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Getting Started file:///C:/Automation/apache-activemq-5.3.0/user-guide.


Getting Started
Welcome to Apache ActiveMQ. This document gives you a quick overview of how to get started trying out
Apache ActiveMQ.

Running the broker
From the binary distribution you can run the Apache ActiveMQ server pretty easily via the bin/activemq
command. e.g. from a shell type

cd bin

The Apache ActiveMQ broker should now have started

Running the example programs
To run the demo producer/consumer tools, you need Java and Ant installed.

Installing Ant

The example programs depend on Ant being installed. There are more detailed instructions on the Ant
website - but essentially you need to follow these steps.

JAVA_HOME must point to your JDK installation, such that $JAVA_HOME/bin contains the java
executable and $JAVA_HOME/lib contains some jar files.
ANT_HOME must point to where you installed Apache Ant (
then you need to add $JAVA_HOME/bin and $ANT_HOME/bin to your PATH variable.

To test this is all working, try typing

java -version
cd example
ant -version

Running the example producer and consumer

Once you've got Java and Ant installed correctly you should be able to run

cd example
ant consumer

and in another shell

cd example
ant producer

you can specify exact URLs to connect to via command like arguments. e.g.

ant producer -Durl=tcp://somehost:port

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