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Inspection. Expediting. Project Management. Personnel Services.

• Vendor/Supplier Surveillance • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
• Plant and Refinery Mechanical Integrity • Shipping and Container Inspection Services
Programs • Non-Destructive Examinations
• Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring Programs • AWS, CWI, API 510, API 570 and API 653
• Pipeline Inspection Services Inspectors
• Expediting Personnel and Services • Source Inspector Certification Training
• Certified NACE Coating Inspectors • Aerial Inspection Division - Unmanned
• Project Inspection Program Coordination Aerial Systems (UAS)
• Plant and Refinery Inspection

New personnel are employed regularly to better cover each region. such as AWS CWI. please feel free to contact me by phone at 281-326-1800. Long-term projects can be negotiated on monthly or yearly rates. or expediting services arises. 2215 Repsdorph Rd. UT. reducing client costs for travel and expenses. or by email at dan@dcinspection. PT and MT. These are sent to the client.dcinspection. Thank you for your interest in D&C Inspection Services. API 653. All inspection and expediting personnel prepare and submit detailed daily reports. TX 77586 inspectors and expediters across North America. Additional information and details on our capabilities and experience can be found within our brochure. inspection. D&C has grown steadily since 1991 due to our customer service ideals and the introduction of newer communication technologies. We also can provide standard VHS and digitized videos. If you have any questions. Most of our inspectors 281-326-1800 carry multiple D&C offers experienced personnel in various areas of fabrication and manufacturing in the petrochemical industry. API 570. API 510. 281-326-1888 fax and ASNT TC 1A Level II for RT. Harry President . Our company utilizes a network of highly-qualified and experienced Seabrook. Inc. by fax at 281-326-1888. Our coatings inspectors are NACE certified. Daniel L. . Standard rates apply to the contiguous United States while international or overseas rates will be negotiated as required. com. D&C offers competitive standard rate schedules and associated charges for inspection and expediting personnel. We would appreciate your consideration when the need for project management. www. Inspection and expediting personnel work histories and resumes will be furnished as requested. D&C delivers a first-hand look at fabrication statuses and quality by providing digital photographs of inspected items. All D&C personnel are carefully screened to ensure an optimum experience for our clients. which ensures a timely review by responsible parties.

Non-Destructive Examination Inspection Services X. Plant and Refinery Inspection Services VI. and Painting Inspection Services VIII. Surface Preparation. Expediting Services V. Supplier Quality Serveillance (SQS) Inspection Services II.Summary of Services I. Mechanical Integrity Programs • Plant and Refinery • Corrosion and Erosion • Monitoring III. Shipping and Container Inspection Services IX. Unmanned Aerial Sytem (UAS) Inspection Services . Coating. Quality Assurance and Quality Control IV. Pipeline inspection Services VII.

living • Towers • Compressors quarters. prover skids • Forced and induced draft fans and systems D&C Inspection offers professional personnel for the following services: • Coating and painting inspection • Pre-inspection meetings • Witness equipment testing • Damage surveys • Receiving inspection • Witness material testing • Final and prerelease shipment • Shipping/crafting inspections • Witness non-destructive inspections • Vendor and supplier auditing testing • In-process inspection • Welder testing • Loading/offloading inspection • Welding inspection and • Materials verification procedure qualification . and production • Turbines • Cryogenic systems manifolds • Valves • Exchangers • Oil and gas separators • Vaporizers • Expander Packages • Package boilers • Vessels • Electrical and controller panels • Petrochemical and refinery • Water and waste water • Electrical switchgears • Piping. tubing. flare booms. Inc. Types of equipment we examine at vendor/supplier facilities include: • Air separation plants • Generator modules • Production equipment • API tanks • Instruments • Pumps • ASME pressure valves • Internal and external coatings • Railcar fabrication and repair • Barges and surveys • Tanks • Cold boxes • Offshore platform jackets. fittings. was responsible for in-process fabrication. casing treatment equipment • Fire and gas panels • Pipelines • Firefighting equipment • Pipeline metering. support • Transmitters • Controllers structures.3 billion of equipment in the last year. testing.Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) Inspection Services D&C Inspection Services. and final inspections for more than $1.

• Calculate maximum allowable working pressures and life expec- tancies of equipment and piping.119.) • Provide computer and ultrasonic gauge software for compatibility of records retention and archives. Mechanical Integrity Programs Plant and Refinery / Corrosion and Erosion / Monitoring D&C Inspection offers a complete Mechanical Integrity Program or partial Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring program of existing and new piping and equipment. • Arrange replacement of piping and equipment reaching critical minimum thickness requirements without a failure of equipment or unexpected plant shutdown. • Prevent and minimize the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic. • Verify thickness of plant piping. Chapter XVII 1910. or explosive chemicals and gases. reactive. • Furnish computer-generated reports and calculations for easy comprehension of corrosion rates and status of equipment. (Reports may be integrated into the records required per OSHA 1910. • Predict corrosion rates based on archived thickness measurements. The following services are available for this failure prevention program: • Perform risk assessment and prioritization for inspections and maintenance planning for pressure-containing equipment. flammable. • Perform process hazards analysis as required by OSHA 29CFR. Map thickness readings for permanent records. production equipment. pressure valves and tanks using ultrasonic thickness equipment. .119.

