I __________ my teeth and go to bed early.

A comb
B brush
C wash

3 My mother chops the __________ to cook some
fried vegetables for dinner.

A watermelon
B broccoli
C cabbage

4 Harizah is my uncle’s daughter. She is my __________.

A sister
B cousin
C aunt

( 4 marks )

His wife. Both his sons are (6) . Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi melengkapkan perenggan. Encik Rashid is (5) on the sofa. Rita is (7) on the floor. Everyone is busy in the living room. Puan Maria is sewing. This is Encik Rashid’s family. 5 A making the newspaper B watching the newspaper C reading the newspaper 6 A watching the television B playing computer games C listening to the radio 7 A reading a storybook B doing her homework C painting a picture ( 3 marks ) . His daughter. 2 Questions 5 – 7 Choose the best answers to complete the paragraphs.

C Puan Aminah is watering the plants. 8 A They are painting the gate together. B Every weekend. Choose the best answers for the pictures. C Every Saturday. 9 A Raju is brushing and cleaning the pail. 3 Questions 8 – 10 Look at the pictures carefully. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk gambar-gambar tersebut. 10 A Puan Hasnah is grilling the fish. B Aliff and his sister are greeting their neighbours. Ram washes his school shoes. B My little sister is cooking the fish. ( 3 marks ) . C My mother is cutting the fish. Lihat gambar dengan teliti. Raju washes his school uniform.

Pilih ayat yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang ditunjukkan. B Hello. thank you. Azim. 4 SECTION B Questions 11 – 15 Choose the best sentences to fix each picture shown. C You’re welcome. 11 A Good morning. teacher. Azim! 12 A No. C You did well. B Thank you. Azim. .

14 A Sure. here you are. father! B Nice to meet you. father. Paul? 15 A Is this your racket? B Can you play badminton? C Would you like to join us? ( 5 marks ) . 5 13 A Thank you. B All the best to you too! C What are you doing. C I am sorry.

A Those B These C This 18 The boys are doing ___________ homework in the classroom. __________ play slides and see-saw together. They are __________. A mouses B mice C mouse 20 Sharon and I go to the park every evening. . Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi melengkapkan ayat-ayat ini. A She B They C We 21 Yanti __________ her pet rabbit green vegetables and carrots every day. 16 These toys belong to my sister. A his B they C their 19 Two __________ are eating some cheese in the kitchen. 6 SECTION C Questions 16 – 21 Choose the best answers to complete the sentences. A her B hers C she 17 __________ is my brother’s new school bag.

A rhinoceros B rhinocerus C rinocheros ( 2 marks ) Question 24 – 25 Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation. 25 A How many people are there in Mr. Lims family? C How many people are there in Mr. 7 A feed B feeds C feeding ( 6 marks ) Questions 22 – 23 Choose the words with the correct spelling. A hopscotsh B hopskotch C hopscotch 23 A __________ is an endangered animal. ( 2 marks ) SECTION D Question 26 – 30 . 24 A Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia B Mount kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia. 22 Paveen and Yulleh enjoys playing __________ at the park. Lim’s family. C Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia. Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul. Pilih perkataan dengan ejaan yang betul. Lim’s family? B how many people are there in Mr.

26 A play 29 A are B plays B is C playing C was 27 A netball 30 A cousins B badminton B siblings C tennis C friends 28 A throwing B hitting C taking ( 5 marks ) Question 31 – 35 . Shanti (29) __________ playing with Anisa on the other court. The four girls are good (30) __________. She likes to (26) __________ with her neighbours. Elise is a friendly and kind girl. they are playing (27) __________. Today. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi melengkapkan perenggan. Elise is (28) __________ the shuttlecock to Amy. 8 Choose the best answers to complete the paragraph.

it saw a tortoise crawling slowly among the bushes. “Ha! Ha!” The hare laughed at the poor tortoise. One day. 9 Read the story below carefully. The hare challenged the tortoise. 31 Hare could run the fastest. ( __________ ) 33 Tortoise challenged the hare. Tulis BETUL atau SALAH bagi setiap ayat. Write TRUE or FALSE for each sentence given. It was so proud because it could run faster than any other animals. ( __________ ) 34 Hare overslept on the race day. ( __________ ) ( 5 marks ) Question 36 – 40 . “Hello! Mr. Tortoise. ( __________ ) 35 Tortoise became the champion in the race. The tortoise became the winner. ( __________ ) 32 Hare was not proud at all. On the race day. Baca cerita di bawah dengan teliti. Once upon a time. there lived a proud hare. the hare overslept under a big mango tree. can we have a race?” he asked. It went around blowing its own trumpet.

Jawab soalan yang diberi. C Sea turtles swim to the surface to breathe. crabs. Most sea turtles spend their whole lives in the ocean. Different types of sea turtles eat different food. There are seven different types of sea turtles around the world. C Sea turtles have legs. Most sea turtles like to swim in warm oceans. 36 How do sea turtles breathe? A Breathe when needed B Breathe in the water C Swim to the water surface 37 What is the difference between sea turtles and land turtles? A Sea turtles have flippers. shrimps and jellyfish. Sea turtles are reptiles that live in the ocean. Some sea turtles are over 4 feet long and weigh over 600 pounds! Sea turtles have been on Earth for over 100 million years. They cannot breathe air under water. They only leave the water to lay their eggs on beaches. Baca ayat-ayat di bawah dengan teliti. 38 Why do sea turtles leave the water to the land? A To breathe B To lay eggs C To find food 39 Which of the following is not the food for sea turtles? A Seal B Crabs C Jellyfish 40 Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE? A Sea turtles are big and have flippers. Their favourite food are seagrass. ( 5 marks ) SECTION E . Sea turtles are like land turtles. B Sea turtles are small. All sea turtles need to breathe air. Answer the questions given. except most sea turtles are much bigger and they have flippers instead of legs. B All types of sea turtles eat the same food. so they often swim to the surface to reach the air. 10 Read the sentences below carefully.

Baca maklumat di bawah. complete the table using the information given. lengkapkan jadual berikut berpandukan maklumat yang telah diberikan. You are advised to spend 25 minutes on this question. Then. Mr Ramu Cik Anita Occupation (1) Teacher Live in Kampung Sentosa (2) Place of work (3) School Job Cuts hair (4) Travel by (5) Car ( 5 marks ) (B) Complete the paragraph below. (A) Complete the table based on the information given. Lengkapkan jadual di bawah berdasarkan kepada maklumat yang diberi. Kemudian. Lengkapkan perenggan di bawah. 11 Read the information below carefully. Anda dinasihatkan supaya mengambil masa 25 minit untuk menjawab soalan ini. a plumber spanners father .

Sometimes. ( 5 marks ) . Gopal is my (1) ___________________________. 12 changes the taps leaking pipes Mr. he also (5) _________________________________. He repairs (3) ________________________________________. He always uses (4) _________________________________ in his work. He is (2) __________________________________.