Services include: • QA/QC program manuals • Vendor/Supplier assistance programs • Procedures. quality assurance. implementation. Whether your needs are long or short tem. quality control and coordination. relieving the client of this burden. taxes. such as payroll. D&C offers effective and extensive expediting personnel. We also can provide: • Vendor/supplier surveillance • On-site inspection • Inspection coordination • Material control and receiving • Expediting • Quality assurance coordination and management Expediting Services Whether a separate service or in conjunc- tion with our Inspection Services. plans and verification checklist • Write and approve welding procedures • Training programs • Vendor/supplier evaluations and facility surveys • Quality program audits We can fulfill all your staffing requirements for inspection. maintenance and monitoring of quality assurance programs and related documentation requirements.Quality Assurance and Quality Control D&C offers assistance in the preparation. including: • Engineering information verification • Auditing supplier/vendor manufacturing processes • Verification of equipment capabilities • Supplier/vendor procurement status • Assessment of production schedules • Monitoring supplier/vendor schedules for submittal of documentation • Verification of delivery and completion schedules • Manpower loading and assessment • Verification of production schedule . expediting. the advantages of D&C staffing are considerable. D&C maintains responsibility for all administrative tasks. insurance and training.

heaters and other fired equipment • Insulation and refractory • Waste heat and IR scans • API 510 pressure vessel inspectors • API 570 piping inspectors • API 653 tank inspectors • NACE coating and paint inspectors • Electrical and instrumentation inspectors • AWS certified welding inspectors . and earth work • Boilers. plant turn around and shut down inspections. Our personnel can support all phases associated with quality control and quality assurance. and testing • Pressure vessels and pressurized equipment • Tanks and structural steel • Rotating equipment • Electrical equipment • Civil. installation. concrete. The following services are offered: • New construction and expansion inspection • Maintenance inspection • Turn-around inspection • Computer aided drafting • Computerized inspection program implementation • Inspection project management • Corrosion/erosion monitoring program We also provide personnel and equipment to perform: • Piping fabrication. Plant and Refinery Inspection Services We maintain a registry of qualified professional inspection personnel for on-site.

and expediting • Lift monitoring and installation inspection • Construction and installation inspections • Welding inspection and quality control • Witness and review of non-destructive testing • Conventional and directional drilled crossing • Utility inspection inspection • Environmental inspections • Vendor/suppliesr procurement and surveillance • Maintenance inspections inspections • Corrosion/erosion monitoring programs . inspection.Pipeline Inspection Services D&C offers inspection services for ranging from pipeline manufacture to maintenance and preventive inspection of existing pipellines both on and offshore The following services are offered: • Pipe mill audits and production inspections • Safety inspections • Pipe coating inspection • Commissioning • Pipeline route evaluation and selection • Material control.

Surface Preparation. adhesion. Coating. and quantities • Loading of containers and crates • Crate and packaging size and markings • Proper device fastening • Technical characteristics. Types of coatings/linings inspected include: • Acrylic glass linings • Fiberglass reinforced plastics • Mastics • Acrylics and latices • Fireproofing • Modified neoprenes • Alkyds • Flake glass polysters • Plasite • Aluminum arc spray • Glass lining • Polymers • Ceramic lining • Hard rubber linings • Polyurethanes • Densyl tape • Inorganic zinc primers • Propreitary coatings • Epoxies • Kynar • Rubber-based coatings Shipping and Container Inspection Services Verification of: Witnessing or supervising: • Weights. holiday and other testing methods are available. standards and project specifications. and Painting Inspection Services D&C offers a variety of inspection services for surface preparations. and cleanliness • Material unloading • Documentation Furnishing: Inspections of: • Traffic and logistic management services • Packaging and crating • Warehousing arrangements • Conformity to contractual specifications • Photos and video . Thickness. coating. volumes. finish. and painting in accordance with SSPC/NACE guides.

Metals Hardness Testing • Telebrinellar (idention measurement method) • Krautkramer Branson (ultrasonic contact impredence method) • Equotip (bounce measurement method) • Vickers • Rockwell Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) • Dry powder magnetic particle • Wet magnetic particle (fluourescent and non-fluourescent) Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing (PT) • Color contrast visible penetrant • Fluourescent penetrant Ultrasonic Testing (UT) • Flaw detection (shear wave) • Plate lamination testing • Thickness testing • Corrosion/erosion monitoring Positive Materials Identification (PMI) • Trace elements and full spectrum services .Non-Destructive Examination Inspection Services All NDE personnel are qualified and certified in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A.

please see our DCI Aerial brochure. Transmission lines Wells For more information on our UAS. Routes and corridors Smoke stacks The UAS wirelessly transmit images to a ground station enabling clients to Substations view a live feed of the images during flight.” carry payloads comprised of the sensor packages best suited for the Remote areas job at hand. Wind farms Wind turbines . UAS Inspection Possibilities Bridges Communication towers Compressor stations Dams Distribution lines Farmland Flares Floodgates Forestland Gathering systems Impoundments Industrial chimneys Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Industrial facilities Petrochemical Pipelines Our UAS fleet utilizes an optimized high-performance flight system supported Power generation by GPS coordinates. High-resolution cameras mounted on the UAS provide HD video Roadways and photography and the UAS flight stabilization is one of the fastest in its Rotor blade components class for quality video imaging. which are externally operated by a ground controller or Refining “pilot. Power lines Power plants Our aerial systems.

com Our goal with every project is to exceed expectations and ensure complete client satisfaction.326.1800 281. 2215 Repsdorph Rd.1800 fax www. We work with our clients to successfully meet their objectives and goals.326.dcinspection. Seabrook. . D&C Inspection Services. Inc. TX 77586 281.